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It's You

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October 7th


Deja vu is a weird one. 

This will be the weirdest journal entry I will ever make, So weird I don't know how or where to start. But it started with the most vivid dream of my life. I was at the edge of the cliff next to the lighthouse. In a storm. And a hurricane-tornado-thing. All I know it was pretty fucking big and pretty fucking fast.

I wasn't alone though. This girl was shouting and screaming at me over the wind, and picked me off the ground. Maybe I was hurt? I don't know. She started to talk to me, and stuffed a photo in my face. I will say, it was a cute picture. Just a butterfly in a bathroom trash can for some reason. But everything else was horrifying. It felt like I was breathing underwater with how bad the storm was. Then, before it was over, I heard something and for some reason it stuck with me. Don't you forget about me. Forget about who? Feels like I've already forgotten about a shit ton of people, doesn't really narrow it down much. Then again, there's somebody I used to know in town. 

Yeah. That's probably who said that in my nightmare. Or daymare. I guess it wasn't over when Jefferson called on me after I took a selfie. Duega Dugggaren Duegarrian Do-gair-ian  Something, something process. Only figured that one out when Victoria answered, and proceeded to nail poor Kate in the head. Asshole. Nice shot, though. 

This is a bit of a long one, Maxi. But what else would you do in a bathroom? Use the toilet? Of course not. I've seen too many fucked up things back in Seattle that I'd rather not curse my little innocent diary with. 

But yeah, back on topic. Class ends. I really hope Kates doing okay. We'll probably go out and get some coffee or tea as soon as I'm done with this. She was more Eeyore than usual. Of course, Victoria was flirting talking up a storm to Mr. Jefferson and then shy old me decides to not put up that photo I have of my wall for the contest. 

Me and Nathan made eye contact when I walked into the bathroom. Really random but he kinda scares me. Thought it would be an ape ass football player but no. Just a rich kid. 

And that leads to where I am.

A butterfly just landed next to me. Animal Planet Max. Now that I think of it, it kinda looks like the photo. Probably should take one for the wall collection. Is a wall collection weird? I feel like its veering on horse girl status. Photo girl. 

The door closes and shuts hard. I hold my pen up from the paper and listen as the footsteps get closer and closer. They stop, and begin to pace back towards the door as if to peer into the stalls.

"Where the fuck are you?" a female voice whispers to herself. She doesn't seem so happy. Neither am I but I'm more nervous and she's definitely more angry. 

The plan? Well, there's no plan that ends without them noticing. She's gonna see me come out of the dirty corner of the bathroom where the janitors shit is and think I'm a weirdo. As if half this school doesn't think that already. I reach to slide my hood until it droops over my face. 

Stand up. Walk by. Get out.

I stand up. 

I make my way from out the corner and towards the door, almost looking straight at the stalls.

"Holy shit, Max?"

I pause and look over. 

Wow. If you told me I'd come back years later, and Chloe would dye her hair super crazy bright blue, wear a leather jacket, and have what I'm pretty damn sure is a tattoo, I'd think you were crazy. 

This was just the start of one of the craziest next couple months in my entire life. Enjoy at my expense.