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They have a deadline. Twelve o’clock sharp, that’s what they agreed on. A portion of this month’s harvest, two bottles of bourbon, and a trunk full of heavy winter clothing– in return, they get first dibs on the herbs and holistic medicines for sale. But they have it be there by twelve, because that’s when the new marketplace opens and the rest of the growing town swarms it.

It’s ten-thirty. They’re making good time and should be there within the hour. Penelope is stretched out along the bench seat, her sweatshirt bunched up behind her head as a pillow. Back against the door, ankles crossed over Haden’s lap.

That morning, she woke to Haden’s mouth on her neck, a thick thigh slung over hers and his warm hand still cupping her cunt over her underwear, the way they had fallen asleep the night before. They hadn’t had sex, too exhausted from preparing everything for today’s trade, but Penelope had still tugged his hand between her legs, held it there, craving the comfort of his touch. 

His beard scraped softly along her skin as he coaxed her into consciousness. Goosebumps broke out along her flesh and a low-boiling heat started to pulse through her veins.

“We gotta get going,” Haden had murmured to her, kissing up the curve of her jaw. “It’s a long drive.”

Penelope had rolled over to face him, pushing him onto his back and resting her chin on his chest. He tucked a wispy strand of hair behind her ear as she pouted, eyelids still heavy with sleep.

“I’ll make it up to you later,” he said.

Penelope playfully nipped at his right pectoral muscle. “Make it up to me now.”

But Haden had stayed firm, dragged them both out of bed to get ready for the day. The heat hadn’t left Penelope, only growing stronger as they drove. 

Now, Haden has one hand on the wheel and the other resting over her crossed ankles, lightly stroking the bit of skin that is exposed between her socks and the hem of her jeans. She had kicked off her sneakers a few minutes into their drive.

Penelope shifts a little and moves her right foot, pressing it down onto Haden’s crotch. He stiffens, throwing her a sideways glance as she easily finds the length of his cock and rubs her foot against it.

“Said I’d make it up to you later,” he grunts, a warning.

Penelope smirks. “It’s later.”

Haden grunts again, but doesn’t move to stop her as she continues to toy with him. She feels him harden, can see the swell of his cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. Her steady wanting quickly sharpens into a desperate ache. She wants to take him in her mouth, feel him slide down her throat, make her jaw ache and her eyes water. Wants to feel the shake of his thighs when she chokes around him, wants to hear his low, rumbling growl when he fills her mouth with his cum.

“If we stop now, we’ll be late,” Haden says, keeping his eyes on the road. “You might not be able to get any more of your tea. You’re almost out.”

Penelope shrugs. “Would that be the worst thing?”

He looks at her now, eyes sharp. “Penny.”

“You don’t want it?”

Haden scrubs a hand over his jaw. Penelope can feel his cock twitch under her foot. “We should talk about it.”

They should. She isn’t even sure what made her say it, the thought popping into her head and out of her mouth in the same moment. But as she ruminates on it in the seconds after, she finds herself growing more keen on the idea. But it’s a discussion for later, when she can think more clearly.

“We can talk on the way home,” she says. “Pull over now.”


“You know I’ll only take a few minutes.”

“Since when are you satisfied with one?”

He’s got her there. Penelope turns on her pout, removing her legs from his lap and shifting so that she’s leaning toward him on her knees.

“Please, Daddy?” she murmurs, inching forward. One hand reaches for the bulge of his cock while her lips ghost up the side of his neck, feeling his pulse stutter. “I want it so bad.”

Haden lets her unzip his fly, work her hands into his pants and take his cock in her tiny hand, swollen so thick her fingers can’t even touch when they wrap around him. Her cunt aches for the stretch of it, the fullness of him splitting her open.

“So needy,” he growls, grabbing a fistful of hair at the base of her neck to keep her still when he turns to kiss her, biting harshly at her lower lip before licking into her mouth. The kiss only lasts a few seconds before he lets her go and turns back to the road, but that’s all the invitation Penelope needs to shimmy her own jeans down her thighs. She gets one leg free, the other still denim-clad to the knee, and climbs onto his lap.

She lets out a breathy whine as she sinks down onto his cock, both hands gripping his shoulders. Her head falls into the hollow of his throat, the beautiful burn of the stretch sending  flames of pleasure licking up her spine. His cock throbs once he’s fully inside her, nestled in to the root. 

Four years, and it still knocks the breath from her lungs. 

“That good, baby?” Haden murmurs softly, rubbing her back with one hand. “That what you needed?”

Penelope nods, shifting in his lap, winding her arms around him. “I missed you.”

He makes a soft sound then, slipping his hand under her shirt to run his nails along her spine. “I’m right here. Take what you need.”

Keeping her head tucked under his chin, she sneaks one hand between them, rubs circles over her clit. Keeps his cock rooted firmly inside her, grinding down on it, the pressure of it making her toes curl and doing more to drive her over the edge than her own fingers. She can feel her wetness leaking out of her, pooling around the base of his cock, can hear the slippery slide of them moving together every time she grinds down. 

Haden keeps whispering to her as she brings herself up, soft praises as he rubs her back, the occasional kiss nuzzled against her temple. It’s only after she comes that she feels the truck slow to a stop, and lifts her head to meet his hungry kiss. 

She’s moving before she even knows what’s happening. The driver’s side door opens and Haden climbs out, lifting her off and spinning her around so that her feet are on the ground and she is bent at the waist, cheek pressed against the warm leather seat. Her sock-clad feet dig into the rough pavement, standing on her tiptoes so that he can reach her cunt as he slips his cock back inside her. 

He’s even deeper now, and it pulls a strangled gasp from her throat. Her fingers dig into the worn stitching of the seat as he fucks into her. 

“So fucking desperate for it, aren’t you?” Haden growls. His hand slides up the inside of her thigh, catching the cum dripping down her leg and smearing it over her sensitive clit. “You want Daddy’s cock so bad, don’t you?”

“I do,” Penelope whines. “I need it all the time.”

“Yeah, I know you do,” he says soothingly. “Need it so bad you’ll take it out here, in the middle of the road, where anyone could see you getting fucked. You like that? That anyone could come along and see how needy this little cunt is?”

“Yes, yes,” she babbles, vision blurring with overwhelmed tears as he pounds into her. “I want them to see you fuck me. See how good you give it to me.”

“Christ,” he growls. “You’re killing me, baby.”

“I’m gonna come again,” she pants, one hand blindly reaching back for him. “Daddy, I’m gonna come.”

“Let me feel it.” Haden takes her hand, laces their fingers together against the small of her back, holding her steady as he fucks her over the edge. “There you go, baby. Yes. Make a mess all over Daddy’s cock, that’s right.”

She whimpers and whines as she comes down. One, two, three thrusts and Haden stills, the warmth of his cum spilling inside her as he releases a deep, rumbling groan. Penelope presses back against him, nestling her ass into the wide dip of his hips, desperate to stay full of him.  

Four years, and she still can’t get enough. Just as desperate for him as she was the first time. 

She naps for the rest of the drive, snuggled up against Haden’s shoulder, drowsy in the way she always gets when he fucks her out of her mind. A few minutes before they arrive at the market, he nudges her awake, and she slips on her sneakers and rubs the sleep from her eyes. His cum steadily leaks out of her as they peruse the stalls, her steps short and stilted, Haden’s lips twisted as he tries to hide his grin.

Their eyes meet when a vendor offers Penelope the box of tea leaves. She puts them in her bag, a flush high on her cheeks, noticing the way Haden’s eyes darken.  

She’ll keep taking the tea for now. But maybe, the next time they come to trade, she won’t be.