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It Changes

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Carol was perplexed as she shook hands with Abby’s new redhead girlfriend. Not because she didn’t expect Abby to hold a relationship down, but because it was sudden, serious, and Abby was entirely besotted. 

Now Jacqueline was a part of their intimate little friend group, and Carol was startled by how well she got on with them so quickly. 

“Don’t fret,” Therese murmured, wrapping her arms around her middle from behind as they stood outside in the cool evening air. 

“I’m not,” Carol huffed, “it’s just a surprise, is all. Abby hasn’t been in a relationship this serious since.. well.”

Therese pressed a kiss against her shoulder and said, “Abby isn’t leaving you, Carol. She’s still your best friend.”

Carol chewed her lip, doubt filling her mind.

“I haven’t been the greatest best friend to Abby, dearest. I wouldn’t blame her if she did. And now that she’s got someone.. else.. why wouldn’t she take that chance?”

“Well, don’t you think she might have felt the same way when I came into your life?” 

Carol stilled a little, and her shoulders relaxed in sudden understanding, “I didn’t think of it that way.”

Therese hugged her a little tighter, “she’s not going anywhere, and neither am I. No one’s leaving you, not ever again.”

Carol smiled, putting her hand on top of Therese’s, rubbing the chill away. 

six years earlier..

“We can’t j-just..”

“Want you,” Carol growled, hands pressing into Abby’s skin, “want you now.”

“Just a minute!” Abby half-laughed, pulling away from Carol to see her best friend pouting dramatically. Her blonde hair was falling out of its perfect curls, and Abby tutted, smoothing the wrinkles in her collar with deft fingers.  

She had barely pushed through the door when the blonde had pounced on her, kissing and sucking, smudging her makeup almost immediately. 

You promised dinner,” Abby poked her, “and I came here, starving, so don’t think I’m crawling into your bed until I’ve had a good, proper meal.”

“What if I said I was the meal,” Carol grinned, pulling her close by the waist again. Abby looked up at her with those scolding brown eyes and Carol sighed.

“Alright, alright.”

She let go and the two of them headed to the kitchen, where Carol pulled out some left overs from last night’s dinner and bustled about for plates and cutlery. Abby made a pot of tea and sat down at the table to watch Carol flit around with a frilly kitchen apron over her skirt.

“How do you deal with this place, Carol?” Abby sighed, glancing around the massive mansion, “it seems so big and boring. Don’t you get tired of being home alone all the time?”

“Oh, no, it really isn’t that bad. Honestly, I’m glad Harge gives me some space,” Carol said with a huff, “we’ve been talking about getting a housekeeper for some time. Might be nice, have a fresh face around, you know?”

Abby eyed her cautiously, but nothing seemed to be amiss as she mentioned her hot-headed and burly husband. 

“Do you wanna talk about it?” she asked, hands wrapping around the steaming mug.

“Let’s not,” Carol sighed, her back still turned to Abby. The brunette chewed her lip and nodded silently, a mutual understanding hanging in the air. Carol never did enjoy talking about such touchy topics, no matter how long the two women had known each other. 

But they got out of the silence hanging in the air; they always did,

“Help me with the vegetables?” Carol asked. 

Abby was familiar enough with the house, knew where the pots where, knew where to find an extra apron. She chopped diligently as Carol chatted about Jeanette’s dinner invitations for next week, wondering what she should wear.

“What about your grey dress?” Abby suggested as she reached up the cupboards to grab the salt and pepper.

“Hm, but I wore that last time,” Carol retorted.

“Oh, I doubt they’ll notice,” Abby chuckled, bumping Carol’s hip with her own, “you’re far too fashionable for that lot.”

“Abby!” Carol chastised, with a twinkle in her eye, “they’re my friends. You know, you’d like them if you gave them a chance.”

“Hardly. They’d only let me into your little club if I had some handsome businessman of a husband. You and I both know that’s not going to happen.”

She stepped up behind Carol as she put the potatoes and chicken in the oven and wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Don’t be a tease,” Carol groaned as her hands began wandering, “I promised we’d eat first.”

“Hmm, yeah, but if we’re quick we can kill some time while this cooks,” Abby grinned, “I’m suddenly in the mood when I saw you bend over just now.”

Carol tutted with a smirk and turned around, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her in for a firm kiss. Abby nipped at her lip.

They barely made it to the couch, ripping off clothes as they went. Carol’s lips wrapped around a nipple before Abby’s back hit the cushions and she groaned deeply, her hands pulling at the blonde curls. 

“Better be quick if we wanna beat the oven,” Carol muttered devilishly, “you know how much I hate burnt chicken.”

“Oh, fuck,” Abby gasped as fingers wriggled their way past the fabrics and zippers to firmly cup her sex.

“Language,” Carol chastised.

“Shut it, Ross,” Abby grumbled. Carol pushed her skirt up to bunch around her hips, settling in between them, hot and heavy. Her perfume was heavy and musky and made Abby’s head spin.

Her blouse got caught around her wrists, her skirt stayed bunched up and her stockings were pulled down barely to her knees. It was always like this. Hurried, messy, desperate yet loving.

Carol always pulled the curtains closed before Abby arrived, and there were long shadows cast throughout the living room from the lamps that burned dimly. 

Briefly, Abby wondered if she had actually seen Carol naked, fully, in the bright lights of her bedroom. But that thought quickly escaped her when a cool hand pressed against her cunt underneath the fabrics and skirts. 

Abby gasped, back arching. She pulled at Carol’s dress, unzipping it only half in the back. It drooped forward and she pulled her arms around, revealing creamy shoulders and nipples pebbling through her bra. 

She barely had time to cup one breast and pull Carol close for a hard kiss when the blonde slipped inside and began a brutal pace. Abby’s eyes rolled back with a groan, her pleasure spiking quickly, intensely. 

Sweat was collecting along her hairline and her heartbeat was racing. She pinched Carol’s nipple in retort from getting her so riled up so quickly, and Carol grinned, leaning over her, one foot still planted on the floor to give her a solid foundation as her arm worked rapidly and brutally.

Carol!” Abby shrieked, fingers digging into her best friend’s shoulders as a sharp and deep orgasm exploded from inside her.

She laid there, impressed that Carol was able to follow through with her suggestion to make it quick. The blonde looked down at her fondly.

“God..” Abby groaned, feeling the silk fabric of her blouse sticking to her skin already.

“Hey, you wanted it. I just wanted to be a good hostess.”

Abby slapped her on the hand and as if on cue, the timer went off with a shrill. For a moment Abby jerked up, mistaking it for the doorbell, but Carol held her down and nuzzled her neck. 

“We can’t let it burn,” Abby protested weakly, trying to worm out from Carol’s grip.

“No,” Carol said, nearly whining as she tried to pull away.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, I’m staying the night, remember? You’ve got plenty of time after we eat. I don’t fancy passing out in your bed because of malnourishment.”

Carol pouted, watching as Abby straightened her clothes, and shuffled into the kitchen without her shoes.

“Come on, slowpoke! You were supposed to be feeding me, not the other way around.”

Carol relented, and they took their plates back to the couch, legs wrapped together.

“If you spill anything on my couch I’ll tie you to the bed and you’ll never be allowed to leave,” Carol wagged her fork at her best friend, who stuck out her tongue in response.

“What should we do tomorrow?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We can sleep in, if you’d like. Harge isn’t coming back until late.”

Abby nodded quietly, prodding at her chicken.

“What’s the matter?” 

“Nothing,” Abby said, a tad too quickly. “Nothing you need to worry about.”

Carol raised an eyebrow, and shuffled closer, slipping her foot out of her heel and running toes up Abby’s calf.

“Anything I can help with?” she pressed, voice low, “maybe provide a.. distraction?”

“Carol..” Abby began, but a warm mouth was kissing up her neck and she whimpered softly, pushing her lukewarm plate away and grabbing Carol’s blouse.

“Make it quick.”