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Birdflash 30 days OTP challenge

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The day was nice, Wally thought. Whole afternoon, he has been sitting by the kitchen's table, working on a school-project. Every once in a while he would look out of the window, on the grey-ish world behind it, listening to the sound of rain. He always found this kind of weather weirdly comforting.

“Waaaaallyyyyy!” The sound of Dick’s voice broke the silence in the house. 

The said speedster looked up from his notes and directed his eyes towards the bedroom in which his boyfriend was resting ever since he came back from work a few hours earlier. Dick was feeling kind of down today, he could see that clearly but he hasn’t talked to him about it yet. He knew he should give the younger one’s time to compose himself before pushing him for information. 

“What’s up, babe?” he answered, eyeing his work one last time before standing up and going in the direction of their bedroom. 

As he walked in, he noticed Dick was still laying on their bed. Apparently his boyfriend hasn’t moved since coming back home. Wally sat on the bed, taking one of the other man’s hands in his own. They were quiet for a while, before Dick finally spoke up. 

“It’s raining outside,” he said as if this statement would explain everything. 

“Yes, I’ve noticed, but what about that?” The speedster pushed gently.

“I don’t like when it’s raining… Doesn’t feel like doing anything.”

Wally kept staring at him for a few more seconds before finally connecting the dots. Of course, how could he not see this sooner? His boyfriend was known to be a workaholic -  when he wasn’t at the watchtower as Nightwing, he would be working at the police station in Gotham, as Sergeant Grayson. Meanwhile he was also regularly going to gym, so he usually ended up getting home only for the night or, on some occasions, not at all.

Today was different though. Gotham was unusually calm, there was also no crime going on that would require Nightwing to be present in the watchtower with other heroes. If that wasn’t enough, then the weather definitely did it. Unlike his boyfriend, Dick didn't like rain, it always made him feel down and too unmotivated to leave the house, even if it meant going to the grocery store across the street. 

The older of the two gave his partner’s hand a little squeeze, before pulling him firstly into the sitting position, then onto his feet. The younger one looked at him suspiciously, but let himself be led by his boyfriend to the living room. Wally sat him on the couch, then left the room for a few seconds, only to return with a set of candles in one hand and a lighter in the other. 

Speedster put the candles on the table in front of the couch, lighting each of them slowly. He then went to the kitchen, and once again appeared back in the living room after a few minutes, this time carrying two steaming mugs. Finally, he took the TV remote as he sat next to Dick. The younger one was still observing him with a look of confusion visible on his face. 

Wally gave him one of the mugs, then put an arm around his partner. 

“What is this?” Dick asked. 

“Cacao, candles and movie,” Wally answered simply, his eyes not leaving the screen of the TV.


“Because you deserve a break for all the work you do.”

They fell silent for a moment, the only sound in the room being the rain, which seemed to be getting heavier and heavier every minute. 

Dick took a sip of his cacao, before eventually relaxing and letting his head fall onto his partner’s chest. He looked up at him one last time, before turning his attention to the, now playing, movie. 

“Thanks,” he murmured, a small smile finally appearing on his lips.

Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad after all.

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Dick was laying on the couch, reading a book, or at least trying to. It was hard to stay focused when your mind wandered somewhere far, far away. Yet, he still tried to take his mind off of the things bothering him. 

He just came back from Bruce's house, where he spent the first half of the Christmas with the rest of his family. Wally was supposed to be back in a few hours, which Dick found as eternity. He felt restless, trying, but not succeeding in finding anything to do that would possibly help this few hours to pass quicker. 

He looked through the window. The scenario was beautiful - perfectly white snow laying everywhere, icicles hanging from each of the branches of the bare tree standing in their front yard, and the sun, so far away, yet still warm. 

His attention, once again, came back to the book he was holding. He sighed deeply before finally giving up and putting it away. This wouldn’t work, he’ll need to find something different to do. 

If someone asked him a few days earlier what would he do without Wally around, he would answer with full confidence that he'd surely found something. He isn’t dependent on his boyfriend, is he? Well… except for the fact that it’s been a while since they were apart for this long. It didn’t happen usually, but it became even more rare ever since they moved in together. 

Dick remained in the same position for a while, just staring into the abyss, before finally, slowly taking out his phone. He looked at the screen and hesitated. He knew Wally would be still spending some time with Barry and Iris, and he understood that he shouldn’t interrupt them. But the temptation was growing bigger and bigger every second and it would soon become unbearable. He couldn't take it any longer.

He quickly opened messages and found the conversation with Wally. He typed a short message before finally pushing the send button.

“Hey Wally, can you remind me when are you going to be back?”

God he sounded stupid- and needy, even to his own ears. To his surprise, though, the phone vibrated with incoming notification only a few seconds later. 

“Yeah, so, about that…’

Dick gulped loudly reading the message. Was his boyfriend planning on staying at Allen’s house longer than he previously thought? He waited, but the next text never came. Instead he heard a knocking on the front door. He stood up, confused, and approached the door. As soon as he opened them, he was hit by both the wave of coldness and warmness. The first one was from the winter breeze that he just let into the house, the second was caused by his boyfriend’s arms enveloping him.

“Wh-what?” He managed, still confused, but smiling widely. 

“I thought I’d leave Barry and Iris’ house earlier and surprise you,” the older man explained. 

“Yeah, I get that, but why?”

Wally gave him one of his “oh c’mon” looks before following his boyfriend into the house and closing the door behind them.

“I could feel how much you miss me so I decided to spare you the torture of waiting for me to come back,” He answered dramatically, his voice teasing. 

“Or maybe it was because you missed me ?” Dick’s tone matched his partner’s as he observed the other taking off his coat and wet shoes. 

The older one stared at him for a few seconds before smiling even wider and pulling him into another hug. 


The rest of the day they spent on the couch, doing nothing in particular, just holding onto each other. They talked a lot - much more than any of them would've thought.

They knew soon they would have to come back to their regular lives, which would mean seeing each other less, but they would  worry about that later. For now they couldn't care less about it as they slowly dozed off.

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Wally awoke with a strong headache. His muscles were killing him as well. The previous day was overwhelming. Note to self: school projects, fighting criminals and overnight patrols are not a good mix. Quite opposite actually. The only thing that was somehow comforting was the fact that today he could just lay in bed and let the world burn. Today, he was free. 

The speedster turned, extending one arm to locate his partner, only to realize Dick was no longer in bed. He opened one of his eyes and looked around the messy room. Even though the curtains were still closed, he could see sun rays trying to break in into the bedroom. He groaned as he sat up, the pain in his head becoming stronger. The house was quiet, which made him think that maybe Dick left somewhere without daring to wake him. It wouldn’t be the first time, that guy was a freakin’ workaholic, always on the move. 

Yet, Wally decided to take his chances as he called for his boyfriend. 

He immediately heard a noise coming from the kitchen, however Dick did not appear in the room, which Wally had expected him to. Instead of remaining in the bedroom, wondering about his partner's whereabouts, the speedster proceeded to get up, almost falling on his face as he stood. The comforter seemed to somehow get tangled with his legs overnight. He managed to get his balance at the last second. The redhead untangled himself, huffing with annoyance. This day was not starting as he thought it would. 

He finally got to the kitchen. Dick stood leaning on the countertop, waiting for the water in the kettle to boil. He smiled as he noticed the older man entering the room. 

“I called you, why didn’t you answer?” Asked the speedster, sitting down at the table.

“I’m making coffee,” the younger of the two answered simply. “Thought you might need that after yesterday.” He poured the, now hot, water into the pot and closed the lid. “I heard you had a rough day.” Dick turned back to face his boyfriend and sent him an amused smirk.

Wally huffed once again. 

“Glad it’s funny to you,” he mumbled, as he massaged his temples. 

His headache was getting worse and worse every minute. He really wasn’t in the mood for Dick’s teasing. He winced as he felt another wave of pain hit him. This seemed to draw the younger man’s attention, because suddenly he was crouching directly in front of Wally, with a concerned look on his face. 

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked, the amusement fully gone from his voice. 

Wally nodded slightly.

“It’s just a headache. Probably because I’m tired. Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so.” Dick didn’t look convinced, but he got back to his feet and, once again, headed to the countertop. 

He checked if the coffee’s done, before pouring it into two mugs and handing one of them to his boyfriend. While doing that, he tried getting a better look at the other man. Wally was pale, he had big bags under his eyes, his hair looked as if some bird made a nest in it and he was constantly yawning. 

Wally seemed to notice the eyes on him. 

“What?” he hissed. 

“Nothing, it’s just… you honestly look like death,” the other one answered, the last words getting lost in the mug as he took a sip of the dark life-essence. 

“Gee, thanks Captain Obvious,” Wally shot him an unimpressed glare. “You look the same almost every night, do you see me complaining?”

“I’m not complaining, Wally, I’m just worried.”

They fell into silence, just enjoying the dark drink of life. After a few minutes, the speedster sighed deeply, as if he was in an unbearable suffering. 

“I know,” he said finally. “Thanks for coffee. Helped a bit.”

Dick smiled at that. 

“No problem,” he answered, approaching his boyfriend and planting a kiss on his lips. “Now... I’ve prepared coffee, so you’re making breakfast,” and just like that, he was gone. 

Wally stared into the void for a few seconds, confusion painted on his face, before finally composing himself and standing up.

“NOT FAIR!” He yelled, before opening the fridge.

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To do:

  • check the recordings from the monitoring,
  • write reports from last two cases,
  • give the reports to the boss, 
  • check in with coroner,
  • sum up all the information gathered from the crime scene. 

Dick looked once again at the list. He was surely able to complete all of the points, before midnight, there was no doubt about that. He fully ignored the fact that he has worked for the last several hours without taking any breaks to relax, or even stretch. Not to mention that he hasn’t been eating, nor drinking properly this entire day. But he had a good reason behind it, hasn’t he? He needed to finish this, a lot of lives were depending on him. 

Raven-haired man didn’t even react to the sound of the door opening and then almost slamming closed. He remained sat, in the same position as for the last few hours, not taking his eyes off of the screen. He was watching this recording for the fifth time this day, yet he wasn’t about to give up until he found some clue. 

It was a matter of seconds before his boyfriend showed up in the room. The redhead leaned on the door frame, crossing his arms on his chest as he gave Dick a meaningful look. The problem was… well, the younger one wasn’t even looking at him. He even seemed not aware of the older man’s arrival. 

Wally sighed deeply, before turning on the heel and leaving towards the kitchen. Without a word he unpacked the groceries that he managed to pick up on his way home, and then began preparing a meal. 

He has suspected that his younger partner was too busy to bother with food. This thought immediately made the redhead mad; didn’t Dick see he was going to kill himself this way?

At the same time, the speedster knew very well that his boyfriend didn’t mean to miss meals or get dehydrated - he just usually really did forget about everything that didn’t concern his work. He was a workaholic, which meant he would sit for hours, or even days (if there was no one to stop him from doing so) without fulfilling basic human needs, until he finished whatever he was doing. 

He wanted to do the right thing, that’s why Wally couldn’t stay mad at him for long for that. 

What he could do, though, was making sure Dick takes breaks while the older man’s at home. Which is why, within several minutes, Wally once again entered the room Dick was sitting in. This time, he approached the desk, before setting on it a plate full of pasta, and a big glass of water. Not to mention there was fresh tea prepared in the kitchen, in case the younger one’d like to try that. 

Wally quickly gathered all the papers and documents from the desk, using his super-speed so that his boyfriend wouldn’t be able to stop him, or even protest. As he finished tidying up, he stopped directly in front of the younger man, looking between him and the plate expectantly. 

Dick seemed to realize his boyfriend is home only this second. Although he looked a bit confused, he took the offered fork from Wally. 

The younger of the two then looked at the food in front of him, only now noticing how hungry he actually was. 

“How long have you been working for?” The redhead asked softly, not wanting to make Dick feel bad. 

It seemingly didn’t work, because Dick immediately looked down, his eyes suddenly finding the floor a lot more interesting than the man in front of him.

“A few hours,” he mumbled.

There was a moment of silence between them, during which the younger man understood there was no point in lying.

“Since you left to go to Barry's last evening,” he admitted finally, sighing. 

Wally gave him a worried look, before going around the desk and crouching next to his boyfriend. Dick finally managed to gather enough courage to look at the older one. What he was expected to see was anger at his partner’s face. What he really saw was pure concern, which made him feel even worse, now that he realized this emotion appeared there because of him. 

The redhead seemed to notice Dick’s train of thoughts. He put his hand on this forearm, before speaking up.

“Dick, you know I’ll be always worrying about you,” he started gently. “I know you’re working purely to help other people, and I am really proud of you. I look up to you, believe it or not. But you need to understand that you won’t help anyone by draining yourself like that.”

Dick stared at him for a few more seconds.

“I know,” he said finally. “I- It’s not like I want to worry you, I just- forget.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” Even though he was still extremely concerned, Wally smiled softly. “And so that’s where I step in.” 

The speedster stood up, once again glancing at the food he just brought. Then, he held up his arm to check the hour. His watch was showing 6:30 PM. He seemed like he was considering something, before finally speaking again.

“You can finish this tomorrow.” He pointed at the neat pile of documents on the bookcase. “You’re taking a longer break.”

Dick was about to protest, but Wally hushed him quickly, before continuing. 

“You eat, I put on a movie,” he explained simply. 

The younger man looked like he wanted to say something more, but he resigned without even trying. He knew Wally was right, he knew he should take a break. He nodded instead.

The speedster sent him a smile and then immediately disappeared in the living room, leaving Dick to eat. 



“Don’t you dare put on Star Wars again!”

And so they didn’t watch Star Wars that evening.

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You know these times when there’s some occasion for which a cake in necessary, and so you offer to get it, but the event will be in few days, so you can relax there’s time, you procrastinate, and then suddenly it’s this celebration day and it just happens that all the bakeries got closed before you even remembered about buying a cake and so now you are stuck between baking one yourself and getting to party without it?


Well see, Dick understands that very well. And he is standing now, in the middle of the kitchen, not sure what to do with his life at this very second.

Yes, he did procrastinate. Why? Because he put it very low on his priorities list, too focused on current missions and police cases to think about anything else. And now he has around three hours before he’ll need to leave for Bruce’s. What’s the occasion? Just, you know- Tim’s birthday .

He just casually forgot about the cake for his brother’s birthday, it happens, right? Right?

Alright, Dick, breathe. You can do this, there’s still some time left, you can surely make it, don’t panic. Shitshitshit, breathe-

That’s the state in which Wally finds his boyfriend as he enters the kitchen. Dick’s standing there, staring into the abyss, breathing heavily and looking like he’s about to faint. Wally of course doesn’t know the context, so he immediately feels a mix of worry and fear, as he approaches the younger man. He grabs him by his arms tightly, as if to be prepared to catch Dick if he really faints.

“Babe?” he asks gently, trying to hide the fact that his voice is shaking slightly. “Hey, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Dick seems to realize his boyfriend’s in the kitchen right this second. He grabs the redhead by his arm and pulls him to the countertop quickly. 

“I need your help,” he says hurriedly. 

Wally is confused, his raised eyebrow is a clear sign of that, but he nods anyway.

“Do you want to elaborate?” He asks after a longer while of silence, during which Dick is just moving chaotically around the kitchen gathering… ingredients for something? Maybe? Without the information about what he's going to make, it’s hard to tell. 

“I- so you know how today’s Tim’s birthday? I was talking to Bruce last week and I told him I would get a cake and then I forgot and-” he is cut off by Wally’s palm that suddenly covers his mouth to physically stop him from speaking. 

The older man isn’t looking as scared anymore, more amused actually, almost as if trying not to let out a chuckle.

“So you are freaking out about a cake?” he asks, actually laughing this time. 

Dick glares at him, before mumbling quiet “yeah,” as he realizes how dumb this whole situation has to look from Wally’s perspective. However instead of continuing to laugh at his partner’s misery, the speedster approaches his boyfriend one again, before taking the flour out of the younger’s hand and turning around to put it on the counter.

“So what are we baking?” he asks cheerfully. 

“A cake,” Dick replies with a huff, as he stands right next to him.

“Honey, you need to learn some things about baking. You see, there’s a lot of different types of cakes-” He gets cut off by the smack on the back of his head. Yet he laughs. 

They spend another hour preparing the actual cake. During this time Wally gives Dick an incredible and impressive speech about cakes, while Dick constantly rolls his eyes and prays to anyone, at this point, to let it be over. 

As  the cake is being put in the oven, the younger man leaves the kitchen to get prepared for the party. Upon his return the cake is ready, already even packed in a way that’ll prevent it from getting destroyed on the way to Gotham. 

Dick takes it, gives Wally a hug and a quick kiss, before disappearing in the hall. 

“Babe?” The redhead managed to call for him before the younger man leaves.


“Next time don’t wait with the cake till the last second.”

Dick mumbles something inaudibly before yelling back.


And with this sentence leaving his mouth, he hurriedly leaves.

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He had an hour to get home. If he didn’t make it in time again, Dick would be seriously mad. It’s been the third time this week, he felt as if the day has too small amount of hours. It was actually so bizarre for him - he was a speedster after all, he should’ve had all the time in the world, right?


As he looked at the clock once again, he realized 30 minutes had passed already. Only half an hour left before he is supposed to be home, where Dick’s already waiting for him. 

This is stressful.

Only 15 minutes left, amazing. Is the time in a hurry or what? Why is it running away so quickly?

True, it would take him only around a minute to get home, so there was no reason to panic yet, right? He’ll just need to keep an eye on the clock and everything will be fine. He will leave the last second, and most-possibly be home at the time. Dick wouldn’t get mad, he wouldn’t become the victim of furious birdie, and everyone would be happy.

Except for the fact that it was already 21:40 and he was 40 minutes late.


The next thing he knew, he was almost flying towards the house. He got there in much shorter time than he has ever done before. He would actually consider it as a personal record, if he hasn’t been greeted with a dark-haired figure, standing in the hallway, with its arms crossed over its chest. Dick.


Wally smiled at him dumbly, already thinking about how to explain his late arrival this time, but he didn’t even get time to open his mouth, as the younger man glared at him before storming out of the hallway, to their bedroom and slamming the door behind him. 

Now you’ve done it, Wallace. 

The redhead slowly approached the door that just got slammed mercilessly. He opened them slowly, and picked inside. His boyfriend was laying on their bed, his back towards the entrance to the room. Wally cleared his throat to get the younger one’s attention. When that didn’t work, he retreated back to the hall, closing the door behind himself gently. 

He stood there for a while, wondering what he should do now. He expected Dick to be mad at him, but more the “I will yell at you until you understand” kind of mad, not the “I’m ignoring you” mad. 

Of course he would be able to just wait it out - sleep on the couch, make breakfast in the morning, and hope to God that Dick’s done abreacting by that time.

But it wouldn’t change much, would it? Because the next time he’d be late, the situation would repeat itself. 

This is a problem. He has to find a solution. And he has to find it now.

Then it hits him- the idea, that is. He glances once again at the bedroom door to make sure Dick really isn’t leaving anytime soon, before sprinting out of their house. He stops only a few streets further, at the familiar park. They usually go there with Dick when they feel like taking a walk outside. 

The speedster looks around, making sure no one sees him. Then, he slides into superspeed once again, running around the park, gathering flowers, because yes, this park is famous mostly from them. They grow everywhere - different colours, different kinds. Wally gathers some of each, before quickly returning home.

He gets to the bedroom even quicker. Dick, as suspected, is in the same position as when Wally left. Good.

The older of the man approaches bed, before half-laying down next to his partner. He hears something that sounds like a hiss, but decides, very wisely, to ignore it. 

Instead of saying anything, he starts putting the gathered flowers on his boyfriend’s head, intertwining them with his hair. For a longer while nothing happens, so Wally just continues his work. 

Finally, after what feels like forever, Dick turns around gently, as if not wanting to damage the flowers in his hair. He looks at the redhead, still kind of angry, but mostly disoriented. 

“What are you doing?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m making you a flower crown,” answers Wally simply.

The younger man looks at him in disbelief for a second, before snorting lightly, to which Wally smiles. 

“That’s not how you make a flower crown.”

“Then maybe you should teach me how to make one properly.”

They fall into comfortable silence, just looking at each other. Wally is the first one to break it. 

“I’m sorry for being late again,” he says gently. “I know you’re sick of that. I’m really trying, though.”

Dick is still observing him carefully before sighing, as he puts his head on the older’s one chest. 

“I know, I might’ve overreacted a little bit, today was stressful.”

“Anything you wanna talk about?”

“Not really.”

Silence again. Then-

“Did you gather all these just to make me talk to you again?” Dick asks, his voice sounding kind of teasingly now. 

Wally blushes slightly. 


“These are pretty, thank you.”

The redhead smiles. He did something well, they would be alright. Maybe he hasn’t exactly solved the problem, but he definitely fixed something there. 



“You suck at flower crowns.”

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Dick is not feeling well. It’s been only three hours since he appeared at Mount Justice to do his daily work as Nightwing. He was hoping that it’s gonna pass and he’ll be bouncing off the walls again in no time. 

How wrong he was. 

His headache is getting worse and worse each minute, he can feel his throat burning, he isn’t even sure if he can still talk at this point. The worst part is, he thinks his teammates, including Wally, begin to notice. He doesn’t want to appear weak in front of them, especially the younger ones. He doesn’t want to be in need of assistance. 

He doesn’t want to have to be taken care of.

There’s a moment when no one’s paying attention to him, which he takes to his advantage, simply vanishing in one of the bedrooms. This one usually is used by him, it was always assigned to him, ever since the first Young Justice team was created. 

He enters, closing and locking the door behind him. He’s just gonna rest for a little while and then get back to work. No one will even notice his disappearance, he thinks as he falls onto the bed and closes his eyes. He’s out in no time. 

When he wakes up, he can feel it’s gotten worse. He sits up straight, coughing, and suddenly feels someone’s hand massaging his back. He freezes. He remembers being alone in the room and locking the door. No one was able to come in.

He jumps away, panic taking control over him, as his brain is still sleepy, not able to analyse the situation logically. If it did, he would be able to notice that he is in Mount Justice, so he should be safe. The other thing was the fact that some of the heroes were actually able to get into the locked room, including-

“Whoa, calm down, it’s just me,” says a voice, which fortunately Dick recognizes. 

There, in front of him, on the bed sits Wally. Worry is visible on his face as he stands up and approaches his boyfriend before leading him back to the bed. He makes him sit down again, before the younger one falls over. Dick complies, leaning heavily on Wally’s side as he does. 

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Dick just shakes his head, not sure how he’ll sound like if he spoke up. 

“Talk to me.” Dick shakes his head again. “Babe, I need to know what’s wrong.”

The younger man thinks about it for a second. He is sure that Wally won’t leave him alone, now that he saw the state he’s in. He sighs internally before glancing at his boyfriend. He hopes he looks annoyed enough for the second one to get at least a small idea of what’s happening. But the speedster’s still waiting. 

Dick sighs again. He opens his mouth and tries to speak, before realizing that he indeed isn’t able to. He closes his mouth frustrated and turns his head away. 

It takes the redhead a few seconds to realize what’s going on, but when he finally does, he looks kind of pissed off. 

“Are you sick?” he asks, his voice still full of concern, but with a slight bit of anger. “You’re sick but you still came here to work instead of staying home.”

Dick winces, but nods simply, not being able to confirm his boyfriend’s statement in any other way. He looks at the floor, kind of ashamed of himself. He knew he should’ve said something, but at the same time he really thought he would be fine. It seemed like just a regular cold that would pass by itself after a few days. 

He hears the older man sigh and the next thing he knows, he is being maneuvered into the lying position and covered with comforters. 

The younger man glances questionably at his partner.

“I’m gonna get you some tea. It should help with the throat,” Wally explains, his voice much softer now than it was only a few seconds ago. “You stay here and rest. I’m gonna get you when I’m done with work and we’ll go home- I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer,” he adds quickly seeing the look on Dick’s face. 

The raven-haired man seems to be considering something, but after a few seconds he gives up, clearly not up to actually do anything else than just lying in bed.

Wally sits on the bed next to him and removes his mask quickly. He plants a kiss on the other’s forehead.

“I know you don’t like when people are fussing over you, but sometimes you need to let yourself be taken care of.”

Dick only nods again and Wally smiles down at him. 

“I’ll be back soon with the tea. Now, rest.” He emphasises the last word specifically, making sure his younger dumb-ass boyfriend understood. 

Dick grunts at him, but obeys, closing his eyes. 

He wakes up only once more this day, only for a second, yet long enough to realize he is in his own bed, in his and Wally’s own house. He feels warmth coming from the human radiator laying next to him. He smiles lightly, as he scoots closer to his boyfriend.

Soon, tiredness overwhelms him as he falls into peaceful, much needed sleep once again.

Chapter Text

“Shut up.”

“I haven’t even said anything.”

“No, but you were thinking about it, I know you were.”

Dick snorts at his boyfriend as he observes him proceeds, once again, building an IKEA cabinet. It’s their first day off in weeks of really hard work and stressful events, and so here they are, sitting in the middle of their living room, struggling with IKEA furniture. Because, is there a better way to spend your weekend? 


To make things even worse they have no instruction. Why? Well, as they took the parts of the cabinet out of the box, Dick actually had it in his hand, but Wally quickly decided to throw it away, saying that “they don’t need it, they are perfectly capable of doing that themselves.”

And boy, how wrong he was.

The younger of the two managed to kind of give up already, masking it with the “I need a break,” excuse, so he’s just sitting on the couch, cross-legged, watching, trying not to comment, but failing successfully. He finds annoyed-Wally very amusing. 

“Wally-” he tries again, but as expected, gets cut off immediately. 

“Not. A. Word.” Wally grinds out, purposely making a small pause after each word. Dick only laughs more at that. 





“-you so.” The raven-haired man finishes, visibly satisfied. 

Wally glares at him, but doesn’t say anything more. He just focuses back on his task, his eyes scanning the piece of furniture, searching for the smallest mistakes he could’ve made during the past few hours. 

He doesn’t even notice as Dick slowly stands up and disappears in the kitchen, only to appear in the living room again, holding two bottles of beer, in each hand. He places all of them on the table beside where Wally’s sitting, opens two out of them and hands one to his boyfriend. 

Redhead’s attention finally turns to the younger man, as he glances at the bottle suspiciously. It’s not that he thinks his partner is trying to poison him or something, it’s just the fact that Dick’s 19, which means he cannot legally buy, nor drink alcohol in the States. So how did he get these?

The raven-haired seems to be reading the speedsters mind, because he rolls his eyes, then smiles down at the other innocently. Wally eventually takes the beer out of his boyfriend's hand. He turns the bottle around, his eyes searching for something. After a few seconds he is sure that the drink is indeed alcoholic, and like these are some high percentages, ok (as if - higher than usual beer).

He eyes the younger one, waiting for some kind of explanation, not sure if he should feel happy about the beer, or worried about his boyfriend drinking it. 

“Stop looking at me like that,” Dick says finally, the pressure of his partner’s glance growing unbearable. “I’ve got only ginger ale, don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic.” He explains. 

Wally seemingly relaxes at that.

“How did you even get that?”



Well, he can be okay with that. Roy’s older than them both after all, Wally thinks as he takes the first sip.

“I actually told him we would be building the IKEA cabinet. He said good luck to you,” Dick continued while laughing. “Then told me that the first and the most important rule while doing it, is having loads of beer prepared somewhere, so he got it for us.”

The older one nods in acceptance, his eyes again fixed on the hated piece of furniture. It literally looks about right, but still there’s too much differences between the thing standing in front of him and the photo at IKEA’s website. Something’s clearly wrong. He deals with freakin’ science on daily bases, why can’t he simply put this together?

“Science might be your strength but engineering is definitely your weakness,” Dick suddenly speaks up, as if he’s reading Wally’s mind. 

“No shit Sherlock,” the redhead huffs finally, slumping onto the floor in defeat. “I am about seconds from giving up.”

The younger man takes a look at him, then approaches the cabinet, watching it carefully. Then, suddenly, he falls to the floor, almost wheezing. The speedster looks at him with both shock and worry, until he realizes Dick isn’t hurt - he’s just laughing so much it makes him wheeze. He proceeds to find out what’s so funny, glancing between his boyfriend and the piece of furniture, but not being able to find anything. 

Finally Dick calms down enough to be able to speak again. He points at the cabinet. 

“Babe, look at it carefully. Why does it not look like it should?” He managed, still breathing hard from laughing. 

“No idea, please enlighten me,” Wally answers, resigned, feeling that he’s gonna be so mad at himself in a second. 

“Honey, it’s upside down.”

The older man freezes, then looks over to the cabinet dumbly. He stares and stares and stares, as Dick starts laughing again. Eventually, he smacks his forehead with one of his hands and closes his eyes, as he lets out a deep sigh of suffering. 

The cabinet is finished. 

But indeed upside down.

Chapter Text

Either Dick is having the worst luck ever or this day is very unfortunate. 

Firstly - the fact that he still didn’t manage to close the case he’s been struggling with for the last months. It seems to be getting longer and more complicated each day. With each new information he gets, there appears also more questions that need to be answered.

Secondly - there was some huge traffic accident somewhere apparently, because the public transport in the area he’s working in seems to be shitting itself today. All the trains and busses are delayed and he is actually not sure at this point how he's gonna get home. He would be able to walk back, but today it’s particularly hard because-

Thirdly -  it’s raining and he didn’t take the umbrella. Yes, he does not have an umbrella with himself, nor any hat or anything. The weather forecast said it was going to be a sunny and cloudless day. But, of course, something had to go wrong even in the weather’s case and now he is standing at the bus stop, hoping that some transport will arrive, otherwise he’ll have to stay under the roof until it stops raining. Because, no, it’s not some light rain that you can fully ignore, quite opposite, it’s a heavy-ass rain that will make you fall ill within minutes. 

So in conclusion - he is stuck. Literally stuck. 

He didn’t think it was possible, but the rain seems to be getting heavier and heavier each minute and he is really out of ideas now. Logically, he could call Bruce to pick him up but- Does he really wanna bother him with such a pitiful problem? He would seem pathetic, so that’s out of the question. 

So he stares. Stares at the honking cars whose drivers are desperately trying to get to their destination, he stares at the people, running, trying to find some place to hide, as he does right now, finally he stares at the rain, the drops that are cutting mercilessly through the air and landing hard on the pavement. Each of them is falling so fast that, if you’re out there, you may actually get the unpleasant feeling of being hurt. 

Dick doesn’t even realize how annoyed he looks. Car drivers’ eyes are actually falling on him, wondering what possibly would’ve made this around 20 years old man this angry. What could’ve possibly happened? 

Fortunately he’s good at ignoring these stares, otherwise it would’ve become quite overwhelming a good while ago. 

Red light switches into green and the vehicles start, passing him. Suddenly there’s a slight change in atmosphere around him and he feels that someone joined him under the roof of the bus stop. He doesn’t bother to look around, because honestly, why would he? It’s probably just some other poor soul that is trying to hide from the rain. 

“Need some help?” A voice asks, the question is obviously directed at Dick. And the raven-haired man immediately knows who is on the bus stop with him. 

Now he turns around quickly. His eyes brighten a little as he sees a red-haired figure in front of him. 

“Wally,” he sighs with relief. A boyfriend with superspeed is indeed a blessing sometimes, isn’t it? “What are you doing here?”

“You were late and not picking up your phone,” Wally starts as he approaches the younger man. “I got worried, then saw the weather outside and figured you might’ve gotten stuck on your way home because of it. So here I am.” He extends his arms as if to present himself. 

Dick falls into his arms without thinking and feels as Wally’s arms wrap around him. The speedster’s warm, and the younger man thinks that he doesn’t want to leave his arms. Never. 

The redhead laughs a little as if reading his mind. 

“If we start walking now, we’ll get home within 30 minutes and then you can get warm,” he says temptingly. 

“Mmm, but it’s raining,” Dick whines, no longer worried about his pride, as he was a while ago, while thinking about contacting Bruce. 

“Well yes, that’s why I brought this with me.” The speedster holds one of his arms higher now, presenting the object he’s been holding since he got out of the house. 

He holds it as if the thing was some kind of an ancient, mysterious, magical sword, while in reality, it’s just a black, big umbrella. However at this point Dick would take that over any treasure of this world. 

The younger man pulls aways from the embrace, giving Wally space to open the umbrella. Then, the redhead wraps one of his arms, once again, around Dick and draws him close, while he’s holding their rain-shield over them. They eventually leave the bus stop.

Dick feels relieved. He can finally get home without, hopefully, any other inconveniences. His day is improving gradually each minute. To be honest, he doesn’t even think about the rain anymore. He’s just happy Wally’s here, no matter how cheesy and sappy that sounds. 

The walk back home seems even enjoyable, with just the two of them, walking side by side and talking. Dick talks about his work and the case, Wally tells him he’ll surely figure everything out in the right time, and that everything will turn out okay.

And at that point, Dick truly believes that it will. 

Chapter Text

It’s bad, it’s bad. It’s really, really bad. 

Wally thinks just that, as he lays on his back, on the bed in his and Dick’s bedroom. The last few weeks were just- a weird mash of everything. Ever since he came back from speedforce, everything’s been just… really difficult. Now, it’s not like he wasn’t happy about not being “dead” anymore, or about being able to see everyone again. It’s just…



That’s the problem. He does feel it pass, but he doesn’t react much to it. Earlier, before the speedforce, he wouldn’t be able to sit still for more than a few seconds. He was a speedster - he needed to move constantly. But now? Now laying in the bed for twelve hours straight wasn’t a problem for him. The time around him was passing fast, faster than he could describe with words and he just- he didn’t know why. 

The other thing he felt was confusion. He lost the track of time while in the speedforce. He didn’t know when what happened. A meeting that for the people around him happened two months ago, for him felt like it happened years ago and seconds ago at the same time.

And honestly, he was just tired. Who wouldn’t? Always thinking about the timeline, trying to repeat and gather information about certain events. Bart even prepared for him a drawing of their timeline, with all the situations from Wally’s life marked on it. 

The redhead hung it on the wall in front of the bed, so he would be able to look at it all the time, trying to memorize everything. 

But it’s been weeks, and he hasn’t succeeded yet. He was still mixing everything together and getting more and more confused. 

That’s mostly the reason why he took a longer break from Mount Justice and all that hero-related stuff. He was just spending his days, laying, or doing the simplest tasks at home. When he wasn’t coming out of the house, when he wasn’t interacting with a lot of people, he didn’t have to worry about getting dates right.  

He doesn’t hear the front door opening and then closing once again. See, that’s the other thing - it's really difficult for him to pay attention to the details. 

His boyfriend appears seconds later. He leans on the doorframe, glancing at the older man with worry written all over his face. Wally still isn’t looking at him, his eyes fixed instead of the drawing of timeline, his lips moving as if he’s mumbling something under his breath. 

Dick clears his throat, however he still gets no reaction. He sighs and approaches his partner. He sits cross-legged on the bed, very close to the other man.

That’s when Wally finally acknowledges his boyfriend’s presence. He blinks several times, before turning his head towards him, a small smile appearing on his face. Dick answers the smile with one on his own, yet he still looks kind of sad. Miraculously, that detail Wally does see. He sits up, scooting closer to the younger man, and wraps his arm around his smaller form. 

“Everything okay?” he asks, as if not knowing the reason behind Dick’s mood. 

“I should be the one asking you that,” Dick answers, a little pretension hidden in his voice. “You’ve been in bed since I left in the morning, haven’t you?” He observes as Wally grimaces a little, before averting the gaze. “Wally, you can’t do that.”

“I know, I know,” the older one answers, but he doesn’t sound convinced even himself. “It’s just… hard.”

Dick’s eyes seem now to carry even more worry, if that’s possible. He observes his boyfriend very carefully, as if trying to rip all the answers out of him.

They had the same talk a few days ago (from Dick’s perspective, Wally wasn’t sure how much had passed) and it seemed to go well. The speedster apologized and promised to try getting up and doing some other things than spending the day in bed. Dick accepted it, thinking, hoping , the redhead would keep the promise. 

And it was going pretty great for the next maybe two days. Wally was walking around the house, making coffee and tea, he even made dinner for both of them once. Dick convinced him to call Iris and Barry and talk to them for some time, and so he did just that as well. There seemed to be progress. 

Maybe that’s because Dick was by his side all the time. Because as soon as he began leaving the house for the entire days, Wally returned to his normal routine. With no one around to motivate him, he just started giving up again. 

And Dick knows he can’t let him keep going like this

The next thing Wally knows is that he is being pushed back on his back, with the difference of Dick laying down with him. The redhead grunts in surprise, but lets the younger man take the lead. So he lays back and relaxes, as Dick puts his arms around him and his head under the older’s chin. They lay in silence for a second. 

“Babe?” Wally finally speaks up. “I thought you wanted me out of the bed?”

“I do, but firstly we need to hug it out.”

“Hug what out?”

“You know what.” 

Silence again. Each of them listens to the other’s breathing and tries to relax as much as they can, since both of them have problems with that. 

“We’re gonna figure it out,” Dick says after another several minutes. His voice is full of confidence, enough for Wally to actually believe him. “You’re gonna be fine.”

The speedster closes his eyes and sighs with relief. 



“Both you and your timelines.”

Wally raises his eyebrow and looks down at his boyfriend for a second before snorting lightly.

Both me and my timelines then.

Chapter Text

Everyone has bad habits. Some people bite their nails, some smoke. Wally eats when he’s stressed (although it’s probably for the best, his speedster-metabolism needs much more food than the regular human being’s). And Dick? Dick tends to focus on negatives. Not always, of course. Some days are obviously better than the others. This problem appears only sometimes - however when it does, it’s usually pretty bad. 

It’s mostly in relation to work - doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the hero-stuff or his regular job at the police station. When he gets stressed he starts seeing the world in black and white. He doesn’t analyse the situation, he doesn’t think about all the stimulus. He just sees all the things he didn’t manage to do and all the things that he did wrong. Nothing else. 

Today’s one of these days unfortunately. 

Dick enters the house and immediately storms into the living room where he tosses his duffel bag on the couch as he sits down, resigned. He leans forward and hides his face in his hands. He’s breathing heavily. 

Wally runs into the house right after him. You would think as a speedster he would be able to keep up with the younger man without any problems, but no - not when the raven-haired was like this. They were going back home together, when everything from this day got to Dick. His “Nightwing-mode” kicked in and he managed to sort of lose Wally somewhere behind him. 

Dick shivers slightly as Wally approaches him, knowing he’s gonna have to either explain what’s happening or answer the redhead’s questions. Either way he’ll be pushed to talk and he doesn’t like that idea right now. 

To his surprise, but also relief, the speedster doesn’t say anything. He just stands there (menacingly) watching him with worry. So Dick doesn’t speak up either. He knows his voice is going to break if he tries. 

He’s taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself. He knows he is being ridiculous, and he kind of regrets that Wally isn’t at least yelling at him to stop this madness and start acting normal again. 

But of course the speedster doesn’t do such thing, of course he is accepting it all. 

The first time Dick had a breakdown like this in front of Wally was many years ago. They were much younger, still kids. They weren’t even dating yet at that point. And Dick remembers how ashamed he was as he realized what Wally’s about to witness. 

He was totally blown off by the redhead sitting beside him, calming him down, telling Dick that he doesn’t mind this, any of this. He will accept Dick for who he is, with all of his issues included, always. Always. 

The younger man doesn’t even realize at first how much this thought, this memory is helping him calm down. He looks up a little and notices that Wally is no longer standing in front of the couch… He is sitting next to him instead. Dick feels the older’s arm wrapped around him. 

The speedster still doesn’t say anything, he waits for Dick, waits for him to be ready. Just as he always does.

So the younger man decides to cooperate. He gathers all the strength he has left.

“It was too much for me today,” he speaks up, his voice cracking slightly. He doesn’t care though, he knows Wally gets it. 

“I know,” the other says simply. 

“Jason got hurt because I wasn’t paying attention,” Dick realises that now that he started speaking, he’s not able to stop. “I should’ve paid attention, Wally. But instead I run off, trying to catch that criminal. If I was there, if I didn’t leave him alone, he wouldn’t be injured now.”

Wally nods slowly as Dick speaks - not in agreement, just to show he’s listening. When the dark-haired falls silent again, the speedster feels now’s his time to speak. 

He’s already dealt with Dick in this state at least a few times in their lives. He knows how to handle this - it’s not always easy, of course, but it always helps at least a little. The main thing is either debunking everything Dick’s blaming himself for or bringing up positive things about the whole situation. And the second thing is what Wally thinks is the best right now. 

“True, you could’ve helped Jason if you stayed with him, but the guy you two were chasing would’ve probably run away and murder other people as he did before,” the redhead started slowly. “You catching him saved a lot of lives.” He squeezes his boyfriend tighter as he hears him make a sound that’s dangerously close to a sob. 

“But Jason-”

“Jason’s injuries aren’t severe. In a few days he will be back, bouncing off of the buildings’ walls again. He handled the situation well,” Wally tells him. “And you heard him - he himself said that he should’ve paid more attention as well. He should’ve followed you immediately instead of staying in that alley-”

“It’s not Jason’s fault,” Dick cuts him off, his voice wet yet furious. 

Wally maneuvers him a little, so that he can pull the younger one into a proper hug. He plants a kiss on his hair.

“You’re right, it’s not,” he agrees and feels Dick relax. “But it’s not yours either.”

He feels his boyfriend tremble more now, as his sobs slowly intensify. He knows it’s mostly because of the stress rather than anything else. He’s sure Dick’s starting to realize by now that he isn’t to be blamed for the mission, Jason- nothing that happened today. He lets him cry.

He hushes the younger one only when Dick’s breathing becomes too quick and shallow.

He plants kisses on his hair, forehead and temples, he rubs his back and arms, he tells him it’s not his fault, everything will be okay. And Dick calms down. Slowly, really slowly, but he does. 

By the time he stops crying, all the stress, all the negative emotions are gone. He sees now that he did everything he possibly could today. He did everything the best way he could. 

He’s tired… or drained even. But he’s also relieved, and grateful. Grateful for Wally, for the fact that he got some sense into him, for the fact that he beared with his problems once again. For the fact that he hasn’t gotten sick of Dick during all these years that they’ve known each other. 

“I would never get sick of you,” Wally mumbles, sounding slightly offended and Dick realizes he said that out loud. 

Still, he smiles. For the first time this day, probably. 

Dick finally feels like he can breathe.

Chapter Text

“Ah, shit.”

“Can this be over already?”

“What did I even do today to deserve that?”

Wally speaks to himself as he lays on the couch in the living room. Thanks to the closed curtains the room is dark. Dark and relatively quiet, and to be honest, that’s the only thing Wally needs right now. 

His head is killing him and, of course, he doesn’t know why. It happens sometimes. As much as being a speedsters usually helps him avoid getting sick and makes him heal faster, the headaches are this one exception. They hit him just as they would hit a regular person - sometimes maybe even worse, as Wally thinks. 

There’s usually also a reason for it. But today’s been too hard for thinking, so he didn’t manage to figure it out yet. So he’s just laying on the couch and suffering. 

If he could at least use some painkillers. But no, of course not. They have the same influence on him as alcohol does - meaning none . So he can’t do much right now. 

Fortunately, his mind is clear enough to call Dick and tell him to come back home as soon as he can. If the speedster can’t do the thinking, then the birdie will need to do that for him. Plus Dick’s job is all about investigating stuff; he’ll be surely able to investigate this awful migraine. 

And indeed as soon as Dick arrives, he begins to circulate around the older man, observing him, thinking. Wally opens one of his eyes just to see his boyfriend’s focused face.

“Stress?” he asks softly.

The redhead shakes his head but regrets it as soon as he does, the pain becoming even worse. He feels dizzy and nauseous. Dick seems to notice because he vanishes for a second, before coming back with a bucket and putting it next to the couch. 

Dick falls silent again. The only sound audible in the room now is Wally’s soft whimpering at which the younger man frowns sympathetically. 

Suddenly Dick freezes. Like fully, totally freezes for a good several seconds before approaching his boyfriend.

“Wally, look at me,” he says softly and watches as the redhead opens his eyes, a noticeable wave of pain approaching. “Did you drink enough water today?”

He observes as the older man’s eyes widnes in realization. Of course- water. 

Wally groans. “Ah shit,” he mumbles before closing his eyes again. 

“So, I’ll take it as no.”

The speedster hums in agreement. 


“I forgot, that’s it. It wasn’t on purpose, I promise.”

Dick sighs softly. Of course, he knows that. He’s very much aware that his boyfriend doesn’t mean to hurt himself and he is not reckless either. He is rational, he knows he has to eat and drink more than a regular person and so he usually takes care of that.

He forgot.

Today he just forgot.

Dick sighs again, before gently sitting next to his partner. Wally doesn’t bother to open his eyes this time, too overwhelmed with pain at this point to care about anything else than deep breathing. 

“Can I try something?” Dick asks, his voice barely a whisper. The speedster hums weakly again.

So Dick his index fingers on each of his boyfriend’s temples and his thumbs on his forehead, and he starts to massage his head. Wally’s tense at first, and stays tense for a longer while. However after several minutes of massage he finally relaxes. He looks tired, but Dick also notices that he’s almost falling asleep now. 

“It is helping?”

Another hum. Dick smiles. 

“Good. Do you want to go to bed or-”

This time he gets something between a growl and a hiss and so he takes that as a no. Probably a wise choice. 

“Are you going to sleep here?” He doesn’t get an answer for that, nor does he need one. Obviously Wally’s not going anywhere. 

As he proceeds to pull away and stand up, the redhead catches his wrist. He opens his eyes and looks at Dick expectably. The younger man answers with confused glance, but then seems to understand.

“Wally, we won’t both fit on this couch-”

“We will.” 

Wally pulls him closer with enough force for Dick to lose balance and fall on top of him. The younger man huffs annoyed as the other one sends him a smirk before yawning and once again closing his eyes sleepily. 

“You still need to go drink water-”


Chapter Text

As Dick wakes up he can already hear the sound of boiling water in the kitchen. He doesn’t even give it a second thought, he just turns onto his stomach and pulls the comforter over his head. He can’t be bothered today, because today of all days he has a free, no-work Sunday. He doesn’t care. The world may be burning outside - he is not moving out of the bed. 

Only when he hears audible shuffling, this time closer to him, he picks one eye from under the covers. He is greeted by his boyfriend, smiling down at him.

“Well, good morning to you.”

Dick grunts and hides under the comforter once again. No. He stays right where he is. Nothing will force him to get up. Nothing. 

“Don’t you grunt on me,” Wally snorts before laying on the bed next to the younger man. 

He tries taking the covers from Dick, but the raven-haired growls in exchange, so after only a few seconds Wally gives up. Instead, he slips his hand under the covers and searches for his boyfriend’s head. When he finally finds it, he starts running his fingers through Dick’s hair. He likes doing that. Somehow it’s always very comforting for both of them. 

They stay like that for a longer while. Eventually, the silence between them gets cut off by an unusual sound that to Wally sounds exactly like purring. He tries finding the source of noise, only to realize his boyfriend is the one making it. He stares, slightly taken aback.


There’s a soft, quiet “hm” coming from under the covers.

“Are you- wait- are you purring???”

Silence. Then Dick finally speaks up.

“N-no?” he says hesitantly. 

“You are!” Wally exclaims, a wide smile forming on his lips. “Dude, that’s so cute.”

“Oi, don’t call me that!” 


Once again, they fall into silence, which once again doesn’t last long, because of Wally’s laugh as Dick pulls away from his boyfriend’s warm hand in annoyance. Dick grunts once again, this time louder. 

“Are you not up for breakfast, then?” The redhead asks, already moving on from his partner’s unusual behaviour.

It’s as if Wally just pushed some weird button because Dick suddenly hears his stomach growl a little, much like he himself did a few seconds ago. He blushes slightly, hearing his boyfriend laugh.

He thinks for a second, then finally speaks up. 

“I don’t wanna move from here,” he mumbles, his voice still heavy with sleep.

“That’s not a problem,” Wally answers quickly, before disappearing from the room. 

He comes back only a few seconds later, holding a tray with a generous amount of food on it. At this point Dick is sitting on the bed, too curious to ignore his boyfriend’s actions anymore. 

Wally sets the tray on his boyfriend’s lap, then sits next to him and wraps one of his arms around him. Dick leans into him more, putting his head on the older’s shoulder. He looks at the food, then yawns. He feels a kiss being pressed to the side of his head, so he looks back in the direction of his boyfriend.

The redhead meets his eyes. 

“I thought you were a morning person?” he smirks, still observing the younger man with interest. 

“N’t t’day,” Dick slurs.

“Are we staying the whole day in bed then?”

Wally watches as his boyfriend nods.

“Okay then.”

Chapter Text

Is he too early or is his boyfriend being late again?

Dick looks at his watch only to realize that of course, the second option. His redhead was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago. To be fair though, he knows Wally’s on a mission. After so many years of working as a hero you get the idea of how long do different kinds of tasks take to get done, but obviously you can’t always predict everything. That said, the raven-haired can’t stay mad at his boyfriend for long, knowing it’s not even his fault. The only thing left to do is wait patiently and hope that everything over there is going according to plan.

So he sits on a rock in front of Mount Justice and looks at the water in front of them. The sound of waves was always the one to put his nerves on ease. And he is nervous, he always is when Wally’s late. No matter what he does, how many talks they have about that, he still can’t help but wonder… What if something went wrong? What if he’s waiting here pointlessly? What if he gets a message that the redhead speedster that he loves so much got hurt or worse? What then? 

He shakes his head, realizing he is only making himself feel worse. If something went wrong he would already know about that. He would be one of the first people to know. 

Instead he tries to get himself busy by thinking about the day that is about to pass. He did pretty much everything he was planning on doing. Firstly he went to the police station to take care of piles of reports growing on his desk. Fortunately, Gotham decided to be peaceful and merciful today so he wasn’t called to any new crime scene. He could focus on the paperwork. 

After he was done, he took his motorbike and rode to Mount Justice. He’s seen Wally there- Alright, stop, your thoughts are going into the wrong direction again.

Dick takes a deep breath. Alright… then what?

He’s seen Wally going off on the mission he was assigned to. They exchanged a few words, before the speedster left with the rest of the team while Dick carried on with his regular hero-routine. Of course, reports again. His role as Nightwing is somehow similar to his role as police sergeant. But he was done with them pretty quickly. Maybe this day was really productive or something?

Moving on, he remembered himself sitting at one of the desks in Mount Justice. He was sipping coffee and looking at one of the last reports - just going through it to make sure everything’s alright with it. And then that happened-

Maybe that’s why he was focusing so much on Wally’s wellbeing earlier instead of going through the day in his head as always?

So he saw a spider, okay? It wasn’t small, oh no, it was big, big, big spider. 

Or was it? 

He freaked out. Not many people know about this, but Dick has indeed arachnophobia. In fact, he is pretty positive, only Tim of all people knows. Why Tim? See, Tim is the only person he knows that focuses on a lot of different topics. He is a polymath and he really likes to learn about new things. Dick knew he could tell his younger brother about that, because Tim would understand. Tim was the only person that he was sure would not laugh at this issue. As much as he hated to admit it, he wasn’t even confident enough to tell his boyfriend about that. 

He looks at his watch again. He was wrong, he’s the one that’s early. 

Yep, that’s what he thought. So as said he freaked out about the spider. And because of that he packed up his stuff, called it a day and left. And he’s standing now here, alone, in front of Mount Justice, no explanation why he left early or anything. 

Suddenly he sees the cloud of dust forming far, far away, close to the line of horizon, and he knows what’s coming. His boyfriend is. 

Wally always enjoyed running back to the heroes’ base instead of getting into some kind of regular transport, as the rest of the team. Dick expects him to be here in a few seconds, and then they will be able to walk back home. Exciting thought, really. They weren’t able to do that for such a long time… Either he or the redhead speedster were recently coming back home late due to all the, old and new, things that they had going on in their lives. 

A “whoosh” next to him makes him look up and abandon his thoughts. And there he is, in his yellow and red costume, looking at him with a smile that brightens Dick’s life like the sun itself - his boyfriend, Wally. 

Dick smiles as he says that in his head. He repeats the mantra. His boyfriend, Wally. 

The redhead looks at him suspiciously. 

“Dick?” he says finally, the smile not vanishing from his lips. “You okay there? You look like you’re deep in thoughts.” He’s almost reading him like an open book. 

“Fine,” Dick says shortly, answering the smile with one of his own. “How’s your day been?”

“Ah, you know how it is, loads of bad guys to beat up,” Wally says half-joking. “How was yours?”


The younger man doesn’t want to, but he blushes in spite of himself. He hopes Wally didn’t notice, otherwise he’ll have to explain his reaction. He’ll have to share his secret . But, of course, of course, the redhead speedster sees that. And of course he gets interested immediately. He slips into his super-speed and approaches Dick so fast, the raven-haired jumps, not expecting to see his boyfriend right next to him. Even after all these years, Wally is still able to surprise him like that. He curses under his breath.

“So,” Wally speaks up again. “Are you going to tell me or will I need to guess?”

Dick’s eyes land on the ground. Now, that Wally’s onto him- he once again doesn’t feel confident enough. And it’s not even a big issue, right? It’s just a fear of spiders. Still though… he’s kind of scared. He doesn't want the speedster to laugh. He doesn’t want him to look at him like he’s being ridiculous. 

The older man seems to notice, once again, his partner’s weird behaviour, because he puts his arms around him and plants a kiss on his forehead.

“I’ll make you a deal,” he mumbles, his voice slightly concerned and barely a whisper. “We’ll start walking towards home, okay? We’ll take a longer walk. And during this walk you can slowly collect your thoughts and then tell me what’s all that about. What do you say?”

Dick looks up at him, searches his face for a while, trying to understand the intentions. Then he gives him a small smile again and nods, big part of the doubt vanishing. And they start walking. 

They walk for ten minutes.

Then twenty more.

Getting to their house from Mount Justice does indeed take a while.

Finally, the raven-haired sucks up a deep breath, as his boyfriend looks up at him. They exchange looks. They both understand it’s time to talk.

“So… I haven’t told you about this earlier but- there’s this issue that I have,” Dick starts uncertain, but his voice doesn’t waver. He carries on. “It hit today again and I panicked… slightly.”

Now he sees the true and honest worry on the other’s face and for a second he regrets saying anything, or even showing any emotion there, back at Mount Justice beach. But what’s done cannot be undone. So he takes another deep breath.

“You probably noticed I was already at the beach when you got there.” He observes as Wally nods. “Well, see, that’s because I got- um- scared. ” The last word is mumbled, barely audible.

The older man is glad that he’s walking so closely to his boyfriend, otherwise he would surely not hear that. And, surely, his boyfriend would not repeat that.

“Scared of what?” he asks gently, after a few seconds of silence. 

A spider ,” Dick whispers again, this time his eyes fall onto the ground. There, he said it. Can’t be undone, there’s no going back now.

He waits for what’s inevitable; a snort, a laugh even? He’s surprised when he doesn’t hear anything. In fact, he doesn't even hear a single sigh. So he looks up once again and finds his boyfriend’s face. Wally’s looking directly at him - no pity or mockery in his facial expression. 

The older man stops walking suddenly, and Dick does the same. They’re standing now, in the middle of a sandy beach, looking at each other, one in expectation, the other in understatement. Eventually Wally approaches his boyfriend and once again puts his arms around him, in tight embrace. After a second he pulls him into a light kiss. 

Dick’s a bit out of it. He wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction. He can feel his brain kind of shutting down. 

“Were you seriously afraid of telling me?” Wally asks after a second and Dick nods numbly. “Aw, Dickie.” He presses another soft kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead. “Everyone has fears. There’s no exceptions.” 

His voice is patient, calm and filled with love. Dick can feel it very well. He feels loved and cared for.

“And you know what I think about fears? Every each of them is equal and every each of them ought to be taken seriously and taken care of,” the speedster continues. “So don’t you ever be worried about telling me about this stuff, alright? I’ll understand.”

Dick huffs, the annoyance in the huff directed more at himself than at Wally. He just can’t believe he hesitated for so long. He was doubting Wally for so long, when there was no reason to.

“I’m sorry,” he says quietly. “For not telling you sooner.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for.”

They stay like this for a while, just holding each other, enjoying warmth and comfort coming from each of them.

“Wally?” Dick speaks up eventually and Wally looks down at him. “I just told you my biggest secret.”

The redhead speedster remains in the same position for several next seconds before finally smiling widely.

“I know Nightwing’s biggest secret!” He exclaims excitedly. 

“Oh, shut it.”

Chapter Text

“So, are we ready for moooovie niiight~?” Wally asks excitedly as he observes his boyfriend sitting next to him on the sofa. Dick only gives a huff in response. “Oh, come on, can’t you at least act like you’re excited?”

The younger man rolls his eyes, before smirking slightly. This thing about movie nights will never change - Wally. Dick remembers very well each time they did something like this, and there was no time when the redhead wasn’t excited, even if they were watching a movie that he’s already seen at least a few times. 

“That’s the spirit,” the olderman smiles wider as he sees the change in his boyfriend’s features. 

Dick huffs again and then slumps onto his boyfriend's chest. This time Wally is the one to let out the sound of annoyance. 

“Are you comfortable?” he asks, getting the younger’s attention once again.

“Yes, very.”

Wally shifts a little, trying to make himself more comfortable as well, but soon realizes he just got chosen to be a human pillow, so he gives up. Dick seems pleased and satisfied with this reaction. 

“So, what are we even watching?”

“Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

“Another superhero movie? Don’t you have enough of this kind of stuff in real life?”

Wally looks at him in consideration, before shaking his head. “We have the real kind of hero stuff. We’re watching this so we can at least laugh at how unrealistic this is.”

Dick looks at him for a while, disbelief visible on his face. But he doesn’t say anything, which Wally takes as a sort of success. 

He presses the play button and the movie starts. For several minutes they just watch in silence, however things start getting interesting as they get to the scene in which Avengers fight with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. 

Wally is about to make some cheeky comment, as he always does, but Dick beats him to it. He readjusts his position and speaks up, his eyes not leaving the screen.

“Is this how you see the world when you run?” he asks, seeming honestly curious. 

He did of course wonder about that earlier. And he thought that indeed it would be logical for speedsters to see everything in slow motion - they were moving much faster than everything else after all. But to see some kind of visualisation was a totally different thing. 

To Dick’s surprise Wally lets out a sort of a growl. “More or less,” he says under his breath, crossing the arms over his chest. “But it’s not as easy as they show it here, alright? It takes practice to be able to use these powers well and a lot of knowledge about speedforce to know what you’re capable of- Are you even listening to me?!”

Dick doesn’t answer, too focused on the silver speedster on the screen. 

They continue watching without any further interruptions. From time to time there appears a small comment from either of them, but otherwise they watch in silence. 

During that silence however, the younger man notices something that amuses him. He sees his boyfriend glaring at the silver hero in the movie, and throwing glances towards Dick as if to check if the raven-haired is still focused on the fictional speedster. This, of course, is very entertaining for Dick, because he knows exactly where this unusual behaviour is coming from. 

Wally’s jealous.

Believe it or not, jealous Wally is actually a very rare phenomena. And Dick loves this phenomena. So he tries to make the redhead stay jealous for as long as possible. 

They finally reach the end of the movie. Wally looks kind of relieved, but the younger man doesn’t want to give it up so easily. 

“Who did you like the most?” he asks casually, innocently.

The speedster eyes him carefully. “Probably Tony. He’s all sciency. You?” 

“Quicksilver’s pretty hot,” Dick risks, no tact whatsoever. There’s silence as Wally glares at him hard.

“Why him?” the redhead asks slowly, trying to hide the growl that is forming in his throat.

“Because he’s fast.” 

They fall into silence again. To be honest, at this point Dick’s kind of unsure and maybe even a little bit scared. Wally’s sitting right next to him not saying anything, and he thinks that maybe he’s crossed some kind of line this time. 

True, it’s just a movie. Still, that could come out somehow wrongly. 

Trying to somehow lose the tense atmosphere, he sits up, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 

“He’s cool, but I don’t mind him dying,” he’s not sure what else he could possibly say. He gets another grunt in response, but continues. “I have much hotter and much more amazing speedster for a boyfriend.”

This time Wally looks at him questionably, before kissing him back. 

“Sorry for that.”


“I just love when you're being jelly of me.”

Hearing that, the speedster freezes for a second, then, he brightens a bit. It’s not every day that the raven-haired uses slang. 

It’s Dick’s time to look at his boyfriend with a question in his eyes. 

“You just said jelly.”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

“This is so dumb,” Dick says, looking into the mirror. 

It’s been another one of Wally’s ideas - that man has some weird perception of “fun” things. This time, he’s decided that they should swap clothing styles with each other to see how they would look. 

Honestly, Dick still has no idea how the redhead managed to encourage him to do this. At least he managed to get Wally to give him some privacy as he dresses up. This way he gets to see himself in Wally’s clothes before the speedster does. 

And that’s probably for the best because he doesn’t feel confident at all right now, and he begins, in fact, to regret it. Of course, it’s only him and the redhead, still though…

“How are you doing in there?” Wally’s voice is slightly muffled by the bathroom door, but Dick still hears him clearly. 

He observes his own reflection carefully. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s not that good either. It’s just… weird. 

He’s wearing one of Wally’s yellow long sleeves with the red lightning symbol on it, slightly reddish jeans and the red goggles the speedster usually tends to wear when he’s working on his projects. So his outfit looks basically like Kid Flash’s costume in more “daily” form. 

“Dude?” the speedster pushes when he doesn’t get an answer.

“Yeah,” the younger man says quickly. “I still don’t like this idea, just so you know.”

“Oh, would you come out already?”

Dick slowly approaches the door. He unlocks it and puts one of his hands on the handle. It’s not a big deal, why is he acting like this even? He takes a deep breath and opens the door.

He’s met with his boyfriend’s happy face. The older one wears Dick-style clothes now. And it honestly doesn’t look bad. Well, obviously, he couldn’t exactly wear Dick’s clothes, since his boyfriend’s much smaller than the speedster. So instead he has some dark clothes, with blue pieces in different places. 

The younger man thinks these blue pieces don’t fit the speedster’s red hair, but otherwise, if Wally’s decided to keep that style, he would like that very much. 

Then once again - dark or, more specifically, black clothes fits almost everyone and everything. 

And because of that he feels even dumber now. He isn’t able to look his boyfriend in the eye, too shy. Unfortunately, Wally seems to notice.

“You look… interesting, to say the least,” the speedster says slowly, smirking lightly. 

“Shuddup, it was your idea,” Dick reminds him, blushing. 

He tries to turn away, to hide from his boyfriend’s gaze, but Wally doesn’t let him, too entertained. The speedster sprints around him at super-speed, so even when the younger man does a full one-eighty, he still ends up facing the redhead. He groans in frustration. 

“Oh, come on, don’t be like that,” the speedster says, his smirk even bigger now, if possible. 

“Like what?”

“Why won’t you let me look at you?”

There’s silence, during which Dick regrets all the choices he made on this day. He should’ve just said “no.” Wally obviously couldn’t (and wouldn’t) force him to do anything. 

He feels even worse knowing that he’s just overreacting again. It’s literally nothing to worry about. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Even if Wally starts laughing at him - that’s still nothing, they laugh at each other and tease each other all the time.

The younger man hears the redhead sigh, so he looks up at him.

“There you are,” the speedster says, before closing the distance between them. “What is it? Why do you look so stressed?”

Dick thinks about it for a second, because that indeed, is a great question. 

“Not sure,” he admits finally. “I just- I look stupid.”

“Who told you that?” 

Dick glares at him. He doesn’t need Wally to mock him, he just wants him to laugh at his misery already and get it over with. 

But Wally does no such thing. In fact he stares at the raven-haired man as if looking at some kind of an amazing, life-changing invention. 

“What?!” Dick exclaims finally, not being able to keep it in any longer. 

“Nothing, you just-” Wally swallows visibly, which makes the younger man raise an eyebrow in confusion. “I mean, don’t you like it?”

Dick shakes his head in disbelief. “I just told you what I think about that.” 

“You look stupid?”



The younger man is sort of taken aback by this question. He doesn’t have an answer. 

“I- it’s just- feels weird,” he says quietly. Then, as he gathers all his courage, he looks directly into Wally’s green eyes. “What do you think?”

To his surprise, Wally blushes even deeper, as he glances to the side, suddenly avoiding Dick’s gaze.



“I said you look hot.”



The confusion is omnipresent now. Wally’s being disoriented by Dick’s issue with this outfit, Dick’s being a little bewildered about Wally’s opinion.

“So you like it?” Dick asks finally, appearing as if he hasn’t processed the information yet. 

“Well yeah?”

The raven-haired glances towards the mirror that’s hanging on the wall on the other side of the room. He carefully takes it all in once again. Now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t look as bad as he thought he did. From the distance it looks even… decent. And, it’s very important to add, that it has a very interesting influence on his boyfriend. 

The speedster observes him with a raised eyebrow, visibly awaiting something. 

“You’re right,” the younger man agrees. “It looks kind of good.”

“Dude, it looks freakin’ awesome!” The redhead smiles once again.

And so, to Wally’s surprise, some of his clothes disappear on different occasions during the next few weeks, and then are getting unexpectedly found by his boyfriend. Each. Time. 

However, Wally smiles each time his clothes are being handed over to him, by Dick and his innocent eyes. 

He’s pretty positive the disappearances of his clothing are in fact kidnappings. 

Yep. He connects the dots.

Chapter Text

Today has been stressful for a lot of Mount Justice heroes, but to be honest, what day wasn’t? Especially recently - each mission they are given is very intense and demanding. It can become tiring and kind of annoying even.

Dick knows that very well, being used to participating in a lot of missions, different kinds and difficulty. He was trained by Batman and he spends most of his time in Gotham after all. It would be weird if he didn’t get used to that stuff. 

Which of course doesn’t mean his teammates are as immune as him.

So when he sees Wally entering the cave, with the rest of the group that was sent to the mission, Dick approaches him. He can see the defeated look in his boyfriend’s features and he immediately understands that this has been a tough one. 

He takes the speedster by his arm and leads them away from the others, kind of relieved that no one is stopping them. No one is even paying attention, everyone probably way too tired to care. 

They walk through the corridor, to one of the spare rooms. Wally seems too drained to even say anything, so he just goes with it, lets himself be dragged by Dick without asking any questions. 

He speaks up only when they are already sitting on the bed in the spare room the two of them usually use. Or- maybe not speaks per se, more like mumbles something incoherently, before falling onto his back on the soft cushions. 

Dick smiles at him and does the same, laying his head on his boyfriend's chest. 

“This one had to be a rough one,” the younger man starts, trying to create some kind of conversation. He knows Wally’s tired, but he tries anyway, wanting to find out about at least some of the details. 

“Mmm, ‘s bad enough I got hurt,” the speedster mumbles, without even thinking much about it. 

Only the tense silence that follows his statement, makes him realize what he just said and how will Dick react. He opens his eyes just to see his boyfriend’s worried eyes, looking back at him. He wraps one of his arms lazily about the smaller man.

“It’s fine, I healed already,” he says calmly, his voice sounding heavy with sleep that is slowly approaching him.

Fortunately that makes Dick relax, as he falls back onto the speedster’s chest. He listens to his heartbeat for a few seconds.

“Good, I wouldn’t want you to make a mess in here with your wound,” he says jokingly, however you can still hear a slight hint of concern in his words. 

“Very funny,” Wally answers while shoving his arm lightly, which Dick answers with a light laugh. 

They stay quiet for a while longer.

“Do you wanna do anything at all today?” the younger man asks suddenly, interrupting the silence. 

The redhead doesn’t answer for several seconds, and Dick thinks he might’ve actually fallen asleep already, but then the older one sighs deeply. 

“I would… rather not,” he mumbles. “I’m way too tired to even keep my eyes open right now.”

Dick nods in understatement. “You want me to put some music on?” he offers, knowing very well that the frantic speedsters relax much quicker, while listening to calming music. Works especially after a hard mission. 

And as he says the frantic speedsters, he means each speedster he knows. Apparently this technique works for all three of those working with the League. 

He isn’t surprised when Wally nods, so he gets up to turn on the music player. He remembers his boyfriend putting one in this room, way back, when they were both in their teenage years. He thinks about what song to use, then gets an amazing idea, and smirking turns on the device. 

Dick gets back to his boyfriend and takes the previous position, while closing his eyes innocently. 

“It’s the end of the world,” by R.E.M. starts playing, it’s volume slowly intensifying.

“Jeez, you really know how to help a man relax,” Wally says sarcastically, but smirks hearing Dick’s laughter beside him.

They drift off to sleep pretty quickly though, still listening to the song. 

It's the end of the world as we know it.

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Chapter Text

It all started with a failed case. The case was important, alright? It was about tracking and catching a serial murderer that has been on the lips of the whole city for over four months now. He was going for some kind of Gotham’s record, having tens of victims on his account already and there surely was going to be more if Gotham’s police wouldn’t catch him. Additionally, if they thought the situation was already bad, they were very mistaken, because the killer after months of killing innocent citizens, swapped - to children. So the case became even more of a media hype and even more controversial. Every Gotham’s newspaper’s headline was somehow related to the blood-thirsty murderer.  

Every police officer in the city, hell, every person even slightly connected to police in any way, was being pressured to solve this case. 

Dick was among them. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was also one of the people in charge of the case. He was working whole days, whole nights even, without getting any results. He was checking each, even smallest clue, hoping, praying , to find something. He didn’t. Instead he got called to another murder scene. Another child. 


At this point he was feeling his walls breaking down. 

The captain suspended him for the time this case was still on-going. Dick knew it was more due to the media, other than anything else, which didn’t help him not feeling totally shit. He repeated to himself that the captain did that because he knew journalists would eat the young man alive. He repeated that, but it didn’t help him believe that even for a second. 

Upon the suspension he tried focusing more on the hero-related stuff. Missions, reports, patrols - anything that could’ve gotten his mind off of this awful case. To no avail. Additionally, Batman managed to make him take a break from being Nightwing. Of course he noticed sudden change in Dick’s behaviour, and of course he didn’t know the reason, because Dick was as good about opening to people about his feelings and issues, as Bruce himself.

Dick knew Bruce did that purely because he was worried. 

He knew, but at the same time he was overthinking it. And overthinking made his thoughts go in the unwanted direction as usual, which in turn made him blame himself for not only being an awful police officer, but also a bad superhero. 

He was feeling the walls collapsing. 

Suspended from both of his daily jobs, he stayed at home. Each time he forgot to do something, or realized he wasn’t doing something he should, he would panic, think about it, then stress even more.

Wally wasn’t even there to see all this. He’s been sent to one of the more difficult missions, a week prior. There was no option of contacting him - it would be a far too big risk. 

But of course Dick had to have his breakdown right now, when he was all alone. 

He could talk to one of his siblings, or even Bruce. And could means that he had an option to . Not that he was willing to take that option. In Bat Family affection wasn’t too much of a thing. Of course, he was sure if indeed did ask, no one would just ignore him. But he wasn’t sure what the reaction would be and that was adding him even more stress. 

He wasn’t sure how much longer the last walls would last. 


Dick finally gets the call he was waiting for for so long. A week, to be exact. However, he feels like so much more has passed. Only a few seconds after he answers it, he finds out that his boyfriend is back from the mission. In one piece. That’s the first relief he felt in this whole week.

As soon as he hangs up, he chooses the number to the speedster. He puts the phone close to his ear, listening to the signals. 

He feels like crying and he’s not sure if it’s because of all the stress or because of the relief. Possibly both. 

Eventually he hears a familiar voice coming from the other end of the line and, oh fuck , he is surely going to cry.

“Hey babe, how are you?” Wally asks sweetly, and Nightwing can hear clearly that the older man missed him. Not as much as Dick missed him though.

“Bad,” the younger one answers without thinking much about it. He knows he will be flooded with frantic questions any second now and he already hates himself for stressing Wally this much immediately after an already stressful mission. But he just can’t hold it together any longer. 

“Babe?” Yep, he sounds worried. Oh god, Dick, why are you doing this to him? 

It’s too late now anyway. The redhead won’t just leave it alone, even if Dick really wants him to. “How quick can you get here?” he asks instead, not even trying to mask how much his voice is shaking. 

There’s a tense silence at the other end, then the younger man hears some indistinct talking, then finally, “I need to sum up what exactly happened on the mission to the League. Then I can run over to you. Give me maybe max 15 minutes?”

Dick nods, then realizes Wally can’t see him. “Alright,” he says weakly, his voice cracking at the end. 

“Honey, I can be there sooner if you need me.”

“Talk to the League.”

And with that Dick hangs up. He can’t let himself ruin this as well. The League needs a report from the mission, he knows that very well. It’s important, more important than his current state. Too many bad things have happened because of him already, he can’t let that continue. 

He waits.  

And waits. 

To his surprise, maybe relief, but also fright, Wally appears at the door only five minutes later. He probably made the conversation with the League short, so that he could get to Dick as soon as possible.

The raven-haired feels his stomach clenching again. He blames himself. Again.

The speedster approaches him quickly, even for his own standards. He puts his hands on Dick’s arms, then pulls him into a tight hug. He feels his boyfriend shaking. That makes him scared. Each time he sees Dick in this state, and that doesn’t happen often, he feels freaked out. Because he knows something bad  had to happen if his boyfriend acts this way.

The younger man lets out a sob, and immediately covers his mouth with his hand. His eyes widening.

The walls fell. 

Before he can stop himself, he is crying himself sick, sobs and tears coming faster than he could’ve suspected. He is holding onto Wally tightly, as if thinking that if he lets go, his boyfriend will suddenly vanish and he will be stuck in that horrible week all over again.

The speedster holds him. Even when the younger’s legs give up, he still doesn’t let go of him. He follows him to the ground, situating the small, shaking ball on his lap.

If he only knew it’ll be this bad when he comes back, he wouldn’t leave in the first place. But who would have possibly known that?

Wally massages his boyfriend back, finally, he speaks up. “What happened when I was gone?” he mumbles, kissing his partner’s head lightly. 

He is happy that he is able to keep his voice calm. Otherwise he would only make both himself and Dick feel worse. 

“A lot,” the younger man clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, but Wally can’t let him hide his emotions right now. 

“Can you elaborate?” he pushes. He knows he shouldn’t do that but he really needs to find out what is the source of Dick’s distress. 

The redhead feels his boyfriend gulp. Dick’s trying to take deep breaths to calm himself. 

That’s good, Wally thinks. At least they will be able to talk. 

“The case. I failed the case,” he sobs lightly, his breathing indeed less distraught now.

“What case? Was it the one you’ve been working on for the last months?” He observes with concern as his boyfriend nods. “What happened?”

“Just before you left for the mission the man we are trying to track down changed the type of people he’s targeting,” Dick explains slowly, at the same time trying to organize the thoughts floating chaotically in his head. He didn’t let himself do that during last week, too scared to think about any of it when there’s no one around to ground him. “He started killing children.”

“Oh,” Wally answers dumbly, not knowing what else to say. He did not expect that.

“There was one underage victim. I was in charge, I was supposed to find him before another appears,” the younger man carries on, not able to stop now.


“He killed another one.”


“It’s my fault, Wally.”

They sit in silence. Dick not able to look his boyfriend in the eye now that he’s explained what happened, Wally stunned, not believing what he’s hearing right now. The redhead wants to tell something, tell his partner that it’s absolutely not his fault, in any way. But Dick beats him to it, as he continues talking Wally through his stress rollercoaster. He explains the rest of the story in a quiet manner, not taking his eyes off of the floor. 

When he’s done, he falls silent once again. He waits for Wally to take the wheel now. 

And Wally does. 

He puts his hand on the other’s chin and raises it, making his boyfriend look at him. To Dick’s surprise he sees no disappointment, nor anger towards him on the older’s face. Instead, there’s only concern and love. And Dick can feel a few more tears falling onto his chicks, upon seeing this expression. 

“Listen to me,” Wally says forcefully, his eyes never leaving the watery, blue ones. “None of it is your fault. You have no reason to feel guilty for any of it. Do you understand?”

The younger man doesn’t react, so the speedster pushes. 

“Dick, do you understand?”

This time Dick nods lightly.

“You are a human being. Humans make errors. That’s how we learn, that’s how we can self-develop,” the older man continues. “You are not to blame for your mistakes, especially when you did everything you possibly could to help.”

He’s observing Dick’s eyes as if searching for something. Apparently he finds whatever that is, because after several seconds he pulls the smaller man back onto his chest, in another, almost bone-breaking hug. 

Dick feels tension, that was there for the last week, slowly leaving his body. He can feel himself getting calmer and calmer each second. He’s not sure if that’s because Wally’s here now, ready to help with anything Dick might need, or just the fact that he finally truly realizes that all the things that he was stressing himself weren’t, in fact, his fault, just like Wally said. 

“I know this question might sound dumb,” the said speedster breaks the silence. “But are you going to be okay?”

Dick thinks about it for a second. Then finally, with full confidence, he answers.

“Now that you’re here, yeah.”

Chapter Text

Alright, what the hell?

Wally’s standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection. He is confused, you can see that very clear. He is observing the other mirror-speedster with- Fascination? Fright? Maybe both?

He isn’t sure if he is glad that Dick’s not here or if he regrets it. Because right now he cannot think clearly. And when he can’t do that, his partner is usually the one to take the lead. Well, he’s alone for now. 

So there’s an issue. A weird-ass issue. Two big, german-sheppard-looking ears on his head. He already checked if that’s not some kind of joke pulled by his boyfriend. The first thought he had upon seeing the weird occurrence was that the younger man finished his night-patrol sooner than expected, came back home and for some unknown reason decided to pull a prank on Wally. 

However the speedster checked the ears very carefully and realized two things; they look real and they are physically attached to his head. They are growing out of his head. 

Which makes it weird on a totally different, much higher level. So right now, as he stands in the bathroom, looking into the mirror, trying to make himself think, the only possibility appears in his mind; a curse.

But who would want to curse him? HIM. He is a delight to be around, totally not annoying and absolutely not trying to be. And it’s not like he’s met a lot of magicians in his life, right? RIGHT? He doesn’t even believe in this stuff. 

He would spend much longer time, remaining in the same position, if it wasn’t for his phone, which decided to suddenly start ringing with an upcoming call. He takes it and looks at the screen, then quickly answers as he sees his boyfriend’s name on it. 

Yet, he waits for Dick to speak first. If he’s calling him immediately after a patrol, it means something bad might’ve happened, so his priority is finding out if his boyfriend’s safe now. Then they can figure out what’s up with the ears. 

“Um, Wally?” the younger man starts from the other end of the line. “Are- are you busy?” he sounds unsure, but not scared or sad. The redhead doesn’t know how to feel about it. 

“No,” he answers automatically. “Or I mean… there was something but- What’s going on? Do you need me to come to you?”

“I- this is weird- um- but yeah, I need you in Gotham, now.  I’ll send you details about my localistation.”  The younger man says quietly, sounding all Nightwing-y. The other man agrees, then hangs up. 

Now he is kind of worried. Dick didn’t sound bad, he didn’t sound like he was in danger or anything, but the fact itself that he’s summoning speedster to Gotham, makes this whole situation feel a lot more serious. 

Wally slides into superspeed, quickly changes into his Kid Flash costume, and in a matter of seconds he’s running as much as he can towards Gotham. 

He arrives at the location only a few minutes later and is surprised when he realizes he just stopped in some dark, empty, dirty alley. Now he’s getting seriously worried - it looks kind of like a trap. Maybe someone managed to kidnap Dick and made him call Wally?

However after a second the redhead notices his boyfriend, crouching in a dark corner. It’s almost impossible to see him. 

A literal ninja. 

The position Dick’s in makes Wally think that he’s boyfriend might be hurt, so he tries approaching him. He is stopped by Dick holding up his hand as he stands up. Wally looks at him questionably.

“I look weird, okay? Don’t come any closer,” the younger man says, which doesn’t help Wally’s anxiety.

“What do you mean you look weird? What happened? Are you hurt? If so, we need to immediately take you to-”

“Wally, I’m not hurt,” the raven-haired hisses at him and the speedster can’t help but think it sounds exactly like a cat hiss. 

Suddenly, he seems to put it all together. He grabs Dick’s wris and before the younger one can even react, he pulls him into the light. What he sees makes his eyes widen, but he feels relief at the same time. 

Dick’s not looking at him, so he can’t see the state the older one’s in, but it seems that they were both touched by the same curse. 

Wally touches gently each of the cat-ears standing straight on Dick’s head. Moving constantly, turning each time they catch any noise. 

Wally can’t help but laugh. His boyfriend really does look like a kicked stray-cat right now. 

The sound of the speedster’s reaction seems to annoy Dick even more.

“What’s so funny even? Look at me. I look ridiculous! We need to find out what happe-” he stops upon finally looking up at Wally. He looks shocked as he sees the brown-ish german-sheppard-ears on his boyfriend’s head. “Wh- YOU TOO?!” he exclaims disbelievingly. 

“Mhm,” Wally nods, still having a grand old time, it seems. “But I think I finally figured out what happened.”

“You did?”

The speedster stares at him for a few seconds, before his face falls a little.

“Maybe not I per se,” he admits. “I got a text when I was running here.”

“A text?”

“From Artemis.”

They look at each other meaningfully, and suddenly Dick understands everything very well.

“Did- did she and Zatanna-”

“They thought it would be a great idea to make fun of us,” Wally finishes for him. “Artemis asked if we like the new outlooks.”



Dick seems to be thinking about something for a moment. He looks around carefully, as if checking if they are for sure alone. Then his eyes fall back on his boyfriend. 

“Can you get us both to the cave?” he asks finally, his voice sounding kind of menacingly, and Wally knows very well what’s coming. 

Someone’s in troubleeee-

The speedster obeys gladly, letting the younger man climb onto his back, just like when they were kids. Once he’s sure Dick’s placed securely on his back, he rans. 

He’s looking forward to the conversation his boyfriend will have with the magic-girl.

It’s gonna be hell of a day.

Chapter Text

Today is the day.

Dick and Wally will be joining Barry and Iris for dinner. Not that they’ve never done it before, Dick obviously visited their house several times earlier, but this time is different. It's special. Today is the first time the raven-haired will appear at their door as Wally’s boyfriend. 

If he’s to be honest with himself, he’s getting kind of shy about it. Of course, he doesn’t think of Barry and Iris in any bad way - he knows they are extremely tolerant and supportive of him and Wally. It’s just that he hasn’t seen them in some time and now he is going there with a kind of different status than previously. And he really hates that he’s getting shy and anxious about a meeting that’s supposed to be a chill and relaxing sort of break in their daily stressful lives, but he can’t help it. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen, doesn’t know how to act when they get there. 

Dick glares at his reflection in the mirror. He looks good, right? Or should he change something? Maybe he should wear something more formal than just his daily clothing?

His train of thoughts is interrupted by his boyfriend going into the room. The older man stops directly behind Dick and wraps his arms around the smaller form from behind. Dick melts into the embrace. 

“You okay? You were sitting here for a pretty long time,” the redhead says into the younger's hair and Dick is suddenly hit by the realization that he doesn’t, in fact, know how much time has passed since he got here. 

“Oh Gosh, we are not late, are we?” he asks, trying to turn around, reading to storm out of the house as quickly as possible. 

But Wally’s still holding him in place and doesn’t seem to be willing to let him go anytime soon. 

“It’s alright, we still have plenty of time, chill.”

The younger man breathes out slowly, then relaxes once again, letting his head lean onto the speedster’s shoulder. 

He doesn’t want Wally to think he’s not happy about visiting his boyfriend’s family. He knows the older man might get this kind of impression, but he really is just extremely shy and anxious right now. And the best part of this anxiety is of course the fact that he cannot explain it. Not really. He doesn’t know how to act, sure, but that’s the issue in most of the new situations. Hell, even when they are being sent to the missions, they may have a plan, but still, neither of them can predict what will happen and how they will need to react. 

Dick thinks that these are two different feelings, however. That is, the feeling before a mission, and what he’s feeling right now. The first one is just kind of a stress, which he deals with a lot, so he kind of knows how to help it. The second one is this weird shyness mixed with this confusing sort of anxiety and it’s driving him nuts. He just wants to be able to stop and relax. 

Wally gets him out of his thoughts once again, always there to save the day.

“Dick?” He raises his eyebrow in expectation.

“Wally?” Dick answers as if not knowing what the issue is. He tends to do that. It became so natural for him, that he started doing that without thinking much about it. Even when he just wants to tell his boyfriend about everything that’s bothering him, his first reaction is always to act like he’s fine. 

“What’s wrong?”

The younger man is silent, not sure how to put all of it into words. 

“If you don’t want to go, we don’t have to.”

At that, Dick’s eyes widen. He doesn’t want Wally to think this way, it’s not like that. He turns around, so now he’s facing his boyfriend. 

“It’s not that,” he says with full honesty and, as he sees Wally’s features relaxing, he does a bit as well. “I want to go, of course I want to. Barry and Iris are the nicest people I know…”


“I- Some things have changed between us since I last went there.”

The speedster stares at him as if searching for some additional clues. Then, a small “oh” escapes his lips as he realizes exactly what his partner’s talking about. He doesn’t say anything for a while, and Dick can almost hear the cogwheels moving in his head. Then finally-

“You know they have nothing against you, right? And they have nothing against the LGBTQ either.”

Dick wants to punch himself. Or his boyfriend. Or both of them, yep, both is good. But seriously, is he this bad at communicating or is Wally this bad at reading him? A mix of both maybe? Probably, they are both idiots, that’s partly why they got together in the first place. 

He sighs. 

“It has nothing to do with that,” he says, sounding kind of annoyed. 

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, Walls, really.”

They stare at each other for several seconds. Enough time passes for Dick to think that Wally’s system might’ve actually shut down and he subconsciously listens for some kind of Windows XP shutting down sound. 

Nothing like this comes, instead Wally speaks up again.

“So,” he says slowly as if choosing very carefully each word. “What exactly is the problem?”

Dick is about to really hit him now, but he stops himself, realizing something. He doesn’t feel the way he felt before the speedster walked in. Not anymore. This confuses him. Apparently focusing on something totally different, which is the dumbass of his boyfriend, made him forget about why he was even shy in the first place. Huh.

He looks up at Wally and notices something else. His boyfriend is smiling widely, almost laughing even. Dick shots him a glare. 

“Okay, I see what you did,” he grunts, but lets himself be pulled into a light hug. 

“Did it help?”

“Well, getting annoyed ‘bout your cluelessness distracted me from overthinking, so yeah, I guess you can say it did help.”

“Good, in that case, shall we?” The redhead pulls back and points towards the door. He doesn’t even wait for Dick’s reply, he just starts walking.

The raven-haired shakes his head, trying to snap out of his boyfriend’s distractive properties. Then he quickly catches up, punching Wally lightly on the arm. The other man screams immediately, acting like he’s in pain, before glaring at the younger. 

“What was that for?”

“Just wanted to do that for some time now.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Chapter Text

They were on it again. Dick could swear they had this argument at least tens of times before, but they just couldn’t learn, could they? It was always either of them that caused the problem. And the topic of their argument remained the same - irresponsibility.

To be fair, the missions became much harder recently, and if they could take it easy, sit down and talk instead of yelling at each other, they would probably get to the conclusion that none of it is their fault. Or at least mostly it’s not. But each time one of them was in danger, the other immediately fell into blind panic. Understandable issue - they just couldn’t- wouldn’t lose each other. They were fighting not because they wanted to blame the other one, but because they were worried. Worried sick. Neither of them wanted to be left alone. Neither of them knew what they would do if the other one disappeared. 

So that’s why, right now, they were standing in the middle of the cave, yelling at each other. Good thing there were not many people remaining here at his hour, on this day. Saturday, 10 PM. C’mon, even heroes need a free weekend. 

The only people here were singular members of Bat-Family and, for some unknown reason, Bart. No one else. Even Flash and Batman were at their homes, enjoying the evening, relaxing and trying not to think about their duties. But even though they were not exactly alone, Wally and Dick had already learnt that when they argue, no one tries to interrupt them. Their arguments are too heated for that. 

“Wally, you know I had to take that risk!” Dick yells as he starts to walk around the main room, trying to calm down, but failing successfully. They were talk- okay, arguing for the last few hours. Yeah, a few hours. They are ridiculous, aren’t they?

“Dick, you could have died, don’t you see that?!” 

“I needed to save these people!” 

“Are they more important than you are?!” Dick doesn’t answer that. He doesn’t know how to, because of course he values the lives of the people of Gotham, yes Gotham, more than his own. He is the one to protect. He is the one to fight for justice. He can’t just give up when he sees the danger coming towards him.

“Yes, yes they are,” he says finally, however his words are quiet, somehow unsure. He knows what he means by them, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt Wally. 

He can’t imagine living without his boyfriend, so he realizes that the speedster can’t imagine living without him either. But it’s just so hard sometimes to reconcile their private lives with their hero ones. His eyes fall to the ground. He knows he went over the line. He knows it will take more than a few hours to heal the wounds that his words have already marked on Wally’s soul. He feels guilty, but at the same time he feels like he’s finally doing something right. He is saving someone, and that has to count for something.

“Are we done?” Wally says finally, after a longer while of them both being silent. “I really don’t need this now- I don’t need you acting this way.”

“You do the same thing-”


They look at each other. Yes, this argument has been a more heated one. They will need to get over it, both at their own tempo. So Dick nods. He doesn’t want to be the reason for the fight to escalate. Enough was said. Let’s leave it here. 

The speedster turns on his hill and starts walking towards the portals. After a second there’s an audible voice. “Kid Flash. Team: B03,” the female voice announces that the speedster has left the base. And he is most likely not coming back anytime soon.

All of it because of one, stupid fight. The one fight that is a replica of many that has passed and many that will happen in the future. 

Dick turns towards the wall, hitting it hard, a few times, until he feels a mix of blood and pain, washing over him. 


It’s been a few days. Wally stayed at their house, while Dick remained at Bruce’s. They haven’t talked, not even exchanged a word. True, they’ve seen each other in the cave, as well as in the Watchtower. But upon these meetings they said nothing. It’s just still too fresh.

They are both angry. And they both know they are somehow wrong. They know they care for each other a lot, and they know that the other one cares for them just as much. They know the fight developed from poor worry. Worry and panic. Neither of them will be able to survive without the other one. 

Wally is feeling it. Dick is feeling it. They can’t do this anymore. They miss each other, even though they still remain angry. They may fight, but they cannot stay separated. It’s getting physically difficult to do so. 


The younger man appears at their door one night. He’s soaking wet - it’s been raining a lot. And he’s driven here on his motorcycle, even though the thunder outside looks dangerous. Even though he knew he might get into some crash, some kind of traffic accident, he still came. Because he couldn’t care less. Because either he’s going to confront his boyfriend or he’s gonna die trying. 

Wally’s eyes are wide. True, he was thinking about running to Bruce's residence on his own- He just couldn’t take it anymore. But he did not expect his boyfriend to appear at the door, as he opens them, ready to leave. He stares at him, as if he’s seeing some supernatural phenomena. 

“Can I come in?” Dick asks weakly, feeling he’s losing fight with his emotions. He doesn’t feel the anger towards Wally anymore. The furry he felt, because of how his boyfriend wasn’t able to understand him. He felt like he’s being fussed over. Now he doesn’t feel that anymore. Instead, he feels happy - he wants to make up with the speedster. Even if it means agreeing with him on some ridiculous stuff. 

“Of course,” Wally says, his voice sounding no less full of emotion. 

They’ve missed each other. They truly realize it only now. It’s been a hard week, hasn’t it?

Dick enters their house. It’s been a long time since he was out for so long. He takes everything in - every detail, every piece of dirt, everything. He feels the same way as when they first walked into the house, then they then have bought and decided to call their home. 

He looks around. Well, this is nice. It’s nice to be home.

“I’m sorry,” the speedster says, before Dick can even think about apologizing, which is why he feels confused all of the sudden. “I know why you are doing this. I would do the same, if I were you. You were trying to save those people- you did save them… I’m sorry I was being an ass.”

“No,” Dick answers immediately, but corrects himself quickly, as he sees his boyfriend’s resigned face. “I mean, no, you shouldn’t be the one apologizing. I’m sorry. I know you’re worried sick. I feel the same way each time you’re in danger. I was irresponsible. I could’ve got both myself and all these people killed.”

They stay silent for another while, each of them taking the other one’s words in. They both think about them, then look at each other.

Both Dick and Wally burst into laughter, at the exact same time. They are both idiots, aren’t they?

Maybe it’s a way for them to let go of all the negative things they were feeling, of all the stress. 

It doesn’t matter much, though. They end up embracing each other, each of them clinging to the other one, as if their lives depend on it.

“Wally?” Dick speaks up finally. His voice waver, but he doesn’t seem to care.


“No more fights?”

He feels the arms around him tighten, so he answers the gesture with the same on his own.

“No more fights.”

There’s a lot of things they need to work on. A lot of issues. But they will be fine, because they have each other. And as long as they remain with each other, the world can burn for as much as they care. They are together.

And that’s all that matters at this moment.

Chapter Text

It’s already past midnight when Dick’s phone rings. He’s been sitting on the couch, reading a book, while Wally’s seated at the table, working on some school project. The redhead has a long time for this work, but of course he procrastinated, and now he has to overwork himself to get it done on time. The deadline is in three days, he told Dick, but the work is huge and requires a lot of research. 

At first the younger man was mad at him - if only Wally started working on it sooner, the situation he is witnessing right now wouldn’t take place. But, once again, he knows very well how hard it is sometimes to reconcile their hero-lives with their regular ones. 

Dick sighs as the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Who is calling at this hour? He puts a bookmark inside of the book and closes it. Then, he takes his phone. Uh-oh. Upon seeing Bruce’s ID on the screen, he sighs even deeper, which drews Wally’s attention to him. The younger man waves at him in the “don’t worry about it” manner, before answering. Please, don’t be patrol, please, don’t be patrol. 

“Dick?” the deep voice sounds at the other end of the line. 

“Yep, what is it this time?” Dick says resigned. He recognizes this voice. It’s not the voice of Bruce Wayne, it’s the voice of Batman. Meaning, something related to hero-stuff.

“Something happened,” Batman says, his voice wavering ever so slightly. Or maybe Dick’s just imagining it? “Before I tell you though, you need to promise me to stay calm and stay where you are.”

Well, Bruce might’ve had some kind of strategy as to how to make Dick stay calm, but it clearly didn’t work, because the young man is now sitting straight and tense, listening to what’s about to be said.

“What happened?”


“I’ll stay here, okay, just- tell me already?” he begs, getting really anxious now. 

“Tim’s been injured on patrol pretty badly. We’re at the hospital right now, he’s being taken care of by the doctors.”

Silence. Dick feels like he’s drowning, like someone just took all the air in the room from him. He’s suffocating, feeling like he’s dying. He looks over to the speedster, who is still too focused on his work, to notice weird behaviour of his boyfriend. 

His thoughts wander immediately towards Jason. The pain, the suffering he went through back then. He remembers it all at this second. 

Please, not again. 

“I’ll be there in an hour,” he managed to choke out, fully forgetting about what he’s just promised. 

Wally seems to react to his tone of voice, because the next thing Dick knows, the redhead is beside him, on the couch, and his project seem to be forgotten. 

“Dick, please stay where you are,” Bruce sounds now more matter-of-factly.

“I need to be there-”

“I don’t want you to be going anywhere in this state.”

The raven-haired falls silent again, realizing Bruce’s just worried about him getting hurt as well. He chokes back a sob.

He feels Wally’s hand around his and he squeezes it for comfort. 

“Okay, I’ll stay,” he obeys finally. “Just- please call me later? When you know if he-” he doesn’t finish, too overwhelmed with the sudden wave of emotions. 

“Tim will be okay. I’ll call you when I’m able to see him.” And with that, the older man hangs up. 

Dick lets his hand fall to his lap, letting go of the phone, which almost hits the floor, but Wally manages to catch it in time and he puts it carefully on the table beside them.

He, then, looks back at his boyfriend, worry visible on his face. He’s witnessed a similar call to this once before. He remembers how it ended. The hologram in the Watchtower haunts him to this day. 

“Dick?” he pushes gently, when his partner still doesn’t speak up after a few minutes. 

“It’s Tim.”

“Is he-”

“In hospital.”

The speedster lets out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. Robin’s not dead, good. 

“He’s in hospital, he’ll be fine,” the redhead mumbles, not knowing if he’s trying to reassure Dick or himself this way. Maybe both of them. Possibly. “All we can do now is wait.”

Dick’s not reacting. Not really. He’s just staring into the space in front of him, looking as if he’s deep in some unpleasant memories. It makes Wally scared. He’s seen this reaction a fair few times, but each time it’s equally scary. The longest Dick ever managed to remain like this was around fourteen hours. Yep, Wally actually counted that. The younger man didn’t eat, nor sleep under that time. His boyfriend was relieved however, to discover that he is able to make him hydrate.

“We should get you to bed-”

“No.” To Wally’s surprise, Dick answers, his voice harsh and forceful.

“Babe, please-”

“I’m not going to bed until Bruce calls.”

The speedster tries meeting his eyes. As he succeeds, he realizes that there’s no convincing  his boyfriend. He’s going to stay up, even if that means not getting any sleep tonight. 

Wally sighs, then wraps his arms around the younger man, as he lays down on the couch. Dick shakes slightly in his arms, then looks at him questionably. Wally’s eyes are soft, fully of understatement. 

“If you’re staying up, then I’ll stay with you,” he says quietly, glancing at the clock, hanging on the wall nearby. It shows 1:13 AM.

Wally feels as Dick hides his face in the crock of his neck.

“Thank you,” the younger man mumbles. 

“Of course.”

Chapter Text

“I got your message, what happened?” Dick chokes up, literally falling into their house. He’s trying to catch his breath, he’s been running. 

Around twenty minutes ago he got a message from Wally, saying he needs him to come back home, he doesn’t want to be alone. He panicked, because of course he did, and he got even more worried as he tried calling his boyfriend, but the older man wouldn’t answer. So even though he had loads of work and got an unfavorable stare from Batman, he left the cave. Thank god they live nearby, otherwise getting back home ASAP would be kind of problematic. 

Wally’s seated on the couch, looking into the abyss. It’s weird, Dick thinks, because the speedster sits there without anything to entertain himself with. The TV is turned off, he has no book around, no project papers laying in mess on the floor. Nothing. He just sits there.

At first the redhead doesn’t even seem to notice him, too deep in his thoughts. His mind visibly wanders into some unpleasant corners of his brain. After a few seconds, however, he turns around ever so slightly. He doesn’t face Dick fully, instead he shows him his profile briefly. 

The younger man knows something is wrong, if the other doesn’t want to look at him. He goes around the couch, and kneels in front of his boyfriend, trying to make their eyes meet. He fails. Wally’s gaze falls to the floor. His cheeks are wet, Dick notices, which makes him even more anxious now. 

The younger of the two tends to have frequent breakdowns - police work and patrols as Nightwing overnight can really get to you sometimes. But Wally is different. Even when stressed about his exams or projects, or even his studies in general, he never breaks down like that. He never sheds tears, unless something really serious is happening. 

That’s why Dick’s worried. He is scared for Wally, but also scared of what he’s about to hear. He almost wishes the speedster refuses to talk, he doesn’t think he’s ready for yet another information about someone’s death, or life-threatening injuries. 

But he knows he has to be the strong one right now. Wally deserves to have his own breakdown every once in a while, and Dick is more than happy to be his rock. He can’t fully hide his fright though.

Wally finally speaks up, his voice is hoarse, he had to be crying for some time now. Which, of course, makes Dick feel bad for taking such a long time to get here. 

“Barry’s been hurt,” the speedster says with a somehow empty tone. 

The younger man looks at him questionably. It’s not that he’s confused about a speedster getting hurt. He knows they can get hurt, it’s just that he also realizes that it takes them a much shorter period of time to fully heal. And they can heal from much stronger injuries than a regular human being. 

“What happened?” he asks, trying to push the conversation further. 

“Another speedster attacked Central City. I wasn’t around, Barry went to check it out-” Wally stops, takes a deep breath, trying to prevent his voice from wavering. Then, he continues, “Zoom. He broke Barry’s spine and got away.”

Dick’s eyes widen. He doesn’t know what that can mean for a speedster, he’s never been in this kind of situation. Will Barry heal? Or does that mean he won’t be able to run ever again?

Wally must’ve picked up his boyfriend’s confusion, because after a few seconds he gathers courage to explain.

“Iris and Jay managed to get him to the S.T.A.R. Labs. Scientists there confirmed that Barry’s spinal cord was cut-” his voice breaks at the end, to which Dick reacts immediately, sitting next to him and embracing his boyfriend. 

He feels the trembles going through the older man’s body. He tries to hush him, massages his back to calm him down, runs his fingers through the red hair. But this horrible incident is still too fresh for Wally to relax. He tries speaking, ignoring the fact that the tears are streaming freely down his face now and his voice is cracking every few seconds. 

“For a- a normal person this kind of injury means- paralysis,” he almost sobs out. “F-for a speedster? I- I don’t know. It never happened before, o-or at least I haven’t heard of that. The scientists- they think he- might recover. They’re keeping him there for now.”

Dick’s not sure what to say. He didn’t expect that, but to be honest, he doesn’t know what he did expect. He takes all the information in, familiarizing himself with it. He decides to hold on to the positive thought. 

“But you said the scientists think he might heal right?” he says finally, getting a small nod from his boyfriend. “Then he’ll be fine. I’m sure he'll be okay. He’s strong, isn’t he?”

“One of the strongest people I know.”

“Then why don’t we hold on to that? There’s no point in worrying about it yet, right?”

He gets another nod. Wally finally answers his hug, by wrapping his own arms around the smaller man. Dick squeezes him for comfort.

“You’re right,” he admits finally. His voice is audibly stronger now and it doesn’t shake anymore. 

It seems that he calmed down a bit. 

Dick pulls away from the hug to look at the other man. Yep, this kind of image isn’t something that happens to him often. He wonders if he looks similar to how Wally looks now, when he has his breakdowns. Red-ish eyes, wet cheeks.

He’s pretty sure there are some differences. He’s never seen himself while crying, but he’s almost certain that his eyes are usually sad when it happens. Wally’s eyes though, right now look very empty. Almost as if they weren’t eyes really, more some kind of eye sockets. They are dark and depressed, but less than when Dick first saw them this day. 

The raven-haired can see some kind of light growing in them.

“Are you alright now?” He smacks himself mentally. One of the dumbest questions he could’ve possibly ask, but well, it’s too late now. 

To his surprise Wally smiles, upon seeing the younger man’s discomposure caused by the question. 

“Maybe not alright, but much better now.” He pulls Dick back into a hug. The raven-haired doesn’t mind, knowing that his boyfriend is still probably in the need of comfort. “Thank you for coming this fast, I know I probably interrupted your work.”

Dick looks up at him, with something like anger in his features. “Stop it,” he says sadly. “You’re more important than work, you know that.”

“I know.”

They stay silent for a second.

“It’s been an overwhelming day,” Wally huffs finally, pulling away. He runs his hand through his hair and sighes shakely. 

“Cuddle?” Dick offers.


Chapter Text

It’s been two weeks since Barry’s encounter with Zoom. All the heroes, both Justice League and Young Justice, were working on finding the speedster actively. With no result, though. The guy just disappeared into thin air. There was no sign of him anywhere and a fair part of the heroes started slowly giving up. A lot thought that there was no other way of finding him, than just to wait until he shows up again, willingly. 

On the bright news, Barry is recovering. Slowly, but still. At this point it’s sure that he will heal just fine, his spinal cord started already accreting. There’s no doubt that in a maybe next week or so, he’ll be up and running, just like he always did.

His family is relieved. Wally seems to be calmer now. He is not over what happened, and he’s one of the most active members of the Young Justice to seek for the hated speedster who’s injured his uncle this badly, but he visibly distances his emotions from this case. That’s probably for the best. 

The thing that worries Dick, though, isn’t about either of the speedsters - not that he tries to ignore that awful incident, of course not. But he’s been having his own problems during that period of time. 

Nightmares, to be exact. 

Those nightmares started getting more and more frequent. Fortunately for him, Wally’s been out of the house for most of the nights, so he did not witness them yet. However Dick is getting more and more anxious and scared. He’s getting scared each time he has to let Wally out of his sight for more than a few hours. Why? Because the night terrors are related to Zoom. Or more to what he did.

In his dreams, Dick sees the whole situation with the eyes of his imagination. Zoom holding up another speedster. Then an audible crack, which the raven-haired recognizes each time. Both the Nightwing deal, and his daily job as a police officer made him used to the sound of breaking bones. So each time he hears this sound in his nightmares, he knows what it is. 

The sound of a spine being broken. 

The sound of agony. 

Here’s the difference from the real situation that took place two weeks ago - he doesn’t see Barry in his dreams. He sees Wally. 

He managed to witness Barry’s recovering process. He got to the monitoring recordings and was able to slow them down to review them. He saw the fight captured on the tapes. He watched it. He’s seen it, even though he wasn’t there.

It replies in his mind, over and over and over again. He cannot forget. He doesn’t even know why it has such a big influence on him. This wasn’t the first fight between the speedsters, nor will it be the last one. And Wally wasn’t even there, he wasn’t even close to the place.

Dick still sees Wally though. In his dreams, each time, it’s always Wally. 

He’s extremely worried. He is scared as well. What if Zoom is waiting for the right moment, when they all are finally so tired from searching him that they don’t even notice he is back in town? What if his next target will be Wally? 

What if next time there will be no mercy?

What if the spinal cord won’t accrete?

All the what ifs make his brain hurt, make him not being able to focus. 

Then there comes a night when Wally’s finally home. He’s been finally back to spending more time at home and at the university recently. Maybe he’s given up on the Zoom’s case as well, who knows? The important thing is, their lives are getting back to normal.

Except… the nightmares are still there. 


Dick shots up from the bed. For a few seconds he doesn’t even know where he is. All he knows is that Wally’s been injured really badly and he needs to get his ass there now and help his boyfriend, because what if Zoom’s next move will be the deathly one and-

He feels an arm wrapping around him, then another. He’s still breathing heavily, not knowing what’s going on. Someone’s hushing him gently, and in spite of himself, he feels safe. He lets himself calm down.

Then he realizes there are tears on his face. He didn’t even notice them falling. He must be really out of it. 

Finally, he hears the voice more clearly. He understands that he’s sitting in the bed, the comforter thrown on the floor next to him. The person whose arms he’s wrapped in, is his boyfriend. The second he realizes that, he starts searching for any sign of injuries or pain in the redhead’s features. 

He must be still crying, because Wally’s massaging his arms now, kissing his hair, doing everything to make him stop crying and tell him what’s going on. 

The speedster is used to the fact that the younger man gets nightmares sometimes. They both do, that’s kind of a part of their professions. The thing is, there’s always a reason for them to appear. And that’s what Wally’s trying to find out now. The reason.

Dick finally relaxes fully. He falls onto his boyfriend’s chest and cuddles close to him, wrapping his arms around the older man as well. He’s scared that if he lets go, he's going to be back in this terrible, horrible dream. So he clings to the redhead.

“Talk to me,” Wally whispers into the raven hair. He needs to know what’s the trigger this time, otherwise he won’t be able to help. 

“I saw Zoom,” Dick answers quietly after taking several deep breaths. He really doesn’t want to remember the dream. He would rather ignore the fact that this happened and go back to sleep, safe and secure in his boyfriend’s arms. That’s not an option right now, though. 

“You saw Zoom?” the redhead sounds surprised. “Did the case get to you this badly?”

Dick’s not sure. “Maybe,” he admits. “But in my dreams-” he cuts himself off, not wanting to continue. 

“What? What’s happening in your dreams?” the older man pushes slightly. 

The raven-haired swallows visibly. “In my dreams it’s not Barry, who’s being hurt-” he stops once again. He can’t do it. 

There are several seconds of eerie silence. 

“It’s me, isn’t it?” Wally asks softly. 

Dick starts crying again, but this time he’s aware of it. He really can’t take it. He recollects the awful images from his nightmares again. They start replaying in front of his eyes and he wishes it would stop, he just wants it to stop.

Wally tightens his arms around the shaking form.

“I’m alright,” he says forcefully. “It won’t happen.”

“You- you can’t know that,” Dick manages, trying to catch his breath.

“We’re gonna find him,” the redhead doesn’t seem to listen. “We’re gonna find him and we’re gonna lock him up. They have these cells at S.T.A.R. Labs that can prevent him from using his powers,” he explains.

Dick has fistfulls of Wally’s T-shirt and he’s clinging to him even more now. 

“Promise me,” he chokes out eventually. “Promise me, that the next time he appears in the area, you won’t go after him alone.”


“No, you promise me now!” 

Once again, they fall into silence, which is being interrupted only by the sounds the younger man’s making, trying to calm his nerves. 

“I promise. I won’t go after him alone. I won’t fight with him alone,” Wally’s voice is quiet, but full of honesty. 

Dick knows this tone. He knows his boyfriend isn’t lying. He trusts him. 

And with that promise, the younger man is finally able to sleep peacefully. 

Chapter Text

Dick’s genderfluid. There, he said it. 

Yes, “he” is currently the pronoun. 

No matter how many times he repeats that, it doesn’t become any less stressful. It’s difficult to constantly have this feeling of your gender fluctuating, and due to that, having to correct people all the time, because you just don’t feel comfortable when they are not using the pronouns you are good with right now. 

He knows he shouldn’t be stressed about it, I mean, it’s perfectly normal to expect people to act towards you with respect. For different people, different kinds of things can be these signs of respect; for teachers for example, it would probably be when the students call them “Mrs.” or “Mr.” For Dick though, it’s just about addressing him the right way.

He thinks about it a lot. What makes him so uncomfortable about people using “he,” when he wants them to use “she”? It’s just a word, isn’t it? Well… It’s not about the word per ce. He wouldn’t mind it if it was. It’s more about the message he gets while someone refers to him. If he asks someone to use a different pronoun and this person does use it, he feels accepted, loved even. He feels like the person respects him and wants him to feel comfortable. But when someone ignores the request, he just- he feels awkward. And weird. It’s an unbearable feeling really. Means this person doesn’t understand. Doesn’t want to understand.

So in conclusion, it can get stressful.

The other thing is when you see someone is busy. He has this problem in his work place - the police station in Gotham. Generally, he wouldn’t tell anyone in there anyway about being genderfluid. Gotham is not a tolerant place for people identifying with the LGBTQ+ community. But there are some people that he trusts, there are some people at his work, with whom he is friends. And they do accept him, however…

Imagine a homicide. Yes, I know, it’s coming unexpectedly. But imagine there is this case about a homicide. You have no suspects, no evidence. All the people around you are working, sometimes even up till twenty hours a day. Yes, twenty hours. Solving this case is everyone’s main priority, I mean, the murderer is still out there, possibly planning on taking another person's life. You can imagine there’s a very heavy, tense atmosphere. 

That’s the moment when Dick decides not to bother any of his friends at work with the pronouns. It may be weird or dumb or- Doesn’t matter how it sounds. He just can’t make himself to bother them with that when he sees they are busy, stressed and tired already as it is. They don’t need another thing to be worried about.

So he gets throughout the day without telling anyone. He gets home feeling uncomfortable, and just simply bad. 

Jesus, he’s becoming annoying even to himself. 

The only person that he is always truly happy and open with is his boyfriend, Wally. He has no problems with telling him. They have this promise, Dick is supposed to be telling Wally each time his pronouns change, no matter how many times it happens. Even if he feels it will be annoying to his boyfriend, he is still supposed to tell him. And it’s working. He almost never hides from the speedster. Probably because Wally never seems annoyed about the sudden fluctuation of Dick’s gender. Each time he just smiles at him and nods. And from that second he just fluently switches to the settled pronoun. 

He never gets confused. He always uses the right one. 

Wally can’t obviously fully understand what Dick feels, but he knows it has to be difficult for the younger one. That’s why, one day he just appears with these bracelets. 

He has five of them. Different colours. Three of them have two words each. The last two, one word each. 

“He” and “Him.”

“She” and “Her.”

“They” and “Them.”

The remaining two - “neither” and “either.”

Dick cries when he gets to see them. Wally knows it’s not about the bracelets themselves, it’s more about the gesture. The point is to make the younger one less stressed about telling people. By wearing these, he can subtly point out what's his gender on certain days. People don’t have to ask, they just look and they know. If they get confused or forget (which of course can happen and both Dick and Wally understand that), they can just look once again.

Dick wears them everyday. Sometimes one at the time, sometimes more. And it’s actually working. People start to notice. They don’t ask anymore, they look, they use the pronoun. And the raven-haired can’t honestly be more happy. 

It’s easier to focus on work or studies. It’s just easier to get the motivation to do stuff, when you feel good about yourself. 

Wally never told him where he got these bracelets from. Dick checked a lot of shops in Central City, but didn’t find anything similar. That’s why he thinks someone had to make them for him. He is experienced if it comes to investigating, so it doesn’t take him long until he realizes who might’ve done that as a request from his boyfriend. 

He suspects Iris. She does make this type of stuff in her free time. Plus, he observes her smiling slightly, each time her eyes fall onto the bracelets. 

Or maybe he just overthinks that? It doesn’t matter where they are from. What matters is that they are working. And that they are making his life easier. Less stressful. Less anxious. 

And he/she/they loves that.

Chapter Text

Wally’s sitting on the bed, staring at his boyfriend, taking in the whole picture that paints in front of him. Sometimes you just need to appreciate some moments, he knows that. As a speedster, he has a different perspective. Everything goes slower for him, he has as much time as he would ever need to just observe and analyse. But even though he is fast and he has all the time he would need, he enjoys mostly the moments of calm. When everything slows down and he can just sit and look and think and appreciate. 

He likes the slow moments the most. 

They are peaceful. Dick, sleeping in their bed, calm, breathing even, his beautiful, baby blue eyes closed - this is the best possible picture. His boyfriend looks so relaxed and he is just grateful for this moment. 

He lacks sleep, that’s obvious. All of the heroes of this world lack sleep, no matter if they work for Justice League, Young Justice, police, hospitals or if they are firefighters. When you are a hero, sleep is on the end of your list of priorities. 

He could sleep. He could use some rest, really. But he chooses to stay awake. Looking at his boyfriend, enjoying the moment, appreciating. Because that’s what life’s about, to be honest. It’s about appreciating what you have. Enjoying what you experience at this certain moment.

He thinks about the issues they had to face, both Dick and Wally. They went through a lot over these years, didn’t they? They’ve known each other for such a long time already… There were a ton of experiences, if not more. There were some positive ones, as well as the negative ones, the speedster thinks. That’s alright though. He would never exchange any of the events from their lives for anything else. He would never change anything about either of them.

Dick has problems.

Wally has problems. 

But that’s what the world is about, really. That’s the beauty of life. They have their problems, but they still face them each day, they deal with them, they solve them. If they cannot do that on their own, they ask the other one for help. They hold each other up. They help each other swim, instead of drowning. They are there for each other.

That’s the beauty of life. 

He would never change any of that. 

Once more, he focuses on his boyfriend’s sleeping form. His calm features. His slightly parted lips, the short, yet relaxed breaths. His hands curling on the pillow and comforter. His eyeballs moving slightly under the closed eyelids. The hair, standing into each possible direction.

Wally chuckles quietly, mindfull, not wanting to wake up the younger man. 

It’s rare to see Dick like this. The raven-haired is usually busy. He works all the time, either on investigations or the stuff related to Mount Justice and his Nightwing form. It surely can be stressful. So Wally can’t blame him for- for being just that. Stressed. Anxious.

But it’s nice to see a change once in a while, you know? It’s nice to see he is able to relax and rest. Just as he should. Just as he deserves. 

The redhead looks at the clock. It’s 3 AM. What is he even doing awake anymore? He really should be sleeping, it’s not like he’s free tomorrow. He has work. Loads of work. The deadlines on the projects from university. The life of Kid Flash. 


He just can’t make himself stop looking. He feels like, if he lays down and closes his eyes, he will drift away. And he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want to lose this moment. He wants the time to freeze. He wants it to last and last and last. As long as he needs to see this beautiful picture in front of himself. 

He knows it’s not possible. He knows he has to face the reality. 

The reality which is harsh. The reality that can be difficult and unfair. But well, that’s what life is. It’s a lottery. It’s never about fairness.

He still would never change any of that. 

He sits in the darkness. Staring. Thinking. 

The minutes pass, and pass, and pass. They turn into hours at some point. 

He still can’t bring myself to lay down.

He wants to sleep but he doesn’t want to sleep. 

“Mmm… you okay?” asks a small, quiet voice. Still hoarse with sleep.

Dick’s looking back at him. Concern written in his features. Wally woke him up.

“Nothing,” the older man says, smiling. “Just thinking.”

He finally lays down, enveloping the raven-haired in his arms. His thoughts are still racing in his brain, but he doesn’t care as much anymore. 

He will sleep. He might be missing this moment of calm, he might be missing the image of his boyfriend’s relaxed features. He might be even missing something that feels like a regular life, that they rarely experience. 

But he’s fine with that.

The moments like this will always come. The moments like this will always appear. When they do, he will be ready for them. He will sit and appreciate it once again. He will think, he will go back in his memories. 

He will enjoy the moment.

He will think of both negative and positive aspects of their lives. 

Life is full of surprises. It’s like a lottery. You can’t possibly know the result. You can’t know what’s going to happen next.

But there’s one thing he knows for sure.

He doesn’t want any of their lives to change.

Chapter Text

There it is. Dick’s 20th birthday. 

Wally feels quite happy for his boyfriend, that he’s able to actually celebrate this day with all of their friends. The speedster gathered some of the other heroes of Young Justice and together they managed to prepare a party at the cave. Nothing too big or extraordinary, but Wally knows it’s enough. For Dick it was always the gesture that counted. 

He observes the younger man. Dick’s talking to Tim, a smile visible on his face. He looks relaxed and genuinely happy. Wally takes it in. He loves seeing the young athlete like this. 

The evening is calm. Wally’s thankful that there is no emergency. He wanted it to be a special evening and everything is going in the right direction so far. 

He meets Dick’s eyes for a mere second. Upon seeing his boyfriend smiling at him, he answers with a smile on his own. 

Wally’s sitting on the side of the room. Not because he isn’t up to integrate with people, but because he’s just trying to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere for a second. Seeing all of his friends together, having a great time makes him delighted. 

He didn’t give Dick his gift yet. That’s due to the fact that it’s a big present. Waiting for the raven-haired at their home.

The speedster wondered for a long time what to get his boyfriend. He knew Dick would appreciate anything really. As said - the gesture is what’s important. But he wanted to make it as special as this evening- or, alright, at least close to it. 

And then he got this amazing idea. 

Dick recently started collecting books. He wouldn’t do it earlier while still leaving with Bruce. Even though Wayne has a big mansion, Dick felt like having little amount of personal stuff was more practical. Just in case he was to move somewhere else or, in the worst case scenario, run away and hide for some time. 

Wally could understand the logic behind it, however living his whole life in one house, he had no idea how it felt to actually limit yourself to having only very basic stuff. 

He was happy to see that after they moved in together, Dick started getting more things. And that those things were more “hobby-related.” The older man felt that his boyfriend’s actually beginning to live a little, just like a regular human being would, instead of acting and treating himself like he was some kind of machine made by Bruce. 

But- Back to the gift.

So yes, Dick started collecting books. Obviously he isn’t only collecting them,but first and foremost reading them. However, up till now they didn’t have a good place to keep the books in. 

That’s why Wally decided to build a custom bookshelf for his boyfriend’s collection. He’s actually pretty proud of it. 

And he’s pretty sure Dick’ll like it as well.


They leave the cave just around midnight. Their house isn’t far so they decide to take a nightly walk. It’s quiet. The sky is clear, and you can see the stars very well. There’s so many of them, they almost look like sprinkles. 

They eventually approach home. Wally unlocks the door and opens them for Dick, letting him go in first. The younger man enters, the speedster following quickly. 

The hall in their house is directly connected to the living room, so you can see the full room as you walk into the house. That’s why it doesn’t take long for Dick to notice a shape of some new piece of furniture in the dark. He looks questionably at his boyfriend. 

The older man smiles at him slightly, before getting to the switch and turning the light on. The house becomes brighter immediately, and Dick can finally see clearly what is standing in the living room. 

A white bookcase. It looks interesting. Nothing like the regular bookcases you usually see at the furniture shops. 

The spaces between shelves varies, the levels of them as well. The shelves are in a little different positions, some of them divided. Dick can see at first glance that the furniture was made with a thought of the books he already has. He can see they will fit perfectly on it. 

He turns towards his boyfriend.

“Is that why you told me to keep out of the garage?” he asks with disbelief. “Did you build it?”

Wally nods, smiling wider now as he sees the sparkle in the younger man’s eyes. 

“I thought I should get you something special- and practical for that matter, so the bookcase was the first thing that came to my mind,” he explains. 

Dick’s staring at him without a word for such a long time that for a second the speedster thinks that maybe he was wrong. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea. 

However, all the doubt disappears as the younger athlete wraps his arms around the older man in a bone-crushing hug. After a second Wally hugs back.

“This is perfect, thank you,” Dick says gratefully. His eyes are sparkling and the smile doesn’t vanish from his face. “It’s very special. I love it.”

Wally, in answer, plants a kiss on his boyfriend’s forehead. 

He knows the bookcase will fill in soon. And he is more than happy to be a witness of that.

Chapter Text


Just why?

Why would this happen?

As Dick enters the hall of their house, he is greeted with a sudden whoosh of wind. After a few seconds he realizes that the whoosh is flying all over the house, sending different papers and other lighter objects, flying across the rooms every few seconds. 

He is stunned at first. Stunned and confused. He doesn’t know what’s going on, doesn’t know if he should get a backup, should he prepare for a fight. 

However, he suddenly notices the yellow and red blurring in the suspicious whoosh. And that makes him finally understand what this strange phenomena is. 

As if on cue, the whoosh stops right in front of him, so that now he is finally able to give his boyfriend a questioning look. Wally is indeed standing in one spot, but his whole body is vibrating with unnatural speed, now and then making him phase through the objects he happens to touch or try to lean on. 

Dick thinks about all of the possible explanations of his boyfriend’s weird, unusual behaviour. Alright, thinks is an understatement. He tries to think of some, but he doesn’t seem to be able to come up with any. So he simply raises his eyebrow, to appear even more disoriented in the speedsters eyes. 

“What’s all this about?” he asks finally, seeing that the redhead isn’t about to talk. As he does, he spreads his arms, showing all the papers laying on the floor, table and different random spots all over the house, trying to show Wally the damage. 

Now it’s the speedster’s turn to look confused, yet he replies. 

“Nothing.” Even his voice is vibrating. That’s not normal, Dick thinks. At the same time, he gets an impression that Wally seriously has no clue what the younger man is talking about.

Being this clueless is very comfortable, is it not?

Dick sighs, visibly resigned. His eyes wander in the direction of the kitchen, where he finally notices some kind of clue. He passes by his boyfriend and heads there. Upon entering, he sees it clearly now. There, on the counter, are two paper coffee mugs. Possibly from some nearby Cafe. 

Both are empty.

The young athlete, one again, turns on his hill, throwing a glare in the direction of where his boyfriend should be. However, as he does that, he sees nothing. The speedster is no longer in the spot.

What a surprise. 


Dick has a mini heart attack as he hears a quivering voice right behind him. He turns around, again, and he’s suddenly face to face with his boyfriend.

Jesus Christ, he’s fast. 

The younger man takes a second to collect himself, trying to breathe through the sudden panic that was caused by the redhead. He throws another glare and grunts. The older man smiles down at him apologetically. 

“Did you drink coffee?” Dick asks eventually, as if it’s not obvious enough. He’s pointing at the mugs.

Of course Wally had to drink it. Unless they had some guests over, when Dick wasn’t home, but that wouldn’t explain his boyfriend’s being this hyper. 

“Mayyybeee~” The older man says quickly, the smile not vanishing from his face.

Dick sighs even deeper now. He is about to say something more, but Wally’s gone again. The raven-haired hears the noises of the whoosh coming now from the living room, papers flying all over the place once again.

He closes his eyes in annoyance. He wanted to come back home and have a peaceful, relaxing afternoon. He is getting stressed almost all the time recently, having more and more things to do. He’s overworking himself. That’s why, he tries to chill whenever he can. Even if it means only a few minutes.

He would probably spend this time sitting down and reading. He enjoys reading the most, out of all the activities. 

But how can you focus on relaxing if you have this kind of hyper maniac in the house? It’s impossible. 

Dick thinks for a second, trying to consider all the possible options. He is the “think first, act later” type of person. So he wonders. 

It’s possible for him to go back to Bruce’s, but the way to Gotham will be exhausting, plus he just came back from there. Another con of this possibility is that, upon seeing him, Batman will probably get him to go on a patrol or something, and believe it or not, for Dick it’s very far from what he considers as “relaxing.” Out of question.

Perhaps, he would be able to return to the cave? It’s a big space, and at this day and this hour, a lot of the other heroes would be gone. On the other hand, once again, it’s possible he would have to intervene if there was something happening nearby. Additionally, he needs to keep his identity secret, even in a place like Mount Justice, which would mean he’d have to be sitting there, in full costume and the mask. Not exactly relaxing. 

He signs. He does that a lot today. He loves Wally, but him being a speedster has its cons sometimes. 

Suddenly, an idea. He looks up, on the ceiling. He thinks for a second. Then he walks out of the house and standing in the backyard, he observes the roof. 

The weather is very nice. It’s warm and the sun is shining. The sunset will still be happening in a long time, and the dusk almost doesn’t come during this part of the year. 

This is great. 

Dick risks entering the house once again. Making sure Wally isn’t occupying the living room anymore, he quickly goes in and grabs one of the books from the bookcase. Then he returns to the garden.

He climbs onto the roof and sits there. It’s actually quite comfortable, and the lightning is perfect. It’s also very quiet around. When they were buying a house, Dick insisted they buy one in a quiet, calm neighbourhood. Now this decision seems even better.

Laying on the roof, on his back, he starts reading.


It’s been a few hours since he came back home. Even though there’s a hyper maniacal speeding through the entire house, the time he spent outside was quite chill. He managed to get almost to the end of the book, but now he puts it down, as he feels some change in the atmosphere around him.

“Dick?” The voice pins his attention. He looks in that direction.

“Hi, Wallyyy~” he says, smirking down at his boyfriend’s confused expression.

“Wh- what the hell are you doing?” The speedster lets out a light laugh. 

Dick notices the older man isn’t vibrating anymore. His voice is back to normal as well. And he is moving normally, instead of speeding all the time. 

“I’m reading,” he answers simply, as if there was nothing out of ordinary in his current position. 

“On the roof??”

“Well, yes, it seemed like the only place calm enough to actually relax.” 

They stare at each other for several seconds, Dick still smirking, Wall still chuckling now and then. 

“You know how ridiculous you look?” The redhead asks finally, but it’s obviously a rhetorical question. 

The athlete looks down at himself, as if trying to see this whole picture from his boyfriend’s perspective. After a second he gives up, shrugging his arms. He closes the book, automatically memorizing the page number and then he gracefully slides off the roof, landing graciously on his feet. 

He approaches his boyfriend and wraps his arms around Wally’s neck.

“Did you enjoy the book?”


“Looks like you really did unlock your inner bird just now.”


They fall silent for a moment.

“You know what else is ridiculous?”

Wally looks at the younger man with confusion and a questioning look.

“A speedster on caffeine,” Dick says quickly, before planting a peck on the other’s lips and smoothly retreating into the house.

Chapter Text

Wally turns his head upon hearing the sound of the front door being closed. He throws a glance towards his boyfriend, who just happens to be back from work a little bit earlier today. Believe it or not, but that’s actually usually not a good sign. It’s usually equal to something bad happening at Dick’s work. Recently, though, it’s been going really well for the athlete, so Wally hopes he’s wrong this one time.

He waits for the younger man to enter the living room, before scanning him carefully. Nothing in his boyfriend’s features shows any signs of sadness, frustration or any negative emotions really. The speedster lets out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. He can be confident in his diagnosis, due to the fact that he’s usually able to recognize Dick’s mood, even when the other is trying to hide it, however that doesn’t seem to be the case now. 

Dick slumps next to the redhead, looking slightly tired, but still not showing any signs of discomfort. Wally puts his hand on the other’s back and starts making small circles on it. 

“You’re early,” he states the obvious, hoping that he can get the raven-haired to talk.

“I am.” Dick answers calmly, a smile appearing on his face.

Alright, so apparently Wally was worrying for no reason; his boyfriend looks totally fine. 

“Mind telling me why?”

The speedster suddenly notices a spark in the younger’s eyes. Not sure what’s this about, he scoops closer, just in case. However Dick still seems happy, or even sort of… proud, maybe?

“I closed a case.” The athlete says finally, his smile widening. 

The redhead is stunned. Sure, by now Dick has gained pretty solid experience in investigating but only recently he started getting cases, in which he is really in control of everything. In which he is in charge. 

Yet the cases weren’t exactly serious. Pickpocketing, sometimes a robbery, very, very rarely it would be a case about drugs. That’s it.

But Dick seems really proud about this one so something has to be different. 

Wally sits up more, staring at his boyfriend with curiosity, “What was the case about?” He asks finally, suspecting that the younger man is waiting just for that. 

“A series of brutal murders.”

Okay. Alright, this is big. Like, much bigger than anything Dick worked with up till now. And he was the one in charge. 

The raven-haired seems to be entertained by Wally’s reaction- which would be no reaction, because the older man continues to stare, not sure what to do or say. He was not expecting that- and this is seriously something big. 

“You caught the one responsible?” Eventually he manages to choke out. 

Dick nods with as much energy as he can find now. Wally gets the impression that his boyfriend is glowing- no, literally, glowing. He hasn’t seen him this happy and this confident about his actions in so long. It makes the older man’s heart melt, seeing the other like this. It’s an amazing feeling. 

“D-ick,” he stutters, trying to overcome the shock, even though it’s a positive feeling. “Gosh, Dick, that’s amazing!” he says finally, throwing his arms around his boyfriend. “You’re amazing,” he kisses the other one’s forehead. 

Dick chuckles at that, returning the hug.

Truth be told, the last weeks have been stressful, but it only made today more rewarding. He was working hard on this one, checking everything twice or even thrice to avoid overlooking anything. Sometimes he would even stay at the office overnight, trying to find some connections between the evidence, and searching for new clues. He was tired of solving this case, but he was still going. A lot of people had been killed in the process, but he knew a lot of more was about to be killed, if he was to give up. So he didn’t. Give up, that is. 

And now when the investigation was over and the offender was waiting for the trial, suddenly everything felt so good. The satisfaction and the happiness were overwhelming. 

Of course, Dick couldn’t have not been grateful for a boyfriend like Wally, who waited for him patiently. The speedster showed signs of worry, of course he did, but this only caused him to make sure the younger man was staying healthy. When Dick would call him late at night, informing that he has to stay at work overnight, Wally would never get mad. He was, is, supprotive. And that’s probably one of the things that helped Dick the most.

“Dick?” His boyfriend rips him out of his thoughts. “You alright?” he asks, his voice becoming gentle.

The raven-haired pulls away from the hug to look the other in the eye. He smiles once again.

“Never been better,” he says charmingly. 

Wally returns his smile. “Seriously babe, I am so proud.”

Dick feels a slight blush crawling onto his cheeks at the older man’s words. He closes the distance between them and kisses Wally lightly. 

“I would’ve never been able to do that without you.”

Chapter Text

Wally sits by the table in the living room, working on the final project of his studies. This is yet another month of work, however this will be the final one. The final week even. He’s sitting here, checking everything once again and finishing the parts that he had left for later. Yes, he is a procrastinator, but it’s not that bad considering that he has still a few days left before the deadline. 

The papers are laying all over the place; some of the table, one covering another, some of them on the chairs, because yes, it's a pretty comfortable spot to put a paper on, while sitting by the table yourself, however most of them landed on the floor, when they’re resting until the speedster will be in need of them again. These are the least important, though. It’s possible that he won’t need them at all anymore. 

He leans back on the chair and looks around. He’s been told that during intensive work, you need to take breaks and look somewhere else, so that your eyes can relax a bit. So far it’s been a helpful tip, so he continues so use it. He may be a speedster and due to that have, and regain, a lot of physical energy quickly, however the intellectual work is something entirely different.

It’s quiet and calm. The sun outside is shining brightly, and there’s almost no clouds in the sky. The curtains in their house are fully open, so that the inside is as bright. It’s somehow motivating, when the place of your work is this bright and just looking alive. Full of colour.

Dick’s not home yet, probably working on something important himself. They tend to see each other mostly in the morning and in the evening on the working day. They may live together but their daily routines contain utterly distinctive activities. It’s fine though. Soon they will finally start spending more time together. Sure, Dick has his work, Wally will get his own job as well, probably, but their hero-lives will become a little more distant. 

That’s because they are engaged now.

Maybe that’s why the redhead is feeling so melancholic today. He’s looking around the house, remembering different things about it, discovering different memories that were buried somewhere deeper in his mind up till now. He remembers all the ups and downs. All the arguments they had in here, all the happy moments as well. Relaxing on the couch, while watching movies. Baking a birthday cake for Tim, because of Dick’s short memory for less serious things. Comforting each other and laughing with each other. 

Back when they were younger, just moving together, they haven’t even experienced that much arguments. Wally remembers thinking that they were just perfect together, not being able to fight over a single thing. Just one big harmony. And they were, and are perfect for each other, of course. But soon after the new chapter of their lives started, they discovered that they were very much capable of fighting. 

It’s only natural that you get sick of the person who lives with you sometimes. Too much time spent together, 24/7 makes people vulnerable to arguing over even the smallest things. 

Wally smiles at the thought. They might have been fighting and there will probably still be a lot of arguments in the future, but they still remain together, don’t they? That has to be saying something. 

And now, yet another chapter will be closed and yet another will be opened. Engagement is a serious thing. The relationship between these two now seems much more serious to the speedster, than a few weeks ago when they were still labelled as “boyfriends.” 

It wakes up a lot of different sorts of emotions. Fright. Happiness. Nervousness. Relief. Also, this weird-ass feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. As said, it’s another chapter in their lives. A shared chapter. Some things are going to change, some will remain the same, but that’s fine. That’s a normal part of life. 

Wally sighs, then shakes his head. He’s gotten too deep into this. He has serious work to do, but instead he’s sitting here, thinking, letting himself wander towards distant realms of his mind. 

Then he looks at the clock, hanging on the wall. It’s one of these annoying ones that you can hear very clearly in the whole house, as they tick, announcing ruthlessly that another second of your life is gone forever. 

The clock’s showing 6:13 PM. Has he been really sitting here this long, reflecting over stuff, instead of doing his actual work? How long has it been? When did he stop to take a break and look around? He lost the count. 

He still has a few days left, and even if he won’t be able to finish the project, well, life will go on. It won’t be a tragedy. And remembering all the stuff that happened in this house up till now- It was definitely worth the time. Sometimes you need to stop and think. Reflect. Analyse. 

A sound of the front door opening. Then, a similar sound, this time announcing that the door has been closed. Dick is back home, the speedster thinks. 

As if on cue, a raven-haired head peaks up from around the corner, the blue eyes looking directly at Wally. 

“Is everything alright?” Dick asks, concern slightly audible in his voice. 

Wally realizes only now how out of it he has to appear. He’s still not fully out of his thoughts, still a little bit far away from here. 

He smiles at his fianc é. 

“Never have been better.”

He observes as the athlete scans him carefully. He has to notice something in the older man’s features, because after a few seconds he seems satisfied. So he turns around and heads for the bathroom with intent to take a shower.

Wally remains staring at the spot, in which only a few seconds earlier the younger man stood. He chuckles to himself.

This chapter of their lives is about to end. The new chapter of their lives is about to start. And honestly? 

He couldn’t have been more happy.