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Straight From The Heart

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As the blazing midday sun bore down on the cliffs and the sounds of seagulls who are looking for their next meal filled the quiet air as a shadow of a tall man filled the small area as he looked down at his compañera who was sitting on one of the lower cliffs that over looked the ocean. His heart broke in 2 pieces everytime he saw her the past few days. One piece wanted to go to her and make all her problems go away, the other piece wanted to seek revenge to the person who had caused the pain his beloved compañera was feeling. Max called out his work partner’s name for the third time and like the other two times, he received no answer. He waited a few minutes before he took it upon himself to walk over and to go sit next to her. As he made his way over, she never once looked up to see what was going on nor did she turn her head when he sat down next to her.

"You alright compañera?"

"I guess." She answered softly.

"I've been calling your name for almost 5 minutes."

"Sorry, I didn't hear you." Max paused and sighed. He was getting nowhere.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Not really." Max stared at her. She had been hurt, badly.

"Did you two have sex?" Miranda glared at Max. The question caught her by surprise. "Let me tell you a story. All through high school, I was dating this girl named Emma." Max smiled. "I loved her and I swore that she was the one that I was going to spend my whole life with. On our last days of our Senor year, before I decided to join the police, we had sex." Max paused letting the thought of telling his work partner about his sexual history catch up with him.

“Max." Miranda whined as she faced him, giving him a look of disgust.

"I know but listen. The thing is, she dumped me on the day of graduation. She told me she found someone new and I was nothing to her anymore. I felt devastated. The girl who I wanted to spend my life with was telling me that I was worthless to her. She took my virginity and my heart." Max said.

"So you joined the police, where you learned to get any girl you wanted by just showing up in your uniform." Miranda said in a bitter tone.

"No. I did join the police but not because of her. In the years that past since we parted our ways, I thought I would never get over her. Every girl I dated was for some reason, just like her. Then one day when I first came to the island I first met Carmen. I can still remember that moment that I walked into that room I thought I knew she was defiantly the one that somehow, she filled that empty hole that Emma left, she even over flowed that hole. It took me almost a month to get her to agree to go out with me to get a cup of coffee." Max smiled at the memory whilst Miranda gave him a look. “When I proposed to Carmen at that moment & I would've thought we could have make it,” Max turned back to face the ocean. “But sadly we didn’t and I was hurt a little but I am happy that she has moved on to Roberto.”

"What does that story have to do with what I'm feeling now?"

"Well, it shows you that you will move on. You will 1 day pick up the pieces of your life and put them back together. You may not forge but you will replace it with a happier memory."
They sat there for a few minutes, gazing into the dark sunset. “Ok, MB, this pity fiesta is over. Niall Taylor has not won. He played you. Now it is payback time and you know. There are guys out there that are better for you than Eric.”

“You think there's a guy out there for me?”

“Out there or right here.”

“Oh, really?” Miranda replied. "Have you got feelings for me?" she said. Max didn't say anything, which confirmed her suspicions.

"You can't choose who you fall in love with," he said with a hopeful look on his face.

"Max," she said as Max looked to her, then she gave him a surprised look before she got up & jogged off down the coast. Max stopped & pursed his lips again, then started after her. He crossed the bridge & headed down the road that led to the road. When Max arrived there he looked around for Miranda, his hand over his bright blue eyes shielding them from the hot sun of the summer before the coolness of the night times breeze which comes in all of a sudden.

Max spotted her halfway up the cliff on the opposite side of the road. He ran across the road & stood in the brush at the base of the stone wall. He looked at her with worried that she might fall.

"Miranda, come up, you're scaring me," he called to her. She didn't acknowledge him & she paused before heading up the side of the cliff to be with him. He was on top when she was only a third of the way down. Max knew that Miranda was an excellent climber, better than herself. As she continued to go up towards Max who was kneeling down only a few feet away. One of her feet must have slipped because she began to fall.


“Miranda,” Max said as his eyes were filled with tears of shock as he watched his best friend clinging for her life by two fingers. “Hold on.” What a stupid question Winter?!

“I am.”

“Give me your hand.” Max said as he leaned over with his hand out for Miranda who looked up with fear clouded over her blue eyes instead of sparkly feel to them. It was that or fall to her death, as Miranda gave her hand out Max grabbed it and then pulled her to safety, it was a struggle but it was for Miranda and it was well worth it. As Miranda got her breath back, Max pulled her close as they clung to one another, it was only after a few minutes that they let go.

"Are you ok?" he finally asked when he was sure his voice would sound normal. She turned her blue eyes on him.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," she said in a shaky voice before they got up together and they start to walk away. He knew the ‘thanks’ was for more than enough.

"Hey, Max." She asked, turning to look at him despite their different in height.

“Ja, mí compañera.”

"I love you."

"I love you too” She didn't say anything, just put her fingers to his chin & turned his sapphire eyes to look into her own blue eyes. Then she kissed him. His hand reached up to the back of her neck, his fingers becoming entangled in her short blonde hair. Her hand rested on his chiselled chest. They both wished the kiss would last forever but, it finally ended when they ran out of air. Both pairs of jewelled eyes sparkled & both mouths smiled for each other as they sat looking at each other, trying to catch their breath. Before walking back hand in hand towards Bertha the blue BMV to start a new chapter of their live. Together.