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A rough night - Abi x Edamura Nsfw

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Abi tossed and turned In bed, the rattling noises from the bedsheets. Her legs kicking and flying. She opens her eyes, her eyes looking tired from no sleep. She ended up dragging her feet along he ground making her way to Makoto whom was sleeping in his bed having a good nights rest. Abi had snuggled in not much later it’s him wrapping her arm around his waist feeling for comfortable and protected in a way.

Makoto had shifted his eyes open to the girl who was snuggling in with him. Makoto let his instincts go wild, testing the waters. Probably triggered from midnight thoughts, maybe that wine could be kicking in. He placed his hands onto her thighs, Abi quickly taking notice and opening her eyes as her face was sorta buried into his shirt. “What’re you doing...?” Abi quietly spoke, her tugging on his shirt a bit. “Ah -! Nothing..” Makoto says, panicked. He had no control over his member, while growing into her. Abi definitely took notice and felt a bit embarrassed that Makoto could do this now and only now. Makoto could feel Abi shifting a bit towards him, most likely she shifted just to tease him. 

Abi chuckled pulling him into a soft kiss. Then murmuring the words “guess you don’t want to be a virgin anymore” she slid her fingers down his thigh , her fingers intersecting with his member. Makoto shivers as his body stood a bit cold. Abi stroked him off, Makoto’s heart beating Louder and faster. While he couldn’t take this anticipation he acted with his actions instead of his mind. He tumbled onto Abi, Her hand slipping off of him and her fingers Semi bent the same height level of her head. “’re serious huh??” She says shocked and she was completely immobile but loved how this headed. Makoto stood silent pulling her into a kiss and teasing her with the tip against her tight shorts. “Mfph....!” Abi let out a moan, her mouth stuck open and her eyes tightly closed like she was waiting for impact.

Makoto slid her underwear off, her pussy seemed tight and was already a bit wet from this close encounter. Makoto glared at her giving her a small smirk before shoving two fingers inside of her. She let out a moan, her biting and covering her mouth with her finger trying not to make much noise due to her not even getting the main course yet and wanted to be patient. Abi then bit her lip, her feeling the sweet pleasure of Makoto twirling his fingers around in her. Makoto was finally ready as he shoved his member into her tight pussy. Abi grunted and moaned gripping onto the sheet. Her heart skipped a beat once finally putting it inside of her. Shes never experienced this much pleasure in quite awhile. Makoto had pressed his hands down onto her arms and pounded into her. “AH~ FUCKING~ VIRG-GIN...” She moaned fully, Makoto had really outdone himself in those few strokes.

Abi’s eyes traveled up to Makoto moaning like there was no tomorrow. She added more and teased her clit feeling the most pleasure in the world. Makotos tensed arms kept her arms in place as every thrust threw her back into a pillow, her hair continuing to fly around. Her body felt loose and stiff, she was in the moment of glory. Makoto thrusted into her even faster , Makoto groaning and couldn’t wait to feel his sweet release. Abi shed a tear from pleasure and traveled her eyes back. Her legs could barely move from each thrust which felt like shoving a cotton swab into your ear and feeling the warm spot. “Makoto!!~ ahh!~ shit!!” Abi was in a fantasy she never wanted to be taken away. Makoto took a few more thrusts, groaning and gripping onto Abi’s succulent tits. He finally pulled out, ejaculating onto her waist. He shuffled himself down onto the side of her. Both exhausted from the rough hook up they’ve just had. Makoto darted his eyes over to Abi saying.


“Guess I’m not a virgin anymore~“