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Somewhere On A Beach

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As Miranda approached the bedroom door of their bungalow she heard Andrea talking on the phone. She could tell by the tone that the young woman was getting irritated and she clearly didn’t want to be talking on the phone with whoever it was.

“You called my parents?!”

Well, it wasn’t her parents. Miranda thought to herself. Thank god.

“-and stop bugging Nigel and Emily. They aren’t going to tell you anything because it’s not your business anymore Nate.”

And that clears that up. Miranda stepped into the bedroom and gave Andrea a small smile of support as she went about getting ready for a day at the beach. Andrea was already ready as she spoke again to the man-child on the phone.

“No Nate. You left me. So I moved on. And let’s be real, we had both left the relationship mentally, long before we left physically.”

Nate argued on the other end. Miranda could tell that Andrea was getting angry.

“Nate. Nate! No! Stop driving by the apartment and my work and calling my parents. I’m not anywhere that you’ll find me. Do not call me again or I will call an attorney.”

Andrea slid her phone shut, essentially shutting up the man on the other end.


Miranda and Andrea had decided to go to a secluded beach and get some rest and relaxation in before going back to the city. Paris had been a disaster. Irv had messed up a lot and so had Miranda. Andrea had left and then returned, with stipulations and an apology. Those stipulations turned into a long talk which turned into more. More included revealing their true feelings for one another and spending hours in Miranda’s bed.

As Andrea predicted, Miranda was cold and closed off the next morning but Andrea reminded her of their conversation the night before and that Miranda had promised not to treat her like that. The brunette had lain down some rules meant to help them navigate this new relationship. Rule one was that Miranda treated Andy fairly and as an equal, even if she was still technically her assistant.

Andy had also said she was emailing her notice to the Human Resources department at work because either way the night ended, Andy wouldn’t be able to work for Miranda any longer. Miranda had tried to argue because she loved the way Andrea had done her job. That is why she had asked her to go to Paris. She knew deep down she could depend on Andrea for anything. Especially since Miranda knew what was going to happen while they were there. Having Andrea would soften the blow, should things not go according to plan. Irving had tried his maneuver but failed and Stephen hadn’t had the balls to ask her for the divorce, to her face. Losers!

No matter. The morning after their conversation and their first night together in Miranda’s bed, they’d made a decision to get away. A private bungalow with a private beach and fully stocked with anything they’d need for their two week stay. Mallorca was gorgeous his time of year. Sunshine and warm all day and cool enough at night for them to dance close and sleep wrapped up in each other.


“Everything all right, darling?” Miranda was curious about the phone conversation but could’ve guessed what was said, no guess work involved. Cook boy was pissed.

Andrea looked up at Miranda changing into her suit for the beach, “Yeah babe, it’s fine. Nate expected me to be at my apartment and obviously I am not. That took the wind out of his sails to rub it in my face that he got his ‘dream job’, while I’m just a lowly assistant.”

She smirked before adding, “Little does he know, I’m sleeping with the boss.”

She laughed as she approached Miranda who rolled her eyes.

“Yes, well-“

“Miranda, honey, don’t worry about it. Let’s enjoy this last beach day before thing one and thing two join us for our second week, and ruin the peace.”

Andrea pulled Miranda into her arms when she was done tying the knot of her sarong. They shared a sweet kiss that Miranda hummed into and that made Andy’s tummy flutter.

“Babe,” Andrea whined. “You cannot make noises like thar and expect me to ignore it and walk down to the beach.”

Oh she was laying it on thick with the whine and the eyes and the pout.

“That, my dear, is exactly what I expect to happen,” Miranda replied as she sashayed away from her girlfriend. She knew Andrea was watching her hips.

When she got to the bedroom door she turned and watched Andrea’s eyes move from her hips, up her body.

“And Andrea?”


“My children have names. Caroline and Cassidy.”

Andy’s brain started firing again and she looked right into Miranda’s eyes.

“Twin terrors, Cass and Caro, Things one and two. I’ve trained them over the last few months to respond to the nicknames I have bestowed. Same as I’ve trained you to answer to ‘babe’ when I call out for you.”

“Hmm, calling out, now that’s an idea.” Miranda had that mischievous gleam in her eyes as she turned and continued to make her way to the doors of the bungalow that lead out to the beach.


“Come darling, don’t dawdle. I have a strong drink waiting and a hot girl to meet on the beach.”

Andy was slack-jawed for a moment before responding, “You think I’m hot? I thought I was the fat girl.”

The older woman turned around again with a frown. She made her way back toward Andrea. Her Andrea. She’d hurt her in that moment, when she was angry. She wrapped her arms around her lovers waist and pulled her into a hug.

“Darling, while at the time that comment was meant to do some damage, I never for one second believed it. It was manipulative and I should not have done it. It sort of did bring on the intended reaction, you stepped up your game.”

They pulled back from the hug slightly to look each other in the eye.

Miranda continued when she saw Andrea’s eyes glistening with unshed tears, “You are gorgeous. Your brain is beautiful, your body has wonderful curves and dips and can fill out this swim suit the way no one else can. You challenge me and make me laugh, even when I’ve wanted to cry. And,” Miranda got that gleam in her blue eyes again. She leaned in to brush her lips over Andrea’s ear, “you are so very naughty. That was quite the unexpected discovery.”

The brunette blushed from the tips of her ears, all the way down to the tops of her breast peaking out from the top of her cover-up.

“Oh don’t blush dear, you know I love it.”

“Miranda,” Andy started, “if you don’t cut it out with the teasing, we will never make it to the beach to have that drink.”

Miranda kissed Andrea deeply. Andrea responded by bringing her right had up to her neck then wrapping it around the back of Miranda’s head to play with the short silver hairs there. Miranda held on to Andrea’s waist still. Her hands roamed slowly. One moved up along her spine and the other moved down to grab onto Andrea’s ass.

It was Andrea’s turn to moan into the kiss.

“I don’t need a drink now darling, I need you. I love you.” the editor whispered when they just barely parted to catch their breaths.

“I love you, too.”

Miranda squealed as Andrea pulled away and practically dragged Miranda back into the bedroom.

Miranda let her love take her to the bedroom before she took control of the situation. She pressed her front to Andrea’s back and leaned in to whisper, “On the bed, Darling.”

Andy shuddered at the whisper in her ear.

“Don’t you want me to take off my-“

“No, no. I want you to get on the bed,” Miranda’s voice was more firm this time. She gave a swat to Andy’s ass that made her jump at the command.

Andrea turn to face Miranda and did as she was told. She backed up until the backs of her knees hit the end of their bed and sat. Miranda moved with Andrea as she reached for her sarong and untie it from her hips, revealing her suit fully. Andy licked her lips when she saw the cloth drop to the floor and glanced back up at her gorgeous woman in that scandalous, low-cut, black one piece.

Miranda sauntered the few feet to the end of the bed where Andrea sat quietly. She reached for the thin straps of the cover up Andy wore and pushed them down her arms until the top and straps landed around her waist.

Miranda’s eyes dilated with lust as she took in the red bikini top that Andrea was wearing. It encased her gorgeous breasts beautifully. She couldn’t wait to have Andrea in the bed, so she could pay close attention to that tantalizing cleavage.

“Babe, you’re staring.”

“No Andrea, I’m appreciating. There’s a difference.” Miranda was very matter-of-fact. She walked around the bed and crawled to the center and sat against the headboard. She then told Andrea to come up to sit in her lap.

As Andrea crawled up the bed to Miranda, she shed her cover-up. She moved it down over her hips then kicked it off as she settled astride pale thighs. She sighed softly when she felt the warm hands of her lover on her hips. Miranda leaned up and Andrea met her halfway for a sweet kiss. One kiss turned to two and then more, with hands grabbing hips and long fingers combing through silky, white and silver hair.

Miranda pulled back slightly, she could feel Andrea breathing heavily against her lips. She pressed one more kiss to the corner of Andy’s mouth and whispered, “up on your knees darling.”

Andrea moved her hands down slightly to Miranda’s shoulders and lifted up to her knees while Miranda pulled the strings on each hip. She pulled the bottoms away from Andrea’s body and she breathed in heavily. Miranda tapped her on the butt and the brunette sat back down when her suit was tossed to the side of the bed, not quite making it to the floor.

Andy felt Miranda move her hands to the insides of her thighs and moaned quietly.


“I love when you moan like that for me,” Miranda husked out. Her voice had dropped slightly with her desire rising. She moved her hands closer to Andrea’s center. It was her turn to moan at the warmth she could feel radiating off the younger woman.

“Are you wet for me sweetheart?”

Andrea tossed her hair over her shoulder, gripped Miranda more firmly and tipped her head back as she nodded her answer to Miranda’s question. Miranda wasn’t satisfied with that answer. She reached up her left hand and wrapped it in Andrea’s hair. She brought it back over her right shoulder to pull Andrea forward to look her in the eyes.

“I need a verbal answer dear. You know better.”

Andrea whimpered, “y-yes Miranda. It’s all because of you.”

Miranda released the grasp she had on her girlfriend’s hair at the same time that she brought her right hand up to run her thumb up and down Andrea’s wet slit, not quite pushing in yet. She groaned at the abundance of wetness that she found.

“Do you like when I touch you like this?” Miranda added more pressure and was soon between Andrea’s swollen lips, stroking her from her wet entrance to just below her clit. She was content to take this slow. Andrea would never admit it but she loved the slow way Miranda worked her up. It was such a turn on.

“It feels so good babe. Please don’t stop. It feels sooo good.”

“That’s what I want, to make you feel good.” Miranda shifted up so her lips could reach just under Andrea’s ear. She kissed a trail down her jaw to her neck. She sucked and nipped at her collarbone, leaving small red love bites that Andrea would have to wear on her body for the day. The older woman felt a shiver go through her body at the thought of Andy baring her marks for anyone to see. Of course there was no one here, but a woman could dream, right?

Miranda lifted her left hand again to untie the strings holding the bikini top to Andy’s body. Tossing that aside with the bottoms, she lifted Andrea’s breast to her mouth and sucked hard. She released the breast with a pop and Andrea cried out.

“Fuck!” She dug her short nails into the pale skin of Miranda’s biceps and stopped herself from holding Miranda’s head in the spot it was, on her chest.

Miranda kept up the light kisses and bites around the ample chest in front of her. She didn’t think she’d ever get tired of looking at or tasting the skin beneath her lips. She pulled back to look at Andrea’s face as she slid her thumb up to stroke gently over her lover’s hard clit. She switched her hand to the other breast and took the opposite breast in her mouth.

“Mmm, fuck, Miranda. Please!”

Leaning back again Miranda asked, “Please what baby? Hmm? Is there something you needed?”

“Inside. I need you inside.” Andrea whined. It made Miranda smirk internally when her Andrea got so lost she started whining. The begging wasn’t usually far behind. She caved and gave Andy what she asked for.

“Since you asked so nicely-“ Miranda kept her thumb circling the hard clit beneath it while she slipped her middle finger into Andrea’s tight, wet hole. She groaned as Andrea fell forward, arms slipping around her still covered waist, and buried her face into the older woman’s neck to stifle a loud moan of her own.

“Kitten, you’re so tight. I love the way you feel in my hand. I’m surrounded by you.”

“Yes! Miran-Miranda!” Andy squealed when another finger entered her. “Fuck!”

“That’s it darling. You’re taking me so good. Such a good girl.” Miranda started pumping faster into Andrea’s wet pussy. She could feel and hear the wetness surrounding her fingers and it made her wet.

“Untie my suit Andrea. I want to feel you on my skin.”

Andy did as she was told. She sat up and reached for the strings tied behind Miranda’s neck. She leaned forward to kiss Miranda as the top part of the suit fell away and displayed two beautiful handfuls of breast. Andy was momentarily distracted by this until Miranda pushed into her more roughly than she had been.

“Can I touch you babe? Please?”

Miranda smirked, “Good girl and please touch me. My body is waiting for you.”

Andrea quickly, eagerly slid her hands up over Miranda’s rib cage to rub her palms over both of the nipples calling out to her. This pulled a long deep moan and a whimpered “yes” from the woman beneath her.

Miranda moved quicker into Andrea. The young woman was rolling her nipples and starting to ride her fingers as Miranda pumped faster. She kept up circling Andrea’s clit, in time with the motion of her two fingers inside.

“You look so good riding my fingers darling. Would like another?”

Andrea nodded, “yes Mira, I want to feel that stretch.”

Miranda kissed her to feel the moan from the woman above her as she slid out and added her ring finger with the other two then slid back in.
“Oh, honey. Ride me. You look so gorgeous. You’ve got a little pink on your cheeks,” she brushed the side of Andy’s fave with her left hand. “And it’s spread to your chest, which you know is my favorite. To have you blushing from exertion and innocence, like you don’t love every single thing I am doing to you.”

Andy reached up to cup Miranda’s jaw and neck with both hands as she moved her hips to keep up with her lovers fingers. She was so close, she just needed that little extra push and Miranda knew it.

“Yes, yes! Miranda. I’m so close babe. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

Miranda stilled all movement except for the ‘come hither’ motion she was making inside of Andy, right on her g-spot. She grabbed the back of her lovers neck and brought their foreheads together.

“Right there Kitten? That’s the spot baby? I love you. You’re so gorgeous. So perfect for me. I want you to come for me. Come hard.”

“Fucking...yes!” She was so close.

Suddenly, Miranda was pushing her back to lay on the bed and revamped her efforts with pumping into Andy as hard and as fast as she could. She kept her thumb poised to hit Andrea’s clit on every move in to keep up that stimulation. She moved up enough to get her lips and her teeth on the side of Andrea’s breast and bit hard before sucking and soothing the spot. This was what pushed Andy over the edge. She yelled out her orgasm to Miranda and their empty bungalow.

“Fuck! I love you!”

“Mira. Mira. Mira.” Miranda smiled when she heard her name being softly chanted as Andrea came back down to earth.


They both lay there catching their breath together and simply enjoying the moment. Miranda was laid out with her legs entwined with her girlfriend’s and she had put her head on Andy’s chest to hear her heartbeat start to slow down to a normal pace.

Andrea started to shift to moved down Miranda’s body. She wanted her piece of the cake. Miranda stopped her before she really even got started.

“Not now darling. I want you but I also want to spend some more alone time on the beach before the children join us. We can continue this later when we’ve both got our strength back.” Miranda gave a sly grin and a wink. Andrea pouted.

“But babe, I want you now.”

“If we keep going we’ll never make it to the beach, darling. Remember? Beach, sunshine, time away. That’s what we decided when we booked this trip.”

“Fine, let the record show that I am not happy about not being able to have you after you gave me that amazing orgasm.”


“I also have to say I was worried I’d miss your bossiness, because I won’t be at the office anymore, but it’s clearly going to show up in other areas of our lives.” Andrea was mischievous, that’s for sure. Miranda leaned in for a passion, but short, kiss.

“Thank you for the compliment dear, but we are still going to the beach now.”

Andrea frowned, “Damn it!”

Miranda got off the bed and started tying up her suit again while heading towards the bathroom.

“The sooner we go, the sooner we can get back,” she sing-singed over her shoulder as she closed the door.

Andrea scrambled for her suit to put it back on and thought to herself that she was kind of glad for the phone call that lead to bed and the man that pushed her towards Miranda. He certainly didn’t know what he’d done and he wouldn’t ever if Andy had anything to say about it. She had a new woman and she was sexy and smart and naughty. Andy loved her.

“Let’s go, woman! Beach to see, alcohol to drink, sex to have.”