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You Belong With Us

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Eddie, Buck you guys go make sure no one is inside,” Bobby had told the two before they raced into the building.

“See anyone?” Buck asks Eddie, as they look through the rooms.

“No, I don’t see anyone!”

LAFD! Anyone in here?!” The two yell through the house.

Help! In here!” a small voice calls out, coming from a closet.

“Eddie! Over here!” Buck pries the door open, finding a little girl and what looks to be an older sister.

“She fell asleep…” The little girl cries looking at Buck.

“It’s okay, we’re here to help you guys,” Buck tells the girl softly.

“I’ll take the older one, she seems to like you,” Eddie tells Buck, nodding towards the younger one.


“What happened?” Hen exclaims, seeing the state of Buck.

“I-I can’t remember? I ran into a door then a desk…” Buck admits, confused.

“Look him over and if he needs to, he goes to the hospital with you guys,” Bobby orders.


Buck and Eddie had gone back in after bringing the sisters out to safety, and the two manage to get upstairs and clear the rest of the building before getting told to evacuate.

Get out, the building isn’t stable,” Bobby’s voice flows through the radio, “Don’t pull any kind of heroics Buckley, that’s an order.

“Buck, let’s go!” Eddie calls over to Buck, who looks like he’s hearing things.

“I hear something!” Buck tells his partner.

“Buck, Cap said we have to evacuate,” Eddie warns Buck, who starts walking towards the sound.

“Anyone in there?” Buck shouts through a closed door, earning a scream in response.

Cap! There’s someone else in here!” Buck yells into the radio.

Buck, hurry up,” Bobby answers, sounding fed up with Buck.

“Eddie! Help me with the door?”

“If we die, you have to explain it to Chris,” Eddie sighs.

“How… never mind,” Buck mumbles, puzzled.

Help! My kids!” A lady yelps, as the fire crackles closer to her.

“They’re safe! We got them out,” Eddie reassures her.

“Two girls, right?” Buck confirms.

“I have a grandbaby too! She was with my daughter; I have a son and daughter!”

Eddie?” Buck looks over at his partner, worried.

“Go, I’ll get them out, just be safe, please, don’t make me have to tell Chris you died.”

“On it!” Buck shouts, bouncing out of the room and through a door opposite of the one he had just left.

Ow…” Buck mutters, having stumbled into a desk, with a boy who looks to be seven or eight, sitting in the window.

Here to help,” Buck tells the boys, panting.

The boy clings to Buck, not letting go, even at the sight of blood on the man’s jacket.

Baby!” the mother screams as the two make it outside.

Mommy!” The boy runs over to his parents, as Buck stumbles over to the others.


“Buck?” Eddie catches Buck as he stumbles to the side.

“I think I’m hurt?” Buck chuckles dryly.

Didn’t I tell you to be safe?” Eddie tells him.

“Yeah, I tried?” Buck shrugs, as Eddie helps him sit down.

“Hen!?” Eddie shouts, waving her over.


“Bobby, he can’t remember how he got hurt,” Hen tells their captain, “should we take him to the hospital to make sure there isn’t anything else?”

“Yes, and make sure that he listens to what the doctors tell him to do,” Bobby agrees, looking at Eddie for the second part.

“Cap…?” Eddie questions.

“He won’t listen to them you know that remember how he was after his leg was crushed? I need you to make sure that he listens,” Bobby commands, “It’s an order, Diaz.

“Yes, sir,” Eddie nods.

“The shift is over anyway, I can see if someone can cover your next shift, I need you with him, he won’t listen otherwise, he listens to you,” Bobby explains.

“I’ll see you when he’s better, or at the next family time event?” Eddie asks.

“Not sure yet, depends what’s happening with him, call when you find out,” Bobby smiles, “Now get going.”

“Bye, Cap!” Eddie shouts, jogging towards the ambulance where Buck and the others are.

I’m finnee…” Buck slurs, pushing Chimney’s hand away from him.

Dios Mio Evan…” Eddie sighs, “Buck, you are bleeding. Let him fit you up…”

“I’m bleeding?” Buck asks, looking at his torso as if to confirm what he was just told, “why aren’t you guys doing anything? I’m bleeding!

“If you weren’t hurt already,” Chimney mutters, shaking his head.


“Family for Evan Buckley?” a nurse asks, looking at a clipboard.

“Me, I am,” Eddie quickly stands at the nurses’ words, “he okay?”

“Well, Mr. Buckley, you’re husband managed to miss any vital organs, he hit his head pretty good, must have been from the door the paramedics told us he ran into?” The nurse explains.

“Buckley-Diaz, it’s Buckley-Diaz…” Eddie blushes, as the lady looks embarrassed

“I am so sorry…”

“It’s okay, but yeah, um… he ran into a desk as well,” Eddie adds.

“Yes, they told us that was well, would you like to see him?”

“Yes please, also, he doesn’t have the best history with listening to the advice doctors give him, he tries to rush his healing, so anything to do with that, could I be present for it?” Eddie asks, “Our captain also may have ordered me to make sure he listens to what you guys tell him.”

“Of course, as long as your husband is okay with you listening to the doctor,” the nurse answers smiling.

They arrive at Buck’s room, and Eddie walks in seeing Buck up and alert.

“Glad to see you up, and less confused,” Eddie jokes, walking over to the side of the bed to kiss Buck’s head.

“What was that for?” Buck asks.

“They think we’re married? And that may have been the only reason I was allowed back since usually only family can come see patients right after they wake up?” Eddie explains, “And I may not have corrected her on it, either time… I only corrected her when she assumed, I had your last name, I told her it was Buckley-Diaz…” Eddie blushes at the confession.

“Oh… that would explain why they asked if I was ready to see my husband…” Buck admits, flushing a light shade of pink.

“Well then, we might as well keep up the charade then, if it gets us to see each other faster when the other has been hurt,” Eddie chuckles.

“Or when Chris gets hurt?” Buck asks timidly.

“Yeah, Chris would love that,” Eddie smiles, kissing Buck’s hand as the doctor walks into the room.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything?” the Doctor asks, looking between the two.

“Nope, you’re good, Doc,” Buck smiles.

“So, you have a mild concussion, and we had to stitch you up where the wood from the door had pierced through your jacket and into your skin,” the Doctor explains.

“Like a giant splinter?” Buck jokes.

“Actually, that’s a good description for it, but your friends managed to get the wood out before it became a problem, we wouldn’t want it to have become too wet that when we try to take it out, it breaks, so when you see your friends next, tell them I said thank you?”

“Of course, I actually have to call our Captain after this talk, so I’ll call them as well and pass your message along for you?” Eddie smiles at the man.

“Eds…” Buck frowns, “What about Chris?”

“Hen picked him up from Abuela’s and he’s gonna have a sleepover with Denny, that way I wouldn’t be worrying about both my boys.”

“Oh,” Buck blushes a darker shade than earlier. His boy, I’m his boy!

“So, you seem to be in good hands, we want to keep you overnight just to make sure everything is alright, but you are free to leave in the morning.”

“Okay, thank you,” Buck smiles brightly.

“Want me to go to the loft and get you some clothes for the morning?”

“I have clothes in my bag, that’s at the station…” Buck pouts, realizing that he doesn’t have anything to wear.

“I’ll get your bag, I have to get my truck anyway,” Eddie shrugs.

“Good thing my Jeep’s getting fixed up, I won’t have to pick it up from the station,” Buck chuckles tiredly.

“I’ll let you sleep I’ll come back in the morning and get you?” Eddie offers, “Also, you’re staying with Chris and me. We’ll stop by your place on the way so that you can pack some clothes and other stuff?”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“Nope, not at all,” Eddie smiles, “I’ll see you in the morning, babe, sleep well,” Eddie kisses Buck’s forehead before leaving.


Buckley: Since when do u call me babe?

Eddie: Oh… well since we’re ‘married’ in the minds of the nurses there, I guess it slipped?

Buckley: You don’t use pet names tho

           Unless it’s just with me? 😉

Eddie: Buck? Are you trying to flirt with me? I was just there

Buckley: Shh, ur ruining the mood, babe

Eddie: go to sleep, buck

Buckley: but im not tired

Eddie: I don’t care I’m picking you up at 8, so you better be awake enough for all of that.

Buckley: bossy 😉

           … I like it…

Eddie: Buck, I’m tired, its been a long day, and as much as you want to continue whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, I just got home, and am already falling asleep.

Buckley: Old man…

           Fine, I’ll go to sleep…

Eddie: thanks baby

Buckley: Night Eds


Morning Mr. Buckley-Diaz!” a preppy voice wakes Buck up.

“Mornin’,” Buck mumbles.

“How’d you sleep, sir?”

“Well, considering I was woken up every like half-hour, I didn’t sleep much,” Buck throws his arm over his eyes.

Damn, that sucks, I had plans for us once I got you home,” A new but familiar voice jokes.

“Sir, you’re husband is here to pick you up,” the nurse tells Buck, “he needs to rest when he gets home, nothing too strenuous for about two weeks,” the nurse tells Eddie. Wait, why is telling Eddie that?

“I’ll let you get changed and me you two at the desk for you to sign the papers,” The nurse smiles, before leaving.

“I’m not leaving, get up,” Eddie orders, “they told me that you might need help putting shirts on for a bit, due to stretching? Honestly, I’m not too sure, but I don’t think they’ll be too happy if I left the room while you changed…” Eddie explains, blushing.

“Oh, okay, then I guess,” Buck slips off the bed before reaching for his bag, “can you at least turn around…” Buck blushes a deep pink.


“I- Uh… I’m not…”

“Oh! You’re naked under the gown, aren’t you?” Eddie teases, before turning around. “Ya know, since we’ll be living together until your better, you should probably be less worried about me, and more worried about Chris.”

“Thanks for the heads up…” Buck laughs, “kay, you’re good now, I need help…”

“Yeah, here,” Eddie takes the shirt from his hands, “sit on the edge of the bed, it’ll make this easier for you.”


“Thank you for earlier…” Buck mumbles as the two arrive at his apartment.

“No problem, want me to wait here, or go up with you?”

“Come up, that way I won’t be carrying too much,” Buck beams.

“Sounds good,” Eddie smiles back, climbing out of the car.


(buck’s pov)

“How long will I be at staying?”

“Until I tell you to leave,” Eddie answers, with a straight face.

“So, never?” Buck jokes, “I’ll pack as if I’m moving in then.”

Socks, underwear, shirts, jeans, sweats, hoodies, shorts, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, deodorant.

Might as well bring that, since I have no idea how long I’ll be there…

Lube, dildo, plugs. I think that’s it?

“Okay, I’m done,” I tell Eddie, tossing him the bag of clothes, god forbid he finds the stuff in this bag…


(third-person pov)

“You good? You’re clutching onto that bag like it’ll disappear if you let go,” Eddie teases.

“All good,” Buck forces a chuckle.


“Here, Buck, wake up,” Eddie pushes Bucks shoulder lightly.

“Sorry… guess I was tired…”

“No need to be sorry,” Eddie smiles.

“So, where am I sleeping? Since I’m assuming you didn’t build a guest room in three days,” Buck jokes, laughing as Eddie pushes him lightly.

“My bed,” Eddie states, “and no complaining. Unless you are uncomfortable with it, we can share, it’s big enough for two, and that way I know you’re still breathing, and if I get worried about anything, I can just roll over and wake you up.”

“Since you seem comfortable with it, so am I, what side of the bed?”

“Closest to the door,” Eddie discloses.

“Chris?” Buck guesses.

“Yeah, easier to roll out of bed and get to him faster when I’m right by the door,” Eddie smiles.

“Would it be cool if I took a nap?” Buck asks, pointing towards the bedrooms.

“Good ahead, you’re house too now,” Eddie plops down onto the couch, “I’ll order something for lunch later.”

“Good idea don’t need food poisoning on top of this,” Buck points at the wound on his side, laughing as Eddie throws a pillow at him.

“Night Eds!” Buck shouts throwing the pillow back at him, before slipping into Eddie’s room, and closing the door.

the bed’s so comfy! Buck thought, laying on the bed and curling into the covers.

“At least Sleep under the covers, like a normal person, Buck,” Eddie teases, “and not in your jeans…”

“Tryna get me naked already?” Buck jokes.

“If that’s how you sleep, go right ahead, but try to only do that when Chris isn’t home, he likes to get in bed with me in the mornings sometimes.”

 “Thanks for the heads up,” Buck flushes lightly, he doesn’t care if I’m naked in his bed?

“No, I don’t? Why?” Eddie asks, confused.

“What?” Buck looks equally confused.

“You just asked if I cared that you were naked?”

Oh! Sorry… Didn’t realize I said that out loud…”

Their conversation was cut short by Eddie’s phone ringing.


“Hello? Bobby, what’s up?”

“I couldn’t find anyone who could cover your shift for tomorrow, I managed to for today though,” Bobby tells Eddie.

“So, you need me to come in tomorrow?”

“I know that Buck’s staying with you, and it’s a good idea. But yes, I need you to come in, Buck should be okay for 12 hours, and if he’s not, and you get a call for him, you can go to him, but I need you, Diaz,” Bobby explains.

“Okay, I’ll see you at 10 tomorrow, Bobby,” Eddie tells him before the two hang up.


“Hey, Bu-” Eddie cuts himself off seeing that Buck had fallen asleep while he was on the phone, “Night, buck,” Eddie kisses his head before turning the lights off and closing the door.




“Dad?” Chris’s voice calls out through the house, waking Buck up.

“Hey, buddy,” Eddie greets him as if Buck weren’t asleep in the other room.

“Why’s Bucky’s stuff here?”

“He got hurt yesterday, so I made him come stay with us until he’s better, is that okay?”

“He’s living with us!” Chris exclaims cheerfully.

“Pretty much, but he’s sleeping right now, so we’ve gotta be quiet,” Eddie informs his son.

“He doesn’t look asleep,” Chris points to where Buck is standing a few feet behind Eddie.

“What have I told you about the Q-word, Edmundo?” Buck teases.

“Hi Buck, glad you finally woke up,” Eddie dismisses his teasing.

“Dad? Can we have pizza and movie night?” Chris asks.

“Sure, what movie?”

“I don’t know, I won’t be watching it, Carla’s coming soon,” Chris reminds his dad.

“Right, I totally forgot to tell her not to worry…” Eddie frowns.

“She can join us if she wants?” Buck offers, wanting to cuddle up with his Diaz boys. Both of them.


“Hi Carla,” Buck greets opening the door for her to come inside.

“Buckaroo! I wasn’t expecting to see you, I thought you guys were working?”

“I got hurt last night, so I’m off for a few weeks, but Eddie has to do a 12-hour shift tomorrow, but we were wondering if you would like to join us for a pizza movie night?”

“I would love you!”

“Great, Eddie is in the kitchen getting drinks for us, so you are welcome to make yourself at home.”

“Like you have?” Carla jokes, gesturing to his outfit, which consists of PJ bottoms and slippers, plus the bandage covering his wound.

“I took a nap earlier… It hurts putting shirts on right now…” Buck frowns, walking into the kitchen to retrieve his beer.

“Well, you look great with or without one, don’t worry, sweetie,” Carla complements him.

“Oh, Carla, we should probably tell you now so you know if it ever comes up,” Eddie starts, looking at the two, “so the nurses assumed we were married when we were at the hospital, so we decided that it would work for the other when one of us is in there for any reason, or if it’s Chris who’s in there.”

“So, you two skipped dating, and went straight to married?” Carla kids.

“Yes,” Buck answers, taking a sip from his beer.

“And, Eddie, how does Miss. Ana feel about this?”

“Wait? You never told me you were still seeing her…”

“I-” Eddie looks at Buck, who looks heartbroken, “we went on a few dates, you knew that but I decided that my family comes first, she wanted me and Chris, but that’s not my family, Buck, you’re apart of this family, she wouldn’t accept that…”

“So… what your saying is that you dumped her because of me?” Buck scoffs.

“What? No! Chris also didn’t really approve of me dating her, he told me he wanted me to pick someone that knows me better…” Eddie blushes, getting a look of understanding from Carla and a less kicked puppy look from Buck.


“He wants you to be with Buck, doesn’t he?” Carla asks Eddie once Buck’s in the living room helping Chris pick a movie.

“Yeah… but we’re best friends, and being more could ruin our little family,” Eddie frowns.

“Or… it could bring more to your little family, I know Chris would love if Buck became his other dad,” Carl states.

“He already is, we just have to get him to sign a piece of paper, so he legally is,” Eddie admits, blushing slightly.

“Does Buck know?”

“Not yet, I don’t really know how to bring it up to him…”

“Well, you work tomorrow, right?” Carla asks, looking towards Eddie who nods his head in response, “Well, you could leave the papers on a desk, or countertop, where he would see it, and write a cute little note for him so he knows why you didn’t ask in person?”

“That… that’s a great idea, thank you, Carla,” Eddie smiles, gleefully, pulling her in for a hug.

Dad!” Chris shouts from the couch.

We picked a movie!” Buck shouts.

“Children, both of them,” Eddie laughs before the two descend into the living room.

“What movie did the two of you choose?” Carla asks, as the doorbell rings.

“Moana,” Chris smiles.

“I’ll get it, sit down for once, Eds,” Buck tells him, getting up.


You’re not Edmundo…

“And you’re not the pizza…” Buck frowns, before turning away from the door, “Eds! It’s for you!”

“Who is it?” Eddie asks, getting closer to the door, “Ana?

“Hi!” Ana beams brightly, “you haven’t answered my texts, I was worried…”

“Oh…?” Eddie checks his phone to see 10 unread messages all from Ana, “Just got them now, I guess,” Eddie shrugs, hearing a bark of laughter from Buck.

“Shouldn’t he be wearing a shirt? He could scar Christopher,” Ana asks, sounding more like judgement than she meant.

“He can’t without help right now, he could pull his stitches that were put in last night,” Eddie informs her, “and since he’s more comfortable without a shirt while sleeping, it makes no sense to put one on when he has to take it off in a few hours away.”

So, he’s sleeping here?”

“Ana, he’s my best friend, and we broke up, why are you here?”

“I was worried, you didn’t answer my texts, I just wanted to make sure everybody was okay,” Ana forges concern.

“Miss. Ana, we are trying to have a family night, so if you could please leave,” Carla politely asks.

Then why’s he here?

“Because he is family,” Eddie growls out, “and we would like you to leave.”

“Fine,” Ana pouts, before turning to leave.

Pizza!” Chris shouts when the doorbell rings for the third time that night.

Hopefully,” Buck mutters as Eddie gets the door this time.

“Pizza’s here,” Eddie announces moments later walking into the room with two boxes.

“Can we start the movie?” Buck asks as everyone grabs a slice.

“Please,” Carla and Eddie sigh.




“I better get going, thank you for inviting me to stay,” Carla yawns, as she gets u to hug the two guys.

“Night Carla,” Buck walks her out as Eddie picks a sleeping Chris off the couch.

“Night Buckaroo, get better,” She kisses his cheek before leaving.

“I’m exhausted,” buck plops back onto the couch as Eddie returns from tucking Chris in.

“Let’s go to bed then, I’m ready to sleep,” Eddie yawns walking into his room.

Want me to wait out here so you can change?’ Is what Buck wanted to ask, instead “clean up!” tumbles out of his mouth before he can process it.

“Are saying I’m dirty?” Eddie teases, leaning against the door frame.

“out here?” Buck mutters, shrugging.

“No comments to make?”

“You have a kid, we both know you are,” Buck replies, earning a laugh from Eddie.

“That’s fair,” Eddie smiles.

Buck tidies up the living room before joining Eddie in the bedroom.

“You can relax, you know?”

“I know, just haven’t done this before,” Buck admits, “Ya know, without having had sex beforehand…”

“Right, well, I’m not in the mood to top anybody,” Eddie chuckles, hearing a soft gasp from Buck.

Right,” Buck chokes out, trying to hide any evidence of arousal.

“Night Buck,” Eddie chuckles softly, before turning to face towards the door.


Eddie woke up warmer than usual, and with a heavy blanket wrapped around him.

Mm,” blankets don’t move, nor do they moan in people's ears.

Must be a good dream? If he’s moaning.

Eds, tickles,” what? Is he dreaming about me tickling him?

Buck moves around more, which makes him half on top of Eddie, from shoulders to feet, meaning Eddie could every hard inch of Buck, which felt amazing, but if he could feel Buck, then Buck could surely feel his, what with the way he’s draped across Eddie.

Daddy?” Chris calls from his room, waking Buck up slightly.

What?” Buck mumbles, half asleep, nuzzling his face into Eddie’s neck.

“Buck?” Eddie says calmly, rubbing a hand on Buck’s back.

Five more minutes?” Buck begs.

“As much as I enjoy hearing you beg, you can sleep as long as you want, I have to get Chris ready for school,” Eddie soothes.

Oh, that means I gotta move, huh?” Buck mumbles into Eddie’s neck.

“Yeah, sorry,” Eddie chuckles softly, as buck rolls off him quickly.

“Hurry up, this side is cold…” Buck whines.

“Patience,” Eddie glares over at his friend.

“Or what?” Buck dares, “gonna spank me?”

“Maybe,” Eddie deadpans, muttering, “Te gustaría eso, ¿no es así, cariño?” before leaving the room, and Buck, who groans into the pillow at Eddie’s words.

“Morning Buddy,” Eddie smiles at his son, who's already up and getting ready for school.

“Buck might be picking you up from school today if he gets his car back, or it might be Carla, okay?” Eddie informs Chris.

“I want Bucky to pick me up,” Chris smiles, hoping for ice cream.

“I have to work until tonight, so Bucks in charge, okay?”

“Okay, dad.”


“Buck?” Eddie calls out through the silent house.

Mmhmm?” Buck groans in response from the same spot Eddie left him almost an hour ago.

“You’re in charge tonight since I work, I already told Chris, and if you get your car back today, and want to pick Chris up from school, call Carla and let her know!” Eddie tells Buck, as he’s setting the papers, he needs Buck to sign on the kitchen counter.

When you work?” Buck grumbles, looking up at Eddie as he leans against the door.

“I’m leaving soon, I start at ten, but I’m gonna go in earlier to talk to Bobby before shift starts.”

“Okay, be safe, don’t do anything I would?” Buck begs softly.

“So, no running through burning doors and getting stabbed from the wood? On it, be safe yourself today, got it?” Eddie subtly orders Buck.

“Exactly, and yes, sir,” Buck teases, but sounds like he’s holding back a whimper of some kind.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Eddie leans down to kiss Buck’s temple before leaving to go to work.

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These are legal papers, so please use a pen if u choose to sign them, Chris and I talked about it already, and we were wondering if you wanted to be his (legal) parent?

He already sees you as his other dad, and it would make it easier knowing if something happened to me, he would have you.

Sorry, I left you a note instead of talking to you about this… I wasn’t sure how to bring it up, so I asked Carla and she told me I could always just do this.

Eddie <3

He wants me to be his kid's other legal parent?


Buckley: ofc I do, thank you

Eddie: I knew you would, I just didn’t know how to bring it up

Buckley: I signed them already, and Carla was smart with this idea, I may or may not have teared up a bit reading the letter

Eddie: I didn’t mean to make you cry!

Buckley: Happy tears! Not sad!

            You really think I would be upset that you want me to be Chris’s (other) legal father?

Eddie: No…

Buckley: How’d your talk with Cap go?

Eddie: I’m surprised you remembered that you were half asleep

            It went well. he managed to find someone who could fill my spot for the rest of the week

Buckley: I don’t need a babysitter…

Eddie: not a babysitter, you are the babysitter

            Cap just wants to make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too much, he wants you to get better, but not at the expense of your health, you pushed yourself so hard last time you were injured… we don’t want to see that happen again…

            I can’t see you vomit blood again…

Buckley: okay, as long as you’re okay with it, then so am I, last night was nice, other than the unwanted visitor

Eddie: I agree, I have to go, talk later tho!


Buck had cleaned the house up a bit after Eddie had to go, which took a few hours, but he had to wait until Carla got home with Chris so he wouldn’t be lonely, I did bring toys so I wouldn’t be too lonely? And since I’m gonna be here for a while, and Eddie doesn’t work for the next week, this might be torture.

But it’s not his bed… The shower! More specifically Eddie’s shower, so he doesn’t have to worry about Chris finding his stuff.

Buck had managed to cover the bandage up to prevent it from getting wet, then went through his ‘toiletries’ bag and grabbed the suction cup dildo and lube before making his way to the bathroom.


Eddie: So, Chris’s school called, they’re sending home a permission slip for a field trip that’s tomorrow, can you sign it for me when he gets home? And put it back in his bag so we don’t lose it? That would be great!


            Evan!? It’s been 10 minutes? Please tell me you are still alive. Do not make me leave work just to find out you lost your damn phone.

Buckley: God Eds, can’t a guy shower

Eddie: It does not take you 10 minutes to shower, Buck.

Buckley: well, that could be bc I’m usually in a rush, and im tryna have some fun before our kid gets home?

Eddie: Oh! I…


Chimney: What did u say to Eddie?

            He was all worried about you then he was smiling, and now he’s all red and won’t answer any of our questions

Buckley: can’t say,

            Wait, he’s red? Like embarrassed red or…?

Chimney: I don’t think he’s embarrassed, flustered, maybe?


Buckley: So, its safe to assume u got what I was implying?

Eddie: On a call


Buckley: u guys on a call?

Chimney: no? why?

Buckley: no reason, but thanks!


Two can play that game.

Once Buck finishes, moaning Eddie’s name, and watching as the evidence was washed away, he cleans himself up, and removes the toy from the wall, and places it on the side of the tub where you would only see it if you were in the shower. Because he knows Eddie will be the next one to use the shower. He decides to start cooking something for dinner, knowing that Eddie has everything he needs so he wouldn’t have to leave.

He’s just putting it in the oven to start cooking it when the front door opens.

Bucky?!” Chris shouts from the door.

“Hey, I didn’t even realize the time, Carla, would you like to stay for dinner? I just put some lasagna in the oven to cook,” Buck offers taking Christopher’s bag from her.

“Dad won’t be home for supper, you should stay!” Chris adds, wanting to spend more time with both adults.

“Well, I do love your cooking, Buckaroo,” Carla smiles, “I would love to, I’ll help Chris with his homework before we eat.”

“I have to sign a permission slip; do you know where it is?” Buck looks through Chris’s bag.

“It’s in his agenda,” Carla pulls the book out.

“Thanks,” Buck blushes.


“Buck?” Chris looks at Buck from the other side of the counter.

“Yeah, buddy?” Buck looks up from the slip of paper, “What’s up?”

“Are you and dad together?”

“No, why do you ask?” Buck answers softly.

“Because he called Carla earlier really happy, and Carla told me it was because of you,” Chris pouts, feeling lied to.

“Oh, well that’s because I signed the paperwork today to be your other legal dad,” Buck informs the kid, getting a squeal of happiness from him.


“Yeah, you’re dad must have wanted to tell you in person, which I just ruined…” Buck frowned at the realization, “Should we call him? So, he knows you know?”

“Yeah!” Chris beams.

“Let’s eat first?” Carla asks, hearing the timer go off.

“Fine…” Chris pouts but sits at the table.

“I have to make sure he isn’t on a call anyways,” Buck reminds them pulling the lasagna.


Buckley: We need to talk, you on a call?


Eddie doesn’t answer, but five minutes after Buck sends the text, his phone starts buzzing. Seeing it’s Eddie calling he answers quickly.

Chris okay?” Eddie rushes.

“He’s fine, and hello to you too,” Buck chuckles, putting the phone on speaker.

“Hi, Dad!” Chris says.

“Hey, buddy, why would you send a message like that Buck?’ Eddie sighs.

“It was to make you answer faster, but I didn’t mean to make you worry,” Buck frowns.

“It’s okay, and no, we aren’t on a call yet,” Eddie responds.

“Okay, good, because Chris asked me something a few minutes ago, and I needed to know if I ruined some kind of surprise…”

“No surprises that I know of?” Eddie shakes his head, realizing they can’t see him, but the others can.

Is that buckaroo?” A familiar female voice asks Eddie.

“Yeah, him and Chris,”

“And Carla, dad!” Chris giggles.

“And Carla,” Eddie adds.

Well, tell Buck I said to get better.

“Will do, Athena!” Eddie speaks into the phone now, “’Thena says get better.”

“Thank you to her,” Buck waits to continue hearing Eddie tell her what he said, “And is telling your son that he’s now our son, not news?” Buck jokes.

“Right! You told him then? Since he’s not making any noise,” Eddie smiles, before regretting his choice of company for the call.

Told him what!?” Bobby’s voice calls out.

“Put me on speaker, Eds,” Buck chuckles.

“Kay,” Eddie sighs, knowing he’s going to be answering questions for the rest of the shift, “talk.”

“Eddie, left papers, legal papers, for me to sign when he left for work today,” Buck informs the firefam, hearing a ‘that’s ominous’ from Chimney. “the papers were for me to become Chris’s other legal parent!” Buck adds happier being able to tell people.

Awe! Well, congrats buck, you’re stuck with Eddie for good now!” Hen jokes.

No throwing things kids!” Bobby warns.

“Dad, did you throw something?” Chris asks, sounding like a parent.

“No…” Eddie lies.

He threw a pillow at me, he’s lying,” Hen tattles.

“Dad, you told me not to throw things,” Chris reminds him.

“I know, buddy,” Eddie pouts.

“We can punish him, tomorrow buddy,” Buck tells Chris, clearly forgetting he was on speaker with the others.

Wait, this I gotta hear!” Hen and Chimney laugh, but getting cut off by the siren going off, “Saved by the bell, Diaz, Bye guys!

“Sorry about that… and be safe!” Buck tells him.

“Thanks, talk later!” Eddie says, “love you, buddy!”

“Love you, dad!” Chris smiles before the line goes dead.

“Let’s finish eating,” Carla offers, “then while buck cleans up, we can finish your homework so that you and Buck can have some fun before you have to go to bed.”

“Okay,” Chris smiles but looks sad.

“Hey, you’re dad forgot to mention, he’s going to be home for the next week,” Buck smiles, hoping to bring the happiness back onto Christopher’s face.

“Really!” Chris beams as if he was never sad.

“Yeah, you can ask him tomorrow,” Buck adds.


The three of them manage to finish eating, before the doorbell rings which Buck answers.

Hi… seriously?” Ana.

“Ana, go away,” Buck grumbles, “Eddie’s at work anyway.”

“I was here to see Chris, he forgot his permission slip today,” Ana bullshits.

“Ana, we both know that’s a lie, I just signed his permission slip.”

“You can’t, you aren’t his legal guardian.”

“Well, actually, ”

“No. Edmundo and I only just broke up…”

“Yeah, but we’ve been best friends since just about his first day at the 118, we were closer than most best friends, so close in fact, we realized that we were in love with each other, and well, here I am, living with my husband and son,” Buck smirks as she looks disappointed.

“You got married?”

“He’s a Buckley-Diaz now, honey,” Buck shrugs, knowing he’s going to have to inform Eddie that now to avoid crazy ex-girlfriends they have to pretend to be married.

Okay, Chris, I’ll see you tomorrow to drive you to school, be good for Buck!” Carla’s voice flows through the house, “he’s getting ready for bed… Miss. Ana…”

“Hi, I was just leaving.”

“Good, let's leave the boys to have some guy time,” Carla kisses Bucks cheek before leaving, guiding Ana along with her.


“Chris, it’s 8:40, time for bed, your dad’s gonna kill me for letting you stay up past eight,” Buck negotiates, “I’ll buy you ice cream when we pick up from school tomorrow if you go to bed now, how’s that?”

“Three scoops?”

Three? I was thinking two,” Buck says dramatically.

“Please, Dad…” Chris pouts.

“Dad? Fine… you win, three scoops it is,” Buck gives in, melting at what Chris had called him.

After Buck finally gets Chris to sleep, he pulls his phone out to see if he has any new messages, he doesn’t.

Buckley: He called me dad today!

            My heart may have melted from it a bit

Eddie: Why does Ana think we’re married?

Buckley: Oh… she showed up again, and she got all ‘teacher’ on me when I told her I had signed the permission slip already so I knew chris hadn’t forgotten it, and told me I couldn’t bc I wasn’t his legal guardian, which I will be once you bring those papers wherever they need to go to make them legal legal

Eddie: did u just say legal legal?

            You didn’t say y yet.

Buckley: i only said well actually to her next sentence which was I wasn’t his legal guardian, and she told me how u 2 only just broke up, which okay, true, but we’ve been best friends way longer, almost like 3 years? And then I ended up saying how we realized we were in love with each other and how I was now living with my husband and son…

            Plz, don’t be mad…

Eddie: I’m not mad,

Buckley: ur a Buckley-Diaz to her now

Eddie: I’m glad she thinks im married since she wont (hopefully) bother us or me anymore

Buckley: When do u get off?

Eddie: in the shower usually ;)

            At 10, so I’ll be home soon, chris better be asleep, and it would be nice if you were in bed by the time I got home.

Buckley: you mean the same shower I used earlier?

             He’s asleep already, and want me naked too boss?

Eddie: How’d u managed to get him to bed? Was he good?

Buckley: I had to bride him… so tmrw when we pick him up, we have to stop for ice cream… three scoops… I stopped at two, but he called me dad and I couldn’t say no…

            You didn’t answer any of my questions…

Eddie: Buck! You better be paying and get me some too.

            You never could say no to him before that

            And I’m at work buck, I can’t answer those

Buckley: you can answer my texts, but not the ones you started?

Eddie: Buck, I have to go, got a call, but if you really want an answer, you have to promise to do it

Buckley: tell meee!!


Eddie: yes, the same shower, and no, because if chris wakes up and needs you before I get home, that would be scarring for him, and we would have to have a talk with him.

            But I do want you in bed. I don’t care what you wear, just want you in bed. Asleep would be good.

Buckley: okay, will do! Have a safe call!


Buck decides to comply with what Eddie had basically ordered him to do, but since he felt like stirring shit up, he went through Eddie’s closet, finding a zip-up hoodie that he could put on, one from the station with Eddie’s last name on the back. Throwing it on, carefully, he climbs into the bed, before settling in the middle on his stomach.


Eddie: Sorry I’m late coming home, the last call went long, nobody died though!

                   I’m on my way home now


Eddie doesn’t receive anything back, Buck doesn’t even see the messages, he must be asleep.


Eddie: You better be asleep, or I may have to punish you


Eddie arrives to a dark home, which means everyone must be sleeping. He only turns a light on once he gets into the bathroom, he had showered before leaving at the station, but he needed light to find some bottoms to sleep in, finding some on the floor he decides to wear them, whether they were Bucks or not, turning the light off, Eddie climbs into bed beside Buck, who had decided that the middle of the bed was the best spot when sharing it.

Buck, move over a bit,” Eddie whispers, not sure if he can touch.

Noo,” Buck mumbles, moving closer to Eddie.

If you would like to cuddle, you need to move over. Right now, Evan,” Eddie commands, too tired to care what he was saying.

Fine…” Buck rolls over to face away from him so Eddie can get comfortable, which was when Eddie recognizes the hoodie Buck’s wearing. Moving behind him, so their flush against each other.

Missed me while I was at work, baby?” Eddie purrs into Buck’s ear, reeling in the way Buck’s body reacts to him.

Maybe,” Buck murmurs, thankful Eddi can’t see the blush covering him.

I think ya did, why else would you be wearing my hoodie?” Eddie whispers, wrapping an arm around Buck. “Did you leave your pants on the floor?

Buck whimpers in response, not trusting his voice.

I’m wearing them, and only them,” Eddie teases, playing with the strings from the hood.

Really?” Buck whispers, forcing himself not to thrust his hips against Eddie’s.

Huh-uh, now, go back to sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow,” Eddie feels as Buck turns slightly in his arms, thinking he wants him to move.

“No… stay…” Buck whines slightly, causing Eddie to move back into place.


Chapter Text


Buck woke up to Eddie pressed against his back, hard, Buck himself was also hard, but that’s to be expected when the one he loves and wants to get railed by, is hard against his ass.

Quit moving,” Eddie grunts into Buck's ear, and grabbing his hip.

Sorry… wasn’t aware I was doing it…” Buck mumbles, moving his hips backwards slightly so that Eddie’s cock was flush against his ass.

Dad!” Chris’s voice calls out.

“Go, Carla will be here in an hour,” Buck pouts into the pillow.

Do not touch yourself, and if you decide to disobey, you better not cum,” Eddie growls, before getting up, and throwing a shirt on.

Yes, daddy,” Buck jokes, regretting his choice of words when Eddie growls towards his direction.


“I want pancakes…” Chris gives Eddie puppy eyes to get him to give in.

“How ‘bout we have pancakes for dinner? Buck’s still sleeping,” Eddie offers, hoping it works.

“Okay, fine,” Chris sighs eating the food given to him.

“You excited for your school trip this weekend?” Eddie asks, “did Buck tell you that I’m off for the next week?”

“I’m excited! I get to have a sleepover with all my friends!” Chris beams, “and yeah!”

“When you get back, we’ll have fun, okay?” Eddie smiles as his son gets ready for Carla’s arrival.

“Can I say bye to Buck?” Chris asks timidly.

“Of course, you can say bye to me, buddy!” Buck beams, opening his arms for Chris to hug him.

“Thought you were sleeping?” Eddie teases.

“Well-” Buck gets cut off by a knock at the door, “I’ll see you after school, buddy.”

“Bye Bucky!” Chris waves towards him with his crutch in his hand.

“Carla, good morning,” Eddie smiles, seeing the friendly face.

“Good morning Buckley-Diaz boys!” She greets in her cheery voice.

“Morning Carla,” Buck smiles.

“I’ll see you, fellas, later, alright, you ready?” Carla looks towards Chris, who smiles up at her before walking towards her vehicle.


Buck goes back to bed after the two leave, while Eddie heads towards the bathroom.

“I’m taking a shower, what I told you earlier still applies. Got it?” Eddie informs him.

“Okay,” Buck lays on the bed, waiting for the door to close, but doesn’t hear it.

“I think you forgot some words.”

“What?” Buck turns to face Eddie, who’s staring at him.

I asked you a question.” Eddie leans against the doorframe, waiting.

“Oh…” Buck blushes as he realizes what Eddie meant, “…I understand…” Buck moves to get comfortable again, not facing Eddie, before adding, “Daddy.

“Good boy,” Eddie praises, closing the door for privacy.

Why is there a dick in my shower!?” Eddie yells, hoping Buck isn’t sleeping yet.

Evan… Él cogió a sí mismo en mi ducha ayer, oh Dios Mio,” Eddie groans under his breath, feeling himself getting hard just looking at the toy.

Will you shush in there? I’m tryna sleep!” Buck shouts.

“You fuck yourself in my shower while I was at work yesterday, mi pequeña puta traviesa,” Eddie growls, opening the door, not caring that Buck could see how hot he finds this.

“What?” Buck rolls over to look at what Eddie’s talking about but gets distracted seeing how hard Eddie is in (Buck’s) PJ pants and ends up rolling off the bed, “Fuck!

“You okay?!” Eddie asks, hoping Buck didn’t hurt himself more.

“Yep, just got distracted,” Buck chuckles dryly.

Oh, yeah? By what?” Eddie fucking winks at him, before smiling, “Well?”

…Oh…” Buck moves to hide himself but fails when Eddie moves towards him.

Don’t,” Eddie orders, “now, tell me.

I- Umm… you… I got distracted by you…” Buck blushes a deeper shade of red.

“Oh yeah?” Eddie teases, crouching down so that his crotch is inches away from Buck's face.

Please?” Buck begs, not knowing exactly for what, “Wait, what did you say earlier?” Buck asks, realizing Eddie called him something in Spanish.

“I called you my naughty little slut,” Eddie flushes, embarrassed until he notices that Buck isn’t grossed out or pushing him away, instead he moans. “Wish you had told me you brought some toys with you; I would have told you that you don’t need them,” Eddie says, helping Buck up off the floor.

“Yeah?” Buck looks at Eddie with hopeful eyes.

“Yeah, now let me shower, I told you last night we have a busy day,” Eddie pats Buck’s chest, before walking back into the bathroom, leaving the door open just a crack.


By the time Eddie had finished showering and getting dressed for the day, he found Buck in the living room staring at a blank tv screen, holding a cup of coffee, but dressed from the waist down since he needed help with his shirt

“Uh, Buck?” Eddie asks, “the tv’s off you’re staring at nothing.”

“What? Oh, yeah, I know…” Buck turns a light shade of pink, “what are we doing today?”

“Shopping, we need food, and ingredients for pancakes, Chris wanted them for breakfast so I told him we could have them for dinner instead. Then we are heading to the station, for lunch, because bobby asked if I could bring you, then we are taking the papers to city hall, then picking our son up.”

Our son, god, we sound married,” buck gushes, happily.

“One day maybe,” Eddie mutters, picking Bucks shirt up off the couch, “Arms,” Eddie rolls the shirt to pull it over Buck's head easier.


“So, Buckaroo, how you feeling?” Chimney sits on the stool next to Buck.

“Sore, frustrated,” Buck sighs, catching Eddie’s reaction to it.

“Oh?” Hen looks over at Eddie, seeing he’s a little pinker than earlier.

“Yeah, guys, I have a stab wound from a door, and I can’t put shirts on without help, I feel like a child,” Buck deadpans, seeing Eddie relax slightly.

“I’m guessing Eddie there has been helping you?” Chimney teases.

“Yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing a shirt,” Buck looks at his friend, “How’s my sister?”

You put a hoodie on yesterday though,” Eddie mutters.

“She’s beautiful,” Chimney smiles.

“I think he meant how she’s been, not what she looks like,” Hen retorts.

“Right, I knew that she’s good, not too happy you got hurt, again.

“I didn’t purposely ram a piece of the door through my side,” Buck shrieks.

“We know you’d rather something else, don’t worry,” Chimney adds, laughing as Hen picks up what was just said, the three watch as Eddie starts choking on his drink.

“Kids, behave,” Bobby says, placing a pan on the counter, “Athena should be here soon, so go sit,” Bobby shoos the ‘kids’ to the table.


“So, ‘thena, how’ve you been?” Buck asks, trying to get the attention off of him.

“I’ve been good, but I would like to know how you are, I heard what happened,” Athena responds softly.

“I’m okay, I’m healing, and I have a good babysitter,” Buck jokes, earning a few laughs.

“Bet he’s the best,” Chimney snickers to Hen.

“Hen, Chimney,” Bobby looks at the two, “Behave.”

“Yes Cap,” the two speak in unison, before continuing to eat.

“We brought the papers to city hall on our way here, Buck is Christopher’s legal guardian now,” Eddie informs the group, as they clean up.

“Congrats guys, you are officially parents to a son together now,” Chimney jokes, but is happy for them.

“Thanks, Chim,” Buck smiles.


“Eddie, please… can I please cum…” Buck begs, about to get on his knees to beg.

“No, you can wait more than a day. And if you can’t, well, I’ll know since we currently live together.”

“Good night Buck,” Eddie smiles.


Eddie!” Buck yells to his friend from the bathroom, “Where is my stuff!?

“What do you mean? You’re clothes are put away, and everything else is where it should be,” Eddie states calmly, walking into the bedroom.

“My other stuff?!” Buck almost whines, “those were expensive!

“Are you talking about the lube? It’s put away as well,” Eddie points to the bedside table.

The other thing?” Buck does whine this time, Eddie had been teasing him for two days now, not letting him cum, but he also hadn’t touched him either.

“You mean the dick you left in my shower?” Eddie growls.

Yes…” Buck blushes before adding, “…Daddy…

“Good boy,” Eddie runs a hand through Buck's hair.

Please Eddie,” Buck begs.


“Daddy, I meant daddy…” Buck whimpers, as Eddie looks over at the clock beside the bed.

“Look at the time, baby, we have to go pick our son up,” Eddie smiles, sliding his knee between Buck's legs, feeling how hard he is.

Daddy…” Buck moans at the slight friction.

“No, go get dressed, we have to pick Chris up,” Eddie places a kiss onto Buck’s cheek before moving away from him, earning a whine at the loss from him.



Chapter Text


“We got a new principal today,” Chris frowns as Buck gets him into the car.

“What’s their name?” Buck smiles sadly.

“It’s Miss. Ana…” Chris whispers to Buck, trying to make sure his dad doesn’t hear him.

“You mean Miss. Flores? She’s your new principal?” Buck holds back a gag.

“Yeah, she was telling my teacher she’s daddy’s girlfriend, but I told them that my dad’s are together, and she gagged… and told me boys can’t be with boys, which I know isn’t true, because dad loves you, and you love him,” Chris explains.

“She told you that?” Buck scowls, “she has no right telling you that, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, or what gender you like, some girls like girls, and some boys like boys, no matter what, that’s okay, and I’m glad you know that.”

“She doesn’t like you, and I don’t know why…” Chris frowns again, “you’re the best!”

“She’s jealous I live with the best Diaz boys ever, and she doesn’t, and thank you,” Buck kisses Chris’s head before closing the door and getting in beside Eddie.

She has no right talking to our son like that,” Edie growls, starting the car.

“We could report her,” Buck shrugs, “for harassment, she’s shown up at your door probably three times? And is now telling people that she’s your girlfriend when she thinks we’re married?”

Chris, would you like to go over to Bobby and Athena’s tonight?” Eddie asks, looking at his son through the mirror.

“Yeah!” Chris beams, looking up from the tablet Buck gave him to distract him.

“We might have to because she’s getting out of hand, we should talk to Athena and see what our best options would be because I’m sick and tired of her bullshit,” Eddie grumbles, looking at Buck.

“Should we do that tonight?” Buck asks, “since we’ll be there anyway…”

“I don’t want to ruin the mood, ya know, it’s supposed to be a fun family barbeque,” Eddie frowns, pulling into the driveway, “Chris, I want you to do some of your homework before we leave.”

“Okay, dad!” Chris smiles, as Buck gets out of the car to help him.

“Thanks, bud,” Buck smiles, taking the tablet from Chris’s extended hand.

Buck, go shower since you didn’t before we picked Chris up,” Eddie orders, smiling as he helps Chris with some homework.

Yes, sir,” Buck salutes jokingly, before turning to walk away.

“We took the papers in today, the ones Buck signed,” Eddie informs Chris, who looks excited.

“Really?!” Chris beams, “does that mean I can call him Dad too?”

“I think you already have, but yes, you can, as long as Buck is okay with that,” Eddie smiles.


“So, how long has she been trespassing?” Athena asks Eddie quietly.

“Since Buck got hurt specifically, she came over the night he was released because I didn’t answer her back after she sent 10 messages to me, saying she was worried about me, and the second time I was at work, and Buck told her off, even went as after as telling her we were married and he lived with us, and she still has the audacity to tell her co-workers that she’s my girlfriend in front of my kid, who then tells the teachers that isn’t true, and how ‘Buck and I are in love with each other' and she tells him boys don’t love other boys,” Eddie says, furious, “she has no right.”

“I can see what I can do, okay, but if she comes over unannounced again, call me, but don’t let her know, because then I might have enough reason to arrest her,” Athena smirks, “I know I wouldn’t let what she said slide, hell my ex-husband is gay and loves a man, and my kids know he still loves us too, but if someone had said that to my babies before he came out to them, I would have hurt them.”

“Thank you ‘Thena, means a lot to have you help out with this,” Eddie sighs, taking a sip of his beer, watching as Chris and Buck have fun.

“Anything for family,” Athena smiles, “now, go have fun, that’s why you’re here.”


“You talked to her?” Buck frowns, clearly not happy about it.

“Buck, she’s a cop, she can help us, besides! It was your idea to talk to her!”

“I meant together!” Buck cries, closing the bathroom door behind him.

“Buck! You were playing with Christopher when she came up to me, she could tell something was wrong, I wasn’t going to lie to her and say that nothing was wrong,” Eddie sighs, “I didn’t want to worry Chris, and you were having fun, I wanted you to enjoy it, and not worry about my crazy ex…”

“Eds, I get not wanting to worry Chris, but she’s harassing me as well, I’m a part of this too,” Buck opens the door to look at him, “she thinks we are married, and she can’t even accept that we are in this together Eds…” Buck frowns.

“Buck…” Eddie frowns, “I didn’t think… Fuck, I’m so sorry…”

“Can we sleep?” Buck pouts, “I’m tired.”

“Of course, come on,” Eddie reaches a hand out towards him.

The two climb into bed, with Buck facing away from Eddie.

Cuddling?” Eddie asks, wanting to hold his boy.

Not tonight…” Buck whispers, holding back a sob.

“Oh, okay… yeah…” Eddie whispers back sadly, before rolling to face the door.


Buck woke up first, earlier than he has in a while, and decides to go for a run, leaving a note for Eddie in case he wakes up while he’s gone.

Eds went for a run, be back soon, Buck

Eddie wakes up an hour later to an empty and cold bed, finding a note on Buck’s pillow, he should be back soon.

“Dad!?” Chris knocks on the door.

“Come in, buddy,” Eddie fakes a smile, as Chris enters the room, “what’s up?”

“Where’s Bucky?” Chris asks, seeing that Eddie is alone in bed, “he’s not in the kitchen either…”

“he went for a run, I’m not sure when though,” Eddie notifies his son.

“So, he’ll be back?” Chris asks, hopeful.

“Yeah, but maybe not in time for him to cook you breakfast,” Eddie frowns as his son looks disappointed at the fact.

“Okay, I’ll go get ready for school,” Chris pouts, leaving his dad’s room.


“Morning, buddy,” Buck smiles walking into the house, “Want me to drive you to school?”

“Yeah! I missed you this morning…”

“Sorry, I woke up early and couldn’t sleep, and I haven’t been on a run in a while,” Buck pouts, hating that he seems to have upset his and Eddie’s son.

“That’s okay!” Chris smiles.

“I’ll go shower really quick so I’m not smelly when we get to school, okay?” Buck jokes.

“Yeah, you smell, dad,” Chris giggles.

“I know,” Buck kisses Chris’s head before taking off to shower.

“You’re back,” Eddie states, as Buck walks through the room.

“Way to state the obvious there Eddie,” Buck retorts, “oh, and I told Chris I’d drive him to school today.”

“Oh, alright, thanks,” Eddie forces a smile, as Buck shuts the door behind him.


Buck wanted Eddie to push him, remind him not to disobey the order from a few days ago, he’s not in the mood to do so, but he wants Eddie to order him around again, wants to feel like Eddie feels something for him in return.

“Buck! We have to go!” Chris shouts as Buck leaves the bedroom fully dressed.

“thought you needed help with shirts…?” Eddie asks, sounding upset, “ya know, doctor’s orders…”

“It’s a button-up, it’s easier to put on alone,” Buck responds, slightly cold, picking Chris’s backpack up, and walking towards the door to meet Chris.

“Bye, dad!” Chris waves, as the two leave.


Eddie: He’s mad at me for something.

Bobby: what happened after you left last night?

Eddie: he got upset when I told him that I had talked to Athena without him.

            And he’s been cold to me since, he had a button up shirt with him and wore it today specifically bc he didn’t want to be near me today.

Bobby: want me to talk to him? Maybe figure out why he isn’t talking to you?


Buckley: spending the day with Maddie


Eddie: he’s spending the day with his sister…

Bobby: I’ll talk to him, Maddie is here at the station right now.

Eddie: thanks bobby


Buck shows up at the station a few minutes later, not in his usual happy mood.

“Buck, can we talk?” Bobby walks over to where Buck is standing.

“Sure, everything okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry,” Bobby leads him to the kitchen in the loft, “everything already with you?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine, I went for a run this morning, it was great,” buck smiles, oblivious to what Bobby was actually asking about.

“Buck, I meant with Eddie, is everything okay between the two of you?”

“He told Athena about Ana without me, which seems stupid, but I thought we were in this together, I know we aren’t actually married, but we share a kid now, and Ana thinks we’re married… but he felt like he could handle this without me… and it hurts, because I know once I’m clear from the doctor’s he’s going to send me back to my apartment, back to Albert, I love him and all, but Alberts like a brother, hell, he basically is with how Maddie and Chim act, and I’m not ready for that… and Chris isn’t going to be there in two days, for two days, and I’m scared…”

“Buck, Eddie thinks that you don’t want to be near him, is that true?” Bobby asks, clearly worried about the pair.

“I love him… Bobby… I think I’m in love with him… how am I supposed to be near him now, I knew I loved him, but I didn’t think I was in love with him… that makes this worse… it’ll hurt so much more when he leaves…” Buck admits, close to tears.

“Buck, he asked you to be his son’s other dad, which means that he isn’t going anywhere, I think you should talk to him, or at least know that you don’t hate him?” Bobby suggests.

“I could never hate him,” Buck frowns.

“Talk to him?” Bobby looks at him before the others start coming up the stairs.

“Okay, thank you, Bobby,” Buck pulls the man in for a hug.

“Awe!” Maddie gushes.

“Ready to go shopping?” Buck asks his sister.

“Yeah, should we leave the Jeep here?”

“Yeah, save some gas,” Buck chuckles.

“Have fun,” Chimney kisses Maddie before the siren goes off.



Buckley: I didn’t touch myself in the shower this morning


Buck texts Eddie, not expecting an answer for a bit.


Eddie: that all u have to say?!

Buckley: yeah, wanted u 2 know that I still obeyed ur order from the other day.

Eddie: Okay.


Well, now who’s mad at who! Buck looks over at his sister as she pulls into a parking spot.

“So, why are we here?” Maddie asks, looking at the store.

“Wanted to get a few things, ya know?” Buck shrugs.

“Okay, I do not want to know what you buy, deal?” Buck laughs.

“Deal,” Buck shakes her hand as the two walk into the store, separately.

Hi, how may I help you?” A lady who works there asks.

“I was wondering if you guys had anything that would be considered ‘kinky’?” Buck asks, shamelessly.

“In the back of the store, we have some BDSM stuff, like ropes, handcuffs, spreader bars. Any of that interest you?”

“Yeah, actually it does, thank you,” Buck smiles brightly at the lady.

Buck walks right to the back of the store, seeing that the areas were marked off for specific kinks, pet play, age play, bondage, gagging, impact play, wax play, if you could name it, they probably had it.

Buck had a list of what he wanted he had never told anyone what he had in mind to buy.

He wanted to get a cage, a cock cage to be specific, cock ring, maybe some rope, the pink rope looked super soft, maybe even some pretty clothes he could wear for his Daddy when he didn’t hate him anymore, and if they ever took it further.

He had found the perfect shirt, and it was in his size, it was a tight blue shirt with the option to customize it, which of course he had to do.

“Could I get this customized?” Buck asks placing the shirt on the counter.

“Sure honey, what would you like it to say?” a different lady than earlier asks, “Would you like to write it down? Most people prefer to write it instead of verbalizing it, we also know how you want it spelt that way as well.”

“Sure, thank you,” Buck takes the pen to write what he wants on the shirt before giving it back to the lady.

“Okay, that should be ready in about an hour if you want to wait?” the lady smiles, as Buck nods his head.

Buck goes returns to the back where he had been looking at the stuff, before adding it to his basket, the cage, the ring, the rope, a pretty collar that was probably meant for girls, but he loved it, it came with a chain leash and a plug with a light pink jewel on the end. He finds a high-waisted skirt too, that matches his shirt, he finds one in his size before placing it in his basket as well. He takes his time walking around until the hour is up and his shirt is ready, before taking his basket to the counter to pay for everything.

“This for your girlfriend?” a lady asks, ringing his items through.

“No, it’s for me, all of it, no girlfriend,” Buck blushes.

“Oh! I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, it’s cause it’s pink?”

“Yeah… I shouldn’t have assumed…”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay,” Buck assured the lady, “I would have thought the same in your place.”

“Your total is 140, sir,” the lady smiles, as Buck pays.


“So, get everything you wanted?” Maddie asks as the two get into the car together.

“Yep, now, would it be okay if I cut our day short? I may have left Eddie under the impression I was mad at him…” Buck admits, blushing slightly.

“Yeah, of course! Go make it right with your baby daddy,” Maddie jokes, laughing as Buck blushes more.

“Thanks, Mads,” Buck smiles, “Could you actually help me put my new shirt on? I’m tired of this one.”

“Of course!” Maddie smiles.


“I’m gonna use the bathroom before I go, I’ll talk to you later mads,” Buck smiles at his sister, as she leaves the changing room. (She didn’t see what was written on it.)

Taking the bag with him, he locks himself in a stall after taking the plug out of the bag and washing it. Working himself open to fit the plug in his ass in a stall at work was new, but he found it thrilling. Once he pushes the plug in him, he leaves the stall washing his hands thoroughly before texting Eddie on his way out.


Buckley: u home? Cut my day with Maddie short

Eddie:  that depends, u planning on coming home?

Buckley: Home to you sounds like the best plan I’ve ever heard.

Eddie: I’m out getting a few things for Chris’s trip this weekend, but I’ll be home in a bit, maybe like a half-hour?

Buckley: that’s perfect!

Eddie: see you soon


Buck gets to Eddie’s quickly, going into the bedroom first, to put the cage on, and the collar, loving the way it fits on him and feels against his skin. Leaves the other stuff in the bag, as he pulls the skirt up, to cover the words on the bottom of his new shirt. And throws on some newer socks that match his outfit.


Buck?” Eddie’s voice calls through the house, “I’m home!

Buck had propped himself on the couch, watching some tv show quietly, with a blanket covering his lap.

“I’m in the living room!” Buck calls back, trying to calm his nerves.

“Hey, I wanted to make sure every-” Eddie cuts himself off, “Holy,” Eddie walks over to where Buck was sitting, to touch the collar, “you buy this today?”

Buck nods, not trusting his voice at the moment.

Speak when spoken to.

Yes, sir,” Buck whispers, looking into Eddie’s eyes.

“It’s so pretty,” Eddie traces over the word on it, ‘Daddy’s Slut’.

I saw it and fell in love…” Buck admits, blushing a deep shade of red.

“Is that because it reminded you of what you are?” Eddie smirks, feeling hot all over.

“Yes, sir,” Buck nods, smiling innocently.

“My naughty little slut,” Eddie growls.

“No,” Buck forces out, as Eddie looks hurt for a second, “I mean…”

“Tell me, baby,” Eddie runs a hand through Buck's hair.

Daddy’s naughty little slut…” Buck whimpers as Eddie pulls on his hair slightly.

Mierda, that’s right baby,” Eddie groans.

“Eds, before this goes further, I need to say something…” Buck pouts.

“What’s wrong?” Eddie worries.

“I… I know this might fuck everything up… but I need to say it…” Buck looks at his hands, “I’m… I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a long time…”

“Buck,” Eddie lifts Buck’s face up so he can look in his eyes, “I’m in love with you too, I just didn’t say anything because I was scared of losing you,” Eddie smiles, seeing how Buck’s face lights up.

“Hey, Eds,” Buck smiles, “Can I kiss you?”


Chapter Text


“Yeah, yeah of course. Fuck, please,” Eddie half begs, as Buck moves forward to kiss him.

The kiss starts out innocent enough, but every time Buck moves his hips at all, the plug shifts slightly in him, making him moan into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie tosses the blanket onto the floor and pulls Buck onto his lap, all with his eyes closed, making Buck whimper into it.

Fuck, ” Buck moans, as Eddie sucks onto his neck, above the collar.

“What are you wearing?” Eddie asks as he moves his hands to grasp Buck’s ass.

“A skirt?” Buck blushes as Eddie looks at his outfit, “that okay, Daddy?”

Mierda, baby, yeah, it’s kinda hot, ” Eddie squeezes Buck’s bare ass, “not wearing anything underneath?” Eddie looks Buck in the eyes.

“Well, technically I kinda am…” buck blushes deeply, “I didn’t wanna disobey your order to not cum…”

“I also told you not to touch yourself,” Eddie adds, as Buck bites his lip, “baby.”

“You also said that if I did touch myself I couldn’t cum, and I didn’t…” Buck pouts, as Eddie growls.

“Where?” Eddie pats Bucks ass, “did you touch your cock, or ass, baby?”

“Can I show you what I got today? It may answer your question better at the same time,” Buck smiles innocently.

“Sure,” Eddie shrugs, letting Buck get up.

“Well, I got this outfit, the shirt I got customized at the store, the collar, with the matching chain leash, and like four other things,” Buck says, grabbing Eddie’s hand, dragging him to the bedroom where two of the other things were.

“There’s only two things here,” Eddie glares at Buck.

“Well, here’s the receipt of the things I got,”

Collar /w leash, high-waisted skirt, customized t-shirt, pink rope, cock ring, pink jewel plug, cock cage.

Evan Buckley, ” Eddie grunts, looking up from the slip of paper, seeing Buck covering his cock over his skirt.

Lift it up, ” Eddie orders, “ show me what you bought today.

Buck slowly lifts the hem of the skirt up, so that Eddie can see the metal around his cock.

“You look so pretty, baby, knowing you bought this to be a good boy for me,” Eddie moans.

“I did, I wanted to be so good for you, Daddy,” Buck whimpers.

“What about the plug, baby,” Eddie asks softly, watching as Buck climbs onto the bed pushing his ass up in the air.

Move the skirt, ” Buck practically purrs at Eddie, moaning as Eddie listens.

Santa mierda, nena, ” Eddie moans, getting a glance of pink. (Holy fuck, baby,)

“Like it, daddy ?” Buck wiggles his ass a bit, teasing Eddie.

“So, fucking much,” Eddie tugs the plug lightly, “want Daddy to fuck you?”

Eddie, please yes, ” Buck moans, pushing his ass closer to Eddie, “I’m clean, by the way.”

Querido Dios Evan, ¿quieres que te folle el culo a carne viva ?” Eddie growls, gripping Buck’s ass. (Dear God Evan, you want me to fuck your ass raw?)

“Eddie, as hot as it is hearing you speak Spanish, I don’t understand what you said, I know common phrases, but not dirty talk… I understood ‘ God ’ and ‘ Evan ’,” Buck enlightens Eddie, who smirks.

“You want me to fuck you?” Eddie resays.

“You said a lot more than that, but okay,” Buck chuckles.

You really wanna know what I said? ” Eddie teases, playing with the plug some more.

Please, Daddy, ” Buck whimpers, “word for word?”

“I said, Dear God Evan, you want me to fuck your ass raw? ” Eddie groans, as Buck whines at his words.

Yes, Ed-Daddy, please, ” Buck begs, pushing his ass back toward Eddie.

“Of course, Baby, but I think we should talk first, about limits,” Eddie pats Bucks ass.

“Fine…” Buck pouts.

“So, obviously you have a praise kink, I refuse to hurt you, unless it’s a punishment or you get off on it, I will not make you bleed,” Eddie notifies him.

“We both clearly have some trauma-related things we aren’t into, if it reminds you of your past, I won’t do it, and a little pain is okay with me, I like it rough, but I agree with the no blood, I might not be on blood thinners anymore, but still. I do have a praise kink… And you obviously have a Daddy kink! When we’re in public could I call you sir? Would that be okay?” Buck inquires, “also, what you're doing right now, I like it,” Buck refers to where Eddie is currently petting Buck.

“Okay, good to know you like pain, and like it rough, and I didn’t even know I had a Daddy kink until you said it that first time, I would love it if you called me sir in public, I want everyone to know your mine, whenever you want to tell people that is,” Eddie smiles, continuing to pet Buck.

“I’m yours, huh?” Buck teases, “when did that happen? I don’t remember you asking me out,” Eddie yanks Buck's hair roughly at the tease.

You want me to ‘ask you out’? ” Eddie growls, “ What is this, high school?

“Fine!” Buck squeaks, “I meant to be your boyfriend!”

Good boy, ” Eddie releases his grip, returning to just petting his hair.

Eddie, ” Buck whines.

“Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley, would you like to be my boyfriend?” Eddie asks, a hint of humour in his voice.

“I thought you would never ask, I would love to be your boyfriend,” Buck smiles brightly.

“We should tell Bobby before we go back,” Eddie murmurs, “But it’s up to you when we tell people, okay?”

“Yes, Sir, should we call Bobby today? And when we get back to work, we can do a ‘test run’, to show him that our relationship won’t affect the way we do our job?”

“I like it, I like your plan, baby,” Eddie smiles, “do you have a safe word?”

“Usual traffic light system, Green for good, and yellow for slow down/maybe’s, and red for full stop, another full stop word would be Avocado ,” Buck explains awkwardly.

“Thank you for telling me, perrito, ” Eddie pets Buck.


Eddie added Bobby and Buckley to a new chat

Eddie: We have something we think you should know

Bobby: Buck’s okay, right?

Buckley: Yeah, I’m great! It’s a good thing we have to tell you, not bad

Eddie: We, Buck and I, have finally realized we like the other back

Bobby: The others will be so happy to hear that, we were getting tired of watching the two of you pin after each other

Buckley: so evry 1 knew we liked the other but didn’t tell us?

Bobby: Yeah, basically, but I won’t tell them, though you both will have to sign papers.

Eddie: we talked about it as well, we were wondering if when we r both back, would it be ok if we did like a trial run? Like to show you that we can separate work and personal life?

Bobby: Okay, I will see the both of you in a week? If Buck’s doctor gives him a clean bill of health, but u won’t be going on calls until ur fully healed, do you understand?

Buckley: Yes, Cap, I understand.


My good boy, ” Eddie purrs.


“I need you to change, we have to pick Chris up soon, and as hot as it is seeing you in a skirt, I don’t want anyone else seeing my boy like this,” Eddie orders Buck, who pouts.

“Could I at least leave the plug in?” Buck looks at Eddie with hopefulness.

“Of course, mi amor ,” Eddie smiles.

“The cage?” Buck frowns, wanting to take it off, but wanting to be good for Eddie more.

“You put it on because you wanted to be good for me, can you continue to be good if we take it off?” Eddie asks, already knowing Buck’s answer.

“I-I don’t know…” Buck frowns.

“Okay, so let’s leave it on for a bit longer then, okay baby?” Eddie soothes.

“Okay,” Buck smiles, before moving to get up, “could you unzip me, daddy?” Buck asks cutely, remembering that Eddie had yet to see what he got customized onto the shirt.

“Um, Buck?” Eddie asks, puzzled, “you said this was customized, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Buck forges innocence.

“So, this shirt didn’t say anything before you bought it?”

“Yeppers!” Buck cheers, “Why? You like what I got put on it?”

“Yeah, yeah I do,” Eddie says, sounding dazed.

Buck had gotten ‘ Property of Daddy ’ with an arrow pointing downward, towards his ass.

“Change it, as much as I love your new shirt, Chris doesn’t need to know what we get off on,” Eddie shakes his head.

“Okay, good call, I’ll meet you in the living room?” Buck offers, letting the skirt fall to the ground, hearing Eddie groan.

“Yeah, that might be a good idea,” Eddie whispers, panting.


“Ready to pick Chris up?” Buck asks Eddie, walking past him in the living room.

“What? Oh, uh yeah, ‘m ready,” Eddie looks up at Buck, before getting off the couch.

“Well then, let’s go!” Buck bounces on his toes, before quickly putting his shoes on.

“Alright, I’m coming,” Eddie laughs, just as Buck scoffs, “What?”

You better not be… I wanna be the reason you do… ” Buck pouts, meanwhile Eddie laughs harder.

“You always are, perrito,” Eddie kisses Buck, opening the front door for them.


“I was thinking we could have a movie night? Since you have your trip tomorrow,” Eddie smiles as he watches his boyfriend buckle their son into the car.

“We also have some news to tell you,” Buck flushes slightly at Eddie’s words.

You’re leaving…? ” Chris guesses sadly.

“Not any time soon mijo,” Eddie comforts, “Buck and I, we’re together…”

“Like how he was with Miss. Ana, but this time he won’t be leaving me, you both are stuck with me,” Buck adds.


Chapter Text



“What movie would you like to watch?” Eddie asks Chris that night.

“Um,” Chris pretends to think, “Moana!”

Again?” Buck whispers in the kitchen making the popcorn, “that’s the eleventh time in a row he’s wanted it…

“Of course, do you need help getting it on, or can you do it alone?” Eddie asks.

“I can do it!” Chris beams, wanting to be independent.

“Okay, buddy,” Eddie smiles.

Eddie wanders into the kitchen silently, without Buck realizing, pinning him against the counter, “How’s the popcorn coming along, perrito?

“G-good,” Buck stutters, “We watching Moana again?”

“Yeah, that okay?” Eddie kisses Buck’s neck, teasing him.

Yeah!” Buck squeaks, turning around to face his boyfriend, “love the movie, fun to sing along to.

“It’s fun watching you and Chris try and sing along every time,” Eddie smiles looking Buck in the eyes while placing his leg in between Bucks.

Eds…” Buck begs, barely audible.

“Yeah, baby?” Eddie says in a teasing manner.

Please, Daddy,” Buck whimpers.

“Dads! Come on!” Chris calls out, bouncing on the couch.

“Coming!” Eddie calls back, grinding his thigh against Buck slightly, giving him some friction.

“Eds, could I take the cage off?” Buck asks, “please?

“Fine, but if you know the rule,” Eddie growls.

“No cumming without permission,” Buck reiterates, smiling.

“Go, I’ll take the popcorn out, and we’ll wait for you, so hurry up?” Eddie backs up, letting Buck go.

“Okay, tell him I went to the bathroom?” Buck suggests, before disappearing.

“Where’s Bucky?” Chris asks pouting.

“Bathroom, he’ll be back, don’t worry,” Eddie chuckles at their kid.

Let’s start this movie!” Buck claps his hands, as he sits beside Eddie on the couch.

“Yay!” Chris cheers.

By the mid-way point of the movie, Eddie throws a blanket over him and Buck, seeing as Chris already had one on him. Chris was still awake by the end of Moana and wanted to watch another movie with them, Monsters Inc. was Buck’s choice.

Eds,” Buck whispers, as Eddie places his hand on Buck’s upper thigh.

Shh, don’t want Chris finding out,” Eddie hushes, moving his hand up teasingly slow.

By the end of Monsters Inc., Chris was passed out asleep, while Buck was hard in his jeans, begging Eddie to let him come.

“I’m going to put Chris to bed, you go get ready for bed, we have a busy weekend ahead of us,” Eddie smirks, picking his son up.


Eddie walks into their room finding Buck struggling with his shirt.

Need some help?” Eddie holds back a laugh, as Buck looks at him with pleading eyes.

“Yes, please, Daddy…” Buck lets go of the shirt, letting Eddie help him.

“There ya go,” Eddie smiles, placing the discarded shirt on the bed beside Buck, “We have a doctor’s appointment in the morning after we drop Chris off, which is at like nine am, weird time but okay, the appointment is at nine-thirty,” Eddie explains, going into the bathroom.

“Okay,” Buck yawns.

“Oh, and Buck?” Eddie stops at the door, turning to look at Buck, “take the plug out for the night, but I want it back in before we leave in the morning,” Eddie doesn’t let Buck respond before closing the bathroom door.


“Come on! Don’t wanna be late!” Buck bounces through the house as Eddie finishes packing the last-minute things for Chris.

“I’m comin Dad!” Chris beams, walking over to him.

“Yeah, Dad,” Eddie mocks, passing him the bag, as he helps Chris with his shoes.

“I’ll go put this in the car.” Buck tosses the bag in the seat next to Chris’s so it’s easy to grab.

“Let’s go!” Chris says as him and Eddie get to the truck.


They get to the school on time, not expecting to see the school's new principal.

“Eds, hold my hand…” Buck whispers as Chris walks over to his friends.

“Not that I’m complaining, but why?” Eddie looks around confused, until he sees her, “I love holding your hand anyway,” Eddie jokes, placing his hand out for Buck to grab.

“I’m going to need you to not do that here, in front of the children,” a feminine voice says from beside them once they catch up with Chris.

“And why would we-” Buck starts, turning to see the source of the voice, “Miss. Flores. Course it is…

“Eddie, this is for parents to see their kid off, not best friends for the parent,” Ana informs.

“Well, seeing as we’re together, and I am one of Chris’s legal parents, I’m allowed to be here. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please leave us alone,” Buck advises the lady.

Edmundo, are you seriously going to let him talk to me like this?” Ana looks at Eddie.

“It’s Eddie, only my parents me by my full name, and he’s not saying anything I wouldn’t so, yeah, I am,” Eddie shrugs.

“Dads!” Chris smiles seeing his two dads walk over to where he is.

“These are your dads?” a lady, one of the kid’s mothers, gushes.

“Yep!” Chris beams, proud of his dad’s.

“Hi, Eddie, this is Buck,” Eddie shakes the lady’s hand.

“Cindy, Max’s mom,” She points to a blonde-haired girl, smiling at Chris.

“Nice to meet you, they seem close,” Eddie nods at Buck’s words.

“They are, she keeps asking when he can come over for a sleepover.”

“Well, we have busy schedules as firefighters, so if you’re up for it, on one of our 24-hour shifts he could sleep over? If he wants to,” Eddie explains, “we have no problem with that.”

“Max will be so happy to hear that, and you two are raising an amazing boy,” Cindy praises them.

“Bye, dad! Bye, other dad!” Chris shouts as the kids get on a bus.

“Bye, buddy,” the pair call back to him, waving.

“It was great meeting and talking to you two, I will see you two tomorrow when they get back,” Cindy smiles, waving at the bus.

“Sounds good, bye Cindy,” Eddie smiles.

“Crap, Eds, it’s nine twenty,” Buck worries, showing Eddie the time.

“We’ll make it, bye!” Eddie pulls Buck’s arm as they rush to the car.

“Edmundo, why the rush,” Ana stops them as they get to the truck.

“We have a doctor's appointment, so if you don’t mind, we need to leave,” Eddie grunts as he shoulders past her.

“That’s rude,” Ana pouts as the two drive away.


They get to the doctors just in time as a nurse calls out their name.

“Hi, Mr. Buckley-Diaz,” the doctor smiles as he enters the room the two were put in.

“Hey, Doc, good news?” Buck asks hopefully.

“Well, it seems that you are healing just fine, and are you finding it okay to put shirts on yourself again, or?”

“It was difficult last night taking it off, but it sometimes hurts when I do it alone,” Buck clarifies.

“Okay, well, you can return to work next week, but I would like to see you on Wednesday to make sure everything is okay, alright?”

“Sounds good, doc,” Buck smiles as Eddie walks out of the room and out of hearing range, “this may be a strange question, but I want to make sure, if I were to have intercourse in the next week, would that be okay? Like with my healing?” Buck inquires, wanting to make sure that whenever Eddie makes the next move to have sex, he can do it.

“Yes, you’re healed up enough that if you had intercourse, it wouldn’t be a problem, just make sure that you are safe, and he isn’t too rough with you, you are still healing.” The doctor answers.

“Thank you, see you Wednesday!” Buck beams, bouncing out of the room.

“What was that?” Eddie asks, once Buck reaches him.

“Just clarifying something with him, nothing to worry about, Daddy,” Buck whispers the last part into Eddie’s ear.

“Let’s get home then, perrito,” Eddie smiles.


The whole car ride home consisted of Buck teasing Eddie, and Eddie teasing him right back.

“When we get home, I want you changed, and in everything, I laid out on the bed before we left, do you understand?” Eddie commands.

Yes daddy,” Buck smiles brightly.

“Good boy, now shush, we have a whole weekend to ourselves, no rushing.”

“Okay…” Buck pouts, just knowing that Eddie means they aren’t having sex the minute they get home, even if that’s what Buck wants.

They get home and Buck goes straight for the bedroom to change into whatever Eddie left out for him.

“Wait, my shirt,” Buck stops, looking at Eddie for help.

“I’ll help,” Eddie fakes a sigh and helps pull the shirt off him.

Buck walks into the bedroom finding his skirt, the new cock ring, a pair of thigh highs he hadn’t seen before but matched the skirt, and a tank top Buck had seen Eddie wear that first week Eddie started at the 118.

Better hurry up, perrito!” Eddie shouts from the living room.

“Okay,” Buck says in a normal tone, not loud enough for Eddie to hear.

Buck sheds the rest of his clothes before putting the outfit on for Eddie.

“Eds, could you help me with the shirt?” Buck walks into the living carrying the shirt, wearing the rest of the outfit.

“Yeah, of course,” Eddie hums.

Eddie smiles looking at Buck in the outfit, “sit on the couch, put something for me to watch on,” Eddie orders him, leaving to change into something more comfortable.

Eds…” Buck whines when he hears Eddie’s phone ringing, “Eddie, you’re phone’s ringing!” Buck calls out.

“Answer it for me!” Eddie shouts back.

“Eddie’s phone,” Buck answers.

Buck, can you put Eddie on the phone?” Bobby asks on the other end.

“Sure, one sec,” Buck knocks on the bedroom door waiting for Eddie to let him in, “Eds, it’s Bobby.”

“Just come in, Buck,” Eddie chuckles at his boyfriend, “put it on speaker?” Eddie watches as Buck taps the phone a few times before the two can hear Bobby.

Eddie, I know I said that you could have the weekend before coming back, but I need you today, Anderson called in sick last minute and I’m already a man short with Buck out right now,” Bobby pleads.

“How long?” Eddie sighs, dreading having to look up at Buck’s face, knowing he’d been excited for the two to be alone together for the weekend.

“12-hour shift, but if it’s a slow day, I’ll let you go early, I just need more hands…”

“Alright, yeah, I’ll come in, just know Buck won’t be too happy with you,” Eddie. laughs forcefully.

I’m sorry I’m stealing him from you, Buck,” Bobby apologizes, sounding honest about it.

“It’s fine…” Buck pouts.

“I’ll see you in twenty minutes Cap,” Eddie frowns.

See you soon Diaz,” Bobby says hanging up.

“I’m sorry perrito…” Eddie places a hand on Buck’s face.

“Can I text you?” Buck asks, “ya know, to keep me entertained?”

“Of course, I might be able to respond that fast if I’m out on a call, as you know. But as long as you obey the rule, I don’t care what you do? As long as it’s safe and legal,” Eddie smiles.


Buck sits on the couch after Eddie leaves, missing him already, and wishing he was here so that he could be a good boy for him.


Buckley: edsss

Eddie: yes perrito?

Buckley: wanna know what I’m thinkin’ ‘bout?

Eddie: not sure, do i?

            Remember, you can’t cum.

Buckley: You do, trust me, daddy

            And I know, I haven’t removed anything I put on before you left, well I put the collar on… the leash was attached to it when I found it

            [Image attached]

Eddie: Fuck, Evan I’m at work, Chim almost saw that text

            Baby, are you trying to sext rn?

            Dios Mio! Buck, baby

Buckley: oops? Maybe ;) and see what your missing?

Eddie: bad, do I gotta punish u b4 we even get to fuck?

            And yeah, baby, I already know what im missing

Buckley: Daddyy…

Eddie: Yes baby?

Buckley: Soy tan duro en este momento

            (I used google translate for that, didn’t want anyone seeing it and knowing)

Eddie: Perrito, if you keep talking like this, we’re going to have a problem

            Espera hasta que llegue a casa.

Buckley: Eds… I want you home now… and en mi culo

Eddie: Evan.

Buckley: Yes, daddy?

Eddie: Behave.

Buckley: Or what? You’ll spank me?

Eddie: Chimney saw that…

Buckley: Crap! Eds I am so sorry!

Eddie: It’s fine, but warning you now, they are laughing, and are prepared to tease you for it.

            But maybe I will, perrito

Buckley: you’ll spank me?

Eddie: yeah, bad boys get punished.

Buckley: Eds…

Eddie: who?

Buckley: daddy… I meant daddy! Please…

Eddie: please what perrito?

Buckley: I really need to… please…

Eddie: you don’t need to; you can wait until I get home.

            And if you don’t, the cage goes bad on for a week. (what clour?)

Buckley: Green, fuck daddy… please… what if I sent you a picture?

Eddie: No. go put the cage on. Rn. If you can’t behave, that’s ur fault.

            And I do want a picture when you put it on.

Buckley: Yes sir…

            [Image attached]

Eddie: Good perrito

            Can’t wait to fuck you tonight.

Buckley: Daddy…

            That’s not fair…

Eddie: Oh? It’s not? You started teasing mt knowing im at work.

Buckley: fine… it’s fair…

Eddie: g2g, call

Buckley: be safe daddy!

Chapter Text



“Guessing Buck wasn’t too happy with you leaving?” Hen asks Eddie as they get in the truck.

“No, he wasn’t, we were going to have a marathon day since Christopher is on a school trip this weekend,” Eddie half-lies.

“Your phone is buzzing a lot, today man,” Chimney teases.

“Yeah, it’s broken?” Eddie lies, not wanting his co-workers to find out it’s Buck texting him.


Buckley: Daddy! I know ur on a call rn, but I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me…

            Ik I can’t exactly get hard with the cage on, but God!

            I kinda hate you for not letting me cum, it’s been dayssss

            Eddie, you have NO idea how horny I am

Eddie: Buck.

Buckley: Yeah?

Eddie: I’m on a call, at a crash, can you please be patient.

Buckley: can I fuck myself with that toy you found in the shower of mine?

            But ya know, with the cage still on?

Eddie: fine, knock yourself out.

Buckley: You're mad…


Buckley: Eds… im sorry…


Eddie had answered him while they were on the way to the site but stopped talking to Buck prior to arriving because he had gotten fed up with Buck pushing.

“Diaz! Go check the red car!” Bobby points towards the direction he has to go in.

“On it,” Eddie runs in the direction, finding a pregnant lady in the passenger side, and two small children in the back.

“Cap! I’m gonna need more hands!” Eddie yells into the radio, stabilizing the lady and making sure she’s okay.

Where’s the driver?” Chim asks, helping the kids.

She was here, she was on her phone, though…” the lady mumbles.

“Was this before or after the accident?” Eddie asks.

“Before…” she mutters, “it was before…”


“Chim?! You hear that?” Eddie looks through the car at this friend.

“Go, we’ve got this!” Chimney nods his head.


Buckley: eds… Ik ur probably still on the call, but im sorry… i don’t even know where u put it, so I couldn’t do it even if you said yes… I don’t even want a piece of silicon I just want you…


Eddie and the rest of the 118 arrive back at the station Eddie checks his phone to see Buck had messaged him three times since he put his phone away.

“Why’s Buck asking me if you’re okay?” Chimney asks sitting on the couch beside him.

“Because I haven’t been responding to him?” Eddie shrugs, not wanting to go further into detail.

“Well, he’s freaking out, saying you haven’t answered in an hour, he’s annoying me,” chimney retorts.


Eddie: I’m alive. Lost two people I was responsible for.

Buckley: I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you…

Eddie: Buck, I’m not in the mood for this rn.


Buck doesn’t answer him, which worries Eddie because he knows Buck feels bad as it is. Two hours later he gets an idea.


Eddie: wut are you wearing?

Buckley: you already know what I’m wearing. U picked it out.

Eddie: I’m sorry I wasn’t the nicest earlier, I’m not telling you where I put the dildo, and im glad to hear that you’d rather my dick than a fake one…

Buckley: I miss you…

Eddie: I miss you too perrito

Buckley: when r u coming home to me, Daddy?

Eddie: Not sure, I wish I could right now

Buckley: so do i…

Eddie: you still have the plug in?

Buckley: you never told me to take it out, so yes

Eddie: move it around, play with it a bit for me?

Buckley: Daddy!

Eddie: Are you doing it for me perrito?

Buckley: Maybe…

Eddie: Evan? Good boys get rewards.

Buckley: yes! Daddy… please…

Eddie: I’ll make you feel so good when I get home baby, okay? I was going to have you keep my cock warm while I watched some tv this morning before cap called, but I guess we can skip that

Buckley: No! wanna do that for you, daddy, wanna make you feel good too

Eddie: you always make me feel good baby, just by being happy, I feel good

Buckley: that’s not what I meant & u know it

Eddie: ik baby, if you really want to, we still can okay?

Buckley: thank you, sir

Eddie: anything for you baby


“Eddie, go home, you’ve been here for four hours at this point and we’ve had one call,” Bobby pats Eddie’s shoulder.

“Which lasted an hour,” Eddie chuckles, “thanks, Cap! Don’t tell Buck? Wanna surprise him.”

“Course and tell him I say hi, and see you guys in a few days,” Bobby smiles as Eddie makes his way to the change room.


Buckley: Daddy… I really want you in my mouth now…


Eddie throws the clothes he had on before Bobby called and gets in his truck before anyone notices how quickly he got dressed.


Eddie: want you to on your knees in front of the couch, pretend I’m there okay?

Be mi buena puta

Buckley: okay, could I listen to music?

Eddie: of course baby : )


Eddie puts his phone on the passenger seat before starting the car and driving home to his boyfriend.

Once Eddie gets home, he opens the unlocked door as quietly as possible, not wanting Buck to hear it over his music and removing his sweats before sitting in front of Buck, pulling out his phone.


Eddie: Bobby let me leave early, baby


Eddie watches as Buck opens his eyes, still oblivious to him sitting in front of him, and checks his phone, before smiling brightly.

“Yay!” Buck squeaks happily, taking one of his earbuds out.

“I’m home,” Eddie whispers, seeing Buck jump slightly.

“Eds!” Buck bounces up from sitting on his heels to standing on his knees to Hug Eddie.

“Hi, baby, miss me?” Eddie teases.

“Yeah…” Buck moves back, just noticing that Eddie was naked from the waist down, “Can I?” Buck nods towards Eddie’s half-hard cock,

“Please, I’ve been thinking about your mouth on me all fucking day,” Eddie groans, “even while we were talking to Cindy this morning.”

“Really?” Buck smiles sheepishly.

“Yeah, after you make me cum, I’ll think about letting you take the cage off, how’s that sound?” Eddie moans out feeling Buck’s lips lightly kiss the tip.

Buck takes as much of Eddie into his mouth as he can fit, wanting more than anything to make him feel good. He brings a hand up to stroke what he can’t fit into his mouth, getting his hand swatted away from Eddie.

“No, no hands, perrito,” Buck whines at the comment.

Buck manages to maintain eye contact with Eddie except whenever Eddie would close his eyes in pleasure as Buck licks and sucks at once.

Buck pulls off blushing as Eddie whines, “Úsame, Daddy.

“Learn that just for me, perrito?” Eddie teases, pulling buck up for a kiss.

“Mhmm,” Buck nods his head happily, as Eddie’s hand moves to play with his hair, pulling slightly.

Palabras, cachorro,” Eddie yanks slightly harder on Buck’s hair, making him moan.

English?” Buck whimpers at the sudden pleasure.

Words, puppy,” Eddie glares hotly, “more than one way to say puppy.”

Yes,” Buck whines, as Eddie releases his hair, “learnt it for you.

Que dulce de tu parte, nena,” Eddie smiles lovingly at his boyfriend.

“Anything for you,” Buck beams.


Chapter Text


“Let’s go to the bedroom, baby,” Eddie pets Buck’s hair. Buck preens as Eddie’s being all soft and gentle with him.


The pair enter the bedroom before Buck realizes he left the rope out on the bed, while he was playing with it earlier.

What’s this doing out?” Eddie teases, looking for an answer.

“I… I was playing with it earlier…” Buck whispers.

“You were?” Eddie smiles evilly.

“Yes, Sir…” Buck nods his head slowly.

Would you like to use it?” Eddie asks sweetly, but you could hear the lust behind it.

“Well… yes, but not for our first time?” Buck shrugs, looking worried, happy, and aroused all at once.

“Okay, I wasn’t planning on using it today anyway,” Eddie smiles, pulling his boyfriend in for a kiss.

Eds, please…” Buck begs into the kiss.

“Would you like to take the cage off, mi buen chico?” Eddie asks, pushing Buck backwards onto the bed.

Please,” Buck whines throwing his head back.

“Please, what?”

Daddy! Please, Daddy!” Buck cries feeling his skirt move.

“Can you be a good boy and not cum until I let you?” Eddie inquires, looking up at Buck for a second.

Yes!” Buck whimpers as Eddie’s hands touch the inside of his thighs, “maybe?” Buck adds cautiously.

“Would you feel better about it if you were wearing the cock ring?” Eddie asks watching Buck carefully.

“Huh-uh, please…” Buck nods his head, looking at Eddie.

“Okay, I’m going to grab it, would you be a dear and remove the cage while I do?” Eddie questions Buck calmly, waiting for an answer before moving away from him. Buck nods slowly, moving so he can remove the cage as directed.

“Good boy,” Eddie smiles at him, before getting up.

Eddie finds the ring before turning back around to find Buck laying on his back with the discarded cage beside him, and his cock already more than half-hard.

Mi angel Hermoso,” Eddie whispers to himself. He crouches between Buck’s spread thighs again, before placing a hand right next to where Buck wanted it the most but heard no complaints as Eddie continued to touch him to put the ring on him.

Daddy…” Buck whispers between pants, continuing after Eddie hums in recognition, “would you fuck me from behind?” Buck asks, as calmly as if he was asking for coffee, shocking Eddie slightly.

Uh, yeah, of course, I can,” Eddie stutters, as he tries to calm down.

Sweet,” Buck whispers happily as his cock twitches with interest in Eddie’s hand.

You thinking about me fucking you?” Eddie teases, licking the underside of Buck’s cock before hitting his hip, “Flip.”

Buck whimpers at the feeling of Eddie’s tongue on him, flipping over so his ass is in the air.

“Such a pretty sight, and it’s all mine, right?” Eddie asks playing with the plug.

All yours, only yours, Daddy,” Buck arches his back as he pushes his ass towards Eddie more.

Good, because I don’t share,” Eddie smacks Buck’s ass softer than Buck would like, but hard enough that it still left a mark.

Eds, please, you’ve been teasing me all week,” Buck begs, sounding wrecked.

“I have, haven’t I?” Eddie smirks as he pulls on the plug.

Daddy!” Buck sobs into a pillow, not muffling himself though.

“So vocal,” Eddie teases, removing the plug fully, “I love it, perrito.” Eddie moves to grab something from the bedside drawer.

“I’m clean, remember,” Buck informs Eddie as he knows what Eddie was planning on doing next.

“Yeah, am I, are you saying what I think you are?” Eddie stops dead in his tracks, as he looks back at Buck.

“Yeah, I am…” Buck smiles looking at Eddie, “Eds we’ve had this conversation already, and I meant it last time too, I want you to fuck me raw.” Eddie drops the packet in his hand before moving back to Buck.

“Yes, I remember the conversation now… Sorry, it’s been an eventful day,” Eddie blushes.

“You’re cute when you blush,” Buck gushes, adding, “but it’d be hotter if you fucked me.

Yeah, it would be,” Eddie agrees, slipping two digits into Buck’s hole.

Eds, please, I’m ready!” Buck begs.

“I just wanna make sure. I don’t wanna hurt you,” Eddie murmurs.

I told you I like it rough, a little pain isn’t gonna turn me off, if anything it’s gonna turn me on more,” Buck groans out.

Fuck,” Eddie moans, pulling his fingers out of Buck, before smearing lube onto his cock, lining it up with Buck’s hole.

Fuck, Daddy, please…” Buck begs, pushing backwards to make Eddie thrust into him fully.

“Patience, perrito,” Eddie hums, petting Buck’s hip, as he presses kisses to Buck’s back. Feeling as Buck relaxes, Eddie takes advantage of the moment and thrusts all the way in.

Holy fuck!” Buck cries in pleasure as Eddie bottoms out. “Move, please, Daddy…” Buck pleads, once he adjusts to the size of Eddie.

Have I told you yet, that hearing you beg, is so hot,” Eddie grunts into Buck’s ear, as he slowly pulls out, leaving just the tip in, listening to Buck as he begs incoherently, “Colour, baby,” Eddie asks.

Green, so fucking green Eddie!” Buck moans.

“Good,” Eddie smiles peppering Buck’s back with kisses before thrusting into him roughly.

Joder, tu culo se siente genial!” Eddie continues the brutal pace, of slowly pulling out and quick fast thrusts in, listening to Buck beg for him to use him. Listening to Buck after a few minutes, he changes the pace to more quicker thrusts in and out and ends up using Buck just the way they both love.

Eds! Please!” Buck cries out once Eddie starts fucking him vigorously.

Eddie travels his hand to Buck’s cock, removing the ring while he fucks into him, “cum, perrito.

Eddie was close but wanted to make sure Buck came before him, as if on command Buck cums, sending Eddie into his own orgasm, “in me, please,” Buck whines.

You want me to cum in you, perrito?” Eddie confirms.

“Yeah, wan’ it, please!” Buck mumbles, sounding wrecked.

Okay,” Eddie thrusts into Buck twice before cumming, Buck moans as he feels Eddie fill him.

Fuck, that was good,” Buck laughs loudly as Eddie pulls out of him.

“Pass me the plug,” Eddie pants behind him.

Here?” Buck hands him the buttplug confused.

“No mess,” Eddie smiles, as he pushes the plug back into Buck.

“Should have known you’d have a breeding kink,” Buck jokes, as Eddie lays on the bed beside him.

“Shut up,” Eddie blushes, “Cuddle time?

Yeah, can we do it under the covers?” Buck asks cutely.

“Yeah, but that means you gotta move,” Eddie chuckles, “I’ll be right back,” Eddie gets up to go to the bathroom, returning a minute or two later, with a wet cloth. He cleans up Buck’s stomach where he had came on himself, before tossing it into the sink.

“Come ‘ere!” Buck whines, reaching for Eddie.

“I’m coming, relax,” Eddie beams at him.

Again? Already!?” Buck jokes, laughing as Eddie pulls him closer.

“Totally,” Eddie laughs, pulling the covers over them.

Hey, Eds, I love you,” Buck whispers as he falls asleep.

“I love you, too, perrito,” Eddie kisses Buck’s head.


Edmundo,” Ana smiles, “I wasn’t expecting to see you.” Ana was dressed up as if she was going on a fancy date.

“And why wouldn’t I be?” Eddie asks.

“Our son is on the trip,” Buck adds.

“I thought you would be working, is all,” Ana pouts at Buck’s comment.

“Nope, not today, I’d like to see my son,” Eddie walks past her as the bus comes into view.

“Eds look, it’s Cindy,” Buck points to the mother.

“You want to say hi, don’t you?” Eddie chuckles as Buck nods, “you really are a golden retriever.”

“Yes, yes I am,” Buck beams, as the two walk over to the lady hand in hand.

“Hi, Cindy,” Buck smiles.

“Hi! Buck, Eddie, good to see you guys again,” Cindy smiles at the two happily.

“We were wondering if you would be okay with Chris sleeping over after school Wednesday? We go back to work that day for a 24-hour shift,” Eddie asks.

“Max would love that, and of course I’d be okay with that!” Cindy exclaims.

“We just have to see if Chris would like that,” Buck reminds them, as the bus doors open up.

“Dads!” Chris’s voice cheers as he and Max get off the bus and walk toward them.

“Hey, buddy!” Buck beams back, pulling him into a big hug.

“We actually have a question for you buddy,”  Buck tells Chris as Eddie and him hug.


“On Wednesday, would you like to sleep over at Max’s house after school?”

“Really?” Max squeals with joy.

“Yeah,” Chris smiles at his dads.

“You’re okay with that, mijo?” Eddie asks.

“Yeah, it’d be fun!” Chris beams.

“Buck and I have to work a 24- hour shift that day, so we’d drive you to school that morning, and Cindy would pick you up and drop you off at school the next day, and we’d pick you up Thursday,” Eddie explains.

“I thought you had this week off,” Chris frowns feeling lied to.

“Buck got hurt on Monday buddy, Bobby would have made me come back on Tuesday but since I had to work a bit yesterday, he’s letting me have an extra day with my two favourite boys,” Eddie pouts as his kid looks upset.

“Okay!” Chris cheers, looking slightly upset still but happier nonetheless.

“Okay, so, how about today we go home and snuggle?”

“I’ve missed your snuggles, buddy,” Buck smiles at the kid.


Chapter Text


Engine 118, there’s a crash on the corner of Willoughby Avenue and N Highland Avenue, we’ve got at least 5 cars involved,” Dispatch speaks through the radio as the team gets into the trucks.

“Hey, Cap, where’s Hen?” Chimney asks through the comms.

She never made it in, didn’t even call in,” Bobby answers from the front seat.


“Diaz, Buck I want you guys to check the passengers in the first two cars,” Bobby orders, “make sure they are stable and are okay enough to transport, if you need help, call for backup.”

“Got it!” the two bounce into action running towards a familiar-looking green car, and… Oh crap!

“Buck! Isn’t that Hen’s car!?” Eddie shouts pointing at the other car.

Cap!” Buck speaks into his radio, “We’ve got an answer to Chim’s question about Hen…” Buck frowns.

What do you mean?!” Bobby and Chimney ask, worriedly.

“Cap… we’re going to need another RA unit, Hen’s car is wrapped around someone else’s…” Eddie adds, inspecting the damage from the outside.

Help!” A familiar voice screams in pain, “Please!

“Go, I’ll get Hen,” Buck offers, Eddie nods before rushing to the driver’s side door.

Hen? Can you hear me?” Buck asks as he approaches the door.

Buckaroo?” Hen’s voice says weakly.

Cap! She’s bleeding a lot, can you spare Chim?” Buck asks through the radio, listening slightly to Bobby’s response. Before seeing Chimney running towards him.


Eddie scowls at the familiar person in the car that T-boned his friend/co-worker, “Ana,” she’s got her phone in hand, the screen is shattered as if it was crushed between her and the steering wheel.

Edmundo? I knew you’d come,” Ana mumbles weakly.

“Did you do this on purpose!?” Eddie asks carefully.

I knew you’d come,” Ana whispers again, before passing out.

“Ana?” Eddie moves then to check her pulse, which was thready, and she was bleeding from a laceration on her neck, possibly from the impact of hitting Hen’s car at a fast speed.

Cap, I need the jaws,” Eddie’s voice is shaky.

“Eds, you okay?!” Buck’s voice shouts over the two cars.

“It’s Ana,” Eddie answers back, Buck just barely hearing him.

“Crap,” Buck scoffs, “she okay?”

“She’s passed out, and losing a lot of blood,” Eddie tells him, as Bobby approaches with the Jaws of Life.

“Let’s do this,” Eddie sighs before they pry the door open.


Edmundo?” Ana whispers as she gains consciousness again.

“You were in an accident,” Buck informs her.

Where is he?” She pouts as she only sees Buck, Chimney, and a lady in an LAPD uniform.

“He’s with one of the other victims because he’s worried about our friend's life,” Buck grunts as a tear falls from her eye.

He was supposed to save me…” Ana frowns, looking away from them.

Did you cause this on purpose?” Buck asks at the way she phrases her sentences.

“Oh, shut it, queer boy, he doesn’t belong to you. He’s mine,” Ana snarls at Buck, shocking the three others.

Are you going to cuff her?” Chimney asks the officer.

“Not until she’s in the hospital, I won’t be leaving her side,” the lady reassures them, as Chimney changes the dressing on Ana’s abdominal, “Nelly, my name’s Nelly by the way.”

“Nice to meant you, Nelly, just know that this lady hurt a lot of people today, a first responder being one of them,” Chimney warns Nelly.

Sergeant Grant, she already threatened me and the others that will accompany me in watching over this lady. Wilson’s a close friend of hers. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure she doesn’t get away,” Nelly chuckles softly at Chimney’s laugh.

“Of course, she did,” Chimney smiles, lightening the mood.

Why didn’t Edmundo come?” Ana asks.

“Because as much as he loves his job, he couldn’t stand to be near you, you’ve set your mind on him for some reason thinking that he’s yours when in reality, I’m the one that goes home with him and our son after work, I’m the one he loves, I love him and Chris, and your words, don’t hurt or have you forgotten everything I’ve been through? I know that Eddie told you,” Buck growls at her.

“He doesn’t love you, you’ve brainwashed him into thinking he does, you and your kind spread like a disease and it’s disgusting,” Ana slurs, panting by the end.

Her heart’s racing,” Chimney moves into action as Ana’s heart rate flatlines.


“Chimney, we’re three minutes out,” Buck reminds Chimney as he performs CPR on Ana.

“She’s still a human, I’m doing my job!” Chimney huffs as the Ambulance turns into the hospital.

She coded six, no seven minutes ago,” Nelly informs Athena, once they exit the ambulance.

“She’s gone sir,” a nurse informs Chimney.

Has a Henrietta Wilson been admitted?” Buck asks the same nurse, “she’s one of ours, she was hit by a car.

“Yes, she arrived a few moments before you, your Captain told us that you guys were coming, would you like to come in and see them?” Buck, Chimney, and Athena all nod their heads.

“Follow me,” the nurse smiles.

The three arrive at the waiting room, where Eddie and Bobby are standing, “I called Karen, she’s on her way, Maddie is going to watch Denny for them,” Bobby lets the three know.

“How is she?” Chimney worries.

“She’s in surgery, Bobby called the Chief and he’s making some calls so that we can be here for her, she coded… but we managed to bring her back, she’s a fighter and knows that we need her,” Eddie pouts, “She coded, and I just barely managed to bring her back…

“Hey, it’s okay, I’ve got you,” Buck holds on to Eddie as Eddie cries slightly into his chest, “it’s not your fault, baby.”

Ana?” Bobby asks his wife.

“She coded as well, but even after Chim did CPR on her for seven minutes, the ER nurse called it when they arrived, she didn’t make it,” Athena informs them.

“Ana’s dead?” Eddie asks, “like for real?”

“Yeah, she was a bitch though to Buck before she flatlined,” Chimney explains.7

“What’d she say?” Eddie looks at Buck with concern.

“Well, she said a few things, she kept saying that you were supposed to save her, called me a queer boy, and told me that ‘you don’t belong to me’ and that ‘you were her’s’, and continued with ‘he doesn’t love you, you’ve brainwashed him into thinking he does, you and your kind spread like a disease and it’s disgusting’, ya know, the normal homophobic bullshit,” Buck reiterates to Eddie, “she said that last piece with her dying breath, I reminded her that you chose me though, she…” Buck frowns looking at how Eddie’s face has lit up slightly, “Eds, I just told you that your ex-girlfriend just died, and you’re smiling?”

Crazy ex-girlfriend, babe, she was crazy, and I’m smiling because the last thing she heard for both of us was that we love each other, I told her before they put her in the ambulance that I didn’t love her, and that I was in love with Evan Buckley,” Eddie explains, “that’s why I’m smiling, perrito, I hate that she said that stuff to you though, how dare she…” Eddie frowns.

“It’s fine, I reminded her that her words wouldn’t hurt me, I’ve been crushed by a fire truck and in a fucking tsunami, I’ve been through worse than a few slurs from a crazy lady,” Buck smiles at his boyfriend.

Bobby,” Karen sobs seeing all her wife’s co-workers, “what happened!?

“She got hit by a car, on the way to work this morning…”

“She was running late…” Karen whispers to herself.

“The one who did this to her didn’t make it,” Eddie hears himself tell his friend's wife.

they’re dead?” Karen asks, shocked.

“Yeah, they coded on the way,” Eddie forces himself not to smile as the words hadn’t sunk in.

Oh crap!” Eddie freaks out suddenly, “She’s dead… like really dead,” Buck looks t Eddie studying him.

“Yeah, you knew that?” Chimney states.

“Dude, his ex just died, give him a break, as much as she drove us nuts, she did mean something to him at one point,” Buck points out to his friend.

“You two seem more touchy-feely today, what’s up with that?” Chimney asks.

Boyfriend,” Buck and Eddie point o the other as they speak at the same time.

Wait! What!?” Karen and Chimney shriek at the same time.

“Yeah…” Buck blushes.

“We’ve been together since Buck got hurt a while ago,” Eddie chuckles, “go ahead, pay the winner?”

You knew?” the four ask as Buck and Eddie laugh.

“Of course, we knew that you guys were betting on when we’d get together and that Bobby probably lost, since he was the second person to know that we were together,” Buck laughs.

You knew!?” Athena smacks Bobby’s arm, “why didn’t say anything?

“Because they weren’t out?” Bobby shrugs.

Family for Henrietta Wilson?” A nurse asks, reminding them where they were and why.

“I’m her wife,” Karen steps forward.

“Come with me,” the nurse and Karen disappear.


She’s okay!” they felt like they could breathe again when Karen had sent Bobby a text.

“She also says that hen will kick our asses if we stay any longer now that she knows we’re here…” Bobby pouts reading the text.

“We have a kid to get to…” Buck reminds Eddie.

“Shit, Christopher!” Eddie jumps off the chair, “we were supposed to be home by now…”



Chapter Text


“Chris?!” Eddie calls once the two enter the Diaz house.

Relax Eddie, Bobby called,” Carla says sweetly, from the kitchen.

“Good, Hen got hurt this morning, and-” Buck cuts Eddie off grabbing his hand, “Bobby told her why we were late, don’t worry,” Buck explains to Eddie showing him his phone.


Bobby: I called Carla after you two left and explained why you guys were late coming home.


“Okay, so there are leftovers in the fridge, and I will see you guys tomorrow afternoon,” Carla smiles at the two, kissing their cheeks before leaving.

Daddy? Bucky?” Chris walks out of his room.

“Hey, buddy, we’re home,” Buck smiles as Eddie pulls his son in for a hug.

“How do you feel about having a sleepover with Denny?” Eddie asks standing back up.

Is it because his mom was hurt?” Chris asks carefully.

“Yes, it is, and Aunt Maddie is watching him at the moment, but I thought you might want to help him during a time like this?” Eddie smiles, “if you want to that is.”

“Yeah! We can cheer him up with ice cream and movies!” Chris beams, excitedly.

“I’ll call Maddie, and see if she’ll bring him over,” Buck smiles at his boys.


Buck, is everything okay?” Maddie answers her phone.

“Hello to you too sis,” Buck chuckles, “and yes, everything is okay, Hen and Karen are spending the night at the hospital, and Eddie just asked Chris if he would like to have a sleepover with Denny, and he wants to, so, how do you feel about bringing him here?”

I would love that, Chimney got home a few minutes ago, and he’s sulking in our room, and I need to make sure he’s okay,” Maddie sounds perplexed.

“How about I come pick Denny up, that way you don’t have to leave Chim?” Buck offers.

Thank you, Evan,” Maddie sighs, “I’ll get Denny ready, and see you soon little brother,” Maddie calls to someone on her end of the line.

“Bye Mads, see ya soon,” Buck hangs up, looking back towards the guys.


“I’m going to pick Denny up, I’ll be back,” Buck grabs his keys kissing the two before leaving.



“We’re here!” Buck shouts through the house, with Denny standing in front of him.

“Hey, Denny,” Eddie smiles at the boy, “we were thinking about having an ice cream movie night, how’s that sound?”

“I like it,” Denny forces a smile, sounding sad.

Denny!” Chris smiles at his friend, bringing a real smile to Denny’s face.

“Chris!” Denny cheers back, hugging his friend.

“Time to change into pj’s so we can watch our movies the proper way!” Buck exclaims to the kids, making Eddie laugh at the three.


“Okay, we have watched three movies and have yet to eat something other than popcorn and ice cream,” Eddie goes into ‘Dad mode’ upon seeing the time, Eight PM.

“Pizza?” Buck offers, “they should still deliver.”

Yeah!” Chris and Denny cheer.


Cindy: Hi, Buck, Max has been begging me since Thursday for Chris to come back, or to go over there to hang out, sorry I’m texting you so late, just got her to settle down, and anyway, hope you and Eddie are having a good night!

Buck: Hey, Cindy! Yeah, of course they can hang out again, I’d have to talk to Eds since we’re currently taking care of our friend’s kid while they aren’t home, but I’m sure Chris would love to hang out with Max soon 😊

Cindy: When’s your next 24 hour?

Buck: Sunday night, I think? I know we start at 6 pm

Cindy: Well, if you two are down, I can take Chris for the night and bring him to school for you guys.

Buck: That’s so nice of you, Cindy!

Cindy: Anything to make Max and Chris happy 😊

Buck: I’ll talk to Eds and let you know! Have a good night Cindy!

Cindy: Thanks to Buck, and you too!


“Who ya textin’ there Buck?” Eddie asks, teasingly, as Buck walks into the kitchen with Eddie.

“Cindy,” Buck smiles.

“What’s she up to?” Eddie asks genuinely.

“Apparently Max had so much fun with our boy, that she has been bugging her mom since then to hang out with Chris again,” Buck chuckles, explaining to Eddie.

“Well, we work a 24, on Sunday, he could go over then?” Eddie shrugs, looking over to the kids, “that is if Hen and Karen can watch Denny.”

“Hen should still be in the hospital Sunday, she got hit by a car, Daddy, she won’t be back to work for a while…” Buck frowns.

“I know that perrito, but if Karen isn’t in the right headspace to watch a child then I wouldn’t feel right leaving him with her…” Eddie worries.

“Let’s talk to them, and if Cindy and Max are up for another friend, maybe Denny could go with Chris?” Buck offers.

“I love you,” Eddie smiles softly at Buck, pulling him in for a sweet kiss.

Dad!? Did you order pizza yet?” Chris shouts from the living room.

“Not yet,” Eddie shouts back.


Perrito: So, I talked to Karen and Hen, they think it’s a good idea that Denny stays with us for a few more days, and they are okay with Denny going to Cindy’s for the night, since ‘thena is working that night and Maddie works the next morning at 7.

Babe: I like this side of you, perrito

Perrito: Eds, I’m still visiting Hen

Babe: So?

Perrito: she could see the texts?

Babe: She won’t, besides she knows that we’re together now

Perrito: that’s not the point! I don’t want to make her uncomfortable bc u decided that now's the best time to tease me

Babe: relax, perrito, Daddy’s gonna take good care of you before our shift Sunday ;)

Perrito: Eds!

Babe: Pardon me?

Perrito: I’m in the car now, and using Siri

Babe: open your windows.

Perrito: okay, done?

Babe: when we drop the boys off at Cindy’s Sunday afternoon and we get home, I’m gonna take my time opening you up, teasing you until your begging me to fuck you, fast and hard, that every time you sit down at work, you’ll remember who that perfect ass of yours belongs to.

Perrito: daddy… a teen girl and her mother just heard that whole text

Babe: but you’re hard still, aren’t you?

Perrito: yes… very…

Babe: See you at home baby ;p

Perrito: you suck, daddy…

Babe: nah, maybe later perrito 😜


Albert: Hey, I need ur help with something at the loft…

Buck: I needed more clothes anyway, so this is a win-win ig

Albert: sweet! It’s been lonely here the past few weeks

Buck: are you saying you miss me? Aweee

Albert: shut up

Buck: never, I’ll be there soon



Chapter Text

~*~ [*] (one of the pics Eddie sends Buck) ~*~


Perrito: I had to go home…

Babe: What!? What’s wrong…

Perrito: Albert needed help with something, and now he’s saying he missed me

            this way we can tease each other more, so that on Sunday when I go over before Cindy picks the boys up our orgasms will be even better 🤤

Babe: Babe!

Perrito: Yes?

Babe: I’m with Chris and Denny! You can’t say stuff like that…

Perrito: Oops? 🤷

Babe: do you want to be punished?

Perrito: Only if I get something out of it 😉

            [Image attached]

Babe: Evan!

Perrito: yes?

Babe: you’re breaking one of the rules perrito.

Perrito: No, the rule is that I can’t cum, and I won’t, well, without your permission

Babe: You really seem to want that punishment, Mocoso

Perrito: Always Daddy 😉

Babe: Buck.

            Behave. Or I will have to spank your ass.

Perrito: Mmm, what if I like it though

Babe: then we’ll have to find a proper punishment for you

Perrito: yes, daddy 🤤

Babe: Chris keeps asking when you’ll be back

Perrito: tell him Sunday afternoon, Albert’s dragging me with him hiking/running in the morning, I’ll try and be there at least two or three hours before Cindy arrives

Babe: Okay, miss you perrito

Perrito: I miss you too,

            What you wearing?

Babe: Really buck?

Perrito: Yes… humour me?

Babe: sweats

Perrito: and?

Babe: Socks?

Perrito: wait, hold up!

Babe: What?

Perrito: You’re only wearing my sweats? Nothing else? Are they the ones I wore yesterday?

Babe: Yeah…

Perrito: fuck Eds, I wasn’t wearing anything under them either

Babe: Fuck, baby, I’m really trying not to get hard in front of two ten year old’s!

Perrito: Ooo, pics or it didn’t happen!

Babe: Buck…

Perrito: sorry… it just… picturing you in my sweats hard, is really hot

Babe: I’m in the bedroom now, the boys asked me to leave them alone, apparently my comments were ‘too old’ for them…

Perrito: oh really? And Albert is over at Chim’s place for the next hour, so wanna have some fun?

Babe: Always perrito

            What are you wearing?

Perrito: nothing, I’m naked in bed

Babe: Fuck baby, I really can not wait to get my hands on you soon

Perrito: Neither can I, Eds, I’m so hard

Babe: and you won’t be coming unless I let you. Do you understand me?

Perrito: Yes daddy

Babe: [2 Images attached]*

Perrito: Fuck Eds! That’s really hot

Babe: I can’t wait until I can get my hands on you, you’ll definitely regret making me hard in front of our son and Denny.

Perrito: never regret anything with you, Daddy

Babe: you close?

Perrito: very! Please! Please may I?

Babe: have you been good perrito?

Perrito: always

Babe: Don’t lie to me

Perrito: I’ve been good today

Babe: then you may cum mi amor

Perrito: [Image attached]

Babe: My good little slut

            [Image attached]

Perrito: so hot 🤤

Babe: I have to go, baby, clean up, and have fun on your hike in the morning


“I want to go home!” Buck whines as He and Albert start another trail, their fifth trail since they had gotten there at five o’clock in the morning! And it was almost noon and he told Eddie that he’d go over around two.

“Relax,” Albert laughs throwing a twig at Buck seeing how annoyed he was.

“I promised Eddie that I would be over around two, and it’s about noon, and I would like to shower before going over to Eddie’s place and seeing my son and Denny, also, I’m staying the night after our 24-hour shift,” Buck grumbles, annoyed.

“Fine, let’s go home,” Albert huffs taking his phone out to text someone.

“Finally! We’ve been here for hours!” Buck exclaims tiredly.

“Why are you so tired?” Albert asks cautiously.

“I guess I got used to sleeping over at Eddie’s place, so sleeping back at the apartment was weird?” Buck shrugs his shoulders.


“Dad!” Chris beams at Buck as he opens the door.

What!? What’s wrong!?” Eddie scrambles towards the door at Chris’s call.

“I think he meant the other one,” Buck jokes as he hugs Chris and Denny, before seeing Eddie looking all dishevelled, “What’s with the outfit, babe?”

“I didn’t sleep much last night,” Eddie blushes slightly, pulling Buck in for a kiss.

“Neither did I, and Albert woke me up just as I had managed to finally fall asleep, at quarter to five, and we went hiking from five till noon,” Buck sighs, yawning.

“We can let you nap,” Denny offers sweetly.

“And who’ll watch the two of you?” Buck chuckles at them.

“Dad,” Chris whines, “we’re not babies anymore, we’re ten.”

“Fine, shout if you need anything, and wake us up at 4 okay?” Eddie sighs, yawning tiredly.

“Okay!” the two beam, “Can we play video games?” Chris asks excitedly.

“Just keep it down,” Buck smiles at the two.

“Night dads!” Chris smiles happily.

“See you in two hours,” Eddie smiles.


“I’ve missed having you in my bed, even if it was only one night…” Eddie pouts, cuddling closer behind Buck.

“Sorry, our plans are cancelled due to not sleeping last night…” Buck frowns, falling asleep now that he’s back where he belongs.


“Why doesn’t Buck live with you if he’s one of your dad’s?” Denny asks Chris as the two start up a video game.

“I don’t know, I wish he lived here,” Chris pouts, “let’s play, Max doesn’t have this game.”



“Time to wake up!” Chris and Denny scream from the living room causing Buck to fall off the bed from the sudden forced awakening.

“Who died?!” Buck scrambles to untangle himself from the bedsheet wrapped around him.

“Relax, baby, it’s four, the boys were just following orders,” Eddie sighs, looking over the side of the bed to see Buck, “having trouble?” Eddie laughs.

“Help me?” Buck whimpers begging.

“Since you asked so nicely,” Eddie teases getting up to help him.


“Cindy! Thank you so much for taking the boys for the night,” Eddie hugs her, smiling brightly.

“It’s not a problem at all,” Cindy smiles, taking a bag from Buck’s hand, “Max has been organizing her toys and video games all weekend, in preparation.”

“Chris, Denny, you guys ready?” Buck asks the two as they put their shoes on.

“See you guys later, I’ll text you when I drop them off in the morning at school, so you guys don’t worry too much,” Cindy offers, as the two boy boys walk towards her car chatting away.

“Thank you, that would be great,” Eddie frets.

“See you later, and have a great night, Cindy,” Buck smiles as she leaves, closing the door before Eddie pulls him in for a kiss.

Eddie pushes him against the door as the kiss gets heated, only pulling away when they run out of breath. “Fuck, what was that for, Daddy,” Buck pant, as Eddie starts mouthing at his neck.

Just missed you yesterday and this morning,” Eddie trails a hand under Buck’s shirt, kissing lines on his collarbone.

“I missed you too!” Buck squeaks as Eddie moves his leg between Bucks, giving him a chance for any sort of friction.

Good, I hope you enjoyed last night though because you won’t be cumming for a while now,” Eddie practically purrs into Buck's ear.

“Ed-Daddy! Please?” Buck whimpers as Eddie continues to attack Buck's neck.

I love hearing you, perrito,” Eddie teases.

“Can we get a drink first?” Buck asks, giving Eddie his sad puppy eyes.

“Yeah, sure,” Eddie sighs, as Buck smiles happily.

Buck drags Eddie towards the kitchen, leaning against the counter he pulls him back in, “Thought you were thirsty, perrito,” Eddie asks amused, kissing Buck.

Oh, I am, just not for water,” Buck smirks, grinding against Eddie.

I wanna hear you beg,” Eddie moves back a step, but keeps kissing Buck, moving both his hands to Buck’s hips, keeping him in place against the counter.

Nuh-uh,” Buck chuckles teasingly, whimpering loudly as Eddie manhandles him to flip around, so he’s facing the counter instead.

“You sure about that, princesa,” Eddie growls, grinding on Buck’s ass, a cry escaping from Buck.

Eds,” Buck whines, knowing that’s the wrong name to call him when he’s like this.

Pardon? Who?” Eddie tightens his grip on Buck’s hips, as a warning.

Eddie,” Buck whines, continuing to disobey Eddie, (he just wanted him to call him that again).

Try again, and this is your last chance puta,” Eddie growls, gripping tighter onto Buck.

G.i., Cowboy,” Buck chuckles softly at his answer before Eddie forces him to bend over the counter roughly, causing him to moan.

Oh, I see, you want me to punish you, don’t you?” Eddie snarls, “colour?

Green, so fucking green,” Buck moans.

Remove your pants, now,” Eddie orders, smacking Buck’s ass.

Buck complies quickly, hesitating with his boxers, waiting for confirmation from Eddie, before removing them as well.

Good boy,” Eddie praises, causing Buck to flush a light shade of pink.

Please,” Buck begs, wiggling his ass slightly, earning a sharp smack across it.

Behave, and maybe I’ll let you cum before we go to work, got it?” Eddie drags Buck to the bedroom, sitting on the edge, “get over my lap, polla puta,” Buck obeys really wanting to make Eddie happy, but also really excited for this ‘punishment’.



Chapter Text


“Whoa, Buckaroo, you okay?” Chimney asks seeing how Buck looks pained as he sits down for dinner.

“Yep, I’m great!” Buck beams, not at all fazed about the fact that his ass is probably bruised, and he’s at least half-hard in his pants.

“You sure?” Bobby brings over a bowl of salad to the table before joining the rest of them.

“I promise, I’m great, couldn’t be better!” Eddie smirks to himself as he grabs some food while the team interrogates his boyfriend.

“I was being a brat, can we eat?” Buck states as if they weren’t at work, with people who knew about their sex lives.

“Gross, TMI man,” Chimney shakes his head in disappointment and disgust, while Bobby just looks confused.

“What?” Buck blushes as Bobby realizes what he had said, “We are at work, behave,” Bobby jokingly scolds.

“It’s his fault,” Buck points towards Eddie who’s oblivious from their conversation at this point.

The siren cuts the rest of the conversation off, as the team all rush to the truck, Buck wincing every time they go over a bump.

“Where are we?” Buck looks out the window seeing nothing but trees.

“Someone lives out here?” Eddie questions as they drive up to a house, that looks beautiful.

“A rich person,” Chimney states.

Help! My daughter is acting crazy!” A lady in a gown cries as they jump out of the truck, “She won’t get dressed, nor eat anything.

“Ma’am?” Bobby tries to calm her down, “Breath, and lead the way,” she starts walking away from them, waving them to follow.

Momma! I said I was fine; I just don’t feel like ‘partying’ with a bunch of old snobs!” A younger girl shouts through the door.

“Honey, the firemen are here, and they are all very good-looking,” the mother bats her eyes at Bobby.

Can we come in? Just us,” Bobby ignores the lady.

“Fine…” The girl sighs, unlocking the door.

“Hi,” Buck smiles at the girl, “can you tell us what’s wrong?”

“I feel sick, but my mother doesn’t seem to believe that we can get sick, and when we do get sick, she freaks out thinking we’re dying, I threw up a few minutes before she called 9-1-1, we’re supposed to be having dinner with some of my father’s work friends, but I can’t even fit into the dress that my mother chose, and I’m throwing up…” The girl explains, before looking like a deer in the headlights, “Holy shit! I’m pregnant!” she whispers/screams.

“Are you sure?” Bobby asks calmly.

Yes, but my mother can’t know… she’s going to start asking questions and how am I supposed to tell her that the father is my father’s best friend…” she sobs into a pillow.

“Would you like us to bring you to the hospital to confirm that, without letting your mother know?” Bobby offers, seeing the girl light up instantly.

Please? I’m 18, she doesn’t need to know anything yet,” she begs.

“Well, then, come with us, and we’ll take you,” Eddie helps the girl up.

“Can I change? I’m wearing a corset underneath my sweater, and it’s really uncomfortable.”

“Of course, we’ll wait in the hall,” Bobby nods his head as the four pile into the hall.


Thank you so much,” the girl cheers, as they help her out of the ambulance.

“I hope everything turns out okay for you,” Eddie smiles at her, as the nurse takes her.


“She was sweet,” Buck chuckles as they arrive back at the station.

“Let’s clean up,” Bobby orders them, “I have some call to make, so I’ll be out soon.”

“Hey Buckaroo, some help clearing the table would be great!” Chimney pulls him away from Eddie.

“I’ll help?” Eddie laughs as Chimney looks insulted at the offer.

“You’ll do the dishes then,” Chimney jokes, as he and Buck pile up the dishes on the table to bring over.




The night was busy as if it were a full moon, or someone had jinxed them, they didn’t get much sleep between calls, and one time they didn’t even make it back to the station before Dispatch called them for another call.

Things didn’t settle down until almost 11 am, the team are all so tired that on the last call of the busy time, Buck and the others had long forgotten that Buck’s ass was bruised, and only remembered about it when Buck had to get strapped up in the harness to help a kid get out of a hole, he was squirming the whole time.

Buck, quit moving around!” Bobby scolds through the radio.

“Sorry, Cap, just can’t seem to get comfortable today,” Buck whines back.

Shit Buck quit whining!” Eddie scolds him this time, sounding desperate.

“Sorry!” Buck gives up, “I reached the kid!” Buck smiles at the boy, a few years younger than Christopher, “Hey buddy, I’m here to help you get back to your mom and dad.”

I want mommy…” the boy whines, crying.

“I know buddy, can I pick you up?” Buck asks as sweetly as possible, the boy nodding his head and raising his arms up.

“I got the boy, pull us up,” Buck speaks into the radio, holding the boy for dear life

“Hold onto me as tight as you can, okay?” the boy grips onto Buck tighter.

Okay, pulling you up now!” Chimney informs him before the two starts rising.


Mommy!” The boy screams in glee upon seeing his mother.

“You okay, Buck?” Eddie asks concerned helping him out of the harness.

“Yeah, sore,” Buck whimpers as Eddie pulls him closer to him with Buck’s belt.

 “We’re at work, Babe,” Buck reminds Eddie.

“I know,” Eddie winks at Buck before getting in the truck.


Babe: Seeing you wince every time you sit down, is so hot 🤤

Perrito: Eds!

Babe: Who?

Perrito: Eddie, we’re still at work, we still have about 8 hours left Eddie, I’m exhausted! When we get home, I’m sleeping for a day

Babe: we have a kid, perrito, you can’t sleep for a day, trust me, id know

Perrito: ugh… Carla picking the boys up from school for us?

Babe: yeah, she’s taking them to see Hen, Karen called her this morning asking if she could, I think it’s good for Hen to see her kid

Perrito: and ours?

Babe: Yeah baby, our son

Perrito: I like that we have a kid

Babe: Same

 Speaking of, I actually have something to ask you, I have to talk to Chris about it first, but once I do, can we talk?

Perrito: Yeah? Everything’s good, right?

Babe: It’s great, I love you

Perrito: I love you too,

Daddy 😘


“Try and get some sleep guys,” Bobby tells everyone once they arrive at the station again.




“Chris, can I ask you something?” Eddie asks his son as he tucks him into bed that night.

“Yeah,” Chris looks up at his dad, worry written over his face.

“How do you feel about Buck living with us?”

“Forever?” Chris asks in retaliation.

“Yeah, buddy, forever, I’m thinking about asking him to move in with us,” Eddie smiles happily thinking about the nights he has Buck with him.

“I want him to be here forever, dad, I love him,” Chris smiles, sleepily.

“S, do I, mijo, I might even ask him to marry me,” Eddie says without even thinking about it.

“That would be the best!” Chris exclaims excitedly.

“It would be, it’s bedtime now though, okay, want me to send Buck in?” Eddie asks, after tucking him in.

“Can you both read to us?” Chris asks as Buck and Denny walk into the room.

“Sure,” Eddie smiles at Buck, as the two get Denny settled in on the air mattress.


“So, did you talk to him?” Buck asks as they get into bed after reading to the boys.

“Yeah, and it went just as expected,” Eddie kisses Buck.

“Oh, it did?” Buck chuckles against Eddie’s lips.

“Yeah, it did, now, time to sleep, you told me this morning you wanted to sleep for a day?” Eddie laughs as Buck groans at himself.

“I did… damn it…” Buck pouts, “night daddy.” Buck moans into Eddie’s ear before rolling over so that Eddie can’t see him smiling.

“Wha-night, perrito,” Eddie rolls over to cuddle Buck from behind, grinding against him as he does, eliciting a delicious moan from him.

Eds, we have two kids in the house,” Buck whimpers, as Eddie starts kissing his neck.

“You started it,” Eddie retorts.

And I’ll finish it after we get the boys to school tomorrow before work,” Buck turns his head to kiss Eddie once more before cuddling further into him from his spot.


Chapter Text


“Eddie, what is it?” Buck asks impatiently, being dragged up to the loft at the station, “Seriously Eddie, you’ve been acting weird for two weeks.”

“And with good reason, because I have to ask you some questions, and I wanted to make sure everyone could be here for it because they are very important, perrito,” Eddie explains as Buck looks even more confused.

“What do you mean?” Buck asks but gets his answer as he reaches the top of the stairs to find everyone in the Fire Family waiting for them, Maddie, Tia Pepa, Abuela, all the kids from their chosen family, Carla, even Michael and David are here, “you? For me?”

“Of course, and before you ask why, I can’t tell you without asking my questions,” Eddie smiles brightly, before taking Buck's hands in his.

“Oh… kay?” Buck looks around at everybody before glazing into Eddie’s eyes, blushing.

“Evan Buckley,” Eddie starts, nerves showing in his voice, “I know you weren’t the nicest towards me at first, but that’s only 'cause you felt threatened by me, and I tried so hard to become your friend after everyone had told me how you were such a kind and great guy, and I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t imagine my life without you now,” Eddie pauses to see Buck reactions, which is was worth it, because he’d started to tear up with happy tears, “I fell in love with you years before I realized I had, and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-parent for Chris, you gave me Carla when I was struggling, without even being asked, and you have given me so much since then, you made sure our son, who wasn’t even yours at the time, was safe during the tsunami before stopping to make sure you were okay, you passed out after knowing he was alive and safe again, and I think I had realized than that I was in love with you, but I was scared of losing you if I ever said anything.”

Eddie wipes away a few stray tears off Buck’s face before continuing, “you were there for me and Chris when Shannon died, and you made sure we were okay before taking care of yourself, which I both loved and hated, still do, but it made my decisions for my questions easier to ask.”

“I love you,” Buck whispers under his breath.

“I love you too, perrito,” Eddie smiles before getting down on one knee, seeing as Buck gasps, and his head starts nodding slightly, “will you move in with us?” Eddie asks, earning a swift kick from Buck as a few laughs flow through the room, “Hey! That wasn’t the only question,” Eddie laughs as he looks over to Bobby, who throws something at him.

“Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley, would you do me the biggest honour of becoming my husband? No offence to you Albert, but Chris and I strongly believe that you belong with us, and we want you there with us every day, and night,” Eddie asks, and as Buck starts sobbing ‘yes’s left and right Eddie slips a ring onto his hand, kissing him proudly, before turning to every one of their family members, “He said yes!”

The group all cheer, excited that the two are finally making it official that no one else (other than Christopher) will ever be enough for them.

“Welcome to the family, Diaz,” Maddie smiles at Eddie before hugging him tightly, “I know that I don’t have to tell you that if you hurt him, I’ll have to kill you,” laughing as Athena agrees with her saying that she’d help Maddie bury him.

“Thanks, guys, I’m not even offended that you agree, I’d kill me too if I hurt him, I want only good for him,” Eddie adds, getting all sappy with the events of the day.

“Wait!” Chimney breaks up the chatter, “Buck, you never actually answered the first question.”

“Really!? That’s what you’re stuck on? Not the fact that two of our friends just got engaged,” Hen sasses at him.

“He’s got a point though, Hen,” Eddie points at him, looking at Buck.

“I thought the yes to the ‘will you marry me’ was enough of an answer for both of them,” Buck deadpans, adding a silent “dumbass,” under his breath.

“Just confirming,” Eddie laughs.

“Dads?” Chris walks over to them with his Abuela and Pepa, “when are you moving in?”

“Albert and I talked already, he started packing your clothes last week,” Eddie informs Buck.

“Then, as soon as possible, I hate not waking up in the same house as my favourite Diaz boys,” Buck hugs Chris tightly, not wanting to ever let go.

“Buck, when you move out, would it be okay if I stayed in the loft? Since it’s been paid for, for the month?” Albert asks awkwardly as Buck finally lets Chris go.

“Yeah, go for, just don’t break anything,” Buck laughs, pulling Albert in for a hug before someone else comes over to talk.

“Albert! Looks like you and I are closer to becoming in-laws,” Maddie jokes, earning laughs from a few people.

“Hey, Chim, when are you planning on proposing?” Buck retorts, “Eds and I haven’t been officially dating for even as close as the two of you have been.”

“You guys have been together since your first call together, and we all knew it, just took you guys a while to figure it out,” Chimney points out, “and as for the proposing, I think we should wait until we don’t have a newborn crying every night.”

“Wait!” Eddie smiles, “you guys-” he points between the two before Maddie squeals in excitement.

“Yes! We’re pregnant!” Maddie cheers, “Sorry, for ruining your big day, we planned on waiting until after today, but someone can’t keep a secret,” Maddie nudges Chimney's ribs.

“I was excited…” Chimney shrugs.

“Just make sure to invite us to the wedding,” Hen reminds them, earning groans from Bobby and Athena.

“Really? I thought you were over that?” Athena asks.

“Never,” Hen laughs.


“Dad!” Chris shouts as someone knocks on the door.

“Coming buddy!” Buck sighs, opening the door to find his and Eddie’s parents standing at the door, “you’re late.”

“We had to fly from Pennsylvania, and your sister wouldn’t tell us anything when we went to visit her and our granddaughter,” Margaret tells him.

“We flew from Texas,” Ramon adds, “now, why are we here? The wedding was two months ago.”

Buck, let them in!” Eddie orders him.

“You heard him, come on in,” Buck moves away from the door to let the parents in, leading them to the living room where Chris and Eddie were sitting on the couch.

“Moms, dads, we want to introduce the newest member of the Buckley-Diaz family,” Eddie stands up holding a baby girl, “her name is Daniella Isabel Buckley-Diaz, in honour of Daniel… ” Eddie introduces, a sob escaping from Margaret and Phillip at the mention of their deceased son.

“We adopted her, she was born not long after you guys had left from the wedding, and we wanted to make sure that we were going to be getting her before we told anyone, you guys are the first to know, Maddie doesn’t even know yet,” Buck explains hugging his parents, “neither does Abuela or Pepa, we planned on telling them later today after we told you, and we’re telling everybody else tomorrow at the 118 barbeque.”

“Would you like to hold your granddaughter?” Eddie asks their parents.

“You should hold her first,” Helena offers, seeing as Buck’s parents are still recovering from the name.

“Please,” Phillip reaches out to take Daniella from Eddie.


(Chris had been telling his classmates about his new sister for months before she was born.)

(Buck wears his custom shirt as much as possible, he even wore it to his own wedding under his suit.)