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“Hyung, let’s have sex,” Hyukjae stood under the frame of the bathroom door as he watched Jongwoon who was cleaning the tank for his turtle carefully in the bath. He gave the younger man a quick look before smiling and returning to the container. “You’re awfully direct today,” he chuckled and Hyukjae suddenly realized that he might have come off a bit strong. 

“Sorry,” he pouted a bit before continuing “Hyung, do you even like sex?” Hyukjae had been wondering for some time now.  It had been a few months since they started their whole thing. “Open-relationship” as Jongwoon referred to it. He didn’t quite get it but he understood that they weren’t exclusive and if they wanted to be in a relationship with someone else they could. Hyukjae wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about it but he agreed for the time being. Apart from that their activities were quite limited. It basically came down to snuggles which they did before but now Hyukjae didn’t feel uncomfortable and then make-out sessions. It should be noted that they didn’t have a lot of personal times as schedules constantly arose and the moments they could spend on their own were far and between. 

Putting that aside Jongwoon had never appeared as a highly sexual person in his private life or at least that was what Hyukjae observed. He didn’t have any porno magazines, Hyukjae checked everywhere and he never made any sexual jokes except when the other guys were edging him to. Hyukjae had to admit that those were very shallow reasons to conclude if someone was sexual or not. But then when they were making out, Jongwoon never really tried to “explore” his body, he mostly kept his hands to himself and would just caress Hyukjae’s neck or hold his hand or just something very minimal. And Hyukjae didn’t want to pressure him but he was getting a bit frustrated. 
Which is how he ended up in this situation with Jongwoon glancing amusingly at him and him feeling anxious.

“I don’t have a problem with it. We can do it if you want,” Jongwoon responded as he finished cleaning the tank and signalled for Hyukjae to move so he was able to pass by him. He put the glass container in its place and placed his pet back in it carefully, pouring some food in as well.

Truth be told, Jongwoon was intentionally taking it slow for Hyukjae’s sake. He knew it was the younger’s first time to have any experience with another man, which wasn’t that different from than with a woman, but with how Hyukjae was acting before he confessed Jongwoon didn’t want to spook him. But he was honestly glad that the younger man was initiating something even if it was such a big jump from their simple make-out sessions. 

He faced Hyukjae once he was done with his work and walked closer to him.

“Tell me a few things first,” Hyukjae nodded as Jongwoon led them to his bed.

“This isn’t your first time, right?”


“But it’s your first time with a man,” Hyukjae nodded his head once again as they looked into each other’s eyes. Jongwoon looked thoughtful before continuing. 

“I think we should keep it as simple as possible and with time we could start to explore what we like and we don’t. How does that sound?” Hyukjae blinked rapidly as he felt nervousness settling in his stomach. 

“Y-yeah,” Jongwoon smiled at him and rubbed his arm.

“Hey, I’m glad you instigated this but if you don’t feel like you can continue we can stop,” Hyukjae shook his head strongly.

“No! I mean, I’m okay,” Hyukjae looked down at his hands as he played with his jeans. He couldn’t possibly waste the available time they had on their hands. It was such a perfect opportunity. Most members had two days off, besides the members who had some solo schedules, and almost everyone besides him, Kyuhyun who was playing video games and Jongwoon were in the other dorm. Yeah, there was no chance that he was going to let that one slide away. 

After gathering courage he looked back up with determination in his eyes and held Jongwoon’s shoulders.

“Let’s do it!” Jongwoon was a bit surprised by Hyukjae’s tenacity but soon changed to delight. 

“You want to do it now?” 

“Yes!” Hyukjae responded quickly which Jongwoon found adorable. He grabbed Hyukjae’s hands from his shoulders and lowered them before leaning forward, and kissed the younger man. Hyukjae squeezed Jongwoon’s hands with his own and deepened the kiss. The younger man tasted like mint and strawberries. Jongwoon let him lead the kiss as he climbed on the bed and wrapped his legs around Hyukjae’s torso. Hyukjae recognized the flavour of chewing gum on Jongwoon’s lips. They soon broke the kiss in the need of air. 
Jongwoon leaned his forehead on Hyukjae’s with closed eyes while breathing heavily.

“Do you want to top or bottom?” Hyukjae licked his lips.


“Do you want to be the one inserting it or do you want me to insert it in you?” Jongwoon explained calmly.

“I-I’m not sure,” Hyukjae felt a bit embarrassed by the sudden question and that he didn’t have an idea about what he would like. Jongwoon withdrew from the younger man and watched him with adoration as he combed Hyukjae’s hair with his fingers.

“It’s okay, let’s start with something simple – blowjob – I’ll do it,” Hyukjae was immensely thankful that Jongwoon was able to lead them because he was so unsure of what to do. It’s not like it was quantum physics but he first didn’t have any hands-on experience with a man and second, he didn’t want to do something Jongwoon didn’t enjoy. Those things made him feel like a complete twit.

“Lean against the wall,” Jongwoon instructed him and Hyukjae followed. He climbed on the bed, backed against the wall and watched Jongwoon getting off the bed, and going for the door – locking it. 

“For precaution,” the older man explained and returned on the bed, climbing on top of Hyukjae’s lap. The younger man tentatively placed his hands around his hips as the older man closed the distance between them. Jongwoon ran his fingers through Hyukjae’s hair as he kissed him feverishly. The younger man met him with the same passion; he clutched Jongwoon’s hips harder and rubbed their crotches against one another. Jongwoon sighed into the kiss and enveloped the younger man’s neck, pushing their bodies flush together. 
Hyukjae’s heart was beating with excitement as his body temperature slowly rose and his groin was gradually stiffening. 

Jongwoon broke the kiss as his lungs burned for air. He scanned Hyukjae who was considerably flushed and the older man smiled in satisfaction.

“You can touch me more, Hyukie,” he spoke with a husky voice and Hyukjae felt goosebumps covering his skin. He gulped, licked his lips and watched as Jongwoon pulled his hands towards him, and placed them under his tee. Hyukjae stood still for a while as Jongwoon leaned forward and kissed the side of his neck. The younger man unsurely moved his hands along the soft warm skin, appreciating the feel it was leaving under his fingers tips. 

Jongwoon made noises of content as he continued trailing kisses and biting softly into the untouched skin. Hyukjae continued his sluggish exploration as Jongwoon moved to his lips once again. The older man licked them, asking for entrance and Hyukjae complied. Jongwoon propped his agile tongue inside Hyukjae’s mouth and the freshness of mint became stronger, leaving a tingling feeling. 
Hyukjae moaned as the older man rubbed his tongue against his and moved his hips sensually against him. Jongwoon snuck his hand under Hyukjae’s top and advanced directly for the younger man’s nipple. Hyukjae cried out as Jongwoon twisted and rubbed the bud between his fingers. 

“Is that okay?” He breathed heavily against Hyukjae as the younger man squeezed his eyes and nodded. Hyukjae dropped his hands from Jongwoon while the older man continued playing with his nipple. Jongwoon raised Hyukjae’s tee, revealing his heated skin to the slightly cool air and getting an immediate body reaction. The younger man’s skin was covered with goosebumps and his nipples were hardened.

Hyukjae clutched the sheets as Jongwoon took one of his nipples in his mouth, flicked his tongue around it and scrapped it with his teeth gently while rubbing the other one with his fingers. 
“Aaah, h-hyung,” Jongwoon couldn’t fight the small smile that wanted to grace his features because of his endearing dongsaeng. He pulled away from Hyukjae and watched the younger man as he caressed his face.

“You’re so sensitive, Hyukie,” 

“Don’t-don’t tease,” Hyukjae retorted between breaths.

“I’m not! You’re just so cute,” the younger man scowled at him.

“That sounds like teasing,” Jongwoon shook his head in disbelieve and leaned forward to capture Hyukjae’s lips with his own. Hyukjae managed to place his hands around Jongwoon’s hips and tried creating more friction against them while they were lip locked. Jongwoon thankfully sensed what the younger man wanted and started rolling his hips rhythmically. 
Hyukjae, loving the feeling of Jongwoon’s skin against his fingers, once again he caressed the older man under his tee. 

“Let me help you with this,” Jongwoon said as he broke the kiss and grabbed the hem of his top. The older man pulled his t-shirt and Hyukjae marvelled as smooth golden skin came into his view. He wanted to touch it and kiss it but could only stare at the toned body in front of him. It’s not like he wasn’t seen literally everything of his hyung but he couldn’t believe that he was having him in such an intimate way. 

Jongwoon tossed the top on the floor and gazed back at Hyukjae who was gawking frozen. He smiled smugly and wrapped his hands around Hyukjae’s neck.

“Like what you see?”

“Immensely,” Jongwoon let out a laugh at the younger man’s immediate answer.

“You should take a picture, it’ll last you longer,” Hyukjae’s eyes shimmered with enthusiasm as he looked into the older man.

“Can I?” Jongwoon sensed Hyukjae was being serious and he shrugged.

“I guess, why not?” He stood up from the bed and rummaged around to try, and find his camera. He handed it to Hyukjae once he got his hands on it.

“How should I pose, mister photographer?” Jongwoon asked humorously as he moved around in an exaggerated model poses on top of the bed. Hyukjae snapped a few quick ones to find the best settings before getting his hyung to stand more naturally. 

“Just look at the camera and stop with those weird movements,” Jongwoon raised his middle finger at the camera and made a trolling face as Hyukjae pressed to take the shot. The younger man looked up at his hyung with an annoyed expression.

“If you’re going to behave like five years old, I’ll stop,” Jongwoon mockingly imitated Hyukjae and the younger man threw the camera at the other end of the bed.

“Okay, okay, sorry,” Jongwoon tried to hold back his laughter as he reached for the camera and put it in Hyukjae’s hands once again. The younger man took it reluctantly and watched Jongwoon lay down on the bed.

“Come on, do it like that, from above,” Hyukjae stood up on the bed as the older man spread on the bed like he was modelling for a magazine but it was better than the earlier ones. His hands were placed on the side of his face, his dark hair was sprawled around and appeared more vibrant against the white sheets, one of his silver earrings shimmered as he moved his head and he gave the camera that hard look he usually put on when they were on stage. 
Hyukjae snapped a couple of shots like that and looked back at Jongwoon.

“Hyung, soften your eyes, why do you look like you want to kill someone?”

“I do?” The older man asked unknowingly.

“Your gaze is so intense,” Jongwoon rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“Aren’t you satisfied enough? This was supposed to be us having sex, not a photo session,” the older man got up a bit and leaned on his forearms, watching Hyukjae with a bored expression. The younger man snapped one last quick shot before Jongwoon could react and tossed the camera to the side before launching at the older man. 
Jongwoon collapsed on the bed because of the sudden action from Hyukjae who attacked his lips as soon as he wrapped himself around the older man. Hyukjae rubbed their groins enthusiastically and Jongwoon released a low moan as ecstasy soared throughout his body. 

“That good enough?” Hyukjae asked cheekily and Jongwoon smiled smugly back.

“Not exactly,” he extended his hand towards the younger man and reached inside his trousers. He slowly traced the hard length and Hyukjae keened, buckling his hips. 

“This is getting close to it,” Jongwoon whispered in Hyukjae’s ear and the younger man was sure he was losing his mind. Jongwoon continued stroking Hyukjae’s member slowly with not a lot of pressure. The younger man buried his face in Jongwoon’s shoulder.

“More, hyung, I need more,” Jongwoon kissed his neck and smiled.

“Your wish is my command,” he pulled his hand out of the younger man’s pants and told him to stand up. Hyukjae did as he was told and the older man pulled his trousers down. After throwing them to the side he told Hyukjae to lie back on the bed. The younger man settled down in a comfortable position and watched Jongwoon moving closer. He grabbed Hyukjae’s cock and gave him a few strokes before licking it from the base to the top.

Hyukjae shut his eyes and threw his head backwards as Jongwoon put the stiff member in his mouth. The hot and slick feeling from the mouth made his toes curl. Jongwoon took the younger man’s balls between his fingers and played with them while he took almost the whole cock in his mouth. Hyukjae moaned obscenely as a sweet sensation spread over his body. Jongwoon stroked the cock quickly and dragged his tongue along the slit as he observed Hyukjae’s reactions. The younger man gazed down and locked eyes with Jongwoon as his lips were spreading around his cock and his lower abdomen tightened. Jongwoon dragged his tongue along the bulged veins and Hyukjae reached for the older man. He buried his fingers in Jongwoon’s hair, softly twisting the hair strands. The older man bopped his head and Hyukjae could feel that he was getting close.  Jongwoon dragged his hand along Hyukjae’s stomach, up towards his chests and brushed the nipples lightly before twisting one between his fingers. Hyukjae buckled his hips in his mouth and the younger man’s cock hit his throat. 
Hyukjae pushed himself away from Jongwoon as he coughed.

“Hyung, are you okay, Imsosorryhyung,” Hyukjae spoke quickly.

“I’m okay, calm down,” the older man rested a hand across Hyukjae’s chests and smiled for reassurance. 

“Are you sure?” Hyukjae watched him with a bit of doubt. To get them back on track, Jongwoon wrapped his hand around Hyukjae’s cock and stroked it. The younger man sighed in pleasure and Jongwoon shifted closer to Hyukjae’s face to capture his lips. Jongwoon nipped at Hyukjae’s lower lip before indulging himself in the taste of his partner’s lips. He dragged the kiss as long as he could sense that the younger man was getting back into the mood. 

He cut off the kiss once he was sure of that and turned his full attention back to the length between his fingers. He swiftly swallowed the whole thing without any problems this time and Hyukjae let out noises of satisfaction. 

The cock was throbbing against Jongwoon’s tongue and he guessed that Hyukjae was getting close once again. As he twirled his tongue around, not long after that, a familiar salty taste filled his mouth as Hyukjae came in his mouth. He squeezed the cock, stroking it until the younger man was completely finished. 

 Hyukjae trembled while his orgasm hit him and his hyung continued jerking him until the end. He opened his eyes to watch Jongwoon licking and cleaning his now semi-hard cock. 

“H-hyung, do you want me to-I mean, let me, help you with your-“ the older man had overlooked himself for Hyukjae’s pleasure and the younger man did want to touch and taste more of Jongwoon.

“Hmm,” the older man stood up and looked downwards at his obvious tent. Now, Hyukjae was very aware of how “gifted” Jongwoon was but having him anywhere inside of him was hard to imagine. For once Hyukjae wasn’t sure how to “operate” anyone else’s manhood besides his own. Second – it was just too much for Hyukjae. 

“Yeah, I guess we should take care of that,” he looked back at Hyukjae “What do you want to do?” The younger man stared at him without really knowing what to say.

“I-I don’t I don’t know,” he felt so embarrassed of himself. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jongwoon tried to encourage him; he caressed his thigh and kissed his shoulder. “I have an idea,”

Jongwoon shifted around and got up from the bed. He went into the bathroom and Hyukjae listened to the strange noises for a while before Jongwoon emerged again. The older man was holding what looked like a vibrator and threw it on the bed before going around the room.

“Where the heck did you hide that?” Hyukjae reached for the sex toy and turned it around, inspecting it with his eyes like it was a strange creature. 

“It’s a secret,” Jongwoon responded as he opened a box with a fucking code. 

“Hyung, are you a Bond villain?” Jongwoon closed the case and looked at Hyukjae with a smirk on his face.

“Maybe, are you into it?” He raised a suggestive brow and walked over to the bed. Hyukjae made a slightly disgusted face.

“I’m not sure,” 

“Well, there’s time for that,” Jongwoon climbed the bed and grabbed the vibrator from Hyukjae. He opened a bottle he took from the box and poured the substance in his head before spreading it on the toy and his fingers.

“Watch me and decide what you want to do,” Jongwoon looked at the condoms between them “Or you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” 

After removing his trousers, Jongwoon leaned backwards on his hand and lifted his butt a little and inserted two fingers inside of him. He closed his eyes, sighed and Hyukjae eyes widened a bit. The younger man’s eyes shifted rapidly across the room as his started growing hotter once again from embarrassment and arousal. 

Jongwoon moaned and Hyukjae fixed his gaze on the older man’s animated face. The older man’s hand was moving faster and his body had come lower than it was before. Suddenly he opened his eyes and searched for the vibrator which was bigger than his fingers. Hyukjae wondered whether his hyung preference for the size. He was content with his own but perhaps the older man might not be satisfied. Even if the vibrator itself was close to Hyukjae’s size, it was a bit smaller; he couldn’t get rid of the stupid insecurity that suddenly settled in his mind.

Jongwoon was completely spread across the bed as he continued to play with the vibrator. His toes curled as the pleasure all over his body increased. The vibration was so incredibly satisfying and he might come sooner than expected. Jongwoon wanted to encourage Hyukjae but at this rate, he was going to get off by himself before the younger man decided to do anything.
Hyukjae was hard once again and he watched Jongwoon as his moans got louder, and he decided it was no or he had to wait for more. He reached for the condom and moved swiftly.
There was a hand on Jongwoon’s thigh and then his hand. He opened his eyes and watched Hyukjae hovering over him. He closed his eyes once again and let the younger man continue. The toy was removed and soon he felt the tip of Hyukjae, unsurely pushing forward. He sighed and opened his eyes.

“Lay down,” Hyukjae looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Just do it,” Jongwoon instructed him as he tried to get up. He actually wanted to be the one laying and not doing anything but Hyukjae was too careful and he wanted to move things a bit faster.Jongwoon climbed on top of Hyukjae was the younger man was settled. Jongwoon took his cock and pushed himself down. 
As the older man took him inside, Hyukjae was sure he had never felt such an amazing sensation as this. It was so tight and warm; it squeezed him so perfectly right. And then came the actual moving part and Hyukjae was certain he wasn’t going to last long. 

Jongwoon rested his hands on Hyukjae’s chests as he tried to find the perfect angle as he fucked himself with eager movements. The younger man gripped his hips, giving him more support. 
Jongwoon looked at him, smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

Hyukjae opened his mouth and accepted Jongwoon inside. Their bodies were completely intermingled with one another it felt like physically they were becoming one. They were utterly lost to their carnal needs and lust. 

Hyukjae started moving his hips and hit Jongwoon’s prostate again and again, thrilling sensation ran across his body. Jongwoon groaned as a hand wrapped around his length and started stroking it. The older man trembled as he came hard; his cum splattering over Hyukjae’s chests. 

The younger man kept fucking him for short while after that before reaching his orgasm. Hyukjae shivered as he reached his orgasm. He felt light-headed as he calmed down and continued breathing hard for a while.

“That-that was good. I would like more of it in the future,” Jongwoon chuckled at the younger man’s sincere and adorable confession. He rested on Hyukjae’s chest.

“I’ll be willing to provide it for you,” it was Hyukjae’s time to laugh; he wrapped his arms around Jongwoon. The older man wiggled out of his embrace.

“We’re all sweaty and gross, let’s save that for later. I want to change those sheets and let get us cleaned,” Hyukjae’s nodded with a bright smile.

Before they could move there was a knock on the door. They both froze and looked at each other. 

“Should we answer?” Hyukjae whispered. Jongwoon shook his head in a negative response.

“Hyung, I know you’re in there,” Kyuhyun “Can you please don’t do this here next time?  The walls are really thin and you’re really loud,” 

Jongwoon face-palmed himself while Hyukjae hid his face in his hands.