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Best Friend

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Currently Dorothy and Makoto were sitting in a corner whispering to each other. Both giggling, both on their fourth bottle of wine. Cynthia was salty considering they took the last of her wine.
Team confidence watched worryingly as the two kept glancing back at them, whispering something to each other, and then bursting into a giggling fit.
Abby groaned and glared at the two “ok, what the hell are you two hyenas laughing about?” She curled her hand into a fist “I’m not afraid to punch an old lady and a virgin”
“I'M NOT A VIRGIN!!” Makoto stood up wobbling.
“OLD?!” Dorothy joined him, almost falling over, leaning on Makoto for support. “Who are you calling old?! I still look young as well! I passed for 20 thank you very much!!”
Laurent chuckled worryingly “I think that’s enough wine for you both.”
“SHUT UP BLONDE HIMBO” both of them threw a shoe at Laurent, he barely dodged them.
“ did you both even manage to take your shoes off that fast?” Laurent asked
“Oh wouldn’t you like to know Laurie~?” Dorothy giggled
“No more wine for you both!” Cynthia growled “you two finished off the last of it anyways!”
Dorothy wobbly walked into the middle of the room. She slowly stood on top of the table.
“EVERYONE LOOK AT ME.” She yelled, like everyone wasn’t already watching herself. “Is everyone looking?! Huh?! Good! Now watch!!!” She threw her hands up in the air and fell backwards.
Laurent quickly placed his drink down and caught her in his arms, Dorothy bursting into a laughing fit.
“Dorothy...” he groaned “what were you expecting to happen?” Laurent asked
“I thought I was going to land on my hands!! Like a cool handstand!” She giggled. “Best friend!!” She pointed to Makoto. “You’re turn!!!”
Everyone turned around to where she was pointing. Makoto stood laughing on top of the kitchen island, he managed to get on top while everyone was distracted watching Dorothy.
Abby and Oz darted and caught him before he fell face first onto the ground. He burst out into laughter as well.
“Did you see that best friend?!” He asked Dorothy
“I totally did!!! You rocked!!!”
Oz shook his head sighing “ok, ok, I think it’s time we got you two to bed.”
Both Makoto and Dorothy were placed on the couch. The two went back to whispering and giggling while Cynthia got two beds ready for them.
“Hey everyone!!!” Dorothy stood up and pulled Makoto up with her. “Watch this!!!”
Everyone silently watched the two.
Makoto and Dorothy simultaneously curled their lips, creating a :3 face
“>:3” NEVER!!!” The two of them held each other’s hand and took off running out the door, down the beach
Laurent and Oz shot up, chasing after them.
“Need I remind you, these two are the two idiots you fell in love with” Oz told him.
Laurent laughed a bit “I know, I have good taste, don’t I?”