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Kiss The Bullet

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  • First Kiss

It was sudden, as the erune lowered himself to be on his dear captain’s level to touch her lips. He waited long enough to taste the delicate flavor of peach and chocolate with his tongue asking for permission to enter her mouth, she muffled a moan as her cheeks burned harder by each second, her heart was ready to receive the love bullet from the marksman but never imagined it was going to be after a mission on the way back to the Grandcypher. Eustace furrowed his brows as air screamed for release, he separated inches apart with both foreheads together, he knew he was tall so being used to being crouched was the less of his worries as he still held Djeeta’s cheeks both panting a little. “Eustace…” she whispered the name as the wind caressed her golden hair, a view to truly appreciate.

“I’ll always be by your side...” and then another kiss.


  • Jealousy Kiss

Djeeta was walking to grab some groceries because she wanted to make something special for herself but for her distress a playboy was after her “Hey miss how about a date?” the guy asked without any type of decency, frowning the blonde ignored him toward her way to the market until said guy breached their distance by taking her hand until the echoing steps of someone with a threatening aura shove him off “Oi… what are you doing to my girlfriend?..for your own good scram, now” eyes like freezing winter warned, the unwanted chaser ran away. Eustace sighs “You ok?” he asked making sure she was comfortable “Yeah… thank you and sorry about that” she offered a sheepish smile and the mellow feeling was welcomed by him as he cornered her in a corner without many people, Djeeta froze at the moment she felt Eustace’s hand on her chin, tilting her head it for a kiss, it was delicate like a butterfly without intimate contact however some protectiveness could be felt in an instant “How about I invite you for dinner?, my treat” he grinned and she nodded vigorously “Under one condition though” “which is?..” curious, Djeeta listened to the gunslinger’s offering to then have her cheeks like a tomato, saying yes they hold hands while walking to the restaurant near the corner of the island.

“Let me protect you from those who want nothing but your beauty” Was the condition, Eustace truly wished to be her boyfriend.


  • Caring Kiss

One afternoon Eustace came early from patrolling the island the crew arrived, his report on time without any miss was sent to his captain. Entering the room, he found out she was finishing the daily duties “Oh Eustace! Welcome back” she jumped from her chair with open arms or a hug, he reciprocated by turning her on her back and embraced that way, as a more intimate form “I’m home” he replied. Both seated later on the couch located in the captain’s room it was comfortable as her head laid on his lap, form her perspective she could see his eyes better “You know…I’m curious” she beamed while standing up and placing her body in front of him showing her hands were without gloves with her left hand, she brushed some of the snow-colored hair.

The first time he jolted by the sudden request and rejected it but slowly both forged a bond of trust enough to let her do things like that, Djeeta could notice a little blush on Eustace’s cheeks, was he embarrassed? She giggled and made her goal as placing a kiss on his light weakened eye and let go of his hair. Blinking the erune asked “What was that for?” his look a little puzzled by the weird turning of the events at the couch “Nothing in particular, I just care about you” she answered sincerely making the man fall more and more in love with her.


  • Goodnight Kiss

His room had the basics to stay in the ship for a long term, however somehow, he ended in his captain’s bed and used to the warmth, her presence, and essence, Eustace thought if heaven was real besides dogs, it was with her and will defend that with all he has to offer and respond to every whim as long she is happy. Before going to sleep he enters the room holding two cups of Hot Coca since nights as the sky veils a chilly breeze, he is used to but she is not, both drink the sweet drink as sleep spreads around their bodies “Good night, Eustace” and she kisses his forehead while he does on her chocolate flavored lips and nodding.


  • Wedding Kiss

Still feels like a dream the day he proposed to her to be married, it was so unexpected as the heavens being the only witnesses of the purest form of love, he opened his heart as he swore to be the guard of peace and quiet following his feelings he couldn’t contain anymore. The announcement reached the ears of Society and they couldn’t be happier (Even Ilsa who was in tears of frustration and happiness at the same time as her captain found love and her coworker getting married first). Ronan agreed to fund everything that was needed, he was proud the little cub he found years ago is now a full adult wolf without the loneliness that plagued him but no more.

When the bells rang at the temple on Zinkenstill and flowers showered to the newlyweds Eustace and Djeeta leaned for another kiss, it simply was not enough.