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I guess I'll have to fall in love with strangers

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It's not like Travis wants to be a desperately lonely and horny bastard. It's not like he wants to be the most unlucky-in-love man that's ever existed, doomed to fall for people who were simply using him as a good time, while he was head-over-heels. He never asked for it, it was just in the cards dealt to him by some almighty divine figure that certainly must be a sadist because really, this is genuinely sad. When he meets Nolan, he feels in his heart that this is the work of that same divine being, simply trying to set him up to teach him a lesson for being profane, or obnoxious, or whatever he hates himself for that week. But a small part of him wants to believe, if just for a moment, that maybe he has a chance this time.

Travis wakes up one day and it's like every other day. Bone-achingly predictable, lonely as all hell, but at least the sun is shining. Travis is used to waking up in an empty bed but with the sunlight streaming through his curtains, hitting the spot on his bed where another person would be grumbling and shielding their eyes from the Philadelphia sunrise in all its bright glory, it stings just a little bit more than usual.

Whatever. Travis needs coffee, as always. He throws on an obviously dirty pair of sweats and a hoodie and heads to dunks. The one right on the corner, with the "open 24 hours" sign plastered on the window in a very miserable shade of neon. He pulls in, orders his regular and pulls up to the window. No one is there at first, but then a guy begins to walk towards him, and oh, this guy is new. Travis has never seen him before, he doesn't think. He surmises he would definitely remember those strikingly blue eyes if he had seen them before. Or that hair, poking curiously out of his hat.

"Hello, it's $2.40 today." the guy says, clearly lengthening his voice toward the "must be nice to customers and act like I'm not filled with red hot angst" pitch. But Travis can tell that his voice is, like, deep as fuck. And smoky too. He wonders if this guy- Nolan? He concludes after a quick glance at his name tag- smokes a lot of weed. Hell, he hopes for Nolan's sake that he does smoke a lot. Travis would too if he had to work at this dump.

"U-um, yeah sorry." Travis says, realizing that yeah, he has to pay the guy. And get his coffee. He shoves his hand into his pocket and- fuck. Fucking fuck. No wallet. Nice move, Konecny. Absolute stud. "Shit bro, I'm so sorry. Fuck!" Travis throws his head back, suddenly deeply aware of the scorching heat radiating off his face. God he must look stupid. "I must've forgotten my wallet. Here, I live right around the corner, I'll be right back, man! I'm so sorry!" Travis frantically spits out to a smirking Nolan. God fucking damn it.

"Dude, seriously, it's fine. Take the coffee and pay next time. Just don't tell anyone, I can't lose another job." Nolan assures him, leaning out the window and. His face is all rosy like he's embarrassed and it makes him look so pretty and Travis really needs to get the hell out of dodge. 

"Thank you so much man, I promise you I'm gonna be back to pay you! I swear!" Travis rambles while taking his coffee from Nolan, desperately trying not to look directly at him. He feels like someone pantsed him at fifth grade recess or some shit and he'd rather not show that to this complete stranger who just so happens to be the prettiest man he's ever seen. He says thank you one last time and peels out, but not after smacking himself on the head multiple times as soon as he's out of Nolan's view.

Travis goes on with his day. He goes to work. He and Kevin get a lot of work done. They talk shit, they complain about the weather, they commiserate about their love lives, the usual. They say goodbye to Claude and clock out and Kevin asks Travis if he wants to drink.

"Uh, I think I'm good tonight man. Sorry, I'm tired as shit." Travis mumbles and Kevin tilts his head like a dog that just had his favorite squeaky toy squeezed in his face.

"Travis fucking Konecny? Doesn't wanna drink on a Friday night? Jesus, how horny are you?" Kevin chuckles and Travis shoves him.

"Shut the fuck up dude. I kinda have to, like, do something, and then I'm going to bed. But it's not what you think it is. Get your mind out the gutter."

"Hey man, whatever the fuck you're doing, I at least hope there's a nice guy involved that will fuck your brains out and end your bitching once and for all." Kevin says throwing his hands up innocently before making some stupid joke about John B like a literal child.

"Go to Hell , Haysey." Travis calls out, walking towards his car and wishing his dumbass friend a goodnight. Obviously, Kevin is right, but Travis really doesn't have the energy to create a scenario in his mind right now about Nolan from Dunkin Donuts being a nice guy who fucks his brains out. He has to drive , god damn it.


Travis hops in his car and checks the time. 7:35. Fuck, when did he go to dunks again? He comes to the conclusion that it was most definitely before 10:30, when he would've left for work. There's no way Nolan could possibly be there now, and the realization takes a while for Travis to actually accept and let go of as he heads onto the highway. He has to be an honest man and pay for his coffee. That's all there is to it. 

He once again finds himself pulling to the window and- huh? There's Nolan. There is fucking Nolan. He's wearing that stupid black Dunkin hat that says "It's time to make the coffee" and a black Flyers hoodie and Travis wants to climb into the window and kiss him senseless.

"How in the fuck are you still here?" Travis deadpans. Nolan shrugs, smiling like he's got everything figured out. "Someone on the night shift called out, so I took it. I need the money anyway." He replies, cool, smooth, and relaxed. Nolan's voice isn't his fake customer service voice anymore. It's deep and husky like he's the wisest man in all the galaxy or some shit and Travis needs to hear more of it right away. "Have you come back to do the good and honest thing?" Nolan flashes him a smug smile.

And fuck, if that doesn't go right to Travis' dick. "I- yeah! I have! And I wish I could rescue you from this Dunkin purgatory that you're in." Travis blurts out while reaching for his wallet. Rescue Nolan from Dunkin purgatory, treat him like a prince, make sweet love to him, and call him pet names. God he hates himself.

Nolan chuckles and takes Travis' card, while Travis eyes a $5 bill neatly folded in his wallet. Kevin was right, he was too horny for his own good.

He takes his card back from Nolan and hands him the $5.

"Jesus," Nolan muses, eyeing Travis from the window, his head cocked to the side, "well thank you, money bags."

Travis shakes his head laughing, looking back at Nolan. His cheeks are all red again, and he's smiling. Like, an actual smile, not just a customer service smile, or cocky son-of-a-bitch smile. Travis takes a mental picture.

"Please, you deserve it for putting up with my dumb ass." Travis really hopes Nolan can't see how much their simple, harmless interaction is absolutely ruining him. Something tells him that that isn't the case though.

"Yknow, if you download the app, you can put money on there and you wouldn't even need your wallet to pay." Nolan says, his tone clearly mocking, but not in a mean way. He leans forward and rests his elbows on the window sill just so Travis can see his face. Nolan has a beautiful face. Travis notes the little things that make Nolan, well, Nolan. His teeth are chipped a little, and Travis can tell that when Nolan's not at work and actually enjoying life, he smiles real big. He wonders what kind of things make Nolan smile like that. His hair is sorta greasy, but all Travis wants to do is run his hands through it, pull it gently if Nolan would let him. He wonders how Nolan would respond to that before he feels himself start to get hard. Travis forces a choked laugh. 

"Really? Well, that might be a good idea then." His dick is begging him to get the fuck home. "Have a good night, man!" he calls out before speeding back to his apartment. He barely makes it up the stairs of his building before clawing open the door, getting himself off in an embarrassingly short amount of time on the couch, and downloading the app.


Travis has all his fingers and toes crossed in the hopes that Nolan will be working the next morning when he drives to dunks. His good nature hopes that since Nolan worked two shifts yesterday that his boss would give the poor kid a break, but he would be lying if he said he wouldn't be sad if Nolan was nowhere to be seen.

Knowing he doesn’t have to work, Travis doesn’t bother being an early bird. He gets his sorry ass out of bed at around 11:30 in the morning but he’s not an ounce sorry. But he does put a little bit of effort into his appearance. He forgoes his usual sweats for a pair of jeans that he thinks look nice on him, and a blue and green flannel that’s semi-nice, but not showy or anything. He brushes his hair, throws on a cap, and congratulates himself. He’s upgraded from a lazy looking douche to a casual douche. Nolan will be smitten, he’s sure.

He pulls into the Dunkin parking lot, his newly-downloaded app on his phone, ready to be used to buy him his coffee for the morning, when he sees fucking Nolan of all people. Nolan leaving, car keys in hand, a coffee in the other, waltzing towards a beat up Chevy Impala (God, of course ). Travis slams the brakes, which immediately makes Nolan stop in his tracks and look up. Fucking fuck. Travis is digging his own grave, really. 

But to his surprise, Nolan actually fucking smiles at him. Or Travis should say, smolders like he’s fucking Flynn Rider or something, tucking his unruly hair behind his ear and fucking walking towards Travis. Travis feels his soul physically leave his body.

“What’s up, money bags?” Nolan makes himself at home at Travis’ car, propping his arm up on the roof of the car so he’s towering over Travis, who’s already scared-shitless. How had he never noticed how tall Nolan was before? He feels like a fucking mouse staring directly into the eyes of a cobra.

”You’d be proud of me,” Travis feels his voice shaking as he pulls out his phone, “I got the app like you told me. Imma get hella perks now. So, my coffee is literally free every Monday? Hell of a deal if you ask me.” Christ Konecny, are you a single dad with two kids? Stop flirting with Nolan like he’s a recently divorced soccer mom.

Travis desperately tries to gauge Nolan’s face for a reaction, most likely a viscerally disgusted one, but all he sees are Nolan's ridiculously blue eyes. Nolan’s eyes, studying Travis. 

Is he-? No, he couldn’t be.

“Yeah, that’s why I told you to download it. I’m looking out for your best interests here.” Nolan’s voice sounds tired yet entirely engaged, his mouth turning up at the corners when he finishes his sentence. He looks Travis in the eyes this time, his gaze unwavering. There’s an unmistakable heat in his eyes and God, Travis doesn’t want to believe that Nolan is flirting with him. He’s far too used to being let down by guys that didn’t know what they wanted, who they were. But god damn it, he’s a glutton through and through.

”You smoke at all man?” Nolan asks.

”I’m driving a Subaru. Do you even need to ask?” Travis reaches into the passenger seat and throws the random trash on the seat onto the floor. “Hop in.”

"So, Nolan," Travis can feel his heart punching his ribs, as if trying to tell him to shut the fuck up, "you don't even know my name, yet here you are in my car, about to do drugs with me." Travis places his hand on his heart like he's a disappointed dad. Nolan chuckles, idly watching the traffic. "To be fair, I didn't know you knew my name." he responds, tilting his head toward Travis with his last word. Travis laughs defeatedly; Nolan already has won this game. 

"You wear a name tag, bud." Travis counters, raising his eyebrows at Nolan. See? He's not a total fucking creep. "Well, my name's Travis Konecny. I work at a law firm, but don't get excited, I'm not a lawyer or anything, I'm an assistant." Travis says, pulling into his apartment complex. It's rainy outside, and he parks suspiciously far from any other cars, facing a fence so no one on the road can see them. He turns the car off and cracks the windows slightly. 

"Travis," Nolan says, joint already in hand, blue BIC lighter in the other, "I like that name. My full name is Nolan James Patrick, so I'm one of those douchebags with three first names." Nolan lights up and takes a long drag. His eyes flutter softly shut as he inhales and Travis doesn't feel an ounce bad for watching the way Nolan's lips wrap around the joint. He's thought about kissing Nolan in the two days he's known him quite a bit, but having Nolan so close to him scares the ever-loving fuck out of him and makes him feel like all the nerves in his body are on fire. It's almost too much for him to bear. Thankfully, before Travis gets a full on boner with Nolan right next to him, Nolan opens his eyes and Travis' dart quickly back to his steering wheel as he exhales.

"I, uh, I like your name." Travis says like he invented awkwardness itself as a literal concept, taking the joint from Nolan's hand which, oh my God, is huge, bigger than Travis' by a long shot. As if Travis needed anymore jerk-off material from Nolan. "Uh, where are you from? Did you grow up in Philly?" Travis takes the lighter from Nolan, sparking up and taking a quick hit, trying to distract himself from the fact that Nolan's lips were in the same spot where his own are about to be.

"Believe it or not, I'm actually from Winnipeg." Nolan replies. His seatbelt is unbuckled, his legs positioned kind of awkwardly on the seat, facing Travis. Under his stupid Dunkin t-shirt, Travis can tell that Nolan is, no surprise, built like he's Apollo or some shit. Nolan's arms are toned and muscular, small tattoos visible from the way Nolan has rolled the sleeves up towards the top of his shoulder. Travis wonders if Nolan would let him pin his arms down, completely at Travis' mercy. He would take Nolan's stupid hat off too, and grip Nolan's hair by the back of his head. He can imagine the low groan that Nolan would let out if Travis were to pull his hair while he was- wait what did Nolan say?

"W-Winnipeg? As in Canada?"

"Yes sir," Nolan takes a shorter drag this time, "I go to school here."

"Let me guess, broke grad student? Probably going into the medical field or some shit?" Travis asks. Nolan almost chokes.

"Med student?  Jesus," Nolan shakes his head with a low, throaty laugh. Travis wonders for a moment if he's one of those people with a voice kink before throwing his hands up, feeling himself grinning practically ear-to-ear.

"What?! What's so funny about that? If anything, you should be happy I have such ambitious career visions for you."

Nolan shrugs, "I don't know, I just, don't really see myself that way, I guess."

"How do you see yourself, Nolan?" Travis asks in a therapist voice before taking another hit. Nolan rolls his eyes.

"I'm not really sure, but I wanna go into education."

And that's- wow. One of the last things Travis would expect Nolan to be going to school for. Yet somehow, the more Travis thinks about it, the more he can see it. Nolan would probably be a good teacher, considering how the man commands Travis' attention every time he walks into his line of sight.

"That's awesome." Travis responds, and he genuinely means it. "You'd be a kick-ass teacher."

"I would, eh?" Nolan asks, leaning into the headrest and staring Travis dead in the eyes. "How so?"

Travis is either white as a ghost, or pinker than a fucking Care Bear. He doesn't know for sure.

"You just, uh," Travis' eyes are moving a mile a minute around the car, trying to find a scene that will help him formulate actual thoughts, "you seem like... a good listener," Travis' eyes land in his lap, where he can visibly see how pathetically hard he is, despite his efforts, "like, I'd listen to you." Yeah Nolan, I would listen to you. And do whatever you wanted with no hesitation or questions. Travis is in disbelief at his own horniness and he kinda feels like crying. It almost physically hurts him to look back up at Nolan.

"So," Nolan cuts himself off, eyeing Travis skeptically yet warmly, like Travis is a new puppy and Nolan is trying to figure out his mannerisms. "You... do have a thing for me, right?"

Travis buries his head in his hands down on the steering wheel while Nolan laughs heartily, the bastard. "Fucking hell," Travis says, feeling like someone just lifted an entire building off of his ribcage, " Yes . I've had this stupid fat crush on you even though I've only known you for a day and barely know your name." Travis sounds like he's slowly dying and it just makes Nolan laugh even harder. "How could you tell?" Travis asks, lifting his head up slightly to see Nolan's face.

"Well, for starters, you tipped me $5," Nolan drawls while lighting up, "most straight guys don't do that. Or get all red in the face when they do it."

"Don't patronize me." Travis sighs, but he's smiling, head still buried in his hands on his steering wheel.

"Hey." Nolan says, and it's a statement. "Look at me."

Travis finally lifts his head all the way up to see Nolan exhaling weed smoke, meeting Travis' eyes with a heated stare. 

"I don't share my weed with just anyone," Nolan smiles with one side of his mouth, huffing out a small laugh, "consider yourself in."

Travis feels his heart fall into his lap. "I- Nolan," Travis wants to sink into his seat and never come out but at the same time jump for joy like an extra in a musical dance scene, "I'm sorry, I'm so awkward. Fuck. I-It's just that it’s been so long since I’ve-“

"You're hard."

Travis looks down at his own dick like a fucking idiot and yeah, obviously, he's been painfully hard for almost the entire conversation, just praying Nolan would be too focused on weed to notice. He feels humiliated yet impossibly turned on and he decides then and there that Kevin was right; Travis deserves a fucking break for once. 

"Maybe we should, uh, do something about that." Travis tries to echo Nolan's carefree, flirtatious tone but ends up sounding like the nerd in every high school movie. Nonetheless, he watches, heart about to burst out of his chest, as Nolan leans forward toward him, pure lust ridden in his eyes. Travis’ eyes go a little bit wide as Nolan cups the side of Travis' face. They lock eyes, and Travis is sure Nolan can feel how loud his heart is enthusiastically pounding against his ribcage. Nolan shuts his eyes before kissing Travis, moving his hand up to the back of his head to pull off Travis' snapback. Travis hears it fall off his head and onto the seat behind him as he tilts his head upward to properly kiss Nolan, the taller man's hand still buried in his hair. The kiss is slow and desperate; Travis can feel Nolan guiding his head upwards by the back of his head to Nolan’s mouth. Nolan groans appreciatively when Travis eagerly reciprocates Nolan’s every move.

“Someone’s eager to please, I see,” Nolan remarks, pulling Travis’ head back by gently tugging his hair, staring devilishly down at him.

“You're so hot.” Travis responds like some stupid cum-drunk frat guy. He really does mean it, though. Nolan’s lips are pink and swollen, glistening with Travis' spit, and he looks like a renaissance painting. Wordlessly, Nolan moves his hand to cup Travis’ chin and pull him back up to kiss him again. Nolan slides his tongue into his mouth immediately and Travis feels like a fucking teenager, slipping his own into Nolan's mouth and kissing him like he hasn't been kissed in years. Their kiss deepens, Nolan gently nipping Travis' bottom lip. Travis whimpers, slinging an arm around Nolan’s waist and under his shirt, desperately needing to touch his skin. But Nolan does him one better, and Travis gasps into his mouth when he feels Nolan’s hand slide up Travis' lap. Nolan smirks evilly, "Damn, you're easy." he groans, his lips barely leaving Travis'.

"Fuck off." Travis feels Nolan's hand slide up to his dick this time, smiling tauntingly at Travis’ desperately horny expression, tracing the outline through his jeans, and Travis isn't ashamed of the embarrassingly high-pitched moan he lets out; it's been pathetically long since anyone that wasn't himself has touched him there. Nolan focuses his attention on utterly destroying Travis’ self respect. He runs his hand agonizingly slow over Travis’ hard dick, pitifully covered in his jeans. 

"Nolan I- I live in this building. Please-"

"Please what?" Nolan's lips don't leave Travis' as he gropes him through his jeans, gently moving his hand up and down the shaft, but not hard enough for Travis to get actual pleasure out of it.

Travis sighs, absolutely defeated, "Please can we go up to my apartment?" He begs Nolan with his eyes to please stop touching him, because he's seriously not gonna be able to make it across the parking lot.

Wordlessly, Nolan pulls himself off of Travis and exits the car. Travis breathes for the first time in what feels like a year.


Travis and Nolan practically run across the parking lot and up the stairs (there's other people waiting for the elevator), and Nolan holds Travis by the waist behind him, kissing his neck hungrily as Travis fumbles in his pockets for his keys, Needless to say, it's perfect.

As soon as they get inside Travis' apartment though, Travis grabs Nolan's wrists and stops him. Nolan looks down questioningly, concerned.

"Nolan, I'm not gonna last long." Travis feels red-hot embarrassment shoot up his body and into his face. "I just- you're so amazing, and it's been, like, so fucking long since I've done this, which is pathetic, I know, and-"

"Travis." Nolan cuts him off, pulling Travis back up against him by the waist and grabbing his ass roughly. Travis whimpers desperately as Nolan pushes their bodies closer together, and Travis can feel Nolan's hard cock mercilessly rubbing against his own.

"That's no problem with me. If anything I'm flattered." Nolan grins wickedly down at Travis. Travis thinks he might actually sob and break down in Nolan's embrace, but Nolan gently grinds against Travis, the friction feeling absolutely heavenly on his dick, and suddenly he forgets what emotions are. "But I think you know what that means." 

Travis raises his eyebrows, feeling like a deer in the headlights. "Oh?"

Nolan kisses along Travis' jaw before whispering, "You're gonna get me off first."

And fuck, who is Travis to deny Nolan of anything?

"Where do you want me?" Travis asks breathlessly.

"Your knees," Nolan orders, piercing stare burning holes in Travis’ eyes, "now."

Travis doesn't need to be told twice. He drops down to his knees, eyes obscenely wide, not daring to break their stare as he grips Nolan's belt and fumbles pathetically to unbuckle it. The only thing on his mind right now is making this good for Nolan, pleasing him, making him cum. He feels his heart jump up to his throat as he frees Nolan's cock from his jeans. Jesus, is everything about Nolan just fucking perfect?

"Holy fuck." Travis is shocked at how just seeing Nolan's dick can make him turn into a moaning mess. Nolan's dick is definitely bigger than Travis'. And like, really nice to look at; Travis doesn't think he's seen a dick that he wants in his mouth this bad until now. "It's fucking huge." Travis tries to ignore the fact that he sounds like a literal pornstar, voice high-pitched and breathy.

"Oh yeah?" Nolan grabs a fistful of hair on the back of Travis' head and pulls his head back to the point where it kinda hurts, forcing Travis to meet his eyes. Travis lets out a surprised gasp. "Think you can handle it?"

Travis has never been one to back down from a challenge. "I can handle whatever you want." he counters, smiling slyly. He's having way too much fun for being on his knees.

Nolan huffs out a laugh, grinning wide and shaking his head slightly. "Whatever you say."

Travis relishes in the feeling of Nolan's hand on the back of his head, slowly guiding him to his cock. Travis tries frantically in those few milliseconds before his mouth is on Nolan's shaft to like, remember how he's supposed to do this, but it all seems to come back to him when he licks up Nolan's shaft and is rewarded by the sound of him groaning, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Travis' eyes don't leave the glorious sight as he takes the tip of Nolan's cock into his mouth, lapping at the head teasingly. 

"Fuck." Nolan sighs, eyes closed and brows furrowed. Travis watches hungrily as Nolan takes off his t-shirt and tosses it on the carpet. Nolan is absolutely beautiful, and just as Travis suspected, lean and muscular and he could probably destroy Travis if he wanted to.

Travis tests the waters, seeing how far he can take Nolan into his mouth while lapping at the head. He moans around Nolan's cock, mentally congratulating himself for the way Nolan bucks his hips and grips Travis' hair just a little tighter. Not too shabby, Konecny.

"Don't stop." Nolan groans, trying to hide his desperation in his voice. 

Travis looks up at Nolan; his face is flushed and his hair is messy. He’s pretty sure he’s never seen anyone that beautiful. 

Travis doesn't tear his eyes away from Nolan's face as he takes nearly all of Nolan's cock into his mouth. Nolan lets out a deep grunt, not breaking eye contact. Travis tries his hardest not to gag, but fails anyway, spit and tears rolling down his face. 

"Thought you said you could handle it, eh?" Nolan teases, but his smile is warm. Travis whines around Nolan's length before pulling off.

"I-I can," Travis stutters, spit dribbling down his chin. He feels hot and embarrassed, and it’s all going straight to his cock.

"Can I fuck your face, baby?" Nolan asks, and it's somewhat out of character for Nolan; he sounds almost polite while asking Travis to do something so dirty.

Travis nods frantically, kind of ashamed at how willing he is to do whatever Nolan tells him to.

Nolan takes hold of his own dick with one hand and positions Travis' head with the other, gently tapping Travis' spit-slicked lips with the head of his cock. As soon as Travis opens his mouth, Nolan shoves his dick in, his grip on Travis' hair tightening. Travis can't help the gagging noises he lets out as Nolan fucks his mouth desperately, and he's a little embarrassed. Nolan's rhythm is frantic and Travis can tell he's getting close. He grips Nolan by the hips, probably too hard, digging his fingernails into Nolan's pale skin. Nolan chokes out a strangled moan, slowing his thrusts as Travis guides Nolan's hips, only sending his dick further down his throat.

"I'm so close," Nolan lets out under his breath, throwing his head back and running his hand through his disheveled hair.

Travis tries to pull Nolan even closer to him, not letting up; once he has his mind set to something, he won't stop until he's done it. He watches Nolan lose his composure like he’s a marathon runner staring at the finish line. The once smug, calm and collected Nolan was now desperate for his release, and Travis can't believe he's the one about to give it to him. 

Nolan's thrusts slow down and his hips stutter. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum." He lets out. He's covered in sweat and his face is rosier than Travis has ever seen it. Travis uses the tip of his tongue, pressing it against Nolan's shaft as he thrusts. Travis smiles around Nolan's cock as he watches Nolan's eyes flutter shut and his breathing becomes erratic. With one last thrust, he cums down Travis' throat, sighing as he feels Travis swallow around him, taking in his load.

"Jesus." Nolan rasps when Travis stands back up. His eyes are filled with wet, hot tears, his hair is an absolute mop, and there is spit running all down his face. Travis' cock is still throbbing painfully in his jeans, and all Travis can think about is Nolan's cum filling his mouth and throat.

"You know how to suck dick, huh?" Nolan says, pushing some hair out of Travis' face. It's a touch out of common courtesy, and Travis tries to ignore the warm feeling that blooms in his chest at feeling Nolan's hand on his face after he literally blew him a minute before.

"I guess so. You're living proof." Travis mentally cringes at how fucked his voice sounds, but knowing it's because of Nolan's dick makes Travis' own cock twitch. He doesn't think he's ever been this hard in his life and if he doesn't get to cum soon he will surely die. But still, he's still struggling to understand just how he happened to end up in this situation with such an ethereal being. The luminous glow of the afternoon sun enlightening Nolan’s features, giving them a delicate appearance under Travis' touch. It's crazy how he's currently seeing this view for free, it's almost like something that deserves to be preserved in glass cases in an art museum.

God, he thought. I'm fucked.

Nolan leans down to kiss Travis' soaked face, his hands landing on Travis' belt. Nolan's skin is blazing hot against Travis' clothed body as he works to get Travis' cock out of his jeans. Nolan's tongue slips into Travis' mouth like he's trying to taste himself on Travis' tongue; it's almost too much for him to bear.

"Please Nolan," Travis watches his own dick spring free from his jeans, voice shaking and wet sounding. He's so hard that it hurts, cock bright red and swollen, pre-cum leaking out of the tip. "please make me cum." He doesn’t even care anymore about how pathetic he sounds, he's so desperate for even the slightest contact that'll fill him with the pleasure he's been waiting for this whole time.

"Not here. Let's go on your bed. I wanna make this good for you." Nolan holds Travis' face with both his hands, looking down at the shorter man with a mischievous grin. Travis never thought he'd hear something so... Sweet? Come out of Nolan's mouth, but here they are. 

Travis leads the way.


Travis is there, laying on his own bed, hard dick flushed red against his stomach, his prison of clothing finally gone, eyes blown wide, and Nolan is just watching him. Smiling that stupid half-grin of his, eyes fixed solely on Travis’ cock.

“Nolan,” Travis whimpers, arms resting above his head and hair splayed across his pillow, “please make me cum. For fuck’s sake.”

Nolan doesn’t respond, doesn’t move his eyes away from Travis’ cock, like he’s trying to figure out the best way to break him down. Wordlessly, after what feels like a thousand years, Nolan wraps his slender fingers over Travis’ cock, and it feels like the hands of a god are touching him. Travis lets out a pathetic moan.

“Is that what you wanted?” Nolan asks, cocking an eyebrow. He doesn’t move his hand, gripping Travis’ cock far too gently. Travis tries to thrust his hips into Nolan’s hand, desperately needing the friction, but Nolan takes his huge fucking thigh and presses Travis’ leg down with it.

“Wrong move, Konecny,” Nolan chuckles under his breath, taking his hand completely off of Travis’ cock. Travis practically cries out at the lack of touch, but goes silent when Nolan leans down toward his chest, eyes blown wide as he teasingly licks Travis’ nipple.

“That’s so good, Nolan,” Travis moans breathily, not being able to hold back his praise. He savors the sight of Nolan’s pretty face staring back at him, look in his eyes taunting. Nolan reaches up to teasingly squeeze and twist Travis’ other nipple and Jesus Christ, Nolan is literally the master of sex.

”You’re fucking hot, Konecny.” Nolan practically purrs while gently biting Travis’ nipple. The sensations are going straight to Travis’ dick and he wonders for a moment if he’s able to cum untouched.

”Please touch my dick, Nolan.” Travis can almost see the desperation on his own face as he bitches. 

Nolan cocks his head like he’s considering it, but then raises his eyebrows and smiles a little wider. “I think I have a better idea. Pull your legs up to your chest.”

As if Travis couldn’t get anymore embarrassed. But he does as Nolan says, pulling his legs up and feeling so unbelievably exposed. He recalls times in his past where he had hookups with other men; men he had met at clubs with no real regard for his pleasure, and admittedly, Travis kind of felt the same way about the interaction. He was just there to get his dick wet and so was the other guy, and that was all there was to it. If one of those guys had asked Travis to do what Nolan was asking, he would’ve done it easily like he was baking a fucking cake.

But with Nolan? It’s not like that. It’s not like that at all. Travis cares so fucking much about being good for Nolan, pleasing Nolan, just generally making sure Nolan is having a good time. The realization is legitimately terrifying and yet, it’s comfortable. It feels fine. It’s like after you pay off all your bills for the month and you can relax for a minute. But fuck, he really needs to get himself together; he’s only just met the guy!

Nolan leans down in front of Travis and gently kisses his inner thighs, his eyelashes lightly brushing against Travis’ skin. His heart sort of does this thing where it lights up his whole chest, but he doesn’t have much time to think about that when he feels Nolan’s hot tongue pressed against his hole.

Travis lets out a high-pitched gasp and he’s well past the point of feeling shame for it. “Fuck, Nolan,” Travis leans his head back, eyes screwed shut. He swears he can feel Nolan smile against his skin.

He licks shallow stripes over Travis’ hole, one hand obscenely spreading Travis open while his other hand reaches for Travis’ dick, slowly stroking him as he works him with his tongue.

“You like that?” Nolan says, voice gravelly and dark, his mouth barely leaving Travis’ ass.

“Is that rhetorical?” Travis tries to say in a normal voice that involuntarily turns to a moan, as Nolan abruptly spits on his hole before teasing it with his finger.

“Yeah, it was,” Nolan sits up and looks at Travis with devil eyes, stroking him even faster, eyes not leaving Travis’ bright red face as his finger slides inside of him, “‘cause I can tell how much you love this.”

Travis doesn’t bother responding because yeah, he’s absolutely right.

Travis relishes in the feeling of Nolan slowly opening him up, thrusting slowly but surely as he expertly strokes Travis’s cock. He adds another finger and it feels obscenely big for two fucking fingers, which may be a testament to how pathetically long its been since Travis got laid, or one to how huge Nolan’s fingers are. Either way, Travis feels nice and full, and finds himself smiling as he grinds down on Nolan’s fingers, which are scissoring him open and pressing against his prostate so perfectly.

“I’m gonna fucking cum.” Travis says, a mix of desperation and slyness on his face as Nolan ruthlessly fucks him open.

“Oh yeah? Make yourself cum on my fucking fingers then.”

Travis jerks himself off faster than he thinks he ever has in his life, savoring the feeling (and sight) of Nolan rapidly fucking his ass with his fingers. He feels himself tighten as he reaches his breaking point, forcing himself to keep his eyes open as he cums all over his own hands and chest, his asshole pulsating around Nolan’s still moving fingers. He doesn’t even want to think about the ridiculous sounds he’s probably making as he rides the wave of his orgasm, eventually closing his eyes and flopping down onto the bed.

“Uh uh, don’t fucking fall asleep,” Nolan says, gently pulling his fingers out of him, his voice too lively and cheerful (well, in Nolan’s special way of being cheerful), to resist, “we’re showering. We’re absolutely disgusting.”


Travis and Nolan shower together. Travis and Nolan spend the rest of the afternoon playing video games and talking together. Travis and Nolan kiss each other goodbye when Travis drops Nolan at the Dunkin parking lot to get his car that he simply left behind that fateful morning.

Travis leaves the parking lot and he’s absolutely glowing because for once, once in his fucking life, the universe has given him a break.

He sends a text to annoying ass douchebag (kev) : hey, remember that nice guy you were joking about? yea he exists