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Birdflash 30 days OTP challenge

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Wally sits by the table in the living room, working on the final project of his studies. This is yet another month of work, however this will be the final one. The final week even. He’s sitting here, checking everything once again and finishing the parts that he had left for later. Yes, he is a procrastinator, but it’s not that bad considering that he has still a few days left before the deadline. 

The papers are laying all over the place; some of the table, one covering another, some of them on the chairs, because yes, it's a pretty comfortable spot to put a paper on, while sitting by the table yourself, however most of them landed on the floor, when they’re resting until the speedster will be in need of them again. These are the least important, though. It’s possible that he won’t need them at all anymore. 

He leans back on the chair and looks around. He’s been told that during intensive work, you need to take breaks and look somewhere else, so that your eyes can relax a bit. So far it’s been a helpful tip, so he continues so use it. He may be a speedster and due to that have, and regain, a lot of physical energy quickly, however the intellectual work is something entirely different.

It’s quiet and calm. The sun outside is shining brightly, and there’s almost no clouds in the sky. The curtains in their house are fully open, so that the inside is as bright. It’s somehow motivating, when the place of your work is this bright and just looking alive. Full of colour.

Dick’s not home yet, probably working on something important himself. They tend to see each other mostly in the morning and in the evening on the working day. They may live together but their daily routines contain utterly distinctive activities. It’s fine though. Soon they will finally start spending more time together. Sure, Dick has his work, Wally will get his own job as well, probably, but their hero-lives will become a little more distant. 

That’s because they are engaged now.

Maybe that’s why the redhead is feeling so melancholic today. He’s looking around the house, remembering different things about it, discovering different memories that were buried somewhere deeper in his mind up till now. He remembers all the ups and downs. All the arguments they had in here, all the happy moments as well. Relaxing on the couch, while watching movies. Baking a birthday cake for Tim, because of Dick’s short memory for less serious things. Comforting each other and laughing with each other. 

Back when they were younger, just moving together, they haven’t even experienced that much arguments. Wally remembers thinking that they were just perfect together, not being able to fight over a single thing. Just one big harmony. And they were, and are perfect for each other, of course. But soon after the new chapter of their lives started, they discovered that they were very much capable of fighting. 

It’s only natural that you get sick of the person who lives with you sometimes. Too much time spent together, 24/7 makes people vulnerable to arguing over even the smallest things. 

Wally smiles at the thought. They might have been fighting and there will probably still be a lot of arguments in the future, but they still remain together, don’t they? That has to be saying something. 

And now, yet another chapter will be closed and yet another will be opened. Engagement is a serious thing. The relationship between these two now seems much more serious to the speedster, than a few weeks ago when they were still labelled as “boyfriends.” 

It wakes up a lot of different sorts of emotions. Fright. Happiness. Nervousness. Relief. Also, this weird-ass feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. As said, it’s another chapter in their lives. A shared chapter. Some things are going to change, some will remain the same, but that’s fine. That’s a normal part of life. 

Wally sighs, then shakes his head. He’s gotten too deep into this. He has serious work to do, but instead he’s sitting here, thinking, letting himself wander towards distant realms of his mind. 

Then he looks at the clock, hanging on the wall. It’s one of these annoying ones that you can hear very clearly in the whole house, as they tick, announcing ruthlessly that another second of your life is gone forever. 

The clock’s showing 6:13 PM. Has he been really sitting here this long, reflecting over stuff, instead of doing his actual work? How long has it been? When did he stop to take a break and look around? He lost the count. 

He still has a few days left, and even if he won’t be able to finish the project, well, life will go on. It won’t be a tragedy. And remembering all the stuff that happened in this house up till now- It was definitely worth the time. Sometimes you need to stop and think. Reflect. Analyse. 

A sound of the front door opening. Then, a similar sound, this time announcing that the door has been closed. Dick is back home, the speedster thinks. 

As if on cue, a raven-haired head peaks up from around the corner, the blue eyes looking directly at Wally. 

“Is everything alright?” Dick asks, concern slightly audible in his voice. 

Wally realizes only now how out of it he has to appear. He’s still not fully out of his thoughts, still a little bit far away from here. 

He smiles at his fianc é. 

“Never have been better.”

He observes as the athlete scans him carefully. He has to notice something in the older man’s features, because after a few seconds he seems satisfied. So he turns around and heads for the bathroom with intent to take a shower.

Wally remains staring at the spot, in which only a few seconds earlier the younger man stood. He chuckles to himself.

This chapter of their lives is about to end. The new chapter of their lives is about to start. And honestly? 

He couldn’t have been more happy.