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Pandemic Woes

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"Blackwell Academy will be closed until further notice. You have 24 hours to pack all your things in your dorm room. If anything is left it will be thrown away or donated. You will not be able to live in the dorm rooms at this time. We will email each of you whenever school we start up again." 

Seeing this message causes Max to breakdown in the women's restroom. The fact that she now has no where to live and the fact that so many people are dying because of the virus makes Max want to cry her eyes out. She's not the only one whose crying in the women's bathroom as a part of her wants to ask if the other girls are okay but she can't really say anything right now so she just cries. 

To say that this is the worst case scenario for Max is a understatement. For so long Max was forced to move to another state away from her favorite person. But now that she's back the CDC says that COVID-19 is now a pandemic and people are advised to say in the houses until further notice. Max doesn't have a house, she's all alone in Arcadia Bay and the thought of her calling her parents to tell them the news isn't on Max's mind. 

Only one thing is and she hopes that it'll work 

So Max gets out of the stall she's in, splashes some water on her face so it wouldn't look like she's been crying and makes her way to her dorm room. 

It's a good thing Max didn't unpack her things yet but she'll have to carry all of her stuff by herself. And it's quite a lot of boxes too but Max has no other choice. 

She looks around her room once last time to make sure she didn't forget anything. She didn't so Max shuts her door and wonders what life would've been liked if she lived in this dorm room. 

As Max carries her things she gets stopped by a voice 

"Do you need help?" A stuffy voice says. Max puts her box down and sees that this girl has also been crying 

"Are you okay?" Max ignores the question 

"I....I'm alright." Max gets a better look at this person and she sees a girl about her height wearing a Christian necklace. 

"I'm Kate by the way" Max shakes Kate's hand and sees a bunny sitting in a cage. 

"That's Alice, you can hold her if you'd like." Max doesn't need to be told twice as Kate opens the cage and Max bends down to pick up Alice 

"Do you need help?" Kate asks again and notices quite a lot of boxes out of Max's room. Max doesn't know how to answer this. She absolutely needs the help but Kate also has a lot of boxes and they need to get of the building soon. 

While Max pets Alice she tries to think of a way to carry all her stuff by herself but she can't think of anything so she accepts Kate's help 

"Awesome!" Kate smiles and pulls out her phone. Max gives Kate some space while she continues to play with Alice. It's pretty creepy that its just the two of them all alone as Max would really like to get out of here.

Max does have a thought of asking Kate if she can live with her just for a few days until she can think of something but then again they literally just met so maybe that's not a good idea 

"My dad and sister will be here shortly to help us. Do you have anywhere to go?" Kate asks while Max pets Alice some more 

"Um.....Two Whales Diner. I best friends Mom works there and I was hoping to ask if I can stay with her...." Max stutters 

"Whose your best friend?" Max really would like to answer but she knows that the other girl wouldn't see her as her best friend anymore 


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"Chloe Price" Max says with a proud smile on her face 

"Oh...." Is Kate's reaction. The fact that Max wasn't expecting that and now Kate has a frown on her face gets Max to instantly panic. 

She's about to ask what's wrong but the front door swings open and a little girl rushes towards Kate. An older gentlemen tells the girl not to run but the little girl is already in Kate's arms. Whoever this little girl is Max instantly likes her she wants to ask who she is but she walks over to the older gentlemen and asks if he needs help 

"No no I'm quite alright just old age." The man laughs and extends his hand which Max shakes 

"Oh I'm so sorry! Max this is my Dad and this is my sister" Max smiles at the both of them and offers up a hello. She would like to talk more but the fact that she'll be carrying all these boxes is gonna put her in a not so happy mood so Max gets started carrying. 

While Kate's family helps Max carry her boxes there's not really much conversation going on. The fact that there's now a nation wide pandemic is on everyone's mind as there's no news besides stay indoor until further notice. 

It takes a while for them to carry both of Max and Kate's stuff but when they're finally finish Max isn't going to hide the fact that she's happy that they're finally done. 

"Finally!" Max sits on the ground right next to the trunk. She really wishes she would've kept a pair of clothes with her as its also a really hot day out. 

"What are you doing on the ground Max? Get it!" Kate's Dad tells her which Max is glad to comply but stops in her tracks as she doesn't know which part of the truck to sit in 

"You can sit in the front. Katie never sits up there" Max wonders if there's a reason why. Kate and her sister are quick to join Max in the truck as Kate's Dad makes sure everything is secure. 

Kate's sister already has the keys so she puts the keys in the ignition and the trucks AC turns on. Once again Max doesn't hide the fact that she's happy right now as Kate can't help but to giggle to herself with the noise that Max makes 

"Pretty awesome ain't it?" Kate's Dad says which Max just gives a thumbs up and puts her head on the rest. Now Kate's sister joins in on the giggle fest and Max can't help but to smile when she hears "I like her" from Kate's sister. The smile gets bigger when she hears "Me too" from Kate. 

Max really wants to relax right now so she's not really paying any attention to the Marsh family right now. Every single bone that's in Max's tiny body is in so much pain right now but when they get closer to their destination Max's anxiety can't help but to spike 

Maybe this is a bad idea 

Maybe Max shouldn't do this 

Maybe Max needs to move back to Seattle 

"Are you going to be okay Max?" Kate says. Too late 

Max just gives her a thumbs up while Kate's Dad pulls up to the diner. As they pull in they see that there's quite a lot of cars in the parking lot but there's one problem with Max's plan 

What if the person that Max wants to talk too isn't working today? Max didn't think about this....maybe she can tell the Marsh family and they'll take her in? 

Too late Max already sees in the passenger window that they're taking Max's stuff out of the trunk...

"Please call us if there's any problems okay?" Kate says which Max nods at. Max really doesn't know what to do but she gets wrapped in a hug but Kate's sister. Kate and her Dad are quick to join in the hug and Max is about two seconds away from crying but she keeps it together. The fact that this family is so nice to her gives Max hope that her other family when she was a child would take her in easily....

"Don't know how long this pandemic is gonna last but you're always welcome in our home Max." Max shakes Kate's Dads hand and gets one last hug from Kate's sister. 

The Marsh family drive off as Max once again feels like crying when she sees the little girl wave at her. Kate and Max did exchange numbers so it doesn't take long for Max to get a text from Kate. The fact that Kate easily became friends also gives Max hope that maybe her other friend will take her in easily....

Max doesn't respond to Kate's text, instead she looks on the floor and wonders how she's going to get all her stuff inside the diner 

Max quickly gives up so she just sits down on one of the boxes. While Max watches people come in and out of the diner someone catches her attention. Someone is wearing a facemask and Max wonders if maybe she should start wearing one too....



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While Max watches people come and go she also spots that they're carrying a lot of food. Max's first thought is that the diner must be doing really well even though a nation wide pandemic has been ordered just a few hours ago. 

Its still early out so Max wonders if she should just sit on her stuff and wait for a certain persons shift to end. She really has no clue what time that is but the thought of Max leaving all her possessions outside while she goes inside isn't something she's looking forward to doing so she waits. 

And waits 

And waits 

A thought comes to mind as maybe Max can call or they certainly changed their number since Max was a child 

More waiting 

More waiting 

More waiting 

"Stay safe okay?" A voice wakes Max up from her sleep. It's now nighttime and Max looks and sees that the diner is now empty but she also sees the women is approaching her but she hasn't noticed her yet. She looks exactly as Max remembered her as. Tall, blonde, food all over her apron...pretty...a wedding ring on her finger. She still has her ring on? Ever since...

"Maxine Caulfield!" Still has her southern accent too....

Max bolts herself right up and tries to make herself look presentable because what's she's about to ask is a lot 

Wait what is she going to say? Max really doesn't know she just sorta.....

"Its so good to see you! You look absolutely amazing!" A big smile is on Max's face when she gets wrapped into a bear hug but she also tries to think of what she's about to say. 

Maybe she should just wing it? She's done that a lot in her life with pretty much every single dilemma she's faced...

"My goodness! You don't have a place to live! Well you'll be staying with us and I won't take no for an answer!" 

Well that was easy....

"Thank you so much Joyce but...." Now is not the time for your anxiety to ruin this just like how it ruined pretty much every single thing in your life. 

"But?" Joyce says and Max is about to let her anxiety due the talking but she sees Joyce carry almost all of her stuff which would've took Max at least 999999 attempts 

"Nothing, thank you Joyce" Max is a bit amazed and taken back at Joyce's strength also just a bit scared what would've happened if she would've said No. 

It takes Joyce two attempts to put all of Max's stuff in her car while Max just stands there wishing she would've helped. She also wishes she should just ask about....

"Well are you just going to stand there? Or are you coming in!" With a rather large smile on Joyce's face Max gets into the car. Its nice to see her smiling but Max wonders if its fake because of what happened all those years ago. 

Joyce's car is pretty roomy and she wants to look around but she sees a picture that catches her attention 

"Whose that?" As soon as Max says that she looks around the picture but doesn't see...her....

"Oh that's me and my husband David." So Joyce remarried? That's nice but he looks kinda mean....well Max really shouldn't judge someone on one picture. 

"Yeah he was really sweet and..." Joyce goes on to tell some kind of story but Max doesn't listen to any of it. The fact that she's not in the picture instantly makes Max worry that something happened to her. Now Max wants to cry even more but she keeps it together. Maybe there's a perfect explanation that she's not in the picture and she's totally okay. As soon as Max opens the door she'll run into her arms and they'll hug and...

"Okay we're here." Well that was fast...

Max gets a wave of nostalgia looking at the house that looks the exact same but once again there's something that catches her attention. A ramp..... and this once again makes Max extremely worried so while Joyce gets Max's stuff she pretty much screams 

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Max's sudden outburst was certainly a shock to Joyce as she puts down Max's stuff and looks the girl in her eyes. Max is about two seconds away from having a mental breakdown if she hears the words that she's fearing....

"Chloe is....Chloe is okay Max but....she got into a accident and is....she.....she can't move her legs." My baby is paralyzed from the neck down....." Saying these words makes Joyce break down in tears while Max's anxiety spikes. 

The last thing Max sees is Joyce going back to carry Max's stuff before she passes out. 


"HaPPy BIRTHDay MAxine! WoNder...WondER WHAT YOUre Up TOO....PrOBbablY HaVe An AmAZiNG fRiENDS and....ProBabLy A boYfriEND too and.....You aRE GOnna mOTHer SO mANY BeAuITUFUL cHildren! I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! HeY Maxine....dOES THat Look LiKE A cAR too You Or am I JUST....dRunk!" 

"Oh shit that is a car.....finally..."

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After what feels like forever Max finally opens her eyes. She winces out in pain but when she looks around she sees that she's laying down on a couch. This couch had so many memories but Max decides to push them away for now. 

"Joyce?" Max calls out 

"I'm right here darlin'" Just like that Joyce appears from out of no where with a wet cloth and some food. 

A burger with extra fries and extra bacon the exact same thing that....

"I would've took you to the hospital but with this virus going around I thought it'd just be a waste." Hearing Joyce say that was something Max didn't expect at all but Joyce continues 

"You don't have a concussion by the way." That must explain why Max's head hurts so much but how did she...

"You hit your head on the ground after you passed out" Joyce must've became a mind reader....

Max wants to ask where her food is or where Chloe is but her tummy rumbles so Max quickly digs. It takes Max a second to realize she's acting like quite the pig so she tries to slow down her eating but that's when she hears a bell ring. 

Max doesn't remember a bell during her childhood so she wants to ask about it but Joyce says 

"Be right there Chloe." Oh....Chloe's here. Max should say something to her so even though her anxiety is screaming at her not to she stands up but quickly sits back down when Joyce says 

"Chloe told me she doesn't want to see you right now." Well that's understandable....

Max now wanting to cry decides to once again hide her emotions and instead try to eat some food. It doesn't last that long as a tear flows down Max's cheek. One becomes two and two becomes three but Max quickly wipes them away and decides to listen in on the conversation between mother and daughter. Why Max is doing this she has no clue but she's doing it anyway 

"Your food will be made shortly...." She hears Joyce say but nothing from Chloe 

"Is that all?" Once again she hears nothing from Chloe but she does hear the bell ring. It only rang once but Max is more worried about why isn't Chloe talking to Joyce 

"Okay...I love you Chloe..." No bell ring but Max hears footsteps so she tries to get back to the couch but its to late. Joyce looks right at her and sighs 

"I hope you can get some words out of her....she hasn't said anything to me or anyone since the accident." Once again another bad thing gets Max's anxiety to spike. So many bad things are happening but Max gets an idea when she sees the table that's full of medical bills. 

If Chloe doesn't want to talk to her that's fine but that doesn't mean Max can't help her in other ways. So that's exactly what she's going to do....



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Living in the Price household has also been a dream of Max ever since her and Chloe decided to be bestfriends. 

But this? 

Having your bestfriend not even talk to you hurts. But Max will wait as long as it takes and sadly by the recent news this virus doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. School hasn't said when they're going to start up again so Max is all alone. She's been told that she now has Chloe old room and Max could unpack but what if the news got it wrong and this virus does end soon. Will Joyce kick Max out? 

Joyce was kind enough to let Max stay here for as long as she needs but Max isn't looking for a place on her own. 

Should she? 

Speaking of Joyce Max found out that she recently got remarried to some guy named David. Max hasn't met him yet but Joyce hypes him up as a good guy which Max might agree but the pictures around the house says another story 

A very unhappy Chloe 

Granted there's only one picture and that was before....

Well before but she doesn't look happy in the picture. Now that isn't necessary David's fault but just in case it is Max is going to keep her third eye open. She's unsure where he is but their introduction will have to wait as Max is going to start helping Chloe now. It sucks that Max can't actually help Chloe and ask if she's okay or talk too her but there's other ways she'll help and she's going to do it. 

Joyce is currently asleep so Max writes a quick note explaining what she's about to do and before she leaves she makes her way to the closed garage door 

"Bye Chloe....I'll be back soon." Max doesn't wait for a responce. 

When Max does step outside she grabs the things that she'll need and is off. Her destination? 

Well she's unsure where exactly to go but she knows that she has to make a few stops so that's exactly what she does for the next few hours. 

The Afternoon 

"Max! You're back!" Joyce welcomes her and Max will love to respond but she smells something absolutely amazing 


Max already had a bite to eat but she's not really that hungry but she always has room for bacon. 

"I carried your boxes up to your room but I didn't open them. David will be home soon" Max just nods at this and instantly grabs a handful of bacon but she stops herself and only grabs a few. Joyce just gives her a confused look but when Max looks over at the garage door Joyce understands. 

"Thank you Joyce, for the bacon" Max smiles at the mother and before she goes upstairs she throws what she was doing all day on the table. 

For Chloe it reads 




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"I'm sorry but you have lost all feelings from your waste won't be able to walk again." When Chloe was told the news there's only been one thought she had. 

Why am I still breathing? 

Her mother was devastated at the news while David of course had to make this a lecture. Chloe already hated him but the fact that he yelled at her after she just got told she'd never walk again shot any chance of ever having a positive relationship with her stepfather. 

Her mother also tried taking her to other doctors just in case they'll be different opinions but Chloe was told the same thing 

Over and over again. Chloe really didn't have the best relationship with her mother but the fact that she was forced to go threw that over and over again in a way made Chloe hate her mother and she's punishing' her by not saying a single word to her or to David. At first Joyce thought Chloe just needed some time...but the accident was years ago now 

Life has been really difficult for Chloe especially living in a wheelchair but a few years later now Chloe and countless people all around the world has to live in a nation wide pandemic. 

The news says to stay indoors until further notice which Chloe can't go anywhere but now Joyce brought in a complete stranger. 

When Joyce told Chloe the news she knew her mother wanted her to have some kind of reaction and even though Chloe did she didn't say a word. 

All she did was ring a bell that was used for Yes or No. She also has a marker and board to communicate but she rarely uses that either. Well she does now that the stranger is in her house but Chloe can't write what she's thinking. She's certainly not going to use her voice to talk to the stranger either so there goes any chance of a conversation. 

The stranger does try and talk to her but Chloe doesn't acknowledge her at all. All she does is ring her bell, the stranger doesn't know what the bell means so Chloe thinks its nice to mess with the stranger but.....

Deep down inside Chloe wants the stranger to stay once this pandemic is over. 

One day while the stranger left to do whatever the stranger does Chloe decided to get out of her bed. It is hella hard for Chloe to do this by herself but she has a system and it works....sometimes. There's been times where Chloe fell right on her face and she had to wait for her mother or David to help her up which is the most embarrassing thing ever but Chloe did it. 

The fact that the stranger is taking Chloe's own room is complete bullshit but the strangers stuff is still downstairs and there's something that catches Chloe's mind. 

She's not sure why she grabbed what she did but a part of Chloe wonders if the stranger even missed her and now Chloe has proof. 

Her diary 


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The Present 

While Max makes her way upstairs she notices all her stuff waiting for her. It's not in the room itself so Max would have to carry her stuff in the room but at least she didn't have to go up some stairs. 

Max opens the door to the room that had so many childhood memories and the fact that she sees an empty room with nothing in it causes her to breakdown again. To make sure no one can hear her crying Max shuts the door. She takes a seat against the wall and she just cries. 

So many memories surfacing at once....

"I DON'T CARE! WE'RE NOT LETTING HER STAY HERE JOYCE!" Max opens her eyes. She must've fell asleep....


"WHERE IS SHE THEN? I'D LIKE TO MEET HER!" Maybe Max can go back to sleep? 



"I DON'T KNOW BUT IF SHE'S GOING TO HELP CHLOE THEN WE CAN GET ALL THE HELP WE NEED!" The entire neighborhood must be awake now from all this yelling...

"WHAT IF ITS DRUG MONEY! DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT JOYCE!" Does he really think Max sold drugs? Just the thought alone makes Max shiver...

"I'M COMING UPSTAIRS!" Well better hide all your drugs Max...

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The Next Day 

To say that Max isn't looking forward to conquer the day is a understatement. Her 'talk' with David wasn't really a talk at all but at least he didn't tell Max to leave. Granted if he did Joyce wouldn't be having none of it. 

Max can't believe that Joyce puts up with him but Max is more worried about Chloe and how much he tried 'talking' too her. 

No wonder Chloe doesn't talk....

Max would understand why Chloe doesn't talk to David but she doesn't talk to her or Joyce and that's....

Well Chloe must have her reasons. 

Max was pretty tired so it didn't take her long to fall asleep but she slept on the floor and not on Chloe's bed. Max still can't wrap her head around the fact that this is now her room and deep down Max is worried that Chloe will barge in the room and tell her to get off her bed 

Well at least Chloe would have to use your voice to tell Max that...

She knows whenever Chloe does decide to talk they'll probably be a lot of screaming involved and a lot of crying involved. 

Well Max knows she'll cry, she's unsure if Chloe will. There's not a single thing in the room that Max can use to maybe find out what kind of person Chloe become. Yes she could go into the garage and look threw Chloe's stuff when she's sleeping but Max respects other peoples stuff and she certainly wouldn't look and touch anything she sees in another persons room....

Eventually Max decides to look threw her stuff and maybe decorate the room....

Just a bit. 

She decides to pick a bag at random and work from there but as soon as she opens the bag she knows something should be at the top but its not. 

Not to worry maybe its.....

Nope not in any of her stuff either. 

Maybe Joyce took it? 

Max wouldn't mind if Joyce took literally anything else but this....

"Joyce?" Max pokes her head at the room and doesn't get a responce. She's about to try going down the stairs but two things are stopping Max to do that 

1. The garage door is wide open and she can hear Chloe having a difficult time doing....something. Max really wants to ask if Chloe needs help but she decides at the last second not too

2. A note saying where Joyce is at. With David at the store....buying.... toilet paper? 

Okay its a little weird but Max needs to know where her dia....


"CHLOE!" Max shouts and drops the note. 

Rushing down the stairs Max makes her way into the garage and sees what happened 

Chloe fell down and needs help but Max doesn't ask if she needs help she just does it anyway. 

The fact that she's so close to Chloe and can feel her rather impressive shoulders would normally cause Max's heart to do jumping jacks but instead she's more worried about if Chloe's okay 

She tries putting her arm around Chloe but Chloe just sort of makes a noise. 

"I don't understand what you're telling me Chloe..." Max doesn't wait for an answer so she tries lifting the taller girl by holding onto her breasts but this gets Chloe to push her away 

"DO NOT TOUCH ME MAX! I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" The fact that these are the first words that came out of Chloe's mouth in such a long time would get Max to cry and she would but not right now....

"STOP TOUCHING ME MAX! I SAID I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!" Max is echoing out the screams until finally she gets the grumpy bear onto the bed. But before Chloe can say anything Max is the first to speak. 

"We don't have to talk at all Chloe but you need my help and like it or not I'm going to help you so just deal with it!" Max raises her voice and storms out of the garage. But before she leaves she spots where her diary is. 

Right on Chloe's desk 

Every single part of Max is screaming at her to grab her diary but instead she just shakes her head and slams the garage door shut. 

Chloe might hate her but her diary might have some answers on why Max did what she did....