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Pandemic Woes

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"Blackwell Academy will be closed until further notice. You have 24 hours to pack all your things in your dorm room. If anything is left it will be thrown away or donated. You will not be able to live in the dorm rooms at this time. We will email each of you whenever school we start up again." 

Seeing this message causes Max to breakdown in the women's restroom. The fact that she now has no where to live and the fact that so many people are dying because of the virus makes Max want to cry her eyes out. She's not the only one whose crying in the women's bathroom as a part of her wants to ask if the other girls are okay but she can't really say anything right now so she just cries. 

To say that this is the worst case scenario for Max is a understatement. For so long Max was forced to move to another state away from her favorite person. But now that she's back the CDC says that COVID-19 is now a pandemic and people are advised to say in the houses until further notice. Max doesn't have a house, she's all alone in Arcadia Bay and the thought of her calling her parents to tell them the news isn't on Max's mind. 

Only one thing is and she hopes that it'll work 

So Max gets out of the stall she's in, splashes some water on her face so it wouldn't look like she's been crying and makes her way to her dorm room. 

It's a good thing Max didn't unpack her things yet but she'll have to carry all of her stuff by herself. And it's quite a lot of boxes too but Max has no other choice. 

She looks around her room once last time to make sure she didn't forget anything. She didn't so Max shuts her door and wonders what life would've been liked if she lived in this dorm room. 

As Max carries her things she gets stopped by a voice 

"Do you need help?" A stuffy voice says. Max puts her box down and sees that this girl has also been crying 

"Are you okay?" Max ignores the question 

"I....I'm alright." Max gets a better look at this person and she sees a girl about her height wearing a Christian necklace. 

"I'm Kate by the way" Max shakes Kate's hand and sees a bunny sitting in a cage. 

"That's Alice, you can hold her if you'd like." Max doesn't need to be told twice as Kate opens the cage and Max bends down to pick up Alice 

"Do you need help?" Kate asks again and notices quite a lot of boxes out of Max's room. Max doesn't know how to answer this. She absolutely needs the help but Kate also has a lot of boxes and they need to get of the building soon. 

While Max pets Alice she tries to think of a way to carry all her stuff by herself but she can't think of anything so she accepts Kate's help 

"Awesome!" Kate smiles and pulls out her phone. Max gives Kate some space while she continues to play with Alice. It's pretty creepy that its just the two of them all alone as Max would really like to get out of here.

Max does have a thought of asking Kate if she can live with her just for a few days until she can think of something but then again they literally just met so maybe that's not a good idea 

"My dad and sister will be here shortly to help us. Do you have anywhere to go?" Kate asks while Max pets Alice some more 

"Um.....Two Whales Diner. I best friends Mom works there and I was hoping to ask if I can stay with her...." Max stutters 

"Whose your best friend?" Max really would like to answer but she knows that the other girl wouldn't see her as her best friend anymore