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Touch The Sky

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“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”Charlie told his partner

“You know I’m awake right?”Joe gazed up at him from his hospital bed

“I thought I lost you”Charlie warily remarked

“I felt like I met the big man above himself and let me tell you the feeling of being able to touch the sky was pretty scary”Joe says

“The doc wants to keep you here overnight”Charlie told him

“I do like not having to work”Joe referenced his newfound leisure time

“Joe,I regret not trusting you”Charlie’s lips turned downward forming a sad still line

“It’s always nice being able to see that ridiculously handsome mug of yours”Joe winked at him

“You haven’t changed”Charlie laughed at the compliment

“Being able to be alive is a gift” Joe motioned for him to sit next to him

Charlie say himself down in the chair next to the bedside “Any pain?”

“It seemed to vanish when I woke up and saw you”Joe flashed him a toothy grin

Charlie stares down at his friends hand before reaching for it

Joe didn’t mind the contact from the other males hand slowly touching his

“Guess I’ve managed to cure you”Charlie cracked his own cheap joke

“You need to let loose once in a while”Joe says giving his hand a tight squeeze before intertwining their fingers together

“Whatever makes you happy”Charlie says

“So that’s a yes”Joe gazed up at him

“Once you heal up maybe I could treat you to dinner?”Charlie offered

“Never knew you were such a gentleman”Joe muttered

“You’re making me feel like a damn schoolboy”Charlie admitted

Joe watched as his partners face reddened slightly “If this is your way of trying to court me then I’m all yours”