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Kablooie Duck meets Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny

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There was a blue ish car traveling down a road. Donald Duck was driving as his twin sister, Della Duck, sat beside him. In the back seats sat Della's biological child and her one adopted daughter. Although the Canon nature of how blood related they all were was complex. While they were only his adopted niece and his nephews, Donald Duck regarded each one as his own children. By any means that actually mattered, they absolutely were all his and his sister's children. In loosely the order of birth and hatching, these ducklings were Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck, Phooey Duck, Webbigal Vanderquack, and Kablooie Duck.

Huey Duck was happily studying for school despite it being summer and him having no real need for it. Dewey Duck was filming the trip for his show, even though he didn't actually know what was going on. Louie Duck was playing a game on his phone. Phooey Duck was fiddling with a toy his mom got him. Webby Vanderquack was excitedly waiting to see where they were going. Kablooie Duck just sat angrily with his arms crossed tight to his chest and his face puffed up in rage.

Donald Duck tuned on the radio and smiled as he listened to it. Della Duck turned down his radio whilst silently gesturing to him that she needed to talk to the kids, she turned around and put on a happy face, "Kids, I know we all promised not to keep secrets from each other but it's taken me a while to figure out how to say this. Your biological father is Daffy Duck... You are all half black except Webby." Donald frowned, giving his sister a side glare as he huffed out, "Della! That's not how you tell the kids!!" Della glared at her twin brother.

Webbigal blurted out loud, "What!?!" Huey looked up from his book in surprise and asked, "What!? Why did you never tell us who he was?!" Dewey questioned more causal, "Who's Daffy Duck? Is he a big important celebrity?" Louie more eagerly tested, "Is he rich?" Phooey didn't ask any questions, he already knew the answers and he didn't like them. Kablooie pounded his fists the seats in front of himself and exploded, "Where was this FUCKING deadbeat when Our Real Dad, Uncle Donald, was working himself to death taking care of us!?! And when can I kill him for leaving!!?"

Phooey turned his attention to Kablooie and expressed upset, "Kablooie, No bad words! Bad words are bad and you shouldn't say them." Kablooie breathed smoke as he attempted to cool his rage, apologizing gently to him, "Oh Of Course, Favorite Brother. I'm very sorry and I love you and only you of all our brothers." Notably adding a lot of sour, bitter, salt to his last words.

The Pilot sighed, "Kablooie, the situation is more complicated than that." The sailor gripped the wheel a little bit harder as he commented on the situation, "Not that complicated to me, the cheating bastard cheated on his boyfriend with me then he cheated on me with you. Now we have 5 ducklings, the only good thing to come from that nestwrecker." Della looked at her brother in upset and she shouted at him, "Donald! I don't need you taking that way about the boy's father right before we meet him!!"

Webby delighted, "We're going to meet him!?!" Kablooie blew up, "He FUCKING WHAT!?!" Suddenly the entire car burst into argument. Phooey agrued with Kablooie over his language. Kablooie agrued with everyone over everything because he's 13 and terrible. Webby just rambling to herself in excitement. Huey agrued with his mom and Kablooie over why this secret was kept. Dewey agrued that if his father was famous then he should study under him. Louie agrued that he should inherit any money if his father was rich. Della was arguing with Donald over if they should have told the kids then messy parts.

The car traveled down the road, while everyone was busy squabbling the car exited one reality into another. Disney copyright ended and Warner Brothers copyright began. You know that part in the first Space Jam where Merry Melodies theme began and the red target like thing that appears at the beginning of every Looney Tunes episode appeared at the entrance of the toony world? Yeah, about when everyone stopped arguing enough to notice that was coming right for them at full speed as their car was in free fall. That's when everybody but Webbigal and Della held each another and screamed in fear of death.

Webby stuck her head out the window and yelled in overjoyed cheer, "This is the best road trip yeeeeeeeetttt!!" Della meanwhile stuck her head out the window and cheered, "Woooo Hooooooo!"

The logo stretched like rubber before breaking on the black circle part to allow them in. The vehicle continued to fall as they fell through another more rainbow colored version of the previous logo, meaning they just entered Acme Acres.

To be continued...


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The Merry Melodies theme shifted into the Tiny Toons theme as the rainbow logo came rushing for them. Everyone excluding Della Duck and Webbigal Vanderquack were still screaming in fear of death. The logo stretched as if made of rubber, finally breaking to gently drop them on the cement. The blue car bounced a few times on it's rubber tires. Everyone was silent and adjusting to what had happened seconds earlier. After a few more seconds, Della Duck exited the car to point out, "Hey, look! It's Daffy's house!" Donald Duck sighed to himself and took the keys out of the car, "I hate that part."

Webby Vanderquack quickly followed the two adults who were already making their way to the giant mansion that was pointed out earlier. It wasn't Scrooge's McDuck Mansion but it was still bigger than a normal house. The rest were left to collect themselves for a brief moment. Huey Duck awkwardly took his arms away from his brothers and exited the car. Dewey Duck checked his camera and then headed off. Louie Duck joked to the remaining people in the car, "Aww, Kablooie you do care!" Kablooie Duck noticed he was still holding his brothers, so quickly let go and snarled flames, "Die." Phooey Duck frowned at the sight, wishing Kablooie would admit he loved all his brothers.

And so the ducklings followed in a line behind the mother duck. The Duck family making their way to the mansion. As they walked along the pavement, the children started up a conversation amongst themselves. Phooey began, "My favorite super hero is Uncle Donald but if I had to pick a masked person, I'd say The Duck Avenger!" Webby delighted, "My favorite hero is Scrooge McDuck!" Kablooie jumped on her back and declared, "Scrooge McDuck is no hero, his money is soaked in blood." So they immediately began fighting over that.

Dewey noted, "My favorite hero is Darkwing Duck." Huey butted in, "My hero is Gizmoduck." Louie shrugged, "I'm kinda meh on the whole hero thing." Kablooie paused his fighting to cut in, "Superheroes are just super cops, so I hate all heroes and my hero is Negaduck." Unfortunately this gave Webbigal enough time to pin him to the ground, however when he noticed this had happened he resumed the fight. Dewey Duck groaned out aloud, "We get it, you want to be a supervillain and you idolized Jim Starling even though he was a complete trash fire of a person."

Huey Duck panicked at his brother, "Dewey, don't you realize that if you bring up Jim Starling, he's going to!..." But it was already too late. Kablooie Duck started ranting, "He makes the best Darkwing Duck, He makes the best hero! If I ever meet him I'm going to grab his neck and just shake him and say thank you, thank you for making an excellent movie!!..." Louie Duck winced in pain as his brother rambled on, he whispered to the people nearby him, "The only thing worse than if he hates you is if he loves you that much."

The red triplet confessed in hushed whisper back, "I still get nightmares about the last time he kidnapped that bunny girl." The green triplet flinched and quietly disgusted back, "God, don't remind me. I blocked that whole thing out." The pink triplet popped up and whispered back, "I won and he's still going. I do any of you guys have the spray bottle?" The blue triplet yell whispered, "I knew I forgot something!"

Meanwhile with Kablooie, Della, and Donald in the background,

The orange triplet continued to detail, "Then I'm gonna twist his beak all the way around and rip out one of his eardrums and throw it like a... like a... Fffff-Frisbee! I want crew his lips off and grab his head and suck out one of his eyeballs and chew on it and spit it out in his face and say thank you, thank you for being my hero!!" Della Duck looked at Donald Duck, she pulled a worried and disturbed face. Donald Duck silently gestured to just let him finish. Della grew more worried but followed his advice.

Back with the other ducklings,

The yellow duckling assured them all, "I know him, he's not bad. He just doesn't know how to express any emotion without violence." They gave him a look of 'you are clearly in denial of how bad the situation is' and were silent. As they got silent, the yelling rant could be heard more loudly now, "Then I'm gonna pick him up by his hair feathers and swung him over my head a few times and then throw him across the room and kick all his teeth in and then stomp on his face about 40 or 50 times.." The yellow one admitted, "You know the worst part of this is, he'd do it if Jim wasn't in the sewers right now."

"Cause he is my hero! He's my idol!! He is the best Darkwing I have ever seen in my life, I fucking love him!!! I FUCKING LOVE HIM!!!" Then the orange one passed out due to ranting so long without taking in a breath. Donald picked him up and carried the rest of the way there. Della questioned awkwardly, "Did that whole rant seem weird to you?" They stopped at the door. Donnie rang the bell and answered her, "That's a horrific understatement."

The bell rang inside. Someone inside yelled out, "Coming, just wait a few minutes!"

To be continued...


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The man who opened the door was a gray hare, completely naked. The rabbit looked down on them as he brushed his ears back as he breathed out tiredly, "What's up, Doc?" Kablooie Duck hung his bill and drooled as he stared at the man before him. Phooey Duck closed his bill and worried about his previous behavior with bunnies. Donald Duck greeted dully, "Hey Bugs. We're here to visit Daffy... We brought the kids." Bugs Bunny studied the large group of children and noted, "There's more this time than when we first saw the eggs... Then again, Daffy never saw the eggs."

Della Duck chuckled nervously, "We've been adopting more of them." Dewey Duck suddenly butted in, "Are you a famous actor!? Would you consent to being in my documentary?" Louie Duck cut him off, "Are you both rich? Is this your house?" Huey Duck added on, "Did our dad ever know about us? Did he know mom was stuck on the moon?" Webbigal Vanderquack shouted over everyone in joy, "Hi, I'm Webby!!" The group of preteen children overwhelmed with questions. Excluding Kablooie and Phooey who stayed near the adults they knew better.

Bugs held up his gloved hands, causing the ducklings to quiet. He answered them all, "Daffy can answer all your questions better than I can. So come in. But! You have to be aware that Daffs... Gone off his medication again so he's a little unstable right now. You might need to back off him after a little while."

Between the gray hare and the children, an agreement was made. So with a nod between them, everyone in a single file line entered the large building.

To be Continued...


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The Duck Family grouped close together as they followed the grey rabbit. The mansion itself on the inside was the typical rich person thing with egotistical paint dripping off everything, yet it was horrifically mind breaking. Where one room was just marble figures of the two home owners, the next one might be upside down or lead into a field outside with a pond. The longer they traveled, the more it became nonsense. All the while, as the group traveled on and on they could hear distant someone playing the piano. Much to the children's surprise, all the adults seemed to understand everything that was going on quite well.

Like as if they had all done this before.

Even Della Duck hummed, almost sang, and bounced along to the tune that played, if only slightly. Donald Duck did no such thing, only seeming grumpy as they got closer and closer to the man of the hour. The closer they got to him, the louder the music got. The louder the music got, the more everyone could hear the lyrics. Amongst the ducklings, the few scrapes of lyrics they could puzzle together the song was about a merry go round that broke down. None of them knew the song as familiar. None but Phooey Duck who already knew his father.

One couldn't say how long they walked, it felt both long and short. Still finally, there was the massive, carnival looking, piano with a black duck who was completely naked playing it as he sang. The black duck was almost completely black other than a white strip around his neck, orange legs, and an orange beak. Della was about to rush over to him but Donald put his arm in front of her and let Bugs do the talking. Bugs Bunny casually scrolled over to Daffy Duck, talking to him calmly, "Della is here. So is Donald. Do you remember them?"

The singing and playing stopped, Daffy mumbled loudly enough to be understood, "Donald... Donald. Della? Della... Hmmmmmm." He turned to look at his partner and cheerfully kicked his webbed feet as he remembered aloud, "Oh Yeahhh!! I remember Donald and Della, didn't Donald use to play dueling pianos with me?" The gray hare gently put his gloved hands on the shoulders and suggested, "Yeah, back in the Ink and Paint Club. Listen Daff, Donald and Della came over for dinner. Why don't you show them to the dinner table?"

Daffy cheered as he smiled happily, "Sure thing Bugs!" The naked duck kissed the naked rabbit before bouncing away like a rubber spring.

Everyone was at the table, awaiting dinner. Huey was mildly having a panic as he questioned mainly to himself, "Why are they all naked? Why is the rabbit only wearing gloves!? What is wrong with this crazy place!!?" Dewey was busy filming everything, especially his biological father who was very excited to be in front of a camera. Louie was somehow wearing tons of jewelry and was still on his phone. Webbigal Vanderquack was trying to wrap her head around everything that she saw today, getting ever nearer to discovering Cartoon Physics. Phooey was conflicted for he knew what his parents knew. Kablooie just chatted between the naked men.

Kablooie Duck commented, "You seem happy... You cheating homewrecker." Bugs Bunny glared at the child and spoke with a slight harshness, "Well, he takes his medicine to deal with that. He is happy but err... There's a price that comes with it." Daffy Duck crossed his arms and scoffed, "I don't wanna take my medicine, whenever I take it I get all mean and grumpy." Bugs sighed to himself, gently placing his hand over his face as his head flopped forward. Daffy didn't even notice as he offered to do a trick for his blue son.

The question of if he realized these children were mostly his biological children hadn't yet come up. While one may point to Bugs to blame for this, may I suggest the only two other adults who knew this? Donald was still sour and bitter about it all. Della was conflicted about telling him, moreover when he wasn't in a wholly aware state like this. Yet especially when he was exactly like this, she couldn't help but remember all those times when they were together and had fun. It was all a candy colored, rose and golden tinted, swirl of silly, fun, adventures in her memories.

It was as if it was so close she could reach out and hold the nostalgia like a lollipop. Something that would hit the spot right on the dot.

Then the food was brought out, dinner was served.

To be continued...


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Dinner was great, even if a little carrot heavy. However, the day wasn't over. The mansion was like a playground of impossibility. Something Phooey Duck in particular very much enjoyed. Webbigal Vanderquack was busy trying to map out the labyrinth. Louie Duck had gone back outside for the stuff he packed for the trip. Dewey Duck had followed his father. Huey Duck was sticking close to his mother and uncle to avoid having a breakdown over the everything. Kablooie Duck kept following Dewey as to wait until the perfect moment when his brother wasn't looking to kill his father.

Donald Duck and Della Duck went with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to the living room. So Huey, Dewey, Kablooie, Della, Donald, Bugs, and Daffy were all sat in the living room. The carpet was red. The fireplace was stone and gave enough distance from the carpet that it would not burn the whole place down. There was book shelves and paintings of Bugs and Daffy at the height of their success and other decoration on the walls. The couches were big but the Duck family sat on a different one from the other two adults.

Bugs Bunny gestured to the Ducks to hold on, before he started talking to Daff, "Eh urm, Daff. You sure you want to talk to Della and Donald?" Daffy Duck curiously cocked his head to one side and questioned happily, "Why wouldn't I want to talk to them?" Bugs pointed out, "What if they want to talk about serious things?" Daffy glared at the floor, huffing up as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Serious? I don't wanna be serious, that's dumb." The bunny looked off in a thinking pose then suggested slyly, "If you took your medicine, you could handle serious things."

The Loony duck hopped up and beamed, "Yeahhhhhh! I'm always more grumpy and mean when I take those. Serious people are grumpy and mean!" Then he bounced away. The gray hare turned to the Duck family and commented, "So eh, you'll be able to talk to him now... Hopefully."

Daffy Duck returned and paused mid stroll to the couch, then turning his attention to Donald Duck as he pointed out, "You!" Donald pointed back at him, "Listen up you cheat... Wait, no. Della, you go first." Della Duck swallowed down her fears and went over to Daffy, she smiled as she held his hands and asked, "Do you remember the last time we saw each other?" Daffy admitted, "God, I'm only 83. I'm not that old yet... Kinda, I was drunk and it was years ago." Della took in a deep breath then confessed, "After that night, I took a test and I was pregnant with your children."

The naked drake scoffed mildly, "Della, that was years ago. By now those kids would be..." Then it hit him like a train. He looked over to the ducklings still sitting on the couch and remembered the other ducklings he saw. She finished the confession, "They are all yours. Well other than Webby." Donald butted in, "I had to raise your children, Daffy! You cheating, lying, good for nothing, dead beat!" Dewey delighted, "Drama, my viewers will eat this up!"

Huey grabbed his brother and slowly dragged him away from the fight that was bound to happen at this point. Della cheered excitedly, "I forgive you for cheating on me with my brother and cheating on my brother with me. I still love you, Daffy!" All the other adults took a double take at the last part. Bugs immediately stepped in and made his position clear, "Whoa Whoa whoa sister, me and Daff have been going well and I'm not giving that up." Donald raged, "That deadbeat doesn't deserve you! He never visited or asked where you were!!"

Then Kablooie Duck came out of nowhere and proclaimed, "I must kill my father and eat his flesh to become an adult! Death, Death for a thousand years to the sperm donor!!" The edgy preteen boy ran over with a fire poker to beat his father to death, then his mom picked him up. She took away the fire poker and placed him inside the fireplace. Despite the fire burning hot, the murder duckling was absolutely fine. Which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone given his name is literally the sound effect to an explosion. The mother wagged her finger at him and demanded, "Stay there and think about what you did."

Kablooie laid on the fire and silently huffed and puffed in upset.

To be continued.


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The adults ended up requesting all the children leave the room while they "talked things out." Which mainly meant they'd be fighting each other or Fucking. Given the complex drama of their past relationships to another, it was possibly both. Now that wasn't very likely, but it wasn't impossible. Regardless all the ducklings went outside to explore the idealistic nature outside. It looked like a painting out there. Although the kids had seen plenty of beautiful places, they had other plans.


Phooey Duck pointed somewhere far far in the distance, a strange surreal melting of fiction and unreality. You Dear Reader, may call it Wacky Land and the location of the last Dodo Birds. Yes, birds as in plural. I wrote about a Dodo Bird that wanted to unite all Dodo Birds in the face of their extinction so... Anyways, Phooey Duck cheered excitedly, "I'm going there for my adventure!" Webbigal Vanderquack gave a big thumbs up, she assured, "I'll go too, it looks fun." Huey Duck took one look at that nightmare and nervously denied, "I'll just be in the woods by myself but remember to call if anything happens."


Louie Duck raised a hand then sighed, "I'm not interested in joining, I think I'll just go to the city." Dewey Duck pressed himself against his brother in half hug whilst pointing to himself with his thumb then happily added on, "I'm going with Louie!" Kablooie Duck popped out of the chimney, crawled on all fours like some kind of spider, and appeared suddenly without warning behind Louie and Dewey as he spoke, "I'm going to the city too." His clawed hands gripped Dewey's shoulder.


Dewey yelped in surprise, jumping up an inch and flinched. The middle child coughed out his words as he tried to sound braver than he felt, "Oh, hey Kablooie... Can you not come with us? Like at all?" Kablooie took out a matchstick, lit it, and smoked it as he broiled in rage, "You Fucking Hate me, I know it. Nobody wants me around, not even Mommy and Uncle Donald. I'm the Creepy Step Child even though I'm biological related to you!" The short fuse exploded as per typical which proved his brother's point, "I have feelings too, asshole!!"


I'll me to pause the flow of this scene a little bit, to explain more things at you. Kablooie Duck is only villain coded. He is still a member of the heroes even if he refuses to accept it. An Evil on the side of Good if you will. However all the bad things he does are still bad.


Now for our feature presentation.


The bold one pointed out, "Why would I want to take you to a populated area when you exploded at everything?!" The sharp one stepped away from the hug and snarked, "Oh sure, We'll take you! Maybe you'll burn down an entire town or something lighter like stalk and kidnap strangers off the street. It'll be a fun story for the cops to tell Scrooge about!" The drive way grew quiet, then the smart on nodded. He suggested cautiously, "You should just go inside and clean the ash from your feathers."


The pink duckling rubbed the back of her head and shrugged, "Unless you want to come with us?" The orange duckling boiled at her in a near snarl, "I don't want to hear anything from Scrooge McDuck's Number One Fangirl unless you are speaking with violence." The yellow one, the fair one, stepped forward and struck like lightning, "Kablooie! Don't be so mean to everyone!! I thought you promised to be good on our family trip!"


Kablooie glared death lasers at his brother and spat spiteful, "What if I don't want to be good? What if I don't want to become a superhero like everyone else, huh!?" Phooey quickly replied in confusion, "What do you mean? Louie and I aren't.." He gets cut off as the edgy preteen boy yelled at him, "I'm sick to death of everyone wanting to become Scrooge's Tin Soldiers! To just die fighting for that vampire and call it heroic sacrifice!! If you actually supported me, you would all support my choice to become a Supervillain!!!"


It seemed like today was just going to be a temper tantrum day for the nuclear bomb. The other ducklings exited ground zero, hoping he'd cool down. The slightly radioactive mutant shouted at them as they left, "It's not I care! I totally have things to do! It's not like I care about any of you!!" He teared up when they were too far away to hear him anymore, "I don't need you..."


The Atomic Flames stomped off as he sneethed to himself, "I don't need anyone."


At about sunset, Kablooie Duck saw two rabbits and one duck.


Tomorrow we will continue...



Chapter Text

It was sunset. The sun almost looked like an atomic explosion coming to eat the whole world on the horizon, it looked like the world was ending. Plucky Duck held the map and tried to figure out where they were. He'd been doing this for an hour and had so far only gotten everyone more lost. Lying through his teeth, he informed the group of three, "I know exactly where we are." Buster Bunny tapped his foot and rolled his eyes. Babs Bunny pointed out, "You said that an hour ago. So where are we?" In the dark of the trees, sat a preteen, mutant, duckling who watched them.

His orange eyes shined dimly as if mini glowing suns with a slim diamond cut into each. Plucky looked away from what he thought was just a cat, and answered with confidence, "We are completely lost!" Buster slapped his gloved hand against his face and groaned, "I could have told you that." The mallard put his hands on his hips and glared at him. The teen duck slapped him with the paper and demanded, "Oh yeah, Buster? Then you can get us out of here!" The blue bunny took the map away from his friend.

After a few seconds, Buster assured everyone, "We're still in Acme Acres." Babs cocked an eye and awaited the bad news. The pink bunny was proven correct in her worries as he mumbled to himself, "Hopefully..." She slapped her face in annoyance, sighing to herself.

Nearby, Kablooie got on all fours and slowly moved along the tree branches. You might not understand exactly what I mean by "got on all fours" well I mean he's walking like a cat that's also a lizard in this particular case. The 13 year old watched the 14 year olds, thinking about his next action. He thought back to the last time he saw rabbits, his uncle's boyfriend's brother's house. At the time, he didn't know why he was there but he did know the person.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Kablooie personally liked him better than Mickey Mouse, even if Mickey was his uncle's boyfriend. In fact, one of the many reasons he hated Mickey was because he was dating his uncle. Oswald was different, he liked bombs like Kablooie did.

Della Duck walked up the the door of the house, requesting, "Please try to treat others how you would like to be treated." Kablooie Duck asked himself what he'd like a rabbit to do to him. So he immediately decided to find someone close to himself in age and kidnap them. After all, that's what he wanted.

Remembering how that ended, he decided not to repeat that. So he watched them, judging. The yellow sweater with purple skirt took the map and looked it over. The red sweater crossed his arms and huffed out, "I could have done it! Just give me more time!!" The white tank top rolled his eyes at this. 'How hypocritical.' He judged the fellow water fowl, 'Note to self, introduce green duck to green sibling.'

The group of three looked among each other. The bird noted, "Anyone else get the feeling we're being watched?" The male mammal looked about the forest around them, cautioning, "Yeahhh, and I know we don't have a show today." The lady mammal snarked briefly, "Buster, we haven't had a show in years." A stick snapped and the group huddled together. Then they saw the eyes from the dark. The forest was too quiet.

The Fireball froze in place as he became the watched. Amusing himself something of a predator, he remained perfectly still. Kablooie Duck tried to say something but couldn't think of anything. He was quickly overwhelmed with anxiety, he didn't actually have any friends. While his brothers were busy being brotherly with each another, they were also out making friends. Even in his brother's and Webby's friend group, he never really made friends. Especially after he tried to help Lena by offering her the choice to burn Magica.

Somehow that was "bad" and "we aren't supposed to kill people for revenge."

Still he didn't know what to talk about with people his own age.

The orange eyes disappeared into the dark. Babs shouted, "Let's get out of here before that comes back!" The two rabbits dashed off. The duck yelled at them, "Hey, wait up!!" The water fowl dashed after them.

The mansion that his biological father owned came into view. The artificial lighting glowed a yellowed white. The preteen duckling dug his claws into the wood. He climbed and climbed until he was by a window that wasn't lighted. It was ¼ open and he knew opening more would alert her. So in he crept like a nightmare of body horror. Soon he had found the person he'd been looking for. After a few minutes of clicking all his joints back into back, Kablooie Duck stood over his sister and grabbed her. Webbigal Vanderquack awoke quickly, already trying to fight who ever was holding her down.

Kablooie backed off her, yet popped his jaw to hiss and clawed wildly at her when she shined a flashlight into his eyes. Having on backed her assumed attacker into the corner, she only then realized it was Kablooie. Webby took the light off him and asked, "What are you doing here? Della has been looking for you!" He glared at her while snarling like an alley cat being backed into a corner. He replied bitterly, "Mommy hates me because I do anything right. She's not actually looking for me, she just wants to tell me I'm bad."

Webbigal reached a hand out to comfort him, "Your mom doesn't hate you, she just.." He shoved her hand away and denied her words, "No, she does hate me!" Kablooie sniffled, trying to hide his face from Webby to avoid seeming weak to her. After a moment of tears not forming, the weapon of mass destruction questioned her as he grabbed her arms, "You have a girlfriend right?" She blushed and refused, "No, me and Lena and Violet are just best friends."

His half lidded eyes gave her a look that said, "You useless moron." Kablooie snapped at her, "Listen, you dipshit Harem PROTAGONIST! You have two girlfriends. I have zero girlfriends. Tell me how to talk to girls!" Webby cocked an eye at him. She slowly got to asking, "I thought you... just like kidnapped girls you like??" The short fuse blew his fuse, "I was told to treat people how I want to be treated and I want a stronger girl to kidnap me and impregnate me!! Are you happy to have learned that!!? Are you going to tell me how to talk to girls or should I detail further want I want rabbits to do to me!?!"

Vanderquack slapped his shark toothed bill shut. She answered, "I don't actually know how to talk to girls but I'll help."

To be continued...


Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck took a notebook and a pen, waiting to take notes. Webbigal Vanderquack frowned as she sat on her bed with her legs crossed. Where does she even begin? He seemingly had zero awareness that other people have emotions. Webbigal asked carefully, "What kind of girl do you want to talk to?" One could almost hear the dial up noises as he sat there with a blank look and a smile on his face. After a moment, he answered with unhelpful cheer, "She's a pink bunny rabbit who wears a elbow length sleeved, yellow, sweater, and a purple skirt."

Webby sighed, "That doesn't help at all." Kablooie frowned back, looking at the floor before offering nervously, "She had blue eyes and It might have been a mini skirt if that helps." The sister shaked her head no. The brother looked at the floor again. She questioned further and deeper, "What's she like as a person? What makes her a potential partner over anyone else? Do you know her?" He stared into nothing and the gears turned. He stayed like that for a few seconds without blinking and then proudly declared with confidence, "I don't know anything about her as a person. I like her because she's a pink bunny girl."

Vanderquack gave him a half lidded glare that expressed disappointment. Not that he noticed. The pink triplet flatly pointed out, "That's a little shallow. Why don't you talk to her and try to find out what she's like as a person?" The orange triplet shrugged bluntly, "I came here to learn how to talk to girls. To be honest with you, (because you are one of the few people I have any respect for,) I have the social grace and ability of a lobster being boiled alive."

Well, he wasn't wrong...

The preteen girl took a thinking pose for a brief moment and then walked around in thought. There was still the question of where to begin. She decided to focus on the girl part and work as wide as she could. The pink bow sat crossed legged on the floor next to him, explaining calmly, "So sometimes girls like other girls. If she doesn't like boys, you can't make her like you." Immediately the flame shaped, orange, sunglasses started furiously scribbling down everything and nodding along.

Webby continued, "Girls who like boys sometimes prefer boys who don't get violent all the time and can cry. Even she doesn't, it's better that you express your feelings without violence." Kablooie continued to write down her advice. This had been continuing for a few minutes now.

After an hour, Webbigal finished, "So even if a girl can't defeat you in combat, physical strength is not the only value a person has." Kablooie stopped his writing and smiled at his work, there was many pages of advice. He looked over his notes again to make sure they were good. The murder duckling beamed at his adopted sister, "Thanks Webby, I'm going to talk to Louie about how to talk to boys now." The entrance of a vent was ripped open and he slithered inside like a centipede. The girly girl whispered into the vent, "Bye!"

Louie Duck was on his phone as most people below a certain age are. Like most people who aren't old, dusty, bags of bones, he wasn't asleep despite how late it was. However, he heard something in the room with him. His brothers were all asleep. Well the ones in the room that he knew about. Louie looked into the darkness and suddenly scrambled backwards in terror. There was something else in the room. With a shaking hand, he turned the light of his phone to where he thought he saw it.

The dim light of the phone was enough to make the other side of the room visible, it scanned until it captured... The Abomination. It was coming out of the vent, it had sharp teeth and claws but that wasn't the worst part. It was a 20 car pile up of various creatures, tentacles and insect legs wildly thrashed around. Louie quickly ducked under his covers, tearing up, and panicking in hushed tones, "Oh God, oh dear God no. Please no." He already knew what that thing was. It was his half step sibling, Kablooie Duck.

This was far from the first that thing he was supposed to call his brother had come into his room looking like The Thing. It had just been a long time since it happened last. Almost everyone thought those powers had been lost. Unfortunately, today proved they had come back with time. A voice that sounded like a million beetles clicking in unison to make words spoke, "Loooouuuieeee." Louie hid deeper in his covers and tried not to cry too loudly. He knew the kind of thing his brother would pull, he remembered well the last time this happened.

And that time was better than the time before as Kablooie had thought he was sleeping.

There was a dull thud then dragging noises. The voice from before gave a death rattle barely above a whisper, "Louie." By now, Louie Duck was curled into a fetal position. The blankets were yanked but not yanked off. The dragging sound was close, too close. The bed dipped as if there was another weight in it. Louie sobbed in fear as the many limbs wrapped around him. Kablooie Duck comforted, "Awwww, is little brother having a nightmare? Don't worry, Snuggle Bunny. I'll protect you." Whatever kissed his forehead wasn't a beak, the green triplet flinched and shaked in a cold sweat.

A few extra limbs wrapped the blank around him. Then the slightly radioactive mutant cradling his older brother. Yes, Kablooie is younger than Louie and commonly refers to said older brother as his little brother. He also does this kind of thing to whomever has the misfortune of staying awake but mostly his brothers other than Phooey. Especially Dewey and Louie. The more you know.

It was hours. Just like last time, he had to be coddled for hours without giving away he was awake. It only ended because he fell asleep. Louie Duck couldn't actually say when he fell asleep or how given the sleep paralysis demon holding him. Still regardless he somehow slipped into unconscious. Of Course, his nightmares were filled with the typical overpowering bugs that held him down and threatened to lay their eggs inside him that one might expect that night. Yet when Louie woke up, his brother was holding him down as per typical.

The gorey body horror was gone at least. The green triplet groaned tiredly, "Go away Kablooie. Just give me five minutes." The orange triplet hugged him and whispered into his ear hole, "Okay, little brother. Anything for my little Snuggle Bunny." Louie turned over, shoving him away lazily and bemoaned, "I'm older than you and stop calling me that." Kablooie snuggled him, teasingly asked, "Don't call you what? My little Snuggle Bunny? Awwww, does the Snuggle Bunny have an upetti spaghetti?"

Louie Duck shoved him away with more force, Kablooie Duck tumbled into the floor whilst giggling. Kablooie popped his head up after a second and requested, "Help me talk to boys." Louie turned over again and grunted, "Nope." Kablooie was still grinning when he stood up and leaned in closer. He stated bluntly, "You have a boyfriend, help me get a boyfriend." The con man refused to haggle, "I do and I'm not helping you."

The grin didn't fade as the eyelids dropped halfway. The boiled egg threatened, "I will dress you in the bunny ears and we'll play my favorite game until college unless you help me." The con artist went wide eyed as memories of "Rabbit Hunt" came back. It mainly just involved him running away then being hugged and coddled by whatever nightmare came into Kablooie's head. Also being trapped in a cardboard box for some reason. Louie sat up and reluctantly agreed, "Fine, I'll do it, you damn sociopath!"

Kablooie frowned then began to boil until wrapped his clawed hands around the neck and shaked his brother as he raged, "I'm not a FUCKING sociopath!!" Despite the hands not actually gripping hard enough to strangle, it still took a lot of panicked struggling to get the hands off. Louie Duck coughed a few times and then spat at him, "This is exactly why nobody will date you!" Kablooie Duck backed off, sat on the floor with his note book and pen, and angrily grumbled, "Whatever, it's not what you say or think of me matters to me..." Said as he teared up and sniffled.

Louie Duck face palmer his face into both of his hands and huffed, "Oh boy." Louie gathered himself up before speaking, "Boys like people who won't strangle them until they ask. Try not strangling people." Kablooie furiously scribbled down this on a fresh page, nodding along. Louie advised as he yawned sleepily, "Guys like being called handsome, brave, smart, funny, and strong. But don't lay it on too thick or they will think you are being sarcastic." Kablooie Duck wrote that down and looked back up expecting more.

The third born paused a moment before testing, "What kind of relationship do you want to have anyway?" The extra triplet thought a minute before answering happily, "I want to be a good boyfriend and produce offspring that survive adulthood." The green hoodie told the orange tank top, "That doesn't actually tell me anything."

To be continued...


Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck dashed out the front door. He tripped on the welcome mat but it didn't matter. In moments, he was up again and running but he found himself running in place. Kablooie looked down to find himself above the ground and then he looked up to see his mother. Della Duck had one hand on her hip and she glared at him. Della huffed in frustration, "I'm very disappointed in you, staying out all night." Daffy Duck stepped out from behind the doorway and scoffed, "Me and your mother are very disappointed in your behavior."

The murder duckling desperately scrambled to get away from the consequences of his actions but it was already too long. His biological parents brought him inside. They flopped him down on a chair. Della told her son, "You are grounded. Stay inside for the rest of the day." The predatory duckling crossed his arms with salt and fumed, "Can the motherfucker please stop acting like he's the dad when he didn't raise me?" Daffy boiled until he exploded, "THAT'S IT! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!" The edgy preteen stomped off as he flipped a bird at his biological father.

Soon the orange duckling was in his room. He crawled under his covers and cried aboit his mom liking her dumb boyfriend more than himself until he fell asleep shortly after. As he had be awake all night.

After this will be a joke chapter.


Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck sat by the fireplace in a big, leather, chair with a big, leather bound, book. The fire place glowed a dim orange and crackled with a few pops. The book had strange Eldritch, Ancient, letters on it's cover that if correctly translated unveiled that it was a book about dating advice as collected from various old ones. Kablooie had read many terrible and horrifying tomes on dark magics beforehand, but only used it for revenge and violent murder perviously. Kablooie Duck was a white duckling of about 13 years old who commonly wore orange flame shaped sunglasses, fake leather jacket, fake leather fingerless biker gloves, and an orange tank top.

He had white, spiky, hair like every anime boy my sibling had a crush on in middle school but it was made of feathers, not hair. His eyes looked like an atomic explosion paused in a circle with a slim black diamond. He was an edgy preteen boy. You probably know a few like him in your own life.

Kablooie Duck read his book, sometimes adding the advice to his notebook. Everything was as calm as his last memory as a part of the hivemind he used to be with his brothers, a warm campfire at a Junior Woodchuck campsite. The memory despite it's peaceful set, hurt as he knew he could never fully recover the life he had before he became a monster. This mutanted, predatory, monster. The monster his brother Phooey Duck created when he wished upon that monkey paw and...

A door in the background opened, his thought was disconnected and erased. He went back to reading his book. Webbed feet flip flopped on the waxed, wooden, floor. Daffy Duck was dressed in a wedding dress as he commented, "Shouldn't you be in bed?" Kablooie spat coldly, "I went to bed. Shouldn't you be at your mating ritual?" Daffy was about to agrue with him but looked down to realize he was in the wrong costume so exited the room.

The room was dark other than the light of the fire. It burned with a warmth. All around the room were books. Books of every size and color in bookshelves wrapping around the room. Under the chair was a circular red carpet. Similar to a logo you might know. The fireplace was stone, black stone. The iron gate and the chainmail, iron, currents holding back the flames were blacked with burns and age. The Arsonist in the chair near the fireplace had some difficulty paying attention to his writing and his reading with the flames so nearby.

Daffy Duck returned to the room, now wearing his Duck Dodgers of the 24½ Century(tm) costume. It was the most popular and recent version of the costume as of this writing, you know from that show in the 2000s. Daffy had brought over his Junior Cadet, Plucky Duck. The two drakes waddled over to the chair. Kablooie Duck glared at his biological father before turning a page and noting, "Dodgers, tell the sperm donor that I hate him please?" The superhero put both his hands on his hips and hissed, "Why don't you tell me yourself, short fuse?"

His son looked around in confusion for a few seconds then he pointed out in bafflment, "I don't see Daffy... I only see you, Dodgers." The father was about to rip into him while admitting his secret identity but remembered this is the probably the same person who didn't realize Donald Duck was the Duck Avenger. The adult male duck backed off. Then the 14 year old and the 13 year old met each other. The preteen duckling flirted, "Hey hotshot, ever heard the term "Earth ducks are easy?"" The teen seemed puzzled and was about to ask something but was immediately dragged off by his teacher.

Daffy Duck wasn't sure how to feel about his son flirting with his prodigy but didn't want them in the same room regardless.

After they exited the room, he went back to reading but was having a hard time remembering where he was. So he reread the page until he found his place. It was a few quiet moments before The Duck Avenger walked in. The superhero flopped against the door and breathed out a long sigh. His nephew commented, "...Oh. It's you again. Duck Dodgers was here, please tell Uncle Donald mommy won't be home." Donald Duck looked puzzled for a moment before asking, "Did you just call Della mommy?"

Kablooie flopped the heavy book in his lap as he stared into the fire. Slowly he turned his head all the way around and hissed hatefully, "Never tell anyone that I love my mom and uncle or I will kill you, "Hero."" The hero just gestured him to calm down then exited into a closet. Kablooie Duck quickly turned his head back into place. He went back to reading.

Not one second passed before SuperBugs and Batduck (Daffy Duck) entered the room. Bugs Bunny stood in the corner with his oversized Superman pajamas as he ate a carrot. Daffy Duck stomped over to Kablooie Duck and shouted, "Where is he? Where's The Duck Avenger!?!" Kablooie casually turned another page, then pointed to the closet. The bat dressed adult duck gasped in surprise, "SuperBugs, that crook is in the Bat Cave! We have to stop him immediately!!" In the background of the comic panel, Kablooie Duck sighed, "The younger Batduck would have been a better choice for this appearly."

Not wanting to be insulted by his ungrateful snot of an offspring, the two superheroes both went into the closet.

The predatory duckling turned another page, reading the ancient language. His sister, Webbigal Vanderquack had originally gotten him into studying magic. Well, her and her friends. They even helped him in learning how to read the more difficult to translate ones until he could read them on his own. It's how he first started blood magic and dark magics. After a while of making deals with things beyond the pale for revenge, they requested payment. After that there was a short time when he hated all magic so used anti magic. That time passed long ago.

Kablooie Duck smiled wistful at the memories of bloody, bloody, revenge. Then someone brust in, The Toxic Revenger! Kablooie looked over to him, he was immediately ontop of the peer. The mallard panicked at the sharp toothed, clawed, toxic, monster pinning him to the waxed, wooden, floor. The monster got closer and closer, his orange eyes burning into every inch of Plucky's body. Plucky Duck couldn't form words let allow speak in his sheer terror. The barely a duck opened it's maw and Plucky knew he was already dead.

But he wasn't dead.

He was very alive and the other duckling was rambling, "You call yourself The Toxic Revenger? That's so cute. I don't really like heroes but you are just the most adorable little guy. In fact, you look exactly like this green mallard duckling I saw in the woods. He was really handsome, brave, funny..." The stranger continued to rant about how cute he was, and cuddling him like a cooing dove to it's love. The green duckling pushed away the rando creepster and scoffed, "Listen Bucko, I have lives to save!" Then the hero exited through the door he came in.

Kablooie Duck shrugged and went back to the chair.

The orange triplet continued his reading by the fireplace with the fire crackling. He noticed the fire was getting low so he took a fire poker, stabbed a log, and put it on the fire. After much struggle, he finally managed to get the fire poker out of the log and could go back to reading as well as his notes. However just in that minute, SuperBuster, SuperBabs, and Batduck (Plucky Duck) entered the room. Plucky Duck assured his team members, "We don't have to worry about him, he doesn't care about secret identities."

Kablooie Duck rolled his eyes, put a fire themed book mark in his book, and told them off, "That's because I'm a FUCKING Supervillain, dipshit! I'm not supposed to know secret identity shit!!" Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny looked over to their friend with some judgment. Plucky huffed as he crossed his arms, "Potty Mouth, wait until I tell your mom about... Wait, did you just say you are a supervillain?" Kablooie got out of his chair, and stomped over.

The Spitfire fumed before cooling off, "Listen here Bucko, you might be just as hot as Dodgers' Junior Cadet and that one green duck I saw but I... Are the two, overpowered, mammals behind me bunnies?" The green duckling rubbed his head, puzzling aloud, "Did you only just notice that now?"

Suddenly and without warning, Kablooie Duck on Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny like a love bird on another love bird. He blushed and wagged his tail excitedly as he nuzzled into them both. The two bunnies in oppositing pajamas gently pushed away the affection. The pink bunny girl nervously laughed as if she was flattered by this, "Ah Ha ha haha. Whoa there admitted supervillain, don't you think that's a conflict of interest?" The blue bunny boy agreed and nodded along, "Yeah! Don't you hate superheroes?"

The murder duckling held their arms when they touched him to pushed him away, snuggling into their palms. He listened to their every word and then paused himself. The slightly radioactive mutant pulled himself away in a panic as he informed them, "Oh Fuck! I can't be doing this, I saw a blue bunny boy, a pink bunny girl, and a green duckling who look exactly like you 3 that I promised to be a good boyfriend to." He was fast in the big, leather, chair. The young boy told his slightly older peers anxiously, "I can't be flirting with you morons, I have to research common courtship rituals and mating rituals!!"

The teenagers looked at each other. Unsure if they should be offended to be called an idiot three times in the conversation so far or afraid they were those two rabbits and one duckling he was talking about. Nevertheless they took the most logical action and got out of the room as fast as they could. The edgy preteen boy frowned at himself for flirting with other people when he was supposed to be a good boyfriend. Still he was hitting a road block. Sure Louie and Webby had offered good advice, even the old ones had some gems, but he didn't know the courtship rituals of this universe.

Of Course, he also didn't know how many if any differences appeared in this world compared to his own. So the duckling went to the kitchen and found a number. The number was of an Elmer Fudd, it didn't really matter who the number went to in Kablooie Duck's mind. It should work all the same. The other line picked up, "Hewwo?" Kablooie hoped he wouldn't talk like that the whole time, he asked, "Is it Duck mating season or Rabbit mating season?" The man on the other end shuffled through a few things and finally answered, "It's Duck Season."

The duckling grinned to himself sappily, his first mating season with that green duckling, he questioned nervously and quickly, "How would I get a mallard around this time of years?" The human man suggested, "Well, I typically go with a duck call and a shotgun." The suggestion sounded like a completely logical idea to get a date. Most duck calls mimic the call a mallard duck makes when trying to find a mate. A shotgun seemed like a plan B if anything. So the carnivorous duckling thanked him, "Thanks, have a nice mating season."

Can you tell there's no humans in Duckburg?

Slightly more serious chapter later...


Also Happy Birthday to me!

Chapter Text

Plucky Duck waddled himself up to the dock. He paused a moment, feeling like something was off. However, he just shrugged it off and continued waddling onto the dock on the way to his house. The tiny island in a pond where his home laid was overgrown with weeds. While it seems the norm of today would scoff and turn up their noses at any lawn with weeds let alone overgrown with them, yet the towering reeds and such added something idealized. Water lapped softly in the background as the door to his household opened.

All the slow, idealized, casual, calm of the day hit it's height as that door opened. Suddenly at that very same time as that door crecked opened, all that disappeared in a puff of smoke. Plucky smiled to himself as he entered the room, which quickly dropped when he saw a naked, white, slightly radioactive mutant, slightly younger, duckling. Well not completely naked, that might have actually more normal given which universe this is, he was wearing a duck hunting hat as he posed with the gun. The mallard duckling stared with his bill open.

Whilst Plucky's jaw was on the floor, Kablooie Duck giggled playfully. Kablooie smiled only a little bit as to avoid showing his sharp teeth, he hide his feathered body in a childishly flirting way. Kablooie called out to the bird of a feather, "Oh duckie, come and find meeeee~♡! ♡~Unless you want me to find you~♤" The ending flirting threat had a bit of malicious intent in it's lure. Of Course, Plucky Duck was not interested as anyone with more than two brain cells would be in this scenario.

Plucky stepped out of his house, shut the door, picked his jaw off the grass, and called a friend. Even though he should have called an adult, it would probably get him in more trouble to be found with a naked, slightly younger, boy in his home. Especially if said adults were his parents or the boy's parents. The green duckling listened to the cell phone ring a few times before the other side picked up. Buster Bunny yawned sleepily, "Plucky, I was in the middle of a nap." His friend demanded, "Don't give me that, there's a naked, random, weirdo in my house!"

Buster assured, "I won't ask... I'll be there in a few minutes." The phone cut off as Plucky started to panicked, then he poked his head back inside. From somewhere inside, a mallard mating call came from inside. Plucky Duck grew curious, walking cautiously and carefully into. Deeper in the home, the water fowl found the source of the noise. The stranger was on his bed, a duck call in his bill and wiggling his behind. The wiggling caused the feathery tail to appear as if it was bouncing from side to side. Kablooie giggled playfully and flirtatious, "You found me."

Plucky Duck was too afraid of the shotgun to make the rando get out so merely slipped away. Plucky instantly regretted his choices as Kablooie ran over and jumped on his back. The green duckling quacked in surprise and was embarrassed by his sound. The white duckling nuzzled into him, chuckling evilly as he mocked, "Awwww, that was soooo cute! You are so handsome and brave and strong. Tell me your name~?" The 14 year old glared at the 13 year old. The teen boy sat up and shouted, "That's it!! Get out of my house! I don't know you and I'm not interested!"

The preteen boy frowned, hiding in the feathers, embarrassed, he warbled in his tears, "But... Duckie. I don't understand what's wrong. I thought I was being a good boyfriend." The teenaged duckling pushed him away, demanding, "I'm not your boyfriend, you little, naked, weirdo! Now get out of my house!!" The preteen duckling sniffled then burst into tears, hugging the arm. Plucky Duck backed away in a panic, he attempted to get the stranger off. Kablooie Duck clung tight to the arm, sobbing uncontrollably into it.

Kablooie sobbed loudly, "I love you! I'm sorry, I'll be a good boyfriend if you tell me what I did wrong. Please!! It's duck mating season and-and-and!!!" Plucky tried scrambling backwards away, ordering, "I don't want to be your boyfriend, let me go! Let me go, let me go, let me gooooo!!" The slightly radioactive mutant pulled his slightly less radioactive peer into a hug, uncontrollably sobbing aloud into his chest, "I'm so sorry, I'll be a good boyfriend. I swear I'll be a good boy, daddy." Words that he regretted as he said him.

Also unfortunately he was pinning the fellow water fowl to the ground in his desperate attempt to cling, and had accidentally mounted the fellow water fowl.

Plucky Duck blushed and froze at the feeling of being mounted, he was so scared so he closed his eyes. He kept his eyes closed, shaking in fear as he expected the most logical conclusion of a stranger breaking into his house while naked and mounting him. It felt odd, although it was the first time another male mounted him. Kablooie Duck nuzzled affectionately and quietly sobbed, "Duckie? Duckie, are you okay?" He slowly and regretfully backed off his peer, realizing he forced himself onto the other when the other had been screaming and trying to run away.

While the crime was different, Kablooie knew well enough what it was like to get forced upon. Suddenly the world was swirling vortex of his own self destructive nature. The nature of fire and explosion is ultimately always self destroying, after all there's only so much one can consume before eating themselves. So Of Course, what else could he be but an absolute monster? Isn't he just like those monsters that forced themselves on him? The mutanted duckling stumbled away, getting on his clothes, and stumbling away. Plucky opened his eyes to his friend Buster standing over him.

Buster Bunny called out to his friend, "Plucky? Plucky?! Plucky, there you are!" The blue bunny boy got down to his knees and held his peer, questioning worriedly, "Plucky, are you okay?!" The green duckling boy had been held by his friend many times before, but it was somehow more comforting now, he hugged him back and answered, "Buster! Oh Buster, it was terrible!!" They held each other a while. They were talking and they both seemed so very scared. Outside on the dock, Kablooie Duck stared at them. He now knew their names and that he loved them.

All he could see was how he ruined everything. All he could hear was his failures. All he could feel was guilt. He thought this because he was a traumatized preteen. So he ran, he ran and ran and ran into the forest of Acme Acres. He kept running into the trees and he didn't stop. Because he didn't feel anything but guilt, he didn't feel the pain of the trees and rocks or anything. Because all he could hear was his own failures, he didn't listen to anyone's voices but nobody was calling for him. So he kept running.

The firecracker tripped and fell down at the mansion's doorstep. The firework breathed heavily and hard which turned into crying as he curled up on the cement. The fireball kept crying as he rocked from side to side. The firebird cried and cried until he was only sniffling, but he looked up to see Della Duck and Donald Duck. They were worried about him. The flame didn't see any of this, he only flinched in shame and tried to hide away from their eyes. Still Della walked over and picked up him, embracing her son as she was his mother. She held her son as she brought them in.

Donald sighed sadly, he closed the door as quietly he could. He followed his twin sister, going to his nephew to comfort him. The two adult ducks tried to comfort the duckling but he couldn't hear or feel or see them other than how they could further his pain.

A chapter tomorrow...


Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck hugged the stuffed bunny, replaying the video. The video was a romance about a rabbit and a duck. He sighed to himself and tried to imagine himself in there. Donald Duck stood in the doorway, trying to talk, "You only hugged him." Kablooie groaned out tiredly, "I'm still a monster." The preteen boy nuzzled into the stuffed bunny rabbit, sniffling, "I am the worst boyfriend ever and he'll never ever forgive me."

Meanwhile somewhere else in Acme Acres,

Montana Max was checking the newspaper for other rich people's business. While I personally believe Montana Max is incapable of love in any way that actually matters. He did love one thing in the universe other than himself, money. The news in Acme Acres was particularly slow so the paper had been reporting on a nothing story. "Daffy Duck's son is nephew of Scrooge McDuck!?" The title was lacking however it didn't need to be well written to catch the attention of evil Richie Rich. He thought out loud, "One of Scrooge's nephews? Those little sappy, lovey-dovey, Disney, ducklings would be easy to trick."

He paused a moment then continued to plot evilly, "I could get that old duck's money if I trick of those dopey Disney Dipsticks, I would be a Trillionaire or better!!" Montana didn't wait another second, he was out the door for his money.

Back at Daffy's mansion,

Kablooie Duck looked out the window and spoke, "I'm struck with a strange feeling of rich people BULLSHIT." Donald Duck crossed his arms at his nephew. Donald huffed out harshly, "Kablooie Duck, No swearing." Kablooie went back to his romantic comedies. Of course, that feeling never disappeared. It only seemed to be getting closer.

This one is going to be a little short... Will write more at some point.

Chapter Text

This is a wet dream but we won't see any of the sex as it will be heavily implied. Take warning if this could cause distress in yourself, Reader.


Kablooie Duck was asleep in the glass box he was displayed in. The door to the shop opened with a small jiggle from the bells attached to said door. Kablooie awoke from his sleep, excitingly jumping up the glass, breathing hard, and wagging his tail. There was a bunny rabbit, a boy about his age that was looking around the pet shop. The duckling couldn't help but be excited to see the hare, hoping he'd be taken and bred by the hare. He pressed himself against the glass and whined needily.


The boy bunny heard the noise, turning around to read the sign. "Breeding Ducklings" The shop owner took notice so informed the young boy, "That's the last of my Breeding Ducks, this one loves bunny rabbits. Maybe you would like to give him a little test run?" The boy bunny rabbit casually scrolled over to the glass display case. The boy duckling pressed himself harder against the glass and whined louder. The teenaged boy commented unsure, "I don't know... I'll test the product and decide then." The preteen boy clawed at the glass desperately.


The pet shop owner carefully picked up the water fowl, warned to the customer, "He's a little wild child, be careful to not get too close until we get to the backroom." The murder duckling made a curious noise, then immediately trying to get to the bunny. The bunny simply yawned at the warning and rolled his eyes a little bit. They 3 went to the backroom. The backroom was a large, dim, grey, concrete, box with some junk one would need to end a pet shop, also there was some kinky things there too.


The shop owner went over to a simple thing, a wall with an adjustable hole in it. The adult placed the preteen in the hole then tightened the hole until the preteen couldn't escape. The adult put a set of stairs and gestured to the teen to try it. The teen walked up the stairs, the preteen made a confused noise at being stuck in a wall. The teenager grabbed the hips on each side with both of his hands and smirked to himself. The preteen felt something grabbing him from behind, he panicked. He kicked and clawed and whined, he couldn't see his bunny rabbit and he needed to be bred by his bunny rabbit.


The shop owner placed a hand on the shoulder and pointed out, "Hold on, it doesn't realize you are the one behind it. Let me get a mirror before the boy claws you." The pet shop walked off and returned with a full length mirror which allowed the predatory duckling to see behind the wall. The Firecracker calmed down upon seeing the bunny boy. The bunny boy returned to his smirk, lining himself up and going in. The duckling boy was instantly in love, at least what he thought was love, moaning and groaning and grunting with hearts in his eyes.


Kablooie Duck looked into the mirror, right at the bunny rabbit and wished to be his bunny rabbit's favorite forever. The peer backed off, seeming satisfied and confident at the test run. The man asked, "He really seems to like you, would you like to take him home?" The customer nodded and answered, "I think I will." The adult man got the product out of the wall, putting a collar on the product, and adding a leash to the collar. The juvenile took the leash and called out to his pet, "Hey Boy, come here boy!"


The fellow juvenile turned his attention to the sound, hung out his tongue in excitement, and jumped up on his peer in happiness. He pressed himself against his owner and wagged his feathery tail, quaking cheerfully. The hare grinned, petting the fowl as he spoke, "Who's a good boyfriend? Are you a good boyfriend?" The fowl couldn't actually understand anything that had been said but still cheerfully nuzzled into the mammal. The mammal joked briefly, "You know, it is a good boyfriend. Doesn't think and puts out whenever."


The rabbit took the duckling into his bedroom. The boy rabbit ordered, "Get on the bed, now." The boy duckling cocked his head to the side and without warning jumped on his peer. He rubbed against his owner, not understanding what he was doing but knowing it felt good. He was pressed against the leg and getting faster in the rubbing. The teen grabbed the preteen by the feathery hair and pressing the bill into the floor. The preteen looked up at him, confused and sad to be punished.


Kablooie Duck felt like he wasn't being a good mate. The boy about his age let go of his hair feathers and pointed to the bed. Kablooie got on top of the bed and awaited patiently in the position. The teenager smirked to himself, praising his pet, "Good Boy. Very good boy." Kablooie couldn't tell what was being said but he wagged his tail at the idea it might be praise. The juvenile grabbed the collar and leash, he wrapped the leash around the bedframe and shoved the head into bed.


Kablooie Duck blushed at being made to submit. He closed his eyes, smiling, wishing he would be mated every single day and made submissive under his owner. Kablooie was overwhelmed with joy to find his wish being made true. The bunny rabbit took one hand and rubbed the belly, he whispered into his ear hole, "Did you know you are about to be impregnated? That I'm going to fill you?" The duckling smiled at the hand touching his tummy, he imagined their offspring and wished to produce many offspring that survive into adulthood.


Kablooie Duck opened his eyes to yelling, confused and panicking that he couldn't find his bunny rabbit. After a few seconds, he remembered it was all a dream. So he listened to the yelling, it was his mom. Kablooie groaned, then got out of bed and dragged himself downstairs.


The edgy preteen boy frowned upon getting down there, there was some fucking, idiotic, rich, spoiled, brat. Della Duck introduced her son, "This is Kablooie Duck. I'm sure you two will be good friends." A human being person faked sweetness to the adult, "Oh I'm sure we'll be great friends." The edgy duckling rolled his eyes, placing a fire poker in the fireplace to heat the metal for his plans later. Della walked Montana Max over to Kablooie Duck. Whilst Montana didn't consider his feelings about boys, he was attracted to the heir of Scrooge McDuck.


You can guess the only reason he is attracted to him.


The spoiled brat tried to make himself seem trustworthy by faking a kind smile and greeted, "Hello, I'm Montana Max." The mass murderer stood by the fireplace while smoking a matchstick, he spat spiteful spitfire, "Capitalist Fucking Leech." The Pilot put her hands on her hips and snapped, "Kablooie! Apologize to your friend right now!" The Arsonist adjusted the fire poker, trying to judge if it was hot enough, casually commenting briefly, "I don't want friends like this. Tell the parasite that if he doesn't leave, I'm going to shove this fire poker up his ass, twist it, and eat his cooked guts when I rip them out of him."


She gave him a half lidded glare and told him, "I'm getting the spray bottle now. I will be calling your Uncle Scrooge McDuck, you and him will be having a long talk." She left the room. The preteen boy turned to the teen boy, the preteen boy broiled in rage, "Great! Fucking Fantastic!! Now you've gotten me in trouble and I'll have to listen to my dumb uncle Scrooge rant for hours!" The teenaged boy dropped the act, complaining, "You think your suffering? HA! I have to wait until you are ungrounded to steal your uncle's money."


Kablooie Duck glared with a numb hate, and then immediately took out the fire poker and beat Montana Max 37 times with it. Chanting on repeat with increasing malicious intent, "Die Die Die DIE DIE DIE!"


More chapters at some point.

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck grinned wickedly as he held the phone to his ear hole. It was a old style phone, a kind that had a spiny dial. He didn't seem to be listening or regretfully in his actions in anyway. Kablooie rambled into the phone as soon as he could, "You know, Scrooge, I was actually surprised that Montana survived with as few injuries as he had. After all, I beat him 37 times with a hot iron, threw him out a window, dragged him to his mansion, threw him in his mansion and burned the whole building down right after I boarded it up. I think there's something off with this entire town."

"So anyways, I'd like to remind you I will be resuming my murder attempts against you." The edgy duckling finished up, "You always love it when I challenge you to a fight. Of Course, that's mainly because I haven't won... Yet. So, would you like to hear about my new boyfriends and girlfriend?" The phone gave a tone that signaled the other line hung up. The preteen boy stared at the phone in his clawed hand, his other clawed hand fiddled with the curly wire attached to the phone nervously. He questioned nervously, "Scrooge? You still there?"

After a few more seconds, Kablooie Duck began to glare spitefully and hatefully at the calling device before slamming the electric device into it's. He kept slamming it into itself repeatedly until it broke into a million tiny pieces. The entire time he snarled flames lowly, "I should have known, you hate me. You always hated me. Greedy Fucking Bastard! You love your Fucking blood money more than me, more than Della, more than Donald. I always knew you Fucking hated me!" After smashing the phone into pieces, Kablooie ripped the phone out of the wall and set it on fire.

Then he collapsed onto his knees, then fell to his elbows and knees, then he beat his fists into the floor. He kept punching dents into the marble floor until he curled into a fetal position, sniffling back tears. In the end, he didn't cry.

I might make more chapters later...


Listen, I'm tired and I have a headache.

Chapter Text

Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck, Phooey Duck, Webbigal Vanderquack, and Kablooie Duck were all sitting in a room. It was a slower day, so everyone was relaxing in front of the television on the couch. Louie Duck in particular was very happy to have a normal, lazy, casual, Saturday on this vacation. Huey Duck was happily relaxing from the camping trip he went on for his adventure. Dewey Duck was happily distracted by the colorful lights of the television, and same. Phooey Duck was joyful that nobody was fighting today. Webbigal Vanderquack was excitedly enjoying her family with her siblings.

All the whos down in Whovile were... Wrong Fandom.

Anyway, however Kablooie Duck was not. He hated a lot of things. He hated Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck and basically all of your favorite Disney characters because he's edgy. But the right now, He hated the fact that he was grounded for the rest of this vacation. Besides he didn't even want to watch the TV, he wanted to apologize to his boyfriend. Plucky Duck. Maybe see his other boyfriend, Buster Bunny. Maybe even learn the name of that pink bunny girl who is totally his girlfriend. Yeahhhhhh, they were absolutely dating and this wasn't stalking plus delusions that people he didn't actually know were in love with him.

Ha ha ha, What in the narrative could have possibly given you that idea? Hahaha.

Regardless, he was happier watching television over being near Mickey Mouse, or his uncle Scrooge McDuck, or that spoiled brat Montana Max. Montana Max really boiled his blood. Between Montana Max, Flintheart Glomgold, John Davison Rockerduck, and Mark Beaks, there'd be a lot to eat of the villains alone. Villains... Villains like his uncle Scrooge wasn't one among them. Kablooie scoffed at the idea, he rolled his eyes before returning them to the television screen.

There was advertisement. Kablooie hated advertisement and was about to smash the Tv with a baseball bat filled with nails when he paused in what he saw. It was an advertisement for a place called Happy Land World or something. Seemed like Disneyland rip off. Yet it gave him a idea. The orange triplet asked his siblings, "Who wants to help me go on a romantic date with my boyfriends and girlfriend?" The red, blue, green, yellow, and pink triplet slowly turned their attention to him. Then they looked among each other.

Huey refused, "Kablooie Duck, you are grounded for the rest of this vacation. There's no way you are going on any dates... Beyond that, who even are these boyfriends and girlfriend?" Dewey gave a smile and a thumbs up as he agreed, "Always up for an adventure!" Webby delighted in this idea, "As a romantic, I will gladly help you!" Louie Duck winced at the suggestion, "Not interested in getting up or getting in trouble." Phooey Duck frowned at the idea and tried derailing the conversation to prevent what he knew was coming, "Boyfriends? Girlfriend!? Kablooie, what are you talking about!?!"

"You wouldn't know them. They go to another school." Kablooie dismissed the question. This only raised more questions. Webbigal pointed out, "We don't go to school, Kablooie. We go to home school... How can they go to another school?" Kablooie blew her off quickly, "They go to another school, you wouldn't know them." Now they doubted him. They shared looks amongst themselves. The doubt increased as they thought on the subject over some more. Dewey teased, "Oh yeahhhhhh? Then how about we make this a double date and I'll bring my girlfriend from Canada."

Louie jeered, "Sure I'll help you, but after your date I'd like to meet Hello Kitty." Kablooie glared at them both, vibrating with malice, spite, hate, and rage. His eyes glowed just a little brighter. Nervously the blue and green triplet moved away from their murderous brother just a little bit. Not one second after, the orange triplet jumped for them while wildly clawing for them, screaming as he foamed at the bill, "They are real! They are real and they love me!! They do love me!!!" Fortunately, the yellow and pink triplet were holding him back.

The pink triplet gestured to the yellow triplet to leave and dragged away the orange triplet by herself.

She dragged him all the way outside and tossed him out on the concrete beside a fancy looking car. He got up, readying himself for a fight but was surprised when he saw his brothers walking outside. Dewey Duck, Phooey Duck, and Webbigal Vanderquack were all outside with Kablooie Duck. Phooey Duck sighed as he informed, "I didn't want to come but you clearly need help. I want to help you get better, if that means you find romantic love then I will do my best for you to have a romantic date." Webby Vanderquack demanded, "Now Dewey, Kablooie, stop fighting."

Dewey Duck and Kablooie Duck turned their heads away from each other. Dewey held his arm in anxious fear, shuffling away an inch. Kablooie crossed his arms in disgruntled stubbornness. However neither Webby nor Phooey were going to let this happen. Webbigal grasped Dewey's wrist and aimed it gently to Kablooie. Phooey gripped Kablooie's wrist and suggested he shake Dewey's hand. The hands met and shaked in silence. Smooth, baby blue, eyes looked orange atomic explosion eyes. The round irises studied the slim diamond pupils that studied back.

Phooey told his brothers, "Now pwomise to be nice to each other." Kablooie avoided doing so by commenting briefly, "You know. Phooey. That speak impediment you have, that one that sounds exactly like Uncle Donald, I could understand why you have that. However that other one, I was on the phone with a guy who has one just like that."

Webby cut him off, "Kiss and make up right now." Kablooie rolled his eyes and then nodded, replying harshly, "Fine." Of course, Kablooie Duck was a preteen boy and an asshole like many preteens and boys you probably know. So he had a sickening, twisted, dark, humor. The extra triplet yanked the middle child in, and kissed him. Immediately on their bills touching, Dewey pushed him away and scrambled backwards a few feet. The entire time, the fifth triplet laughed like a supervillain and mocked, "Awwww, Big Bwudda Dewey. Why don't you wanna kiss me? After all big sissy told us to kiss and make out! Hahahahahahahaha!!"

Webby Vanderquack quickly went to Dewey Duck, helping him up and away from the half step sibling. She was disgusted and displayed it openly, "What is wrong with you!? I said Kiss and Make up, it's a common phrase!" Kablooie Duck was sly in his wicked grin, rejecting her worries, "Come on, it's just a joke. Don't be a weakling." Phooey Duck puffed up his cheeks until his whole face was red, then he stomped over to Kablooie Duck and told him off, "JOKE!?! You call this a joke!?!! When I summoned you with that monkey paw, you did this same thing to Louie and it was just a "joke" when you dumped rabbit oil on him, put him in bunny ears, and pretended you were going to impregnate him!!"

The predatory duckling puffed out some smoke as he dismissed the claim, "Hold the fuck up, purity police. I didn't dump rabbit oil on nor put him in bunny ears Louie. Webby put rabbit oil the back of his neck and put bunny ears on his head because I ran away from home, swam in the ocean for 3 days, went feral from almost dying so they had to bring me home. During the 3 days or so I was feral and dying, I couldn't be held accountable for any actions as I didn't consciously make them. After and before that when I pinned him down and threatened to mate with him or all those times I told Uncle Donald I was going to make Louie my wife were all jokes."

The glitchy duckling poked one index finger into the chest feathers and raged hard, "I'm sick of your sick jokes! Our siblings are terrified of you. Our parents are terrified of you. Everyone is scared of you! And I am starting to think you don't actually want to get better. I'm starting to think you aren't just joking!" The Explosive frowned with a little bit of hurt but then he got mad. He grabbed the finger and showed his offense aloud, "What the Fuck are you trying to say, Goodie Two Shoes?" The Fourth Triplet pulled his finger away from the clawed hand and fumed back, "I'm saying that we won't help you with this. I won't help you anymore."

The Explosion exploded at the errored duckling walking away, "It was just a FUCKING Joke!! I was just FUCKING joking!! Don't you understand!? It was only a FUCKING joke!!! I wouldn't really do that to Louie or Dewey, you know this, you know me!! You are the only one who can actually know me in this family, Phooey, you should know that!!!" The paradoxical duckling stood in the doorway with his hands balled into fists and tears in his golden eyes, he stood near the bold one and the girly one. When the fair one spoke, it was a whisper that could be heard loud and clear, "I don't know you anymore."

That's when the doors to the mansion slammed shut behind them.

The only preteen duckling boy outside broiled in silence as he thought, 'Phooey Duck was always Donald's favorite... That or Huey. Regardless none of them care or understand me.'

The explosive duckling yelled back at them all, "Fine! I don't need you!! I don't need anyone!!... It's not like I ever actually loved any of you anyways." He held back the tears, marching over to the fancy car, grumbling to himself, "I'm fucking 83 years old, I can drive a fucking car by my-fucking-self." The murder duckling broke into the red, fancy, racing, car. The car door opened to reveal the 13 year old couldn't reach the pedals with his short legs and webbed feet. The preteen boy breathed out tiredly, "God Fucking Dammit."

Part 2 later.


Chapter Text

Lakko Warner held the axe, she raised it above her head. The twisted double of her brother was cocky, he laughed, "Are you really going hurt your brother?" However that wicked grin fell, his heart felt like it stopped as his blood turned cold, he had saw her eyes and there was nothing. It was like those black beady eyes were that of a doll, cute but ultimately lacking in live. The last seconds of life from the evil clone were spent knowing his death was coming and fearing it. The ax swung down and death was quick as she had aimed for the head.

The water tower door gave a metallic clang that rang throughout The WB Water Tower. The real Yakko Warner stepped out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee to see his own dead body with his youngest sister standing over it, bloody from the gore. She teared up and began to shake as she sobbed, "I don't like hurting people but he was going to hurt me and our family." Yakko Warner kneeled down and comforted her, "It's okay, you had to. Go to Dot, she knows what to do. I'll deal with the door."

Lakko sniffled as she wiped away the tears, "Okay big brother." She dropped the blade and ran off. Yakko went to the door and opened it. He was greeted by a spiky feather haired, clawed, orange cat eyed, leather bound, white duckling poking his head into the building and commenting on the body, "Oh, a beautiful kill! I would have used fire tho, easier to get rid of." The toony toon shoved his head back outside.

Yakko joke flirted to distract from the murder scene, "The only beautiful body you should be looking at is me." Kablooie Duck paused, then slowly turning his attention to the taller teen, then smiling with as he flirted back, "Ah, a guy who shares an interest with me. So how old are you, hotstuff?" The preteen looked up as him as he smoked a matchstick. The older teen gladly informed him, "I'm 17."

Immediately Kablooie ducked out of that, "17!? 17!?! I'm fucking 13!" Yakko understood what was going on and backed off, assuring, "Whoa Whoa whoa, I didn't know and it was an honest mistake." The firey duckling crossed his arms and huffed out. The Eldest sibling well understood when a younger kid was upset so he called, "Hey, Wakko! There's a boy about your age at the door!" Wakko Warner replaced his older brother at the door and yawned sleepily, "Hey..." Kablooie Duck studied him a bit.

Wakko rubbed his eyes and groaned, "Listen, I like guys but I prefer ladies. Right now I'm focusing on my love of food." Kablooie nodded along and agreed, "I understand completely. It's not a problem.... Anyways, do you know where I am?"

The red cap thought a second from his tiredness, rubbing his head with his gloved hand, finally answering, "Yeahhh, we on the Burbank Warner Brothers movie lot of Burbank, California." The orange, flame shaped, sunglasses thanked him, "Oh Thanks. By the way, I have a brother with a hat just like that. I can set you two up if you want." The blue sweater yawned a bit more, stretching as he woke up. The middle child refused casually, "Nah. Maybe later." The orange tank top tried not to yawn as well. The extra triplet stated, "Oh... I better get to my boyfriends and girlfriend now." Then they both parted ways.

The water tower door closed. Wakko Warner passed Dot Warner as she cleaned of the last of the blood off Lakko Warner. Lakko shaked as she sniffled more, "I've never seen blood like that since we left Disneyland Laboratories." Dot took away the wet rag and sighed sadly, "Toons like us don't bleed. It's okay, he wasn't the real Yakko." The youngest sibling hugged the former youngest sibling tight. While unexpected, she hugged her sister back. The pink girl comforted the green girl, "Don't worry. We'd never hurt you and we can never leaving."

Outside, a car could be heard driving away as punk rock music blared. It got quieter and quieter until it was long gone.

The main storyline will be continued...

At some point.

Chapter Text

Somewhere in Nevada or near area 51 I don't know the details, man...

Kablooie Duck gave a wicked grin as he saw the police lights flashing. The red, fancy, racing, car sped up as he thought to himself, "Just what I needed after hours of driving, a car chase to wake me up." Kablooie dramatically turned the wheel and was now driving backwards. He rolled down his window and produced a lit cocktail. The bottle was thrown, exploding in a horrible burst of glass and flames. One car dodged the attack, now the sirens turned on.

The firey duckling laughed loudly as he lit a black ball bomb, "Death to the PIIIIGGSSS!!" He rolled the cartoony bomb as he attempted to drive the car with his webbed feet. Because he was driving with his feet, the car began to spin. As the single explosive blew a hole in the ground, the explosive duckling got back in the car and grumbled, "Fucking got to pay attention to the damn road during a cop chase. Can't have shit in Nevada." The red car Tokyo drifted, barely missing a few telephone poles, however the cops had simply driven around the 50 foot wide hole.

"FUCK!" Kablooie swore in booming volume at the sudden pain in his arms, "I'M IMMUNE TO BULLETS, DIPSHIT!!" A clawed hand was taken off the wheel, dug into the flesh of the arm, then after yanking out a bullet lit a match and put it out in his bullet wound. The injury was instantly healed as the matchstick was pulled away. The slightly radioactive mutant started to whistle as he poured out some gasoline then threw out a match. One of the cop cars tried to avoid the wall of fire, but ended up in wrapped up in a telephone wire.

The sharp teeth grinded as he mumbled to himself, "Why don't the people in this place bleed or die? I'm sick of this world! Nobody Dies!!" The car was facing forwards, the stack of TNT was dropped but bounced along as the string was rolled out. The box with the push switch was pressed, bubblegum popped as the preteen duckling attempted to adjust his flaming sunglasses without hands. The flame shaped shades failed to adjust, but the water fowl wearing them managed to flip two cars behind him.

The Bomb poked his head out the window, looked backwards and asked, "Did I get them out?" Suddenly he was reminded that he was a 13 year old boy driving a car at top speeds.

The red, fancy, car hit a pothole and flipped.

Kablooie was thrown back into his seat as he yelled, "SHIT SHIT SHIt!!" The red, fancy, racing car that belonged to his biological father, Daffy Duck, flipped a few more times. Surprisingly everything was completely fine inside the vehicle, like as if nothing was happening. Kablooie Duck blinked a few times before deciding to see what was on the radio, there was some guy ranting about dumb shit, a religious guy ranting about how everyone was sinful, a tin foil hat guy talking about time travelers, and a general rock music.

It sounded like something that would play in a stock video, but it was the only thing that the explosive would listen to given the choices. He glared angrily into the red sunset of the desert. The car slided on it's roof for a while before hitting a sign that read, "This is the point of no return." After it came to a complete stop, Kablooie Duck unbuckled himself and crawled out of the wreck. The sun disappeared as night brought the end. Kablooie shrugged, "Eh, it still looks good. I can keep driving this car."

Then suddenly, off in the distance. A ball of orange light appeared on the sands. It flashed with light until turning to only embers. The atomic flames got up, vaugly looking over in the anomalies direction. He went back to studying the car accident to figure out how to flip it back on it's tires. Soon something appeared, moving among the sand dunes. The orange eyes adjusted to slimmer diamond pupils scanning the darkness for it.

An orange glow and a vaugly humanoid shape moved closer in. The atomic explosion got on all fours, scrudding on the vehicle like a radioactive, mutant, bug. He waited, watching the figure get closer as he planned for a kill.

But then a duck just walked over. Sure, it looked like daffy in a cyberpunk, dystopia, anime from the 90s but it was just some rando. There was just no point in finding without being threatened. The murder duckling stood up on his two webbed feet in disappointment, he called out to the stranger, "Who the Fuck are you?!" The stranger informs, "I'm Danger Duck, D..." Kablooie cut him off rudely, "You look like that no good, deadbeat, father of mine. Is the animation department reusing character designs again?"

Danger Duck was a little shocked to hear this terrible child was Daffy's son. He questioned, "Did you say your Daffy Duck's son?" Kablooie Duck went wide eyed as he took a second look at the adult before him. Kablooie jumped up and cheered in excitement, "You are my grandchild from the future! You have to be, you are orange like me and everything! I do end up with these people I'm going to be kidnapping!! I KNEW I WAS ENTIRELY JUSTIFIED IN WHAT I'M DOING! I KNEW IT WAS LOVE!!"

The Time Traveler backed away in horror of possibly his something something grandfather/uncle, fiddling desperately with the gizmo that got him into this mess. Future Boy here only said, "I'm never coming here again." As he left back to the future. Never to be seen in this story ever again.

Kablooie quit squealing in delight over the idea of having children and a potentially healthy relationship. He noticed that his maybe grandchild/nephew was gone. After a few seconds, the orange triplet sighed to himself, "I just Grandfather Paradoxed my own grandson to death by sheer embarrassment..."



Listen, I don't know when we're getting back to the main plot at this point.


It'll just happen someday.

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck parked the car, he was outside Plucky's house. The red car door opened, the red, fancy, car dinged as Kablooie exited the vehicle. The preteen duckling took the keys out before flicking through the channels on the radio. Crappy rock music wasn't going to cut it for the romantic scene he had planned. At the very least, he'd want heavy metal rock music about being so in love with someone that you kill them. The first channel he hit was country, he switched to the next as he grumbled about country being better back in his day.

The next station was pop music, it was older pop about being in love when one is young. It annoyed him, yet it was probably the most romantic thing he'd get so he kept it on. The preteen boy went around back and popped open the trunk of the car. In the moment, he was glad he took all those pitstops.

Plucky Duck was flopped on his arm chair as he slept. The green duckling snored before he suddenly awoke by knocking. He stretched, yawned, got up, and walking over as he grumbled to himself, "Hold on. I'm coming, I'm coming..." Behind the door, Kablooie Duck was pressing his ear hole to the door and nearly vibrating at the words. You know, because he's a preteen boy and the teen boy said "I'm coming." Plucky opened the door to see a duckling about his age with roses covering his face. The dozens of roses were not the only gifts. There was plushies of Plucky, chocolates, trophies, and so many more.

Kablooie disguised his voice, "Plucky, I'm your biggest fan! Can I please have your autograph?" Plucky took out a pen, taking one of the many pictures of himself and asking with a slimey amount of ego, "Sure, great to see a fan, who should I make it out to?" The bouquet of roses began to slip down and down until the face was revealed, the mutually assured destruction spoke with a worried tone, "Plucky Duck, I'm sorry that I wasn't a good boyfriend. Kablooie Duck." The child actor slowly lifted his eyes and went wide eyed. The Arsonist got closer as he begged, "Please, I want to be good enough for you. Let me take you to Happy Land World."

The teen duckling stopped backing away in fear when he cocked an eye and questioned, "Wait... You will take me to Happy Land World?" The preteen duckling paused his looming over his peer and answered unsure, "Yes?" Calmly and casually, the mallard duckling just strolled outside then into the car. The red car honked a few times, the young drake shouted out the window, "Get in, we're going to Happy Land World!" The radioactive mutant raced like fire, yelling back excitedly, "Coming, Plucky Ducky~♡!!" The car door opened and slammed shut.

The slightly younger child got on the slightly older child's lap, bouncing up and down. Kablooie showered him in gifts, weaving crowns and necklaces and other jewelry of roses, and pleading needily, "I'm yours. Yours forever and always. Tell me how you wish to be touched." Plucky pushed him into the driver's seat, buckled him in, and ordered with frustration, "I'm not interested. I'm not your boyfriend. I don't want you to touch me. Drive, now." Kablooie Duck stood on his knees, reaching but unable to touch with the belt around him, slowly giving up despite his desperation to touch. Plucky Duck buckled himself in at the shotgun seat.

The nuclear destruction put his hands on the driver's wheel and sighed defeated, "I'm also taking Buster and that pink girl bunny rabbit that you two are friends with." The mallard drake relaxed in his seat, turning on the air conditioning and turning the radio to different music. All the windows rolled up. The green duckling huffed out callously, "Whatever... Her name is Babs by the way." The white looking duckling started the car and drove as he numbly grew in disappointment with his partner. The white duckling thought to himself about if this was the right choice. Prehaps picking out a group of strangers to be with forever based solely on looks wasn't a great idea.

Yet it wasn't like the feelings would disappear so easily. Especially at this age. It was conflicting and all he wanted was just to be loved.

After taking some directions from his not duck boyfriend to his not bunny boyfriend's home, he opened the car door. The fellow duck pointed out, "Babs and Buster are neighbors so we only have to stop here to get them." The ember breathed out sadly, "Thanks for telling that and my girlfriend's name." Blueish, green-ish, teal, eyes went half lidded. Their owner, a water fowl that didn't die if he touched water, quizzed his driver, a water fowl who would die if he touched water, "Why so glum, chum? You don't seem as excited as when you went to see me."

In the idealized, colorful, forest scene, there was the dinging of the car and the sounds of wildlife. Birds chirping in the early morning sun as they got worms mostly. The leather jacket had it's pockets filled with clawed hands. Webbed, clawed, feet stood on the grass near the path to the rabbit hole. The owner of a these things breathed out his words, "I got what I wanted. You came with me... But you don't love me. What's the point of doing any of this if none of you feel the same?" The white tank top quit moving when the radio and air switched off as he spoke, "Listen, I have a girlfriend. I can't be involved in your angsty, anime, nonsense."

The orange tank top moved a little in the wind as he spat spiteful spitfire back flatly, "Oh yeah, I forgot that you are a 90s character." The flame shaped sunglasses shined a bright orange as he strolled over to the rabbit hole, white, spiky, anime like, hair feathers bouncing slightly with each step. The green feathered bird was quite for a few seconds before he yelled in confusion, "What's that suppose to mean!?!"

Inside the underground building of dirt, Buster Bunny was building a castle of cards. Just absolutely bored out of his mind. He sighed to himself a little bit as the mini castle fell apart by the smallest misstep again. Buster raised his long, blue, and white ears at a rapping at his door. The blue bunny boy huffed out boredom, "Give me a sec!" He got up and opened the door to his bedroom. The stranger in his house gave a sing song tone, "I'm your boyfriend now and we are going to Happy Land World, you do not have a choice~!"

The blue bunny balanced himself against his doorways as he ate a carrot and agreed to join, "I've got nothing better to do today so I'll go willingly." The rando stared at him with bafflment the nervously tested, "Would you like to hold hands and maybe even kiss?" The bunny rabbit just shaked his head no. The creeper curled into a fetal position and cried a little bit at the rejected. Technically better reaction than desperately clawing at him in an almost feral impulse of reproduction. A clawed hand shakily pulled a rose and a love letter with a tiny, red, heart, sticker sealing it.

The spitfire sobbed on the floor of dirt, "I got these for you." The rabbit picked up both the flower and the mail, casually reading the letter before throwing away both and going to the car. One might think Buster was cruel to trash the letter in front of Kablooie. Frankly, it might have been the right choice given Kablooie just openly admitted to this being a kidnapping not but a few minutes ago. Regardless of the right or wrong of this choice, Kablooie was still laying on the ground and crying over his wet dreams being shattered into a thousand shards.

Babs Bunny was reading a book by Lola Bunny. No relation by the by. It was a book about acting in Hollywood as a lady. You know, normal celebrity stuff. Just a lazy day. Babs put a bookmark in her book, speed walking to her front door as she puffed in annoyance, "Geez! Give me a second to get there!" She popped her head out of the ground and looked down at a duck he never met before. The stranger seemed defeated by it all, he offered gingerly, "Me, Plucky, and Buster are going to Happy Land World. Want to come with, Babs?"

Not believing him at first, the pink girl bunny rabbit looked over to the car nearby. There was Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck in the car. They didn't appear to be there against their will, in fact Buster even waved her to come over. So the pink bunny shrugged and took the offer, "Okay? I guess I can go to Happy Land World." She dipped back inside her home, wrote a note telling anyone who wanted to know where she was going where she went, and popped out of the hole. The only girl in this group so far went to the car, leaving the peer on the grass.

The red, fancy, racing, car honked a few times to get the driver into the vehicle. The fireball laid on the grass, trying to imagine the dream that brought him here. It seemed too distant at first but it appeared in full technicolor. He imagined that they felt the same for him, that they wouldn't fear him as the others did, that they wanted his affections, that they could be a family together, that they loved him. Yet this was only daydreamt was a single second then he was up and going back to the car.

Wheels turned and the vehicle was moving. They were on their way to Happy Land World. Despite the vague, general, celebration between the majority of the group, it all seemed shallow and hallow if even a victory at all. This was supposed to be a romantic date with his two boyfriends and one girlfriend on mating season. Something to cement their relationship and his commitment to be a good boyfriend to them. Plus an apology for not being a good boyfriend before.

Where exactly did it all go wrong?

Was he always doomed from the start?

Would the bunnies ever top him?
Would he ever top that duck?


I guess, on that depressing but crude note, there's going to be another chapter.


Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck looked out on the road. Plucky Duck was also staring out at the valley. Plucky noted, "How are you driving the car when your legs can't touch the pedals?" Kablooie commented to him, "I'm going to be honest with you, hotcakes. I have super powers and you shouldn't look down there." The green duckling looked down to the white duckling's legs. He immediately felt like he was about to throw up. It was like someone peeled a cockroach's legs. The mallard shaked in fear, "B-B-Buster! M-M-Monster!!" Buster Bunny poked his torso into the front seats. His face turned about as green as the mask.

Buster had looked down, now in the backseat he was regretting it. Kablooie looked at them both, so parked the car by a cactus themed gas station and asked worrriedly, "Are you guys okay?" The avian and the mammalian shaked their heads no. The Thing from The Thing grew so afraid for them he shifted a bit. When I say shifted, I mean his face split into 4 parts. When Babs Bunny started screaming and they looked even more sick, Kablooie Duck shrieked and hid his face. Now you might be wondering why I didn't add Body Horror to the tags, it's not letting me for some reason. Sorry everyone.

He shrieked as he hid his face, "Get Out NOW! Go to the gas station!!" Nobody agrued with that, almost all the car doors flung open and almost everyone ran out of the car. The only remaining member in shaked in putting his face back together as he grumbled to himself, "I told them not to look... I just got so so scared, I..." Meanwhile in the cactus themed gas station, the three teenagers were pondering if this was a horror movie. Which wasn't too illogical given the person who already looked like an alternative evolution from a post apocalyptic scenario just pulled some serious body horror.

Babs pointed outside and demanded, "We need to get as far away as possible from whatever that thing was." Buster seconded her order, "Babs is right, and I'm not interested in getting eggs laid inside me by our "boyfriend."" Plucky shivered and held himself, nearly sobbing, "What is that thing? What were we driving in the car with? Oh God, are we going to die!?" Buster Bunny gripped Plucky Duck by the shoulders and made eye contact. He assured him, "We aren't going to die, Plucky, we just need to get away from what's in the car."

A teenaged human working there yawned as he watched the slightly younger children freak out. Whilst he was only 17 years upon this earth, he figured himself more mature than the cartoon children and could handle whatever it was. He was wrong. Very, very, fucking, wrong.

Back at the red, fancy, racing, car,
Kablooie Duck managed to calm down enough to refill the tank. Kablooie was still panicking, his powers had never done that before. He looked over to the cactus that his peers were near. He noticed they were unhappy and couldn't help but be conflicted. The preteen wished to be good enough for them but also that they would like him back. Now that they were all together, neither appeared possible and moreover when they wouldn't give him time of day let alone a kiss.

The orange triplet puffed up his chest to seem more dominant, walking over to the gas station.

The rabbits saw the predatory duckling coming right to them first, they went to scatter. The water fowl chased after them, grabbing their coattails to not be left behind. This caused everyone to fall over onto the ground. The entrance made a cheerful tune to alert everyone someone entered the building. The slightly younger child went over to the worker, paying for his gas. The 17 year old noticed one side of his face was forming teeth in the wrong places and fainted. He realized he wasn't as chill as he was pretending to be.

Still it was too late to turn back. He forced himself to cool down.

Kablooie Duck turned around to talk to everyone but found they were on the floor. He kneeled down and picked them up, then stood up as to get them on their feet. As soon as Kablooie picked them up, the group tried to run away. So when he stood up, they were scrambling backwards on their bottoms. The murder duckling glared at them, worried by their fear yet annoyed they kept falling over. He spoke, "I'm trying to held you up, Stop acting like I'm going to fucking kill you." She spat at him, "If you aren't going kill us, then what's up the freaky head thing?!"

The nuclear power face palmed into both his hands, groaning loudly, "I have super powers okay!? Also I'm not taking you to Happy Land World, we are going to Disneyland! I lied!! Mickey Mouse told me he'd pay for the trip if I behaved myself when I got there!"

Clawed fingers opened for his eyes, burning orange with rage, to peer out at them as he continued ranting angrily, "Do you need some other confession? I actually love all my siblings, not just Phooey. I call my mom, mommy. I have Daddy issues, and I only like Plucky because of that. I was thinking about becoming a fireman but I decided to become a supervillain for attention from my family because sometimes I think they hate me! YOU THREE ARE PROBABLY THE FIRST TIME I'VE FELT ROMANTIC LOVE! Are you happy yet!?!"

By now, anyone on the floor was standing up. The situation had gotten much more awkward despite everything they feared being true was still true. The 3 friends almost felt guilty. Almost. Babs Bunny pointed out, "You could've just told us, you didn't have to explode." Buster Bunny got behind Babs and backed her up, "Yeah, you could have told us that your a freak of nature." Plucky Duck was drinking a slushy and coming to terms with the fact that they weren't going to Happy Land World. Mostly he was cooling down after the heart attack he nearly had.

Kablooie Duck exploded, "My FUCKING Name is Kablooie, I HAVE TO EXPLODE IT'S MY NAME!"

Kablooie boomed as he threw his arms in the air, "That's it!! Nobody is going to Disneyland for our romantic date!" Then a feather fell off his elbow. Then another on his forearm. Plucky questioned, "What's going on?" Kablooie stared at himself in horror and answered, "I'm going through puberty... It's puberty molting." Plucky pointed out, "Puberty molting isn't a thing." More feathers flew off as arms waved around wildly in panic. He shrieked as his voice cracked a little too hard, "I'm from another fucking universe so it happens to me!!"

A trail of feathers went out the double doors and to the red car. In the back seats, Kablooie Duck sobbed in horror of his body changing without his control. You know, as you do when one is a preteen going through puberty. Because it was their only ride home, Plucky, Babs, and Buster got to the car only see that. Kablooie tried to hide himself from them and shouted, "Don't look at me, I'm becoming Daffy!" They couldn't look away but felt deeply saddened by this sight. Now I can't tell if they have went through puberty yet but this wasn't normal for any of them.

Tiny black feathers poked through his skin where the other feathers had fallen out. If there was any doubt before on his claim that he was Daffy's son, this was a mildly, angsty, proof that couldn't be faked. Of course, there was plenty of other black ducks like Daffy Duck but still it was proof.


Disneyland someday...

Chapter Text

The car remained parked. Kablooie Duck was throwing another temper tantrum and refused to drive, "I'm not driving until you say you love me and kiss me and mean it!" Kablooie crossed his arms and stuck up his bill, huffing up like a child. As his cheeks puffed up, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck collectively sighed in annoyance. This had been going on for an hour and the sun was setting. Buster Bunny tried to reason with him, "We can't stay here, Kablooie. What are we supposed to eat? Where do we sleep?"


The short fuse huffed angrily, "Your parents are going to come for you at some point. Until then I have snacks and the seats are adjustable plus I have pillows and blankets if we need them."


Babs Bunny agrued with him, "You can't do this! You can't make people love you. You can't hold us hostage like this!!" The desert ish area was almost silent other than the winds blowing the sands. She weakly continued, "You can't just make people love you by forcing them." His eyes looked to the ground and then closed his eyes tight. The predatory duckling breathed in and then denied her, "I already know... I won't budge, love me back away. You can do it... Just try..." The pink bunny girl shaked her head no. She said nothing else, as there was nothing she could say to change anything.


"I'll go to Disneyland. I'll do anything but your only request, please!" Plucky Duck begged. Kablooie Duck quickly replied, "Then kiss me and say you love me." His arms reached out and a few more feathers fell out, not helping his already patchy feathers. His smile was desperate in a way, loving but loving in the way that someone who keeps human skins in their basement and have only now felt such an emotion. It didn't matter how true the love is, they both can't love and can't stop their overwhelming, twisted, love. Plucky refused him, "Anything but that!"


Kablooie Duck flopped over in angst, turning away from them and crossing his arms again. He sniffled a few times before collecting himself and breathing out his words shaky on the edges, "I only did this because I thought you'd be able to love me. That it'd be a romantic date, I'd be good enough for you and you'd be happy... Am I truly so unlovable?" Kablooie turned his head down and held himself. The three friends felt guilty but knew they couldn't do anything about it. Unless they did the request and meant it. Something that they could not do.


Kablooie waited for their affections, excepting they wouldn't come. Babs knew she couldn't love him but she hugged anyway. The murder duckling grinned widely, crying in happiness, now holding her paw in his clawed hand. Buster shrugged and also hugged him, surprised by the slight warmth of body heat. As most birds aren't warm blooded. The warm blooded duckling embraced them both, shoving his heart into their fluffy chests and crying into them. Plucky laughed at his mammal friends who pulled him into the cuddle fest.


They were all embracing. Kablooie Duck whispered his request to them, "Kiss me?" He felt himself being pushed over then pinned him down. It was most happy he'd been since running away from home, the bunny rabbits were pinning him to the car driver's seat with their long feet. The blue and pink bunnies in unison snarked, "No way, José!" (I hope that's right name and I apologize. You know why.) The white and black duckling excitedly warned as he barely held back his sadistic glee, "Please stop, this is my kink!" Immediately, Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, and Plucky Duck were inside the cactus themed gas station.


They were boarding up all the glass with the 17 year old working there. Orange eyes watched the orange skies, admired it as romantic. Completely ignoring the screaming in the background.



I'll continue this...




Chapter Text

Everyone was getting ready for the morning, Babs Bunny was brushing her teeth. Buster Bunny was putting on a new red sweater. Plucky Duck was drying himself off with a towel as he asked, "How did Kablooie exactly get all our clothes and toothbrushes and stuff?" Suddenly the image of Kablooie Duck smelling their clothes before stealing them appeared in their minds. Collectively they said in union, "Scratch that, I don't want to know." Buster managed to put his head through the sweater's head hole as he yelled at Plucky, "You owe me a coke!" Plucky shouted back at Buster, "No way, you owe me a coke!"

Babs spat into the gas station bathroom sink, then cleaned the sink. The 17 old working at the cactus themed gas station poked his head into the bathroom and informed them, "Sorry kids, time to leave." Plucky put on a white tank top and was ready. Babs assured the gas station worker, "We'll be gone soon, just give us another minute." The gas station worker was too tired to fight over this so gave a thumbs up and exited the story to never be seen again. The three high schoolers exited the cactus themed gas station to never see it again, walking to the red, fancy, racing, car in the parking lot that Daffy Duck was probably going to kill his son for crashing multiple times.

Speaking of the son who would die when he got home, inside the multiple times crashed car was a sleeping duckling. When the three friends got to the car driver's seat, they saw him sleeping. Plucky Duck chuckled quietly among his friends, "Watch this, I'm going to wake him up and then pretend to be dead." Babs Bunny agrued with him, "Plucky, that's cruel." Plucky waved her off, shaking Kablooie a little, before flopping himself on the back seats in an over dramatic pose. Kablooie Duck awoke but didn't fully wake up, he was a little loopy.

Kablooie Duck got up to a sitting position, seeing the "body" and crawling into the back to check. Kablooie held the "dead body" like a dead lover, baffled as his brain hadn't caught up to the tragedy, "Plucky?? Plucky? Plucky, why aren't you moving?" His atomic explosion orange eyes filled with tears as the formerly slime diamond pupils grew wobbly. He looked up to the bunnies and pleaded, "Plucky isn't moving, I don't know what to do!" Of Course, he hadn't waken up in any real way. So when Babs Bunny turned into a fairy princess and suggested, "Plucky must be sleeping. You should kiss him to wake him up."

The only question that Kablooie had was, "Are you sure I won't hurt him by kissing him without asking?" Babs egged him on with a false motherly tone, "You have to kiss him, he won't ever wake up without true love's kiss." Meanwhile in the background, Buster Bunny was filming this whole thing for blackmail against Plucky for later. The preteen duckling looked down to the teenaged duckling in his arms and kissed his chest, just above the heart. The teen duckling blushed in surprise then snarled under his breath at Babs, "I'm going to make you pay for this."

The murder duckling trailed his kisses up the green chest feathers, to the point where the neck and shoulder met. The mallard duckling froze, thinking to
run away but conflicted somehow. The predatory duckling paused his kisses at the neck, breathed in and then spoke, "Please wake up." Before immediately trying to make out. The green duckling shoved him away and yelled angrily, "This isn't Snow White, Disney Duck!!" The white and black duckling excitedly hugged him and overjoyed, "Plucky, you are alive!" He got shoved away again as the mallard spat, "That's it! Both of you rabbits are going down!"

He went running after them. The two hares ran away, giggling the time and teasing too. The pink and blue hares sang mockingly in unison, "Plucky likes Kablooie! Plucky and Kablooie, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!" The green duckling shrieked in frustration, "Nobody likes Kablooie! Everyone hates Kablooie! I hate him!! STOP IT!" Whilst they were jacking off, the white looking duckling started the car and tiredly called out, "Get in, we're going to Disneyland!" The friends stopped their fight, shrugged, and got in the car. The car rolled smoothly off the parking lot, and sped down the road.

The mass murderer yawned sleepily but happily, "You guys want to play some road trip games?" The red car was awkwardly silent. Plucky pointed out to his fellow child actors, "Hey Um, does sleepy Kablooie seem nicer to anyone else?" Babs teased him, "You like Kablooie, that's why he seems nicer." Buster mocked Kablooie as he teased Plucky, "It's still Duck mating season, Plucky~♡!" The young drake glared at them both, shutting his bill, crossing his arms and giving them the silent treatment. Suddenly the vehicle violently moved into the wrong lane.

Kablooie had fallen asleep at the wheel. Without another breath, the car was sent into a state of panic. Between Plucky Duck and Buster Bunny, nobody could gain control of the car as they fought over the wheel. Not that they could actually drive this, their feet couldn't reach the pedals. However, they did dodge every car but unfortunately crashed into a palm tree on the side of the road. Which woke up, Kablooie Duck completely and he was instantly confused on waking. He looked at the accident he was still inside and puzzled aloud, "What the Fuck happened!?"

Kablooie looked to the backseat to see nobody was there. Then he turned to see them as pancakes against the glass. The firey duckling coughed up his words, "Fuck! Shit! Oh God!!" Without hesitation, the 13 year peeled the three 14 year olds off the glass. Yes, he was saying "Fuck! Shit!" as he peeled them off the glass. The Fireproof Flammable set them in the back seats and nearly had a mental meltdown at trying to figure out how to fix this. Fortunately, he didn't need to fix it. It fixed itself.

When he turned his attention back to them, Buster, Babs, and Plucky were all fine. He didn't know how they got better but he didn't questioned how people survived the unsurvivable in this universe. Especially now that his boyfriends and girlfriend were alive. The Nuclear Bomb just took his luck, turned off the car, and stated bluntly, flatly, "I think I should sleep for a bit before driving again." From the back was a loud, "No duh, Sherlock!"

Plucky added on, "Daffy is going to kill you for totalling this car. Then he'll probably kill all of us for hanging out with you." Kablooie didn't pay attention, he just adjusted his seat back and tried to go to sleep. The back doors of the car opened and everyone but Kablooie got out. They grouped around the crime scene, trying to locate a nearby shelter of some form. There was mostly just the normal junk on the side of the highway during a road trip.

McDonald's. Burger King. Motel Cockroach. A pink elephant. Another roach hotel. More gas stations. Inbred, cannibalistic, possums. Corn fields. More Nothing. Rusting, Rotting, towns that died a long time ago. Some masked killer with a chainsaw. Religious people telling you that you existing is a sin against God. More corn fields.

You know, normal parts of those long trips.

Not having much other options, the teenagers each picked out a different motel to find the best one. Leaving behind the vehicle and their driver.

We'll be skipping ahead as the only joke I could make about the motel they ended up picking was 'still better than the one we spent spring vacation in.' Nothing interesting or worth your time happened in that time so don't worry.

Plucky Duck and Buster Bunny stood over Kablooie Duck as he slept. He'd been asleep for hours now. Neither of them wanted to know how friendly he'd be when he woke up. Plucky dared Buster, "Double dog dare you to kiss him." Buster rolled his eyes and tease dared Plucky, "Triplet Dog dare you to admit you like Kablooie." Plucky put his hands on his hips and insulted, "I do not like him, and you are just stalling because you are a big, fat, chicken!" Buster put his own gloved hands on his own hips. He glared death beams and insisted, "I. Am. Not. Chicken."

The duckling mimicked a chicken, flapping his elbows and making chicken noises. The rabbit got on top of the mutant duckling, pinning him down. He paused as he began to regret his actions up to this point. In the background, the average avian cheered him on, "Do it!" The bunny rabbit closed his eyes and pressed his lips to the bill of sharp teeth. The mutanted duckling ripped away his bill and sleeptalked, "Not like this." With a fearfully tone, the bunny prided loudly, "I did your stupid dare!" This woke Kablooie Duck.

Kablooie woke groggy, still between a dream as he spoke, "Buster?" He flexed his arms to find they were being held down, so naturally the first thing he thinks he says aloud, "Oh Thank FUCKING God, you are finally going to top me!" Buster turned his attention away from Plucky, and his face went pale. Buster denied in a panic, "It's not what you think! Plucky dared me!!" Kablooie blushed and flirted, "Are you the Easter Bunny? Because I want you to stuff me fill of eggs." The maw that was kissed curled itself to a wicked grin fitting a Disney villain.

The mammal scrambled backwards, onto the dirt, trying to wipe away the kiss with his sleeve. His friend joked in a sing song tone, "Buster kissed Kablooie! Buster likes Kablooie! Buster and Kablooie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!" The mammalian went running after the bird. The warm blooded duckling blinked with puzzlement but ultimately shrugged it off, enjoying the idea that both his boyfriends liked him back.

Over with Babs Bunny shortly after,

Babs Bunny was carrying in a suitcase, but she was quickly followed by Kablooie Duck. Babs rolled her eyes and sighed sadly, "What do you want?" Kablooie smiled sadistically back, carrying a few suitcases himself, and beamed, "Kidnap me." She stared at him in disbelief but quickly turned to her goal, commenting briefly, "You are a few screws loose, aren't cha?" He frowned, cocking an eye and head at her comment but ultimately returned to his cheer.

He cheerfully bounced and wagged his feathery tail, cheerfully singing, "Shackle me up and lock it, I could live in your pocket. When you gonna kidnap me, when you gonna kidnap me?" She threw the suitcase on the single, very large, bed and asked with a cocked eye, "Are you singing?" The suitcases he was carrying flopped on the bed. Kablooie nodded with that same sadistic glee and kicking his webbed, clawed, feet in the air, singing on, "Take me away from here, I can see it so clear. Then you gotta kidnap me, then you gotta kidnap me." Babs refused to acknowledge whatever this was and keep getting things from the trunk.

Babs Bunny picked up a few more bags, then Kablooie Duck was on the roof of the car posing like anime boy who's bad. You know... Ummm. The one where they run their fingers through their spiky hair as they lookat you from the side. Like that. He kept going, "Tie me up to a chair, I could live in your hair. When you gonna kidnap me? When you gonna kidnap me?" She turned around then yelled back casually, "Remember to take in the bags that are left!"

Kablooie stood up on the car roof, stopped singing, and shouted back, "Why don't you want to ruffle my feathers!? I would kidnap you if you asked me to!" When he looked around, there was nobody else. He was alone near the vehicular automobile. Kablooie Duck flopped down to a sitting position on the roof and mumbled to himself, "Singing got Uncle Donald Daisy. Why doesn't it work for me?" Suddenly and without warning, something hit him. It felt like a bug bite but when he went to shoe it away, he found a dart in his neck and he fainted there.

Over the unconscious body, was Montana Max.


Yep, Montana is back. Will write more about this kidnapping later.

Chapter Text

It was a gilded cage. The walls and floor and ceiling were marble with gold detailing. The room itself was massive. It was all too familiar to Kablooie Duck, he'd been near enough rich people to know well their mansions. He also knew their spoiled brats. They didn't understand that they couldn't control the world. They didn't understand that true happiness would never come from money alone. They thought their money could buy anything. They were sadistic, little, monsters. Nothing was different about Montana Max.

Kablooie grumbled as his eyes opened and he regained consciousness, "Fucking great, this Capitalist Fucking Leech." Montana grabbed the ropes that tied his hostage to the chair and grunted, "What did you say worm?!" Kablooie lazily looked up at him with half lidded eyes and smashed his head into the nose. Montana stumbled backwards, expressing pain and holding his nose. Kablooie spat spiteful spitfire back to him, "I said Burn in Hell, Parasite!" They glared at each other hatefully.

Kablooie Duck looked around at the room, unimpressed when comparing it to other rich people, and cruelly yet casually noted, "So you here to stick your dick in me and pretend you could be worthy of love or something, shrimp dick?" Montana Max stomped over, kicked over the chair, grinded his shoe heel into the chest, and snarled, "You are going to give me that free ticket to Scrooge McDuck's money or else!" The orange, flame shaped, sunglasses couldn't hide his orange, explosion, eyes rolling at it all. A slight smirk formed on the bill as he snickered, "Or else? Or else what? You won't wuv me anymore?"

Envy, Jealousy, Greed, if I had to detail the shade of green that was those eyes I would probably use those words. They were Greed and Envy green. They glared with a brief depiction of Hell, but calmed slightly and kept a steady, cold, boil of rage. Max loomed over his kidnapping victim and coldly raged, "Don't you play dumb with me, you sick freak. I know you've been playing house with those dumb rabbits and that dopey duck." The mutanted eyes with their cat like pupils turned their attention fully to their kidnapper now. The slim diamond pupils grew rounder as murder plots were made behind them.

The villain noted his words were getting to the villain coded character. He put both legs on either side, smirked, and snarked, "I thought you wanted to be kidnapped and used to produce heirs, bunny freak." The actually Evil Triplet snarled flames back, "I only bottom for bunnies, dipshit. So unless you are a bunny, that's not happening." For a brief second, the antagonist remembered that time he turned into a bunny rabbit and wished he could be one right now. Of course, he quit thinking that as soon as he remembered hating being a rabbit.

Montana gripped his shoulders and angrily ranted, "You know you and I aren't so different. You don't want to admit it but we are more alike than you care to realize." Kablooie sighed to himself and then asked flatly, "And?" Max backed off an inch, questioned in confusion, "What?" Kablooie continued with annoyance, "And What? I know we are alike already. We're both villains. Only different is, you deserve to be treated like a bad guy and I don't." Max pressed his nose to the bill and huffed out harshly, "Listen Mickey Mouse and Friends, you might be scary to those sappy sugerbowls but I'm the big bad here."

The duck requested, "Then say fuck if you are so Fucking tough, bitch boy." The human stared at him, tried to say something a few times, then sat between the legs. The duckling frowned at the feeling, fuming loudly, "Get the FUCK off me, Now!" The boy looked down curiously and spotted the source of that reaction. So he instantly decided to abuse this, teasing, "I thought with all those jokes, you wanted to blow off steam." Unwilling to be out muscled by anyone for anything, the water fowl threatened, "Oh? And you are going to have sex with a duck? I wonder how your parents will feel or how about school?"

Kablooie opened his legs and little wider and demanded, "Get off of me now, or everyone knows." Montana shoved a finger into his chest and threatened, "You wouldn't dare." Kablooie Duck dropped his smile and was quickly in a damsel in distress tone he screamed for help, "Stop touching me! Wak!! IT HURTS! DON'T PUT THAT INSIDE ME! STOP IT! STOP TOUCHING ME THERE!! STOP, IT HURTS!!" Max clapped his hands down on the bill and whispered panicked, "Shut up, shut up."

There was a yell from downstairs that sounded like it belonged to an adult man, "Monty? What are you and your playmate doing up there? I hope you aren't breaking your new rent a friend!" Monty shouted back down, "It's NOthing, we're just playing!" Kablooie noted the voice crack and went more dramatic, "I DON'T LIKE THIS GAME! PLEASE STOP!!" Then he made some obvious quaking noises with sobs. The voice from downstairs yelled with more concerned, "Monty, what are you doing up there!?" There was footsteps sounding up the stairs.

Montana yell whispered, "Shut it, you insect! Before I make you shut it!" Kablooie closed his bill then moved his hips against the person on top of him. Monty blushed and panicked as he made a noise he didn't mean to. There was footfalls coming to the door. Kablooie moved his hips faster, delighting in the idea of making his enemy hurt. Max kept making sounds that gave a different impression, unwilling to left but also on the edge of a breakdown. The door knocked a few times before the voice spoke again, "Monty, I swear if what is happening is what I think is happening!"

The preteen duckling cried out in horror and tears, "Help me! Oh please dear God, help me! It hurts so much!!" A few more quacky sob choked out. The teen human demanded in broiling rage, "Shut up! Shut up! Keep your damn trap shut and keep going!!" The door burst open with a loud slam. The duckling, stopped moving, cried big tears, and quacked in fear. The human on top off him turned his attention to the door. In the doorway was an adult human smoking a pipe, the man baffled at his son, "Montana Max! What in God's Name is going on here!?!"

The Brown haired boy flinched upon being yelled at, he stammered, "I I I I I I! It's not what it looks like!!" The bird under him sobbed, "I was promised that you loved me and we were going to Disneyland! This isn't Disneyland!!" The father face palmed and grumbled loudly enough to be understood, "I thought we wouldn't have to deal with this until you were at least 16..." The adult walked into the room.

The male adult pointed out the door and ordered, "Monty, go to your room. You are grounded." The male juvenile agrued, "But Dad, It's..." The finger pointed sternly to the door. Monty walked to the door with anger and sadness. The adult snapped, causing a butler to appear and undo the ropes. The man with a pipe bent down, handed over some money, and requested, "Never tell anyone what happened here." The duckling, thought how to keep this particular problem away, then sniffled sadly, "But what about my uncle Scrooge and my dad Daffy? I can't lie to them."

It didn't take that long to make the connection but the pipe smoker still went silent for a full minute. Before he responded, "Oh, you are also rich... We're in a much bigger pickle than I planned. How about we take you to Disneyland? How does that sound?" The Arsonist kept up the act, "You aren't going to hurt me, right?" The man turned around to not face the person he was talking to, agreeing, "Yes. Anything you want as long as you don't tell anyone." The Firecracker killed two birds with one stone, "I have some friends I want to take with me."

The door to the motel opened. Kablooie Duck entered the room with Plucky Duck, Buster Bunny, and Babs Bunny in it. The room only had one bed but that didn't matter much as they didn't stay long.


Next chapter, Disneyland.


Chapter Text

Shirley McLoon sat on her bed, reading a magazine when her phone rang. She picked the phone and asked, "Like, who is it?" Kablooie Duck replied cheerfully, "It's Kablooie Duck, I'm Plucky's boyfriend. I'm assuming your Plucky's girlfriend?" Shirley cocked an eye at that, for a second she was silent but she laid on her stomach and she replied, "Plucky isn't my boyfriend but you can't date Plucky. He's my boyfriend." He sat there in silence and moment. Kablooie asked curiously, "Care to elaborate on that?" Shirley shrugged and sighed, "Well, it's totally complicated. Like I go on dates with him so guys don't hit on me."

"But, like, he hits on me even tho I totally told him not to." Loon breathed out tiredly. Kablooie nodded along and admitted, "That all sounds rough. You deserve better than Plucky but... I can't help but think that Plucky also deserves better. Care to explain why you hit him?" There was a tension between the phone lines. A few crackles sounded as both ducks adjusted themselves. McLoon huffed, "What are you talking about?" Kablooie answered harshly with a smile, "I respect you, but I don't want you hurting Plucky again. You are smart, talented, powerful, and everything, so I shouldn't ask if you understand."

The yellow blonde stated bluntly and flatly, "I totally understand." The white blonde finished up, "I'm glad we are on the same page there." The phones hung up. Neither of them needed to talk about this anymore, there wasn't anything more to say for the time being. However conflict had started between them, a distant passive aggressive approach.



We're meeting Mickey Mouse at some point.

Maybe, probably...

Chapter Text

Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck entered the limbo. The limousine's door closed by the butler who opened it. The red, fancy, racing, car was taken away to be fixed. The longer vehicle sat parked in front of the motel. Plucky asked tiredly, "Soooo, Your Uncle Scrooge paid for this?" Babs added on jokingly, "If you pay for my college, I'll totally be your girlfriend." Kablooie Duck paused pouring his vodka into a fancy glass, he looked over to them and tested anxiously, "If I pay you, will you really date me?" The car fell silent as everyone sweated nervously.

Kablooie took the silent as a no, he adjusted his fingerless, biker, leather, gloves and answered flatly and bluntly yet casually, "No, no way that asshole would ever give me money unless I 'need it' like as if there's not people on his paycheck dying... Anyways, I blackmailed Montana Max and his dad paid me to keep my yap shut." He adjusted his flaming, orange, shades and then his leather jacket, popping the caller. The other passengers in the car were looked around at each other. Buster quizzed in suspicion, "Montana Max? Are you sure?"

The white looking duckling filed his claws and drank his vodka but stopped both when he spoke with a false maturity, "I'm damn sure. That spoiled brat, was definitely trying to bone me for that McDuck money." The group was hit by a shock but was not that surprised. It sounded like something Montana would do. Well at least, the anything for money part. The boning part, maybe not so much. The pink bunny girl pointed out, "Wait, are you drinking... alcohol!?!!" The white and black duckling looked back to the vodka he was drinking and explained, "I'm immune, besides drinking water will literally kill me."

The blue bunny boy looked at the alcohol. The green duckling also turned his attention to the drink. The orange triplet was lighting up a cigarette when he noticed this, he threatened angrily but protectively, "I'm immune, you aren't! Don't FUCKING touch it!!... I'm not dealing with a PSA where you die because of this shit." The blue (actually brown) eyed girl (Babs) scanned the inside of the limousine. The baby blue (sometimes purple somehow) eyed boy (Buster) followed her eyes and pressed a button. The window rolled down. The green-ish, blue, teal, (and sometimes purple?) eyed boy (Plucky) excitedly pressed every button in sight.

Windows rolled down. Seats adjusted up and down. Food and drinks popped out. A trashcan appeared with some more cigars. A disco ball dropped out the ceiling. There was a sweet smelling, colorful, smoke covering floor. The lights kept changing color. Music was playing from somewhere but it kept changing. Air conditioning turned on. The doors locked and unlocked on repeat.

Everyone just shrugged and rolled with this. The non-alcoholic beverages were passed around between the four juveniles. The food was also passed around. The alcoholic drinks, cigars, and cigarettes were collected by the only immune member, he poked his head out the window when he smoked. The said immune member stated with a light chuckle, "Someone likes pressing buttons, doesn't he?" The smoke coming off his bill rolled out the window as he spoke. Between the mammals, a look was shared. They both answered at the same time, "Yeah, Plucky likes pushing buttons."

An ashtray popped out of nowhere, some ash was put in. The Fireproof Flammable put out his cigar as he talked to himself, "I probably shouldn't smoke these when nobody else is immune... Quick question, do you think Plucky Ducky will notice if I kiss him?" The two main characters shaked their heads no, in a don't do it man way. The main character of this story took it as a he won't notice, and crawled on his hands and knees in a flirtatious way then wrapped his arms around. He questioned in a flirty way, "Can I kiss you, Ducky?" The buttons were still being pushed.

"Sure whatever." The mallard duckling replied without any awareness of what he was agreeing to. The fellow water fowl kissed his cheek and then instantly was a blushing mess. A cartoony, sappy, mess of first high school crushes was somewhere between anime school girls and heart eyes floating on air more typical of American Western Animation. Does that make sense to you? I'm really hoping this isn't all word vomit to you. Getting back to the story, the molting duckling giggled playfully, "♡~Oh Plucky, you are so handsome and brave and strong and funny~♡"

Feeling left out, the blue rabbit put his hands on his hips and huffed, "What am I!? Chopped liver?!" The Firebird focused his attention on his other boyfriend, jumping on him like a predator to prey. Which they kinda were. The predatory duckling sat on his lap, made overwhelming eye contact, and began sucking his dick in a way, "♡~Buster, you are so handsome and brave and strong and funny and your cock is so huge~♡" The blue hare was pressed against the seat and regretting his decision, he panicked pleaded, "Wait! No! I take it back!!"

The pink rabbit rolled his eyes and crossed her arms. She sighed in annoyance, "Can you get off of my sometimes boyfriend?" The pink hare immediately regretted her words, as someone got on her lap. The Firebug requested with joy, "Top me? Please? Hold me down and make me yours forever? Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?" He hugged her, pressing his tail against her tail, and made desperate noises all the while. She pushed him away and yelled angrily, "Get off of me!" He had hit the floor of the limo with a dull thud, after a minute he questioned nervously, "Are you not going to get on top of me? Do you not want to kiss?"

The limo came to a full stop and the butler opened the door. Before them was Disneyland. They exited the vehicle and made their way to the hotel.


More Disneyland and meeting Mickey Mouse next chapter.

Whenever that'll be...

Chapter Text

In the hotel at Disneyland, the kids were getting ready. They were taking turns bathing and dressing. Since there was one girl, and one guy who was horny for everyone else so nobody changed in the same room. They couldn't, everyone was too uncomfortable excluding Kablooie Duck. Kablooie Duck was turned around, facing away from the others. Just sitting and waiting for his turn as it would be the last. Still they were talking. The first to change and bath was Babs Bunny.

Babs asked, "Hey, Kablooie. How do you bath?" The shower started running. Kablooie answered, "Same as you but I use vodka, gasoline, lighter fluid, or this tasteless, scentless, colorless, liquid that explodes easily." There was not silence. The raindrops sounded down in the shower, causing sound all around. Finally someone spoke, it was Babs. "Isn't that a little dangerous?" Staring into the off white wall, orange eyes grew wide and one could swear to hear Invaders Must Die playing behind those eyes. As if the very word 'Danger' set something off.

Cat like eyes calmed slightly, he replied tiredly, "Yes, it is. I'm inherently dangerous by existing." Plucky Duck laid back on the bed, he crossed his arms behind his head, and breathed out his words, "Are you really a duck? I mean... What's a duck without water?" The mutanted duckling took out the feathers that were molting. White feathers gave way to shorter, black, feathers. He responded, "The warmth of my blood separates me from other ducks. These claws and these teeth separates me. These eyes separates me. My powers separate me... I don't feel like a real duck. I was a real duck once... Once."

Plucky frowned, he rolled over to his side. He felt a little shame and stated, "Ummm... That's depressing. I don't really know what to say." The other duck huffed out as if a dying ember, "I already know. Nobody does."

Buster Bunny butted in with a light hearted attempt, "Let's change the subject. Why don't you tell us about Mickey? Have you ever met him?" Unfortunately for everyone in that room, he had unknowingly unleashed an even bigger can of worms. Soon, everyone would have to sleep in it. "Mickey? Yeah, I've met that fucking rat. In fact, He's been sleeping with my uncle Donald." Kablooie complained on, "I hate Mickey, his brother Oswald is better." Awkwardness filled the air as the words said settled in. Still trying to keep the conversation from getting worse, Buster tried railroading it, "Oswald? Who's Oswald?"

He didn't know started. Kablooie Duck rambled excitedly, "You don't know, Oswald? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Let me tell you about Oswald. He's just the best, he has bombs and stuff. Everyone goes on and on about Mickey Mouse and who Walt made him. You know what they don't bring up? Oswald! Oswald was the first and Walt only cares about Mickey because Mickey got successful. Besides, Fuck Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a bigot and a nazi sympathizer. Fuck that old, dead, bitch. Anyways, Oswald is the best."

Babs and Buster were annoyed by this ranting. The only reason he was doing any of this was because he had a thing for rabbits. Plucky hates it as he wasn't a rabbit and hearing someone else be praised for just being born a particular species grinded his gears. Mainly because said species wasn't his own. Nobody wanted to listen to it anymore so somebody had to change the topic and quick. Buster Bunny cutted in, "You are a Disney character. You are one of the heroes. Why hate Mickey Mouse? I understand why we Warner Brothers characters hate him but why you?"

A few seconds passed before Kablooie Duck ranted again, "Mickey... Mickey Mouse is taking away my uncle Donald Duck from me. Donald is more of a father then Daffy. I didn't know Daffy until recently. So the fact that Donald is always having out with him, really pisses me off. I can't stand that fucking rat, I can't stand his cheery BULLSHIT. All he does all day is suck his creator's dick and pretend everything is fine. Everything isn't fine. Everything sucks! He sucks! I hate him!!" There were tears now. Clawed hands curled into fists. It seemed like nothing they could think to talk about would only result in more trouble.

The three friends rubbed the back of their heads and allowed the awkwardness fill the room. It sounded like it was raining in the distance by the running of shower. The lack of talking made the ever present angst of being a preteen well up inside him, Kablooie fiddled with his thumbs as he thought about how terrible he was. He spoke weakly, "I'm sorry. I don't know what I did but I'm sorry... I love you." The guilt of the three teenagers well up as well. They couldn't comfort him by saying they loved him back for fear he would show affection and love in return. It was all so conflicting.

Of Course, it was conflicted. They were teenagers and a preteen in a very complicated situation. A per typical of living after the age of 10, I guess. The shower stopped, Babs exited the bathroom in her typical yellow shirt, purple skirt, and purple bows. She announced with a little less energy, "I'm done." Buster followed in after here, closing the door behind him. Kablooie stood up, making his way to the phone, telling everyone else, "I have to make a call to Mickey... Want to make sure he won't tell my parents where I am, you know since I ran away from home to do this."

He picked up the phone, dialed in a few numbers and waited.

The other side picked up. Mickey Mouse spoke, "I guess you are here, lil fella haha." Kablooie Duck fumed harshly, "Cut the BULLSHIT Michael Theodore Mouse. You know what this call is for." The other line wasn't quite despite there being no speaking, there was a steady beat of tapping fingers. The tapping of gloved fingers stopped. Mickey was slightly annoyed, "I requested that you behave yourself when you are a guest at my park. I don't particularly like swearing or you using my full name. Do I need to call Della or... maybe Donald?" Sharp teeth gritted against each other hatefully, Kablooie responded spiteful, "I'll play this game, Mic. Don't call my mom or my uncle and I keep playing along to your little song."

The Mouse cheerfully replied, "Hotdog!! That's swell to hear, Kablooie! I hope we can get along. So was there any other reason you are calling me?" The Atomic Bomb suppressed a growl to his words, "I brought a few dates. They're from Warner Brothers. I want this to be a romantic date. I don't want you getting in the way, do I make myself clear?" There was a familiar laughter over the line. He gritted his teeth in frustration. Then ultimately the conversation ended there, "Oh I understand. See you real soon." The call was hung up. The phone was put back down. The preteen pondered if his uncle's boyfriend was going to purposefully ruin this date but ended up dropping the idea.

It wouldn't matter for very long because regardless of what Mr. PROTAGONIST did, Della, Daffy, and Donald were coming. They were coming and they would be pissed.


Fun at Disneyland next chapter or at some point.


Yeah. At some point...

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck was only dreaming. However he didn't know he was merely dreaming of a memory. It wasn't a notably memorable memory but still it was a release from his own angst. Yet as dreaming and remembering is often to do, it altered the the facts. The memory at the time, seemed another harsh slap in the face to prove that his family didn't love him and the world was better off without him. Now it appeared idealized, golden, rosey, and shiny.

The memory began with him and his brothers and his sister all sitting around. In a circle, they all looked to each other as they sat. Phooey Duck was talking about things that existed in other continuities in different universes that must have died long ago as if it was only yesterday, "Do you guys remember Alvin, Simon, and Theodore? I haven't seen them in a while but I think they are about our ages." The rest of them turned their attention to him. Huey Duck questioned his brother, "Phooey, what are you talking about?" Phooey continued with notably confusion, "Alvin? Alvin and The Chipmunks? Don't you remember?"

Dewey Duck waved off his brother and blew the whole thing off, "Oh it's another one of those imaginary things that Phooey thinks up all the time. Like Sadstone Gander." Louie Duck balanced himself on his hands and pointed out, "I don't know. Sometimes those things Phooey "imagines" turn out to be real... Like Poe De Spell." They looked among each other then to Phooey. There was a growing unease. Kablooie Duck proudly rambled, "Oh yeahhhhhh, I remember those guys. They were in a band and..." Webby Vanderquack cut him off right there, "What are you talking about? How do you and Phooey know these things?"

Kablooie just kinda glared at her with some mild annoyance before continuing on his rant, "Anyways, I remember when Huey was more like Alvin. Now he's like Simon, Dewey is like Alvin, and somehow Phooey is like Theodore." Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby yelled in frustration, "You aren't making any sense! What are you talking about?!"

Phooey remembered that this wasn't the same continuity and apologized, "So sorry, My Bad. Ha ha Ha! It's another universe thing. You wouldn't remember anyway."

Like I said, meeting Mickey Mouse face to face at some point down the line.

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck stretched as he asked with mild flirtation, "So what are we going to do today for our lovely, romantic, date, sweethearts?~♡" They paused as they were about to exit the door to their hotel room. Plucky Duck explained, "Well we are going to eat ice cream and go on a few water rides." Babs Bunny added with a bored tone, "After that, we were going to take pictures and goof around." Kablooie blinked in confusion then cocked his head to one before puzzling aloud, "I can't go on the water rides or eat ice cream... How are we going to go on our date?"

Buster Bunny stepped in and informed him bluntly, "Because you aren't going with us. We are purposefully excluding you." The three friends went to shuffle out the door. Yet they were stopped by clawed hands grabbing them lightly, the outsider among them questioned sadly, "Wait, why are you doing this? I thought... Why can't I come with you?" Amongst the peers, they gave each other looks before turning back their attention to him. Buster shrugged, "Sorry. We just don't feel the same. You shouldn't worry, you are young and I'm sure you'll find someone else."

Babs shrugged as well then blew it off, "Yeah, we just can't love you. It's no big deal. There's plenty of fish in the sea." Plucky crossed his arms over his chest and puffed up, "I really don't care if you find love or not. To be honest, I personally don't like you. You are kinda... Creepy." The two bunnies glared at their friend with their hands on their hips. The mallard turned his attention to his friends and gave a weak smile as he shrugged. Kablooie grabbed at the chest of their shirts and pleaded desperately, "There is no one else! I love you three and I can't be without you!! Please tell me what to do. Tell me what to say. I'll do anything as long as you stay!!!"

With some inch of disgust, collectively they removed his hands from their clothes. Each gave a forced smile and held his hands, but took a step backwards to the doorway. Once in the doorway, Buster Bunny quickly apologized, "Oh, So sorry about everything. Got to go, see ya!" He left behind only a puff of dust. The other main characters glared at Mr. PROTAGONIST angrily before returning to the forced smiles to Kablooie. Babs Bunny chuckled nervously, "I should probably follow him. Bye!" She dashed after him. Plucky Duck didn't even say anything before dipping out. He just left.

Kablooie Duck was all alone in the hotel room. He whimpered to people who weren't there to hear him, "But Mickey was going to be here and pay for everything." It seemed more silent than it actually was. He sighed, dragged himself to the bed, and flopped down on it. Slowly by slowly, Kablooie curled into a fetal position on the bed before rolling himself up in the sheets. The tears burned his explosion orange eyes, not in the good way that meant he was healing nor because they were water as his tears weren't made of water. His eyes burned with tears as he couldn't stop crying.

He sobbed but he tried not cry, not sob, not to feel any weakness at all. Yet all his rage could not, would not, burn away his sadness and pain. Nor should it. The more he insisted to himself that he was the alpha predatory, the ultimate lifeform, better than everyone else just on sheer evolution. The more it sounded like he was just being weak, if only to himself. Beside, the predatory duckling knew that sheer strength, evolution, and "superiority" didn't matter. It didn't matter when he was brought back from that hellish void by that monkey paw wish to take care of his brother Phooey Duck.

It didn't matter when he discovered his love of bunnies. Despite all his sadistic wants and pleasure in making those he viewed as weaker suffer, merely being better, tougher, rougher, and stronger than everyone else was a shallow and hollow prize. No victory worth keeping came from beating up a lesser, and thus far it had not brought him the only thing he wanted. Love. None of his super powers had given him the kiss of another. No mutanted advantage gave him an other's hands to hold. Nothing about being the superior predator helped in hunting down love. All these things appeared to separate him.

The distant memories of universes and continuities long gone felt like dreams. Still, even now the memories of when he was just a normal duckling gripped him. Before the monkey paw that brought him back. Before the hellish void that imprisoned him in non-canonical limbo. Back when he and his brothers were a hivemind. The memories were so sweet now. Idealized, golden, rosey, and shiny from nostalgic tint, each seemed better than his present. When Gyro Gearloose had accidentally created him in that explosion. His first campfire. Sharing things with Phooey.

They were all prefect, wiped of all the unpleasant moments that doubtless had to happen.

The clawed hands held his head but they shaked. Kablooie Duck looked at himself and only wanted to destroy everything that separated him from the him in those memories. His newly growing black feathers, his claws on his hands and feet, his sharp teeth, his cat like eyes, his personality, everything. It was what kept them from loving him. His family, his peers, everyone in the world. They surely must have seen these horrible things and hated him for having such things. As he wasn't a real duck or Duck anymore for having such things. As he wasn't good anymore for having such things.

He was an Abomination. An affront to mankind as a whole. If he could remove all that, he wouldn't be alone anymore.

The door to the hotel room sounded with a few knocks. Mickey Mouse spoke, "Kablooie? You there?" Kablooie Duck scoffed at him depressively, "Go away. My dates blew me off, and I don't want to see you." The door opened up anyway. The bed dipped with the weight of an adult sitting on it. A gloved hand patted his head. Mickey tested, "Can you tell me about it?" Kablooie hide himself and rolled away from the touch, grumbling loudly enough to be understood, "They went out without me... On purpose." The Mouse pointed out with that kid friendly happiness, "Well that doesn't sound very nice. Your girlfriend and/or boyfriend shouldn't be unkind to you."

The mouse quizzed carefully, "Did they at least say I love you before leaving you alone all day?" The predatory duckling kept his back to him, answering honestly with spite, "No, Rat. They didn't. In fact, they said they don't love me and couldn't ever love me." The tears came back. The crying began. He sobbed into the blankets of the bed they all had to share with another, "If I wasn't creepy and I didn't have these stupid claws and these stupid teeth and these stupid eyes, then they would love me and my family would love me too!"

Michael Theodore Mouse insisted as he gestured to calm down, "You shouldn't have to change anything about yourself for them. Especially since they treat you this way. Maybe you should just date someone else... My nephews Ferdie and Monty are..." A clawed hand grabbed the adult by his fur and yanked him down until they were eye level. Eye to eye, the preteen snarled flames under his breath, "I don't want to date anyone else. They were the only ones for me. I've ruined my own life, Mic! Even Phooey hates me now. I. Want. To. Get. Rid. Of. Everything. That's. Me. As. I. Am. Now!"

Mic raised a finger and was about to say something but he was shaked. The murder duckling broiled his words as he shaked the adult, "I REFUSE TO BE WITH ANYONE BUT PLUCKY, BUSTER, and BABS, MICKEY. I LOVE THEM!! I love them more than I love Negaduck and Oswald!!!" Rubber hose eyes had turned to swirls as the adult man remained dizzy from the shaking. The preteen boy pressed his face against the other face and growled angrily, "Do you even know how much I love Oswald and Negaduck!?!"

Mickey Theodore Mouse answered unsure, "A lot? Like, a whole lot?" Kablooie Duck spat spiteful spitfire at him, "Yes! Exactly!!" Gloved hands gently moved the clawed hands away. After a second of readjusting himself, the man tiredly gave advice, "I know you love them very, very, much but you are only 13. I'm sorry to admit this but not everyone meets their true love on the first time. Sometimes people just don't love you back. You can't just destroy yourself to make them love you, you can't make anyone love you in fact." The boy glared hatefully at him and disregarded the advice, "You fell in love with your true love on the first try, what would you know any of that?"

In fact, the young boy pushed him against the bed and insulted in hate and rage, "Let me guess, Minnie wasn't your first love. It was Walt, you loved Walt Disney and that's why you can't accept he was a bigot. Because you still want him and he could never loved you like that." The mammal was upset even angry, he pushed the avian off his chest. The bird stumbled backwards and fell off the bed. The rodent peered off the bed in panic that he might have hurt a child but found the child to be fine. Then said child grabbed him by the nose and yanked him down with intent to harm. Then they both lay on the floor, spread out.

Mickey Mouse commented shortly, "Donald, Della, and your dad are going to find you and they are going to be upset. You can't hide here forever. You won't even make it the whole time I paid for."

"I already know that. I've always known that since I ran away from that place." Kablooie Duck replied back sharply, "I just wanted to be with my boyfriends and girlfriend. Just one day or an hour or the whole two weeks, just a little time together before I leave forever... Just some time for a romantic date and to say goodbye and I love you." He rolled over to his side.

Mickey rolled over to face him but was only facing his back. He rubbed the back of his head and admitted, "I didn't think of it that way. I didn't even know you cared about romance or anything like that, I thought that talk about romantic dates were just... Short hand for less appropriate words. Maybe it was wrong of me to assume that's the only thing you wanted."

"Well, I do care about that." Kablooie confessed with not shortage of annoyance, "I do want sex, yes. It's not the only thing I want. I want to kiss and hold hands. I want to sleep together and cuddle. I want to love and be loved. Now the only thing preventing it is me, I'm the villain of my own story...... No surprises there." He curled up on the hotel floor carpet. There was quiet. Not silence as distant children screamed in play and generally the world continued on.

The sky was the kind blue that meant it was summer. Both males saw it as the summer sun shined through the window. The day was pleasant and warm as summer should be. I couldn't say if this was Disneyland or Disney World. I couldn't say what the park looked like or what was there as my father forbid me from ever going to Disneyland or Disney World. Not like I or my family could have ever afforded it in our lives even if he hadn't forbiddened it. However, I can say that preteens and teens shouldn't waste summers chasing after people who can't love them back.

Youth is finite and one should aim to use it having fun. Even though I am young myself, I still regret listening to people telling me to grow up and what I'd regret on my deathbed. I wish I had more fun. That I watched more cartoons. That I been out in the sun. That I made more friends. That I had been a child longer. People say that no one youthful thinks they will ever die, but every single day as a child I feared time's march to death. As I am now even in all my youth, I can only see how quickly it all ends.

I don't have a life. I don't have friends. While everyone returns to their lives after the plague, I will continue all the same and never move on. All my dreams are ash and ruin, but I saw it coming years ago. I can see so much, I can see through the eyes of others and into possibilities. Yet I cannot see a way out or any solution. If you are young as I am and was, don't chase people who aren't coming back. Kablooie Duck might one day find love in that (he also might not) but that's only because this is a romance story. Don't run away from home with some older people who repeatedly admit they don't love you.

It's just not worth it.

Kablooie Duck looked into the blue of the sky and could only wish his beloveds were there with him. He noticed some dirty clothes they had left on the floor, snatched a red sweater, a white tank top, and a purple skirt then smelled them deeply. Doing this made them feel closer to him and in that he felt safe. Imagining they were there with him. Mickey Mouse got up to his elbows and questioned, "What are you doing?" Quickly, Kablooie clung tight to the clothes and panicked lied, "Nothing!"



More Kablooie Duck being in complete denial over how one sided his pining is next time...

I think?

I don't know, maybe next chapter Babs or Buster or Plucky will kiss him again. Again continuing his delusion that they love him back but don't know it yet. Maybe next chapter they will somehow magically fall in love with him by some true love conquers all or Disney Magic or something. Maybe he'll realized it's never going to work and I'll have to cancel my plans for the Tiny Toons Reboot coming out next year or never.

Who knows with these kids?

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It was night, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck entered their hotel room. When they entered it, they saw Kablooie Duck laying on the bed. Given that there was only bed, they knew they would have to get in there with him. Kablooie spoke defeated, "You 3 were out late. Why don't you get in bed with me?" They backed away, realizing there wasn't any other option. He laid there with half lidded eyes, watching them with every move. Those orange eyes glowed dimly, never breaking from them. Slowly they got closer to the bed, trying to keep their distance from him.

Babs got in the bed first. She waited for him to get closer but he didn't. The bomb remained on his side of the bed, just watching with that same defeat. Babs Bunny got closer to him, asking briefly, "Does he seem different to you guys?" Buster Bunny also got closer to study this. He pondered, "He is different. He seems... Sadder. Almost dead." Plucky Duck got on the bed and joined the group that had circled around. He noted, "Jeez, what happened while we were gone?" Kablooie Duck just laid there, looking up at them as his limbs were opened wide. Kablooie answered Plucky, "It didn't just happen when you were gone. It's been happening for a while, my heart is breaking because you don't love me."

Kablooie closed his eyes and tears streamed down, he breath out the words, "You can't love me. I have nothing to live for, let me die." Plucky stood up on his knees and crossed his arms over his chest. He huffed out harshly, "Don't be so overly dramatic. You'll get over it." Kablooie weakly moved to hug him but fell short, Plucky moved away from him. The explosive sighed with pain, "I need you, hold me." Plucky refused him again by getting behind Buster. Buster refused as well, "I'm sorry but I can't. You'll use it to say I love you but I don't." So Kablooie just continued to lay as if dead.

Awkwardly, the 3 friends got under the covers and away from him. They grouped up close to each other, away from him. Babs held Buster. Plucky held Buster. Buster held nobody. Nobody held Kablooie. Kablooie curled up into a fetal position, saying nothing. He said nothing, did nothing, just laying there dead to the world. It was almost silent. The shame and guilt hung heavy over everyone. Kablooie requested with a defeated tone, "Can you please give me a hug?" They denied him again with silence and doing nothing. He sobbed quietly to himself. The feathers were all over the bed.

Babs Bunny assured her friends, "He'll get better, just wait." Buster Bunny gave a small smile and hoped, "Yeah, you are probably right." Plucky Duck frowned and replied, "I hope so. I don't know how much of this I can take."

But it didn't stop. They fell asleep and woke up to the same thing. He just laid there without moving or saying anything. The pink bunny girl forced a smile and insisted cheerfully upon, "He can't say like this forever. He'll get better eventually." The blue bunny boy looked down to the ground, rubbing the back of his head as he agreed along, "Yeahhh, he'll get better. We just have to wait." The green duckling was doubtful yet nodded along with them, "Sure. Sure, he'll just get better... Let's go out and he'll be okay when we get back." Nobody believed that but everyone just agreed with that and went outside.

They returned from another exciting day of rides and fast food to find the white and black duckling just laying there. In the same spot too, he didn't move at all. The question of if he eaten the entire two days came up in their heads. A wave of guilt washed over but what could anyone do? Plucky exploded, "That's it! I can't take this anymore!!" He stomped over and rolled the other duckling out of the bed. He demanded, "Get up! Stop trying to guilt trip us into your "love" and get up!" Babs and Buster rushed over to Plucky, pulling him back as they shouted, "Plucky, what are you doing!?"

Plucky struggled against them, shouted back with frustration, "He's lying! He always does this!! He forces us to give him affection and uses it as proof that we love him! I won't stand for it anymore!!" Then Kablooie just grumbled, "Just kill me already. I can't bare to see you hate me." Babs turned Plucky to face Kablooie and pointed out, "Plucky! Plucky, what is wrong with you!?! He's literally begging to die! You are fighting a corpse!" Plucky looked at the body on the floor, he stared as something about the whole scene wasn't clicking in his head. He was stuttering, "But but but.. He... He can't. He can't actually."

Buster picked up the water fowl from the floor. The body was placed on bed. For a brief moment, whilst he was being held by the bunny, he held loosely and weakly back. It was the most that he had moved all day. The peers noticed this and sweated for what this meant. They would have to be affectionate to bring him back to life or else risk him dying. Buster Bunny gave a hopeful tone, "Maybe we can just hug him and he'll come back?" Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck glared at him in annoyance. He shrugged with a nervously smile and chuckled.

Between them all, the grim necessary of this. Plucky slowly hugged Kablooie. Kablooie hugged him back, gently and weakly. Kablooie Duck whispered into his ear hole, "Plucky... Please hold me for a while." Plucky Duck held him, nodding along but closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep in those arms. Seeing it was working, Buster Bunny wrapped his arms around them both and fell asleep on top of them. Babs Bunny snuggled up to them and joined them in sleep.



More later?

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Anyways, Moving forward.


Buster Bunny woke up first. He opened his eyes to find himself laying on top of Kablooie Duck next to Plucky Duck and Babs Bunny. It took a second to remember what happened last night. Buster quit panicking, rubbed his eyes and yawned as he stretched. He sat up, the others began to awake. Babs woke up with the same panic but quickly remembered and got off the bed to get ready. Plucky woke up to being hugged by Kablooie, so immediately freaked out.


He yelled, "Buster! Babs! Save me, he's got me!!" This woke up Kablooie who groaned, "Quit yelling... Can someone help me up? I haven't eaten in three days and I'm a little low on energy." The blue bunny boy sighed, picking up the white and black duckling to his webbed, clawed, feet. Yet the white looking duckling fell forward upon being let go to stand on his own two feet. The pink bunny girl pointed out as she opened the door to the bathroom, "He probably needs energy to do stuff, Buster. He needs food." The green duckling questioned in frustration, "What does he eat if he can't drink water!? Literally every single thing has water in it!"


Kablooie pointed out to Plucky, "You've seen me eat. Besides, the claws and sharp teeth should be clue enough to something carnivorous." Buster nodded and answered plainly, "Meat. He eats meat." Plucky shaked in fear and asked nervously, "Meat? Like us meat?" Kablooie breathed out in annoyance, "Plucky, the only way I'd eat any of you is eating you out or sucking you off. So just order some food already." Plucky stomped over to the phone in the hotel room while grumbling to himself, then picked up the phone and ordered, "I'd like a menu."


After a few hours dealing with room service and ordering food for everyone, there was another snag. Which is to say, Kablooie Duck was being a problem. "I don't wanna eat, I want to die because you don't love me!" Kablooie Duck sobbed. Plucky Duck poked the chicken strip against the bill again and raged, "I'm 14, I shouldn't have to take care of a 13 year old! Eat dammit!!" Buster Bunny took the chicken strip and spoke, "Kablooie look at me." The carnivorous duckling looked at him. The blue bunny kissed his bill which caused his jaw to hang open. The chicken strip was put inside.


The pink bunny exited the bathroom and paused her walk to the food to noted, "Isn't that a little unhealthy? Shouldn't we be feeding him more healthy stuff?" The two boys looked over to her with a tired expression. The main character informed his co star, "Listen Babs, there's nothing healthy on this menu and it's already so difficult to get him to eat anything." The secondary character piped up, "Yeah! Why don't you try feeding him?" The co star put her hands on her hips and huffed out, "Alright, then I will!" She went over to the bed and replaced the two boys.


Having a very difficult time getting the slightly younger peer to eat, the two males exited the scene to get ready for the day themselves. The predatory duckling was still eating the chicken strip. The teen girl thought aloud, "I should probably get you a drink too... What do you even drink?" The preteen boy answered quickly before finished his strip, "Not water or ice. It can have water in it but it can't be water." Nothing else about how his body worked made sense anyways so she just shrugged and picked a can of soda from a pile. She handed it over before looking for more meat.


It was mainly snacks and junk food. Sometimes fast food. Unsurprising given who was ordering it. The teenaged girl got some jerky and bacon and brought it over. The preteenaged boy glared at it as he finished the drink, he scoffed, "No. I'm not eating, I don't deserve to exist." He rolled over after a little too much effort. She glared back at him and demanded, "I'm not explaining to my teacher and your dad that his son died because I couldn't get him to eat bacon, now Eat!!" She tried shoving it in but his maw was already shut tight.


He crossed his arms and stuck his nose... Bill? Up. The mammal thought back to how the others gotten him to eat before then smiled sly like. She spoke with a false sweetness, "Oh Kablooie, can you help me take off my shirt and put lotion on my back?" Quickly but with much struggling, the avian rolled over to face her. She kissed the tip of his bill and put the food in his mouth. He chewing the meat without even noticing as he stared at her blankly. She laughed, "Ha! I got him to eat and eat more. Eat your heart out, boys!" The murder duckling reached for her and grabbed her.


The 14 year old young lady yelped in surprise, "Hey! Hands to yourself!!... Wait a second." She picked up the 13 year old boy until she managed to sit him up without him falling over. The 13 year old boy sat up, absent-mindedly chewing away at the meat food stuff and gripping her arms lightly. It had worked. The energy had been returned to him and he wasn't trying to die! She cheered, "I did it!" Kablooie Duck finished his meat foods and gently placed his head under her chin against her chest. He wrapped his arms loosely around her body, nuzzling into her chest.


The boys exited the bathroom. The only girl in the group cheered again, "Look! Look, I did it!" They turned their attention to the bird cuddling up her. The male mammal shrugged and confessed, "I guess Babs could feed Kablooie better than us." The other male water fowl puffed up in upset, "He only ate because you are rabbits, this is favoritism." 


Later, as they were all walking around the park. Kablooie Duck snuggled up to Babs Bunny. She regretted her choices, "He won't let go since this morning!" Kablooie cooed to her, "I submit to you for forever, request anything and I will do it." Babs took a thinking pose then grinned darkly and requested politely, "Let go of me." Kablooie let go of her and then instantly started having separation anxiety breakdowns silently. She took note of this and ordered, "Go hug Buster and Plucky." Plucky and Buster were suddenly affectionately held.


She giggled as the 3 boys wrestled on the cement. They took note of what she was doing and made their own plans. Plucky agrued, "Hey, I'm your boyfriend. You should do what I say too. Go kiss Babs and Buster." Kablooie cocked his head in confusion and tested this, "You are my boyfriend? Are you sure I won't hurt them?" Plucky shouted, "Yes, I am! Now do what I say!" Kablooie shrugged and picked up Buster in a bridal style before kissing his nose. Buster shoved him away and demanded, "I'm also your boyfriend, now stop smooching me!!"


Kablooie moved away, he cocked an eye and tested more unsure, "You are my boyfriend?" Buster insisted angrily, "I am! Now put me down!!" Kablooie set him on his long feet. Buster pointed to Babs and Plucky and demanded again, "Now get 'em." The mutant duckling gave an anxious and unsure look but went to complete the order. He scooped up the mallard duckling first. The mallard told him, "No! Don't listen to those rabbits, I'm your real boyfriend. Do what I say!" The only girl stomped over and told him, "I'm your only girlfriend, do what I say!"


The orange triplet just kinda stood there, growing more and more conflicted as the agruement got louder and louder. He got so conflicted that he started crying and trying to hug them all. He sobbed, "I can't do it, I can't pick just one of you! Please don't make me pick!!" On impulse they shoved him away upon him embracing them. The fire stumbled backwards into another person. The person he stumbled into fell over which knocked over a different person. The two human beings got up and insulted, "Toon!" Then they stomped away angrily.


He asked quietly to himself, "Toon? But everyone is a toon.. Wait, were those humans?" He looked around and everywhere, everyone was a human person being. None of them were different animals and their eyes seemed judging when they met his. He was fast to back away, back to the other toons. He grabbed one of them blindly on the clothes and asked, "Why did you shove me? Why are there real humans everywhere? Why didn't you come to my defense?" The person he grabbed, Plucky ripped the edge of the white tank top away and fumed, "What are you talking about!? Stop standing around and commit to my every whim!"


Kablooie gritted his sharp teeth and fumed back, "No. No way. This is an equal partnership, you have to care about me too." Plucky poked a finger into his chest, boiling his words, "How dare you. I won't stand for this disrespect!" Kablooie shoved him over and stomped away as he grumbled loud enough to be understood, "Then don't." The two rabbits stopped their fighting to see Kablooie making his way back to the hotel. Buster questioned, "What's up with him?"


A few minutes later, the hotel room phone was picked up after a few numbers were dialed in. A voice spoke into the phone, "Mom? Yeah, this is Kablooie. I made a mistake... Some people I knew turned out to be strangers. I'm at Disneyland, I think in California. Pick me up." The phone was placed back down.


Next chapter, Della and the entire family pick up Kablooie from Disneyland.



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Warning, plagues, cults, Christians, religion, far right ideals, dead ghost babies, and other worse things will be brought up.


So I had a dream, I was watching son of the mask and thinking, "This isn't as good as The Mask or the comic The Mask but I like cartoons so I'll just watch it anyway." It was the part where the baby was mimicking that gaslighting frog to drive his dad insane. Then Bugs Bunny appeared and told me to pack up because we were moving. I didn't ask where we were moving or why or why he was there. I got a sense that he's my dad or my older roommate or something and that he was probably moving me and Daffy out because they had to go back to Acme Acres for filming the Tiny Toons reboot next year.

So I grabbed my purse and rushed out the door. Daffy, Bugs, and two other people came out with their stuff and got into the car. Now I couldn't tell if the other two people were my sisters or two looney toons but I knew them and wasn't surprised they were moving with us. I got into the car with everyone else as the baby (the son of the mask was playing in the background still) was finishing the Michigan Rag, then a gunshot made a hole bigger than my eye in the ceiling of the car. Bugs was like, "Aw Shit it's Elmer Fudd" in an annoyed way that suggested it was also a threat. Of Course those weren't his exact words.

Anyway I looked behind me and such as shit, Elmer Fudd was in a car barreling for us while aiming a gun. Couldn't tell you how he was driving when he was in the shotgun seat but we were out of there like a bat out of hell. So we were driving really fast and we were being shot at, so I was like "We need to find a place to stop, stay the night, and hide." Daffy or Bugs pointed out a church. So we parked, let Fudd drive past us, and went into the church. For some reason, the church looked like a Christian church and everyone going into the building was Asian. I shrugged and figured that I just didn't know a lot of Asian Christians but they probably existed so it wasn't weird.

So we went in and it wasn't a Christian Church. The building probably was formerly but there was no crosses or benches in there. It was all folding chairs and this Asian guy in a suit. The guy in the suit was the leader of some form and he was really nice to us. He offered to let us stay and told us where the empty seats were and smiled kindly. I didn't really like him because he kept touching me when I told him not to and none of the other toons liked him much either. I told them we could just stay here for the night, that we could just leave. The guy in the suit said something that suggested we couldn't ever leave and I just tried to hide my rolling eyes.

I figured he was saying that in a "you won't want to leave" way. Still shady as fuck. So we all sat down and the guy in the suit went to the front of the room and preached. I was listening to the preaching, the other toons weren't. I saw a lot of people, like the room was full of folding chairs and people sitting in them. The guy was preaching a bunch of stuff I kinda agreed with but also a bunch of stuff I knew was wrong. So I whispered to Bugs, "This guy is a complete nutcase but I can get the whole other lives stuff." Bugs Bunny whispered back, "Don't believe a word he says, it's how people get involved with cults."

So I thought to myself, "well this is how people get involved in cults." Then I remembered that death cult who denies the plague that's killing everyone and I whispered yelled at the toons, "Wait, why aren't you guys wearing your masks!? You could kill someone!" Then Bugs and Daffy pointed out that they couldn't spread the plague but I wasn't wearing my mask. So I freaked out and rushed to get my purse from the car, that's when I noticed nobody else was wearing a mask. That's about the time I realized this was a cult. Which made me freak out more, so I quickly put on a mask.

As I was trying to decide to put on my green or purple mask. I noticed all these dog tags on the floor. Like what you'd put on a dog collar but they all had human baby names. When I got on my mask, I picked up one that read "Bree Dre Am." Then a toddler with blonde hair and blue eyes walked over to me. She was also asian and she was bothering me. You know like children do to strangers. I told her to quit bothering me and go to her parents. She told me that she didn't have parents, the church said children shouldn't have parents. I decided to take her as far away from this place as I could and let her follow me to my seat.

She kept messing with the dog tag that said "Bree Dre Am" and telling me that she didn't have a name but thought this should be her name. In that moment I suddenly knew that the cult had killed her and this was a ghost. I don't know how I knew that but I did. She was bothering Bugs when I got back to my seat. I was debating if I should tell everyone this was a cult or just tell them to get back to the car when the man in the suit asked me why I was wearing a mask.

I told him it was because there was a plague. He told me that the plague wasn't real. I told him that I didn't know what kind of cult this was but I didn't like the dead ghost babies or the denial of the plague. He ordered his followers to go after me and the others, so we took the ghost child and ran. The entire church was chasing after us and somehow I wished Lola was there. So we ran out of the building, and kept running down the street. Elmer Fudd appeared out of his car and started shooting at us. The cultists ran off upon hearing gun fire.

Now, I don't know how Elmer found us or why of all people a bunch of asians would turn to a far right, plague denial, human children sacrifice, cult. I mean the amount of racism and death threats alone would probably make anyone think maybe the plague is real. Neither of those things matter in my head as I was trying to hold the ghost baby and trying to figure out how I would take care of a child. So we ran into the airport or a mall and we were running around it. There was a ton of people there but they didn't seem to care about the shot gun being wildly shot everywhere. Then Bugs did that thing.

You know that thing he does where he beat Elmer Fudd. He had managed to wrap Elmer in a ribbon and pulled a court of law out of nowhere. Bugs asked the judge for a lawyer. So a pretty black lady in a dress suit with short curly hair appeared. Fudd called the trial a kangaroo court and I questioned him, "I don't know which continuity this is but you've known Lola Bunny for how many years? 15? 10? Shouldn't you already be used to this nonsense by now?" Then the hot lawyer chick said, "Actually in this continuity Bugs and Fudd only meet me right now!"

And she unzipped her skin. It was Lola Bunny. She got all lovecore, stripped on a poll, and jumped on top of Bugs. (She must be more The Looney Tunes Show Lola rather Space Jam Lola.) There was a big dust cloud full of hearts as everyone near Bugs was sucked in. I thought to myself, "You know, Kablooie Duck would probably see this and think 'I wish I had somebunny like that for me.'"

Then I woke up.

Now you might be wondering, why did you tell me this?

Well I figured it was related to this fanfic somehow and you should know about it.



Let's get to the story.


Tomorrow came that day. The undeniable consequences of Kablooie Duck's actions came for him and he willingly invited them in. He knew exactly what was happening, in fact it was exactly his plan to let it happen. Yesterday, he had gotten everything he wanted and found it to fall short despite all the work put in. Yesterday, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck said they were his partners. They used him to get what they wanted with no concern over his wants and denied said wants. His dreams of being together with them in a healthy way shattered.

It really wasn't a big surprise. Anyone with a brain cell could have told him and probably did tell him that this how it would end. That Babs, Buster, and Plucky never did really love him. That at best, they would use the fact that he'd do anything for them as long as they loved him back to abuse him for their own gain. That they were simply too young for a stable relationship like that. That he wasn't a good guy, they couldn't ever trust him. That he was the villain of his own story. Everyone could see what was coming. Everyone saw it coming but him.

Everybody warned him but he refused to listen.

It wasn't raining. It wasn't even cloudy. It was another beautiful, sunny, day in California on their vacation. The 3 teens and the one preteen awoke like it was any other day on their run away vacation to Disneyland. Yet the preteen knew today was different because he had ratted himself out to his mom. They had woke in the bed they shared in their hotel room. Babs Bunny got to the bathroom first to get ready for the day. Buster Bunny formed a line behind her and Plucky Duck was behind him. Kablooie Duck just sat and waited for the other shoe to drop.

Buster questioned, "What cha doing, Kablooie?" Kablooie kicked his clawed, wedded, feet as he gave a strangely cheerful tone, "I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up." Plucky cocked an eye at this and asked, "Is that a joke?" Kablooie shaked his head no. The rest of the group turned their attention to him, trying to judge if this was a joke. They couldn't decide if it was joke so just shrugged it off. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse was ratting out Kablooie upon finding out Kablooie ratted himself out. Mickey explained that Kablooie brought a bunch of slightly older kids and was trying to be romantic with them, it hadn't been working out.

Daffy Duck asked if any of those kids happened to be a mallard duckling. The Mouse confirmed this but still had to ask why. Daffy didn't give him an answer. Della just drove on until she found a parking spot. The entire Duck family had been brought along. It was all going to end today. Everything Kablooie had built was going to end today.

Kablooie Duck watched Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny finish up brushing their teeth and getting ready for their day. Kablooie got off the bed and pondered aloud, "Where's my mom? She should have been here by now." The 3 friends looked at each other and became to doubt that it was just a joke. Buster tested, "It wasn't a joke, was it?" Kablooie breathed out with an answer, "Yes. And do you even actually fucking care? Like at all?" This response shocked the group of 3 a little bit. Yet they couldn't find an answer when they searched for one. They also couldn't argue against him.

Babs insisted upon the shock, "Kablooie, why would you do this? I thought we were your..." Kablooie cut her off with a sharp snap, "Don't you fucking pretend to care! Don't you Fucking dare pretend that you were my partners!! I know you don't actually love me. You made that crystal fucking clear as the blue skies above yesterday." She glared back with her hands on her hips and spat at him, "What in sam hill are you talking about?!" He dropped his eyelids about halfway down in silence. Then put his hands behind his back and walked over to her with a sinister smile upon his bill. When he got close enough, she step backwards away from him.

"Do you really think that I'm that fucking stupid?" The future supervillain asked with a light happiness faked, "Do you think I'm that fucking dumb to fall for this all over again like I have for this entire trip? Huh? Haven't you been spelling this out for me this entire fucking time, Babs? Don't you Fucking hate me?" The only girl gave a sour face but couldn't tell why she was offended by his words. It wasn't the swearing. It wasn't that he lied as none of what he said was a lie. It wasn't that she didn't like him calling himself stupid or dumb as if she really thought about it, she didn't care. It wasn't even that his tone was a little condescending.

Despite the false sweetness, the future serial killer broiled coldly with rage, "I'm not FUCKING stupid, Babsy. It took a while for me to realize how much you all loathe my Fucking guts. But now I realized it, I can see it all so clearly now. My love made me blind, and I thought if I just kept waiting you'd find something worthwhile about me and love me back." His hips swung slowly, his head bopped from side to side. When he paused his rant to breath in, the swaying movement stopped completely and he walked backwards out of the bathroom until he was in the middle of the bedroom/living room.

His arms came out from behind his back and his clawed hands opened up. The pose was like a shrug but he didn't shrug, he rambled on with a hateful, spiteful, glee, "I thought all of you could find something about me loveable. That there was something, anything, about me that could worthwhile or enjoyable. That if I tried hard I could be good enough for any of you. I was wrong. There's nothing good about me, I'm unlovable. I'm a supervillain. There's simply no hope for redemption or love in my future and I should just get use to it."

Buster stepped forward and tried to argue against him desperately, "You are wrong. You have to be wrong. Come on, there's got to be something. Look within yourself." Plucky shoved him aside and insulted, "You.. You are insane. You are toxic! You are radioactive!!... You are despicable." The two ducklings locked eyes on each other. They looked into each other's eyes, reflecting back the same emotion but in a twisted mirror way. For a brief moment, maybe even less than a second, orange eyes flickered with a painful sadness before doubling down.

With no shortage of sadistic glee, Kablooie Duck ranted, "I am an Atomic Bomb. I'm a radioactive, mutant, predator. My soul is made of nuclear power, the flame that lasts forever and the cancer that eats everything. My hobbies include murder, hyperviolence, arson, and "be gay do crime" I wear sunglasses shaped like flames, a leather jacket, fingerless leather gloves, and a dozen warning signs on my sleeves. If I were in a romantic media, my trope would be the bad boy. So yes, I consider myself toxic... Despicable even."

The door opened and everything ended. Della Duck took her son. Daffy Duck lectured his students. Kablooie Duck only realized that he still loved them as he entered the car and the car drove away.


More coming soon...




Chapter Text

One day later,


To Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny

From Kablooie Duck




Dear Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny,



                     Hey... It's Kablooie Duck. I'm sorry about everything and especially about breaking up with you all like that. I shouldn't have told my mom about us and that we werein Disneyland. I didn't really think that my dad was your teacher or that he'd show up. I thought it was just going to be my mom and Uncle Donald. You didn't deserve to be chewed out like that. You didn't deserve my behavior against you. At the time, I thought you didn't love me back and now you probably don't if you ever did. I was wrong to try to force you to love me.


You didn't deserve when I got angry with you all those times. You didn't deserve it when I kept flirting with you and making all those dirty comments even though I knew it made you uncomfortable. I was wrong to yell at you all those times. I was wrong to purposely make you uncomfortable and flirted with you when you were uncomfortable. I'm sorry for it all. I still love you all. I still love you more than anything in the world. I remember when we were all traveling together and it was like it was you three and me against the world. Maybe it was only me who felt that way.


I wish it could be like that again. That it was like that for all of us. You three and me together, against all odds and against the world. We'd attack at dawn, consider me Agent Orange. I don't know what kind of nickname or code name you would want but you can pick those out. Haha, Ha, Ha... I guess that's not as funny as I thought... I still love you all. Please take me back. I know I'm still bad and everything but I swear I'm not creepy. I'm normal, please date me! I'm not one of those crazy girls!! I'm the president of your fan club (in Duckburg.)


What do I have to do to make you want to fall in love with me?!



Kablooie Duck backspaced the email he was writing. He grumbled to himself that it was too clingy and obsessed. That they'd never take him back if he was too clingy and obsessed. He let the | blink a few times as he re-read his email. Kablooie more carefully considered if this should be a text or a letter or something else.


To Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny

From Kablooie Duck




Dear Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny,



                     Hey... It's Kablooie Duck. I'm sorry about everything and especially about breaking up with you all like that. I shouldn't have told my mom about us and that we werein Disneyland. I didn't really think that my dad was your teacher or that he'd show up. I thought it was just going to be my mom and Uncle Donald. You didn't deserve to be chewed out like that. You didn't deserve my behavior against you. At the time, I thought you didn't love me back and now you probably don't if you ever did. I was wrong to try to force you to love me.


You didn't deserve when I got angry with you all those times. You didn't deserve it when I kept flirting with you and making all those dirty comments even though I knew it made you uncomfortable. I was wrong to yell at you all those times. I was wrong to purposely make you uncomfortable and flirted with you when you were uncomfortable. I'm sorry for it all. I still love you all. I still love you more than anything in the world. I remember when we were all traveling together and it was like it was you three and me against the world. Maybe it was only me who felt that way.


I wish it could be like that again. That it was like that for all of us. You three and me together, against all odds and against the world. We'd attack at dawn, consider me Agent Orange. I don't know what kind of nickname or code name you would want but you can pick those out. Haha, Ha, Ha... I guess that's not as funny as I thought... I still love you all. It was all my fault, you should blame me for everything. Blame it all on me. Make it hurt even more than I deserve.


Kablooie Duck deleted the last few words. 'No no no, they hated it when I told them what I got off to they'll know that I'm telling them to hurt me for a kink!' He thought to himself, 'They'll just know somehow.' He sat, staring at the screen. The | blinked at him, Kablooie felt it was mocking him. That somehow the symbol was telling him in Morse Code that he was a failure, that no matter what he did they'd never take him back because he didn't deserve them. He balled up his hands into fists and was about to punch the screen until it was nothing but shattered pieces on the floor. 


He unballed his hands and remembered he was still grounded for the rest of his vacation. Besides, it was his bio dad's computer and he already got in trouble for breaking the phone last time. So he just stared at the computer screen and tried to think of what to write. Finally he deleted the email. Just as Kablooie was about to write another email about how he was totally over all of them and already had a way hotter bunny girlfriend whom he totally had sex with and he wasn't a vigin anymore. Phooey Duck walked in and asked, "Awe you winning, Lil Bwudda?"


Kablooie Duck scrambled to turn off the computer and nervously laughed, "Oh Hey Phooey!" Phooey looked at him blankly and questioned suspiciously, "Are you writing an email to those older kids when mommy told you not to talk to them ever again?" Kablooie faked a smile and lied in a cheerful tone, "That's oddly exact, but no. No, I wasn't." The yellow triplet put his hands on his hips and glared into him as he pointed out, "You better not be lying because lying is bad. I don't like lying." The orange triplet thought over his other options and lied harder, "I'm not lying at all!"


The Phooey crossed his arms and told him, "I sure hope not. Anyways, mommy and daddy want you to stop looking at naughty pictures of bunny rabbits especially of your step daddy on daddy's computer." The Fire sweated as he remembered that he didn't deleted his search history last time. Now all of China knew he was a furry. The Firecracker gave a weak thumbs up as he even more weakly smiled back. He nervously chuckled, "Sure thing, Phooey! Ha hA ha HA..." The Paradox kept his golden eyes on his brother as he backed into the doorway then slowly closed the door.


Waiting for a few more seconds, The Firework got off the office chair and walked off. He exited the room and went outside to think about his options here. Once he got outside, he tripped over a box of mail. He pushed himself up and growled at the box, "What the FUCK is this doing here!?!" Kablooie sat up, clawed the cardboard box in revenge, then noticed something inside. It was a magazine. After checking to make sure nobody was looking, the fireball took the magazine and studied it for a bit.


It was a catalog of new Acme products. Excitedly, he took special note of the impressive line of bombs and fire making things before something caught his eye. A machine that lets you travel to other universes and a time travel machine. He grinned darkly and wickedly to himself as a plan formed in his head. There was a way that he could undo everything he ruined. The beginning of a evil plot built up. First he'd need someone willing to buy this, but who?





To be continued...

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck smiled as he plugged in the electric plug, he had his time machine. It was already midnight. He had been working on this damn thing all day, the instructions were nonsense. However it would all be worth it. He could finally fix everything he destroyed, starting with his relationship with Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck firstly. The machine started up and Kablooie laughed evily like a mad scientist. Strangely enough he was actually getting good grades in his mad science studies. It was one of the very few things he was getting good grades in.


The time machine began to glow. He pushed a button and it opened up, he giggled with gleefully darkness. The orange triplet went to enter the time travel machine went suddenly dark. The orange sibling frowned at this and clicked the button to turn on the machine. It remained dark and dead. He panicked aloud as he shaked it, "The Hell!?!" The Firebird let go of the machine and went behind it, unplugged then plugged it in again. The Time Machine flickered a bit then died. The Firecracker raged at it, "Fucking Acme, you BULLSHIT artists!!" Before kicking it. He stomped over to the instructions and read over them.


They remained incomprehensible as ever. It was more likely he'd create a computer in the desert with just rocks and sand. Kablooie Duck threw the paper down and walked away angrily. He picked up the phone and called Acme about the malfunction. While waiting for the call to be answered, he tapped his webbed foot. Finally an answering machine answered his call, "Hello Customer service of Acme products, press one if you wish to file a complaint..." Kablooie pushed one. The answering machine told with false apologie, "We are sorry we can't take your call right now, we are getting too many complaints."


He broiled his words, "Fucking Capitalist BULLSHIT." The Firework put down the phone and went to his computer. He turned on the computer and, began typing his newest letter. If he couldn't loophole his way back to them, then he could just work his way back. 


Dear Plucky, Babs, and Buster,


Hi, it's me Kablooie Duck again. I'm sorry about telling my mom on you three and breaking up with you like that. I shouldn't have yelled at you all those times and flirted with you when you were uncomfortable with it. I still love you, I miss you. You didn't deserve anything of those bad things I did to you. It was wrong of me to assume I could make you love me back and try to force you to love me back. You were right about me being terrible. I still want to be your boyfriend and I hope you can forgive me even though I don't exactly deserve it.


I won't ever give up on being a good boyfriend for you. I won't ever give up on being good enough for you. Tell me what to do to be good enough to you. Tell me what do to be good for you. I'll do anything you ask as long as you take me back.


Even if it's all a lie, I'll do anything to be your boyfriend again. Please take me back even if you don't love me. I love you, I'll always love you. Please don't leave me alone. Please, I know I don't deserve you three at all but I don't know if I can live without you. You all are everything to me. I can't go on without you. Please come back to me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. Blame me for everything. I know I've hurt you. You probably don't love me and couldn't ever truly love me back.


Kablooie Duck stared at his letter and immediately started crying. He sobbed and curled up into a fetal position and kept sobbing on the floor. He kept sobbed as he held his clawed hands over his closed eye and pleaded desperately but silently for his lovers to truly love him as he loved them. He balled on the ground, curling into a tighter fetal position as he pleaded on. His breathing grew raggedy and hard and heavily,  he rolled to face the dirt and he flopped down flat upon it. Kablooie crawled and clawed on the floor until he got on his bed, hugged his plushies of Plucky, Babs, and Buster, then kept crying in his bed.


Kablooie Duck shoved his bill into his plushies and whined into them with a cracking and breaking voice, "PlEAse... PLeaSE, PluCKY DucKy, BabSY, and BuSTeR. PlEASE loVE ME. PLEASE DoN'T LeaVe ME!" He rocked back and forth against the plush forms of his stalking victims and targets... I mean, loves. Yeahhhhhh, this is totally true love and not just a horny preteen boy who has a unhealthy obsession with three strangers. Not at all. Hahaha. Can you tell that I'm lying? Because I'm lying for effect and jokes. He's literally a terrible 13 year old boy who's never getting over this.







There's going to be a much bigger time skip. Just a heads-up.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Babs Bunny was in the woods with Buster Bunny. They were looking for somewhere near the lake to change into their swimsuits. Buster suggested, "Maybe we should change out here outside." Babs crossed her arms over her chest and puffed up in upset, "That's how the dumb teenagers die in those dumb, cheesy, horror movies Plucky watches!" Then a masked killer with a chainsaw appeared. Babs and Buster Bunny held each and screamed. The person turned off the chainsaw, lifted up his mask to cheer, "Did you think my costume was scary!?... Wait, Did I actually scary you?"

The pink and blue bunny glared in annoyance and snarked in unison, "Of Course it's Kablooie." The black and white duckling blushed as he hid his chainsaw and apologized gently, "I'm sorry, Babsy and Buster." They awkwardly let go each another. The slightly younger duckling went over and nuzzled into them. The slightly older girl pushed him away, she huffed, "What are you doing in the woods at night?" Kablooie answered happily, "Oh. I killed someone. They were going to hurt you."

That's when they noticed the liquid dripping off the chainsaw. Buster shaked as he whispered to Babs, "He's the killer. We need to run now." Kablooie pointed into the woods and requested lightly, "Plucky is in the woods here, I need some help with him." The rabbits slowly backed up step by inch. He stepped closer, uncomfortably so as he smiled kindly in his words, "Come with me. Away from the adults in the summer camp. Trust me." Plucky jumped out of the woods, causing everyone to jump and shout in fright.

Plucky Duck shouted back in terror, "WE NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW, KABLOOIE... Oh hi Kablooie." Kablooie Duck panicked cried as he hugged his sticker covered chainsaw, "Why is everyone acting like I'm going to hurt them!?! I'll kill everyone else if it means you'll go out with me!!" However everyone was already running away. He sobbed loudly, "Why doesn't anyone like me!?" Then he ran after them.

That's the joke. They are all in high school during this joke.

Chapter Text

Montana Max knocked on the door. The door cracked open, Della Duck peered out and she told him, "Sorry, I don't think you should be here. My son, Kablooie gets really weird about bunnies." Montana shouted in outrage, "Bunny!? I ain't no stinking Rabb!!..." He looked down to realize he was in fact a rabbit. Somehow in entering this new universe, he had become a bunny rabbit. Della gestured him to quiet down and she whispered, "Shh! If you are too loud, he'll hear you. Just tell me what you want quickly before he sees you." Max faked kindness to the adult, informing her, "I'm actually here for Kablooie. I want to see him."

The pilot went wide eyed, disagreeing worrriedly, "No no no no! You don't want to see him. You don't know what he'll do to you if he sees you. You. Are. In. DANGER." From somewhere in the McDuck mansion, there was a loud thud. Monty tried to poke his head inside, getting annoyed with the parent as he requested, "What was that? Let me see Kablooie! I need to see him!!" She pushed him out of the doorway. She ordered in concern, "Get away from here! He is coming to the door!" Something like claws running on tile floors got closer and closer.

Then there was Kablooie Duck standing on all fours, nearly feral. He steamed his words, "BUNNY RABBIT." Montana Max backed away, conflicted in a way. For one he wanted Scrooge McDuck's money but he also was unsure if he wanted to know what Kablooie would do to him. He shuddered, "Maybe I don't want to see him now that I think about it." He went to run but it was already too late. The predatory duckling ran full speeds at him, jumping full force to pin him to the cement, sniffing the back of his neck then bit the back of the neck and dragged away the prey like a fresh kill.

Della Duck sighed to herself tiredly as she face palmed, "I'll get the spray bottle." She exited the room as the 15 year old was dragged kicking and screaming into a closet crudely labeled 'special mating closet for bunnies only' (three guesses who did that) by the 14 year old. Oh yeah, by the way a year has passed since visiting Daffy. So everyone is a year older.

Kablooie Duck closed the closet door behind him before pinning down his newest victim. Montana Max knew this world was different from his own, he could actually die here. He was shaking despite himself. Kablooie spoke in a voice that sounded like a thousand clicking beetles making words, "Bunny will never leave me ever again." Montana was unclear on his next move, sure he was terrified but he had also kinda wanted this. After all, Kablooie Duck had been the first guy he'd ever went after. So he just waited to see where this was going.

Something was wrong with his eyes. They had always be orange and fill of firey life but they were more chaotic now. Unfocused, wild, bloodlusting. The same thing with his words, spoken like an animal merely mimicking speech rather than an animal speaking. The carnivorous duckling continued, "Bunny rabbit make babies. I make babies with Bunny rabbit." Montana kicked and refused loudly, "Whoa Whoa whoa! I'm not going to be 15 and pregnant!!" The murder duckling let him go, letting him claw uselessly and bang his fists against the door.

The brown rabbit yelled as he banged his fists against the door, "Let me out!" The white and black duckling slowly moved up behind him until he was pressing up against the backside. Max went silent in a cold sweat. Kablooie whispered to him, "You can't run away anymore, if I can't have you no one can." Montana felt himself being pushed against the door roughly, he was now breathing heavily. The white looking duckling asked but wasn't making sense, "Bunny want touch? Want touch here? Want touch by me?"

Monty questioned in confusion, "What!?! What are you saying!?" Kablooie playfully yet gently bit his ear then let go of it and breathed into ear, "Do you like this?" The door opened up Della Duck stood over them, aiming a spray bottle. Kablooie Duck hissed like a cockroach from hell, running into a vent in the closet. Della picked the guest and requested him, "You should probably get out of here before he gets back here. I'll call your parents if you need me to." Montana Max stood up angrily and shouted at her, "I told you I wanted to see Kablooie!!"

The adult duck glared at him numbly, and ordered without too much emotion, "Correction, get out now. I don't want you around my son." The slightly younger duckling crawled out of the vent, questioning curiously, "Bunny?" She shut the door to the closet hard, keeping her son away from what she sees as a bad influence. From inside the closet scratching noises, the duckling asked worrriedly, "Bunny!?"

More what ifs later...

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck hugged his brother Louie Duck, on top of him and sobbing without tears. Louie Duck was dressed like a bunny with bunny ears and a little cotton tail and he also smelled like a bunny due to the oil that had been rubbed all over his back. Louie comforted reluctantly despite his annoyance, "It's okay, you'll find someone else." Kablooie sobbed into the white feathers that were slowly turning black. It was puberty molting, the under coat of feathers for both of them were getting more black. He sobbed quietly, "Bun-B-B-Bunny. Snuggle Bunny, don't ever leave."

Louie groaned to himself, "Oh boy." Kablooie hugged tightly and cried, "You are my Snuggle Bunny forever" The green triplet shoved him away and fumed coldly, "I'm not your "Snuggle Bunny" you loony! STOP trying to do this to me!!" The orange triplet pinned him down, shifting from hurt puppy to sadistic glee on a dime, "Stop doing what? You knew what was going to happen when I lost them, someone would have to be the new hole for me to stick it in." The "evil" triplet struggled against the actually Evil triplet. It was a joke to the sadist on him, however it was never funny or even a joke to Louie.

To him it was sick and twisted and wrong every single time. What was worse about it was Louie Duck couldn't tell it was a joke, in spite of telling himself that it was if only to shatter into a million pieces every time it happened and kept happening. Normally, Louie would have a good sense of people's intentions but his brother Kablooie Duck was an endless black hole of malice, spite, and more terrible things. Getting a read was like trying to hold a river in a teacup. Yet still this hadn't been the first time this particular threat had happened, the third born called out, "Mom!! Kablooie is threatening to assault me again!"

The extra triplet slapped his hand over his brother's bill and gave a harsh, hushed, yell, "Don't you fucking rat on me, you little bitch!! You wanna explain to mom why you are pregnant at 14 when I'm done with you, is that what you want you little shit!?" Whilst he had been only joking, his threat was uncomfortably noted. So immediately, the con man yelled loudly, "Kablooie threatened to impregnate me again!!!" Della Duck appeared standing over them with her hands on her hips as she glared down. Without hesitation, the biggest problem child tried to hide the other problem child and pleaded in panic, "DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY, IT WAS ONLY A JOKE!"

She went to separate them, but found the clawed hands and feet dug into the hoodie and unwilling to let go. Della huffed out in annoyance, "Kablooie, I have had it with this! You are 14 and this isn't funny. It wasn't funny when you were 13 and it's not funny ever." Kablooie dug his claws in deeper as he was reluctantto let go of his brother, causing Louie to yelp in pain. So the pilot set them on the ground and took each individual finger out of place it snared.

She lectured him, "I'm sick to death of the non stop trouble you cause. Maybe you should go to your father's house and re think your actions. How would you like it if Louie said that kind of thing to you? Would you like that, is that why you keep doing this?" The nuclear destruction puffed up in tempur tantrum, "I don't wanna go to his house, I don't wanna!! He isn't my real dad! Besides, Louie couldn't say those things because he's a bottom and a little bunny." Louie and Della just stared at him in silence and disbelief at just how much he missed the point on that. Della shouted in frustration, "That's not the point!! The point is, you wouldn't like it if anyone said those things!"

Kablooie crossed his arms over his chest and grumbled loudly enough to be understood, "I would like it if a bunny rabbit said and did those things to me." This was about the time that the mother ripped the Abomination away from her child. She scorned, "That's it!! You are going to your father's house and I'm hiring a new therapist for you!!!" The con artist clung tight in shaking fear against his mom, trying to find safety against the monster below.

The car was packed with everything Kablooie Duck owned as Donald Duck got in the driver's seat. Della Duck opened the passenger door and gestured him to get in. She assured sweetly, "This is for your own good. You can't hurt anyone there." Kablooie Duck stomped his clawed, wedded, feet and balled his hands into fists, throwing a meltdown, "I don't wanna! I won't go, I wanna cuddle Louie!!" Donald stuck his head out the window and pointed out, "You are 14, you can't keep throwing tempur tantrums every time you don't get your way."

She picked him up and set him in the car then closed the door. The car rolled away and out of view.

Later, more chapter.

Chapter Text

Kablooie Duck was on top of Louie Duck, he chuckled with sadistic glee, "Come on Snuggle Bunny, I don't have a boyfriend anymore. Our deal was I replaced them with you if it didn't work out." Kablooie jokingly kissed his brother on the cheek, purposely trying to make him uncomfortable for laughs. Louie tried to crawl away as he argued, "It wasn't legally binding, I don't have to do anything." Of Course, he was trying to stop chill when he was panicking. Because it wasn't ever a joke to him, he was terrified of his brother. The orange triplet pinned him down with a violent slam into the wooden floor.

The green triplet yelped in fear and pain then tried more desperately to struggle. It was humiliation. Those stupid, white, bunny ears didn't even match his feathers anymore for how puberty molting gave them a black under coat similar to their father. Yet the bunny ears and the oil coating him to make him smell like a bunny remained worn on him. It was humiliating and wrong and horrifying and gross every single time it happened. The worst part was that his brother was such a void made of evil that he couldn't actually read his intent. So every time, the "joke" felt real.

The "evil" triplet shuddered in fear, the actually Evil triplet kissed his neck. Agent Orange bounced and giggled playfully yet evilly, "♪I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to Fuck you~! And when I fuck you, you are going to love it.♬" The con man clawed at the floor and sobbed loudly, "Mom! Mom!! Kablooie, I threatening to assault me!!!" In a panic of his likely punishment, he slapped the bill shut and he hissed hatefully but happily, "Ssssssshut the FUCK up, you little bitch, you love it. You Fucking love it when fuck that tight, little, asssssss." The crying was muffled now.

Louis had dealt with this many, many, times before but he just couldn't do this anymore. He just couldn't keep having happen anymore. He didn't love it, he hated it every single time it happened. Della Duck stood over them both. She was quick to grab them both and try to separate them. However this didn't work as clawed hands dug into the hoodie. She went to unsnag the claws but the claws dug into the flesh. Lou yelped briefly with pain but quickly returned to sobbing. Della shouted at the mutant, "What is wrong with you!? What are you doing to your brother!!?"

Kablooie (being an edgy 14 year old boy) dug in his heels and joked to his mother, "I'm trying to fuck your son and my brother, what else does it look like?" The Pilot just kinda stared at him in silence for a minute. Donald had told her about when Kablooie told him the same thing. That he warned her about this being a problem but it hadn't happened in a while. It hadn't been a problem in a while so she thought everything was okay. It wasn't okay and it completely shattered her world. The astronaut couldn't handle this kind of thing anymore, Kablooie had to go because she couldn't deal with this problem.

Della, in a rush, unsnared the claws from the flesh, hugged her third born in protection, and lectured mostly to her in disbelief, "I can't do this. I can't deal with this. This is too much. It's already so stressful when we adopted Webby but now... Now this is happening. Kablooie, you are going to live with your father and we are getting you a new therapist. I just can't do this anymore." Kablooie disagreed, "I don't wanna!! He's not my real dad! Besides it was just a FUCKING Joke! It was just a FUCKING Joke!!" She didn't listen but it wasn't like he made any good points.

The car was packed with everything Kablooie Duck owned, Donald Duck was already in the car. There was nobody else to say goodbye. Not like they should have. Given Louie wasn't the only person Kablooie did this sorta thing to, they probably wouldn't be able to look him in the eye knowing what he did. Of course, Phooey and Webbigal didn't know about any of this. When they finally found, they got their information it was from the people who didn't think it was a joke. So remember kiddos, threatening to assault people in anyway isn't a funny joke especially when the other people don't know it's a joke.

Consider that you might be harming others by displaying triggering topics without warning. Keep harmful things away from children and people who might experience greater harm by seeing it. If someone says they are uncomfortable, stop doing that to antagonize them. Or else you'll be a horrible, edgy, prick, like our main character. Kablooie Duck is a bad guy and only happens to work with the good guys, So don't be like him.

Ending the moral and PSA of this story, getting back to the storyline of this chapter. Kablooie Duck got into the car and was quiet. Not even the presence of his uncle and real dad, Donald Duck, could make up for how alone he felt. He tried to broil, and boil, and bubble, and burn with rage but it simmered down to loneliness in the end. The entire car ride to Acme Acres was silent and painful. It couldn't be anything else.

He didn't even talk when he got to Daffy and Bugs' mansion. Not a damn word. Not to insult his father nor to ogle his stepfather. Kablooie Duck seemed different now, distance and dead. Something like firework that wouldn't explode or a ember in the remains of a fire. His atomic explosion, orange, eyes just fading, orange, circles with a diamond pupil. He went to his room after dinner.

Still, bombshells explode even after exploding twice. Like a bombshell, Kablooie Duck was likely to return to life in a horrible burst of violence after temporary death. So he did that very night, when he kidnapped Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, and Plucky Duck. The parents awoke the next morning to find their children missing. They sent calls and papers for anyone to find their kids. They cried every night that their kids remained missing. Even Daffy Duck was among them when he discovered his son had disappeared in the night.

Yet all their tears and prayers and calls and papers couldn't hold a candle to the nightmares the youngest of this group inflicted. You see dear kiddies, Kablooie Duck came back to life in the middle of the night but he wasn't the same person who died. He came back wrong. Somehow something in his mind altered and he more mimicked the supervillains he fought against than what made him apart of the good side. If I had to guess, because of his own idolized view of supervillains and his fear of weakness fused into mimicking his abusers.

Yes, abusers. Villains in the Ducktales reboot were never kind to children at the best of times. Notably in the continuity I made that this version of Kablooie Duck comes from, Bradford Buzzard and his brothers/clones did bad things to children (You know as a way to threaten them so if they had won they could keep doing those bad things without anyone to stop them.) Very bad things. Because the real Villains are kiddie ticklers and grapefruits. Kablooie being a 14 year old boy who wasn't dealing with those issues that caused, in this version of events, became a real villain. He could have at any point along this, gotten better but didn't for he thought he was always right in his actions.

I won't tell you anything about what happened. I'd have to up the ratings and the warnings if I did. Beyond that, I prefer to discuss these topics with a little more taste and care. I can tell you that he had been planning for this since he first saw Buster, Babs, and Plucky. Not this particular action but merely the act of kidnapping all of them in a way that would prevent anyone finding them for potentially years.

See, there's only a few ways to kill a toon. Being forgotten and the dip. The dip is a chemical that only destroys cartoons, who otherwise are almost completely unkillable. Kablooie had in the year between now and going to visit his dad, rediscovered this crime against God, mankind, and toonkind. Then he made it and he found a nuclear bomb shelter nearby Acme Acres that perviously been used by a mass murdering, Kool-aid, cult. Something on the edge of typical children cartoons, modern cartoons, and edgy, disturbing, adult cartoons. The last two being the only places where toons could die as easily a human person in real life.

You can probably guess what happens when one suddenly loses the ability of toon physics and is then threatened with one of the most horrifying and painful ways to die. Only to then get told to do things under that threat when they are only 15 years old. I personally suggest you imagine that Kablooie only requested they tell him he didn't deserve what happened to him if you are already imagining the amount of things he could potentially do that are far worse.

Fortunately, the kidnapping victims were found and they were able to get better. Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny were able to move on with their lives. Kablooie Duck wasn't able to move on or get better because he spent the rest of his life in jail. He only saw the outside world when he'd break out, trying to do this all again.

You might be wondering why I told you all these horrible things if there was no point to it. Well, there is a point. In previous chapters, I feel like I have made romantic the idea of kidnapping and doing things against a partner's wishes. I only involved these things to make characters like Kablooie seem like horrible people who do horrible things. So here's two lessons for your unhappy ever after. It doesn't matter if you've been assaulted in the past, when someone says no or not yes it means no. And don't kidnap people, just don't.



I might continue the main storyline.


Chapter Text

Dear Plucky, Babs, and Buster,



     I'm totally over you. I know you probably are getting these letters but I'm over all of you. I don't need you anymore. I have a completely different crew. My boyfriend is big and strong and the head football player at our school. By the way I managed to get into a High School without it being also a prison. I always thought when I stopped being home schooled that it would be because I was in prison but I guess the police don't realize how many of those arsons and murders were mine. Lucky, right?


Anyway, I remember when I still loved you. I thought it was you and me against the world together and I was trying to decide the names of our children. I haven't worked it all out but I think they would be named Homicide, Sin, and Arson unless you had better ideas, in case you were wondering. However, none of that matters because my boyfriend is better than all of you. Especially you Buster Bunny, Mr. PROTAGONIST. He's rougher and tougher than you. We met when he shoved my into my locker and he told me that I was gay.


I'm not gay tho, I'm bi. That doesn't matter because he's cheating on his 12 girlfriends with me which makes me special. He says I should stop calling him my boyfriend and stop appearing in his locker naked begging him to screw me before every game because he was drunk with he kissed me the only one time we kissed. He's lying, he wasn't drunk at that party or when he kissed me then beat me up when I asked him to do it again. I don't care if he thinks we aren't dating or what he says about not wanting to cheat on his girlfriend.


We are meant to be and he didn't care about his girlfriend when he got his 11 other girlfriends. So I know he's only playing hard to get. To show that I'm completely over you, I'm going to brag about my boyfriend to you. He's big and strong and tough and rough and he's a blue, bunny, rabbit.



Kablooie Duck smile darkened into a frown. He stared at the last words a little bit longer. "Blue, bunny, rabbit." Kablooie slowly came to to the realization then spoke speakily his realization... Spoke speakily might be too vague. The tone of his voice had no real emotional reaction to it. It wasn't because he had no emotional reaction but that he was so struck by his discovery that he couldn't express any emotion. His words were, "I'm not over you... I've just traded you for a worse version." The impact of the rest hit him point blank, dead, in his chest.


Not only was he not over his first crushes but his '"boyfriend" was an abusive, fucking, asshole, bastard.' Tears burned with the rage. 'That prick had taken almost a year of his life and gave nothing.' Every conversation was a fight even when Kablooie had tried to give him every single damn thing he wanted. 'Yet nothing was good enough and nothing was what he wanted.' Clawed hands curled into fists and shaked as they squeezed too hard in anger. How did he not realize it before. Of Course, Kablooie had seen all the red flags and had his doubts still he'd been so in love.


'That fucker,' Kablooie Duck thought, 'I'm going to brake his fucking knees and dump that son of a bastard. Maybe sleep with his girlfriend.' Kablooie got up from his chair and stomped off.




One year later...



Dear Plucky, Buster, and Babs,


I'm over you. I am totally over all three of you. I don't need you anymore because I have a girlfriend. She's a cheerleader and she is way hotter than any of you. Especially you Babs Bunny, Miss. PROTAGONIST. You were always being so cute and sexy and hot but now I've got someone twice as good. She only cheats on me sometimes and only calls me horrible things sometimes and doesn't hit me as much as my last relationship. To show that I'm completely over you, I will now brag about my girlfriend. She's sexy, hot, and a pink, bunny, rabbit.


Kablooie stared at the letter and sighed, "Damn it. It happened again. It happened all over again." Kablooie Duck nearly cried as he held the black eye and breathed out in a way that was almost sobbing, "Why does this just keep happening? Why can't I get over you!?" I can personally answer both questions. This keeps happening because he internalized abusive ideals as a child to gain power over his abusers. Villains, friends of the family that turned out to be betrayers. Old, rich, white, men who hid behind professionalism to manipulate their young targets.


He had been hurt by them and they had hurt him to use him as an agent against his own family. Traumatic for anyone and would certainly effect him for the rest of his life. Kablooie, being a 13 year old boy who only saw value in people who held strength and cruelty, took a lesson from the three vultures and weaved their sins into his thoughts. Unfortunately this not only made him a worst, but it also normalized abusive behavior in his mind. So whenever he'd date someone in the future, he'd have a more difficult time identifying abusive behavior in himself and others.


And that's terrible.


To answer why he couldn't get over his first loves. "Loves." Kablooie Duck was like most people I know. He was human regardless of his species. To many human being people, their first crushes are what every romantic relationship will be compared to. Many humans feel a strong importance to their first-time and remember it for the rest of their lives. Human beings often don't move on from their first crushes even when they do find the loves of their life. Still adults can see this and continue on with their lives.


This is not yet possible for our main character as he is a teenager and therefore still a child. Meaning that his trauma combined with his limitations as a human being, results in him ending up in horrible relationships. It is possible that he will never escape this cycle and is forever doomed to always destroy himself plus everything he ever loved. It is also possible that with time, therapy, hard work, and self reflection, he will get better. However the first one is more likely as Kablooie is a terrible 17 year boy who's most likely future is as a serial killer or supervillain.


To prove my point I will compare Kablooie to Elmyra. You might think Elmyra is worst but she doesn't purposefully kill animals. Kablooie does purposefully kill people. As you can see, Kablooie is much, much, worse.






Maybe last chapter, maybe not. Who knows?

Chapter Text

Dear Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Buster Bunny,

It's Kablooie Duck again. That slightly younger duck who kept trying to date you and took you to Disneyland. You know just in case you've forgotten me... You know, I hope you have forgotten me. I know I'm not going to send this letter so you'll never see any of this. Which is probably for the better. I wasn't a good boyfriend or even a good person. I don't deserve you three and it's better that you didn't remember anything about me. Especially now.


I'm going to college. I'm only 17 so you'll be 18 which means it's not illegal for us to have sex in California but it's sketchy. So I'll wait until I'm 18. The school says that I can skip the last year of high school to go to college due to my skills in villainy. Nobody cares that I wanted to be a firefighter. Despite the fact that I'll be hurting people, everyone seems to prefer I become evil because I'm smart at murder or something. Mom says I can go to school with you, that'd be great but she says I'm too dangerous for our world.

So I'll be moving in with my dad and joining the Acme Looniversity college, they have a surprisingly good supervillain program. I can go to college with you. I even heard you've gotten a reboot on your show. That's all so exciting. I should be happy but somehow I'm not. Maybe it's because I might never see my family again. Maybe I should have been a firefighter like I wanted all those years ago. Maybe I'm scared you'll hate me or you didn't ever love me and couldn't ever love me because I'm horrible. I can't tell. It could all be in my head.

You three were always my atomic bomb. That thing that changed the path of my history in ways I could have never imagined before and could be the end of my entire world. The first explosion that happened rocked my understanding of everything forever and the second crippled my life forever. Nothing has been the same since, I could never move on afterwards. The impact of your existence alone is beyond any understanding humanity can grasp. Right now we have opinions of how to move forward with this.

I could go with history and test you, enter a cold war that could end all life as we know it. Knowing the whole time that if one bomb drops it's mutually assured destruction. I can sit and allow these weapons to rust, knowing with every day that passes the problem will get worse as the methods I use to ignore you are aging and are bound to fail. I could send you to space under the risk you'll come crashing into me to destroy life as I know it, cutting off all ties to you. I could willingly destroy everything. Finally I could disassemble the dangers of you and me, use your nuclear power to better mankind and my flame to fuel a new tomorrow.

Of Course, this is a new frontier and I don't know what you'll do. I don't know how you work and what you can do. I don't know if you'll destroy me in horrific ways. You could kill in some invisible way that breaks me down on an atomic level. You could cure the cancer that's been rotting every bit of me from the inside. It's all unknown. I have become death destroyer of worlds and we are all sons of bitches now. War and love are no longer fair and they have been changed forever, yet war never changes. The bottle has been opened and what comes out cannot be put back in.

The horrors of the atomic bomb remain. My inactive and childish behavior don't keep me safe against it...

Prehaps I should stop worrying and love the bomb.

Babs, Buster, Plucky. I was wrong to purposely flirt with you to make you uncomfortable and attempt to kidnap you. To try to force you to date me. To lie about Happy Land World. If I had thought about anyone but myself for even a second, I'd have acted like a decent human fucking being. I was wrong to behave the way I did to you especially you Plucky. I miss you. I missed you all these years. While you forgot me, I've fallen apart without you three. I'm sorry about everything and you don't have to forgive me. You shouldn't have to forgive me for any of it.

Whatever happens, we'll meet again. Don't know where, don't when but I know we'll met again some sunny day. You'll be smiling through just like you always until the blue skies wash the dark clouds far away.

Until soft rains come, always and forever radioactively yours Kablooie Duck.


Kablooie Duck looked at the finished letter. It'd been the first time he managed to finish a letter to them. Still he deleted it like always did. Everything had changed in these years bit nothing changed at all. He was a different person making the same mistakes. The same person making different mistakes too. Kablooie smiled as he hoped for a different future, he put on his black, fake leather, jacket and black, fake leather, fingerless, biker, gloves, and his orange, flame shaped, sunglasses. He adjusted his orange tank top.

His outfit hadn't changed. Amongst his siblings, he was the shortest. Despite not changing, he looked like an adult. As often 17 years olds do. However he wasn't an adult all the same. Kablooie Duck rushed down the stairs for the car waiting to take him to Acme Acres. It didn't matter when the reboot would happen, he'd appear at the beginning of it to replace Elymra Duff. He hopped inside the car and closed the door. Daffy Duck would be taking care of him until he could move out and pay for college by himself. Until then, Scrooge McDuck agreed to pay for college if only to get the Arsonist out of his house.

The car drove away. It headed for a place beyond this universe into another.


Kablooie Duck's adventures will be continuing. Just not in this canon until Tiny Toons Looniversity comes out. I will still be making fan fiction about him being in love with Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, and Plucky Duck. If Tiny Toons Looniversity sucks, I will probably make making fan fiction to criticize it using Kablooie Duck. But goodbye for now.

The End.