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Silent Tears

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Being the captain of the largest crew ever created was sure a nice feeling, visiting islands and helping people in trouble doing all those acts without expecting anything in return but after the incidents of the moon, he felt some type of connection with someone in particular, the society’s marksman. That little pain in the chest when he was gone was almost the same as when the journey began, why it was there? Could it be the case he had a crush on Eustace? The answer was yes.

Sobbing between the silken sheets of his bed, allowing the stars to be his companions Gran wished the erune to be there but being selfish was not on his profile, waking up in the middle of the night he walked towards the deck for a better view of the skies he is so used to see and breathe the fresh air to dispel his thoughts until the sound of footsteps startled him “What are you doing? It’s late” Eustace scowled while looking at his captain.

“Couldn’t sleep” he faked a smile, causing the other to worry. He then held the young man’s face to look in his eyes “...” Eustace could notice something and let go for a moment “It’s getting cold, let’s move” he said while grabbing his captain’s hand “Hey Eustace what—?” He was surprised by the sudden action from the tall man as both walked to his room, he placed him on his bed.

Gran was cornered without any escape route, he had to talk if he wanted Eustace to stop asking about the little change in his behavior “I told you I’m fine” he stated as Eustace came closer and closer cutting the distance between the two “...I hate liars” his ears twitched after finishing that sentence, why he couldn’t trust him more? Defeated, Gran spoke “... Stay with me, Eustace I’m ... I..” he babbled in front of the marksman what he didn’t expect was his body embraced by him “I’m sorry...” apologizing, the erune kissed his cheek.

“I’m just fed up being lonely!” Gran spat, he never felt the need to do such a thing but the emotions blossomed without warning causing Eustace to tight the hold of his arms making sure he doesn’t apply much force “I will be by your side, I swear it” and with that he kissed his lips with care, pouring his soul like the thunder he roars with his trusted weapon, he will protect that gentle smile and eventually, one day propose to his captain, all that has been planned however he forgot to mention it.

Minutes later Gran fell asleep but glad he’s not alone anymore.