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Pandemic Woes

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While Max watches people come and go she also spots that they're carrying a lot of food. Max's first thought is that the diner must be doing really well even though a nation wide pandemic has been ordered just a few hours ago. 

Its still early out so Max wonders if she should just sit on her stuff and wait for a certain persons shift to end. She really has no clue what time that is but the thought of Max leaving all her possessions outside while she goes inside isn't something she's looking forward to doing so she waits. 

And waits 

And waits 

A thought comes to mind as maybe Max can call or they certainly changed their number since Max was a child 

More waiting 

More waiting 

More waiting 

"Stay safe okay?" A voice wakes Max up from her sleep. It's now nighttime and Max looks and sees that the diner is now empty but she also sees the women is approaching her but she hasn't noticed her yet. She looks exactly as Max remembered her as. Tall, blonde, food all over her apron...pretty...a wedding ring on her finger. She still has her ring on? Ever since...

"Maxine Caulfield!" Still has her southern accent too....

Max bolts herself right up and tries to make herself look presentable because what's she's about to ask is a lot 

Wait what is she going to say? Max really doesn't know she just sorta.....

"Its so good to see you! You look absolutely amazing!" A big smile is on Max's face when she gets wrapped into a bear hug but she also tries to think of what she's about to say. 

Maybe she should just wing it? She's done that a lot in her life with pretty much every single dilemma she's faced...

"My goodness! You don't have a place to live! Well you'll be staying with us and I won't take no for an answer!" 

Well that was easy....

"Thank you so much Joyce but...." Now is not the time for your anxiety to ruin this just like how it ruined pretty much every single thing in your life. 

"But?" Joyce says and Max is about to let her anxiety due the talking but she sees Joyce carry almost all of her stuff which would've took Max at least 999999 attempts 

"Nothing, thank you Joyce" Max is a bit amazed and taken back at Joyce's strength also just a bit scared what would've happened if she would've said No. 

It takes Joyce two attempts to put all of Max's stuff in her car while Max just stands there wishing she would've helped. She also wishes she should just ask about....

"Well are you just going to stand there? Or are you coming in!" With a rather large smile on Joyce's face Max gets into the car. Its nice to see her smiling but Max wonders if its fake because of what happened all those years ago. 

Joyce's car is pretty roomy and she wants to look around but she sees a picture that catches her attention 

"Whose that?" As soon as Max says that she looks around the picture but doesn't see...her....

"Oh that's me and my husband David." So Joyce remarried? That's nice but he looks kinda mean....well Max really shouldn't judge someone on one picture. 

"Yeah he was really sweet and..." Joyce goes on to tell some kind of story but Max doesn't listen to any of it. The fact that she's not in the picture instantly makes Max worry that something happened to her. Now Max wants to cry even more but she keeps it together. Maybe there's a perfect explanation that she's not in the picture and she's totally okay. As soon as Max opens the door she'll run into her arms and they'll hug and...

"Okay we're here." Well that was fast...

Max gets a wave of nostalgia looking at the house that looks the exact same but once again there's something that catches her attention. A ramp..... and this once again makes Max extremely worried so while Joyce gets Max's stuff she pretty much screams