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Playing With Fire

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Sweat dripped off Anne’s temple, pooling inside her helmet as the fire continued to rage. Her gloved hands covered the nozzle as she directed the hose towards the raging inferno, her whole body jolting as her crew-mate, Sam, switched on the water. Within minutes, the fire was under control and Anne could slowly close in towards the source. Luckily, no one was working in the warehouse when the fire broke out and due to their timely arrival, nothing had been too badly damaged.

“Looks like a faulty heater, boss.” Anne shouted across to Sam, her voice muffled by her visor.

Anne tutted, it was all too common for these fires to break out this time of year. Yorkshire was cold in winter, really frozen to your bones kind of cold, but that was no excuse for cheap heaters in the workplace.

“You were lucky this time. Maybe stop cutting corners, eh?” Anne muttered to the owner as she returned to the engine, leaving him with his insurance broker to assess the damage.

Time and time again she’d been called out to jobs like these where the employer had bought in cheap domestic heating to use in an industrial setting. It wound her up beyond words. Risking her life for the sake of some rich man saving a few quid, not to mention it being utterly unsafe for his workers. It made her blood boil.

The fire engine rattled as Anne switched on the ignition and motioned for her crew-mates to hurry up. She shucked her helmet, tossing it into the back before running her hands through her damp hair. It had greyed somewhat over the years, the traitorous light wisps congregated at her temples, weaving themselves through her once jet black locks in thin, grey tendrils. As she pulled into the station and parked up the rig, she caught a whiff of herself; a hearty mix of sweat, lack of sleep and frustration.

“Can you pack down? I’m heading for a shower.” She said over her shoulder to Sam.

“You got it.” He replied.

Anne burst into the station, like she always did, and strode into the staff quarters. She swiftly removed her damp fire jacket, hanging it up in her locker before grabbing her wash bag and heading towards the showers.

“Hi.” A voice sounded behind her.

Anne spun round gruffly at being disturbed before she locked eyes with the woman in front of her.

Ann Walker had started at the station a few weeks prior, having been transferred from East Yorkshire as a call handler. She’d taken to the role like a duck to water. With ridiculously high organisational skills, she single-handedly managed the jobs coming in as well as being logistics manager for the whole crew. Anne had noted that her shifts always seemed to coincide with Ann but she brushed it off. Ann was a beautiful and quiet thing, she certainly wouldn’t be interested in a greying, older woman like Anne. Certainly not.

Ann’s mouth went dry at the sight of Anne in her cargo pants and white vest. She was sweaty, mildly dishevelled and it was making Ann hot.

“You came back in one piece then?” Ann said, immediately feeling foolish at stating the obvious.

“Just about.” Anne smiled.

That smile made Ann’s legs weak. She’d pictured it in her mind’s eye multiple times when she’d been…alone. Anne was handsome, rugged and utterly swoon-worthy. She was muscular, brusque but she was always soft with Ann. Perhaps it was all in Ann’s head, there was no way Anne would be interested in a younger, quieter woman like Ann. Certainly not.

The water pelted Anne’s sore muscles as she massaged the shampoo into her hair. It was the end of her shift, she could’ve easily showered at home, but she favoured staying at the station more and more these days. After roughly towel drying her skin, she threw a white t-shirt over her head, stepped into fresh boxers and a spare pair of black cargo pants and made her way to the staff room. Droplets of water from her wet braid soaked into the fabric of her shirt, revealing the hue of her tanned skin underneath.

“Tea?” Anne’s voice made Ann jump in her chair as she studied the rota for the following week.

“Oh.” The breathy whisper left Ann’s lips before she had a chance to stop it. Anne towered over her, those bloody white t-shirts drove Ann feral. She swallowed hard as she forced her eyes to stay fixed on Anne’s, to not wander down her torso, over her hard abs, across her obviously bra-less chest. Good lord. “Erm, yes please. But let me make it? You’ve been out fighting literal fires.” Ann’s cheeks flushed as she stood up and shuffled around Anne’s strong frame to get to the kettle.

“You spoil me.” Anne said lowly as she reached up into the cupboard for the biscuits she’d stashed away earlier in the day.

Was it the steam from the kettle or was it getting increasingly warm in here? Ann bit her lip as she tapped her forefinger on the work surface, trying to think of something witty to say. She loved hearing Anne laugh but it didn’t happen very often. She was always so serious, so ridiculously handsome with her furrowed brow and deep thoughts.

“I see we’re both on the late shift tomorrow night.” Anne tutted as she studied the rota. Anything to fill the silence.

“Hm?” Ann wasn’t listening, she was too busy daydreaming about Anne pressing into her body from behind as the kettle boiled. She wished she’d grab her hips, grind herself against her, whisper filthy things in her ear. Ann shivered and straightened herself out before inhaling and turning around.

“We’re on the graveyard shift tomorrow.” Anne’s eyebrow raised as she saw the flustered expression on Ann’s face.

“Oh. Yes, ‘fraid so.” Ann nodded.

“We’ll have to find something to entertain us, so we don’t fall asleep.” Anne’s tone was playful, daring, dangerous.

Ann nervously chuckled to herself as she tried to tame her wildly beating heart. Anne seemed interested. Right? Ann internally shook her head, she’s just being friendly.

“Any suggestions?” Anne bit her lip, she was being flirtatious on purpose, never once thinking Ann would actually take the bait. Ann wasn’t interested in burly fire fighters, surely.

“Oh, I…” Ann licked her lips with a smirk, a streak of confidence appearing as if from nowhere. “I could think of a few things.”

Anne swallowed, her cocky grin swiftly retreating off her face. Ann giggled, delighted in the effect she had on the older woman. Desire coursed through Anne’s veins without much warning, she could just lift Ann up onto the counter, drop to her knees and run her tongue over her…  

“You could show me your rig?” Ann’s voice snapped Anne out of her entirely inappropriate thoughts.  

“Sorry?” Anne’s brain slowly returned to her.

“I wondered if you’d show me around the rig. I’ve never been in one and you know what the guys are like here. It’s all about health and safety.” Ann rolled her eyes playfully.

“And what makes you think I’ll break the rules for you, hm?” The twinkle in Anne’s eye was back.

“Oh, I can be a persuasive bargainer.” Ann smiled before turning around and finishing off the tea.

Anne closed her eyes, how was she wet just from a conversation with Ann? It was embarrassing really. Meanwhile, Ann was focusing intently on the tea bags infusing in the water. Where did that confidence come from? Ann was never very good at flirting, especially with someone worldly like Anne. Her blood thumped in her ears as she shakily poured the milk into their mugs and willed her heart to stop racing. Anne’s long fingers snaked round the handle, causing Ann’s stomach to swirl with excitement. Pull yourself together, Ann.

“Have a good shift.” Anne smiled as Ann turned to face her.

They were close. Ann wanted to link her arms around Anne’s neck, pull her in for a searing kiss, push her against the kitchen door and tug that ridiculous shirt over her head. Her body screamed out for Anne to touch her but instead, Anne flashed the smile that made Ann melt and wandered off towards the crew's quarters.

As soon as Anne was out of sight, Ann groaned, steadying her breathing and willing the ache between her legs to subside. 


The late afternoon sun beamed onto the glistening fire engine as Anne scrubbed it clean. She’d just started her shift and was muttering under her breath at the state of the rig. Her biceps flexed as she swirled the sponge over the paintwork, the summer heat beating down on her as she worked the soap into every crevice. Throwing the sponge into the bucket with a sigh of satisfaction, Anne began to hose off the suds with meticulous precision.  

Ann had been listening intently to the handover from her colleague for the last fifteen minutes and had finally settled at her desk. She adjusted the office chair, logged into her computer and waited for it to kick into life. As she waited, something shiny caught her eye out the window and her whole body began to tingle. Anne was hosing down the rig, her strong arms tensing as she moved effortlessly around the vehicle. She looked devastatingly handsome in her big black boots, black pants and white vest. It was hot, Ann surmised, from the way her tanned skin glistened as she moved. Her mouth went dry as Anne turned in her direction, their eyes locking for a brief moment until Anne squeaked, jumping backwards. In her momentary lapse in concentration, she’d dropped the angle of the hose, allowing the water stream to hit the headlights and bounce straight back over her torso. The cold water soaked through her white vest, causing the fabric to cling to her stomach. Ann swallowed dryly as she followed the lines of Anne’s abs underneath that flimsy fabric. Anne began coiling the heavy hose, her arms tensing and flexing as she effortlessly carried it back towards the rig. Ann shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. It was going to be a long night shift.

As Anne got changed into dry clothes, she chuckled. The look on Ann Walker’s face as they locked eyes was unmistakable. Before Anne had lost all control of what she was doing and made an absolute tit out of herself, of course. Anne grimaced at the thought. Way to be smooth, Lister.

Just as Anne was about to approach Ann’s desk and make the poor girl more flustered, the loud ringing of the phone sounded before the red light began to flash. Ann immediately answered the call, typing up the address and particulars while Anne scampered off in a flash to suit up with her crew-mates. Ann sent the job directly through to the computer system in the rig and watched as the woman of her dreams sped away towards imminent danger.

Ann sighed, she always paced the floors of the office until the crew radioed in from their location. She shouldn’t take everything to heart, the crew were all professionals, but Ann worried and fretted about all of them like they were her family. After a good 45 minutes, the walkie talkie crackled and Ann snatched it up into her clammy hands.

“Situation under control. ETA 20 minutes.” Sam’s voice came through loud and clear.

“Received!” Ann said brightly. “I’ll get the kettle on.”

“You’re a diamond, Ann.”

Ann loved Sam Washington. He was courteous, polite and funny as hell. When Ann joined the station, it was Sam who showed her around, took her under his wing, made sure she was alright. While Ann might have been making eyes at his gruff and handsome crew-mate, Ann felt safe with Sam. He was a keeper.

Ann’s heart swooned when she heard the low rumble of the engine pull into the garage. She stirred the teabags in the pot as the crew’s loud voices filled the station once again, getting louder as they all piled into the kitchen.

“Tea’s ready!” Ann announced as she placed the large pot on the table next to the mugs she’d lined up.

Sam gave her a tight hug of gratitude before grabbing Anne’s secret biscuits from the top shelf of the cupboard.

“Oi!” Anne shouted from the corridor. “Don’t think I can’t see what you’re doing, Washington!”

Ann immediately looked over in her direction and smiled. Anne’s face softened as she smiled back at her. Sam, watching the exchange, rolled his eyes dramatically as he tore into the chocolate digestives and handed them out.

“Hello.” Anne purred as she entered the room, creeping closer to Ann.

“Hi.” Ann said shyly.

The tension between them was obvious to everyone. It had been brewing for a few weeks, the odd shared glance here and there, the conversations in the staff room, Anne loitering at Ann’s desk for a little bit longer than necessary. Cups of tea would appear randomly whenever Anne stepped into a room, Ann’s cheeks would flush every time Anne cracked a joke. Sam chuckled to himself. Anne had been a lot more pleasant to work with since Ann joined the team, she was softer, more playful, her energy had been restored. It didn’t take a genius to work out the cause was the blonde haired woman who hung on Anne’s every word.

“Oh, you’ve got a bit of…come here.” Before she knew what she was doing, Ann had reached out to brush a smudge of soot from Anne’s cheek.

Anne shuffled on her feet, the feeling of Ann’s warm thumb tracing over her skin made her sweat. The proximity, the tenderness of her actions, it was all too much. Ann wasn’t faring much better, her hand shook the second her thumb made contact with Anne’s skin. It was far softer than she imagined, her fingers itched to curl under that strong jaw, tilt her head down and kiss her roughly.

“Ahem.” Sam cleared his throat comically, breaking the women apart. “Are you ever going to pour this tea, Ann?”

“You cheeky sod. You’ve got hands haven’t you?” Ann joked back before rolling her eyes and handing out the steaming mugs to everyone.

As the blanket of darkness crept over the sky, the crew settled in for the night. The station was well equipped with bunks for the graveyard shifts. Mostly, the crew were able to get a decent sleep, only occasionally getting a call in the middle of the night.

“Lister, you’re in the end room tonight.” Sam nodded towards the end of the corridor.

“Why?” Anne was still sitting with Ann in the staff room, the pair of them hadn’t moved for hours.

“The rest are taken.” He said, matter of factly before winking and heading to bed.

“That was odd.” Anne shook her head.

“Hm.” Ann hummed. “I’m not tired yet, are you?”

It was late, very late, usually Anne was prompt at going to bed. Meticulously working out how many hours of sleep she needed and scheduling her body to fit in. Tonight though, she found she had a lot more energy than normal 

“No.” Anne grinned. “Want to see the rig?" 

Ann beamed as she grabbed the walkie talkie and the half empty pack of biscuits.

“You’ll have to be quiet.” Anne whispered as they made their way out to the garage.

“Obviously.” Ann muttered.

Anne chuckled to herself at Ann’s sarcasm. She hadn’t met anyone that could make her laugh as much as Ann did, it made her feel younger than her years. She opened the heavy door for Ann, revealing the row of seats behind the driver and front passenger. Ann shook her head, causing Anne to look at her with a puzzled expression.

“I want to sit in the driver’s seat.” Ann said resolutely.

Anne tilted her head back with laughter before nodding and opening the driver door.

“Hop in.”

Ann smiled like a child at Christmas as she climbed into the front seat. The radios and screens were all switched off but it looked like an awful lot to concentrate on while driving. Anne stood on the steel step beside Ann, making them roughly the same height as she pointed out the various bits of kit in the front.

“This is where all your notes come through to us, whoever is the front passenger tilts the tablet round and navigates while I drive.”

Ann nodded.

“We keep in touch with you using these radios and then these ones unclip, so we can take them out with us on the job.”

“Do you always drive?” Ann interrupted.

“Usually, yes.”


“Ah, well. I like to be in control, Miss Walker. I’m a terrible backseat driver.” Anne’s tone was sultry, whether she meant it in a dirty way or not, it made Ann’s pulse race.

Anne noticed Ann’s grip on the steering wheel tighten, the rise and fall of her chest deepen, they were in dangerous waters out here. Just as Anne was about to say something, Ann intercepted her train of thought.

“Can you show me the equipment?” Ann kept her eyes trained ahead.

“Of course.” Anne jumped down from the step and held out her hand.

Ann swung her legs round to the side, her core clenching at Anne’s gentlemanly manner, before placing her hand in hers. Anne tugged gently, causing Ann to laugh as she swiftly hopped to the floor. Her landing was awkward, causing her to stumble into Anne’s body as they both giggled at their playfulness. As Ann caught her breath, she looked up at Anne’s face just inches away from her own. Anne was breathing heavily as she stopped laughing, her smile spreading wider across her face. Ann realised her palm was resting on Anne’s strong chest, she must’ve used it to steady herself after her fall but she found herself reluctant to pull away. Anne’s warm hand was still securely clasped around Ann’s as they shared the silence together.

“So, uh, here is where we keep all our equipment.” Ann was sure she heard Anne’s voice shake as she turned them both to face the side of the rig.

The metal shutters were open, showing off the mass of gear that was usually stowed away. Anne placed her hands on Ann’s shoulders, gently turning her towards the rig before stepping behind her.

“These are the hoses.” Anne breathed into Ann’s ear.

Ann managed to nod.

Anne stepped closer, her mouth hovering over the soft skin of Ann’s neck. “These toolboxes? These make sure we’re equipped for any job.”

Ann shivered as arousal raced around her body. Every time Anne whispered in her ear, it stoked the low flames lapping at her core.

“And these are…” Ann suddenly turned, interrupting Anne mid sentence.

For a split second, the pair of them locked eyes silently before Anne surged forward, her right hand cradling Ann’s face as she captured her lips in a hungry kiss. Ann melted instantly, moaning into the embrace as Anne tilted her head and backed Ann into the rig. Anne growled as Ann’s hips rolled upwards into her body. 

“Are you sure?” Anne pulled back, her eyes wild, her breathing ragged.

For a moment, Ann couldn’t believe this rugged, strong, confident woman was asking Ann if she was sure. It only heightened her arousal as she nodded emphatically and kissed Anne deeply. The low rumble in Anne’s throat drove Ann feral as she effortlessly lifted her off the ground, moaning as Ann wrapped her thighs around her waist tightly. Ann looped her arms around Anne’s neck, holding her close as their tongues brushed, their bodies grinding against each other.

Ann came to her senses first, pulling away and revelling in the look of pure desire on Anne’s face. “Not here.” She whispered before bringing their lips together again.

Anne seemed to register her words as she began to walk them back towards the station. They both separately prayed everyone was still asleep as they crashed into the corridor. The door slammed behind them, causing the pair to stop dead in their tracks.

“Shh!” Ann giggled against Anne’s lips.

Anne erupted into laughter as she carefully set Ann’s feet back on the ground. They stood looking at each other for a moment, the possibilities of what this night would bring stretching out in front of them. Shagging on the job wasn’t exactly great and doubts began to creep into Ann’s mind.  

“We can’t.” She whined. “What if we get a call?”

Anne growled in frustration. She was so wet, she could barely think straight. Ann was right though, of course. How unprofessional.

“Morning, ladies.” Sam’s voice caused them both to jump apart, willing their racing hearts to calm down.

Sam smirked, the pair of them looked like naughty teenagers caught smoking behind the bike sheds. Their pink tinged cheeks and ruffled uniforms gave them away instantly.

“I’m taking over watch now, give me that radio, Ann.” Sam held out his hand.

“What?” Ann was puzzled, her brain still not quite fully functioning.

“My roommate is snoring to high heaven, I can’t sleep. Plus, our shift is almost over, I’ll take care of things from here.”

Anne said a silent prayer to whatever God existed for bringing Sam Washington into her life right at this very moment. Realising the nonsense with allocating her the far on-call room was to give them some privacy without interruptions. Sam was effectively orchestrating the pair of them having some alone time.

Before Ann could protest, Sam had prised the radio from her hands and Anne was leading her towards the bunks. Anne looked over her shoulder and winked at Sam before catching Ann’s eye. The penny dropped for Ann in that very moment, causing her to groan in embarrassment.

“Oh god, he’s letting us have time alone to...? Anne, how am I ever going to look him in the eye again?”  

“Sam’s a good guy, he won’t tell anyone.”

“Anne! How can you be so laid back about this!” Ann covered her eyes with her hand.

With a smirk, Anne clicked the door shut behind them as they finally reached the on call room. Anne tucked Ann’s blonde curls behind her ear before brushing her thumb over her soft cheek.

“Ann.” She said, resolutely. “Why the fuck are we talking about Sam Washington right now?” Her eyebrow twitched a fraction.

Ann exhaled, melting into Anne’s touch as she cradled Ann’s jaw in her calloused hands. Anne had a good point, why was she doing anything other than kissing the perfect woman in front of her? She ran her hands over Anne’s strong chest, trailing them upwards to tangle in her hair, lightly tickling her scalp. Anne moaned at the sensation, goosebumps spreading across her body like wildfire, before walking Ann towards the bunk. As the back of Ann’s legs hit the bed frame, she dropped down on the soft mattress.

Biting her lip, Ann trailed her fingers teasingly slowly up Anne’s strong thighs as she stood in front of her. She inched closer to Anne’s aching core before moving her hands upwards, roughly tugging open her belt buckle. Anne was biting her lip, desperately trying to stay quiet as the slow movement of Ann’s hands drove her feral. She was going to explode if Ann didn’t touch her soon, she was sure of it.

“Fuck.” Anne whispered almost inaudibly as Ann began to push her trousers down her thighs, swiftly followed by a high pitched cry as Ann dipped her head and kissed Anne’s core through her boxers. She flexed her hips before whimpering as Ann’s mouth retreated.  

“Patience.” Ann whispered as she slipped her soft hands under the hem of Anne’s shirt and across her warm stomach.

Anne groaned, she was used to being in control; it drove her wild letting Ann take the lead like this. She twisted her hips, panting audibly, begging Ann to hurry up until she couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer. She reached down and tilted Ann’s head upwards. Her intention was to kiss her deeply but the look on Ann’s face took her breath away. Her pupils were blown, her cheeks were flushed, her lips were parted. Anne growled as she lightly pushed Ann’s shoulders to lay her flat on the bed.

The station’s sleeping quarters were small to say the least, the bunks were definitely meant for single occupancy. The proximity just heightened Anne’s arousal as she settled herself above Ann in the small space, grinning wildly as she dipped her head to kiss her before pulling away with a smirk.

“You’re…” Ann sighed as her eyes travelled down, fixing on the dark patch of Anne’s grey boxers.

There was no denying how wet Anne was, the proof was right there for Ann to see. The thought alone thrilled her to her core, how wonderful to be the cause of Anne’s undoing. Ann moaned as Anne placed wet kisses up the column of her neck, under her jaw, on the soft patch behind her ear as she undid Ann’s shirt buttons teasingly slowly. Truthfully, Anne was so worked up, she was worried she might peak too early, best slow it down, tease Ann for a little longer.

“Anne.” Ann breathed as Anne’s mouth followed the open buttons across Ann’s clavicle, her sternum, her stomach. Each kiss igniting tiny fires across her body.

“You’re beautiful.” Anne whispered, holding Ann’s gaze as she pushed the white fabric off her small shoulders.

Ann swooned, how could she not? Anne was devilishly handsome, looking at her like she was the only woman in the world as she slowly undressed her. This was like one of Ann’s wildest fantasies playing out right in front of her.  

Raising herself upwards, Anne shifted to sit on her heels. Leaning forward, she undid Ann’s trousers before attempting to pull her own shirt off.

“Fuck.” Anne muttered as she hit her head on the bunk above her with a thud. As Ann giggled underneath her, she shuffled herself out, planting her feet back on the floor before throwing the stupid shirt across the room.

“Take those off too.” Ann bit her lip as she pointed to Anne’s trousers.

Anne dutifully complied, stepping out of her cargo pants before reaching to tug Ann’s from her legs, depositing them onto the pile of clothes on the floor. Anne inhaled; the sight of Ann sprawled out in her bunk, in her bra and knickers, her hair wild across her pillows? She was beauty personified.

“C’mere” Ann held out her hand to pull Anne, naked aside from her ruined grey boxers, back down on top of her.

As their warm bodies pressed against each other, Anne tilted her head like she was about to say something profound but instead captured Ann’s lips in a bruising kiss. Actions always spoke louder than words with Anne. Ann whimpered, clutching Anne’s head as her mouth dropped to trace over Ann’s hard nipple still covered by her bra. Anne never cared for her own chest, she was never particularly interested in anyone touching her there but to slowly worship every inch of Ann’s body? It was a privilege.

Ann nodded as Anne looked up at her for permission before snaking her hands underneath, unclasping her bra with skilled precision. Ann’s hips rolled upwards as Anne finally took her nipple into her warm mouth, running her tongue slowly over the hard bud. Growing wild and impatient, Ann pushed at Anne’s shoulders, causing the older woman to lift her head.

“I see how it is.” Anne said lowly, her right eyebrow raised a fraction. “Ordering me around already?”

Ann twisted her body, desperately trying to get Anne to stop talking, to move lower, to reach the place she needed her the most. Pulling that ridiculous smirk towards her, she kissed Anne hard, mumbling pleas against her lips. Her filthy words distracted Anne for a moment before she felt Ann’s fingers trailing across her bare stomach and down further to the waistband of her boxers. Lifting her own hips, she cried out as Ann’s fingers slipped below the fabric, over the thatch of coarse hair, to cup her core possessively.

“You’re so wet.” Ann breathed as she traced her fingers through Anne’s arousal before pulling away.

Anne couldn’t take this teasing pace any longer. Taking matters into her own hands, she hooked her fingers into Ann’s knickers and pulling them off in one swift movement. She scooted down in the bunk and hummed as she settled between Ann’s thighs. She placed kisses across her stomach and each hip bone before she finally relented and slowly dragged her tongue through Ann’s folds.

“Yes.” Ann whimpered. She was so wet, so worked up, so turned on. Her hips rolled in perfect time with Anne’s mouth as she slowly began to unravel her.

Anne hummed as she took Ann’s clit into her mouth, sucking gently, delighting in the noises Ann was making. Anne’s eyes flicked up to see Ann writhing on the sheets, eyes closed, mouth open, her nipples hard. Anne couldn’t wait. She snaked her hand between her own legs. The angle was tricky, the space was tight but the first swipe of her clit made her whole body ignite.

“Are you touching yourself?” Ann had noticed the movement of Anne’s hips in time with her tongue.

Anne just hummed and carried on, she was so close, just a few more circles…

“Don’t come yet.” Ann’s voice was clear, authoritative.

Anne’s hand immediately stilled as she looked up at the woman above her. Being bossed around in bed had never turned her on more than this very moment. She was ready to surrender to Ann, let her do whatever she wanted, give in to her demands. Ann pulled Anne upwards, kissing her roughly as she took Anne’s hand and unceremoniously pushed it between her legs.

Their twin moans filled the humid space between them as Anne’s fingers met Ann’s sticky arousal. Clutching at Anne’s back, Ann wrapped her thighs around her hips, pressing their bodies together even tighter. The cry that ripped from Ann’s throat as Anne pressed two fingers into her warm depths was the filthiest, sweetest, most perfect sound Anne had ever heard. As Anne set the pace, Ann’s soft, breathy whimpers in her ear stoked her own fire higher and higher. The seam of her boxers rubbed against her clit as she rolled her hips in time with her hand but it wasn’t enough. She needed more, desperately.

“Ann.” Anne hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but Ann instantly responded, slipping her hand into Anne’s boxers.

“You’re so fucking handsome.” Ann whispered into Anne’s ear as she circled her clit in perfect time with Anne’s thrusts. “I’ve thought about you fucking me since the first day I saw you.”

Anne’s eyes were tightly closed, each filthy word Ann uttered pushed her closer and closer to the edge. Never one to do anything by halves, Anne kept perfect time as she curled her fingers inside Ann with each stroke, letting the pad of her thumb slip over Ann’s clit. The way Ann’s fingernails dug into her shoulder as her cries got louder told Anne she was close.

“Oh fuck.” Anne whispered as she felt Ann’s walls clench around her fingers.

Ann was breathless, her mouth open, her eyebrows arching as she curled upwards. She squeezed her legs tighter around Anne’s waist as she came hard, bucking her hips through each tidal wave of pleasure. Anne wasn’t far behind as her hips sped up against Ann’s fingers, her abs burned from the exertion, sweat dripped off her face as they moved together in unison until Anne felt the wave cresting.

“I’m gonna come.” Anne’s words turned into a long moan as she felt her release overwhelm her body.

“Yes, baby.” Ann encouraged as she felt Anne’s clit pulse under her fingertips.

Out of breath, sticky and utterly wrecked the two women just looked at each other. A silent acknowledgement that their world had changed forever. Their hearts raced in tandem, their chests rising and falling in sync. Anne placed a soft kiss against Ann’s cheek before she collapsed, entirely spent on top of her.

The next thing Anne was aware of was the sound of the birds chirping outside the window, a small ray of sun peeking through the blinds. They’d both passed out, limbs entangled. Anne lifted herself up and tried her best not to wake the slumbering woman underneath her.

“Where are you going?” Ann’s eyes were still closed.

“I, uh.” Anne rubbed the back of her neck as she stood naked in the room. She didn’t know what to say, surely Ann wouldn’t want to acknowledge last night? Surely she’d want to carry on as normal, pretend it never happened? Anne was used to that in her life, it was fine, she could handle it.

“Look.” Ann shuffled herself up on her elbows. “I had a really nice time last night, well, this morning and I’d like to see you again.”

Anne’s face lit up immediately. Ann didn’t want to run a mile now that it was daylight.


Ann chuckled softly at Anne’s excitement, was there anyone cuter?

“Yes.” Ann smiled sincerely. “Besides, after the things we did, the least you can do is buy me breakfast.”