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An Unreachable Dream

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"Zeeskeit, you are glowing." Eliza Sachs insisted, squinting at Miranda's image as it appeared in front of her on the screen.

"Thank you, Eliza," Miranda stated softly. Over the past year with Andréa, she had grown to absolutely adore her grandmother and each time she saw her, it was clear to her where the younger women got her striking looks and gentle temperament. "There was a reason I asked to speak with you–" She faltered, suddenly unsure she wanted to voice her deepest thoughts.

Eliza smirked knowingly. "I figured as much." She interrupted. "I assume you want to know how to tell Andy the wonderful news?"

Miranda couldn't help but be surprised by her almost uncanny ability to read her. "Yes." She admitted. After everything she'd been told the first night she and Andréa had been intimate, she was a little concerned over how to break the news of her pregnancy. "I must admit to having some concerns."

"What has Andy told you?" Eliza asked.

"When we first started seeing one another, and I found out about her differences, I asked if there was the possibility I could get pregnant. She told me it was unlikely, that she had no sperm–"

"When Andy was born, despite my son's and the doctor's wishes, her mom refused to contemplate putting her through surgery to normalise her genitalia. I believe doctors advised a clitoral reduction would benefit her in the long run. Then, when she was fifteen, she went through all those ridiculous tests, relenting to her dad's stubborn insistence. She had begun to form breasts, but was struggling with other areas of puberty, most noticeably the increase in the size of her–penis." Eliza spoke hesitantly, a frown marring her forehead as she considered the past.

"Her father insisted on the testing?" Miranda was stunned. Andréa hadn't told her that, in fact, she rarely mentioned her parents at all. "She doesn't mention her mom or dad often." She stated.

"We lost Beth when Andy was five. After that, Richard wasn't always the easiest person to deal with and he didn't quite know how to treat his daughter. He and Andy don't always quite see eye to eye on things either. Especially her refusal to go into law." Eliza explained. "Now, where was I?" She asked. " Oh, yes, the tests. She was found to have one ovary and one testicle. The doctor told her she had azoospermia since the ejaculate sent for testing had no measurable sperm in it, and because she never had the usual monthly inconveniences, it was decided she was not releasing eggs either."

Miranda shook her head. She couldn't fathom how Andréa had coped with such a diagnosis at such a young age.

"As you can imagine, Andy was heartbroken to be told she was infertile. But even then, I insisted that even though an eventual pregnancy was unlikely, it was not impossible." She grinned a little. "I had hope and I was right to do so. After all, it only takes one determined swimmer."

"Or two," Miranda stated.

Eliza laughed happily. "Two? Oh, Zeeskeit, this news does my heart good to hear and I'm positive, once she knows, Andy will be overjoyed."

"Are you sure?" Miranda asked hesitantly. "She seemed so certain this would never–"

"She loves you, Miranda. She lives and breathes for you." Eliza declared, interrupting her once again. "As she knows you live and breathe for her."

Miranda closed her eyes and bit her lip. "I hope you are right." She exhaled.

I am always right." Eliza laughed raucously when Miranda smirked at her. "So, tell me, what have you planned for my sheifale? I expect this revelation to be huge."


Andy walked through the halls of Runway quickly wondering what had been so important that Miranda had called her away from her latest article.

Due to the urgency behind the text, she hadn't even dressed for the occasion, although she was wearing True Religion jeans and a Balmain t-shirt, so she was fashionable enough.

Her cell vibrated in her back pocket and pulling it out, she glanced at the screen and grinned at Miranda's directive to head to the closet.

Taking a sharp left, she entered the corridor leading to the closet but before she could open the door and enter the vast space holding rack upon rack of couture, she jumped when her wrist was grasped firmly and she was pulled into one of the rooms they occasionally used for on-site photo shoots.

The walls of the room were white and bare, allowing for the rigging of backdrops as required, the floor was tiled in the same pale marble as the rest of Runway.

In the centre of the room sat a nondescript box.

Unlike other times the room was in use, there were only three other people in the room. Patrick Demarchelier stood in the corner of the room with Miranda, their heads bent together as they spoke quietly.

She looked to the side and glanced at the bald, bespectacled man. "There was no need to manhandle me, Nige."

Nigel looked at her and blushed. "Sorry, Six but I didn't want you getting lost in the depths of the closet."

"I suppose I can forgive you then, this time." Andy grinned good-naturedly. "So what's going on?" She asked.

Nigel shrugged. "I haven't the foggiest." He smiled softly at her. "I was just asked to watch out for you but I have my orders, so I'll be heading off now."

Nigel left and when the door shut with a low click Miranda glanced up and offered her a genuine smile before murmuring something quietly to Patrick and stepping towards her. "My darling. Thank you for coming so quickly." She took Andy's hand and squeezed it.

"Miranda, what–" Andy was confused as Miranda led her towards the box.

"Patience, my darling." Miranda's smile widened. "All will be revealed shortly."

Patrick was being as unobtrusive as possible as he started taking photos of them both and Andy's confusion grew.

Miranda stopped at the box and gestured to it with a flick of her wrist. "Open it." She stated. "Please."

Andy didn't know what else to do except comply. Dropping to her knees, she opened the box and gaped, her hand rising to cover her mouth as her eyes widened in shock at the contents. She heard Miranda's heels step beyond her.

She stared at the chalkboard announcement attached to the underside of the lid, holding Miranda's cursive handwriting.

Darling, we're expecting.

There was a positive pregnancy test and a small sonogram photo with two circles, drawn in the recognisable red fine-tipped marker.

Within the box itself, there was a soft, knitted blanket in all colours of the rainbow, two pacifiers, a small push elephant and a giraffe, two tiny pairs of Converse sneakers and two tiny onesies.

Her fingers trailed over the tiny little sneakers almost reverently. She lifted the onesies out and saw the writing on each one.

Hello, mommy.

We can't wait to meet you.

Andy felt tears prick in her eyes and took a shuddering breath as she laid the items over her knees. She took the small elephant and held it against her cheek and her tears started to flow in earnest.

Glancing up, she saw Miranda had moved almost silently to set up a letter board. She was stood beside it nervously. It held a due date, seven and a half months away. She saw the happiness and excitement blazing in the depths of her blue eyes.

Andy assumed Patrick would have captured every emotion she felt as they swept through her. The bewilderment, shock, awe and overwhelming joy. The last thing she wanted was for him to witness the sudden rage that roared through her.

She had always trusted Miranda, primarily from the knowledge she'd been cheated on in her past relationships, however, her doctors had told her this couldn't happen and she found herself questioning everything.

In their relationship, they had always been rather sexually active, but there was no way she could have gotten Miranda pregnant. It was impossible.

Andy started to wrack her brain for signs of anything untoward over the months before. Miranda had been extraordinarily busy trying to keep Irv off her back, which meant she often wined and dined with advertisers and designers. It wasn't uncommon for her to get back to the townhouse after everyone had gone to bed, including her. She realised it would be remarkably easy for her to hide the evidence of a random night of passion with some suave man and yet she'd shown no sign of guilt or worry.

Unable to endure that thought, she twisted her face away and stood clumsily. Keeping her eyes averted, she tossed the items back into the box carelessly.


Miranda watched emotions war within her beautiful partner and recognising the sudden flare of anger, she knew immediately what the younger woman was thinking. Catching Patrick's eyes, she nodded her head towards the door and watched as he hurried from the room, closing the door quietly behind him. She decided she would try to explain. "My daring–" She started.

Andréa held her hand up to stop anything further from being said. "Who?" She demanded. The single word came out hard and with a tinge of bitterness.

The question hurt, but instead of holding onto the pain of it or unleashing it and baring her claws, she stepped closer and let the other woman search her eyes. "You, Andréa."

Miranda knew she was not guilty of any kind of wrongdoing and she hoped her eyes would show it. Andréa had always been able to see beyond her words to the heart of the matter, better than any other person in the world. She'd often claimed it was that alone which allowed her to know she was loved. She silently begged Andréa to believe her and when her shoulders slumped, she observed, with relief, as she let go of her anger.

The fury was replaced with the stunned disbelief that had been there when she'd originally opened the box. "Ho–how?" The query was broken up by a low sob. "My doctor said–" Andréa looked into her eyes and the hope and pain battling within them was immeasurable. "–it's impossible–I can't even–"

When Andréa's shoulders began to shake with the force of her tears, Miranda wrapped her up in her arms, pulling her head into the crook of her neck and she sank into her arms, holding onto her blouse tightly as if it was a life raft.

"I swear to you, I have remained faithful, Andréa." Miranda maintained, stroking her hands soothingly over her back. "I would not–could not cause you that pain. I love you so much." She told her. "In all honesty, I never imagined this was even conceivable." She admitted. "But as always, you have simply achieved the impossible, my darling."

"I'm sorry, I–" Andréa sobbed. "–I didn't mean to imply–"

"Shh, it's okay," Miranda whispered her reassurances. "I get it, my darling. I understand, truly." They stood locked in the embrace that for what seemed an age until Andréa calmed and her breathing evened out with only the sporadic hiccup.

"Twins–" Andréa hiccupped out a slight bubble of laughter and pulled back to look into her eyes again. "What the hell are we going to do with another pair?"

She cupped Andréa's face between the palms of her hands. "We are going to be the best parents to these exuberant little people to come, as we already are to the ones with us now," Miranda declared gently. "You are going to be an amazing mom, Andréa." She confirmed. "I know it, because you already are, to our Bobbsey's."

"Oh, God." Andréa's eyes flashed with panic. "You've been drinking wine and coffee, and–" Her hands splayed protectively against her slightly rounded stomach.

Miranda found herself smiling at the gentle touch. "I have not." Seeing the scepticism in Andréa's eyes, her smile widened. "I switched to decaf as soon as I found out. As for the wine you believe I consumed last weekend, it was simple enough, with everyone prattling and their attention concentrated elsewhere, to make it seem I was drinking, when, in fact, I barely sipped at the glass I had."

Miranda was astonished when, just as the door slid open and Patrick slipped back into the room, Andréa dropped to her knees again and pressed her forehead against her stomach.

Looking down, she twined her hands in the thick, dark tresses and watched as the younger woman's lips moved. She caught the whisper of her words as Patrick's camera shutter whirled. "–I'm gonna love you better than anyone else in the world, my little loves. That's a promise."


Andy realised she had some serious grovelling to do. Although she hadn't said it, she'd implied Miranda was unfaithful, which was ridiculous when she considered it further. And yet, after her doctor's word, she'd immediately feared the worst.

Over the years, when friends and family had announced their various pregnancies, she'd offered her congratulations with an appropriate mix of joy and excitement on their behalf, making sure nobody saw through to what was going on inside her head or heart.


Sometimes it felt like they were picking at a scab that just wouldn't heal and she would go home and cry herself to sleep, wishing for something she truly believed she'd never have.

An unreachable dream.

A baby.

And now, in the space of a few months, she would have two beautiful babies as well as the two gorgeous young women she thought of as her own.

Andy knew she and Miranda loved one another, she also knew Miranda would always have her back and she returned that sentiment wholeheartedly, supporting her in all ways. They had developed a wonderful home life and now had a growing family to tie them more fully together.

As she walked slowly towards the home she now shared with Miranda and the twins, she thought of all she could do to spoil her beautiful Miranda.

How hard could it be? She was a connoisseur of all things Miranda Priestly after all.

Flowers would mean little since Miranda already had them delivered to the house weekly. Jewellery was a possibility, although anything she could afford wouldn't be quite worthy of the editor. Whisking her away on a weekend somewhere fancy would need preparations of epic proportions, plus it would mean pulling Emily into her plans, which meant it wouldn't remain a surprise for long.

She truly understood Miranda's love language. The editor didn't need expensive gifts or words of affirmation. Instead, there were a few simple things that she appreciated above all else; quality time, physical touch and the small acts of service no one else had ever thought of offering her.

She understood it was her little acts of kindness that Miranda saw as absolutely momentous.

After she moved into the townhouse the month before, she had made a point to drop whatever she was doing when Miranda walked into the house each evening, unless she was attending a late dinner or event. She always greeted her with a kiss and a hug. She did it to let Miranda know she was a priority and to show her happiness in her presence.

She listened when Miranda was stressed and venting and as she did so, she rubbed her shoulders undoing all the tension from the day. She adored it when Miranda relaxed and voiced how much she appreciated her.

She also made sure the coffee maker was clean and set up every night, so Miranda didn't have to do it early each morning. She would continue to do so, but the coffee waiting for her each morning would now be decaffeinated until further notice.

She knew these little things let Miranda recognise she was known, valued, and hopefully, that she was loved beyond measure. She swore they would never become things she grew complacent over. She would continue to do these little things, but she would also do something special for the woman that evening, something that Miranda wouldn't expect but would adore.


Miranda stepped into the house and felt herself relax as she tilted her head and listened to the house coming from above her.

She could hear the twins taking and laughing above the low thrum of the television and delighted in the noise of their obvious happiness.

Placing her coat in the closet, she was surprised by warm arms surrounding her from behind and spinning on her heel, her lips were caught in a gentle kiss as a warm hand found its place on her stomach. "Andréa, what–" She exhaled a shaky breath and looking up, she was awed by the megawatt smile that greeted her.

"Come," Andréa took her hand and tugged gently.

Miranda eased her feet out of the prison of her heels and allowed herself to be led up the stairs, in stockinged feet, where the twins waited to greet her with hugs and kisses. Once that was done, her hand was taken again and she was led once more to the next level, where their bedroom took up the majority of the floor.

They entered the master suite side-by-side and the door closed behind them with Andréa flicking the lock into place before pulling her along towards the ensuite. When the door was opened, warm, fragrant steam burst from the room and she spotted the flickering candles. The bathtub was singing her name, the sound of the water was like the sweetest voice crooning sweet nothings to her, promising relief to every aching muscle. The huge tub was filled with sudsy water with a glass of iced water next to it.

"It's not too hot, and it's not overly fragranced," Andréa stated softly. "I read it shouldn't be too hot because of the babies and that essential oils can cause an infection." She admitted. "I found an organic bath soak though. It's made from rose petals and lavender, which will help keep your skin soft and ease tension, then there's white clay, Himalayan salt and Epsom salt to detoxify the body and relieve any muscle ache."

"Thank you," Miranda was always amazed by the effort Andréa put into these moments for her. They were unlike anything she had ever encountered in other relationships and such a wonderfully sweet gesture.

Best of all, Andréa often shared in these moments with her. She loved it when the brunette climbed into the tub with her and held her close against her chest.

She started to unbutton her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her skirt followed suit as she unzipped it, eased it over her hips and let it fall. Stepping out of it, she bent and picked the items up and they were tossed into the hamper. As she reached behind her, she felt Andréa step up behind her, her hands unhooking her bra effortlessly. She let out a sigh of relief and felt herself begin to relax in anticipation.

Miranda felt Andréa's hot, moist breath against the skin of her neck and her body reacted. Her nipples stiffened with a sudden blaze of arousal and goosebumps rose over her arms. The sudden excitement rushed through her body.

She stood proudly, in nothing but a pair of lacy La Perla boy shorts. Despite nursing two children years before, her breasts still stood firm, she was slender yet she had curves.

She could feel Andréa's eyes caressing admiringly over her and the desire in her expressive orbs was so arousing. Pulling her panties down, she stepped out of them and flicked them away from her.

There was nowhere to hide and she revelled in the sensation of being exposed so fully. Her whole body was on display to the woman she loved as she stood close, watching her, drinking in every rounded curve and crevice of her body. She could see Andréa's longing.

Did she want to take her breasts into her mouth or to squeeze them? Perhaps she simply wanted to probe her exposed pussy with her fingers, tongue and cock.

Her hand was taken and Andréa led her to the tub. "In you get, my love." She smiled softly.

Miranda allowed her to hand her over the edge of the tub and sank into the soothing warmth of the water. She luxuriated in the penetrating heat, enjoying the way it relaxed her, offering an incredibly deep pleasure. Closing her eyes, she breathed deeply as she reclined back, relaxing further into the warm water.

"Is it warm enough, love?" Andréa asked.

"It's perfection." Hearing the sound of clothes being removed, Miranda opened her eyes lazily and smirked at the sight of the younger woman in nothing but a sports bra and the tight compression boxers she wore. "Are you joining me?" She drawled.

"That was the plan." Andréa pulled down her boxers and picking the clothes at her feet and bending to grab her panties, threw the clothes in the hamper. "You don't mind, do you?" She asked.

Miranda couldn't tear her eyes off Andréa's semi-hard cock and her breathing grew heavy. "Get in here." She demanded, shifting to make room behind her. After Andréa settled, she wrapped her arms around her and nuzzled her face to her neck, inhaling deeply as she planted gentle kisses against her skin.

After a few moments, Andréa reached for the soap and lathered her hands with it, creating foam and bubbles. She leaned forward for her to massage the suds over her back, neck, and shoulders and she welcomed the relaxing of her muscles under the brunette's firm yet tender touch. She understood, with Andréa's hands roaming over her body and the hardness pressing against her, their evening together was far from over.

Not that she minded, she would never get tired of her gentle hands and she was more than ready for more of her slow, sensual touches.


Andy was spent and growing sleepy as the minutes passed.

Lying next to Miranda, with her arm draped over her stomach, she fought sleep. She always felt so safe and relaxed with Miranda in her arms, her mind swirling randomly with thoughts of the future.

Miranda turned into her and smiled softly. "I think we should get cleaned up and eat." Her stomach rumbled and she blushed.

Andy looked at the woman in her arms and took in the mussed silver hair and kiss swollen lips. She looked so incomparably beautiful. "Tea and toast?" She asked, gently fingering the S-shaped curl at Miranda's forehead and flicking it away from her eyes.

Miranda hummed. "Mm, that sounds so good."

"What about a shower first, love?" Andy kept her voice gentle, showing the care she wanted to provide, knowing it always put a small smile on Miranda's face. "While you do that I'll see about that toast and tea?" Andy suggested, trying to pull back.

Miranda shook her head and nuzzled into her embrace further, showing she wanted to stay like this for a little longer. "Later." She murmured. "I don't want to lose this," she admitted.

"Okay." Andy agreed, tightening her embrace around the women.

Growing up, Andy had the common goals set out by her family and society - She'd go to college, get a job, get married, have kids. She had never stopped ay ask if those things would make her happy until she had one of those things taken away from her. She had continued with the rest of it, unwilling to explore the sense of yearning she felt when she thought of the things she just couldn't have.

Letting herself reflect on the dreams she had achieved so far in her life, completing College, starting her professional life, becoming a journalist, then finally being published in The New York Times, Andy recognised she'd always dreamt big, knowing that anything she achieved wouldn't happen just by accident. She had made her career her number one priority, always maintaining unwavering faith in her end goal, ignoring the people who claimed she wouldn't succeed and taking many small steps that added up to her professional successes. She had achieved everything she'd set out to do.

However, those professional successes hadn't truly made her happy. After leaving Runway, and losing her place in Miranda's life, she hadn't considered personal life could be just as rewarding simply because she could never imagine loving anyone with the same intensity as her ex-boss. But things changed, she had a family, with a gorgeous partner who just so happened to be the woman of her dreams, and two beautiful children of the heart, and along with her writing, her life had felt almost perfect.

She'd recently started to question 'What now?' She had begun her search for another new experience, and it made her feel guilty, as if she found the life she had lacking in some way, but then, in the blink of an eye, her life had changed once again with the news of the two children that would arrive and with blazing clarity she knew what she wanted now.

To create a legacy of love that would live on into the next generation, and the one after, and even the one after that.

She sincerely felt she now had it all and she was excited about the future, for the love she knew she would continue to give and receive. She would never undervalue the impact she had on the world, and on her children especially.


"The only unreachable dream is the one you don't reach for."
- Abhysheq Shukla