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Wake Up.

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Eren wakes to darkness. There is a slight pain in his neck—one that he finds himself itching at, right after he takes off his headset. The room is a blur. It is always difficult to get acquainted with the real world again, whenever he stays hours inside that stupid Titan game. Usually, his parents would be calling him down for dinner right now, and hoodlums would be playing in the streets below.

But it’s quiet. Too quiet. And Eren is nervous. He brings his finger to a little scab that sits atop his knuckles. With a small pinch, he slowly rips the near-dead skin off his hand. It hurts, but it calms him, and he likes that.

The young man stretches his arms to the ceiling, squeezes his eyes together. He thinks, that Mikasa went a little too hard on him. Being decapitated felt real, and all Eren could do after that was watch, as everyone proclaimed Armin a hero.

Whilst he changes out of his white, sweat drenched t-shirt his mother bought him last month, for something cleaner, Eren decides he’ll go over to Mikasa’s house tomorrow morning to give her a piece of his mind.

In the meantime Eren tells himself, as he waltzes down stairs leading into the living area of his parents’ home. In the meantime, he clears his throat, Ill run a few laps around the block, before stuffing my face with dinner, once mom calls me back inside.

Yet, there is still not a single sound to be heard amid the deeply silent, evening of tonight. And if Eren was worried before, he is both petrified and angered now. Because not even the clashing of silverware, or the low hum of the television in the room to his left can be detected by his ears, that he considers to be higher-than-average.

“Fuck,” Eren lets the swear out through his teeth that he grits until his jaw is aching and his gums are red.

He’s afraid, of going into the kitchen, to see what he may find there.

Something dead, or maybe, not quite alive. “Fuck.

Eren digs his nails into his palm’s middle. He cannot say for certain, if any of this has to do with being the first player to unlock that special event called The Rumbling—but he has a hunch.

And sadly, his hunches are often right.

Eren breathes in—once—like it’ll be the last whiff of fresh air he’ll get to taste in his life.

He looks around, then takes a step into the kitchen.

The lights above him blink, until they sizzle out, all entirely.

He is left in the darkness, with his thoughts. His ever-growing anxiety.

Unanswered questions.