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Rat Race

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One morning Vikala was enthusiastic to announce a tradition her temple does, running to the dark team meeting room she only found Eustace and the captain talking about something.

“Hey captain, Eustace are you free?” She beamed while doing her cute idol stance, both looked at her with some surprise “Uh yes I just finished to tell today we are off so we can relax” she smiled, and the erune nods. The divine general was happy to hear such a thing and explains the reason for her visit “You see I wanted to invite you to my island! An event is happening soon and it could be nice if you guys come with me since I got a letter to be the host” Vikala said and curiosity got the best from the captain “What type of event?” she makes the memory of the past event on different islands while Eustace just stood on his chair, watching in silence “Well is called a Rat Race!” the girl waved her hands in excitement, the room was filled with silence as the captain tried to not laugh, she knows the divine general likes to put smiles on everyone however was that true?

“For real the people from your island capture rats to compete?” It was Eustace who asked with some indifference, he could not be surprised as he found about Halloween years ago and he respects the traditions and culture from each island in the Sky Realm but somehow he could not understand why people has entertainment from such a thing, better find out.

Arriving at the place Vikala had her fan club lined up to receive her as she announced her brief participation in the race… or so she thought as her rodent companion ran off to check the cute and fluffy rats like him not being organized at all. Blinking both the captain and Eustace exchanged glances “Why I am not surprised?” Sighed the marksman as he noticed the race was not a speed competition but an event to appreciate rats, with Vikala as their mascot followed by Doormouse. He considered changing the name of his weapons after that event.