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Her or me, chum//Don't wanna be some//Girl in a threesome//Are you blind?

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“What the hell Nance?”

“He’s… not safe.”



“It’s alright for you, you have Mags… I have nobody.”

“I don’t.”

Nancy starts to protest, stunned into silence when Ana snarls at her and pushes her away, the strength of the smell of drink on her making Nancy’s head spin. Since when did Ana drink?


“Her or me Nance… Make a choice.”

Ana spits the words, turning to glare at Nancy, she’s had enough. Yes she appreciated Mags’ help, but watching Nancy falling over herself to help the woman had always stung. She didn’t know why. Not really, but she hated every minute of it.

Nancy’s choice is all but made for her when Ana walks away further, forcing Nancy to all but run to catch her up despite being a good amount shorter.

“Ana… wait… Anabella…”

“Fuck off Nance.”


Despite herself Nancy snaps, picking Ana up to carry her back, ignoring the yells from the other woman until they are safely shut inside, letting Ana rant and yell, the girl’s body wracked with sobs when she finally stopped, fisting Nance’s shirt in her fists.

“I can’t do it Nance, not without…”

“I know, I know.”

Nance murmurs the words, letting Ana burrow deeper against her and holding her tightly when the woman almost collapses, sighing softly.

“Silly girl…”

She murmurs somewhat softly. She had always known she had no chance with Mags, but she had no idea how much it had been hurting Ana.