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Guess We Won’t Be Going Back There Again

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“What are you doing?” Sam asked as Dean slid in beside him on the cushioned seat of the diner booth. “Go sit on the other side.”

Dean grinned at him like he had something wicked planned. Sam sighed.

“What?” Sam asked frostily. Sam hadn’t had any caffeine yet and they had a long day ahead of them and he was in no mood for Dean’s nonsense.

“Nothin,” Dean said with theatrical innocence.

“Whatever, Dean,” Sam replied, “let’s just order breakfast.”

“Why so grumpy, Sammy?” Dean asked playfully. “Did you not sleep good in my strapping young arms?”

“For god’s sake, shut up,” Sam hissed, not eager for the busy diner to be made aware of the fact that, as of two cases ago, he was having sex with his own brother.

“Relax, dude,” Dean replied, “no one here even knows us. They don’t know we’re brothers. And if they can’t deal with a gay couple then that’s their problem.”

“I guess,” Sam answered, “but you still don’t need to sit on the same side of the booth as me. We look ridiculous.”

Just then the waitress came to take their order. She looked at the empty side of the booth and then at Sam and Dean sitting very close on the other side.

“You boys waiting for someone to join you?”

Sam uttered an awkward “yes,” and Dean spoke a casual “nope,” both words coming out at the same time. The waitress looked at them in confusion.

“I’ll just give you a minute,” she said, then hurried off to service another table. Sam turned to Dean and glared. Dean grinned at him, then placed his hand on Sam’s thigh.

“Dean,” Sam whispered, “what are you doing?”

“Nothin,” Dean said as he slid his hand slowly up toward Sam’s crotch.

“This is not a good idea,” Sam said, but he felt his cock stirring.

“What’s not a good idea?” Dean asked in a voice of thickly acted innocence. “I don’t know what you mean.” He winked at Sam and Sam felt a hot thrill run through his body. Dean always got him with those winks; ever since Sam had first learned what lust felt like Dean’s winks had filled him with it.

“Someone will notice,” Sam whispered, his cock beginning to harden as Dean massaged his inner thigh.

“Maybe,” Dean replied huskily, “doesn’t that turn you on?”

“Uh,” Sam mumbled, feeling like he ought to say no even though it was clear to him that the possibility of getting caught was, in fact, turning him on.

“We can be discreet, Sammy,” Dean leaned in and whispered into his ear, “or, we can be just short of obvious,” he added lustfully. Sam’s partially erect cock jumped. Dean’s hand must have been high enough on Sam’s thigh that he felt the fabric of Sam’s pants shift; he made a low sound of longing and scooted closer to Sam until the sides of their bodies were pressed against each other. Sam wondered if anyone noticed how close they were sitting. He thought he saw a few people stare briefly. “Want me to jerk you off, Sammy,” Dean whispered into Sam’s ear, “want me to make you come right here in this diner, right here in this booth, around everyone?”

“Dean,” Sam whispered urgently, feeling his face flush as desire filled his being. His ever-present need for Dean’s touch was thickened by his inappropriate arousal at the idea of his brother making him come in a public place. Their incestuous coupling was already a taboo, something Sam knew they would always have to hide, and that made it even more exciting to be risking discovery. At the same time, Sam’s logical side knew there was a certain safety in the situation; no one in this random diner in this random town knew they were brothers, and they were unlikely to see any of these people ever again. Still, what would they think if they found out, Sam wondered, and his cock gave another jump.

“Sammy,” Dean whispered into his ear as he squeezed Sam’s upper thigh, and Sam had to bite back a moan as Dean’s soft, seductive voice and warm, firm touch dissolved the last of his resolve.

“Yes,” Sam breathed at last, a feeling of great relief encompassing him as he gave in, “do it. Make me come right here.”

“Fuck, Sammy,” Dean groaned quietly, and he moved his hand to Sam’s crotch. He rubbed Sam’s cock through the fabric of his pants, and it quickly grew to full erection -

“Uh, you boys ready to order?” Sam suddenly heard the waitress asking. He had been too distracted to notice her return to the table.

“Two specials and two coffees,” Dean told her smoothly as his hand continued to rub Sam’s cock through his pants.

“Sure thing,” the waitress replied, then walked away, but only so far as to stand in front of the booth next to theirs. Sam heard her begin to take the order of the couple sitting there. Sam glanced around, observing the packed diner. The booths were set close to each other and all of them were occupied, as were the seats along the counter. There were diner patrons everywhere. There were also two cooks behind the counter yelling at each other, and there were three waitresses working the tables in addition to the one who had taken Sam and Dean’s order. The four waitresses kept walking past Sam and Dean’s booth on their way to and from the other tables.

“Don’t make a sound, Sammy,” Dean whispered, and Sam bit his lip and nodded. Slowly, Dean lowered Sam’s zipper and reached inside his pants. Sam almost moaned loudly when Dean’s hand made contact with his hard cock, but he swallowed his sound. Dean must have seen the repressed lust on Sam’s face because he gave Sam a teasing smirk. Sam glared, but only for an instant, because then Dean freed Sam’s cock from the fabric and began to slowly jerk him.

“Dean,” Sam whispered with need, feeling dirty and hot and free.

“Feel good?” Dean asked as he moved his hand up and down, stroking Sam’s cock with gradually increasing speed. His curled fingers formed a warm channel that slid on and off of Sam’s hardness, secretly and passionately pleasuring Sam beneath the table.

“So good, Dean,” Sam whispered when he could find the words, and Dean made a soft moan into his ear.

“Uh, here you go,” Sam heard the waitress say, and he realized she was standing in front of their booth holding a loaded tray. Blushing, she set down their plates and mugs and hurried away. Had their secret been exposed?

“I think she suspected something,” Sam whispered with concern and excitement.

“So what if she did,” Dean replied, and his hand sped up, bobbing rapidly on Sam’s hardness.

“Maybe we should stop,” Sam suggested, hearing that his voice was heavy with reluctance.

“Do you really want to?”

Sam shook his head - an emphatic no. He was embarrassed, he was nervous, but he was wildly aroused. It was all so appealingly wrong, so glintingly naughty. Had the waitress figured out what they were doing? Would she tell her boss and have them kicked out of the diner for being so dirty? Somehow it was all a turn on.

“Dean, Dean,” Sam whispered harshly, “it feels so good, yes, yes, this is so wrong.”

“I know right,” Dean replied in a rich tone as he jerked Sam rapidly, “it’s so fucking hot. Wanna come for me, Sammy? Wanna come right here in this diner with all these people around us?”

Sam nodded frantically as his orgasm approached.

“You better be real quiet when you come,” Dean whispered as his hand moved briskly up and down Sam’s throbbing cock, “someone could hear you. We could get caught.”

Sam moaned too loudly at Dean’s words and the man in the booth next to them turned his head. He looked around, apparently unaware of the source of the sound amidst the clatter of the busy space. After a moment the man seemed to decide it didn’t matter, and he returned to his meal.

“Too loud, Sammy,” Dean whispered into Sam’s ear in a tone of playful reprimand, “you gotta come all nice and soft for me or they’ll catch us.”

“Dean,” Sam whispered, “I want to come for you.”

“Come for me, Sammy, go on,” Dean whispered back, and Sam let go, hurrying to cover his mouth to muffle the strangled, ecstatic yell that he failed to hold back as he spilled his seed. The same man turned around again, and this time his gaze settled on Sam and Dean. He raised his eyebrows at them, his expression a mix of curiosity and judgement. Sam felt himself flush and he looked to Dean, who grinned at the man. The man appeared unsure how to respond. He stared awkwardly at them for a long moment before turning back to his meal once again.

“Excuse me, gentleman,” Sam heard the voice of an older woman speak. He realized she was standing in front of their booth with a stern expression. Behind her stood the two male cooks, who were large and muscular and wore threatening expressions, and the seemingly mortified waitress who had the misfortune of being assigned to their table.

“Well, hello there,” Dean said merrily. Sam felt hot and he couldn’t tell how much of it was embarrassment and how much of it was a fresh wave of arousal triggered by the revelation that they had apparently been caught after all.

“I am the owner of this establishment,” the woman stated, “and, well, one of my waitresses said you were… behaving inappropriately for a family environment.”

“What?” Dean replied with feigned shock, “behaving inappropriately?” As he echoed her accusation, his voice was far louder than was necessary; Sam assumed his elevated volume was a wicked attempt to call more attention to the situation. “We were just about to enjoy your delicious food and coffee,” Dean told her. He used the hand that wasn’t beneath the table, covered with Sam’s cum and cradling Sam’s spent cock, to pull his plate near and pick up his fork. He looked around the diner appreciatively. “Nice place you have here, ma’am.”

The woman did not appear charmed.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” she spoke firmly. One of the cooks behind her crossed his arms and scowled. Sam realized that the diner had grown hushed, and most eyes were on the scene. He felt a thrill of shame and lust.

Dean grinned, set down his fork, grabbed a napkin from the napkin dispenser and wiped Sam’s cum from his hand. Sam saw the woman’s eyes go wide when confronted with the evidence of what the waitress had apparently already worked out. Dean crumpled up the napkin and tossed it onto one of the plates of untouched food, then pulled out his wallet and placed a few bills on the table. Sam could tell that it was far more than their meal cost, and he was glad because he felt quite bad for the woman and her staff. Sam tried to speak an apology but found he could only watch the scene in frozen horror.

“Have a great day,” Dean told the woman, then grabbed Sam by the wrist and dragged him toward the exit.

“S-sorry,” Sam managed to call over his shoulder as they went through the door and stepped out into the morning sunshine.

“Fuck, that was so hot getting caught,” Dean groaned as they walked to the Impala, which was parked in the diner’s parking lot in front of the building.

Sam couldn’t decide if the experience had been hot or a terrifying nightmare. Somehow it had been both?

“Let me bend you over the hood and fuck you real fast before we go,” Dean spoke in a low, seductive tone.

“What?” Sam replied with outrage, “haven’t we embarrassed ourselves enough already?”

Dean brought his hand to his own crotch and began to rub himself through his jeans while they walked.

“Oh, fuck, Sammy, tell me you didn’t get off on that. Come on, I can tell when you’re hot. I can see it on your face when you’re turned on. I can see exactly how hot you are, and you were fucking wild over that.”

Sam didn’t say anything because it was true. They soon arrived at the car. Sam watched Dean’s hand move as Dean rubbed himself. He could see Dean’s bulge rising beneath the fabric.

“So,” Dean went on after Sam had failed to reply, “how about you pull down your pants and I’ll bend you over the hood and fuck your ass hard and fast.”

Sam nodded enthusiastically without letting himself think about it. He desired their public sex with a greedy, dirty hunger. He didn’t want to consider how bad of an idea it was to fuck in the parking lot of the diner they had just been thrown out of. He began to unbuckle his belt.

“Fuck yeah,” Dean groaned, and he unzipped. He removed his cock, which Sam saw had fully hardened. The instant Sam had shoved down his own pants and boxers, Dean grabbed him and roughly bent him over the hood of the Impala.

“Dean, yes,” Sam moaned quietly.

“Oh fuck, Sammy,” Dean grunted. Sam heard the rustle of Dean rooting around in his pockets followed by the wet sound of lubricant being squirted into Dean’s hand.

“You had a tube of lube in your pocket?” Sam asked over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I was gonna fuck you in the diner bathroom, but this is even better,” Dean spoke with eagerness as he slicked his cock, “you want my fingers first, Sammy? Get your tight little hole ready for my big cock?”

“No, Dean, fuck me now. Shove your huge cock all the way inside me. Don’t prep me, just fuck me hard and rough and come inside my ass right here in this parking lot.”

With a wild sound Dean pushed into him, his long, wide cock filling and stretching Sam’s slim channel. Dean swore and collapsed forward, layering his chest and stomach over Sam’s back, his cock snug and unmoving within Sam’s ass.

“Sammy,” Dean whispered into his ear, “there are no curtains on the windows of the diner.”

“I know,” Sam moaned.

“Look at all those big windows. Anyone inside could just look out and see us,” Dean pointed out, voice heavy with lust.

“Yeah, they could,” Sam agreed breathily.

“They could see me pounding your ass right here in the parking lot.”

“Please do it.”

“Fuck yes,” Dean cried out too loudly, then straightened his body, gripped Sam’s hips and began to slam his cock in and out of Sam’s hole. Dean’s moans grew louder and louder until they were unnaturally booming, and Sam knew he was using his sounds to seek an audience. Most of the diner’s windows were open and Dean’s lustful noises quickly drew the attention that Sam and Dean both desired. A growing number of diner patrons peered out the many diner windows, a widening sea of watching faces.

The diner was far enough away from the car that Sam couldn’t make out the onlookers’ facial expressions in much detail, so he imagined what they might look like. Perhaps some of the faces wore expressions of outrage or embarrassment or amusement, but maybe others wore expressions of lust, of taboo arousal. Maybe some of the aroused viewers wore a layer of shame atop their lustful faces, but perhaps there were others who gazed unabashedly at Sam and Dean’s fucking. Sam liked to think about those people, about their eyes locked on Sam and Dean’s explicit union.

“Oh, Sammy, they’re all watching us,” Dean spoke richly, “are you embarrassed?”

“Yes,” Sam admitted, feeling his cock growing hard again against the surface of the car as Dean roughly fucked him.

“Do you like it?” Dean asked, his breath heavy, his cock moving hurriedly in and out of Sam’s body, rubbing against every spot inside him with its firm, deep thrusts. Dean’s cock hit Sam’s most sensitive inner spot every time it filled him, pressing against Sam’s tenderness over and over, pushing Sam’s lust higher and higher.

“Yes, yes, fuck,” Sam called, allowing himself to be as loud as he wanted even though he was afraid of what might happen as their public passion stretched on. How long could they get away with this? Would someone come out of the diner and confront them? Would someone call the police? The worry, the risk inherent in every moment, made Sam’s cock throb, and he began to hump the surface of the Impala. He hoped Dean would forgive him for inevitably coming on it; it was Dean’s fault, after all.

“Fuck, Sammy, you feel so good,” Dean groaned, slamming madly in and out of him, digging his fingers into the flesh of Sam’s hips. “You hard again?”

“Yes, Dean,” Sam moaned, “it’s too good, everyone watching us, you inside me, here, like this, Dean, fuck me, fuck me.”

“Sammy,” Dean moaned, and he fucked him brutally, shoving into Sam’s hole over and again, plunging into his depths with fury. Sam rutted against the car, rubbing his cock between the sleek firmness of the hood and the warm weight of his own body. He made a series of long, lyrical moans as he allowed himself to be utterly lost in the decadent experience.

“Hey, you there,” Sam suddenly heard the diner owner shout through one of the open windows. Apparently, she had finally been notified of the situation.

“Dean, Dean, either stop or hurry up,” Sam rushed to say, hoping Dean would not choose to stop, longing to make Dean come with his body, to make Dean come in front of everyone.

“I heard her, Sammy, I’m gonna come in you real fast, oh fuck, you gonna come with me? Can you come real fast for me, Sammy?” Dean moaned as he slammed in and out of Sam with abandon, with desperation.

“You there, hey, stop that,” the woman screamed as she opened the diner door and began to walk toward where they had parked in the middle of the lot. It was clear that her age slowed her pace, which bought Sam and Dean a little bit of time.

“Yeah, fuck, come in me now, Dean,” Sam grunted, grinding madly against the car.

“Fuck, I’m coming,” Dean screamed as he gave a final, almost violent thrust, then shot deep into Sam’s channel. Sam managed to climax in the same moment, convulsing and spilling onto the hood beneath him with a cry of deep satiation.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” the woman called angrily as she continued to move toward them. “You can’t do that here, get out of here,” she yelled as she approached, finally about to be near to them.

“Oh shit,” Dean muttered. He removed his cock from Sam’s ass and pulled Sam’s pants up for him. “Hurry, get in the car, come on, come on.” Sam heard Dean zip up, and he rushed to close his own fly as he climbed into the passenger’s seat of the Impala. Dean slid smoothly into the driver’s seat and started the car, then sped off at once.

“You get the hell out of here and don’t come back,” the woman called after the Impala as it raced down the road. Dean laughed with delight as he drove away at wild speed, and Sam ducked his head in the embarrassment he still found perversely enjoyable.

“That was fucking amazing,” Dean said, “but you are cleaning your cum off my car when we get out again,” he added.

“It was your fault,” Sam exclaimed with annoyance, “you’re the one who bent me over the car and fucked me in front of a wall of windows full of people when you knew it was turning me on to be seen. Did you not think I was going to come? You know how much I love coming from being fucked. It’s completely your fault.”

Dean laughed.

“Aww, are you grumpy again, Sammy?” he cooed. Sam glared, and Dean grinned at him.

“Well, I never got my caffeine,” Sam grumbled, “or my breakfast.”

“Oh, I know, I’m fucking starving,” Dean replied, “but don’t you worry your hungry lil tummy, Sammy, I saw another diner just down the road.”

Dean behaved himself at the new diner, and Sam was both relieved and disappointed.