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Part #2: Solo Leveling

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Jin-Woo: i'm uncooperative.

Jin-Ho: give me an example

Jin-Woo: no.



Yoon-Ho: if you have any suggestions or complaints about the way i run my guild, feel free to put them in the suggestions box.


Jong-In: that's a trash can.

Yoon-Ho: exactly.


Byung-Gu: Yoon-Ho, i'm cold.

Yoon-Ho: i'll get you a jacket right away!

Jong-In: Yoon-Ho, i'm cold too.

Yoon-Ho: set yourself on fire.


Song-I: is four a lot?

Jin-Woo: depends on the context. berries no, murders, yes.


Jin-Woo: everyone know what they're doing?

Jin-Ho: in general or the plan?

Jin-Woo: the plan, Jin-Ho.

Jin-Ho, sighing in relief: thank god.


Yoon-Ho: i sleep with a knife under my pillow.

Jong-In: weak. i sleep with a gun under my pillow.

Jin-Woo: you both are pathetic.

Jong-In: oh yeah? what killer weapon do you sleep with mr. badass?

Jin-Woo: Hae-In.


Yoon-Ho: don't correct me.

Jong-In: don't be wrong.