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Birdflash 30 days OTP challenge

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The day was nice, Wally thought. Whole afternoon, he has been sitting by the kitchen's table, working on a school-project. Every once in a while he would look out of the window, on the grey-ish world behind it, listening to the sound of rain. He always found this kind of weather weirdly comforting.

“Waaaaallyyyyy!” The sound of Dick’s voice broke the silence in the house. 

The said speedster looked up from his notes and directed his eyes towards the bedroom in which his boyfriend was resting ever since he came back from work a few hours earlier. Dick was feeling kind of down today, he could see that clearly but he hasn’t talked to him about it yet. He knew he should give the younger one’s time to compose himself before pushing him for information. 

“What’s up, babe?” he answered, eyeing his work one last time before standing up and going in the direction of their bedroom. 

As he walked in, he noticed Dick was still laying on their bed. Apparently his boyfriend hasn’t moved since coming back home. Wally sat on the bed, taking one of the other man’s hands in his own. They were quiet for a while, before Dick finally spoke up. 

“It’s raining outside,” he said as if this statement would explain everything. 

“Yes, I’ve noticed, but what about that?” The speedster pushed gently.

“I don’t like when it’s raining… Doesn’t feel like doing anything.”

Wally kept staring at him for a few more seconds before finally connecting the dots. Of course, how could he not see this sooner? His boyfriend was known to be a workaholic -  when he wasn’t at the watchtower as Nightwing, he would be working at the police station in Gotham, as Sergeant Grayson. Meanwhile he was also regularly going to gym, so he usually ended up getting home only for the night or, on some occasions, not at all.

Today was different though. Gotham was unusually calm, there was also no crime going on that would require Nightwing to be present in the watchtower with other heroes. If that wasn’t enough, then the weather definitely did it. Unlike his boyfriend, Dick didn't like rain, it always made him feel down and too unmotivated to leave the house, even if it meant going to the grocery store across the street. 

The older of the two gave his partner’s hand a little squeeze, before pulling him firstly into the sitting position, then onto his feet. The younger one looked at him suspiciously, but let himself be led by his boyfriend to the living room. Wally sat him on the couch, then left the room for a few seconds, only to return with a set of candles in one hand and a lighter in the other. 

Speedster put the candles on the table in front of the couch, lighting each of them slowly. He then went to the kitchen, and once again appeared back in the living room after a few minutes, this time carrying two steaming mugs. Finally, he took the TV remote as he sat next to Dick. The younger one was still observing him with a look of confusion visible on his face. 

Wally gave him one of the mugs, then put an arm around his partner. 

“What is this?” Dick asked. 

“Cacao, candles and movie,” Wally answered simply, his eyes not leaving the screen of the TV.


“Because you deserve a break for all the work you do.”

They fell silent for a moment, the only sound in the room being the rain, which seemed to be getting heavier and heavier every minute. 

Dick took a sip of his cacao, before eventually relaxing and letting his head fall onto his partner’s chest. He looked up at him one last time, before turning his attention to the, now playing, movie. 

“Thanks,” he murmured, a small smile finally appearing on his lips.

Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad after all.