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Great pretender - Date Night

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“Ahem.. edamame.. out of all places we choose a ramen shop?” Abi says with a quiet like voice. She’s was never familiar with dates as she’s never been on one. Her heart was beating faster than usual, scanning the inside of the building then look at Edamura in his brown like eyes. She quickly darted her eyes away, her head sorta dropping down as Edamura stood there immobile trying not to say the wrong words. “Well- this was the only spot I could really think of, sorry if it’s not the best.” He says sincerely, him taking a sip from his mint flavored boba tea. His eyes darting down at the paper which covered the drink. Abi slid her hand along the table which was covered with 3 different bracelets. “Listen ‘virgin’ it’s alright — you’ve tried your best.” She calmly says, her face lighting up with a small smile making her eyes squinting with the smile. She touches his hand which rested on the tea. Her bracelets rattling making a noise.

“Thanks for reassuring. Though you don’t need too, I want this date to be the somewhat best for you..” Edamura sighed. After ordering and eating, they headed outside. The breeze hitting Abi’s Arms. She didn’t bring a jacket and was utterly freezing. The noises of leaves rattling filled her ears. Her being distracted by her arms and sheltering them. Edamura took notice and slid his hand onto her arm. “You’re cold?” He chuckled. Her face turned a bit red, her head slowly fastening into his chest. She was a bit tensed up but felt comfortable that someone could finally hold her and comfort her when she needed it most. She wasn’t forcing a smile, but a smile forced her as her eyes watered a small bit and shifted her head up to his chin. Edamura walked a bit slowly whilst abi held onto him to a car along the rocky concrete. Whilst in the car, Abi side glares at Edamura her in that position for a while. “Thanks - I mean..ah..shit whatever.. thanks...edamame.”


Abi simpered. Edamura had a small blush blended in into his face. “Well it’s - it’s nothing!! Wasn’t so bad for a first date..” he murmured. His eyes then darting to his girlfriend which was Abi. Abi then had shifted closer to his face, pinning her lips onto his. Edamura’s heart skipped a beat as her soft lips pressed onto his. In Abi’s eyes it was like time stopped in a collisions of senses. She never thought a kiss like this would feel so good as the butterfly’s in her stomach fluttered. The night sky and moons light glaring onto the window really set the mood. Abi making a soft noise making this scene longer than 20 seconds. Once finally pulling back it was like losing something dearly. 

The kiss may have ended but Edamura’s tingly feeling in his stomach didn’t go away. He kind of stood there feeling the world around him beat with life. The moment ps after we’re probably the best which showed their true love for eachother. Their fingers then interlocked raising their hands up to their chin level. “Y-you- you’re very pretty know that?” Edamura whispered, his stomach continued to twist and turn. Abi felt his warm touch onto her hand and fingers. Then opening her mouth. “Thanks..” she murmured, her other hand lifting to rub her shoulder , her face manifesting into a smile and then breaking into a laugh. She then made contact hugging him for a while. Once slowing down on the laugh, she sighed and whispered once more. “I love you Edamura..” her eyes close in relieve after letting these words slip out her mouth. 

“I love you too Abi..”