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Hannibal glanced at his captain, glad to see that he wasn’t any worse for wear. He had been petrified that if they locked Murdock up, that when they were reunited, he might not be the same person he had been. The grin on his face and his jaunty comments said otherwise.

Hannibal would’ve smiled if they hadn’t been about to be shot down. He hadn’t seen his boys in six months. Six long months of thinking of them, worrying over them and hoping that the next day would be when they would see each other again. Then, finally, Lynch had shown up and accepted his proposition. Broken him out so that he could get his beloved boys back.

Although they were in a precarious position, Hannibal hadn’t been this happy since before that damned mission that had seen the four of them locked away. He wanted to smother their faces in kisses. To take each of them in his arms and thank whoever would listen that he had gotten them back. Now was not the time; it would have to wait until later.


A few stolen, quiet moments in a small hostel in Germany allowed Hannibal his wish. He started with Murdock. Easily the most submissive, Murdock never turned down affection that affirmed that he was part of their team. That helped remind him that he was in reality, and it wasn’t so bad. More than that, Hannibal and Murdock’s relationship was the least complicated of the three. Murdock worshiped Hannibal, and in turn, Hannibal smothered him in affection.

Their reunion had none of the tension of Hannibal and Face’s, nor of Hannibal and BA’s. Hannibal knew that Face would’ve preferred the easier version. To wait until parole, convince the officers that he wasn’t a danger to society, and get out legally. He knew that Face still resented Hannibal for putting him in this situation. Their relationship had been complicated before. It was a mix of the same hero worship Murdock had and respect for their working relationship. Then it was combined with the complication of lovers who weren’t quite exclusive but weren’t quite not exclusive.

BA was a tough person to get to know. He was a tough guy, and he held most people at arm’s length. He and Hannibal respected each other. They loved each other. Occasionally, they made love to each other. But neither of them was a talker, and without talking, you couldn’t build a relationship. Which didn’t mean they didn’t have one. Hannibal just needed to put more effort into making one.  

Once he had peppered Murdock’s entire face in kisses and held him tightly, Hannibal turned to the others. For a moment, it looked like neither would accept. Despite that, BA could never turn down affection either.

Hannibal drew him in and let the calmness of the other man overtake him. Face was a worrywart, and Murdock had energy to spare. BA was a well of calm and tranquility when he wasn’t punching people. After he had his reassurance from BA, there was only one man left. Hannibal turned to Face with a questioning look. Face rubbed a hand over his eyes and sighed deeply.

“Alright, come here, I missed you too, and I don’t even want to think about how long you have been gone. It isn’t fair that you can do this to me, you know.”

Hannibal smiled at him and wrapped his arms around the other man. He kissed him firmly on the lips, once. Knowing that Face wouldn’t tolerate the same treatment that he had given BA and Murdock. What he needed was firm reassurance that no matter what happened or how they fought, he would always be there for him.

Face sighed into the kiss and leaned forward into Hannibal. For a few moments, all that existed was the two of them. There was nothing else in the world. Then he pulled back. Hannibal wanted to chase his lover’s lips but didn’t allow himself to. They needed to get some rest if they were going to figure this whole thing out. Not to mention it wasn’t really fair to his other boys.

He turned to BA and Murdock to see that they weren’t actually that concerned about not being included. BA had his arms wrapped firmly around Murdock’s waist, and Murdock was kissing along the underside of BA’s chin.

“I see the two of you didn’t waste any time.” Hannibal gave them a glance.

BA grinned and placed a large hand on Murdock’s head. Murdock wasn’t a small man, but surrounded by BA’s mass, he certainly looked it. He didn’t have the height of Hannibal, nor the broadness of Face. Which made him the smallest by default.

Hannibal felt a bit of tightening in his pants and adjusted himself. He couldn’t help the size kink. It was like watching real-life porn of two people he loved very much playing out all of his fantasies.

“Alright, hand Murdock over. You two don’t get to co-opt my best friend.” Face had no qualms about interrupting them, and he tugged Murdock back until he was able to wrap his arms around Murdock’s shoulders.

Hannibal felt the mood fade as he noticed the narrowness in them. Murdock was smaller than Face, but he wasn’t usually that thin against his bulk. He spared a thought for what might’ve been done to his pilot while he was locked away.

Hannibal firmly put those thoughts to bed. If Murdock wanted to talk about what happened, then he would. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t. Other than that, they would feed him up. Make sure he got plenty of protein and lots of sleep. That would help put some more weight back on him.

There was nothing to be done about the past. Only the future was changeable, and Hannibal wouldn’t allow things that were already done to ruin what he had planned. Even if they couldn’t pull this off, they were still out of prison, and they were together. In the end, that’s what really mattered. They could face down anything as long as they had each other.