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Commander's Orders

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Alpha arrives at his quarters to find a squirming, desperately needy Obi-Wan who is very obediently kneeling by his bed but not touching himself. Cody, the teasing brat, had only whispered that Obi-Wan was in his quarters and had explicit orders. Then the younger clone had grinned wickedly, told him to enjoy and that he would see them both later. Looking at the sight in front of him, Alpha was pleased he had been able to head directly back to his quarters after that encounter. 

"Look at you," he rumbles. "Being so good, following your Commander's orders. Such a pretty sight you make like this."

Obi-Wan blushes.

"I'd say surprise, but it really isn't since he told you," the Jedi says.

Alpha's fingers slide into his hair.

"He told me I would like what I found, mesh'la, but left out the details. What other orders did he give you?"

"To tell you to have your way as you please," the redhead answers. His blush deepens. "But he either wants to see me still desperate from not being allowed to orgasm or thoroughly spent from multiple. Either way, he wants you to watch him fuck me when he gets back." 

Alpha grins. "You two are gorgeous together and I do enjoy watching you two fall apart together. I think this time, I want you so wrecked by the time he gets back that all you can do is take it while he fucks you."

Obi-Wan shivers. He hadn't been certain which way Alpha would choose to go. He was going to be sore and so incredibly sated by the time his beloveds were done with him. He hands Alpha a remote.


The redhead blushes.

“Cody fucked me before he left but didn’t let me come. He put a vibrating plug in me and forbade me from touching it.’

Alpha's smile is almost feral. "Well then, that’s an excellent place to start. You're going to stay there, on your knees and fully dressed until you make a mess of those robes." 

Obi-Wan could only whine as the vibrations suddenly intensified.

The clone manipulates the vibrator settings with ease. Bursts of high intensity mixed with long moments of low buzzing but following no discernable pattern. He plays until he gets Obi-Wan panting and begging.

“Alpha, please. I need more. Something, anything,” the redhead pleads.

“I suppose I could offer a bit of assistance,” he says.

He graciously offers Obi-Wan his booted foot to help him reach his first orgasm.

The redhead ruts desperately against the offered boot, panting and whining as he chases his orgasm. 

“Such a needy thing already,” Alpha tuts.

Obi-Wan groans as he finally achieves orgasm.

“Good boy,” the clone rumbles.

He pulls the Jedi to his feet and starts methodically stripping him...while the plug inside him is still vibrating away, making the redhead squirm and gasp.

"Lay down on your back," Alpha orders.

Obi-Wan does as he's told, but can't help but ask, "the plug?"

Alpha's smile is all sharp edges. “We don't know how long Cody's evals will last. I want to make sure you are nice and wrecked by the time he gets back. He'll love it. So, the plug stays in... while I suck your cock.” 

The redhead’s eyes go wide, but he does as he’s told.

The clone settles between his spread legs and starts by just suckling at the head of Obi-Wan's cock, making him whimper. He groans when Alpha takes him deep. It doesn't take the dark-haired man long to get the redhead hard and aching again. The influence of the Force on a Jedi's stamina and recovery period is such a helpful thing.

“Alpha,” Obi-Wan gasps. 

He writhes as the vibrator continues to drive him mad as Alpha holds him in place and uses his mouth to do deliciously wicked things.

The clone is very pleased with how quickly he makes the Jedi a totally beautiful mess. Alpha takes Obi-Wan as deep as he can and hums, making the redhead come with a loud cry. 

"Please, Alpha, I can't...please," Obi-Wan sobs as the plug continues to vibrate inside him. 

"Shhh," Alpha soothes. "It’s coming out. I'll give you a moment, but unless you need to’s my fingers next, mesh'la."

Obi-Wan mewls but offers no protest. It is a lot but not more than he could enjoy. He had agreed to this and knows his limits.

The clone turns the vibrations off and carefully removes the plug, enjoying the soft whine as he does. He gives Obi-Wan a moment to calm. This was always the tricky part. If they push too much too quickly after a second orgasm, Obi-Wan would get so worked up it wasn't enjoyable anymore. But if they give him a moment or two to calm his breathing and settle a little, they could push much further.

"Ready?" Alpha asks gently after a few minutes, stroking a hand down Obi-Wan's flank.

The redhead smiles beautifully at him. "Yes, thank you." 

The clone presses a kiss to the Jedi's lips. "We only like you an overwhelmed mess when you're enjoying it too."

Gentle fingers brushing his cheek and a soft smile were the only acknowledgement of his words. He grabs the lube before pressing two slicked fingers into the red head's sensitive hole.

Obi-Wan moans as Alpha's thick, calloused fingers press into him. 

"Your greedy hole always wants more doesn't it? Good thing we take such good care of you, give you what you need,” the dark-haired man murmurs.

"Yes," the redhead breathes. 

It’s true. Sex with Cody and Alpha is always so wonderful, and it leaves him feeling so wonderful...even when he’s exhausted by it. He can't help craving it.

"Such a sweet thing you are," Alpha murmurs as he twists his fingers, making Obi-Wan whine and squirm.

He teases for a few moments, before he adds a third finger. The redhead groans at the addition.

"More," he begs.

The clone tsks. "So impatient."

Alpha brings Obi-Wan to the edge of another orgasm...before stopping. The redhead cries out in frustration. 

"I'm not done playing yet and your next orgasm is going to be on my cock," Alpha informs him.

Obi-Wan groans. "Bastard."

Alpha grins. "That's not news, Ob'ika." 

The redhead barely manages to stifle the surprised laugh.


Alpha doesn’t reply; he simply starts his ministrations again. A strategic brush against Obi-Wan’s prostate makes him moan. The clone grins. He brings him close to the edge a second time. And again, he stops.

“Noooo,” the redhead begs. “Alpha, please.” 

The clone gives a sharp twist of his fingers and the Jedi keens.

"Your cock, Alpha. Please. Need you, please."

The clone makes a considering sound.

"Since you beg so prettily..." Alpha says as he trails off as he removes his fingers from Obi-Wan’s body.

The redhead whines impatiently at the loss.

“Hush, now mesh’la,” the clone scolds. 

He slicks up his cock and presses into the red head's body. Obi-Wan moans wantonly.

"You always take me so well. You were made for us, not the other way around."

Obi-Wan forces out a choked, "Yours."

Alpha fucks him at a steady pace. The redhead can do nothing but writhe and moan, as wave after wave pleasure crashes over him. The clone’s pleasure and arousal are a thick cloud in the Force, surrounding him as surely as his own. It takes little time to make him desperate and close to orgasming for a third time. 

"You can come whenever you need to, but I'm not stopping until I come inside you," Alpha warns.

Obi-Wan holds out for as long as he can, but after a few harsh thrusts to his prostate, he comes with a keening sob. Alpha eases away from his prostate but doesn’t slow otherwise, just as he had warned. The redhead trembles as the dark-haired man continues to fuck into his overstimulated body. It's so much but so good.

Alpha comes with a groan and Obi-Wan feels the rush of warmth as he is filled.

The clone pulls out and pets his trembling flank. "Gorgeous." 

The door opens and Cody walks in.

“Perfect timing, Kot'ika.”

The younger clone smiles as he walks towards them.

“He looks wrecked,” he says, sounding pleased. Then he asks, “How many?”

"Three. But I edged him a few times too. Got him beautifully desperate before I gave him my cock and his third orgasm,” the older clone says cheerfully.

Cody runs a hand down Obi-Wan's chest. "Tell me." 

"He made me come in my clothes from the vibrator first," the redhead explains tiredly.

"He gets nearly insensible very quickly if you suck him with the vibrator still going," Alpha adds helpfully. "That was his second."

The younger clone smiles fondly as he rubs a soothing circle into the redhead’s chest. "Can you take me, cyare? Or have you had enough?"

Obi-Wan squirms as Alpha's fingers trail across his soft cock. "I want you, Cody."

The smiles that earns him from both clones is well worth the exhaustion and soreness this will make him feel.

Alpha stands.

He pulls Cody in for a deep kiss and says, "I’m going to enjoy watching you fuck our Jedi until he's even more of a boneless mess than he currently is."

Obi-Wan shivers and Cody groans.

The older clone helps the younger out of his armor and blacks. Then watches as Cody slicks up and presses into Obi-Wan who moans as he is filled once more. 

"So perfect, cyare," the younger clone praises. "I know you're tired and sore, but your body still welcomes me so easily."

"Want you," the redhead says softly. "Always."

Alpha rolls his eyes at the sappiness, but inside he loves it. He loves both of them and he adores the softness they are willing to show each other…and him, when he allows them.

Cody sets a steady pace, slowly coaxing Obi-Wan back to hardness. Then he picks up the pace and intensity, making the redhead cry out as his prostate is hammered once more.

"I know you have one more in you, mesh'la," Alpha says.

"Can't," Obi-Wan sobs, head thrashing.

"You can, cyare," the younger clone pants out.

Tears stream down Obi-Wan's face and he mewls as Cody pounds into him. Finally, he sobs his way to a nearly dry orgasm and goes limp against the bed. The younger clone gentles a bit after that as he chases his own release.

"Come on, Kot'ika. I want to see you come," the older clone purrs, as a hand strokes down Cody's back.

A few more thrusts and Cody comes, hard.

"Gorgeous, both of you," Alpha says as he heads towards the fresher.

Obi-Wan whimpers when Cody carefully pulls out. The clone peppers soft kisses across the Jedi’s face, neck and shoulder, making the redhead sigh softly. Alpha comes back with damp cloths and cleans the worst of the mess from Obi-Wan's body. 

Their Jedi is barely awake and practically limp on the bed, but it’s easy enough for them to maneuver until all three can fit on Alpha's bunk. It requires being cuddled close, not that they mind.

"Good?" Obi-Wan asks.

"You were very good, mesh'la," Alpha assures.

"You did wonderfully, cyare. So perfect for us," Cody agrees.

Obi-Wan smiles sleepily and snuggles close to them before falling into an exhausted sleep.

"Cody, that was hot and absolutely the single best idea you ever had," Alpha says.

The younger clone laughs softly. "Glad you approve."

The older clone presses a kiss to the younger’s temple.

“Always, Kot’ika.”

He pretends his sigh is a long suffering one when Cody reaches for his hand. 

They both know better.