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Zhan Yao didn’t like cases that ended up in shoot outs.  Someone always ended up hurt and majority of the time, it tended to be Bai Yutong.  He didn’t know why, but Bai Yutong was like a fucking magnet for bullets, whether stray bullets or properly aimed bullets, he always seemed to get fucking hit.  Not like he was any better, but he normally tended to get either slashed with knives or knocked unconscious, he had never been hit by a bullet before. 




Unfortunately for Zhan Yao, the latest case that they were working on ended in a shoot-out.  He was, of course, with Bai Yutong, giving him extra cover as he worked to take out the suspects who were firing at them.  Bai Chi, Wang Shao, Zhao Fu, Lou Tian, and Ma Han were giving them a hand as well and soon the shoot-out was over, the suspects either incapacitated or dead.  Those who were incapacitated were taken to the hospital to get treated before they would be arrested later.  As for those who died during the shoot-out, their bodies were picked up and taken to the morgue to be accounted for and then discarded.  While the other officers were taking care of the suspects and the bodies, Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao were looking over their team members.

         “Is anyone hurt?” Bai Yutong demanded.  Everyone shook their heads in reply as Bai Yutong turned to look at Zhan Yao.

         “And you, Cat?  Are you hurt?” he asked.  Zhan Yao tsked.

         “I’m not like you, Mouse.  I don’t have a target on my back that says “hit me”” he teased.  Bai Yutong narrowed his eyes at him before he looked him over.

         “Are you sure you’re not hurt?” he asked.  Zhan Yao rolled his eyes.

         “You’d know if I was hurt, Yutong.  You seem to have an affinity for knowing when I’m hurt” he replied.  Bai Yutong smirked before he huffed.

         “Let’s move out.  We’ll debrief back at S.C.I.” he declared.  The others nodded in agreement as Bai Yutong began moving, Zhan Yao at his side.




As Bai Yutong drove back to S.C.I., Zhan Yao leaned his head against the headrest, suddenly feeling very exhausted.

         “You okay, Cat?” Bai Yutong asked, glancing over at him.  Zhan Yao cracked open an eye and looked over at him before he huffed.

         “It’s been a long day, Yutong.  I’m tired” he replied.  Bai Yutong chuckled as he took a hand off the wheel and reached over, gently petting his head.

         “Ah yes, my pretty kitty had to use his brain today.  I’m not surprised you’re tired” he teased.  Zhan Yao tsked and swatted his hand away.

         “Fuck off” he murmured.  Bai Yutong laughed as he put his hand back on the wheel and continued to speed towards S.C.I.




When they reached S.C.I., Zhan Yao’s head had lolled to the side of the headrest, his eyes shut in slumber.  Bai Yutong looked over at him and smiled slightly before he reached out, shaking his shoulder.

         “Zhan Yao” he called out.  However, Zhan Yao didn’t respond, making him frown.

         “Zhan Yao” he called out again.  Zhan Yao again didn’t respond, causing a sense of fear to settle into Bai Yutong’s chest.

         “Zhan Yao!” he exclaimed.  Zhan Yao jolted awake, eyes wide, as he looked around the car before looking over at Bai Yutong.

         “Why are you shouting?” he grumbled.  Bai Yutong huffed.

         “You weren’t waking up.  I thought something had happened” he explained.  Zhan Yao huffed.

         “I told you, Mouse.  I’m just tired” he replied.  Bai Yutong frowned, as if he didn’t believe him, but he didn’t say anything as he got out of the car, Zhan Yao getting out as well.  They then headed over to the station and rode the elevator up to the 11th floor, where the S.C.I. department was located.  When they stepped through the sliding glass doors, the other S.C.I. members were sitting at their desks, waiting for Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao to go over the case.  Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao then walked over and stood before the team members, Bai Yutong discussing the cases with them.  As he stood at Bai Yutong’s side, Zhan Yao suddenly felt very lightheaded, causing him to reach up and rub his temple to try and stop the dizziness.

         “Dr. Zhan?  Are you okay?” Jiang Ling asked, making the other S.C.I. members look over at him in concern, especially Bai Yutong.  Zhan Yao nodded.

         “Fine.  Just a headache” he replied.  Bai Yutong frowned.

         “Do you need to sit?  Do you need water?” he asked.  Zhan Yao looked over at him and smiled slightly.

         “I’m fine, Yutong” he assured.  Bai Yutong looked at him for a moment, narrowing his eyes before he turned back to continue his debriefing.  Zhan Yao then turned to face the others, noting that every now and then they would glance over at him, just to make sure that he was fine.  He huffed softly and rolled his eyes, only to have his vision begin to swim as his ears started ringing.  He didn’t say anything or do anything to draw attention to the fact that he might not be okay and instead continued to listen to Bai Yutong go over the case and the evidence that they had found.  As he listened to Bai Yutong speak, his vision kept swimming and his ears kept ringing and at one point, a cold chill went over his body.

         “Dr. Zhan?  Are you sure you’re okay?  You look really pale” Bai Chi murmured, causing Bai Yutong to turn and grab Zhan Yao by the shoulders, turning him so that he was facing him and so that he could get a good look at him.  Bai Chi was right, Zhan Yao was pale.  Well, the man had always been fair skinned, but here…here he just looked as white as a sheet.

         “Zhan Yao.  Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” he asked, looking at him.  Zhan Yao shook his head slightly.

         “I…I don’t—” he started before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his knees buckled as he fainted.

         “ZHAN YAO!” Bai Yutong shouted, quickly catching Zhan Yao in his arms as he knelt down.  The other members of S.C.I. quickly shot to their feet and rushed over to them as Bai Yutong looked Zhan Yao over with terrified eyes.

         “Zhan Yao.  Zhan Yao.  Wake up, Zhan Yao!” he exclaimed.

         “Bai Sir…what’s that dark red spot on Dr. Zhan’s vest?” Bai Chi asked.  Bai Yutong frowned and looked down, noticing that Bai Chi was right, there was a rather large dark red spot on Zhan Yao’s suit vest.  He then reached out and touched it, his eyes widening in horror when they came back covered in red.

         “He was shot?!” Zhao Fu exclaimed.

         “Why didn’t he say something?!” Wang Shao exclaimed.  Bai Yutong growled.

         “That’s what I want to fucking know” he hissed.

         “He probably didn’t even know he got shot.  For all you know, he could have just been clipped” a voice called out, making everyone look up to see Gongsun walking towards them.

         “Gongsun!  Can you look at him” Bai Yutong exclaimed.  Gongsun nodded.

         “I can” he replied.  Bai Yutong nodded and quickly scooped Zhan Yao into his arms, princess carrying him into the morgue, where he then placed him down on the exam table.

         “This is a bit unorthodox, but if we don’t at least get the wound stitched up, he’s going to bleed out” Gongsun declared.  Bai Yutong waved his hand.

         “Do what you need to do then get him to a fucking hospital when you’re done” he barked.  Gongsun nodded as Bai Yutong headed out of the morgue and headed straight for his office, slamming the door behind him, causing the other S.C.I. members to jump.

         “On a scale of 1-10, how mad do you think Bai Sir is right now?” Ma Han murmured.

         “I’d say probably about an 11” Bai Chi replied. 

         “That’s a pretty fair answer” Jiang Ling agreed.




In Bai Yutong’s office, Bai Yutong walked over to his punching bag and just began going to town on it, punching the ever living shit out of it.  He should have known that something was wrong with Zhan Yao because the man never slept in his car the way he did today, like he was dead to the world.  He should have known

         ‘I’m such a fucking idiot.  How could I not have realized it earlier that something was wrong?’ he growled to himself as he continued to punch the punching bag.

         “I literally just finished stitching Zhan Yao up, don’t make me have to bandage you as well because you’re too emotional to put on some fucking gloves to protect your hand” a voice snapped behind him, making him turn to see Gongsun standing in his office.

         “Do you ever even knock?” he asked.  Gongsun huffed.

         “You wouldn’t have heard me anyways” he replied before he sighed.

         “I stitched the wound closed then called an ambulance.  They should be here soon” he stated.  Bai Yutong looked at him before he nodded.

         “Thank you” he murmured.  Gongsun nodded in reply.

         “No problem” he answered, turning to head out when Bai Yutong looked over at him.

         “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” he asked.  Gongsun turned and looked at him.

         “Why do you ask?” he replied.  Bai Yutong sighed.

         “I should have known better.  I should have recognized that something wasn’t right” he murmured.  Gongsun huffed.

         “You couldn’t have known.  Besides, he probably didn’t even know himself that he had been shot” he explained.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “But still—” he started when Gongsun crossed his arms.

         “Bai Sir.  I know you think you know Zhan Yao like the back of your hand, and you probably do to be honest, but you couldn’t have known that he was going to get hurt.  So don’t blame yourself” he instructed.  Bai Yutong looked at him before he huffed.

         “You always know just what to say, don’t you?” he asked.  Gongsun smirked.

         “Some of us are just gifted” he replied before he turned and walked out of Bai Yutong’s office, Bai Yutong watching him leave.  Once he left, he sighed heavily and put his head in his hands before letting out a long groan.




At the hospital, when Zhan Yao woke up, he looked around before his eyes fell on Bai Yutong, who was sitting at his bedside, a mixture of frustration on his face.

         “Yutong?” he murmured.  Bai Yutong looked over at him with wide eyes before he let out a sigh.

         “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, trying to keep his voice calm and level.  Zhan Yao frowned.

         “Tell you what?” he replied.  Bai Yutong huffed.

         “That you got hurt” he answered.  Zhan Yao shook his head.

         “I didn’t even know.  I didn’t feel anything” he replied.  Bai Yutong looked at him before he sighed heavily.

         “This is my fault” he whispered.  Zhan Yao frowned and pushed himself up, looking at him.

         “What do you mean?  Yutong, this wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t have known” he argued.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “But you still got hurt” he murmured.  Zhan Yao rolled his eyes.

         “Not like I don’t get hurt any other time we have a case.  What makes this any different?” he demanded.  Bai Yutong glared at him.

         “Zhan Yao, you know I always feel terrible whenever you get hurt” he snapped.  Zhan Yao sighed.

         “Yutong, if I wasn’t going to take risks, I wouldn’t have become a police officer” he argued.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “You’re not even a police officer!  You shouldn’t even be on scenes with us!” he exclaimed.  Zhan Yao glared at him this time.

         “I am the Deputy Team Leader of S.C.I.  Where you go, I go.  We’re a team, Yutong” he snapped.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “But I don’t want you to get hurt!” he exclaimed.

         “I don’t want you to get hurt either!” Zhan Yao shouted.  Bai Yutong blinked as Zhan Yao let out an angry huff.

         “You think I like seeing you lying in a hospital bed either?  You think I like watching you get hurt?  I hate it!” he exclaimed as he shook his head.

         “I hate seeing you lie in the hospital bed knowing that I can’t do anything!  It’s infuriating!” he hissed.  Bai Yutong blinked again before he reached out and gently grasped his wrist.

         “I’m sorry” he whispered.  Zhan Yao glanced over at him before he huffed.

         “We really are magnets for bad luck, aren’t we?” he murmured.  Bai Yutong chuckled softly before he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Zhan Yao’s forehead.

         “We are.  We should do something about that” he replied as he pulled away.  Zhan Yao huffed.

         “Maybe we should stop getting shot at, for starters” he stated.  Bai Yutong laughed.

         “Too unrealistic, pick something else” he teased.  Zhan Yao smiled softly before he looked at Bai Yutong.

         “Mouse” he started, making Bai Yutong look at him.

         “Hmm?” he replied. 

         “I’m sorry for scaring you” Zhan Yao apologized.  Bai Yutong huffed before he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his forehead again.

         “Just don’t do it again” he murmured.  Zhan Yao huffed.

         “No promises” he replied.  Bai Yutong narrowed his eyes.

         “Zhan Yao” he growled.  Zhan Yao tsked before he reached out and patted Bai Yutong’s arm.

         “Alright, alright, I promise” he assured.  Bai Yutong nodded.

         “Good.  Now get some rest” he instructed.  Zhan Yao huffed before he laid back down, Bai Yutong tucking the blankets up over him before he settled into the chair next to him, reaching out to take Zhan Yao’s hand.

         “I’m not going anywhere, Mouse” Zhan Yao murmured sleepily.  Bai Yutong smirked.

         “I know” he replied.  Zhan Yao tsked softly before he shut his eyes, giving Bai Yutong’s hand a gentle squeeze.  Bai Yutong let out a soft chuff as he returned the squeeze, just grateful that Zhan Yao was okay.