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hiding places

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The rain had been steadily pouring all day. Nina just wanted to escape the confines of the Little Palace. Things just hadn't been the same since the Fjerdans had invaded a month ago. Ever since then, things had changed. The Grisha were no longer allowed to train, and if they were caught using any power at all, then they were brought in for questioning. Most were never heard of again.

It had been weeks since Nina had used her power and she felt herself growing weaker by the day. Her only escape was a small room hidden from Druskelle eyes. On the second floor of the palace, down a long corridor there was a secret door, only accessible if you knew the right brick to press. Nina was headed there now in search of a quiet sanctuary.

In this secret room she had stashed books, pillows and blankets. Her pockets were stuffed with sweets, and her stomach grumbled. This was where she could escape. Life at the Little Palace had been hell. The Fjerdans were harsh, and cruel captors. Well, not all of them.

On the first day of the Fjerdans take over of the Little Palace, Nina had spotted him. He stood tall above the rest of the Drüskelle, his blonde hair touching his shoulders. This tall soldier was handsome, and his features were sharp. She would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit she pictured what he would look like without his uniform. But, he was a Drüskelle, which meant he was the enemy.

Nina had cried for days after their takeover. She had lost friends, and mentors. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They were stuck, trapped and afraid. All Nina could do was hope and pray that someone would come and rescue them.

For now, she stole every spare moment alone that she could find. Checking to make sure no one had followed her, Nina pressed on the secret brick and watched as the door slid open. She closed it securely behind her and plopped down onto her pile of pillows.

As Nina got settled inside, she pulled out her bag of sweets and began eating them. "Mmmm," she moaned out loud. The Drüskelle were on a strict diet of disgusting food and Nina hadn't had her sugar in weeks. One of the cooks had snuck her her favorite candies just this morning.

The rain tapped lightly over head and Nina relaxed into the plush pillows, pulling out a book from the little shelf she had made. For the next several hours, Nina could run away to a faraway land. Little did she know, however, that she was being watched.


Matthias Helvar, a very large, blonde Drüskelle had been fascinated with the beautiful Grisha since the day they arrived. He knew he should hate the Grisha, but he was drawn to her. All his life, he had been brought up to think that Grisha were an abomination. But how could someone like her be someone so wicked?

He loved the way she smiled, and laughed. It happened rarely, and he knew it was because they were there, invading their home. But when she did laugh and joke, he suddenly wished to be the one to make her smile. Matthias had never felt this way before. This strange feeling of wanting to be known.

For weeks he had observed her, and always made sure to know where she was at. He volunteered to be posted near her living quarters so that he could catch glimpses of her every day.

Now, he stood in a long corridor, deciding what to do next. He had seen the Grisha sneak up here, and followed her. He’d been shocked to see her open a secret door, but paid attention to the brick she pressed. Matthias crept forward, and pressed his ear to the wall. He heard nothing but the sound of the rain. Pressing firmly on the same brick she had, he watched the door slide over. And then he heard a small gasp.


As she got several pages into her book, suddenly the secret door began to rattle. No one else knew about her secret room. She’d been careful not to be followed, but apparently she’d been caught.

Suddenly, a large boy stepped into the small room. He was so large that he had to crouch to stand in the tight quarters. She recognized him. It was the handsome Drüskelle that she had been admiring all this time.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Nina whisper shouted

"I'm--" Matthias froze, looking down at her, book in hand. She was curled up in the corner.

"I'm not doing anything wrong," She said stubbornly, hoping her bag of sweets was not in view.

"I know you aren't," Matthias nodded. "I just wanted to talk with you.

"Well then..." Nina looked him up and down. "You'd better close that door before someone else finds my not so secret room.”

Matthias shut the door behind him and came to sit in front of the Grisha. He felt awkward folding his body to fit, but crossed his legs.

“Are you going to tell me why you followed me?”

He had the good sense to look ashamed, and Nina had to admit he also looked cute. This boy before her, or she should say man, was definitely not like the other Drüskelle. If he was like the rest, then she would’ve been thrown out of this room two minutes ago.

“I’ve been watching you,” he replied.

"Watching me? Stalker!" Nina threw a sweet at him, landing it in his lap.

"Not like that!" Matthias blushed. "I only meant that I noticed you on my first day. You seemed different to everyone here. Not at all an abomination and evil like I was told all Grisha were."

How do you know I'm not evil?" Nina sat up then on her knees, drawing closer to him. "That I won't tempt you with my wicked Grisha ways?”

On the inside, Nina was only slightly terrified. This was a man who had the power to destroy her. While she felt safe with him, this could also be a trick. Nina knew of Drüskelle abusing their authority.

"I can't be tempted," Matthias said, knowing he was lying.

"Oh?" Nina cocked a brow. "Is that a challenge?"

Matthias shook his head, his eyes lingering on her plush pink lips.

Nina had plenty of experience teasing boys. But Matthias, while young, had the appearance of a full grown man.

His hair was long, down to his shoulders. She reached for it now, tugging gently. Matthias opened his mouth, but she covered it with her hand.

"No talking while I tempt you," Nina smiled wickedly.

Matthias laughed, feeling lighter than he had in years. He would let this Grisha do anything to him.

"I'm Matthias," he said behind her hand.

“Nina,” she offered.

Nina moved her hand to cup his cheek, feeling the clean shave of his jaw. She could see just the hint of chest hair under the collar of his shirt.

Matthias held still as Nina slid her hand to the front of his uniform. He wouldn't dare be seen without it in the presence of a Grisha. But this was his Nina....

His heart fluttered as she came closer. The sweet smell of her, like syrup was warm on his tongue. He'd never even kissed anybody, but he wanted to grab her and hold her close. Her fingers unbuttoned the first layer and she pushed the heavy coat off his shoulders. It fell behind him and she moved to the next layer. After another layer, she was on his shirt, and as she reached the last button, she couldn't stop the gasp that left her lips.

"Like what you see?" Matthias smirked and leaned back.

Nina ran her fingers along his body, down to his belly button. His hair was dark and thick, covering the expanse of his broad chest.

"You're so..." Nina blinked rapidly. "So big.”

Matthias felt his cheeks blush, and allowed Nina to continue her explorations. With every touch of her fingers, he felt like he was on fire.

Her hands reached up to push his shirt off and it fell in a pile with his other garments. He shivered, feeling the slightest chill.

Nina ran her thumb over his nipple, already hard from the cold.

Matthias winced from her lovely touch. He liked it. And he wanted to feel her all over.

"Are you tempted yet?" Nina asked.

"Not yet," Matthias swallowed. "Keep trying, Nina."

Licking her lips, Nina dropped her hand to his trousers, pausing as she thought about what she was about to do. While she had some experience, she wasn’t exactly an expert.

Matthias' gaze followed her hands as she undid the buttons of his trousers one by one. His breath caught in his throat as her knuckles grazed the bulge in his underwear.

"Big everywhere..." Nina commented. Her heart was pounding in her chest, so loud she knew Matthias could surely hear it. She tugged on his trousers to pull them over his hips to reveal more of him. She didn't remove them completely, she was too impatient for that.

Gently, she touched him again. He was hard, his length hot under her hand. One thin layer of material separated her and his throbbing cock.

Matthias adjusted himself, feeling more heat rise to his cheeks. He was more than tempted but he didn't want her to stop.

"I wonder what’ll happen if I do this?" Nina met his eye and slipped her hand into his underwear. He was silky smooth and her fingers brushed against the course pubic hair.

Matthias jerked up into her hand. He was using all his self control not to come right then and there. There had only been one time that he had pleasured himself with his hand. He’d felt wrong, and vowed never to do it again. The way Nina touched him felt anything but wrong.

He helped her push down his underwear and then he was naked before her. His cock strained upwards towards his stomach with a slight curve.

Nina moved her thumb over the tip of his cock, collecting the pearly liquid that had begun to leak. Her mouth watered, and her stomach clenched.

"Tempting yet?" She bent down over him, making sure to give him a good look down her shirt.

“Not at all,” he coughed out. Matthias leaned back on his hands, spreading his legs to give her more room.

Taking a deep breath, Nina flicked her tongue out over the head, moving it in a swirling motion. Her hand began to stroke him in slow, delicious movements. Nina should have felt ashamed, she should have run away from this Drüskelle. But this was the most thrilling thing to ever happen to her, and she wasn’t about to stop now.

"Oh Djel," Matthias groaned, flexing his hips. He threaded his fingers through Nina's long hair. Biting his lip, he watched as she licked his shaft, and he tightened his grip on her head.

Nina laughed against him, causing him to let out another strangled moan. She leaned farther over him and took him down her throat. Gagging slightly, she pulled back and began to bob up and down. He was salty in her mouth and filled her completely.

She placed one hand on his hard, lean thigh to steady herself as she sucked him deeply. Encouraged by the firm hand at the back of her head, Nina hollowed her cheeks and drank him down.

Matthias couldn't stop his hips from jerking, thrusting into her mouth. He'd never felt such pleasure. He felt something building inside of him, and he knew if she kept licking him like this, he was going to explode.

Nina rubbed her hand along his thigh, and flicked her tongue against the tip again. He liked it when she did this, and she lifted her eyes to watch as he groaned, his head tilted back. Matthias came hard and fast in her mouth, and Nina waited until his body stopped jerking.

Slowly, she released him from her mouth, and wiped her hand across her lips.

"Fully tempted?" Nina asked, sitting on her knees next to him.

"More than tempted, Nina," he sighed and reached for her. "What about you? Do you think you could be tempted by me?"

"I'm willing to test myself," Nina batted her eyelashes.

"Lie back," Matthias instructed. As she moved to lie back against the pillows, Matthias removed all of his clothes so he was completely naked.

Nina began to breath sharply, her chest rising and falling quickly now. Matthias loomed over her, smiling gently.

"I want to make you feel good," he said softly. "Like you made me feel good."

Nina squeaked out some response and watched as his hands settled on her hips. He was wasting no time. Matthias had zero experience with girls, but he'd heard enough of his mates describe what it was like with a woman to know that he should be gentle and take things slow.

He slipped his hand around her trousers, pulling firmly until they began to slide down her legs. Her panties came with it and soon she was bare before him.

"Shall I take this off?" She asked, already reaching to pull up her shirt.

"I think it best," Matthias chuckled.

Once she was naked, Matthias slide both hands along her ankles, claves and settled on her thighs. He parted them wide, opening her up.

He could see that she was slick between her legs, and that brought him immense pride.

"Matthias," Nina began to squirm. Desperate to feel him touch her.

"Already tempted?"

"Of course," she bit her bottom lip, watching him.

At first, he simply sat back and looked at her. His eyes roaming over her plump cheeks, her pink lips and finally her round breasts. He’d never seen such a lovely sight. Matthias moved in between her legs, his fingers sliding up to the soft thatch of hair. He stroked her slowly, gently, worshipping her.

Nina whined impatiently, her hand settling over her breast, lightly cupping it.

Matthias slid one finger along her slit, gathering her wetness. He found her entrance and pushed in one long finger. "You're very tight," he said, looking down at where his hand slid into her body. He was fascinated by this view, and wondered what it would feel like to push his cock inside of her.

"Keep going," Nina sighed, looking down at his hand.

The heel of his hand pushed against her clit, and Nina wiggled her hips. Matthias moved his finger in and out, feeling how she clenched around him.

Bending to the task of bringing Nina to climax, Matthias slid another finger inside of her. With his other hand he found her breast and lightly flicked her hard nipple.

Nina cried out before remembering to be silent. Her hand covered her mouth as she felt waves of pleasure wash over her. Her eyes were closed and so she didn't see when he bent down, placing his mouth over her slit.

She began to roll her hips against his mouth as her hands found purchase on his head, tugging at his long hair.

Matthias' cock had hardened again, and it was throbbing almost painfully as he listened to the moans coming out of Nina's mouth. He flicked his tongue against her clit, swirling it around.

"I need to feel you," Nina nearly screamed out. He wasn't too inexperienced to understand this. Matthias reluctantly left his place between her thighs but returned shortly, sliding his thick cock inside of her.

Nina's body welcomed him easily, and she opened her legs wider. Her hands gripped his shoulders as he pushed forward. He was so large, hovering above her. Nina briefly wondered if he was a virgin. He didn't act it.

Matthias reared back and thrust forward. Nina's sex clenched around his cock and Matthias finally closed the distance and placed a hungry kiss to her lips. Her hands roamed over his damp back, urging him forward. She wrapped one leg around his hips and pressed up agains this body. With every roll of his hips, Nina gasped.

Nina felt something release in her and cupped his cheek, parting his lips with her tongue. She deepened the kiss and then he pushed forward again and again, whispering her name, she cried out, reaching her climax at long last.

Matthias shuddered, feeling her body tighten around him. For all his days he would think of this intimate moment. He would remember the way that she looked as he held her against him. The soft uttering of his name on her lips and she came. The warmth of her body as she kissed his chest.

He found his second release of that afternoon and struggled not to crush her body. Feeling spent, he placed a lazy kiss to the side of her neck, still inside of her.

Nina slid her hands along his back and rolled easily with him to lay on their sides.

"Nina," he said gently. "You're not like other Grisha.”

"Matthias," Nina chuckled, stroking his chin. "And you are not like the other Drüskelle."

They laid there for hours, knowing they wouldn't be found. This started a pattern. Every day they would meet in secret and over the weeks, Nina opened up to him until one day she showed him her power. He had been frightened at first, but slowly came to understand her. They had found comfort and safety with each other and knew now that they weren't alone.