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Just Another Taungsday Night

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“You are a fully grown trooper. How the fuck do you still have bony elbows? You should have outgrown that two growth stages ago,” Alpha grouched.

“I’m sure the droids complain plenty about his arms too. Or rather they would, if there was anything left after he was done punching them,” Obi-Wan agreed.

“Keep it up and I actually will go sleep in that bunk they assigned me for the night,” Cody threatened.

He didn’t open his eyes, but he knew what would greet him if he did. Alpha would be glaring and Obi-Wan pouting. They had quite different methods for trying to get him to change his mind, but both were incredibly predictable.

“You wouldn’t,” Alpha challenged.

“Please stay,” Obi-Wan murmured. Then, a little louder he added, “I’m sure Alpha has had far worse than a bony elbow thrown his way.”

Cody snorted out a laugh and turned back over to face them. He intentionally hit the older clone’s side with his elbow as he did.

Hilarious. They make you a Marshal Commander and suddenly you think you’re untouchable,” Alpha growled.

The younger clone didn’t even try to hide his smirk.

“That sounds like a challenge,” he fired back.

“I thought we were challenging each other to go to sleep. I distinctly remember that conversation. It’s why we are all in bed and clothed,” Obi-Wan chimed in from Alpha’s other side.

“We should put him in the middle,” Alpha said.

“We should. It usually works best,” Cody agreed.

“It works because he sprawls all over you and you let him,” the older clone pointed out.

“I recall you admiring that particular sight on more than one occasion,” the younger clone retorted.

“You’re both pretty and seeing you curled up in my bunk in attractive. I can admit that,” Alpha replied.

Cody and Obi-Wan both smiled at that. Alpha rolled his eyes.

“Move, Obi-Wan, so we can actually all get some sleep tonight.”

“I suppose, if I must,” the redhead said with a deep, put upon sigh.

“Your sacrifice is appreciated,” Alpha dead panned.

It was Cody’s turn to roll his eyes.

Alpha moved to the wall, still on his side. Obi-Wan turned pleading eyes on Cody, who folded almost immediately. The younger clone rolled onto his back and let the redhead settle, part on top of him, part snuggled into his side.

“Now go the fuck to sleep,” Alpha rumbled.

“You should follow your own order,” Cody snarked right back.

Brat,” the older clone sighed.

“You say that as if you are just figuring that out,” the younger replied, unrepentant.

“I want it on record that for once, I am the one encouraging rest,” their Jedi chimed in.

That really was remarkable, they had to admit.

“I suppose we should take advantage of this momentous occasion,” Cody commented.

“A solid plan,” Alpha agreed.

“You are both terrible,” Obi-Wan pouted.

“We can make it up to you in the morning, cyare,” the younger clone promised, pressing a kiss to the top of the Jedi’s head.

“I suppose that’s acceptable,” the redhead allowed magnanimously.

“Allow me to repeat myself. Go the fuck to sleep,” Alpha grumbled.

He swallowed down the lump of fond affection that swelled in him when his partners smiled softly at him, but obediently closed their eyes to try to find rest.

He wanted more of this.