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rendezvous with the devil (in the depths of hell)

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The Whispering Woods is one of Kaeya’s favourite places in Mondstadt.

It’s close enough to the city that Kaeya can take a stroll during his lunch break and return in time, and he likes the view it offers—all green leaves and blue sea. He likes it at night too, with stars illuminating the skies above, and small lamp grasses lighting the path below.

Most of all, he likes…

The figure that walks out of the shadows, silent and intimidating. He wears a white shirt with ruffles down the front and bishop sleeves, and high-waisted black pants with golden buttons. His long red hair flows down to his waist, luscious like a lion’s mane.

He’s backlit by the moon, giving him a white halo. When Kaeya sees him he straightens up and stops leaning against the tree. He smirks. He knew the man would come.

“If it isn’t my favourite creature of the night,” Kaeya greets, holding out his arms in welcome. The man ignores the gesture and instead circles around him, as if conducting an inspection.

“I told you to stop coming here.”

Kaeya shrugs. It’s true; he did. But he should know by now that Kaeya’s not the kind of person to obey orders.

See, the two of them first met after Kaeya finally caught sight of the Darknight Hero. He followed the vigilante out into the very woods he was standing in right now, until the person finally turned and pushed him against a tree.

Under the dark hood the man snarled, “Who are you and what do you want.”

“Well,” Kaeya began in a nonchalant tone, “I just wanted to see who the hero protecting Mondstadt at night was.”

The Darknight Hero frowned, staring at him. Finally, after a moment, “You’ve seen me. Now leave. And don’t tell anyone.” He turned and started to walk away, but paused to add on, “Don’t come back here either, the woods are dangerous at night.”

Not with you around, Sir, Kaeya thought to himself but didn’t say. Next time, though. Next time he would work his way under the hero’s skin until he got what he wanted.

So then Kaeya kept returning to the same spot. Every night for a week, in fact. The man never showed again, however, and eventually Kaeya realised perhaps it was because he didn’t think Kaeya was in danger.

Being the amazing person he was, Kaeya came up with a brilliant plan in response. He lied down right there where he was, closed his eyes, and started to nap.

Not long after, he felt a presence above him, and when he opened his eyes— Voila. It was the Darknight Hero again. He smiled upon seeing that cold and detached face, despite being met with a scowl.

The only thing Kaeya has ever been able to weasel out of the popular hero is his name—Diluc. He’s always so secretive about everything else. No matter how much Kaeya pries, he won’t crack.

Today, Kaeya is going to take a different route.

Once Kaeya has locked eyes with Diluc and knows he has the hero’s full attention, he sinks down to his knees and gazes up at the man.

Diluc appears intrigued, and when Kaeya holds his arms out and Diluc actually steps towards him this time, Kaeya feels a stab of triumph.

He slides his hands down the hero’s long legs, covered in skin-tight black fabric. He traces the various belts Diluc has wrapped around his upper thighs in particular, fascinated by the crisscrossing leather.

“What do you wear all these for?” he asks in the most seductive tone he can muster. He runs his hands back up Diluc’s thighs until they rest at his groin just under his crotch. He looks at the bulge in front of his eyes and licks his lips, then meets Diluc’s eyes once more to ask for permission.

And Diluc… He’s just standing there with his arms crossed, appearing absolutely bored. It shakes Kaeya’s confidence but also, kind of turns him on more.

Since Diluc hasn’t objected to anything Kaeya starts to work on his buttons, pushing them back through the holes and opening Diluc’s pants bit by bit. He’s almost done and is more than ready to put the Darknight Hero’s cock in his mouth when he’s suddenly pulled up by his hair.

Diluc tilts Kaeya’s head back forcefully and hisses, “Foolish human child. Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? What you’re dealing with?”

Kaeya does start to feel like he might be a bit in over his head about all this, but hell if he’s going to let Diluc know that. He winks at the man and answers in a flirtatious tone, “I don’t need to know in order to have fun.”

At that, Diluc drops him as if he’s been burned, and Kaeya abruptly falls to the ground. He rubs his scalp as Diluc spits out above him, “I deserve to let the wolves eat you.”

“That’s not very hero-like of you,” Kaeya chuckles.

“Shut—” Diluc takes a step back and turns around. “I’m not a hero.”

Kaeya picks himself up off the ground and postulates, “That’s not what the people of Mondstadt think.” When Diluc remains silent, the tension in his back visible, Kaeya makes a confession. “Come on, you think I don’t know? You’re a vampire, big deal! Wouldn’t—”

Diluc whirls on him and has his fist around Kaeya’s collar so fast he can’t even blink. “What did you just say?”

“I mean,” Kaeya shrugs, “you realise it’s kind of obvious right? You’re only ever spotted at night. You live out in the woods far from civilisation. There once was a Prince of Mondstadt named after the dawn who vanished. I do have a brain, you know. I wasn’t appointed Cavalry Captain for nothing.” Kaeya smirks and gives his vampire friend another wink, “I’m not just all brawn and no brains.”

Diluc narrows his eyes at him. He scrutinises every part of Kaeya’s face and then says, “Fine. You wanted to play, little boy? We’ll play.”

And then he shoves Kaeya against the tree and attacks his mouth. Kaeya doesn’t even know if he could call it kissing. Maybe Diluc’s been alive for too long or hasn’t gotten any action in forever, or maybe it’s a bit of both, because his ‘kisses’ are bruising more than anything else.

But at the same time—it’s everything.

It leaves Kaeya gasping for breath and wanting to go back for more and oh my oh fuck! He tries to grind up against Diluc but Diluc angles himself away from Kaeya and Kaeya whines.

He wants to complain and tell Diluc his dick needs some attention but Diluc isn’t even giving him a chance to breathe.

Actually, do vampires need to breathe? They don’t have a beating heart, do they? It’s not like they need the oxygen for anything.

That’s interesting.

Kaeya wonders whether Diluc is any good at deepthroating.

He has half a mind to ask, but suddenly the tables are turned on him.

Diluc puts his arm around Kaeya’s neck and turns him around so his back is to Diluc and he’s facing the moon.

Diluc starts sucking bruises—there’s no doubt, not with the way he was kissing Kaeya earlier—into his neck, and snakes a hand down to Kaeya’s crotch.

He rubs Kaeya through the fabric until his dick is hard, and fuck this isn’t how he wanted it to go.

He keens and bucks into Diluc’s touch and it simultaneously leaves him feeling so empty but is also the best thing he could’ve asked for.

When Diluc curls his fingers and cups Kaeya’s balls he swears under his breath and wonders just how did this happen. He thought he was the one in charge here, he can’t even pinpoint when their positions switched.

Nevertheless, he’s here now, so he may as well play into it.

He cranes his head back so he can better see Diluc’s face when he says, “I’d let you bite me, you know?”

“You don’t want that,” Diluc breathes into his ear.

“How would you know? What abou—”

At that moment Diluc encloses his mouth and more specifically his sharp fangs over the vein of Kaeya’s neck and Kaeya shivers. He almost comes from it, even.

When Diluc replaces his teeth with his tongue instead, licking a cold wet strip up the length, Kaeya releases a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“Trust me. You don’t want it.”

It is then that Kaeya realises. He was never the one in control at all.

He has been mesmerised by Diluc this whole time, chasing after him like a delusional fan would their idol.

He’s entirely at Diluc’s mercy.

Diluc is—

He’s who-knows-how-many centuries old. In that time, what enemies has he faced? How many? What skills has he acquired over the many years he’s been alive?

Kaeya knows the answer to the last one. He’s seen him fight.

He moves with a grace and swiftness like no other. He slaughters his opponents before they even have the chance to scream. He wields a pyro vision whilst Kaeya has cryo, and everyone knows that fire melts ice.

He is, by all accounts, a monster.

Worse than any creature Kaeya has ever come across. Anyone else Kaeya has an advantage over. With Diluc, he doesn’t even know if he stands a chance.

But luckily for him, Diluc doesn’t seem interested in killing him, and he’s also sexy as fuck, so it’s with no trouble that Kaeya comes from his touch—just creams his pants like a virgin.

When Diluc moves his hand away and the cold air hits Kaeya’s pants he feels disgusting, but he turns around to give the vampire a bright smile nonetheless.

“That was fun!”

The man rolls his eyes, flicking his hair back. He then starts to walk away, no farewell, no nothing.

Kaeya calls out after him, “I’ll see you soon, yeah?” and as expected, receives no response.

It’s fine though. His silence is promise enough.

Kaeya then starts to head back to the Moon City, hands behind his head, whistling a tune as he goes.

He knows he hasn’t fully processed it yet—it almost feels like a dream, and he thinks Diluc expects him not to return once he comes to his senses—and Kaeya considers that maybe Diluc won’t return seeing as his secret has been revealed, but, well.

What can he say?

Kaeya has always loved the taste of danger.

And he thinks that the vampire just might have the same appetite.