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Behind the Pod S3, Episode 1: Kpop and Podfic Origin Stories

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Series 3, Episode 1: Kpop and Podfic Origin Stories

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Show Notes:

Here is the collection of all the podfic made by Team Kpop during Voiceteam Mystery Box:

0:1:26 Signis' first Kpop MV was Kim Jin Pyo's "As Evil". Since this conversation, the youtube video has been removed! :(

0:4:20 Signis also mentions Cha Tae Hyun's "Again to Me".

0:5:00 The kpop group DBSK, alternately called TVXQ, debuted in 2003 with SM Entertainment.

0:5:30 SM Entertainment is one of the "big three" kpop companies that has dominated the industry since the 1990s. The other traditional "big three" companies are JYP and YG. As Bighit/Hybe (the company which manages BTS) continues to grow and dominate it's become almost a bit obsolete to talk about the big three, it should be big four now.

0:6:30 Averytree's first Kpop group EXO is also a boy group from SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2012.

0:7:00 Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a 20 episode kdrama starring soloist IU (Lee Jieun) as a 21st century woman who is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty (mid-900s Korea). Baekhyun of EXO stars as one of 14 royal princes, many of whom fall in love with the headstrong, smart, funny lead.

0:8:00 Averytree's first kpop MVs were "Kokobop" by EXO, "Hey Mama" by EXO-CBX and "The One" by EXO-CBX.

0:9:00 A "comeback" refers to every time a kpop group releases music, whether a single, a mini album or full-length album. Kpop groups often release multiple albums per year, sometimes a one or two mini albums which are then repackaged into a full length album. They also often release singles for events such as the anniversary of their debut date.

0:9:45 Vlive is a site where many kpop groups do live videos, some planned, some spontaneous and random.

0:11:40 Super Junior is the next major boy group which SM launched after TVXQ, debuting in 2005. Signis mentions the single from their second album, "Don't Don".

0:12:20 SHINee is another SM boy group; they debuted in 2008 when Taemin, the youngest member, was 14.

0:13:20 SHINee's "Sherlock" is from their 2012 mini-album Sherlock.

0:14:00 2pm is a kpop boy group managed by JYP. They debuted in 2008.

0:15:30 EXO's "Love shot" is the title track from their 2018 repackage album Love Shot.

0:16:50 NCT-127 is get another SM boy group; they debuted in 2016.

0:17:20 SuperM is a "supergroup" which SM debuted in fall 2019 with Taemin from SHINee; Baekhyun and Kai from EXO; Taeyong and Mark from NCT-127; and Ten and Lucas from WayV. This group was initially marketed most heavily in the US, and their first mini-album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, pushed in part by the fact it was bundled with ticket sales for their first US tour.

0:18:20 Taemin's "Danger" is the single off his first solo mini-album, Ace from 2014.

0:19:30 "Jopping" is the single from SuperM's first mini-album; this song is pure meme fodder, but also, a bop.

0:20:30 Korean-Canadian Mark Lee is the youngest member of SuperM; he is also part of the groups NCT-127, NCT U and NCT Dream. This boy deserves a nap.

0:23:00 The first podfic Signis listened to was the 36 hour Gundam Wing epic The Arrangement written by Maldoror read by Opalsong.

0:25:20 Averytree is relatively sure the first podfic they listened to was Business and Pleasure written by Belyste and read by Pennyplainknits, but has not re-listened to verify.

0:31:50 The first podfic Averytree recorded was their own short Night Circus story October 28th 1901 (this is the re-recorded version from 2020).

0:32:00 The Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange, or ITPE.

0:33:00 The first podfic Signis posted was Not My Business, a BTS story with Namjoon written as a trans woman.

0:36:00 Signis also mentions their podfics of Eat Your Heart Out, written by Bazooka, and Delta written by Sharpa.

0:59:00 BTS's BE rooms recreated in The Sims by ShinySherlock.

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