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Levi groaned. 

He rubbed his head that stung from an impact that hit him. He blinked his eyes rapidly trying to focus around his surroundings but all he ended up seeing was pitch black. He also realized that he was in an uncomfortable position in a painfully tiny and cramped space. 

His upper half was leaning down and his face was rubbing against a rough surface. His lower half was arched and lifted instead, therefore, he was kneeling with his ass raised up in the air. Unbeknown, he felt another presence and another weight of body against him.

Levi jolted when he heard some shuffling sounds. He couldn't help it, it was dark so his senses were heightened up ten folds. He felt the other trying to shift around only to have the same conclusion as Levi had in the end: they were stuck together.

"What happened?" A clear, not too high, not too low, young, boyish voice called out to him. He gasped when he recognized it. He could identify that voice faster than he could fidget spinner the titans. "Eren?" He cleared his throat.

"Captain?" The titan shifter was obviously surprised from this situation too. "Brat, do you remember anything before whatever the fuck happened here?" Levi promptly interrogated. This position was quickly tiring him out. 

"No?" Eren answered, confused. "All I remembered was that I was keeping the cleaning supplies back into the store room as I had just finished the chores. Weren't you supposed to be with Commander Erwin and Squad Leader Hange, sir?"

"Exactly," The raven grumbled. The last thing he could remember was that he argued with Hange about using Eren for more experiments related to his titan power in Erwin's office. The commanding officer stayed silent the whole time during the discussion. Just thinking about it made him riled up. Hange would have to walk over his dead body to do more unknown things to his subordinate. Eren was crucial. One wrong move and humanity would be done.

"Are you alright, sir?" Eren timidly asked. He sounded pitiful. 

"What?" Levi snapped. 

"Oh, it's just...," he trailed off, "I am to believe that you're in a very awkward posture." Levi hummed to answer instead as he was pissed. 

"Do you think we can move, even just for a little bit so you'll be more comfortable at some point?" Eren sincerely asked.

"I don't know," Levi sighed, defeated. He feltl the stiffness and stretching pain across his body as he stayed in the same pose the longer he did. He finally glanced to the side to look at Eren only to gasp in shock.

He directly met Eren's gaze since the younger one was already staring at him in the first place but that's not all, what astonished him was how the green-eyed brat's irises were glowing in the dark. It was as if he was a deer that got caught in the headlight. Eren's eyes were hypnotizing. The specks of ambers swimming around that resembled his passion stimulated even more attention. Fascinating. It had always been. Levi noticed it since the first time they met in the unkept, dirty dungeon cellar.

But then, the cadet under him unexpectedly moved and Levi yelped as he shifted as well: his lower half slided back down onto something warm and tensed and his head bumped onto the top of the space they were held in.

"Is this a fucking box?!" The tea lover hissed. His hands moved around to meet the edges and lines of what a box would appeared to have and cursed, "Fucking unbelievable! This must be that shitty glasses' doing! Just because I fucking disagreed with them about you! This is all your fau-"

Levi went stilled as he felt hands around his sides, "What the...," he whispered. A heated, large palm moved around from his waist to his hip bone to his thighs and repeated. Out of the blue, one of his globes was kneaded and Levi trembled, "What the fuck are you doing, brat...," for fucks sake, his ass was one of his erogenous spot. 

"I'm sorry, captain..." The brunet apologized, "but I couldn't help it..." How could he not? When his captain's ass was literally displayed inches away in front of his face? Despite being in total darkness, he could still make out the outline of his body and the temptation was too much to resist. It looked so well taken care of, so soft and round and plump-

Eren glanced up when he heard the older one above him moan, "You like it here, huh?" He attempted to massage the same spot that made his captain react but harder and longer. He circled the same area and Levi whimpered. Eren chuckled when he heard his captain breathing harshly, "Too much?"

"Tch, don't get cocky, brat," he hissed. Eren snickered and pulled his ass up higher, "What the fu-," Levi shouted.

"Ack!" Levi's eyes widened, mouth ajar, body twitching as he tried to focus on the sensation. The cadet was giving even more attention and care on his ass- well, more precisely his asshole through the clothed pants. Levi felt Eren sucked, bit, swirled his tongue and left kisses on it. He furrowed his eyebrows trying to regain his energy to push away the person holding him.

But he just couldn't. There was no more energy left inside of him as he was violated even more as the seconds passed by. He quivered and tried to suck in as much breath as he could to not fully submit to Eren. However, he just couldn't… but did he actually even want to fight back? 

"Eren...," The raven winced. "I want to take off your pants," Eren huffed. The vibration from Eren talking flowed through his body and Levi unconditionally groaned.

"N-no...," Levi let out desperately.

"Why not?" Eren nuzzled his ass. "No one's here."

"Too uncomfortable... It's exhausting..." Levi heaved.

"Can't take it anymore, sir?" Eren smirked. Levi only grumbled wearyingly. "I'll let you off, if only..."

"If only what?" Levi said through closed eyes, concentrating on the hands roaming around on his body.

"If only you let me touch you when we're outside this box."

Levi's eyes snapped open. He angrily added, "You know how to get out of this place? Why didn't you tell me in the first place?!"

Eren chortled in a dark way. "Oh, Levi..."

Levi gulped. What's with the sudden change of demeanor?

"It's a yes or no question, sir." Levi jolted when he felt his belt and garment being removed. He felt powerless. He couldn't fight back. He was tired in a very discomfited bearing and Eren's grabs on his ass tightly made him even more helpless.

Though it feels nice, he told himself. Being dominated by Eren had always been one of his fantasies. Those alluring and unexplainable eyes that captured him since the first moment, that fiery attitude to move forward and though he may not succeed at first try, or maybe the second turn, he will surely keep on fighting for the best. For humanity. For himself. I mean, third time's a charm, right?

Levi daydream countless times to be taken care of by Eren. Someone that reminded him of himself. They're so similar yet so different. They both fought for the same thing, the identical path, an alike idea but somehow, they're always a contrasting intention or an ulterior motive.

Be that as it may, he still had to keep up his professionalism. They're in a captain and subordinate relationship. Nothing more. Levi had always been someone that upholds his principles indubitably. But at a certain point, he wanted to cross the line. He wanted to indulge himself in his own fantasy. Don't get him wrong, he found sex or masturbating unquestionably revolting and sickening. He was still a virgin for some reason but Eren made him change his mind.

Levi needed him.

"You know," Eren suddenly started and it brought Levi back to earth from his own monologue. "I like you, captain."

Levi froze. "What…?"

"Always have been," Eren continued confessing. "You've always attracted me, ever since I was 9. You're one of the reasons why I wanted to join the scouts so badly too."

"We can't." Levi deadpanned.

"Why not?" Eren lifted his palm and striked right against the side of Levi's hips.

Levi bit his lips to quiet down his moan, "We're in a strict relationship between a cadet and a higher-up. We have to keep up our pro-

Eren cut him off, "Professionalism? Well, that's kind of bullshit, don't you think? Hange and Moblit are doing just fine, they know when to act like lovers and when to act like an expert. They keep each other in check."

"Well yeah but how can you assure the regiment that you won't act amateur like you usually are?" Levi provoked playfully.

"Hm? Does that mean you'll think about it?" Levi heard the smirk from the tone he was using and rolled his eyes.

Levi gave in. Deep down, he actually wanted to contemplate it. He laid and seek congenial from laying on Eren's body while Eren almost successfully detaching everything on him, and they were so close, like super near to the end and it was extremely close when-


A flash of light blinded them and Eren quickly leaned himself up front to shield Levi away from the illumination using his arms while Levi heard Eren cursing under his breath. It took some time for them to adjust under the sudden brightness and they looked up only to find Hange giggling crazily above them.

"Oh my, oh my! What is this weird situation that's going on here?" They clasped their hands in fake bewilderment.

"What's going on, my ass!" As soon as Levi saw Hange, all those anger and frustration and certainly his strength came back so he jumped out of the box and started clawing at Hange's face.

"Captain!" Eren shouted out of uncertainty.

"AGHAHAHA! I GUESS THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BOX NOW!" Hange shrieked madly, trying to fight off Levi at the same time. Eren stood up and tried to pull Levi away from Hange as well. He saw Moblit running over to help.

"Captain! Don't be reckless! Your pants!" Eren called out loudly to talk over the commotion. Levi gasped in horror and let go of Hange and fell onto Eren's arms. Eren took off his own coat and wrapped it around Levi's waist at lightning speed as Levi attempted to raise his own pants that were sliding off his legs.

This scene was accompanied with Hange's muffled laughs behind their own hand that was pressed to their mouth and Moblit coaxing them to stop.

"So, did anything interesting happen? I really want to know what made your pants disregarded like that." Hange teased as they walked down the hallway.

"Something did happen but I don't think there's a need for me to tell you. You're no longer qualified to," Levi revolted. "No way!" Hange whined.

Long story short, Hange drugged his last cup of tea with temporary sleeping pills in the middle of the meeting without him knowing when he went to take a short break in the toilet. He fell asleep minutes after the gathering ended and was placed into the box with Eren originally in it. Eren was hit on the back of his head when he was tidying up and apparently Hange left a penknife at the back of his pocket to help us escape. And not only Moblit helped, even Erwin assisted them to proceed the stupid, little scheme. Hange had no actual purpose doing whatever they did, they claimed that it was just for fun.

"Laugh out loud!" They quoted, beaming.

"I dare you to laugh when I kill you!" Levi threatened, fuming.

"Oh come on now, it's not that bad, right? You had a bonding session with Eren for almost an hour! Not bad, if I say?" Hange tested the waters.

"Fuck off." Levi gritted his teeth.

Hange was going to say something else but Moblit interfered, "I think we should go now, Hange. You don't want to add more fuel to the fire, am I right?" He whispered the last part in a frantic act.

"Well! I think I would actually like to add-" Hange said in a jolly manner. "No! We're going, let's go!" Moblit pushed them by the shoulder and turned his head towards Levi and Eren one last time, "Have a nice day and I'm sorry on behalf of Hange if we ever hurted your feelings." Then, he walked away with Hange complaining like a child throwing a tantrum.

Eren sighed and shook his head off at their childish behaviour. He glanced at Levi only to find him already staring at him.

"Yes?" He softly asked.

"Brat…," Levi took a quick look at the couple's antics for a second as if he was considering something deeply and resumed, "Meet me in my office right after dinner. Don't be late or you won't be having another ghost of a chance anymore."

Eren's eyes lightened up as he watched Levi give him a gentle, knowing smile before stepping in his office and closing the door.

Eren mirrored the grin, "I'll be anticipating."