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slow burn

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It doesn’t take long before they fall into a routine.  Stolen glances and teasing words quickly become heated, the knot of tension that has been building for over a year slowly begins to unravel.

The feeling of warm skin beneath his fingers grounds Eustace in the moment.  Nails gently run over the skin of his upper thigh and Eustace’s breathing turns ragged.  Eustace  bites back a groan, a shiver running down his spine as Cassius lightly drags his fingers over the head of his cock. 

Cassius watches each reaction in utter fascination, growing bolder with each passing moment.  For once he is blessedly silent, too caught up in experimenting to say a word.  

Eustace pushes at his shoulder, far too aware of how close he is to reaching his limit.  He reaches for the oil, letting it coat his fingers.  The heat in his groin grows even warmer as Cassius settles back on the bed, eyes never once looking away.

Kneeling between parted thighs, Eustace lets his hands massage bare skin, teasing and exploring.  His fingers search out the tight muscle, gently kneading the rim until he catches the sound of Cassius letting out a soft gasp.  The tip of his finger slips in, brushing against the sensitive inner walls.

A shudder runs through Cassius, his eyes growing lidded.  Encouraged, Eustace probes deeper, spreading the oil and loosening the muscle bit by bit.  One finger is soon joined by another, the hole fluttering around him as Eustace steadily stretches the area.  Once he is satisfied, Eustace drags his fingers out, letting the pads of his fingertips curl teasingly around the edge of the rim before pulling them free.  

Their eyes meet and Cassius smiles.  Eustace braces himself, dragging more oil over his cock before guiding it forward.  He slowly sinks in with a muffled groan as heat surrounds the tip of his cock.  Eustace grits his teeth, waiting for Cassius to adjust.  Hands drag over his hips and Eustace’s breath catches as he slides even deeper.  

Cassius shifts against him and Eustace swallows back a groan as he is completely enveloped by the warm walls.  Gently he begins to thrust, building a rhythm to the moans escaping from Cassius.  Warm hands drag over his sides, silently encouraging him.  The sound of harsh breathing fills the space between them.   

A hand reaches up to cup Eustace’s cheek, fingers dragging over the line of his jaw.  The gentle stroke sends a new spiral of heat straight to his groin and Eustace finds that he is unable to look away from Cassius’s gaze.  Those fingers lightly trace upwards until they find the base of his ear and an embarrassing whine leaves Eustace’s lips.

The combination of sensations leaves him shaking and Eustace’s hips stutter.  The tight muscle around his cock clenches and Eustace’s grip turns bruising, the slick slide of skin against skin becoming more frantic.   Eustace hikes up Cassius’s thigh, changing the angle until they both groan at the contact.  A sharp cry leaves Cassius’s lips as he comes and Eustace buries himself as deep as he can within the tight heat as his own climax follows.

Eustace slides out, slumping forward and letting his head fall to rest against Cassius’s shoulder.  The two of them struggling to catch their breath as they come down from the high.  Despite being slick with sweat and come, Eustace cannot bring himself to move away just yet.  

Cassius laughs, the sound light and altogether too pleasant.  His fingers lazily stroke Eustace’s hair, nails lightly tracing over the edge of one ear.  Bracing himself, Eustace closes his eyes and waits for the ridiculous words that are sure to follow.

“That was rather impressive.”

Eustace sighs.

“I would not be adverse to doing it again.”  

That hand purposefully drags over his ear, eliciting a sharp inhale and Eustace can feel the heat stirring within once more.