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Kablooie Duck meets Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny

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There was a blue ish car traveling down a road. Donald Duck was driving as his twin sister, Della Duck, sat beside him. In the back seats sat Della's biological child and her one adopted daughter. Although the Canon nature of how blood related they all were was complex. While they were only his adopted niece and his nephews, Donald Duck regarded each one as his own children. By any means that actually mattered, they absolutely were all his and his sister's children. In loosely the order of birth and hatching, these ducklings were Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck, Phooey Duck, Webbigal Vanderquack, and Kablooie Duck.

Huey Duck was happily studying for school despite it being summer and him having no real need for it. Dewey Duck was filming the trip for his show, even though he didn't actually know what was going on. Louie Duck was playing a game on his phone. Phooey Duck was fiddling with a toy his mom got him. Webby Vanderquack was excitedly waiting to see where they were going. Kablooie Duck just sat angrily with his arms crossed tight to his chest and his face puffed up in rage.

Donald Duck tuned on the radio and smiled as he listened to it. Della Duck turned down his radio whilst silently gesturing to him that she needed to talk to the kids, she turned around and put on a happy face, "Kids, I know we all promised not to keep secrets from each other but it's taken me a while to figure out how to say this. Your biological father is Daffy Duck... You are all half black except Webby." Donald frowned, giving his sister a side glare as he huffed out, "Della! That's not how you tell the kids!!" Della glared at her twin brother.

Webbigal blurted out loud, "What!?!" Huey looked up from his book in surprise and asked, "What!? Why did you never tell us who he was?!" Dewey questioned more causal, "Who's Daffy Duck? Is he a big important celebrity?" Louie more eagerly tested, "Is he rich?" Phooey didn't ask any questions, he already knew the answers and he didn't like them. Kablooie pounded his fists the seats in front of himself and exploded, "Where was this FUCKING deadbeat when Our Real Dad, Uncle Donald, was working himself to death taking care of us!?! And when can I kill him for leaving!!?"

Phooey turned his attention to Kablooie and expressed upset, "Kablooie, No bad words! Bad words are bad and you shouldn't say them." Kablooie breathed smoke as he attempted to cool his rage, apologizing gently to him, "Oh Of Course, Favorite Brother. I'm very sorry and I love you and only you of all our brothers." Notably adding a lot of sour, bitter, salt to his last words.

The Pilot sighed, "Kablooie, the situation is more complicated than that." The sailor gripped the wheel a little bit harder as he commented on the situation, "Not that complicated to me, the cheating bastard cheated on his boyfriend with me then he cheated on me with you. Now we have 5 ducklings, the only good thing to come from that nestwrecker." Della looked at her brother in upset and she shouted at him, "Donald! I don't need you taking that way about the boy's father right before we meet him!!"

Webby delighted, "We're going to meet him!?!" Kablooie blew up, "He FUCKING WHAT!?!" Suddenly the entire car burst into argument. Phooey agrued with Kablooie over his language. Kablooie agrued with everyone over everything because he's 13 and terrible. Webby just rambling to herself in excitement. Huey agrued with his mom and Kablooie over why this secret was kept. Dewey agrued that if his father was famous then he should study under him. Louie agrued that he should inherit any money if his father was rich. Della was arguing with Donald over if they should have told the kids then messy parts.

The car traveled down the road, while everyone was busy squabbling the car exited one reality into another. Disney copyright ended and Warner Brothers copyright began. You know that part in the first Space Jam where Merry Melodies theme began and the red target like thing that appears at the beginning of every Looney Tunes episode appeared at the entrance of the toony world? Yeah, about when everyone stopped arguing enough to notice that was coming right for them at full speed as their car was in free fall. That's when everybody but Webbigal and Della held each another and screamed in fear of death.

Webby stuck her head out the window and yelled in overjoyed cheer, "This is the best road trip yeeeeeeeetttt!!" Della meanwhile stuck her head out the window and cheered, "Woooo Hooooooo!"

The logo stretched like rubber before breaking on the black circle part to allow them in. The vehicle continued to fall as they fell through another more rainbow colored version of the previous logo, meaning they just entered Acme Acres.

To be continued...