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October 8th

Hey diary. What a way to start the week, right?

Currently waiting for Kate to get back from the bathroom at Cafe Lanel. Don't know if it's worth talking about but I had another weird ass dream last night. This time, it was on top of the girls dorm, raining super hard. Now that I think of it, it felt like my other daydream yesterday. Some poor girl was standing on the ledge. We start talking and she's crying really hard. It's like I could literally feel whatever she was feeling, could barely swallow with how stuffed my throat was.

Then after a while she just… jumps. I try to reach out but I'm too far and end up throwing my phone on the floor which woke me up. Luckily nothing's broken but it probably gave everyone a good scare in the middle of the night. What could've even caused these two dreams? Something I watched on Warren's drive? There's a ton of fucked up movies on there but none about people front flipping off of buildings to their death. Maybe it's one of those dreams that people say have meanings and represent something in your life.

Then before photography class, Jefferson asked me about Kate. Said he's worried since she doesn't really talk alot and just kinda leaves as soon as class ends.

Side note, he's honestly an awesome sauce teacher. If there was ever some crazy shit to go down, he'd be the last person I'd think of.

I just told him that we're going to get some coffee after so hopefully that says something to him. But maybe the two are related? What if that girl on the roof was Kate? The weird thing is that she had the same kind of just-woke-up ponytail style.

This whole day just feels off. Started raining early in the morning and just stopped as soon as we came in. Luckily the cafe actually cares and has a carp thing hanging over the outside tables when that happens. If there was a day that aforementioned shit would go down, today is that day.

On a lighter note, I'm starting to think Warren likes me to some degree. We talked for a bit in his chemistry class before photography and made a really cool powder bomb thing. Ms. Grant—also an awesome teacher—kinda got mad at us because we stuffed a lot of random shit into it and made a huge mess on his desk. It looked like something out of Breaking Bad. Thank God that Madsen security guard guy didn't see what happened. We haven't had a lot of run-ins but I heard he's a hard ass for no reason. Back on topic, we were cleaning it up and he asked me to go with him to some Planet of The Apes marathon at the drive in. I told him that me and Kate were on a coffee date all the way down near Chloe's house.

Okay well, I didn't actually say date. Just thought it was clever, which it wasn't.

He just kinda said okay with a smile that's honest to God in my top ten most awkward smiles of all time. I feel you too. If it helps, we did make plans for Wednesday. Which is also




Alright Max. Tomorrow after class scratch that, tomorrow morning. Get that photo to Jefferson and then you can relax all day. You got this, girl.

The smell of sweet caffeine radiates through the air alongside musky earth from the rain just minutes ago. Our waiter drops off the coffee as soon as Kate sits down next to me, going back inside the cafe to attend to more people. Her scarf scrapes against the wooden table as she crosses her arms on it. "Thanks for going with me," she says in a soft voice before taking a tiny sip.

My hand wavers over my coffee, wispy lines of cream running through the light brown surface. "It's definitely a coffee type of day." Do I tell her about Jefferson? She was really quiet on the bus down here. Probably because her little bunnie's alone at the dorms right now. "How's the whole contest thing going? Did you pick your photo?"

"I'm not putting one in. My parents probably wouldn't even let me go."

Damn. Kate takes really pretty photos, though. Better than me, to be honest. The heat from the coffee causes my hand to flinch upwards and down onto the table. "I mean, you could still kinda represent us, right? You'd still be the Everyday Hero winner. That has to mean something."

"It's just a little piece of paper or trophy that says it, doesn't actually mean I'm an Everyday Hero," she says with huffs of clouds floating up with each word.

Alright. Therapist Max, here we go. Taking a sip of the coffee, I rest on my elbows and lean forward. "Are you okay, Kate? Before class, Jefferson pulled me to the side and he said he was really worried about you. I am, too."

There's a moment where the only sound is tires rolling over the tarmac in the distance and droplets of rain dripping off of the carp above us. "You know that Vortex Club party last week?" Her eyes are locked onto a scorch mark embedded in the table.

"Mhm." This feels like it's going in a direction that I don't want to and my stomach sinks as I prepare for the worst.

"I got a drink, only a little shot because everyone else was drinking and didn't want to feel left out, and I just had it for a couple of minutes. For a second I turned around to say hello to someone, then when I turned back around, I decided to just do it and drink it. A minute later or two and Rachel tells me that we need to go. Right when we made it to the door of the house, I felt really dizzy and she had to basically carry me to her car." Kate takes a trembling deep breath. "She said from the entire time during the car ride and getting me to the dorms, I was completely blacked out and mumbling some prayer the whole time. Apparently, someone drugged my drink and Rachel was the only one who saw it or did anything. Who knows what would've happened?"

Jesus. I cup her lone hand, which she pulls back for a second before accepting. "I'm so sorry that happened, Kate. Those Vortex assholes are something else." If anything, Rachel's the real Everyday Hero. Picked me and Chloe up yesterday, and saved Kate from whatever fucked up plans they had for her. "We need to go to the police-"

"How are they going to believe me? I bought the drink, Max," she snaps back and partially faces towards me.

That fucks this whole thing up. They'll probably just charge her for buying alcohol and send her off. No way Vortex Club didn't pay them off, either. "I heard the assault kits they have tested for party drugs..." I say before a thought comes in, "but those are only the same day. Shit."

Kate takes a big sip of her coffee before wiping off her upper lip with a napkin and letting go of my hand. There's a look she gives that gets me really blue. I can't really describe it, but it's just staring off into the distance like she's focused on some ant across the country. That same look is the one plastered on her face right now, and even back in class this week.

"I didn't mean to bring it up, I'm just worried because you're so quiet." My coffee's gone cold by now but at least the flavor was one that sort of works when cold. Like chocolate infused with crack to make you anxious of everything, but at least you're not tired anymore.

"It's okay, I'm just usually like this."

Hopefully this will be a mood brightener. Heightener. Better-er. "How's your bunny doing?"

A hint of a smile builds on her cheek facing me. "She's doing good. Alice, by the way."

"Hmm. Alice in Wonderland?"

She nods. Silent victory screech for the win. "Is it really that obvious?"

The scream of a seagull echoes overhead and towards the beach. "All I literally do is watch movies and read."

"Speaking of watching movies, what was on that flash drive that Warren gave you?"

"Uh… movies. Really, really gory movies. And my photos." Warren, if you're reading my mind, fuck you for Hannibal Holocaust. Just the first thirty minutes gave me nightmares for freaking days.

Her eyes squint at me, eyebrows furrowed as she takes another sip. "Your photos?" she says in a mumble.

"My actual photos. For photography. Not just hiding in the corner and snapping pictures of me type of photos." Sounds just a little better. A police car with sirens blasting zooms by us, rumbling our coffee. My ears ring for a moment but after being in Seattle, I can safely say that I don't freak out like I used to since it's such a big city. Wait a second. Arcadia Bay isn't a very big town. And when I was writing in my diary, there was a really soft crack in the distance, maybe the junkyard?

It's nothing, Max. Not your beeswax.

"Why does he have your photos?"

For that… I really don't know. "Backup in case, uh, something happens," I lie. Nice one.

Kate leans the cup towards her, revealing nothing left except for rings where the coffee stained inside. "You guys do hang out a lot. And when we were at lunch, he asked where you were."

Uh, in that case, then it's one sided. Kind of. "For the flash drive thing. I gave it back just before photography." High five. Bomb defused. I can feel my cheeks flush but at least it's cold so it makes sense and not just my body being an ass.

We sit in silence to gaze at flocks of birds flying under pillowy clouds, the sunlight escaping and pale red rolling across the sky.

Chloe: where r u

Max: In my cocoon.

Chloe: okay good. feels nice to have someone else I know here, even if it kinda started hella rocky.

Max: Samesies. So I wanted to ask you something about Rachel. How was your day?

Chloe: me and rachel kinda fucked up.

Chloe: more like I did, really

Max: Tell me your problems, young one.

Chloe: elder one to you

Chloe: but i kinda mighta sorta showed off my gun to her when we went to the junkyard

Max: What the FUCK. Where did you get a gun?

Chloe: the little junkyard up north like last week lol. it's davids gun from when he was my step fuhrer.

Chloe: anyways before you start giving me a lecture, i accidentally shot it and scared the living shit out of us.

Chloe: fun fact, she actually told me to keep it b/c my fingerprints are on it. so probably not going back there for a week or two.

Max: So that's what that was. Me and Kate saw some police cars going super fast by us.

Chloe: speaking of kate, is she okay? Rachel said something about her but i was gone off my tits from the devils lettice

Max: Lettuce. Lettice is that math shit with the boxes.

Chloe: no that's lattice. with an A, me thinks

Max: Well, back on topic, we went out on a coffee date.

Chloe: awww

Max :|

Max: Anyways, some krazy shit happened at the Vortex Club party last week. One of the shitheads there drugged her drink and Rachel dragged her out at the last second.

Chloe: fuck those rich pricks. I was planning on going with Rachel as her plus one. at least if i went, i would've kicked serious ass

Max: I know. You're literally undefeated when we used to play fight. And that one time we actually did fight…

Chloe: sawry about that one. did she say she was going to the end of the world party this thursday?

Max: No, I didn't ask. Probably not the best of ideas after that whole thing.

Chloe: oh okay. tell her if she's going for whatever reason, that me and rachel are going to be watching her in case it happens again. you're coming, right?

Max: I mean I'm going to turn in the photo tomorrow so yeah.

Chloe: oh shitake mushrooms. u gonna get super hella fucked up with us

Max: ? - I think you're missing one of those.

Chloe: that wasn't a question, missy. we are coming out of that party like fucking legends.

Max: That's the Chloe I know. Not even a day after seeing each other again and you want to black out together.

Chloe: yuuuup. btw me and rachel broke into the pool

Max: On a scale of how-much-did-I-expect-this, this is a solid 10

Chloe: you know it

CHloe: come down, we're about to hop in so hurry your skinny ass up

Max: I can't :( It's already midnight and I need to go to sleep. Maybe some other time :)

Chloe: the audacity you have to use two emojis in the span of one message. if you actually aren't going, nighty night while me and rachel have the time of our life here :) [revenge emoji]

Max: I really would, but I gotta sleep. Night, Chlo.