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"This will be your room," Miranda advised. "Right across the hall is my bedroom and down the hall to the left are the girl's rooms on each side." She explained as she went inside the beautifully decorated guest bedroom.

She opened the bathroom door and Andy gasped. "Wow! It has a bathtub?" She queried.

Miranda smirked. "Yes, and it has whirlpool jets. It's very soothing." She said, clearing her throat a little at the thought of the brunette in the tub. "Everything you might need is in the drawers; toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste. If you need anything else put it on the grocery list or ask me. I might be able to provide it." She added.

Andy continued to admire the beautiful bathroom. "Honestly, this room and the en-suite is probably as big as my entire apartment, Miranda." She admitted a little breathlessly.

"Come along." Miranda insisted.

Andy did just that and followed. She swallowed hard when they entered Miranda's bedroom.

"I'll find you something suitable to wear for tomorrow and also something to sleep in," Miranda said as she stepped into her walk-in closet.

While she was in there, Andy admired Miranda's bedroom. She stood next to a lovely, old-looking sideboard as she glanced around she couldn’t help but notice a very sweet framed photo of Miranda and the girls.

Andy was so mesmerized that she picked it up and caressed the picture absentmindedly.

It had to be a rather new photo, maybe from their last vacation. Miranda wore the most beautiful smile in it as she cuddled in with her babies.

When Miranda stepped out of the closet she witnessed the scene before her with Andy staring dreamily at the photo in her hands. It made her smile. "It was taken in the Hamptons." She stated quietly.

The words startled Andy and made her jump slightly. "Oh...I...uh...sorry..." She stuttered, placing the photograph back in its place carefully. "It's a beautiful photo, Miranda." She added.

Miranda didn't comment on that but held out the clothes she'd found for her assistant.

Andy took the hangers and the sleepwear from the woman.

"I've never worn the lingerie and it should be your size," Miranda advised, blushing profoundly.

"Uh, okay...thank you...uh...I should...uh...take a shower now and go to bed, if that's okay?" Andy queried, wanting to get out of the awkward situation. She could sense Miranda's discomfort.

"Alright, breakfast is at 7.30," Miranda said as Andy swept past her to leave.

"Thank you, Miranda. I hope you sleep well." Andy offered.

"Goodnight, Andrea," Miranda responded.

Once she'd left the room and closed the door, Miranda let out a sigh of relief.

What sweet torture.


The next morning, Andy was making her way downstairs when she heard some rustling and whispering in the kitchen.

"Hurry sis, she'll be down any minute," Caroline whispered.

"Good Morning, and why are we whispering?" Andy whispered, surprising the girls by sneaking upon them.

"Andy!" Caroline squealed. "Happy birthday." She yelled.

"Surprise," Cassidy added.

They set down a plate with muffins that spelt out Happy Birthday for her. They sat a small plate beside her with a muffin holding a candle for her to blow out.

"Oh my god, you guys. Thank you." Andy said. She was touched by the gesture. "Did you make these?" She asked, hugging the girls tightly.

"Actually, I did, last night," Miranda stated as she appeared behind her.

"But we decorated them this morning," Caroline explained.

"And we put up some balloons and our birthday banner for you," Cassidy said proudly.

"That's very sweet, kiddos. Thank you. And thank you, made muffins for me?" She asked totally in awe.

"I did. Happy birthday, Andrea." Miranda smiled and did the unthinkable. She leaned over her kids who were still in Andy's arms and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"Wow, what a happy birthday this is. You've made me very happy." Andy said to the girls but giving Miranda a meaningful look over their heads.

That look and the obvious happiness in Andy's eyes made Miranda smile softly at the younger woman. "Coffee, Andrea?" She asked.

"Definitely!" Andy enthused. "I'll just..."

"Sit." Miranda insisted as she turned away.

The twins began to sing happy birthday and Andy sat in front of her muffin with tears in her eyes. She blew out the little candle and clapped for the girls.

Miranda prepared their coffee and set them down on the breakfast bar.

"Seriously, you're gonna make me cry, girls." Andy sniffed. "I never thought I'd have such a nice birthday with everything that's going on. I will never forget this." She said.

The twins sat on either side of her and grabbed a muffin each.

"Mom, these are so yummy," Cassidy stated, praising her mother.

"Oh, I'm sorry we don't have a present for you, Andy but we didn't have enough time," Caroline explained.

"Believe me, girls, this is the best present I could ever get," Andy told them kindly.

"Awwww." They both said in unison.

Andy swallowed her first bite of the muffin she had been given and hummed. "The muffins are delicious, Miranda. Thank you so much." She said

"You're quite welcome, Andrea," Miranda said smiling softly at her before turning her attention to the twins. "Alright Bobbsey's, it's time for school. Do you need help setting up the laptops?" She asked as she cleared her plate.

"No, mom mine is set up already," Caroline said.

"I need help logging myself in. I can't find the school's password." Cassidy said as she and Caroline moved to put their plates in the dishwasher.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs with you and help you," Miranda said, following the twins as they charged upstairs.

Andy cleaned up the kitchen a bit more and smiled thinking about her cute surprise from the Priestly family.

She grabbed some water for herself and Miranda and went into the study to start her day. She was checking her emails when her phone went off.

"Happy birthday, Six," Nigel yelled giddily.

"Aww, thanks so much, Nigel," Andy said smiling.

"So how's your birthday? Are you going to Netflix and chill and order in?" Nigel chuckled not knowing she'd stayed with Miranda.

"Well actually, I'm at the townhouse," Andy told him.

She heard Nigel gasp. "Six, you've heard about the lockdown, right?" He asked. "How did you pass the streets this...oooooh..." He drawled as realisation dawned. "...did you stay over?" He finally asked.

"Yes, I did. I'm staying so we can continue to work together." Andy said smiling. "I'm in the guest room."

"Oh sure, honey." Nigel teased. "Are you working on her at night too or..."

"Shuddup, Nigel." Andy hissed, embarrassed. "Quit the teasing." She told him. "I love being here and I got the most wonderful birthday surprise this morning." She admitted, not realising Miranda was right outside the office. "She made me muffins, Nigel. Can you believe it? For me? And they tasted delicious...oh, oh, and last night her Chicken Parmesan was out of this world yummy." She gushed.

Miranda's heart soared hearing their conversation.

"Oh yes, she's the best cook. You must ask her to make you her famous loaded sweet potatoes. I tell you, that woman could be a chef." Nigel said.

"Oh my god, I love sweet potatoes. I wish she would because it sounds so delicious." Andy said, her mouth-watering. "Anyway, Nigel, I've gotta get back to work. And you better be busy at work too." She chuckled as she checked her watch.

At that Moment Miranda walked in and cleared her throat. "Tell Nigel he better send me that thing I asked him about yesterday." She said in her famous demanding Miranda demeanor.

"Well, I assume you heard that?" Andy asked. At his quick agreement, she smiled. "So let's get to it and thank you, Nigel, I appreciate your call." She said and hung up before he could say anything else. "He said he'll send it to you right away," Andy said beaming at her boss.

"He better," Miranda responded as she sat down regally and went straight to work.

Andy was certain she saw the slightest smile on her face and bent to her tasks.

"The Armani slacks suit you, Andrea." Miranda offered the observation totally out of the blue.

"What?" Andy said taking out her earpiece and looking across at the woman.

"The pants," Miranda repeated. "They suit you." She said without looking at her.

Andy was confused but happy about the compliment. "Thank you, Miranda. Also, thank you for letting me wear them." Her smile was wide. "You look very sexy today too...I mean...pretty, very beautiful...I...uh...oh boy." She stuttered growing flustered and blushing a deep shade of red.

Miranda stopped typing and looking at her over the top of her glasses, gave her a sexy smirk. "Thank you." She turned back to continue her work, occasionally glancing over at the brunette.