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“Yeah, yeah of course. Fuck, please,” Eddie half begs, as Buck moves forward to kiss him.

The kiss starts out innocent enough, but every time Buck moves his hips at all, the plug shifts slightly in him, making him moan into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie tosses the blanket onto the floor and pulls Buck onto his lap, all with his eyes closed, making Buck whimper into it.

Fuck, ” Buck moans, as Eddie sucks onto his neck, above the collar.

“What are you wearing?” Eddie asks as he moves his hands to grasp Buck’s ass.

“A skirt?” Buck blushes as Eddie looks at his outfit, “that okay, Daddy?”

Mierda, baby, yeah, it’s kinda hot, ” Eddie squeezes Buck’s bare ass, “not wearing anything underneath?” Eddie looks Buck in the eyes.

“Well, technically I kinda am…” buck blushes deeply, “I didn’t wanna disobey your order to not cum…”

“I also told you not to touch yourself,” Eddie adds, as Buck bites his lip, “baby.”

“You also said that if I did touch myself I couldn’t cum, and I didn’t…” Buck pouts, as Eddie growls.

“Where?” Eddie pats Bucks ass, “did you touch your cock, or ass, baby?”

“Can I show you what I got today? It may answer your question better at the same time,” Buck smiles innocently.

“Sure,” Eddie shrugs, letting Buck get up.

“Well, I got this outfit, the shirt I got customized at the store, the collar, with the matching chain leash, and like four other things,” Buck says, grabbing Eddie’s hand, dragging him to the bedroom where two of the other things were.

“There’s only two things here,” Eddie glares at Buck.

“Well, here’s the receipt of the things I got,”

Collar /w leash, high-waisted skirt, customized t-shirt, pink rope, cock ring, pink jewel plug, cock cage.

Evan Buckley, ” Eddie grunts, looking up from the slip of paper, seeing Buck covering his cock over his skirt.

Lift it up, ” Eddie orders, “ show me what you bought today.

Buck slowly lifts the hem of the skirt up, so that Eddie can see the metal around his cock.

“You look so pretty, baby, knowing you bought this to be a good boy for me,” Eddie moans.

“I did, I wanted to be so good for you, Daddy,” Buck whimpers.

“What about the plug, baby,” Eddie asks softly, watching as Buck climbs onto the bed pushing his ass up in the air.

Move the skirt, ” Buck practically purrs at Eddie, moaning as Eddie listens.

Santa mierda, nena, ” Eddie moans, getting a glance of pink. (Holy fuck, baby,)

“Like it, daddy ?” Buck wiggles his ass a bit, teasing Eddie.

“So, fucking much,” Eddie tugs the plug lightly, “want Daddy to fuck you?”

Eddie, please yes, ” Buck moans, pushing his ass closer to Eddie, “I’m clean, by the way.”

Querido Dios Evan, ¿quieres que te folle el culo a carne viva ?” Eddie growls, gripping Buck’s ass. (Dear God Evan, you want me to fuck your ass raw?)

“Eddie, as hot as it is hearing you speak Spanish, I don’t understand what you said, I know common phrases, but not dirty talk… I understood ‘ God ’ and ‘ Evan ’,” Buck enlightens Eddie, who smirks.

“You want me to fuck you?” Eddie resays.

“You said a lot more than that, but okay,” Buck chuckles.

You really wanna know what I said? ” Eddie teases, playing with the plug some more.

Please, Daddy, ” Buck whimpers, “word for word?”

“I said, Dear God Evan, you want me to fuck your ass raw? ” Eddie groans, as Buck whines at his words.

Yes, Ed-Daddy, please, ” Buck begs, pushing his ass back toward Eddie.

“Of course, Baby, but I think we should talk first, about limits,” Eddie pats Bucks ass.

“Fine…” Buck pouts.

“So, obviously you have a praise kink, I refuse to hurt you, unless it’s a punishment or you get off on it, I will not make you bleed,” Eddie notifies him.

“We both clearly have some trauma-related things we aren’t into, if it reminds you of your past, I won’t do it, and a little pain is okay with me, I like it rough, but I agree with the no blood, I might not be on blood thinners anymore, but still. I do have a praise kink… And you obviously have a Daddy kink! When we’re in public could I call you sir? Would that be okay?” Buck inquires, “also, what you're doing right now, I like it,” Buck refers to where Eddie is currently petting Buck.

“Okay, good to know you like pain, and like it rough, and I didn’t even know I had a Daddy kink until you said it that first time, I would love it if you called me sir in public, I want everyone to know your mine, whenever you want to tell people that is,” Eddie smiles, continuing to pet Buck.

“I’m yours, huh?” Buck teases, “when did that happen? I don’t remember you asking me out,” Eddie yanks Buck's hair roughly at the tease.

You want me to ‘ask you out’? ” Eddie growls, “ What is this, high school?

“Fine!” Buck squeaks, “I meant to be your boyfriend!”

Good boy, ” Eddie releases his grip, returning to just petting his hair.

Eddie, ” Buck whines.

“Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley, would you like to be my boyfriend?” Eddie asks, a hint of humour in his voice.

“I thought you would never ask, I would love to be your boyfriend,” Buck smiles brightly.

“We should tell Bobby before we go back,” Eddie murmurs, “But it’s up to you when we tell people, okay?”

“Yes, Sir, should we call Bobby today? And when we get back to work, we can do a ‘test run’, to show him that our relationship won’t affect the way we do our job?”

“I like it, I like your plan, baby,” Eddie smiles, “do you have a safe word?”

“Usual traffic light system, Green for good, and yellow for slow down/maybe’s, and red for full stop, another full stop word would be Avocado ,” Buck explains awkwardly.

“Thank you for telling me, perrito, ” Eddie pets Buck.


Eddie added Bobby and Buckley to a new chat

Eddie: We have something we think you should know

Bobby: Buck’s okay, right?

Buckley: Yeah, I’m great! It’s a good thing we have to tell you, not bad

Eddie: We, Buck and I, have finally realized we like the other back

Bobby: The others will be so happy to hear that, we were getting tired of watching the two of you pin after each other

Buckley: so evry 1 knew we liked the other but didn’t tell us?

Bobby: Yeah, basically, but I won’t tell them, though you both will have to sign papers.

Eddie: we talked about it as well, we were wondering if when we r both back, would it be ok if we did like a trial run? Like to show you that we can separate work and personal life?

Bobby: Okay, I will see the both of you in a week? If Buck’s doctor gives him a clean bill of health, but u won’t be going on calls until ur fully healed, do you understand?

Buckley: Yes, Cap, I understand.


My good boy, ” Eddie purrs.


“I need you to change, we have to pick Chris up soon, and as hot as it is seeing you in a skirt, I don’t want anyone else seeing my boy like this,” Eddie orders Buck, who pouts.

“Could I at least leave the plug in?” Buck looks at Eddie with hopefulness.

“Of course, mi amor ,” Eddie smiles.

“The cage?” Buck frowns, wanting to take it off, but wanting to be good for Eddie more.

“You put it on because you wanted to be good for me, can you continue to be good if we take it off?” Eddie asks, already knowing Buck’s answer.

“I-I don’t know…” Buck frowns.

“Okay, so let’s leave it on for a bit longer then, okay baby?” Eddie soothes.

“Okay,” Buck smiles, before moving to get up, “could you unzip me, daddy?” Buck asks cutely, remembering that Eddie had yet to see what he got customized onto the shirt.

“Um, Buck?” Eddie asks, puzzled, “you said this was customized, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Buck forges innocence.

“So, this shirt didn’t say anything before you bought it?”

“Yeppers!” Buck cheers, “Why? You like what I got put on it?”

“Yeah, yeah I do,” Eddie says, sounding dazed.

Buck had gotten ‘ Property of Daddy ’ with an arrow pointing downward, towards his ass.

“Change it, as much as I love your new shirt, Chris doesn’t need to know what we get off on,” Eddie shakes his head.

“Okay, good call, I’ll meet you in the living room?” Buck offers, letting the skirt fall to the ground, hearing Eddie groan.

“Yeah, that might be a good idea,” Eddie whispers, panting.


“Ready to pick Chris up?” Buck asks Eddie, walking past him in the living room.

“What? Oh, uh yeah, ‘m ready,” Eddie looks up at Buck, before getting off the couch.

“Well then, let’s go!” Buck bounces on his toes, before quickly putting his shoes on.

“Alright, I’m coming,” Eddie laughs, just as Buck scoffs, “What?”

You better not be… I wanna be the reason you do… ” Buck pouts, meanwhile Eddie laughs harder.

“You always are, perrito,” Eddie kisses Buck, opening the front door for them.


“I was thinking we could have a movie night? Since you have your trip tomorrow,” Eddie smiles as he watches his boyfriend buckle their son into the car.

“We also have some news to tell you,” Buck flushes slightly at Eddie’s words.

You’re leaving…? ” Chris guesses sadly.

“Not any time soon mijo,” Eddie comforts, “Buck and I, we’re together…”

“Like how he was with Miss. Ana, but this time he won’t be leaving me, you both are stuck with me,” Buck adds.