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These are legal papers, so please use a pen if u choose to sign them, Chris and I talked about it already, and we were wondering if you wanted to be his (legal) parent?

He already sees you as his other dad, and it would make it easier knowing if something happened to me, he would have you.

Sorry, I left you a note instead of talking to you about this… I wasn’t sure how to bring it up, so I asked Carla and she told me I could always just do this.

Eddie <3

He wants me to be his kid's other legal parent?


Buckley: ofc I do, thank you

Eddie: I knew you would, I just didn’t know how to bring it up

Buckley: I signed them already, and Carla was smart with this idea, I may or may not have teared up a bit reading the letter

Eddie: I didn’t mean to make you cry!

Buckley: Happy tears! Not sad!

            You really think I would be upset that you want me to be Chris’s (other) legal father?

Eddie: No…

Buckley: How’d your talk with Cap go?

Eddie: I’m surprised you remembered that you were half asleep

            It went well. he managed to find someone who could fill my spot for the rest of the week

Buckley: I don’t need a babysitter…

Eddie: not a babysitter, you are the babysitter

            Cap just wants to make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too much, he wants you to get better, but not at the expense of your health, you pushed yourself so hard last time you were injured… we don’t want to see that happen again…

            I can’t see you vomit blood again…

Buckley: okay, as long as you’re okay with it, then so am I, last night was nice, other than the unwanted visitor

Eddie: I agree, I have to go, talk later tho!


Buck had cleaned the house up a bit after Eddie had to go, which took a few hours, but he had to wait until Carla got home with Chris so he wouldn’t be lonely, I did bring toys so I wouldn’t be too lonely? And since I’m gonna be here for a while, and Eddie doesn’t work for the next week, this might be torture.

But it’s not his bed… The shower! More specifically Eddie’s shower, so he doesn’t have to worry about Chris finding his stuff.

Buck had managed to cover the bandage up to prevent it from getting wet, then went through his ‘toiletries’ bag and grabbed the suction cup dildo and lube before making his way to the bathroom.


Eddie: So, Chris’s school called, they’re sending home a permission slip for a field trip that’s tomorrow, can you sign it for me when he gets home? And put it back in his bag so we don’t lose it? That would be great!


            Evan!? It’s been 10 minutes? Please tell me you are still alive. Do not make me leave work just to find out you lost your damn phone.

Buckley: God Eds, can’t a guy shower

Eddie: It does not take you 10 minutes to shower, Buck.

Buckley: well, that could be bc I’m usually in a rush, and im tryna have some fun before our kid gets home?

Eddie: Oh! I…


Chimney: What did u say to Eddie?

            He was all worried about you then he was smiling, and now he’s all red and won’t answer any of our questions

Buckley: can’t say,

            Wait, he’s red? Like embarrassed red or…?

Chimney: I don’t think he’s embarrassed, flustered, maybe?


Buckley: So, its safe to assume u got what I was implying?

Eddie: On a call


Buckley: u guys on a call?

Chimney: no? why?

Buckley: no reason, but thanks!


Two can play that game.

Once Buck finishes, moaning Eddie’s name, and watching as the evidence was washed away, he cleans himself up, and removes the toy from the wall, and places it on the side of the tub where you would only see it if you were in the shower. Because he knows Eddie will be the next one to use the shower. He decides to start cooking something for dinner, knowing that Eddie has everything he needs so he wouldn’t have to leave.

He’s just putting it in the oven to start cooking it when the front door opens.

Bucky?!” Chris shouts from the door.

“Hey, I didn’t even realize the time, Carla, would you like to stay for dinner? I just put some lasagna in the oven to cook,” Buck offers taking Christopher’s bag from her.

“Dad won’t be home for supper, you should stay!” Chris adds, wanting to spend more time with both adults.

“Well, I do love your cooking, Buckaroo,” Carla smiles, “I would love to, I’ll help Chris with his homework before we eat.”

“I have to sign a permission slip; do you know where it is?” Buck looks through Chris’s bag.

“It’s in his agenda,” Carla pulls the book out.

“Thanks,” Buck blushes.


“Buck?” Chris looks at Buck from the other side of the counter.

“Yeah, buddy?” Buck looks up from the slip of paper, “What’s up?”

“Are you and dad together?”

“No, why do you ask?” Buck answers softly.

“Because he called Carla earlier really happy, and Carla told me it was because of you,” Chris pouts, feeling lied to.

“Oh, well that’s because I signed the paperwork today to be your other legal dad,” Buck informs the kid, getting a squeal of happiness from him.


“Yeah, you’re dad must have wanted to tell you in person, which I just ruined…” Buck frowned at the realization, “Should we call him? So, he knows you know?”

“Yeah!” Chris beams.

“Let’s eat first?” Carla asks, hearing the timer go off.

“Fine…” Chris pouts but sits at the table.

“I have to make sure he isn’t on a call anyways,” Buck reminds them pulling the lasagna.


Buckley: We need to talk, you on a call?


Eddie doesn’t answer, but five minutes after Buck sends the text, his phone starts buzzing. Seeing it’s Eddie calling he answers quickly.

Chris okay?” Eddie rushes.

“He’s fine, and hello to you too,” Buck chuckles, putting the phone on speaker.

“Hi, Dad!” Chris says.

“Hey, buddy, why would you send a message like that Buck?’ Eddie sighs.

“It was to make you answer faster, but I didn’t mean to make you worry,” Buck frowns.

“It’s okay, and no, we aren’t on a call yet,” Eddie responds.

“Okay, good, because Chris asked me something a few minutes ago, and I needed to know if I ruined some kind of surprise…”

“No surprises that I know of?” Eddie shakes his head, realizing they can’t see him, but the others can.

Is that buckaroo?” A familiar female voice asks Eddie.

“Yeah, him and Chris,”

“And Carla, dad!” Chris giggles.

“And Carla,” Eddie adds.

Well, tell Buck I said to get better.

“Will do, Athena!” Eddie speaks into the phone now, “’Thena says get better.”

“Thank you to her,” Buck waits to continue hearing Eddie tell her what he said, “And is telling your son that he’s now our son, not news?” Buck jokes.

“Right! You told him then? Since he’s not making any noise,” Eddie smiles, before regretting his choice of company for the call.

Told him what!?” Bobby’s voice calls out.

“Put me on speaker, Eds,” Buck chuckles.

“Kay,” Eddie sighs, knowing he’s going to be answering questions for the rest of the shift, “talk.”

“Eddie, left papers, legal papers, for me to sign when he left for work today,” Buck informs the firefam, hearing a ‘that’s ominous’ from Chimney. “the papers were for me to become Chris’s other legal parent!” Buck adds happier being able to tell people.

Awe! Well, congrats buck, you’re stuck with Eddie for good now!” Hen jokes.

No throwing things kids!” Bobby warns.

“Dad, did you throw something?” Chris asks, sounding like a parent.

“No…” Eddie lies.

He threw a pillow at me, he’s lying,” Hen tattles.

“Dad, you told me not to throw things,” Chris reminds him.

“I know, buddy,” Eddie pouts.

“We can punish him, tomorrow buddy,” Buck tells Chris, clearly forgetting he was on speaker with the others.

Wait, this I gotta hear!” Hen and Chimney laugh, but getting cut off by the siren going off, “Saved by the bell, Diaz, Bye guys!

“Sorry about that… and be safe!” Buck tells him.

“Thanks, talk later!” Eddie says, “love you, buddy!”

“Love you, dad!” Chris smiles before the line goes dead.

“Let’s finish eating,” Carla offers, “then while buck cleans up, we can finish your homework so that you and Buck can have some fun before you have to go to bed.”

“Okay,” Chris smiles but looks sad.

“Hey, you’re dad forgot to mention, he’s going to be home for the next week,” Buck smiles, hoping to bring the happiness back onto Christopher’s face.

“Really!” Chris beams as if he was never sad.

“Yeah, you can ask him tomorrow,” Buck adds.


The three of them manage to finish eating, before the doorbell rings which Buck answers.

Hi… seriously?” Ana.

“Ana, go away,” Buck grumbles, “Eddie’s at work anyway.”

“I was here to see Chris, he forgot his permission slip today,” Ana bullshits.

“Ana, we both know that’s a lie, I just signed his permission slip.”

“You can’t, you aren’t his legal guardian.”

“Well, actually, ”

“No. Edmundo and I only just broke up…”

“Yeah, but we’ve been best friends since just about his first day at the 118, we were closer than most best friends, so close in fact, we realized that we were in love with each other, and well, here I am, living with my husband and son,” Buck smirks as she looks disappointed.

“You got married?”

“He’s a Buckley-Diaz now, honey,” Buck shrugs, knowing he’s going to have to inform Eddie that now to avoid crazy ex-girlfriends they have to pretend to be married.

Okay, Chris, I’ll see you tomorrow to drive you to school, be good for Buck!” Carla’s voice flows through the house, “he’s getting ready for bed… Miss. Ana…”

“Hi, I was just leaving.”

“Good, let's leave the boys to have some guy time,” Carla kisses Bucks cheek before leaving, guiding Ana along with her.


“Chris, it’s 8:40, time for bed, your dad’s gonna kill me for letting you stay up past eight,” Buck negotiates, “I’ll buy you ice cream when we pick up from school tomorrow if you go to bed now, how’s that?”

“Three scoops?”

Three? I was thinking two,” Buck says dramatically.

“Please, Dad…” Chris pouts.

“Dad? Fine… you win, three scoops it is,” Buck gives in, melting at what Chris had called him.

After Buck finally gets Chris to sleep, he pulls his phone out to see if he has any new messages, he doesn’t.

Buckley: He called me dad today!

            My heart may have melted from it a bit

Eddie: Why does Ana think we’re married?

Buckley: Oh… she showed up again, and she got all ‘teacher’ on me when I told her I had signed the permission slip already so I knew chris hadn’t forgotten it, and told me I couldn’t bc I wasn’t his legal guardian, which I will be once you bring those papers wherever they need to go to make them legal legal

Eddie: did u just say legal legal?

            You didn’t say y yet.

Buckley: i only said well actually to her next sentence which was I wasn’t his legal guardian, and she told me how u 2 only just broke up, which okay, true, but we’ve been best friends way longer, almost like 3 years? And then I ended up saying how we realized we were in love with each other and how I was now living with my husband and son…

            Plz, don’t be mad…

Eddie: I’m not mad,

Buckley: ur a Buckley-Diaz to her now

Eddie: I’m glad she thinks im married since she wont (hopefully) bother us or me anymore

Buckley: When do u get off?

Eddie: in the shower usually ;)

            At 10, so I’ll be home soon, chris better be asleep, and it would be nice if you were in bed by the time I got home.

Buckley: you mean the same shower I used earlier?

             He’s asleep already, and want me naked too boss?

Eddie: How’d u managed to get him to bed? Was he good?

Buckley: I had to bride him… so tmrw when we pick him up, we have to stop for ice cream… three scoops… I stopped at two, but he called me dad and I couldn’t say no…

            You didn’t answer any of my questions…

Eddie: Buck! You better be paying and get me some too.

            You never could say no to him before that

            And I’m at work buck, I can’t answer those

Buckley: you can answer my texts, but not the ones you started?

Eddie: Buck, I have to go, got a call, but if you really want an answer, you have to promise to do it

Buckley: tell meee!!


Eddie: yes, the same shower, and no, because if chris wakes up and needs you before I get home, that would be scarring for him, and we would have to have a talk with him.

            But I do want you in bed. I don’t care what you wear, just want you in bed. Asleep would be good.

Buckley: okay, will do! Have a safe call!


Buck decides to comply with what Eddie had basically ordered him to do, but since he felt like stirring shit up, he went through Eddie’s closet, finding a zip-up hoodie that he could put on, one from the station with Eddie’s last name on the back. Throwing it on, carefully, he climbs into the bed, before settling in the middle on his stomach.


Eddie: Sorry I’m late coming home, the last call went long, nobody died though!

                   I’m on my way home now


Eddie doesn’t receive anything back, Buck doesn’t even see the messages, he must be asleep.


Eddie: You better be asleep, or I may have to punish you


Eddie arrives to a dark home, which means everyone must be sleeping. He only turns a light on once he gets into the bathroom, he had showered before leaving at the station, but he needed light to find some bottoms to sleep in, finding some on the floor he decides to wear them, whether they were Bucks or not, turning the light off, Eddie climbs into bed beside Buck, who had decided that the middle of the bed was the best spot when sharing it.

Buck, move over a bit,” Eddie whispers, not sure if he can touch.

Noo,” Buck mumbles, moving closer to Eddie.

If you would like to cuddle, you need to move over. Right now, Evan,” Eddie commands, too tired to care what he was saying.

Fine…” Buck rolls over to face away from him so Eddie can get comfortable, which was when Eddie recognizes the hoodie Buck’s wearing. Moving behind him, so their flush against each other.

Missed me while I was at work, baby?” Eddie purrs into Buck’s ear, reeling in the way Buck’s body reacts to him.

Maybe,” Buck murmurs, thankful Eddi can’t see the blush covering him.

I think ya did, why else would you be wearing my hoodie?” Eddie whispers, wrapping an arm around Buck. “Did you leave your pants on the floor?

Buck whimpers in response, not trusting his voice.

I’m wearing them, and only them,” Eddie teases, playing with the strings from the hood.

Really?” Buck whispers, forcing himself not to thrust his hips against Eddie’s.

Huh-uh, now, go back to sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow,” Eddie feels as Buck turns slightly in his arms, thinking he wants him to move.

“No… stay…” Buck whines slightly, causing Eddie to move back into place.