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Mother's Unwell?

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It was Alcina that had picked up on your symptoms as soon as the girls had stopped coming anywhere near you.

"I feel as though I'm not wanted," you frown as Alcina looks up from her book.

"Are you feeling unwell or anything?" she asks casually. "The girls are the first to pick up on such things."

You shrug as Alcina bites down on her glove, pulling it free of her hand.

"I feel alrig-" you now glare at her as places a hand to your forehead.

"Hmm," she furrows her brows. "You don't feel feverish."

"Cause I feel fine that's why," you say pushing her hand away.

"I have to be careful," she smiles. "There's all sorts of viruses that could take hold of you. How do you think I'd feel if you fell ill?"

"You'd probably leave me to my misery," you joke, getting a cushion to the head.

She muttered something in her native language, which had you grinning.

"You're so adorable you know that?" you tease.

"I don't do adorable and you know it," she glared at you mightily.

"Big bad wolf wants to gobble me up, does she?"

She now stood, making you quickly run for your life.

"Come back here, child!" she growled.

You ran through the castle halls, weaving in and out of the maids wandering around. Your heart raced as Alcina gave chase. The maids quickly moved aside as she stormed passed.

"Get back here!"

The adrenaline coursing through you, helps to keep you moving. Quickly you climb onto one of the cabinets in the hall. You knew of a secret passage there in the wall, only a large hand wraps around your ankle making you scream in fright. You were dragged back out and held upside down, coming face to face with the one that had chased you.

"Hey," you smile.

She brings you closer to take your lips in hers, a sharp pain hits as she bites your bottom lip.

"You can't outrun the big bad wolf I'm afraid," she smiles as she now sets you the right way.

You smile up at her once you're standing properly before swaying slightly. Her hand quickly reaches out to steady you.

"Sorry, my love. I may have held you upside down longer than I thought."

"I'm fine," you smile.

Only it turns out you weren't fine after all.

"You do have a fever," she now frowns as you lay against her as she reads quietly.

"Its just the fire," you mumble against her.

"Don't lie, little one." She frowns.

"Alright fine," you huff in annoyance. "I don't feel well, happy?"

"No, I'm far from happy. Though I am glad to finally hear you confess."

"Sorry," you mutter as you try to push yourself further into her to cool off with her cooler temperature.

"I'll get one of the maids to run you a cool bath," she says as she pushes you away from her.

"What's wrong with you?" you grumble as she pulls out a handkerchief to now hold over her nose and mouth.

"I'd rather not catch what you have," she frowns deeply.

Despite not feeling well, you can't help but laugh at how silly that sounds.

"You couldn't even catch a cold if you tried," you laugh a little as she makes her way over to the doors.

"I assure you if I am to fall ill, you would not like it."

You now go silent, but your brains still trying to work out how someone like her could fall ill.

"Your bath is ready," one of the maids now announce as you open your eyes slowly to her.

You groan as you roll over to now face the back of the settee, which still holds your Lady's scent.

"I don't feel up to it," you tell her tiredly as you now fall back to sleep.

The maid nods to then report back to Alcina, who's still taking precautions.

"Throw a few blankets on her and make sure she gets plenty of fluids, I'll see her when she's well."

"Yes, my lady." The maid nods as she set about covering you up and bringing anything you might need.

You wake in the middle of the night to a dimly lit room, at least you know Alcina has the decency to think about you even if she didn't want to be around you.

"She's acting silly if she thinks she'll catch this," you groan as you steadily make your way out of the room to head upstairs. It takes time and effort what with the nausea and headache and dizzy spells, but you finally make it to Alcina's room. Silently you open the door and slip in. You head over to her bed and slip under the covers.

Alcina mutters something in Romanian again, making you smile. Soon her hand snakes around you and you're now being pulled over to her. You can't help but smile and finally fall asleep in the arms of your lover. Come morning you'd get quite the shock.


Upon opening her eyes, she now finds she's met with someone in her bed. At first it doesn't occur to her, until it sinks in and she's quickly throwing off the cover to climb out of bed. You now stir awake.

"I told you not to come near me!" she snaps at you and that's when you feel the emotions kick in. "I warned you!"

Your eyes start to water at her scolding.

"But I just wanted to be near you. I wanted comfort, I wasn't feeling too good and-"

She sighs heavily, dropping down into her armchair. Her hands now massaging her temples.

"I'm sorry," she sighs as tears are now streaming down your face as you sniffle. "I just warned you that if I catch it-"

She let's out a breath, whether she's annoyed at you or perhaps something else.

"I didn't think you'd catch anything from me. Especially seen as I've never seen you become ill."

"Sweetie, you've only been close to me for a year and in that time I've been fine." She now looks at you through the mirror.

"Then I'll go back to my room and rest," you tell her as you wipe your face with your hand.

She shakes her head. "You're welcome to stay now."

"But I don't want you catching this," you warn her.

She shakes her head slowly. "I'll be alright. You rest and get better."

You can't help but feel guilty as you now lay back into the soft comforting pillows.

"I'm sorry," you sigh as you close your eyes to sleep.

Eventually Alcina stands to get dressed before heading out, leaving you to her bed.


You don't know how long you've been out for, but the bedrooms dimly lit again. A glass of water and some more pulls sit on the table beside the bed, quickly taking them you now stand to head out. You felt at least somewhat better than you had done. You now supposed it was time to tell Alcina of your recovery.

"Have you seen, Lady Dimitrescu?" you ask one of the maids.

The woman nods and points to the living room.

"Thanks," you smile.

The maid then turns to head off to finish her chores. Pushing open the door, you feel the heat of the fire as soon as you head in.

"Alcina," you call out softly while making your way around to the front.

You find her curled up somewhat in the large armchair and wonder if this is the start of something bad. Moving around her heeled shoes, which were left in a manner Alcina would deem unthinkable you straightened them up before moving over to her. As soon as your hand touched upon her dress, you quickly withdrew it. She felt like a fire, then it hit you the fire wasn't lit, it was actually her.

"Oh god," you swallow nervously.

Pushing through the searing pain in your hand at her touch, you nudge her as hard as possible.

"Alcina!" you start to panic as she doesn't wake. "Alcina!"

Eventually you hear a groan as she now shifts, one leg now slipping off the side of the chair. The dress being caught under her other leg, which you got a nice view of the well toned, smooth skinned calf.

"What is it?" she asks wearily.

"You're like an inferno," you tell her.

"Hm," she sighs, eyes closing again as she turns into the armchair again.

"Alcina," you now feel your eyes water again. "You're sick."

"I'm fine," she grumbles into the chair.

You grab her hand and pull now.

"Please, you have to get a bath and cool off. You're burning up and it's hard to touch you for too long."

She opens her eyes again in annoyance.

"I'm sorry I didn't belive you," you're now outright crying.

Sighing heavily, she places a hand on each side of the armchair to heave herself up with a groan.

"Tell one of the maids to run me a bath and quickly. I won't be able to stand for long."

Nodding you quickly rush out to tell the maids of the bath. They make haste, but you can't help pace back and forth with worry. Just how bad did Alcina get?

"The baths ready, Miss."

Once word had got to you, you rush back in to find Alcina resting back against her chair again.

"Alcina," you call out.

She opens her eyes to you and pulls herself up again. Once she's standing she uses anything and everything she can for support.

"Use me," you tell her as she lays a hand on your shoulders.

You guide her to the stairs, where she stops for a breather. Back hunched as she rests her head on her arm that's on the railing for a little while. The maids are actually taken aback by her display of weakness too.

"Are you going to make it?" you ask her.

She stands back up straight and proceeds up the stairs, once in the bathroom, she doesn't bother changing and climbs in with her clothes on. You're quick to her side, brushing back her hair from her sweaty head. Scooping up a bit of water, you bring it to her face in hopes of cooling her down that little bit. It works, thankfully. Even though after a few minutes the water becomes warm and you have to run it again.

"I'd like to get out," she mutters after her third soak.

She's at least cooled down now somewhat and you allow her to climb out of the bath. You hand her a towel, which she wraps herself up in to head for the bedroom. Once there, she now drops onto the bed with a heavy grunt.

"Let me get you out of that wet dress before you climb into bed, alright."

She gives a tired nod as you climb on the bed to start unzipping her dress. It wasn't long before you see her start to shake slightly and it's not due to being cold either.

"Alcina," you softly call out at knowing the tell tale sign all too well as you did it a lot.

She stiffens or at least tries to, but her body goes against her and before you know it you can now hear her. She's crying.

"Alcina," you sigh as you press yourself up against her back, your hand now rubbing small circles upon her cooling skin.

You didn't really know what to do as you'd never seen her in such a state before.

"You'd better leave me to it now," she sniffles.

"Why?" you ask, pulling away from her to crawl to the side of her.

"It's only going to get worse from here," she says before she's crying again.

"But I don't want to leave you to deal with this alone," you frown as you slip your hand into hers.

She gives it a gentle squeeze before turning away from you.

"Please Alcina," you plead with her. "I brought this on you, now allow me to get you through it."

She shakes her head.

"I can't," she continues to cry. "If I go into a delirious state I'll end up hurting you or worse. So please just do as I say and go NOW!"

You swallow hard as you slip from the bed.

"I want to help," you continue to push her.

"Just get out!" she snaps.

Suddenly the door opens and there stands Bela, she isn't looking at all pleased. But then again she never did when it involved you.

"Mother," she looks past you now.

Alcina strips out of her dress as Cassandra now slips in to walk over to grab you by the collar to literally drag you from the room. Daniela now swarms into the room, materialising as soon as she enters the room. The last thing you see before Bela closes the door is Alcina's saddened look.

"Stay out of mothers way when you're sick from now on!" you're now lectured before she swarms off to head back to help her sisters.

You head to your bed and curl up, you don't eat or drink for a few days. What was the point, you'd actually made Alcina sick and when she became ill well it was something you hoped never to have to go through again.


One day you decided to go see how she was getting on, the daughters seemed to be handling things rather well, though even they looked a little sickly themselves. Unfamiliar noises echoed down the hall to Alcina's room, sounds you never would have liked to hear again.

Your hands now clamp over your ears, your body curling in on itself in instinct to try not to think about it anymore. Suddenly out of the blue a hand is felt on your shoulder, looking up you see a man in a hat, wearing sunglasses.

"I came looking for Alcina," he says, but the words are hard to process with the background noise. "She was supposed to be at the meeting with the other Houses and Mother Miranda, but it seems she's indisposed."

Indisposed was an understatement. Tears now well up in your eyes again as you look up at him.

"I did this to her," you now sob.

His grip tightens on your shoulder as he shakes his head.

"I warned her about keeping human pets," he huffed as he stood up to go to her room.

These people sure knew how to make you feel more guilty.


Slowly opening the door he peeks in to see Alcina's three daughters all still tending to their sick mother.

"I'll take her from here, girls. You get some rest."

The three nod and head out, none sparing you a single glance. Which you didn't much mind. Pulling up a chair, Heisenberg takes a seat as he takes his sisters hand in his own.

"You missed the meeting," he now goes on to tell her as she now starts to sooth a little at hearing his voice. "Mother Miranda was a little pissed, but that's probably because that basted Ethan Winters got away."

Alcina now opens her eyes slowly to look at him.

"He escaped?" she asked, sounding rather hoarse and very weak.

"Yeah," her brother huffed as he takes off his hat to place upon her bed. "My lycans will sniff him out through."

Alcina turned back to look up at the ceiling.

"You just worry about getting better," he told her.

"Curse that man," she hissed.

Heisenberg gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. "I told you, my lycans will sniff him out. Especially the elder ones."

Alcina sighed heavily as she closed her eyes, her brothers thumb rubbing soft circles on the back of her hand.

"He'll not ruin our plans," he smirked. "We'll tear him apart first."

Alcina gave a nod before turning onto her side.

"Tell me of the story mother used to read to us," she now asked of him, sounding like a child even though she was older than him.

"Alright," he smiled as he started on the retelling of the old tale.

Soon Alcina was completely calm and drifting off into a pleasant slumber.

"Come in," he then called. "You know it's rude to listen in without permission."

Slowly you open the door and head on in.

"I just wanted to see if Alcina was alright," you say nervously.

You hear a displeased noise come from him and you know full well he doesn't like you being on equal terms with them, especially his sister.

"I mean, Lady Dim-"

"Forget it," he huffs.

You do just that as you walk over to the bedside. Your lady looks quite peaceful for a while, until she seems to lose herself one more time.

"Easy, Al." Her brother soothes as she thrashes about while crying out. "Shush, I'm here."

"Hurt! Kill!" she yells. "Stop! No more! I'll tear you all apart!"

"Alcina!" Heisenberg now raises his voice at her. "Enough! Calm down! I'm here and so is your little pet!"

Alcina's claws cut up through the sheets and through Heisenberg's arm. He growls in pain, but pushes through it to ease his sister.

"Alcina Dimitrescu! Enough! Sister, stop it!"

She goes limp, her claws now retracting. A choked cry now leaving her.

"K-Karl," she stammers.

A smile forms now. "Yeah, it's me."

"I'm so sorry," she now cries again. "I didn't know.... I wasn't aware.... I don't feel so good..."

"I know," he smiles softly, brushing back her hair. "It's a good job I came round, isn't it?"

Alcina closes her eyes again as she curls up.

"Try and rest, sister. It's the only thing you can do," he soothes her again.

Soon she's silently dozing, Heisenberg is too and you're now sleeping on the floor.


The sound of fabric rustling had you and Heisenberg waking. He yawns loudly before looking to his sister.

"Morning," he smiles.

She gives him a look as she leans up against the headrest.

"How you feeling?" he now asks.

"Dreadful," she states.

Heisenberg gives a soft chuckle in response.

"Whatever happened I deny it all," she frowns as she closes her eyes to rest again.

"You owe me a new coat," Heisenberg now let's her know as he holds up his slightly blood stained holey coat.

She opens her eyes to give him a glare before her features soften.

"Sorry," she says as she looks away.

Heisenberg shrugs, she knew he was only messing around with her.

"Anyway, you hungry?" he asks as he now bends forwards.

"Not entirely," she sighs, leaning her head back again.

"Well I'm famished," he grins. "I'll get the maids to bring something up for us."

Once he's left the room, Alcina now turns her attention to you.

"Come darling," she pets the bed.

You slowly climb upon it to kneel down beside her.

"I'm really sorry, I never meant-"

"Hush, darling." She stops you as she opens her arms to you.

You litteraly throw yourself at her as she takes you in a gentle hug.

"What's done is done," she tells you just as Heisenberg returns.

You try to pull away, but strong arms keep you pinned to her body. She doesn't care what her fool of a brother thinks as he takes a seat once again before starting up a conversation between himself and Alcina.

You don't mind in the least as you silently listen to the gentle soothing voice of your mistress as she starts to perk up a little more.