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Filth Together

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Diluc is beautiful. 


Kaeya can't help but notice the way his thighs squeeze together as he talks, his leg bouncing up and down as he tries so hard to focus all his attention on the task at hand or the way his leather-gloved hands squeeze into fists. 


"Captian Diluc," Kaeya purrs ", Would you mind going over that again?" It's an innocent enough question, but Diluc's crimson eyes glare daggers his way. He seems ready to decline, but a few of his subordinates agree with Kaeya, asking him to repeat himself. Kaeya watches with a grin as Diluc looks completely helpless. Diluc tries his best to run through the knights' commissions for the week, taking great care that each group knows what they're assigned to. He's practically squirming in his seat, and Kaeya finds it  delicious


"And finally, you three will be-" Diluc's voice wavers. He takes in a shaky breath, face flushed red. "Um. Starsnatch Cliff, you're all dismissed." He tries to hold onto his dignity, but Kaeya can see the hint of relief on his face and the dark spot growing on his crotch. 


"My my, Diluc Ragnvindr still pissing himself at this age." Kaeya tuts once the final knight leaves and the door finally closes, giving the two privacy. "How shameful." 


"Shut the fuck up." Diluc whispers, trying to cover his pants with his arms. "If you didn't-" 


"You're so pretty like this, though." Kaeya praises, standing over Diluc's chair and eying his wet pants while removing his own gloves. He swats Diluc's hands away from his crotch, pressing his own into the warm spot. His older brother's breath catches as he pushes his palm against his wet cock. "I wish you could see yourself every time you lose control. It is so perfect, Luc.


"It's disgusting." Diluc breaths, his hips rolling against Kaeya's hand. "I'm filthy." 


"Oh my sweet, dirty boy, maybe we can make you cum in your pants too? I wonder, what excuse can you tell father and the maids this time?" Diluc whines softly in response. Kaeya had always brought out the worst in him. His desires were never safe from his brother, but he didn't mind it. It felt too good to not indulge in them, especially when Kaeya had always been on board with all that Diluc wanted to try. 


Kaeya wasn't totally shocked the night Diluc asked him if they would try some form of exhibitionism. What surprised him was that Diluc wanted Kaeya to force him to drink far too much before an important meeting and watch him piss himself in their company. Still, he happily obliged. Diluc could be a complete pervert when he wanted to be. Perhaps, he's also filthy, as he knows he's enjoying it all far too much. 


"Make me cum." Diluc whispers, gripping Kaeya's sleeve and pleading with him. "Please, Kaeya,  make me cum ." 


Oh yes, Kaeya can get used to Diluc's dirty side. 


He gestures for Diluc to stand, which he does with little hesitation. Kaeya can see the small puddle on the chair. It serves as a reminder that it was real, Diluc really did piss himself in front of all those people,  and he enjoyed it.  Kaeya leans against the captain's table, pulling Diluc close and parting his legs with his knee. 


"I wonder what will be next for you? Filthy whore, maybe I'll spit down your throat, hm?" Diluc groans, his eyelashes flutter as Kaeya spits in his face. "Oh, you like that, don't you?" 


Kaeya's tan hands grip Diluc's hips, guiding his brother's movements. It's almost unfair how pretty Diluc is. His moans are also perfect to him as he holds Kaeya's shoulders for balance. Up close, Kaeya can see various bite marks and choking bruises he had left upon Diluc's neck and under his collar. 


Truly, Diluc doesn't need guidance like he used to. He humps against Kaeya's leg with so much want. It makes his younger brother's heart swell. If the situation called for it, he'd be praising Diluc. He made a mental note to do so later. "Open your mouth, stick that tongue out." Diluc does as he's told, digging his nails into Kaeya's shirt as the blue-haired knight spits in his mouth. He moans, unable to contain his volume as he's in pure bliss, swallowing Kaeya's saliva without a second thought. 


"C-close...Kae!" He murmurs, cumming in his pants, much to Kaeya's delight. Kaeya plants various kisses all over Diluc's dace, tasting the salt of his sweat. He holds Diluc close, allowing him to come down from the high of his orgasm. He knows he needs to somehow get Diluc out of there without alerting anyone to their activities. 


"Please, hold this." Kaeya offers, letting him go and stripping himself of his uniform coat, giving it to Diluc. "You've pampered me all our lives. No one will think twice about you carrying this for me." 


Kaeya retrieves his gloves, wriggling his fingers back into them as Diluc brushes his fingers through his hair, holding the jacket over the wet patch on his front. Red eyes look toward Kaeya, full of love as they watch him. Once Kaeya catches his stare, though, Diluc clears his throat. His face falling into a neutral one as he speaks, "Thank you, let's go home, shall we? I need a bath." 

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Diluc likes to believe he has grown out of his teenage habits. A noble young man now prides himself on his work, both in the wine business and after dark when he becomes the Darknight Hero. He enjoys his nights in Angel's Share. Not only does the tavern offer information to him freely, but it also reminds him of his father. The tavern is warm, safe. It's home. Well, with Kaeya's constant visits, it may as well be home. His brother had turned into quite the drunk; wine connoisseur is the title he preferred, though. 


"You're early." Diluc comments, watching Kaeya be the first to stride in. Technically, the tavern was still closed, but Kaeya didn't seem to care about that. The captain had some morals. He would never touch a drop of alcohol until his work was done for the day. Diluc could somewhat admire that. "Can I help you, Sir Kaeya?" 


"It's hot out there, and I am parched." Kaeya strips himself of his fur coat. Diluc can only imagine how uncomfortably hot it is to wear something so ridiculous. He gestures toward a bottle of apple cider, one Diluc is happy to provide once he spots Kaeya's mora pouch. "Fuck, I'm never going to get used to a Mondstadt summer."


"This isn't a whorehouse. I advise you to remain clothed." 


"You're too uptight to allow a whore in here in the first place."


"I let you come here all the time." Diluc smiled to himself as Kaeya pressed a hand to his exposed chest in feigned hurt. He knew Kaeya was oddly delicate when it came to the weather. Even as a child, he had never dealt with the summer warmth well. Perhaps a cryo vision wasn't a complete surprise. 


"Bold of you to call  me  a whore, I seem to recall you were quite the-"


"Don't you have work to do, Captain Kaeya?" Diluc asks, planting a hand on his hip and staring the other down. He watched as Kaeya smiled, downed the rest of his cider and stood from his seat at the bar.


"Touche, Master Diluc. I'll see you tonight." 


"Wait, Kaeya, your coat- okay." Kaeya, without a second thought, leaves the tavern with a wink. The redhead picks up the coat, setting it behind the bar to return to its owner later. 


In summer, the time in Mondstadt seems to pass far too quickly. It's either that, or citizens flock to taverns earlier due to the heat. Diluc has little time to wonder where Kaeya is as he struggles to stay on top of his customers' orders. He hates to admit it, but his only saving grace from tantrums seems to be his looks when it's busy. His regulars are patient as well. Angel's Share only just seems to be settling for the night when Kaeya walks in, Diluc immediately noticing how suspicious he looks as he sneaks inside, directly to the bar.


"You look disgusting." Diluc gestures to Kaeya's sweaty body, most noticeably his... chest. It's difficult to tear his eyes from it but, swallowing hard, he raises his gaze to Kaeya's one eye. "You're also weirdly late for you, don't tell me Jean actually put you to work today." 


"You're not funny." Kaeya scoffs, taking a seat and resting his elbows on the wooden countertop. "Pyro mages in the fucking blistering sun, then a shitload of hilichurls from gods knows where and, oh, Klee was released from solitary confinement today, and Uncle Kaeya was on babysitting duty."


"Language, Sir Kaeya." Diluc scolds the cryo user, albeit amused by his complaining. The heat truly did bring out the worst in him. 


"Suck my dick." Kaeya quips, quickly downing a glass of dandelion wine before Diluc even has a chance to properly set it in front of him, let alone vocalise his offering. 


"I told you, Kaeya, this isn't a whorehouse. Make yourself useful, would you? Watch the bar. I'll pay you in a free drink." Diluc shifts his weight on his feet, waiting for the knight to reply. Kaeya looks him over, a stare laced with ice as he licks his lips. 


"No, hold it." Kaeya sighs at Diluc's immediate confusion, "Diluc, I know you. I'm off duty, meaning I'm not going to watch your bar while you piss, so just hold it. Gods know you like it." 


"I...  Kaeya ." The redhead stammers, Kaeya wasn't making a suggestion to him but rather demanding it of him, it seemed. 


" Filthy boy ," Kaeya whispers, watching Diluc whimper under his gaze. He smiles then, the sour mood instantly replaced as Diluc complies with him. Since his return to Mondstadt, Kaeya had been curious whether Diluc had outgrown what had gotten him hot and heavy as a teen. He knows his older brother far too well, knows just how much he loves to be humiliated. As an adult now, the ultimate humiliation would be to piss himself in public. 


Oh yes, his night just got far more interesting. 


The real test begins once Diluc starts pouring drinks again. His patrons are clueless about why he's so restless, arms shaking and constantly bouncing his weight on his legs. It humours Kaeya greatly to hear one of them say.


"Poor thing, maybe you need to sit down, Master Diluc?"


Of course, Kaeya wouldn't allow that. 


True, Diluc could win this one. The tavern was nearing its final call, closing hours soon to follow. But, the way Diluc moans softly when his belly presses up against the bar has Kaeya far too excited to see him come undone in front of every person present, even if they have no idea. "My coat, you have it, yes? Lean over and hand it to me. I can't reach."


"I cant." Diluc grits his teeth, but the cryo captain just shrugs, a soft laugh escaping his lips. He's enjoying it far too much. "It's been a while, okay? I'm not sure if I can hold-"


"Even better." Kaeya claps his hands together, grinning from ear to ear. "My coat, please?" 


For a moment, he's worried Diluc will resist as his gloved fists clench tight. With a deep sigh, Diluc reaches under the bar, fetching the captain's fur coat. He tries to simply pass it, but Kaeya clicks his tongue, shaking his head. "You are a fucking pain." 


"Language, Master Diluc." The blue-haired man mocks, leaning back in his barstool as Diluc leans forward, bladder pressing uncomfortably. He winces as Kaeya takes his time, retrieving his coat and brushing his cold fingers against Diluc's. "You're still so perfect like this, ready to sacrifice your own reputation for me. You  love  this, Luc." 


"Kaeya, please-"


"I got my coat, Luc. Why are you torturing yourself now? Let go, baby boy. I'll cover you like I always have." 


Diluc's face turns bright red. He whines as he debates on what to do. Behind the bar, no one would see. He had several options to save himself before returning home, such as a change of clothes, hopefully upstairs or tying his black coat around his waist. It's too much. Kaeya hasn't talked to him like that in years. It's the same situation that has haunted his fantasies for years since leaving Mondstadt, only this time it's far too real. 


Kaeya has always had a distinct glint in his eye whenever he watched Diluc humiliate himself. He got off to it just as much. Crimson eyes fall half-lidded as the young master relieves himself just as Kaeya had instructed. The wet warmth in his pants is a familiar one. Kaeya squirms in his seat, trying to get a better view. Diluc, despite his haziness at the moment, knows all it would take is one patron of his to notice, and he would be ruined, but he can't care at the moment, Kaeya had promised to look after him. 


"You're disgusting." Kaeya's voice is husky, full of lust. "It's so good to have my dirty boy back, only now it's more fun." He blinks his eye in a way Diluc can only assume is meant to be a wink if it weren't for the eyepatch. 


Diluc hums in response. It had been years since he had allowed himself to indulge in his much dirtier, secretive wants, but Kaeya always allowed him to get away with it. So, maybe he had, in fact, not grown out of his teenage habits. "I'm  filthy ."