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“Guessing Buck wasn’t too happy with you leaving?” Hen asks Eddie as they get in the truck.

“No, he wasn’t, we were going to have a marathon day since Christopher is on a school trip this weekend,” Eddie half-lies.

“Your phone is buzzing a lot, today man,” Chimney teases.

“Yeah, it’s broken?” Eddie lies, not wanting his co-workers to find out it’s Buck texting him.


Buckley: Daddy! I know ur on a call rn, but I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me…

            Ik I can’t exactly get hard with the cage on, but God!

            I kinda hate you for not letting me cum, it’s been dayssss

            Eddie, you have NO idea how horny I am

Eddie: Buck.

Buckley: Yeah?

Eddie: I’m on a call, at a crash, can you please be patient.

Buckley: can I fuck myself with that toy you found in the shower of mine?

            But ya know, with the cage still on?

Eddie: fine, knock yourself out.

Buckley: You're mad…


Buckley: Eds… im sorry…


Eddie had answered him while they were on the way to the site but stopped talking to Buck prior to arriving because he had gotten fed up with Buck pushing.

“Diaz! Go check the red car!” Bobby points towards the direction he has to go in.

“On it,” Eddie runs in the direction, finding a pregnant lady in the passenger side, and two small children in the back.

“Cap! I’m gonna need more hands!” Eddie yells into the radio, stabilizing the lady and making sure she’s okay.

Where’s the driver?” Chim asks, helping the kids.

She was here, she was on her phone, though…” the lady mumbles.

“Was this before or after the accident?” Eddie asks.

“Before…” she mutters, “it was before…”


“Chim?! You hear that?” Eddie looks through the car at this friend.

“Go, we’ve got this!” Chimney nods his head.


Buckley: eds… Ik ur probably still on the call, but im sorry… i don’t even know where u put it, so I couldn’t do it even if you said yes… I don’t even want a piece of silicon I just want you…


Eddie and the rest of the 118 arrive back at the station Eddie checks his phone to see Buck had messaged him three times since he put his phone away.

“Why’s Buck asking me if you’re okay?” Chimney asks sitting on the couch beside him.

“Because I haven’t been responding to him?” Eddie shrugs, not wanting to go further into detail.

“Well, he’s freaking out, saying you haven’t answered in an hour, he’s annoying me,” chimney retorts.


Eddie: I’m alive. Lost two people I was responsible for.

Buckley: I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you…

Eddie: Buck, I’m not in the mood for this rn.


Buck doesn’t answer him, which worries Eddie because he knows Buck feels bad as it is. Two hours later he gets an idea.


Eddie: wut are you wearing?

Buckley: you already know what I’m wearing. U picked it out.

Eddie: I’m sorry I wasn’t the nicest earlier, I’m not telling you where I put the dildo, and im glad to hear that you’d rather my dick than a fake one…

Buckley: I miss you…

Eddie: I miss you too perrito

Buckley: when r u coming home to me, Daddy?

Eddie: Not sure, I wish I could right now

Buckley: so do i…

Eddie: you still have the plug in?

Buckley: you never told me to take it out, so yes

Eddie: move it around, play with it a bit for me?

Buckley: Daddy!

Eddie: Are you doing it for me perrito?

Buckley: Maybe…

Eddie: Evan? Good boys get rewards.

Buckley: yes! Daddy… please…

Eddie: I’ll make you feel so good when I get home baby, okay? I was going to have you keep my cock warm while I watched some tv this morning before cap called, but I guess we can skip that

Buckley: No! wanna do that for you, daddy, wanna make you feel good too

Eddie: you always make me feel good baby, just by being happy, I feel good

Buckley: that’s not what I meant & u know it

Eddie: ik baby, if you really want to, we still can okay?

Buckley: thank you, sir

Eddie: anything for you baby


“Eddie, go home, you’ve been here for four hours at this point and we’ve had one call,” Bobby pats Eddie’s shoulder.

“Which lasted an hour,” Eddie chuckles, “thanks, Cap! Don’t tell Buck? Wanna surprise him.”

“Course and tell him I say hi, and see you guys in a few days,” Bobby smiles as Eddie makes his way to the change room.


Buckley: Daddy… I really want you in my mouth now…


Eddie throws the clothes he had on before Bobby called and gets in his truck before anyone notices how quickly he got dressed.


Eddie: want you to on your knees in front of the couch, pretend I’m there okay?

Be mi buena puta

Buckley: okay, could I listen to music?

Eddie: of course baby : )


Eddie puts his phone on the passenger seat before starting the car and driving home to his boyfriend.

Once Eddie gets home, he opens the unlocked door as quietly as possible, not wanting Buck to hear it over his music and removing his sweats before sitting in front of Buck, pulling out his phone.


Eddie: Bobby let me leave early, baby


Eddie watches as Buck opens his eyes, still oblivious to him sitting in front of him, and checks his phone, before smiling brightly.

“Yay!” Buck squeaks happily, taking one of his earbuds out.

“I’m home,” Eddie whispers, seeing Buck jump slightly.

“Eds!” Buck bounces up from sitting on his heels to standing on his knees to Hug Eddie.

“Hi, baby, miss me?” Eddie teases.

“Yeah…” Buck moves back, just noticing that Eddie was naked from the waist down, “Can I?” Buck nods towards Eddie’s half-hard cock,

“Please, I’ve been thinking about your mouth on me all fucking day,” Eddie groans, “even while we were talking to Cindy this morning.”

“Really?” Buck smiles sheepishly.

“Yeah, after you make me cum, I’ll think about letting you take the cage off, how’s that sound?” Eddie moans out feeling Buck’s lips lightly kiss the tip.

Buck takes as much of Eddie into his mouth as he can fit, wanting more than anything to make him feel good. He brings a hand up to stroke what he can’t fit into his mouth, getting his hand swatted away from Eddie.

“No, no hands, perrito,” Buck whines at the comment.

Buck manages to maintain eye contact with Eddie except whenever Eddie would close his eyes in pleasure as Buck licks and sucks at once.

Buck pulls off blushing as Eddie whines, “Úsame, Daddy.

“Learn that just for me, perrito?” Eddie teases, pulling buck up for a kiss.

“Mhmm,” Buck nods his head happily, as Eddie’s hand moves to play with his hair, pulling slightly.

Palabras, cachorro,” Eddie yanks slightly harder on Buck’s hair, making him moan.

English?” Buck whimpers at the sudden pleasure.

Words, puppy,” Eddie glares hotly, “more than one way to say puppy.”

Yes,” Buck whines, as Eddie releases his hair, “learnt it for you.

Que dulce de tu parte, nena,” Eddie smiles lovingly at his boyfriend.

“Anything for you,” Buck beams.