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A Deep and Lusty Love

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Starsky poured his first cup of coffee of the morning into his favorite mug. It was a beautiful morning that had followed an even more beautiful night. His body felt loose and relaxed, the result of a night of sweet loving. He took a sip of his coffee and then heard a low melodic tune coming from the bathroom. He smiled, set his mug down, and walked softly toward the closed door.

It only took one line from the song to recognize it. The Bee Gees, How Deep is Your Love. Starsky’s smile got bigger, The Bee Gees weren’t usually in Hutch’s repertoire—disco was more Starsky’s thing—but, this one was really a love song, and love songs were definitely in Hutch’s repertoire.

Starsky didn’t know or care if any of Hutch’s past lovers had ever put him in the mood to sing love songs in the morning. He only knew that as Hutch’s last and forever lover, he could do it and that made him feel positively smug.  He could take his big, masculine partner and reduce him to helpless moans and whispered pleas and he showed no mercy until Hutch was complete putty in his hands. A man had a right to feel smug about that kind of talent.

Of course, it worked both ways, and when Hutch put those amazing hands and lips on Starsky and went to work on all his secret spots Starsky burned and tingled and yearned as he never had even imagined before.

Last night’s events washed over his brain just as Hutch was asking in song about how deep his love was. Starsky’s body started that tingle that began somewhere around his throat and always coalesced in his groin. What the hell was he doing on the other side of this door when his partner was probably clean and damp and naked and aching for Starsky to show him just how deep his damn love was?

“I’m comin’ in, Hutch,” Starsky said, and then opened the bathroom door and walked in before Hutch could reply. He stood there a moment, taking a long look at his partner. Hutch was wearing a smile and nothing else but a damp towel knotted loosely at his hips. The dampness outlined the muscular curves to Hutch’s ass to perfection, and Starsky whistled low in appreciation.

“You’re giving me a wolf-whistle, Starsk?” Hutch asked, turning slightly so that Starsky could see an eyebrow suggestively raised. “That’s a nice way to start the day.” Hutch turned back to face the mirror over the sink and reached for a can of shaving cream.

Starsky was a little baffled by why his body was humming so strongly and his cock hardening with every heartbeat. After all, last night had been spectacular and he wasn’t a constantly horny young man anymore. Hell, he was practically middle-aged! And yet that love song that Hutch had been singing coupled with Hutch’s voluptuous ass had him primed for go time.

“Loved your singing this morning, babe,” Starsky said and moved a little closer to Hutch. “I don’t think I’ve heard you sing that one before. It was nice… kinda felt like a question for me, too?”

“A question?” Hutch was vigorously shaking the can of shaving cream as he spoke. “No, I don’t question how deep your love is, Starsk. That song just popped in my head.”

“Hm, or maybe it was one of those Freudian slippage things.”

Hutch laughed and kept on shaking his can. “Slippage? I don’t think I have any Freudian slippage on my mind. Not about you, at least.”

“Yeah, but a man’s gotta know for sure, don’t you think?” Starsky inched closer still, close enough to whisper in Hutch’s ear. “Hey, do me a favor, okay? Put that can down and then put your elbows on the counter.”

“What? Why?”

“’Cause I asked you to, okay?” Starsky said, still in a whisper.

Hutch complied slowly, needing to back up a little in order to lean over and place his elbows as he was asked. “What are you up to, Starsk?”

Starsky opened his robe and gave his cock a nice sweet stroke. “Uh, a little more’n six inches. You interested?”

“Damn,” Hutch said. “Right here in the bathroom?” Hutch didn’t wait for an answer before lowering his upper body a little more and spreading his legs slightly, loosening his towel.

“Right here, right now, and let’s get this out of the way,” Starsky said, as he removed Hutch’s towel. He took a long look at what he’d revealed. “Your ass is pink. It’s usually as white as the driven snow before I get started on it. Guess you took a nice hot shower?”

“I didn’t think I was gonna need a cold one.”

“And you were right.” Starsky reached around Hutch to give his cock a squeeze and a few short pumps, making Hutch gasp. “Let’s have some fun.” Starsky released Hutch’s rapidly expanding cock with a little pat and stretched to get into the medicine cabinet, almost lying on Hutch’s back to reach. “Just need something slippery.”

“The lube is in the bedroom,” Hutch said, his voice already low and husky and adorably sexy. “We don’t have any lube in here.”

“But we’re not in the bedroom,” Starsky said reasonably, “so we’ll find something else.” Containers of aspirin and deodorant and toothpaste started clanging together in the sink where they landed while Starsky looked for something else.

“Don’t use lotion!” Hutch said pleadingly. “I need to be able to sit down after.”

“How long’ve we been doing this now, Hutch? I think I know what we need.” Two combs and a small can of bug spray landed on top of the pile in the sink before Starsky gave a triumphant whoop. “Vaseline! Now we’re in business.”

“It’ll work, but lube is better,” Hutch said.

“Where’s the lube again?”

“In the bedroom.”

“And where are we?” Starsky asked, backing up and unscrewing the jar.

“In the bathroom.”

“Right again. Now give me a little working room.”

Hutch lowered his head against the sink’s faucet and widened his legs. “I’m not very comfortable.”

“You’ll forget about that in a minute,” Starsky promised. With his left hand he dipped two fingers into the Vaseline and brought out a good amount. His right hand spread one of Hutch’s ass cheeks further. “Ah, there’s that pretty puckered place that I love so much!”

“That’s a lot of alliteration,” Hutch said.

“And that’s a lot of talking for a man who’s about to be royally fucked.” With that, Starsky used his coated fingers to enter Hutch’s body, ensuring Hutch’s silence. He knew how much Hutch loved having his opening toyed with and prepared for intense loving. If Starsky prolonged it long enough, he could turn Hutch to jelly with this alone, but his own need to fuck, and fuck hard, was too strong to do more than be sure Hutch was thoroughly coated inside and around that tender hole.  Starsky smeared another dollop of Vaseline on his own cock and pumped it to full size before positioning it. “Ready?”

“Huh?’ Hutch murmured.

“Don’t bump your head against the faucet,” Starsky said, and then entered Hutch in one smooth practiced move. He took a breath and relished the squeeze Hutch’s body was giving him. So tight. So nice. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. That’s what I needed.”

“I like being what you need,” Hutch said and rotated his ass very slowly and gently. “I like that a lot.”

“Oh, babe…nice…so nice. Can you keep rocking a little?”

Hutch didn’t answer, but the gentle rotating continued and then Hutch clenched a little tighter making Starsky’s cock want to sing. “Damn! So good…Damn! I’m just gonna enjoy this for a minute, then I’m taking you in hand.” Starsky slowly pulled out until just his tip remained inside Hutch, causing Hutch to still his motion and Starsky could hear the deep breath Hutch sucked in and knew what he was waiting for. Starsky moved like lightning, sheathing his entire length again and letting his balls slap wantonly against Hutch. He did it three more times, making Hutch gasp and writhe underneath him, knowing he’d found just the right spot to drive Hutch crazy.

“Feeling good, partner?” Starsky asked. He stopped moving inside of Hutch and instead reached around to find his nipples, taut and hot and wonderful. Starsky pulled and played with slick fingers, loving the sounds Hutch was making. “Isn’t surprise sex the best sex?”

“You…you’re…best…” Hutch got out and Starsky laughed, never taking for granted his ability to turn this articulate man into one who could barely speak.

He kept his cock still while he used his left hand to find Hutch’s cock. “Got you rock hard. Rock hard.” Starsky’s grip was also rock hard, just the way he knew Hutch loved it. A tight grasp and a slow pull, over and over until Hutch was right on the edge. Then Starsky stopped his hand and started moving inside Hutch again. A slow serious intense pounding into that willing ass that he loved so much.

“Can you feel that, babe? Can you feel how deep I am?”

“Yes,” Hutch cried out. “God, so deep, so good.”

“Can you feel how deep my love is?” Starsky asked seriously. “Cause it’s really fucking deep, too.”

“Yes,” Hutch said. “Feel it. Know it. Now shut up and finish me!”

Starsky smiled and did as Hutch asked. He gathered him up again and pulled with a long slow sweet grip until Hutch started to pump hard in his hand and all his honied release spurted out. “Starsk….”

“I know, I know, now me.” With that, Starsky thrust a few more times into Hutch’s now sprawled and relaxed body until he cried out Hutch’s name and filled him with his love.

Starsky laid full out on top of Hutch while he caught his breath and he was soft enough to pull out gently. His open robe was now hanging off his arms and dimly he wondered why he’d been so hot that he couldn’t have taken the damn thing all the way off.



“Can you pull out now? I think I’m gonna get a cramp.”

Starsky smiled and eased himself out and off of Hutch. He gave Hutch’s ass an appreciative slap and then helped Hutch straighten up. “Just think, the next time you sing that song you’ll know the answer.”

“I think I’ll be feeling just how deep your love is all day, Starsk,” Hutch said with a tiny wince.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Starsky said, finally removing his robe and walking to the shower. “I guess I better get showered or we’ll be late.”

Hutch fingered his Vaseline-coated nipples. “You almost made me forget it’s a work day. And I was all showered, too, now I’m sort of greasy.” He ran a hand between his ass cheeks. “I’m greasy front and back…Maybe we should call in sick? Don’t you think we should call in sick?”

“No, I think we should go to work like the responsible adults that we are,” Starsky said smugly, and turned the water on.

“But you…and I was clean…and you…surprise sex….”

Starsky laughed. “Get in here with me and I’ll get you clean again. I’ll even do what I forgot to do just now.”

“What did you forget to do,” Hutch asked, walking to the shower.

“I forgot to kiss you a whole, whole lot.”

Hutch gave him a toothy grin. “Do you think we have time for that?”

“We can be a little late for work,” Starsky said, and held the shower curtain open for his partner.

The end.