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let me service you

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Sukuna has his arms thrown back on the couch, fingers digging into the material, his lips parted with a soft noise, and his eyes fixed on the scene happening between his legs. His pants were pooled around his ankles and Megumi was knelt before him, green eyes fixed on him as he stared up at him. 

But it was his tongue that rippled a tremble through Sukuna’s body. He dragged that warm, wet muscle up the underside of his cock, curled it around the heavy, leaking tip and teased it between his lips to suckle the head gently. 

“Megumi,” he breathed out, hips unconsciously rocking gently into that tight heat for more. 

The sorcerer simply batted those beautifully long lashes up at him and dragged his thumbs over the swell of Sukuna’s balls, kneading them gently beneath the pads of his thumbs. It pulled a low groan from the curse’s lips and Sukuna wondered why he hadn’t done this sooner. 

It had been a careless slip of his tongue that had led to this wonderful position. 

With Megumi in his lap, hands cupping the back of his neck and his lips demanding permission from Sukuna’s own, it had been easy to get lost in everything that was simply Megumi. It had taken him by surprise when the sorcerer had whispered, “I want to blow you.” Such a lewd statement falling from such innocent looking lips had driven all thoughts from Sukuna’s mind.

Sukuna hadn’t been able to stop the tumble of words, “I’d be honoured for you to be my first.” 

Megumi had pulled away with a look in his eyes and it had taken Sukuna several moments for his brain to catch up with his mouth.

“You’ve never-”

He cut Megumi off with a meld of their lips, silencing that thought. When he parted he stroked a thumb over Megumi’s cheek and whispered, “I’ve never wanted anybody like I’ve wanted you, Megumi Fushiguro.” 

The sorcerer had levelled a steady look with him before he brought their lips together for one more kiss. “Then let me service you,” Megumi whispered and he climbed off of Sukuna’s lap then, situating himself between Sukuna’s legs and falling to his knees. 

Sukuna wanted to tip his head back and let a throaty groan rumble through the air. He wanted to chase the tight heat that slowly enveloped his cock. Instead, he watched Megumi slowly slide down his length, inch after inch disappearing between those precious lips that Sukuna could taste all day. He watched Megumi’s lips stretch around him, watched the hollows of his cheeks form and watched a small crease furrow between his brows. 

If Megumi was beautiful before he was sinfully and erotically gorgeous now. This would be one image Sukuna wouldn’t be able to let go of. Ever.

It was soft, wet, and unbelievably hot. It had desire running through his veins and igniting his nerves. And he watched as Megumi drew back, revealing each glistening inch of Sukuna’s cock until he pulled off, tongue curled to catch the few drops of pre that dripped from the heavy head. “You’ve done this before,” Sukuna grunted, nails biting into the fabric of the couch. 

The dusting of pink across Megumi’s cheeks told him all he needed to know and it made Sukuna’s stomach twist with something ugly. 

“Does it matter?” is all Megumi mumbles before he’s sliding his mouth back around Sukuna’s length and engulfing it in one quick swallow. 

It drags a muscle rippling grunt from Sukuna and the couch audibly tears from the grip he has on it. Megumi was quick to chase away the dark emotions that had started to darken this entire thing. Megumi was quick to work his throat around him, the muscles relaxing to take Sukuna that little bit more until the heat tightened and tightened, teased the sensitive nerves of his cockhead, and pulled on that tightly wound coil of heat in his stomach.

“It. Does,” Sukuna rumbles and his entire body trembles at the new sensations rolling through him. He’s felt pleasure before plenty of time, but never like this. It’s almost overwhelming and he resists the urge to chase the heat of Megumi’s mouth. It’s so inviting, so warm and soft, and Sukuna wants nothing more than to bury himself in it, over and over again. 

It’s difficult to keep his eyes open, the need to screw them shut to fight against the creeping pressure building within him almost too much. But he can’t look away from those sinfully pink lips, slick with spit and pre, glistening around his cock, plump and full as they pull back before they take him back down. 

There’s a thumb rolling across his tightening balls, pressing against them softly to knead them with the heel of Megumi’s hand. There’s another thumb hooked around the base of his cock, gently teasing the nerves as Megumi buries his nose in the short pink strands of hair that curls against Sukuna’s stomach. He can feel his cock dragging against the walls of Megumi’s throat and Sukuna is helpless. To the rhythmic swallowing, the fluttering muscles that try to suck him further in and the low hum that vibrates around his cock. 

Sukuna is helpless.

Megumi’s cheeks bloom with red as Sukuna paints the inside of his throat and Sukuna can only groan in stuttered gasps as Megumi watches him intently through the best, and only orgasm, somebody else has given him. Megumi’s thumbs are constantly pressed against him, teasing more trails of cum from Sukuna’s cock and dragging more curses from Sukuna’s lips as he growls Megumi’s name with reverence. 

Sukuna forces his fingers to ease their grip on the torn couch as Megumi slowly slides his way back up Sukuna’s still twitching cock. He feels the heat of that tongue drag along the sensitised nerves, can feel the soft suckles Megumi gives on his way back up, pulling a few more beads from Sukuna’s cock, until he finally pulls off with a wet noise that drives new heat into Sukuna’s stomach. 

Megumi draws back with a soft pant and Sukuna’s eyes are fixed on the way Megumi’s tongue darts out to swipe up the few drops of pre and drool that had gathered in the corners of his lips. He groans as Megumi slides his hands to Sukuna’s thighs and digs his fingers into the muscles to push himself up. “Good?” 

Sukuna grabs at Megumi’s waist, drags him back down into his lap and cups the back of his neck to steal a hungry kiss from him, smothered in a groan as he tastes himself in Megumi’s mouth. “Amazing.” He drags his tongue across Megumi’s own, sinks his teeth into his bottom lip and tugs on it until green eyes are hazily fixed on his face. “You’re mine, Megumi. Nobody else can have you.” 

There’s a moment where those eyes search his face before Megumi rolls his eyes and sinks forward, arms looping around Sukuna’s neck. “Yours.”