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Convergence Among Us

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 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Megumi opened his eyes to his dawn lit room. He was alone, and slowly began to take in his surroundings. He felt better, most of his wounds had been patched up and he had had enough rest to regain his strength. However, he couldn’t seem to stop the headache that immediately began to ebb between his eyes.

It had been a while since he stayed in his separate bedroom. Mostly he liked to sleep with either Toge or Nobara when he wasn’t on the road. He always felt the calmest being next to the beta and omega closest to his age. His room smelled stale and unlike his family, and he couldn’t help reflexively let out a little whine from how much he missed them. Normally he did well with alone time, sometimes preferring it, but he was a little more needy after long trips and fights that required extended healing times.

The JJK Temple Institute he was in was a huge headquarters. It served as an embassy of sorts. Work for the sorcerers who lived there, Gojo's pack (one of the largest and most powerful packs in the Tokyo area, they were widely unknown due to their secrecy within pedestrian culture), came and went, and people with business long term often stayed in the guest houses. It was a lively place, but the pack was usually left to themselves. Their quarters happened to exist within a private domain and could only be entered/exited with specific rights. Besides the geographically sprawling campus, it also had a number of large facilities hidden by parallel demensions, seemingly impossible to find unless you were a sorcerer. One of those facilities was a large infirmary.

This is where Megumi originally woke up a few nights ago, barely healed, only to be hastened away to his own room for a more private recovery. He found it odd, often he and his pack mates stayed there overnight and there were private rooms for any guests that required it. He quickly pieced together that it was because Yuuji was being held there, and consequently the facility was on lock down - probably impenetrable to anyone but Satoru's pack and the higher ups. 

How absurd the last 72 hours had been. 

He was sent out to deal with a high level cursed object only to end up tangled in an even stranger turn of events. It wasn’t enough this kid ATE the damned thing and survived, weirder still he couldn't help but notice the pull he felt towards him. His brow furrowed as he pondered deeper on those instincts. 

It wasn’t just a superficial attraction, normally he didn’t have much interest toward anyone not already in his pack. He could admit safely that he found the kid cute, Yuuji had a kind and crazy energy about him that Megumi found unnerving. More than that, he felt an unusual instinct to protect him - to cherish him and be around him. Perhaps it had to do with the kid's spirit or his strong omega presence. His alpha whined at the back of his mind. Damn that’s what it was - he felt concerned not knowing where this new omega was and those instincts were being amplified by the solitude. 

Confused and annoyed from the pressure building in his head, Megumi sighed and sat up. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes the door opened quietly, revealing a slender shadowed figure and a waft of cool spring rain, dill, and nutmeg hugged it’s way around Megumi. Gojo was dressed casually in all black, the oversized sweater he had on making his tall broad frame seem diminuitive. He had his round framed glasses lowered on his nose so that his silvery violet hair relaxed down to his shoulders. 

“I thought I felt you waking up - I brought you some tea. How are you feeling?” Satoru  asked softly as he swiftly crossed the room and sat on the edge of Megumi's bed. 
Megumi took the tea from Satoru with both hands, loving the way it was almost too hot on his palms. He closed his eyes as he brought the cup under his nose letting the steam and his alpha’s scent rise into his face for a few moments. Satoru ran his fingers affectionately through the younger’s hair, pulling lightly at the scalp, scratching back and combing through the ends over and over, just the way Megumi liked it. 

When he first found Megumi, the kid wanted nothing to do with anyone. Gloomy and reserved, it took time and a lot of trust before he was able to break down those thick, self-preserving walls. He helped raise and train Megumi as partial guardian until Megumi finally presented. It wasn’t a shock that Megumi presented as an alpha - but it was a surprise that he chose Satoru instead of finding his own pack.  Most packs rarely had as many alphas as theirs had and that earned them a lot of scrutiny. Nosey people always questioned what they were too afraid to understand. Like binary discrimation, the world loved to assign unfair roles to secondary genders as well. 

Megumi faced rumours and gossip as their hidden world adjusted to his choice. People we confused as to why someone as independent as him would submit to someone else. Those same people assumed Gojo had something to do with it, but the truth was it was the only thing Megumi truly wanted. It was the first choice that he was allowed to have full control over. Satoru wasn’t just some alpha or authority over him, at some point in his time living with the pale sorcerer Megumi stopped questioning how primal and instinctual his connection was to the older man. He knew he belonged intuitively. 

Eventually Megumi opened his eyes and took a sip of the tea. Remembering Satoru’s earlier question he answered. “A bit better, I still feel a little wound up from everything that’s happened,” he said looking up into Satoru’s eyes. His headache was starting to lessen in the presence of his alpha, but he didn’t know how to bring up the strange emotions he was having about Yuuji. “H...How is he? Uh...the kid.”

Satoru  looked down at his youngest alpha and considered the surprising amount of emotion reflected back at him. Normally Megumi was all but unbothered by those outside his pack and family. It was rare for him to care about any casualties of his work. Could this connection Gojo himself felt towards their recent rescue be bigger than his own prime alpha instinct to protect a hurt omega? Was he brushing off the immediate attachment he felt too swiftly? It was also a surprise that both young men asked about the other almost immediately. Perhaps Yuuji’s concern for Megumi was a bit more than comradery after all. 

Stilling his hand and bringing it down to caress Megumi’s cheek, Satoru  looked towards the window for a moment of introspection. The higher ups were furious with the situation, pulling the executioner card as soon as they found out about Yuuji. But something inside Saturo was instantly attached to the young omega, so he pulled strings keeping the young man under his jurisdiction for the time being. 

What a curious situation this was becoming. Satoru was hesitant to pry about Yuuji, he didn't want to press to hard on his recovering alpha. But he needed to confirm what his instincts were telling him. 

“Fushi, am I right to assume that you feel… a certain level of protection over this young man?” Satoru tip-toed with the question. 

Realizing that he had been read so plainly, Megumi felt his cheeks warm to Satoru’s last question. 
“Yeah, I do. I mean, he was only put in that situation because I couldn’t handle it. That and he’s probably insane. I guess... I feel responsible,” Megumi rambled on.

Satoru  quirked an eyebrow at him, noticing his blush was darkening as he tried to articulate himself. “Megumi I hope you know you can express yourself fully. This is safe between you and me. I know you well enough to sense there’s a lot more contemplation behind those furrowed brows.” Megumi set down the tea on the small table next to his bed and leaned forward into Satoru’s chest. Satoru sniffed gently at the top of Megumi's head, taking in the sleepy smell of tuberose, lotus, and mahogany as he slowly began rubbing his back. 

Letting out a small whine of frustration Megumi softly continued. “Yes. Yes I feel protective over him. I woke up concerned with where he was and I can’t understand it - but I feel this pull towards him. Hell I already have his face memorized. I can’t explain it.” Megumi paused to take a breath and then smushed his face into Satoru’s neck, instictivey scenting his alpha from the stress of the confessional. 

“I’m so happy in our pack, I love everyone and I feel so loved and protected. I feel like I’m betraying you, I can’t help but be ashamed,” Megumi went on rapidly pushing the words out, afraid he’d lose the chance to say them. Unconsciously his alpha whined at the end of the speech, submitting mentally to the man holding him up.

Satoru smiled into Megumi's head. He couldn’t help the warmth he felt behind his eyes as he listened to his youngest alpha express himself. It was something he never wanted to take for granted from the younger. However, the whine surprised him, as did the implied apology and Satoru pushed Megumi up to look him in the eyes.
“What you are feeling is normal, it isn’t inappropriate. This is a normal reaction between your inner alpha and his omega after being in such a peril situation. Feeling these things is not a betrayal to your mates or this pack....However, I will admit to you - I think there is something else going on,” Choosing his next words carefully, “I think some part of you is feeling true attachment to Yuuji,” he paused to make sure his words were sitting fully with Megumi before pressing on. “I was ignoring it at first, but I believe I am sensing the same thing as you Megumi. The kid has something about him that just seems to...belong here.”

He finished his thought looking into each of Megumi's eyes. They sat there with the weight of what those words implied settling around them. Not only was the young man an outsider, he had swallowed a cursed object, had a warrant for his head, and probably had a life set already outside the sorcerers’ little world. 

The mood was stifling and heavy. For some reason Satoru felt a tear run down his cheek and was confused as to why he was suddenly so frustrated. 

Megumi cleared his throat, reaching forward to wipe away the drop. Selfishly he felt relief - relief that he was not alone in this, that his pack - his alpha - felt the same. He understood this was an unusual circumstance, they were implying that they wanted to mate a stranger out of...instinct?  Megumi knew that if he had faced adversity joining Gojo's pack, this was going to be a hell of a lot more complex. 

“So this is what 'it's complicated' feels like on us,” he said with a flat smile. 


  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Yuuji woke up on the third day a little less stressed and little more bored. He’d already had a visit from, what was his name...Satoru ?, that slender alpha with the larger than life presence, and had been mostly left to himself since. Personally, he thought he was taking the news well. 

This curse business would have probably seemed like a spooky child’s tale to him last week, but after experiencing it he decided to roll with an open mind. No part of him questioned the legitimacy of the information Satoru shared. Maybe he was unconsciously looking for something like this already, but he also couldn’t deny the instinctual trust and bond he felt towards the two men he had met. 

Yuuji didn’t really have consistent work or friends. In fact, most of his adolescence he spent avoiding others, early altercations causing a fear of being discriminated against or abused as an omega. He liked being an omega and loved the small community of other omegas he knew, he just wanted a life bigger than compliance and submission. The idea that he might get to dedicate his life (even if it was cut short) to something like controlling this curse, training and fighting for a cause bigger than himself excited him internally. He’d avoided having a passion before, no real reason to work hard or try anything. But this was something only he could do, and he knew he could do it well. In addition, this place seemed a lot more interesting than his small home in the country side. 

There was clearly a pack nested here, and he immediately identified Satoru as the leader - the prime alpha. His inner omega preened at the individual attention he had received when the frosty man visited him. What was really suprising was Satoru’s alpha behavior during their meeting. Expecting the exact opposite from past expereince, at no point did Gojo threaten or intimidate Yuuji - even when he was interrogating him about his personal life or what he knew of the supernatural. If anything, he felt comforted and protected by Satoru releasing calming pack pheromones. Was that why he was so willing to accept this little deal Satoru had offered, wherein he remained under Gojo's jurisdiction until Yuuji absorbed all of Sakuna? No, that wasn't it..

Reflecting back to his meeting with Megumi, he had also demonstrated restraint with his alpha - not once taking advantage of Yuuji even as their situation became more severe. Both of these men immediately earned Yuuji’s respect and a primal personality in him felt...dedicated to them. He couldn’t deny that the gloomy dark haired man was a type Yuuji was interested in. Something about Megumi - his cool and collected presence, the grace and ease he moved with, that subtle aroma of tuberose and mahogany - was immediately attractive to Yuuji. But there was more, something that made him want to stay by his side and be with him. Half of Yuuji’s thoughts were of concern for Megumi's whereabouts and wellbeing. It was the first thing he asked Satoru upon regaining consciousness. 

Before he left, Satoru had someone bring him lots of additional blankets and pillows so that he could nest the way he needed to while being held in the infirmary. It was a kind gesture and it touched him deeply. Yuuji understood the severity of the situation, he was basically a prisoner, but he couldn’t avoid the sliver of hope in the back of his mind. Do I want to stay here?

His spinning thoughts woke him up completely as he stretched and tore away from his nest. He had built it in the back corner of one of the private rooms and was grateful that everyone here respected the private space, always knocking or lingering at the door for Yuuji to respond instead of barging in and tainting it with their smells. After 3 days of rest and recovery Yuuji was satisfied that the nest smelled mostly of his own scent. As weird as it was, this was the most comfortable Yuuji had been in a while. His nest at home was lonely and surrounded by old memories. Even though he was being held here essentially against his will, the energy of the place and staff felt invigorating and comforting. 

Yuuji got up to wash his face and change. It was afterwards as he was looking out the window that he heard a soft knock on the door. Assuming it was one of the mostly beta staff he was becoming familiar with, he opened the door and was startled to find a new, smaller man holding a tray of tea, sweet cakes, and rice balls. 

Instantly Yuuji knew this person was an omega from the residential pack. His smell and bond obviously not just a part of the staff. 
“Uh, hi. Is all that for me?” Yuuji asked as a greeting, forgetting his formalites in the excitement of being around another omega. 

“Yes, I thought I should bring this to you personally. I’ve wanted to come see you since news of your prolonged stay reached us. Are you nesting safely?” Yuuji heard the voice in his head. He stared at the small man in disbelief, positive he didn’t speak out loud but not understanding how he heard him so clearly. 

“Apologies, perhaps introductions are needed first. My name is Toge Inumaki, I live here at JJK with the rest of my pack. I believe you have already met our pack leader, Satoru, and Megumi. I’m a curse speaker - it’s dangerous for me to speak out loud, both for myself and others. Here at the institute we are protected by a domain, one that Satoru altered so that I can project my thoughts onto others.” 

Sensing that Yuuji was becoming overwhelmed with all the new vocabulary, Toge smiled softly and added, “Don’t worry, it’s not mind control or reading, your inner thoughts are far from me. My speech is just projected.” 

“Oh cool, I see. So when you are at home you can speak freely through mental projection. What happens when you leave the...urm, what was it called? Domain?” Yuuji continued without missing a beat. At this point they could tell him the moon really was a goddess that visited once a month for a bacchanal and he would believe them. 

Toge laughed lightly, he enjoyed the younger man’s straightforwardness. “I speak only using rice ball ingredients. The limited vocabulary keeps my curses from hurting anyone. Of course, it helps that my mates understand my expressions and inflections. And texting is nice”  Toge explained patiently. 

The more Toge was in the presence of this young omega, the more he felt endeared. Something about Yuuji’s energy and scent, a balance of holly, plum, and honeysuckle, felt peaceful and familiar to him. Like he was a long lost friend. Obviously handsome - Yuuji was lightly tanned, his taller body seemed slim but well built and his athleticism apparent in his energy. His pleasant temper matched his young face and his large amber eyes seemed full of kindness and laughter. 

Toge liked his playful pink hairstyle and the more he looked at him, the more it obviously suited him. It was then he noticed the small crescents under his eyes, he assumed it was the physical result of Sakuna’s curse Satoru briefed him on. As weird as it was to see on a mortal, he couldn’t help think the symmetrical scars complimented the youthful face.

Yuuji noticed the brief moment of introspection on Toge’s face and tilted his head quizzically. He wondered if all these people were feeling the same connection he was after all. 

“Uh..well, would you like to come in? I don’t want to...well, I don’t want to take up your time. But it would be nice to have some omega company. Not that I only see you as an omega! I’m sorry Toge-san, that was disrespectful, it’s just that you have such a calming scent about you I -” 

“I would love to come in, nothing about your request was rude to me. Thank you for inviting me into your nest Yuuji,”  Toge interrupted the young man with a big grin. Man, was this kid adorable. 

Stepping inside, Toge headed towards the small round table in the corner and set his tray down. “I figured you’d be getting a little lonely and could use some omega time. I don’t know much about you or your life, but I know I always feel in weaker spirits when I’m away from the people I care about for too long. Especially if there are no other omegas around. Something about all of us omegas share a kindred instinct - don’t you think Yuuji?”

Now that he was in the room, Yuuji was able to take in Toge’s presence fully. A bit shorter than him, Toge’s head just reached his eyeline. His hair, thick and soft, was a gentle shade of sand that complimented his fair skin and docile face shape. His eyes were a tranquil tint of violet and they had an energy behind them Yuuji felt intimidated by. The smaller man was wearing a similar uniform to the others, however his had a zip away collar covering below his nose. Yuuji assumed this was due to his cursed speech. 

“Yeah I agree,” Yuuji answered, joining Toge at the small table and taking a seat across from him. “I’ve always found it easier to make friends with other omegas. Not to mention the few jobs I’ve had have been at omega ran businesses. It’s nice to have a community like that,” Yuuji continued, finishing his thought by unconsciously staring pensively into the cup of tea he picked up. Suddenly, he realized how lonely the past few years had become. With his Grandfather living his last year in the hospital and Yuuji no longer having school to rely on, he had become adjusted to the hustle of working job after job and not having a circle of people consistently around him. Damn, I thought I was doing well independently, but am I just bullshitting through my loneliness? 

Picking up on the mood shift Toge realized that the guy had probably been left on his own a little while too long. A pang hit him, a weird instinct to hug and comfort Yuuji began to overwhelm him and without thinking he began to release a bit more of his soothing scent - a mix of lavender and chai, with just a hit of strawberry. He took a sip of his own tea before interrupting Yuuji’s inner monologue.

“You seem a little down, did I bring up something unpleasant? I know we’ve just met and these are...unusual circumstances. But I hope you can consider me a fast friend.” Toge smiled softly at Yuuji and the young omega visibly relaxed from the scent and kind words. 

An unexpected blush creeped up the back of Yuuji’s neck. “You didn’t upset me. I just realized how much of a loser I have become.” Yuuji paused to meet Toge’s eyes and bit his lower lip thoughtfully before continuing.“In all honesty, I’ve been a pretty lonely person my whole life. I didn’t know either of my parents so my grandfather raised me all on his own. He passed a few days ago and I guess I hadn't recognized I had no one else left. School was such a bore I never felt like making friends. After I presented, I really started to keep to myself. All the kids thought it was weird that someone as athletic as I would present as an omega - as if you can choose that. I know it's a typical story, but it's the reason I've kept to myself so long. I've never tried to mate or meet other people and my Grandfather's care was more important to me. It’s been a while since I’ve been so close to another pack, and your bond is...well to be frank it’s making me a bit emotional” Yuuji remembered the frustration of presenting - had it unconsiously driven him to be alone all this time? Most of the people he went to school with were settled down by now. “Ah sorry, I know you invited me to share but that was pretty long winded.” Yuuji finished bashfully rubbing the back of his undercut.

Toge felt his own cheeks warm at the candidness of the younger. It had been a while since he felt such strong attachment to a stranger. The kid’s story wasn’t what he expected. As unfortunate as it was, it wasn’t uncommon for omegas to be misunderstood. He was more surprised that Yuuji wasn’t already in a pack or mated himself. The idea that he had no one else infuriated Toge, someone like Yuuji should feel protected and treasured and have warm people to rely on and return home to.  

“I don’t think you are a loser Yuuji, not everyone is dealt the same cards. I don’t think you should criticize yourself for playing your hand the best way you could. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather, that must still be very raw for you,” Unconsciously Toge reached across the table to push Yuuji’s hair out of his eyes. Catching himself, he pulled his hand back realizing that it was probably inappropriate. 

Yuuji blushed at the gentle contact and couldn’t hide his disappointment when Toge pulled away. “As far as your reaction to our bond, I don’t think you are alone Yuuji. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I’ve sensed Satoru and Megumi's emotional states, it was partly why I wanted to come check on you. After meeting you myself I can’t deny that I share what they were sensing, I can't ingore that I feel like I have a connection to you. Is it safe to assume this is similar to what you are experiencing?” 

Toge had leaned forward as he spoke to Yuuji, keeping eye contact. He wanted to be gentle, but it wasn’t in Toge’s personality to not be serious about something like this. Currently, as the only omega, he felt comfortable being straightforward with the kid. His pack was his family and their relationship and bond had always felt balanced and whole. But after meeting Yuuji, he couldn’t help this growing feeling that maybe there was an unknown piece missing this entire time. 

Yuuji was quiet for a moment, both shocked at the straightforwardness and also the accuracy. How was it that the first time in his life he felt interest in a pack, felt kinship with alphas and an omega, they somehow, maybe felt it too?

“Yes. Yes that’s how I feel. I know it might make me seem like a weirdo - I don’t know any of you and I only ended up here for what is more or less my own stupidity. But these past few days have been the most peaceful I have felt in a long time. I can’t help -” Yuuji cut himself off, nervous from almost confessing to the man he just met. Toge smiled at Yuuji’s brazenness, and reached across the distance once more to lay his hand on Yuuji’s in silent encouragement. 

Yuuji blushed under the contact and took a deep breath, clearly Toge wanted him to say it. “I can’t help wanting to belong here, ” Yuuji finally declared, so quiet it was almost under his breath. Both boys blushed and the room filled with calming, loving scents. 

“I thought so. I’m only the head omega and there others outside of our pack who want to control your life now; but I promise you Yuuji, we’ll find a place for you here."  Toge gently rubbed the back of Yuuji's palm before taking his hand away. Grabbing one of the small saucers and plating an onigiri on it, he haded it to Yuuji with a small smile. "For now - let’s eat lunch.”

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 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙



Yuuji couldn’t remember the last time he had lunch with a friend like this, Toge was an easy person to give that title to so soon after introductions. Of course Yuuji wasn’t someone who normally held back (his slight airheadedness getting him into trouble many times) but something about Toge made him too nervous and excited to focus. 

Toge was used to being surrounded by his pack. Normally he was teased by his family and friends for how much he touched, grabbed, and rubbed and he was having a hard time reducing the amount of encouraging pats and brushes he gave Yuuji. Most omega friends were tactile with each other regardless of age and position so he was confused as to why Yuuji was so reactive to them. Selfishly he loved the little blushes it caused the younger omega, but he didn’t want to make him too uncomfortable. 

After Yuuji's little confession, Toge decided to share some of his own story. He had become a sorcerer because of his family lineage, and he showed Yuuji his facial and tongue markings. Unsurprisingly, Yuuji immediately asked for Toge to use a small amount of his curse speech on him. Toge refused, but he didn’t miss the defiant spark that Yuuji had in his eye. What a wild kid this is. How are we ever going to handle him - Toge had to admit that maybe he was enjoying himself a little too much. 

They talked about different sorcerer families and styles of Jujutsu. Yuuji answered all of Toge’s questions about what it was like to have Sakuna’s soul inside him - the kid was way too entertained with his new anecdote. Who could be this cute discussing what it was like to have the king of curse’s living rent free next to your soul? 

Once asked, Toge shared how he met Gojo after his childhood instructor rejected him for presenting as an omega. Gojo agreed to train him and Toge confessed to falling for Satoru almost immediately. 

He wouldn’t accept me, even though I could tell he liked me. Satoru is the world’s biggest flirt with the largest amount of self principle,” Toge was remembering. “ Satoru refused to even scent with me until he felt my training and education was complete. Afterwards he encouraged me to spend 6 months training across other Japan Embassies - you know, basically forcing me to experience the world. I think it was his way of making sure I knew he wasn’t my only option. But for me, as soon as I felt it, I knew I wouldn’t feel belonging anywhere else but with Satoru, Maki, and Kento.” 

Toge finished his memory looking warmly into his tea cup. At the time he was furious, he felt Satoru was just wasting precious time they could have been spending together. But now all these years later, he was so grateful he had such a selfless, caring alpha looking out for him.

Yuuji listened to everything Toge shared intently, completely enamored by the smaller omega’s facial expressions as he spoke passionately into Yuuji’s mind. He thought the alpha’s he had met were dreamy and impressive, but this man was a completely different level of remarkable. The way he spoke of himself and others told so much about his personality. Plus, the small affirmative touches and grazes he kept supplying Yuuji were beginning to make him dizzy. He couldn’t remember the last time he had scented with another omega...had he even done so since presenting?

Toge noticed Yuuji had gone quiet and looked up to find the younger man staring at him dreamy eyed. He found it endearing, but was a little embarrassed. “ Sorry, I’ve been talking for too long, ” he laughed as Yuuji refocused on the conversation, but couldn’t ignore the little alarm at the back of his head.’s more than that, something has been silently bothering this kid since we sat down

Switching the focus, Toge decided to ask Yuuji about what he thought of the place so far - completely forgetting that he’d spent all of three days locked inside the infirmary healing. “Actually, would you mind explaining where we are? I thought we were in Tokyo but the window looks out as if we are on a mountain, “ Yuuji questioned. 

“The infirmary - it’s one of many facilities - and is located physically elsewhere from Tokyo. The only physical connection between this building and the JJK Institute is through a dimensional door. The actual building of the infirmary is in Takayama, so I guess you could say you are in the mountains!”  Toge explained patiently. Glancing over the older man’s shoulder out the window, Yuuji mentally corrected his geographical location. The air was cool and fresh with early spring, of course this wasn’t Tokyo. He had been disappointed he was missing out on his first ever trip outside of his country town, but it helped that he was just in another rural place.

“That’s incredible. I guess it makes sense that I’m here. Nowhere to run to in the mountains, and no way through an imaginary front door,” Yuuji realized humorlessly. He didn’t mind being here, but he couldn't feign the claghterphobia he felt from being kept against his will. Toge brushed off the comment, intuitively knowing that Yuuji had accepted his current fate. There was nothing they could do about it until they heard from Gojo. Soon the room’s mood brightened and they were able to finish lunch on a more humorous and lighthearted tone.

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


When they finished eating, Toge made some fresh tea and they arranged the chairs so they could sit side by side looking out the open window. The silence was comfortable between the two young men, Yuuji feeling light and bubbly. Toge’s presence seemed to be lulling him into a pensive inertia, when was the last time he felt this good? He always prided himself on his ability to keep a fairly positive attitude. It was rare for him to seem depressed or negative - even introspectively. But he couldn’t deny how different he felt today compared to the past year. Was he really that lonely, or was Toge - this place, this pack - just that much more uplifting? 

He could feel himself becoming a bit emotional, again . This time it was from both the overwhelming welcomeness he received and the creeping fear prompted by the unawareness in his own emotional state. It triggered an anxiety he didn’t realize he had. Yuuji knew he should participate in life more, but this made him feel like he was barely existing. How many experiences had he missed from coasting by?

Embarrassed at how quickly his mood dived from his own thoughts, Yuuji tried to stifle the stinging behind his eyes. He pretended to look as interested as possible at the scenery outside and hoped Toge wouldn’t notice as his neck and back began to burn from panic. 

Toge was pulled out of his meditative rhythm when the air around him became sharp with sour plums. Sneaking a look at his new friend, Toge noticed how Yuuji’s short breaths didn’t seem to match his peaceful pose. He could tell the young omega was internally struggling and trying to be discrete about it. Toge didn’t want to add stress, but he also couldn’t allow his obvious panic to escalate further. 

Opting not to pry, Toge turned towards Yuuji and offered his open hand to the young omega with a soft, “Salmon.”

Yuuji started, he’d become so adjusted to the mental conversations he had with Toge he had yet to hear him speak out loud. Upon seeing Toge’s offered hand and open empathetic face, Yuuji couldn't help but begin tearing up. He clasped his larger hand around the other’s and started to silently cry. 

The reaction wasn’t unexpected, but it still startled Toge. The older omega set down his tea, doing the same for Yuuji, and swiveled the young omega so that the two men were facing one another. Toge pulled Yuuji’s head down onto his shoulder, leaning away so that his neck was more exposed. Without thinking, Yuuji instinctively leaned into Toge’s neck to scent him. His nose brushed against the sensitive spot, releasing sweet lavender/chai to calm himself down. Purring encouragingly, Toge reached down to place both of Yuuji's hands around his own waist giving silent permission for the younger man to hug him. He then wrapped his own arms around the other’s upper back, beginning to rub small circles in a soothing way. 

Toge let Yuuji stay like that for a while, just letting him process silently whatever tumultuous things were going on in his head. Toge had to fight the urge to kiss his cheek. He feels so much like family but he’s not , Toge reminded himself. 

When his crying began to level out leaving only a few hiccups, Toge pulled away to look up into Yuuji's wide amber eyes. “ Hey honey, you ok?” Toge’s concern evident in his tone. 

Yuuji smiled at him tiredly, using one hand to wipe at his face. “Yeah ‘m k. Just feeling a little overwhelmed n kind of…” Yuuji shuddered as a small wave of tears rushed over him. He gasped, embarrassed - and held his hand over his eyes. 

Hey, hey - it’s ok, don’t hide. You’ve had a hell of a week. Please let me be here for you Yuuji. That’s what we omegas do don’t we?” Toge encouraged, leaning a bit to try and peek under Yuuji’s large hand. 

“Haha Togie. U make me feel not s’ alone,” Yuuji muffled out, now hiding his lower face between both hands. “Ur scent is so nice, I haven’t scented in so long.” As Yuuji continued Toge picked up on the slightly fuzzy speech he was using and the little alarm from earlier came back. 

Yeah, sweet Yuuji? You think my scent is nice? Can you tell me something Yuuji?” Toge gently grabbed the younger man’s chin, forcing him to focus. “ Yuuji, do you remember the last time you scented with someone?”

Yuuji beamed under the attention - he definitely wasn’t lucid anymore. Tears forgotten, he thought really hard about what Toge was asking him. “No. Cant’member…mmmm maybe? No, i dont think since i was a pup. Gramps got sick when i was in middle school,so maybe then?Mmmm I really can’t member.” Yuuji did his best.

Shit. You’re telling me this kid is touch starved and has probably repressed some of his biology? Toge thought to himself. He reflected back to the afternoon they shared, finally noticing how Yuuji’s sensitivity to every little touch or special attention slowly became more extreme - how could he be so stupid?

“Oh Yuuji, who wouldn’t want to scent with you? Do you feel ok now, or would you like to scent some more?” Toge knew that whatever lines had been crossed, were already crossed. Now it was about making sure this sweet kid didn’t come away scarred from what seemed to be his first physical interaction since presenting. Damn...does that mean he’s never -

“Please don’t go yet Togie, please can I…,” Yuuji’s small voice interrupted his thoughts. Smiling at the younger man’s downturned head, Toge leaned forward to nussle his nose against the crown of pink hair. 

You want to scent some more? That’s fine. How about we lay down for a while, that way you can try nesting a bit. I know it might seem intimidating, but I think you’d feel a lot more comfortable. How does that sound, Yuuji?”

Yuuji gently nodded, grabbing one of Toge’s hands and threading his fingers through, the older walking him over to the nest to lay down together. Yuuji pressed himself into the smaller man’s side, finding the perfect crook in his neck fit his face. Toge couldn’t help smiling at how innocent this side of Yuuji was compared to the one that opened the door. He wrapped his arm around Yuuji’s back, holding the back of his head and brushing his hair lightly. He used his other hand to fish his phone out of his pocket. Pulling up Gojo’s contact, he summarized their situation as much as possible, sending a concise text. Hopefully his Alpha wouldn’t be too upset with him, he didn’t exactly get permission to visit the omega. Sighing at his own selfishness and naivety he turned his attention back to the young man in his arms.

Toge knew not everyone mated or cared about finding a pack, but most people had someone to connect with, especially this young in life. The fact that Yuuji had gone through presenting all on his own and had apparently been alone ever since, tore Toge up inside. 

It was folklore that presenting immeditely induced a phermonic sex craze. Presenting was a gradual process that happened at different speeds for everyone, just like binary puberty. One day, you would wake up, or your friend would return from vacation smelling completely different. Plus, modern healthcare made heats and ruts manageable and domestic. A lot of omegas had the freedom to choose their lifestyle. However, repressing that biology entirely or for an extended time was never advised. Toge didn’t want to assume Yuuji’s situation but his behavior encouraged concern.

Most people experienced their first one by dating around or going to a special therapy. The rumor that it happened immediately after presenting was typically upheld by the extremely wealthy and older family lines - like in Toge’s case. People like him often had their lives controlled by a timer, their childhood irrelevant to what was best for the lineage. While he had some sad experiences before finding Satoru, Toge always felt it was lucky he presented as an omega. It allowed him to walk away from his family and begin his own. Heats weren’t something he rejected or looked forward to; but to go a year, or years without having one? No wonder the kid seemed drugged out from Toge’s gentle pheromones. 

The young omega was completely oblivious to the pensive analysis going on in Toge’s head. He blissfully nuzzled into the other’s neck chasing the sweet smell greedily. Subconsciously he was aware of how out of it he was, but he just couldn’t pull his focus back. Slowly Yuuji felt himself fall closer and closer to sleep. Toge continued stroking Yuuji’s hair until he was certain the younger had passed out completely, nuzzling lightly at the top of his head. He laid there with Yuuji until he heard his phone buzz. After reading Gojo’s reply, he carefully eased himself out of the nest, rearranging Yuuji’s long limbs around the pillows and blankets. 

Toge padded to the hallway to wait for his Alpha to arrive. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Not a full minute passed before Toge heard footfalls coming down the hallway. Looking up from his phone, he watched as Gojo, Megumi, and Kento approached. 

“Well well well, little Togie. Just couldn’t help yourself from making a new friend, could you honey?” Satoru chided as he closed the distance between them. He crossed his arms to look down on his small omega, a playful smirk on his lips. 

Toge whined at the back of his throat. He knew Satoru wouldn’t get straight to business, no matter how severe the situation was - what a tease.

“Bonito Flakes,” Toge sighed flatly and, deciding to ignore Satoru completely, looked to Megumi instead. He walked over and hugged the young alpha tightly. “ I missed you Gumi, I’m so glad your home. Satoru is impossible without you here,” Toge spoke as he rubbed his face across Megumi’s chest. 

Megumi chuckled deeply at his smaller mate’s behavior and hugged him back fully. “I missed you too Toge-san, our little onigiri.” Megumi leaned down to nuzzle the top of Toge’s head expecting his mate’s calm blend of chai and lavender and was greeted by a whiff of... Wow what the hell is this? Plums? Megumi took another large sniff, then another. He growled quietly, pulling away from Toge’s embrace to scent at his neck. That’s definitely not just Toge. Damn, is that what Yuuji smells like? Unconsciously Megumi had begun to release his own scent, rubbing and nipping at Toge’s neck to mark him. He heard Satoru laughing behind Toge and looked up to see why. 

“Always so possessive Megumi, upset that the kid touched your omega?” Satoru laughed, linking his arm around Kento in search of an ally. Kento just sighed, he was never one to encourage Satoru - at least during daylight hours. 

Sorry Gumi, I should have said something before forcing myself into your space. But the kid is lonely - I couldn’t ignore him! And so cute - you brought us someone sweet Megumi.” Toge looked apologetically at his three mates.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have no idea what the kid wants for himself, or how the girls will take to him. Let’s not forget there are a lot of people who want custody over Yuuji, and even more who want him dead.” Kento chimed in. He pushed his small specs further up the bridge of his nose as he addressed each of his pack members. “Toge, why don’t you brief us on your concern. I know it’s not often for people to nest with those outside of their pack, but it doesn’t seem that odd considering he’s a younger omega than you. Don’t you just think the distress of the week he’s had caused a moment of...companionship between the two of you?”

Satoru walked away looking up in thought, “That’s true...but Toge’s instincts are usually right about these things. Plus,” He turned around to look at Toge, “you do smell a lot like him. When I was with him the other day I could barely sense his scent. I thought it must have been stress, which is why I had nesting materials brought in for him, but now I wonder if the kid isn’t on some sort of suppressant.”

My thoughts exactly Satoru, Yuuji seems to be very touch starved. I can’t say for certain - but I believe he has been physically alone since presenting. Most of his time seems to have been spent caring for his bedridden Grandfather and working multiple jobs. I don’t think he’s been intimate, with friends - family - a partner, in many years.” Toge explained severely, “ I also believe that if he has kept to himself AND he’s been using a patch or other mild suppressant, being this close to our pack could cause him to have a strong reaction.”  

“That could be true. You were in daze for half a day when you finally scented with me. I remember you saying it was an experience that some omegas had if they hadn’t been around an alpha in their close circle in a while.” Satoru remembered reading more about Toge’s behavior after the fact. Something about it helping relieve stress and pent up aggression for both, the pheromones working together - like a beta’s scent but stronger. 

That’s right Toru, that still happens to me sometimes. But usually only with you alphas. I’m perplexed, because Yuuji seems to have reacted the same way to my scent. If he’s behaving that way around another omega...” Toge felt dramatic finishing his thought. Was he over reacting?

“But if he’s really that pent up - how can he be this in control of Sakuna? After all, he’s the king of curses - I can only assume his soul is a huge slut,” Megumi observed. His older mates looked at him in silence before both Toge and Satoru began laughing. 

Kento sighed again, barely a smile on his lips, before he grabbed Megumi around the shoulders and nuzzled the top of his head. “I missed you kid. It’s a fair point. We have to assume Yuuji is capable of physically extreme situations. He’s already proven that he’s stronger than most alphas without curse energy, perhaps it is safe to say his spirit and omega are just as resilient.”

“Good point ~Nanamiii~,” praised Satoru, “I knew this kid was special! Hmmm, we have already been given permission for him to stay here. I know it’s earlier than we planned, but perhaps this bonding exercise Toge created for us means it’s a great time to move him into a real room.” Satoru clapped twice with excitement, “We can have a family dinner! The girls are dying to spend time with our new friend anyway, and maybe we can learn a bit more about his - life plans ?” Gojo pulled down his round glasses enough to wink at Megumi, making sure to direct the emphasis on his youngest alpha. 

Megumi felt himself blush and suddenly became nervous. He had spent the day with his pack, Gojo convincing him that the best thing to do was confess their shared instincts to their mates. They needed a full briefing as it was, what with the Sakuna of it all. Maki and Nobara had positive reactions and seemed interested in welcoming Yuuji, both of them teasing Toge about having another omega around to cuddle. The pack knew at times he missed his omega friends and family almost as deeply as his own pack. 

Shaking them off, Toge had excused himself to go help with lunch (Megumi now realized that it was a facade to come see Yuuji for himself) and the rest of the pack decided they would schedule small visits with their guest. Their idea had been to make sure Yuuji was comfortable around and with the pack. They didn’t want to force him to stay in the pack’s living space if he preferred his own guest house across the campus. But now Satoru apparently felt that those steps were unnecessary, which meant that Yuuji could be moving into a room near him...tonight. 

With his arm still around him, Kento tousled Megumi’s hair again. “Don’t be nervous Fushi. I agree with Gojo, there’s no sense in prolonging the inevitable.” Satoru smiled warmly at his head beta, kissing him briefly on the cheek. 

For all intents and purposes, if Gojo was fire then Nanami was air - opposites who could encourage and control one another. Even though Gojo was their pack alpha, if he didn’t have Nanami's approval he wouldn't act. 

Toge grinned softly, love for his mates apparent in his eyes. “ Ok, I’ll go wake him up,” and headed back to Yuuji, smile growing.

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Yuuji twitched as he felt small hands running through his hair. He could tell someone was talking to him but he just couldn’t pull free of the dream he was in. Maybe it wasn’t a dream, all he knew is he felt safe and warm, why would he want to wake up? The hand continued to comb his hair and he became aware of another hand softly scratching his back and down his arms. The sensations were calming and the more he focused on them, the more lucidity he gained. Slowly, oh so slowly, he started to understand the voice that was speaking to him.

Yuuuuji, hey honey, can you wake up for me?” It was Toge waking him up. That made sense, his memory of scenting with the older omega coming back to him. No wonder his instincts didn’t react to someone being in his nest. Yuuji opened his eyes to look up at Toge hovering over him and smiled sleepily. “ Hey there Yuuji, welcome back. How are you feeling.”

Yuuji yawned and took a minute to reflect on the afternoon he’d had. Besides the unexpected melt down, he was feeling extremely refreshed. “Pretty good, I think. I’m sorry for freaking out earlier. I guess this week has been harder on me than I realized. But -” He interrupted himself to stretch out, “- I feel like I just slept a thousand years. I’m so relaxed.”

Toge smiled at the younger and stepped back to let Yuuji sit up and get oriented. “ So Yuuji, I was a bit concerned about you, so I had a talk with Satoru. Would it be ok with you if he came in to talk to you for a bit? Oh and Megumi is here! I bet you’ll be glad to see him.” Toge encouraged sweetly. Yuuji couldn’t help but blush at the mention of Megumi and what Toge was implying. Was his crush that obvious? 

“Hold on, you were concerned about me? Is something wrong Toge?” Yuuji knew his behavior wasn’t the healthiest, but he didn’t think it was that irregular. 

“Nothing’s wrong Yuuji, I just feel protective over you and that means I want my alpha and our pack to protect you too. Gojo just wants to understand how you are and make sure you are ok. Is it ok if we invite them in?” Toge explained, brushing Yuuji’s hair into place.

Yuuji swooned slightly at the kindness and nodded his head. Getting up with Toge, he padded to the edge of the small cot and took a seat in the middle, waiting for Toge to let the others in. 

Yuuji heard a soft “Salmon” from the other side of the door before Toge reappeared and sat next to Yuuji on the cot. Satoru entered the room with his long arms outstretched, emphasising his ridiculous proportions. 

“Yuuuuji, our sweet little curse. I have been informed that our tiny omega has gotten you all sorts of bothered. I hope you are feeling ok.” He walked straight up to Yuuji and gave the top of his head a gentle pat. “I’d like you to meet another member of our pack, our head beta, Kento Nanami.

Yuuji looked up at the man who had followed Gojo into the room. He was just as tall as Satoru but had a little more mass to him. His light brown hair was parted cleanly to one side and he was wearing a light grey suit. In fact, if it weren’t for the uniquely spotted tie and strange glasses he had, Yuuji would have regarded him as an average businessman. He was intensely handsome, and had a cool indifference to him that Yuuji found intimidating. 

“Hello Itadori, it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion.” Kento greeted Yuuji with a small bow of his head.

“Nice to meet you as well, Nanami. I don’t mind, although I do feel a little nervous. Have I been that much of a bother?” Yuuji looked up at the taller men with wide eyes. His candidness charming both of them. 

“Oh Yuuji, you haven’t done anything wrong at all! We just wanted to check in with you and work out some of the logistics of your stay. Plus Megumi here was becoming a little antsy about your situation,” Satoru said with the smallest twinkle in his eyes. 

It was then Yuuji noticed the dark haired alpha behind Satoru and Kento, he was bringing the chairs from the window over so his elders could sit across from the cot. At the mention of his name Megumi blushed darkly and sighed heavily at the alpha’s teasing. “Oh come on Gumi, no need to be shy now. Why don’t you have a seat next to Yuuji-chan and we can get started.” Satoru continued, blunt as ever.

Megumi regained his normal, unbothered composure before nipping playfully at Gojo’s shoulder. Satoru laughed and stepped aside for Megumi to pass.

“Hi it’s nice to see you are doing ok. How are you feeling?” Megumi finally addressed Yuuji directly. 

Yuuji smiled widely, he was happy to see his new friend again, “I’m fine! Well, I was a bit low but Toge helped me feel a lot better. I’m happy to see you Megumi, are you also healed? That happened so quickly! You were all cut up last time I saw you, are you sure you can be walking around already -” Yuuji rambled, unaware that as his excitement built so did the speed of his words. 

Megumi chuckled quietly, interrupting Yuuji by placing a hand on his head. Tilting his head up slightly Megumi met Yuuji’s eyes and clicked his tongue affectionately. “I’m fine Yuuji, we have the means to heal quickly with cursed energy. Don’t worry ok?” Yuuji swallowed at the intensity of the contact and blushed softly as Megumi settled down next to him. 

“Well now let’s just jump right in, shall we?” Gojo clapped twice, excited to begin. “Yuuji, we would like to invite you to dinner, what is your favorite meal and hoooow do you like your saki?” Gojo leaned forward with his last question, the seriousness in his tone not matching his inquiry at all. Beside him Kento sighed, shaking his head and pushing his glasses into place. Toge giggled quietly, bumping into Yuuji’s side. 

“Dinner? Sure that sounds great! I don’t have any favorites but I have been craving comfort food. Maybe a hot pot? Or stew? Whatever everyone wants is fine with me! But, are you sure I’m allowed to?” Yuuji continued without hesitation. Megumi looked at him, shocked. No one was ever this quickly adjusted to Gojo’s eccentric behavior.

“Oh suuuure, it’ll be fine. Let’s have a hot pot! We can make some of those meatballs you were telling me about.”

“I’d love to! We can make a set extra spicy with those calabrian chilies you got.” Yuuji looked up scratching his chin thoughtfully, “Although if we make it too spicy it might be better to have beer than saki - something dry?”

"YUUJI YOU GENIUS. I completely forgot about my chillies. Yum, maybe I should run out and grab a sweet. After all, ~what kind of alpha would I be~ if I didn’t treat our guest to a Tokyo specialty!”

Kento, Megumi, and Toge looked between the two with confusion obvious on their faces. It was as if they were watching old friends plan a family meal. “When the hell did you two have the time to talk about meatballs? ” Megumi interrupted incredulously.

Satoru laughed loud and full, “When I visited him and told him everyone wanted him dead of course! By the way Yuuji, your custody has been finalized. You are safe to move into the institute’s living quarters with us!”

*cough* “I believe Gojo has spoken a bit out of order, please allow me to clarify,” Kento interrupted calmly. “We would like to have this dinner as a sort of test. Use it as a chance to meet the rest of our pack and for us to get to know you a bit better. Truthfully, we are all hoping you’ll be interested in taking a room in our residential area. We don’t want to force any decision upon you, so you also have the choice of living in a house across the campus. Both options are allowed under the agreement Gojo has created for you. Are you comfortable with this?”

“Wow, no more lonely hospital stay? Sounds good to me! Thank you for taking a chance on me.” Yuuji smiled brightly at the men sitting around him. “I was not expecting it to happen so soon, I uhh...I really appreciate it.” With that, Yuuji focused on what they were telling him. He would be having dinner with their pack, their family , because they wanted him to live near them. They were asking him what he wanted for himself, with open arms and helping hands. 


The tear fell without warning. Yuuji couldn't figure out why he was such a roller coaster of moods today. Toge reached around to rub small circles on Yuuji’s lower back. 

“Oh sweetie, we didn’t mean to overwhelm you. Toge shared with us that you’ve been a bit lonely. I’m sure leaving home so soon after your Grandfather passed isn’t helping.” Satoru spoke softly, reaching across to wipe away the tear and cup his hand under Yuuji’s chin. “But we really do want you to be comfortable, if there’s anything we can do to help please let us know.”

Yuuji took a deep breath, trying to focus on the words Satoru was speaking but more small tears began to fall from the alpha’s attention. The whine was small, but it was loud enough for all to hear it - Gojo gasped at the submission in it and smiled sadly at Yuuji. 

“Hmm Yuuji-kun you’re suddenly so reactive, hm?” Gojo assessed softly, not wanting any part of him to accidentally dominate the sensitive omega in his hands. “Yuuji, I need to know what you’ve done to block your scent so much from alphas.”

“Mmm, not much. I use some herbs in an oil mixture when I bathe,” whispered Yuuji. Suddenly afraid of disappointing Satoru he turned his eyes to the floor to avoid the piercing blue. 

“Herbs? Hmm...I’d like to see this when we pack up your things. I don’t think you should use them anymore so long as you are living here. Yuuji, I apologize for how forward this is, but I need you to answer honestly ok?” Yuuji nodded quietly, Satoru gripped his chin more to make him look back into his eyes. “Yuuji, what have you done to stop your heats?”

Yuuji gasped. He assumed the conversation was headed towards the topic, but the direct question startled him. How the hell did Satoru know he used anything? An unreasonable tide of shame washed over him and he whined low and long in the back of his throat, his omega cowering under the emotional exhaustion of the day. Satoru must be so disappointed in him, the tears fell harder down his face. 

Satoru looked at Kento with concern, but his beta just smiled sadly back at him and nodded his head in encouragement. Satoru could be an eccentric goof, but he was their head alpha for a reason. 

Satoru knelt out of his chair so that he was on his knee in front of Yuuji. He looked up into his crying amber eyes and his heart broke. This poor kid has been doing his best for as long as he could, but this week was clearly pushing him to his limits. He knew that no matter how strong an omega was, there was always a part of them that wanted to please and respect an alpha they admired. He had learned how to define that fine line with his own Toge-kun. Very carefully, Satoru wiped the tears from Yuuji’s cheeks and then brought his wrist to the center of his face.

Even in his small dispare, Yuuji was started by the weird position. Then it hit him, the tiniest amount of scent coming from the gland on Satoru’s wrist. It was bright, like fresh fallen rainl. It cleared his head and somehow he knew the alpha wasn’t upset with him. It quieted his omega and left him blinking down into Satoru’s icy eyes. “Sorry about that,” Yuuji whispered, wiping at his face with his own hand. “I guess I can’t even handle embarrassment today,” he laughed at himself humorlessly.  

“No, no - I should apologize to you Yuuji. It is not...well it’s just not my style to make an omega surrender. I’m so sorry if I made you feel ashamed or like you disappointed me. But this is why I need to know what you’ve been using, Yuuji. If you stay with us, I have a feeling these reactions will become only more unpredictable. You’ve been suppressing yourself while living on your own - correct?” Yuuji nodded silently, unaware of the problem Satoru was explaining. “ And you’ve been using the same thing since you presented?” Yuuji nodded again, slower this time. His brows furrowed in confusion - why would that matter? Plenty of alphas and omegas used suppressants. 

Satoru sighed and looked to Toge. “ Yuuji...going this long without having a heat can be...well it can be life changing,”  Toge pulled Yuuji’s hand into his. “ Because you have been blocking it for so long there can sometimes be...complications if you find yourself suddenly around a lot of really intense or powerful pheromones. Like...those of our pack and our home.” 

Yuuji raised his eyebrows in shock. He knew that there were repercussions for using suppressants, but he figured he would worry about all the fine print after he found someone he liked. Another life milestone he had pushed to the back of his mind, forgotten. 

“Toge, was it normal for another omega to act like I did after I scented you?” Yuuji asked softly, the pieces of his behavior finally clicking around the common link.

Toge smiled and considered the question for a second. “ In a way, it was odd. Usually no, omegas don’t often react so strongly to another omega’s scent unless they are in distress or their bond is being tested - like in mating or heat. But it is normal behavior between an omega and an alpha they are close to. In fact, I will sometimes scent with Satoru or Gumi for hours after a stressful week and I act just like you did.”

“So basically, my body is freaking out because I’m around all you hotties and my omega is tired of being lonely,” said Yuuji matter of factly. 

Satoru was the first to break the silence with a small chuckle that grew and swelled into large laughter as the other men joined in. Yuuji smiled, pleased that he could be himself around the people he just broke down in front of. 

“Yes Yuuji, that’s basically it.” Satoru said with a wild grin on his face. 

Yuuji sighed and Gojo was rewarded with one of his adorable side grins. Dammit, this kid is resilient. He’s just too perfect for us

“I’ve been using a standard heat suppressant since I was 15. That, and once a week I drink a raspberry tea that has a mix of the other herbs I mentioned before. It’s a mix my Grandfather showed me in our family grimoire. Apparently we’ve used it for generations.” 

“Oook! Once again, I’m really gonna need to inspect these ancient anti-alpha herbs you’ve been ingesting. I knew you were tough kid, but I didn’t realize you came from a heritage of country kitchen witches,” Satoru teased as he sat back in his chair ruffling Yuuji’s head. 

“Yeah ok - no problem Satoru,” Yuuji replied, taking an easy breath. As annoying as it was to have his emotions all over the place, he couldn’t ignore how much lighter he felt after each little outburst. It was like he was clearing cobwebs from his chest. The pink omega got up and went into his bathroom, returning quickly with a small wooden box and a prescription bottle. He handed them to Satoru who thanked him as he pocketed both into his jacket pocket. At that, all the pack members stood up as if to leave.

“Well Yuuji, it’s only 15:00. I think we will head out to prepare for dinner and Toge can come get you a little bit before it’s fully set up, how does that sound?” Kento asked, inspecting his watch. Yuuji got the vibe that Nanami was the one who made sure things actually got done, and probably preferred to do everything as efficiently as possible. 

“That sounds good, I don’t mind hanging out here until then,” Yuuji answered. He took a step back, wanting to retake his former seat on the cot, when his back hit something hard. Slightly stumbling, he felt Megumi grab him from behind - helping steady him. “Oh shit, sorry Megumi. I didn’t realize you were there -” Yuuji froze instinctively. 

Did - did Megumi just growl at him? He felt the young alpha’s nose just above his ear and shiver ran down his back.

Fushiguro - WHAT the hell are you doing?” Satoru’s tone was all alpha, he had stepped in front of Yuuji, placing a hand over the one Megumi had on him. Yuuji hadn’t experienced this side of either alpha yet. It was terrifying and yet he couldn’t help the blush that flared across the back of his neck. Sure, the situation was uncomfortable, but Yuuji didn’t mind how their hands seemed to burn into his shoulder. 

Megumi whined in submission, but didn’t immediately remove himself from Yuuji. “I - I’m so sorry. I’m not sure what came over me. I wasn’t trying to be aggressive, but…” Yuuji felt his nose pull away as he looked up at his alpha, “But...he’s just been so vulnerable. And I haven’t done anything to protect him, I feel so useless. I started to panic when we were leaving so I guess…”

“When he bumped into you, your alpha spoke for you?” Kento offered. 

Megumi sighed, “I’m so sorry Yuuji. I just feel so protective of you.” Yuuji looked back at Megumi to see the taller man blush deeply. He removed himself from their grip, and turned around to face Megumi completely. 

“It’s ok Megumi, after all, you just had to watch me have a breakdown over a simple question,” Yuuji laughed at himself. He decided it was the right time to be bold, so he wrapped his arms around the young alpha as tightly as he could. He felt Megumi gasp - holding himself awkwardly before relaxing into the embrace and hugging him back. 

Yuuji heard Satoru chuckle behind him before he felt the tall man rustle both he and Megumi’s heads. “ Yuuji, I assume this is you accepting Megumi’s apology? I promise you it’s not typical of him, but if you want - I will kick his ass,” Toge, so sweet, already defending his new omega bae against his own alpha. 

Megumi huffed into the top of Yuuji’s head at the threat, “I am sorry Yuuji, I wasn’t trying to control you. But...if it’s not too uncomfortable for you, I mean...if you’d be interested, would you mind if I scented you?” Yuuji froze, that - he was not expecting. Is that even ok? I mean I know it’s typical for omegas to scent regardless of their mate status - but not usually alphas. What do I say!

“Careful Megumi. I know you like the kid but we shouldn't overwhelm him,” advised Kento. Damn, he has it worse than I originally thought. How cute, our stoic little Gumi finally has a crush. Kento couldn’t help smiling to himself at that last thought. 

“Actually, and Yuuji don’t let me speak for you, but that might be nice for both of you. You’ve both been fluttering around worried about the other. You went through something huge together, as strangers, and have been forced apart since. Of course... it’s not very traditional - hell Gumi, you haven’t even taken him to dinner yet,” Satoru threw another wink at his young alpha.

“He wouldn’t be..uh, like cheating on all of you?” Yuuji asked the room.

No. Honestly, there’s not much we as a pack find taboo. And Gumi here scenting with someone he feels protective over isn’t going against us, if anything it reminds us of what a good alpha he is,” Toge answered bluntly. 

Yuuji looked at both Satoru and Kento to find approving nods of their own. “Huh, well if that’s the case, ok then, sure Megumi. Although... I don’t really remember the last time I scented with an alpha, so be gentle ok?” Yuuji poked at Megumi’s chest with his last point, laughing nervously now that he’d agreed. 

Megumi wrapped one hand across Yuuji’s lower back, his other across his cheek. He placed his thumb under Yuuji’s chin so he could tilt his face up. Looking into his bright amber eyes, Megumi softly promised, “Always,” his voice a bit gruff. Yuuji swallowed thickly as Megumi leaned down to kiss his forehead. Then, leaning Yuuji’s head to the side he pressed another kiss to Yuuji’s temple, another above his ear. Yuuji closed his eyes, all embarrassment gone under the worship. He felt Megumi press one more kiss under his chin line and then the drag of his lips down his neck finally, finally settling on his scent gland. 

At contact Yuuji whined submitting fully without thinking, he tilted his head to the side so that Megumi could have full access. Megumi’s hand moved from his jaw to behind his neck, the protective alpha hold making Yuuji’s knees weak. 

Softly, Megumi nuzzled into the spot, only pressing a few kisses at first to avoid overwhelming the sensitive omega in his arms. It was only when he heard the small, barely audible, “ alpha,” come from Yuuji that he playfully growled and nipped at Yuuji’s sensitive gland. 

Even with the suppressant, Yuuji’s scent revealed itself. Megumi finally enveloped in the sweet, cheerful plum aroma he had smelled on Toge earlier. But this - this was so much more. This was like being in a field of plum trees, the smell of the fruit and the soil, even the wind and weeds. It was like he was transported in the orchard himself. And then - a dose of holly; tart and crisp like the sting of one of its leaves. The notes of Yuuji’s scent were so unique, and so perfectly suited for the force that was the omega. 

Megumi felt Yuuji’s hands reach up to hold onto his own arms. The omega instinctively leaned forward to scent Megumi back. Chuckling at Yuuji’s positive response, he guided the back of head a little and soon felt Yuuji’s nose nuzzling into his own scent gland. Megumi heard movement around him and lifted his eyes to see that Satoru and Kento had left. Toge stood near the door but paused to address Megumi. 

Gumi, maybe you should lay down with him for a while. He might appreciate scenting you - if his reaction to you is anything to go by. You’re getting a way more complex aroma than I did,” Toge teased gently. “ I’ll come get you both in a few hours. Text me if you need anything.” And with that, Megumi and Yuuji were left alone. 

“Yuuji, hey - why don’t we lay down for a while. I’ll let you scent me for a bit, how does that sound,” Megumi gently pulled away from the trembling omega. Yuuji’s pupils were blown wide, he nodded gently and let Megumi lead him to the cot. Megumi laid down first and pulled Yuuji on top of him. Yuuji easily fit next to him, immediately placing his face in Megumi’s neck. Megumi wrapped his lower arm around Yuuji, placing his hand possessively on the nape of his neck. Yuuji whimpered at the contact, his lips rubbing over Megumi’s scent gland. 

Yuuji decided to mimic the nip he had felt on his own neck. Not knowing what to expect, he was suddenly washed in waves of tuberose. It was unique for an alpha to have a floral at the head of their scent, but it suited Megumi so well. Yuuji felt like he was laying in a field of the small white flowers, their potent fragrance tinting even the sky with their milkiness. Yuuji’s head buzzed and he nipped again, wanting more. 

“Haha, carefully now little omega,” Megumi chuckled at Yuuji’s boldness. Yuuji whined and buried his nose into the gland. Floral kisses that felt like sun on skin melted into rain and mist, tuberose growing and blooming into larger lotus flowers. Megumi’s smell deepened, becoming warm and humid. Chills danced across Yuuji’s skin and the smell of bright sun was replaced by looming ancient trees, their shadows dark and protective. Megumi’s scents were so complex they juxtaposed each other, their contrast suiting the young alpha perfectly. Yuuji breathed in deeply, the pheromones causing his head to feel dizzy. 

Yuuji sighed contentedly. “Gumi you smell so good. My head feels nice.” He felt Megumi’s chest rumble. 

“You smell nice too, Yuuji-kun.” Megumi said, nuzzling into the pink hair. He couldn’t stop the small possessive growl from how pleased he was. Yuuji shivered, feeling protected and so, so precious. He felt Megumi laugh again. “Yuuji, are you happy? You’re purring a little bit.”

Instead of answering, Yuuji mewled lightly and gripped Megumi tighter. Slowly Yuuji lost focus. He didn’t quite enter sleep, but he was no longer awake. He couldn’t seem to keep track of how much time had passed. He felt himself fall further and further into his head, Megumi’s scent releasing tensions all over his body. Yuuji allowed himself to relax completely, a comfortable feeling washing over him - the alpha in his arms wouldn't let anything happen to him, he was safe. 

Yuuji felt Megumi stir, problably picking up his phone, but he didn't mind. All he can focus on is the chest he was laying on’s breath matching his own, and the heartbeat at his lips.  

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Chapter Text

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Megumi had pulled out his phone to pass the time, but the constant purring and buzzing coming from Yuuji was too distracting. He nuzzled into the pink crown stuck at his neck, breathing Yuuji’s scent in deeply. Damn, if this is how he smells with a little encouragement from my pheromones, I can’t imagine how strong it’ll be when he’s off his medicine. 


With that thought, Megumi was led to another idea - what would happen when Yuuji stopped taking his suppressants. Surely it wasn’t an easy transition, especially with how long he had been taking them. Megumi opened his phone again and after a quick search in the web browser, landed on a few informative sites. Most explained that the transition would be highly emotional. Yuuji would basically be rebalancing his own pheromones along with his hormones, essentially recreating a small, condensed version of presenting. Obviously, he wouldn’t mature any further, and his scent would stay the same. But the cramping, hot flashes, mood swings would all show up for the ride. 


Megumi let out a long sigh. It seemed selfish to make Yuuji go through all that after everything he had been through. He trusted Satoru and Kento more than anything, but maybe they should plan this out more carefully. He’d hate to cause Yuuji any more avoidable discomfort. Megumi picked his phone back up to continue researching. 


Several sites warned that in extreme cases, a heat could begin during the transition and last until it was over. Extreme cases. Megumi couldn’t help but assume that Yuuji would qualify as an extreme case. He knew the kid was strong, maybe even stronger than him, but that probably wouldn’t stop a flash heat. 


Most omegas took a kind of suppressant for half or parts of the year, that way they could control when their heat would arrive more effectively without interrupting their natural rhythm. Megumi knew this trick from Toge, the older omega only having two small heats a year. Megumi also knew that he would prefer to only have one, but always opted to have a second one aligned with Satoru’s rut. Hmmm, maybe with Yuuji here there would be less pressure on Togie. Megumi cringed at his own thought. Yikes, let’s stop thinking of Yuuji as a mate, ya? Megumi snuggled into Yuuji’s head and released a little more of his scent as an apology. Yuuji whined a little at the back of his throat, but otherwise remained unaware of Megumi’s thoughts. 


Brows furrowed with resolve, Megumi sent Satoru a text with the links attached. He just couldn’t relax until he had an understanding of how they planned to handle this. Not much of a courting time could be had if their omega jumped right into heat. 


Gojo replied almost instantly: 

We’ll make sure to discuss everything - and I mean everything - with Yuuji before he even has the chance to lose his head. We don’t want any part of his experience here to be upsetting for him.


The panic still not ebbing, Megumi sent another text to Toge. His omega always knew what to say to calm him down, and he’d feel better getting his perspective. 


Megumi was right in trusting his instinct, his quick reply calming him almost instantly:

Gumi you are so sweet, researching ways to help your new omega friend while letting him scent you 🥺 But really, we won’t make any decisions for Yuuji. And if something happens where he can’t make a decision we will defer to what is safest. Being high level curse users or not - you know this pack is a lot stronger, and less wonted than other people. We’ll find a solution that’s right for ALL of us, and that includes Yuuji.


He typed a quick thank you and planned out when Toge would come get them - agreeing that he should come earlier than expected to help get Yuuji ready. Megumi sighed, nervous about the future. He locked his phone again, attention returning to the spaced out omega in his arms. Yuuji was still purring softly, his eyes fluttering almost closed, but not quiet. All signs of a very content omega. His alpha bristled with contentment, proud that he could settle the distressed kid. 


“Hey Yuuji,” Megumi whispered, not wanting to pull him completely out of his state but unable to stay quiet, “I hope you know I am glad you’re here. And I will do my best to protect you and help you. I know I’m not your alpha, but I will treat you like I am. I hope you feel safe.” With that, Megumi nuzzled into Yuuji’s neck, nipping softly. Yuuji mewled happily, purring intensifying, and oh so quietly - so quiet that he almost missed it - whispered a small “ alpha ” into Megumi’s ear. 


Megumi smiled again, squeezing Yuuji tightly, before closing his eyes, drifting off into his own daze. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

An hour or so later when Toge came to get the boys, he was struck by the protective position he found them in. Leave it to an alpha to master the “nothing will ever touch you as long as I am here” nap vibe. Smiling to himself, he sat down against Yuuji’s back, leaning across to nug Megumi awake. 


Opening his eyes, he smiled up at his omega. “Hey - sorry I must have passed out. Are we still good on time?” Megumi had always been able to wake up immediately alert. He didn’t sit up though, afraid to pull Yuuji out of his head too quickly. He could tell he still wasn’t fully asleep, hanging somewhere between realities as the pheromones held all the control.  


Yeah we have plenty of time. How is he?” Toge answered, turning his attention to their guest. 


“I think he’s fine, want to take my place? I have a feeling he won’t come out of it as long as he’s still scenting me but I don’t want to shock him too much.”

Sure, let me take care of our sweet friend. Why don’t you start gathering some of his things together and stretch your legs,” Toge moved to lay down behind the younger omega. He slipped his hand under Yuuji’s head as Megumi carefully removed his grip and began turning him over. The pink omega whined at the loss of contact but was soon quieted as Toge took over, turning him the rest of the way over and placing his face near his own neck. Yuuji sighed happily as he nuzzled into place at Toge’s nape, the calming scent of the other omega taking over his experience. 


Toge concentrated on releasing only the lavender side of his scent, emphasising an intent to wake Yuuji up. It was a technique he learned from his mother where she would align her scent with her intention. He remembered watching her use it, trying to quiet his crying cousins.  He was fascinated at the way their breathing would regulate first, their eyes drying and focusing on his mother before returning into a cooing toddler. It was similar to the technique that Gojo had used with Yuuji earlier. 


With every breath Yuuji felt as though he was floating up. It wasn’t scary but he was aware of his senses coming back into his control. Mentally, he had been laying on the ground as a forest bloomed around him, decaying and regrowing over and over again with each breath of Megumi’s earthly floral scent. Each pass of new blooms made him feel as though he was sitting deeper and deeper into the soil, the warmth and consistency of the visions keeping him submerged for the past few hours. He was aware of the sounds happening around him, and could hear Toge enter the room and Megumi leave him. He just couldn’t leave the forest - not yet. But now, with each new breath he felt like his body was rising, tearing away from the roots that had cradled him. A crisp rush of lavender causing him to take fresh air reaching closer and closer to the clouds above him until suddenly - he was above them. 


Yuuji opened his eyes, not yet ready to sit up but happy to see Toge again. He nuzzled into the neck giving a playful nip. “ Hey Yuuji, you back with me?” He heard Toge in his head again. Not quite ready yet, Yuuji nodded, staying pressed against the older omega. He felt Toge laugh and hand started stroking his hair. 


“He’s back?” He heard Megumi ask, somewhere in the room. 


Yes, but he doesn’t seem ready to talk yet. Do you think he’s ok?” Upset with the concern in Toge’s voice, Yuuji sat up on his elbows to hover over his face. Yuuji smiled brightly down at him and rubbed their noses together, giggling. 


“Seems like he’s fine to me. He probably just needs a few minutes to come back to himself fully. He was out of it for quite a bit,” Megumi said as he came back to the bed and sat next to the other two. He brought his hand up to ruffle Yuuji’s head, the omega giggling more at the attention. “Right Yuuji? You’re feeling good?”


“Yeah’m good.” Yuuji replied in a small voice. He decided it was time to sit up fully and crossed his legs in front of himself. He felt great actually. What a cathartic fucking day - and these people still wanted to be around him, they were still checking in on him and making sure he kept up. He knew he was here because he was cursed, but this felt...this felt lucky. He was lucky to be here. 


“Good. We are starting to get your stuff together before we head to dinner. Do you want to help me?” Megumi asked, knowing by instinct that Yuuji would probably want to stick near him until he was fully himself again. He also knew that his head would clear faster if he was moving around and thinking things through. Yuuji nodded and with Megumi’s help stood up and began packing his things. Toge appeared by his side a few moments later and handed him a glass of water. 


“Thank you,” Yuuji went to take a sip but realized quickly he was parched. He chugged the entire glass, gasping when he was finished. “Woah, I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was. Thank you Toge-san.”


“Tuna, tuna,” Toge replied, smiling with his eyes. He took the empty glass from Yuuji and left the room. 


“Feeling more like yourself again, Yuuji?” Megumi had picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, clearly planning on carrying it for him. 


“Yeah I feel totally normal. That was really intense though, did you know it would happen to me?”


“I wasn’t sure, sometimes Toge has trances like that too. Everyone is different, but I hope it was helpful to you,” at that Megumi blushed slightly. He cleared his throat before continuing, “It was was nice for me to. Thank you, Yuuji. I really was worried about you.”


Yuuji smiled at the alpha. As intimidating and grumpy as he could appear, Yuuji was quickly learning that there was a side to Megumi that was transparent and very giving. He laughed nervously, “It was really nice for me too, I felt really...well safe. I wouldn’t mind trying it again sometime.” That made both boys blush, the confession was typical for Yuuji but it still made their nerves flutter. 


Just then Toge reappeared in the doorway. “ Alright kiddos. Let’s stop flirting and go make some dinner. I - am starving.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed towards the front of the building knowing the other two would be close behind him. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

It wasn’t a very long walk to get back to the campus. There was a very confusing transition as they traveled through dimensions, Yuuji made a note to ask Satoru about how that worked later. 

As they walked, Toge filled him in on special details about the place and their routines. 


He learned that their personal residence was protected by Gojo and Nanami’s personal blend of veil. It was partially a domain expansion, which is why it allowed certain parts of reality to be warped - like Toge’s speech projection. The only people on campus that could come and go as they pleased was the director of the institute, Masamichi Yaga, and his immediate staff. Reversely, their pack had free reign of the entire institute and could use any part to their pleasure. Megumi explained that they lived there as permanent employees; their profession, lifestyle, and bond hovering the thin line of mortality that revolved around jujutsu sorcerers. His tone became grim and both he and Toge’s moods seemed to unconsciously drop. 


Yuuji was about to ask if something had happened to their pack when a loud gasp and smash interrupted him. They had just walked into a small kitchen, and a petite woman with bobbed auburn hair and deep brown eyes stood in the middle of the room. She had clearly just dropped the shopping bags she was carrying and was looking at them with wide eyes and an open mouth. Quickly she regained her composure and squealed quietly. Beside him Yuuji heard Megumi sigh, but as he looked up at his friend he found a warm smile on his face. 


“Ya - Nobara can you NOT lose it right now?” He directed the question at the woman. Oh, so this is Nobara. The young beta that joined them a little over a year ago, Yuuji connected on his own. He was nervous of spending time with the pack as a whole, but found himself grateful there was someone else who was also fairly new. 


“Oh shut up Fushi, can’t I be excited over anything you storm cloud,” Nobara spat right back. She closed the distance between them, kissing Toge lightly as he passed her to pick up the bags she abandoned. As she reached Yuuji she just - well she just stared at him. Looked into his eyes for a full 15 seconds before giving him a complete once over. 


“Uhhh, hi?” Yuuji started, but felt a gentle hand come onto his shoulder. He looked up to see Megumi shaking his head and laughing quietly. 


“Just give her a second. It’s her thing,” he explained. 


Nobara then took a step to the side and lunged, now apparently inspecting his slippers. Humming to herself she slowly walked around him. As she approached his back, Yuuji felt his neck prickle, nervous from her behavior. As if sensing his discomfort, Nobara laughed lightly. “I’m not going to bite you know,” she promised as she walked back to face Yuuji. “Let me guess, you’re a size 29 waist? Chest 42”? Shoes a size 10?”


Yuuji looked at her quizzically - was she really guessing his measurements before even introducing herself? “Uhh, yeah. I mean I’m not sure about my chest circumference. I usually stick to large hoodies and t-shirts. Also I think I’ve gotten bigger from this Sakuna dude,” Yuuji felt himself blush, suddenly self conscious. 


Another sigh from Megumi, “Nobara please. Please just be normal. He doesn’t need a new wardrobe,” Yuuji looked up at him in confusion. Sensing the need to explain, Megumi continued, “Nobara and Satoru have some...control issues. Well maybe not control , more like they share a whimsical fetish. They are obsessed with outfitting us and occasionally show up with custom garments or matching sets. It’s adorable and painfully annoying.” Megumi punctuated his last point by flicking the girl on her forehead. 


“Fushi what the hell,” Nobara pouted at the alpha. Recovering quickly, she smiled brightly at Yuuji, “I’m Nobara. Nobara Kugisaki. I’m so happy to meet you! Being the new girl has gotten dull so quickly, I can’t wait for us to get to know each other,” not allowing a single moment for Yuuji to respond, she turned on her heel, still talking, to join Toge prepping vegetables. “Toru told us that you’re from the country, I am too! I’m from this small hick town in Tohoku. Blehhhh - as if I could have stayed there! Can you picture it? A girl as cute as me, settled down in some monotonous hick pack. No thank you .”


Yuuji was impressed that she could prattle on this long, already finding it more charming than annoying. He watched as she pulled a pile of green vegetables and lotus roots that Toge had just washed onto a cutting board. Still talking at Yuuji, she began a rhythm of cutting them down to size and shape for their hot pot. 


“Anyway, I love Tokyo. I always knew I would do well here, but finding a home like this was unexpected. Sometimes...” she continued, slowing down to look up at Yuuji, her brown eyes glowing almost orange from the passion she was feeling, “sometimes I just can’t believe I made it here and found my pack. When you know, you know. It’s like even though I was destined to be a city girl, there was already a part of me that was drawn to them . Hahaha, listen to me - does that even make sense?” Megumi had walked into their prep area to help with the chopping and at her last confession stopped to scent the top of her head, brushing his finger over her cheek lovingly. Nobara laughed at the gesture and swatted him away. 


Yuuji was silent for a minute, suddenly emotional at the domesticity he was watching in front of him. The tenderness they shared with one another showing so easily, unaffected by the stranger in the room. Now that he thought about it, they didn’t seem to regard him as a stranger for even a second, welcoming him as if they had known him his whole life. Instead of becoming overwhelmed as he had done all day, allowed himself to slip into comfort and accept that he, at least for now, had a welcome role here. 


“That makes sense to me. Maybe you can take me around Tokyo. I can’t wait to explore the city, well... if it’s allowed. I’m not sure what Satoru was able to work out for me,” replied Yuuji easily, taking her moment of distraction as a chance to get word in. He walked over to Toge who handed him a big bowl of packaged ingredients with a gentle, “Tuna.”


Puzzled at first, Yuuji took inventory of the bowl and realized it was everything he needed to make his meatballs. He smiled brightly at the other omega before walking back to the bar to begin his process. It was a fairly easy recipe, and one that had stopped him from going hungry over the years from his small budget and meager cooking skills. Still, he wanted to do a good job knowing from experience that successful homely recipes were sometimes more pleasurable than impressive, fancy ones. 


A comfortable silence fell over the kitchen as the four of them set to work, each focused on their own task. As time passed, Yuuji noticed he was being watched, each of the other three sneaking glances at him and at certain times pausing what they were doing to observe him. 


“You guys are making me nervous,” Yuuji whined playfully, the others laughing at him. He kept his eyes down, still focused on making one perfectly sized sphere at a time. 


Sorry Yuuji-kun. You’re just a whole different kind of cute when you’re concentrating.” Toge teased him from across the kitchen. 


Yuuji blushed, smiling, shrinking into himself a little bit, “Psh, stop it Toge-san.”


“He’s not exaggerating, Yuuji you are so precious. I can’t believe someone as cute as you is having dinner with us. This week just keeps getting better!” Nobara affirmed. 


At that Yuuji whined, the sudden praise and attention making his chest stir. Well that was unexpected. Yuuji’s blush deeped from the involuntary response. He heard Megumi laugh across from him, but could tell he wasn’t teasing him. “Hmm our Yuuji is so sensitive. Don’t be embarrassed - you are pretty Yuuji-kun.”


Yuuji couldn’t stand it, the praise making him whine low and long again. He had to stop his little assembly to grip onto the bar, his head and gut suddenly swimming around some unknown emotion, some uncontrolled desire creeping up his spine. 


Megumi don’t tease him,” He heard Toge warn. Suddenly there was a hand on his chin, tilting his face up. Megumi had walked around the bar, the whine causing his own instincts to short circuit and a need to be near him pulling him away from his task. Megmui clicked his tongue affectionately as he rubbed his thumb back and forth across Yuuji’s cheek. He was staring into his eyes, clearly trying to take inventory of Yuuji’s mental state.


“Well, well Yuuji. Did our teasing excite you? Don’t tell me you’re this worked up over a little praise,” Yuuji whined again - this time out of embarrassment. How do these people keep getting these reactions out of him? “Well this just won’t do, someone like you should be worshipped. I won’t let you tell yourself otherwise.” Megumi said, his voice soft but his tone authoritative, not allowing Yuuji to argue. 


That was the last straw, Yuuji felt his body surrender under the declaration. The embarrassment and excitement of the attention mixing together in a weird sort of pleasure. His omega was all but pleased that this alpha was regarding him so preciously. He felt his knees go a little weak and the submission came easily. Yuuji tilted his head to the side and a soft whine that sounded like a plea escaped him. 


Megumi smiled warmly down at him, excited he could cause such a strong reaction from just a little praise. He would have to remember this for...later. But for now, he wanted only to comfort and calm the omega he had worked up. He bent over, taking Yuuji’s nape in hand and scented at his neck. He nipped lightly and released his own scent to let Yuuji know he was pleased, he was safe, he could relax. Yuuji felt himself settle down. He was still having a hard time transitioning between his omega and his normal male self. He assumed this would get easier with time. Afterall, he’d all but suffocated his second gender for the majority of its presence. 


Megumi pulled away with affection in his expression. “Sorry about that, you ok now?” he asked with a tilt to his head. His dark hair falling into his eyes, the simple pose reminding Yuuji of a sad puppy. Yuuji was doomed, he was doomed, he was doomed, he was doomed. He remembered earlier when he decided he was lucky, but now he wanted to change his mind. This was definitely a curse, no way could this be real - could they be real. Every minute he spent here he felt his personality ascend higher and higher, their energy causing his own to vibrate at a frequency he had never experienced before. He felt so... alive


“Here, Ume,” a hand with a glass of water appeared beside him. He startled at Nobara’s sudden appearance and the sweet name she had given him - referencing his plum scent. He took it gratefully and she smiled, clearly pleased, and patted him on the head. “Sorry about that, but isn’t it fun to learn what makes each other tick?” She asked, as if pushing people to their limits was a genuine interest of hers. 


Megumi scoffed at her as Yuuji gratefully chugged his water. They left him, easily going back to their own tasks. An argument staying between them about how Megumi did not approve of her ability to dissect other’s personalities and weaknesses, Nobara refusing to back down - alluding that all of them seemed to enjoy that about her. Their banter filled the kitchen with little ‘tsks’ and ‘yas’ - even Toge chimed in, playing devil's advocate in the background. 


Yuuji smiled, still not adjusted to how comfortable they were with all his little outbursts. He found himself expecting weird looks, or for them to push him away anytime he wavered. But they seemed completely unbothered by any of it. Clearly, they didn’t allow room for shame to live amongst them. 


The four of them prepped the rest of the food without another hiccup, easy conversation falling over them. Yuuji laughed and shared stories with them, all of them eager to know more about him and generous when he asked questions of his own. Yuuji felt himself becoming more and more hungry and was grateful that the prepwork didn’t take much longer. They loaded up a small cart and headed towards the conservatory at the back of the main house, Nobara explaining that Satoru had set everything up in the small garden - wanting them to enjoy the fresh air and the small fire pit they had. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Yuuji walked into the garden room last, having been at the back of the group as Toge pushed the cart. He stopped at the threshold, awe overcoming him as he took in the beautiful space before him. He’d been in houses that had conservatories and sunrooms before, but he’d never been in one so articulately designed. 


A small glass room extended from the main house. Its roof curved and arched down into the far wall, everything one continuous structure. The walls and window panes were a deep shade of green, Yuuji realising that it was constructed entirely of copper - time causing the color to oxidize. The wide paneled floors were stained dark, almost black, and a large plush rug covered most of the space. He could tell the textile was old, its uneven symmetry the result of handweaving. It probably was once rich in color, but after living its life in the sunroom was now a pretty fade of red orange and emerald - a bright border of turmeric around each section. 


Atop it sat several groupings of furniture, all older and well preserved. Half of the room was dedicated to book shelves and a few chaise lounges, a small tea table between them. The other half was covered in potted plants. Large ferns and indoor trees sat at the back wall. One ficus was so large that it arched across the ceiling, almost reaching the other side of the room. It was tied in several places, clearly being shaped and trained to grow that way. There were a few small bonsais sitting on an oval table at the center, their size and knobs giving away how old they really were - a few of them had already begun growing around the wire shaping them. On the far wall, against the curved glass ceiling hung a few light catchers and thermometers, haloing a variety of flowering orchids and other delicate plants that lived closer to the light.


Yuuji took a breath, and walked slowly through the space, fully taking it in. The others had left him, continuing to the garden where the older members of the pack were waiting. No one rushed him, clearly letting him do his own thing as they busied themselves preparing the table for dinner. Yuuji was grateful - he suddenly felt surreal, like he had stepped through another one of the dimension doors. Sighing in wonder, he crossed the space to enter the garden.


A humble courtyard, the room emptied immediately onto a wooden deck or sorts. Above them loomed a large pergola, it’s old beams barely visible beneath a vise of wisteria. Yuuji noticed the woody base of the two plants across from one another, both of them climbing around a leg of the roof, entangling across the top before meeting and joining in the middle. The plants were beginning to bloom and he could only imagine how beautiful the space would be once the hanging purple flowers covered the porch.


In the middle of the porch was a large circular table. Two small electric pots had been set up for their dinner. Kento was currently hovering over them making one of the broths, bringing a spoon up to Nobara to taste. Satoru was sitting behind him, talking lowly to Toge as the two of them huddled in front of a small hearth. He realized they were playfully arguing about the correct way to keep a fire going, Satoru’s laughter booming over the space as Toge’s poking stick broke off into the flames. Megumi was seated across from the others, knees resting on his cushion as he leaned across the low table. He smiled up at Yuuji as he entered but continued arranging the various meats and vegetables on plates of ice.


Beyond the porch, stairs led to a grassy garden. A tiny gravel path webbed through the manicured plants leading up to a miniature bridge. The bridge, stained dark brown, rose over a small stream that flowed through the garden and emptied into a generous pond. The water was lined with glass rocks and bushes, one small maple strongly rooted on the far side, its branches defiantly growing sideways, shading across the water. The pond's surface was covered in small lily pads, lotus flowers just beginning to bud, and Yuuji was reminded of Megumi’s scent from earlier. Not wanting a blush to give away his wandering thoughts, he moved his attention elsewhere. 


After the bridge the narrow path led to a small machiai - typical of most Japanese gardens, Yuuji was still surprised when he noticed it. It’s slanted roof curved at the sides and small hand carved foxes sat proudly at its entrance. The entire outdoor space was fenced in by towering evergreens, the backside of the garden lined completely in giant bamboo. 


“It’s all Kento’s work, his personal passion,” a calm voice said behind him. Yuuji jumped, not realising had been standing in the middle of the doorway. A taller woman with long dark hair, so dark it was almost green, stood behind him. In her hands was a platter of utensils, metal chopsticks and tongs, and small wooden bowls. She smiled warmly, an apology for startling him evident in her expression. “The garden - it’s amazing right? It’s all Kento’s design. He’s the only one of us that can spend so much time on something this meticulous.” She cocked her head to the side to look past Yuuji, taking it in with him. 


“Yeah it’s incredible - I feel like I’ve been transported somewhere unreal. I can’t believe this is a part of your house,” Yuuji answered laughing at himself. 


She hummed in agreement, shifting the platter to one hand so that she could hold her glasses in place and bow gently, “I’m Maki Zenin, by the way. I apologize for startling you. I wanted to be here when you arrived but everyone seems to be so hungry we forgot to bring dishes.” She laughed, standing back up and smiled widely. 


Yuuji took in a breath, all the pack so far had been attractive but this woman had a mystical aura unique and all her own. A shiver ran across Yuuji’s back and it was then that he realized she was also an alpha. Her presence slivering up from the floor and circling him like a snake. She had large, doe-like eyes, thin round glasses framing deep portals of black. Her fuller figure was slightly taller than Yuuji and he couldn’t help swallowing thickly as he sized himself up to her. He tried his best to be graceful as he bowed politely back. 


“I’m Yuuji Itadori. It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing dinner with me,” somehow he was able to articulate a normal greeting. She chuckled a little bit, as if she could read his thoughts, and ruffled his hair. 


“Hmm, Yuuji - thank you for having dinner with us. I honestly can’t believe you’d want to, I heard how much Toge and Megumi messed with you today, those punks,” she stuck her leg out to gently kick Megumi below them. He growled playful but otherwise ignored her. Maki leaned forward to whisper into Yuuji’s ear, “If you want help getting back at them just let me know.” With a final wink, she headed to the other side of the table and began setting everyone's place.  


Yuuji smiled to himself, grateful to be at the center of everyone’s fake rivalries with one another, it made him feel included and a part of the inside. He walked over and took the cushion in between Maki and Megumi and began helping her with the rest of the utensils. 


“Ohhhhhh what a night -” Satoru began to sing as he joined the table, sitting between Maki and Kento. Megumi and Nobara interrupted, loudly yelling “NO” in unison. Satoru deeply pouted and Kento leaned over him to kiss his cheek. “No one ever lets me sing,” he sighed sadly, leaning into Kento. The other laughed, pushing him away. 


Toge was the last to take his seat, completing the circle between Nobara and Megumi. He winked at Yuuji as he unzipped his collar, settling into the cushion, and Yuuji felt himself blush. Holy shit I’m at dinner. 


Satoru began with his infamous two claps, turning his gaze on the still blooming omega. “Yuuji, our little prince of curses, thank you for spending your evening with us. We hope this meal is a lot more enjoyable than the ingested cursed object that led you here.” Yuuji blushed even darker, his neck now covered in heat. The direct attention was one thing, the reminder that he was probably insane another embarrassment entirely. 


As if he could read his mind, Satoru continued, “If I may speak for my mates; we can all do things and be a bit insane at times. It’s a part of our lifestyle and unfortunately, critical for our profession. Curses are a hidden part of everyday life, and for those of us aware of their presence it’s a unrelenting war for humanity. Yuuji, we know that you’ve only stumbled into our world by accident - but we hope you know that we are so happy to have found you.” Satoru took a pause of breath, looking at each of his mates in silent confirmation. 


He began again slowly, “At the risk of beginning this dinner over emotionally, AND I might add, risking a flawed toast - something that has never happened to me, Yuuji I must confess to you - for us it feels like you’ve returned to us after a long, long trip. We hope we haven’t been too forward or invasive, we can’t seem to help ourselves. 


So I say once again - Yuuji, our pretty prince of curses - thank you for accepting our insane pack of misfits into your life, and showing us your own graceful insanity. Please enjoy this dinner as a welcoming gift,” he finished boisterously, picking up his glass and raising it, the rest of the table following. 


Yuuji felt the backs of his eyes burning as the group toasted him, each person thanking him for being there in their own words. A few small tears rolled down his cheeks as he cleared his throat. Normally he would have shielded his emotions, but after the vulnerability Satoru just showed him he didn’t want to hide. 


It took a few small coughs for him to get the frog out of his throat, the group patiently waiting for him. He felt Maki’s hand come up to push his hair out of his face and he smiled up at her, confidence returning under the simple affection.


“I’m not sure what to say,” Yuuji took in another breath, “All day I’ve debated if I was lucky or cursed for arriving here. After meeting all of you, and learning about your way of life - I guess that’s an everyday negotiation of your reality. This place seems tethered between insanity and conscious action, at least that’s what I’ve observed,” Yuuji paused and looked into each pair of eyes across from him, landing last on Megumi’s dark blue gaze, “I’ve decided that I’m both cursed and lucky to be here. I feel lucky to have found you, and cursed that I should ever have to leave."

He bowed his head in respect, finishing with a bright “Thank you for the food!” 

Yuuji kept his head down, realizing that his speech was met with silence. Panic began to rise in him, afraid that he had insulted the table. Shit, I did that wrong didn’t I…


Arms wrapped around him, as Maki and Megumi simultaneously engulfed him in a large hug. He gasped, surprised as they nuzzled into his head. He felt more hands behind him and was aware that Satoru and Nobara had gotten up to hug him from behind. Satoru being as bold as to kiss him the back of his neck, pretending to sob. Toge, ever the petite, somehow appeared in front of Yuuji, sitting on his lap and squeezing his cheeks. Only Kento remained in place, as Yuuji looked up at him, the older beta smiled affectionately at the chaotic pile in front of him. 


Sensing the small panic in Yuuji’s eyes, he laughed and yelled at his mates, “Ya - get off him, you’re going to suffocate him.” He heard a lot of grumpling as the others began to detach themselves. Kisses were placed in his hair, each one of them scenting his head as they got up to return to their cushions. Only Megumi remained in Yuuji’s personal space. He had moved his cushion closer to the younger so that their legs were touching. Smiling down at him, he clasped their hands together, fingers threaded, “So Yuuji - what would you like to start with first,” he asked, clacking his chopsticks together as punctuation. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Dinner flew by, delight and pleasure orbiting around Yuuji. Conversation was kept light and easy, the pack making sure that Yuuji was included in everything. He realized they were good communicators, knowing when to push each other’s buttons and when to yield. No teasing ever became nasty, it was evident at how well they knew each other and themselves. Yuuji was awed by how much they shared with him. Small details, personal facts, and intimate touches all in full view - nothing was hidden from Yuuji. No part of the evening made him feel like an outsider looking in, instead he felt like Satoru said - he had just been gone a long, long time and they were catching him up to speed. 


As dinner commenced Yuuji found himself feeling spoiled and a bit sleepy. The warm food had made him lethargic despite the two rests he had had that day. Maki, Nobara, and Toge began to clear the table from dinner, and Yuuji knew he should help them. As he began gathering dishes he was met with multiple cries of protest, no one wanting him to be on dish duty his first night. 


As guilty as he felt, he obeyed and tried to return to his seated position. There were hands on his waist though, and before he could understand what was happening, he was pulled into Megumi’s lap. He leaned back to rest his against Megumi’s wide chest, he felt the alpha place his chin on the top of his head and his arms wrapped protectively around him. He felt himself zone out from the warmth of the body behind him, barely aware of the coos Satoru and Kento were making at the sight of them.


Toge returned from the kitchen with another large tray. He began to pour everyone tea as Kento lit a cigarette. Nobara appeared in the dimly lit glass room behind them, placing a record on some hidden turntable. Apparently, the night was far from being done.


Satoru had in fact, gone out to get a sweet - two to be precise. The first being a towering kakigori (Yuuji was baffled at how the sorcerer had made it appear out of nowhere. Satoru just winking at Yuuji, brushing off his awe with some wild explanation about how it was best fresh). The second, brought out by Maki, was a very spongy and light cheesecake - secretly a favorite of Yuuji’s. 


As the group indulged in desert, Megumi refused to let Yuuji up - instead opting to feed him himself. Yuuji giggled under each careful spoonful, the special treatment lulling him into a goofy stupor. The group giggled with him, finding their juvenile behavior precious. 


“So Yuuji,” began Kento, carefully receiving the omega’s attention, “how are you feeling? And I mean, really feeling. It’s been over 24 hours since your last dose of suppressant, assuming you didn’t take them today. Are you doing ok?” 


Yuuji felt Megumi pet his side, encouraging him to not shy away from the conversation. He sobered quickly, knowing they would have asked soon enough. It was too risky to confiscate medicine like that without having a plan in place. Yuuji hummed lightly, trying to assess his physical reaction to the withdrawal. While Kento was correct, it had only been a little over 24 hours since his last dose, he doubted it was enough time to have an effect. Afterall, to his body, it was like having a late dose - one that would never come. 


Yuuji played with Megumi’s fingers as he talked through his thoughts, “As of right now, I feel mostly normal. I’m a bit cloudy from Megumi being so close but I think that’s more of a mental reaction. I do feel myself getting more warm, I’ve been sweating since dinner.”


Megumi hummed above him, “That’s true, you are much warmer than earlier. And your temperature hasn’t dropped even with the cold cream.” He frowned and looked up at his beta.


Kento nodded, accepting the facts in front of him. He was hoping for this. Anything more severe and it would be too dangerous of Yuuji to continue without medical intervention. He tapped the cigarette on the edge of an ashtray, leaning back as he took another thoughtful drag. The soft wartime jazz Nobara had put on earlier filled the silence around them. Somehow it seemed to make the smoke ring above them dance prettily in the reflected moonlight. The whole picture felt weirdly nostalgic to Yuuji.


“Are you worried about what to do with me if I get a flash heat?” Yuuji offered, lowering his gaze. He trusted these people, but he still wasn’t comfortable speaking so boldly about such private things. 


“Yes, that’s what we are concerned about. Well, our immediate concern.” Satoru took over. “We don’t want you to be in an uncomfortable position, neglected or otherwise. But we...well we want to know if you want us to help…” Satoru trailed off, leaving space for Yuuji to take over. 


Yuuji blushed from what the suggestion implied. He really didn’t know what he wanted. He definitely didn’t want to be left alone. He couldn’t deny how strong his attachment had become to the people sitting around him, but this...this was too much. Could he really ask that of them?


“To be frank, I have no idea what the hell I want. I’ve never had regular heat, so I don’t know what to expect and honestly, I’m a bit scared. I’ve only had one small fling with another alpha, right after I graduated. It wasn’t meant to be - he was a bit too...obsessive for my liking, so it never amounted to anything.” At that, he felt Megumi’s chest rumble behind him, a small growl growing through him at the idea of Yuuji not being treasured. Yuuji continued, ignoring the way his stomach twisted at the reaction, “I guess...I guess I would appreciate some guidance. I can advise what makes me uncomfortable but it would be a huge relief to me if...well if I could leave it up to you, Satoru.” Yuuji looked up, deep meaning behind his gaze as he held eye contact with the violet haired man. 


Satoru smiled, pleased with Yuuji’s bravery and honesty. “Ok then, I’ll guide you my sweet prince. Tonight we will sleep in the tatami room as a pack. I have a feeling your levels of distress will begin to rise throughout the night and you will probably be the most comfortable around others,” he paused, waiting for an affirmative from Yuuji. 


Yuuji nodded, blushing as he realized that that behavior had already begun. Satoru continued, and Yuuji realized he was breaking everything down not just for him, but for his pack. They were in this together, in everything together - there were no walls between them and they didn’t find any part of this uncomfortable. He still wasn’t used to it, but he allowed himself to relax in their comfort. 


“Hopefully, you will wake up feeling like yourself. I have a feeling by tomorrow mid morning you will begin to experience more of the physical side effects of your withdrawal. We have no way of knowing when your heat will hit, or if you will even experience a flash heat at all. If it happens in the middle of the night, Yuuji -” Satoru leaned forward, making sure he held eye contact. “Do I have your permission to help you? Nothing permanent will take place, but Toge and I will help you through it. We need your consent.”


Yuuji shivered, already the idea of what Satoru was implying made his insides stirr. His eyelids felt heavy as the back of his mind clouded, the picture of Toge and Satoru’s hands all over him, helping him - causing Yuuji’s temperature to rise just slightly higher. He swallowed painfully, his mouth suddenly too dry. He nodded, unable to use his voice. 

Satoru nodded solemnly, taking in Yuuji’s obvious physical reaction. “Yuuji - you still feel like yourself?” he needed the confirmation, it was still a few hours early for a rush heat to be safe.


“Yeah...yes. I feel ok - like myself I just…” Yuuji trailed off, realized his thoughts had been all over his face, “I um, well I guess I’m just looking forward to it.” He blushed, turning to hide away into Megumi's chest, what little was left of his dignity draining out of him.


Satoru all but groaned , what a pretty omega Yuuji was. He stared down at the table, trying to regain composure before continuing. It came with the territory of the conversation, but he still found the confession unbelievably hot. He didn’t think Yuuji realized the power he could hold over people. Satoru made a note to work on that - on his confidence - in due time. 


Maki had leaned over and was now rubbing Yuuji’s back, trying to help Megumi ease the omega out of his cocoon of shame. “Hey kid, no need to be embarrassed. I think you took the thought out of everyone’s heads.” Yuuji laughed at her, the initial embarrassment ebbed away. He turned back around to face Satoru. Maki stayed where she was, leaning against Megumi and nuzzling into his neck. They kissed gently a few times before Maki laid her head on his shoulder and took one of Yuuji’s hands in hers. 


“Ok then, that is settled. Hopefully, if one does happen it will be fast and with very little pain and you will be yourself - well your natural self by the following day.” Satoru continued, “Of course, you will probably have a regular heat again soon, but we will take that as it comes. No reason to get ahead of ourselves, you have plenty of time to decide what’s next then.”


With that, Satoru stood up and stretched, the others following by example. Megumi lifted Yuuji up and set him on his feet carefully. Suddenly, Yuuji was washed with how exhausted he was. He felt a hand in his, Nobara reaching up to scent above his ear. She smiled and wordlessly led him into the house, their pack behind them. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Chapter Text

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Located in the center of the main house, the pack’s tatami room was a long, rectangular space. The mats were faded green, complimenting the yellow silk walls. A more traditional style, the screens were decorated with thick brush strokes, abstract scenes of nature dancing across them. Swooping cranes were painted on the closet doors which slid open to reveal a large pile of patterned futons and covers. When they arrived, Toge and Megumi began pulling out the futons and lining them up side by side. The covers of most of the bedding were soft pastel, patterned in geometric designs and delicate florals. 


Yuuji sat at the entrance of the room, feet folded under himself. He watched uselessly as the others laid out the bedding feeling bad for not helping, but he had been instructed to wait there until Satoru returned. He slumped against himself, exhausted.


Satoru returned quicker than expected, holding a mysterious bundle that he placed in Yuuji's lap. As he unwrapped the fabric carefully, Yuuji’s eyes widened. “These seemed like your type,” Satoru was explaining. It was a sleep set, baby blue and made of the softest cotton - it reminded Yuuji of old French-style pajamas. “Well maybe not your type, but you deserve something as pretty as you.” 


The long sleeve top had an open collar, it’s edges piped in ivory with matching buttons. There was a small pocket on the chest, in the center of its topstitching was a petitely embroidered rose. The pants matched in style, the same thin white piping on the lower cuff. Yuuji, speechless, looked up at Satoru quizzically. 


“We have a supply of extra clothing for our guests,” Gojo explained with a shrug, “I wanted you to feel comfortable and special.” He reached down to stroke the soft fuzz of Yuuji’s undercut.


Yuuji ducked his head at the attention, overwhelmed by the gesture. When he stood up to thank him, Satoru smiled and silently scented him, a chaise kiss pressed into his forehead. “Thank you so much Satoru.” He quietly excused himself to the bathroom where he changed into his new pajamas and washed his face. When he returned to the room, the others had returned and were already lounging on the mats ready for sleep.


Maki, Megumi, and Nobara had taken the three mats across from the others, the arrangement keeping everyone’s heads together. The three of them were goofing around on Megumi’s phone, piled onto his center mat. Satoru was sitting in Kento’s lap, clearly planning on sharing a futon. They smiled warmly at Yuuji as he walked over and sat in the middle. 


Toge joined last, coming back from another closet, and offered a large pile of extra blankets and pillows. Yuuji brightened despite his exhaustion and set to work to prepare his little nest. The pack around him watched fondly as Yuuji thoughtfully felt and placed each piece. Toge came to lay in the empty spot to his left, helping the younger omega prepare things just right. Finally satisfied, Yuuji looked up to find a room of soft contented smiles. He blushed briefly, not releasing they had watched him work. 


Too tired to give it more thought, Yuuji settled down into his nest. He yawned, stretching widely, before curling up on himself. He thought to whisper out a small “good night” to the room above him as his eyes quickly fell closed. He felt one last kiss being placed on his temple before everything went dark and he fell into a deep, deep sleep. 



 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Yuuji was hot . Unbearably, suffocatingly hot. Eyes still plastered shut, he kicked and tugged at the blankets mummifying him. Finally he broke free, but he didn’t receive the relief he was expecting, his sleepy mind finally cluing him in that it was his own body making him overheat - not the bedding. Yuuji opened his eyes exhausted and defeated. The room was cast in pale grey light barely lit by dawn. Taking a few deep breaths, he calmed himself and tried to remember where he was and why. 


Gentle breathing filled the room, the presence of the others helping his memory retrieve the day before. He had agreed to stop taking his suppressants. He agreed to live among Satoru’s pack. He was staying in the pack’s tatami room, they were waiting out his suppressant withdrawal together. He was wearing new pajamas that Satoru had picked out just for him - The checklist sounded off in his head, and the more he grounded himself the better he felt. 


Realizing that he was probably running a small fever, Yuuji sat up. He knew he wouldn’t be able to relax back into sleep if he remained covered in sweat. Gingerly he stood, hoping his movements wouldn’t wake anyone up, and padded to the back of the room towards the bathroom. He had changed in there the night before but had been too tired to really notice how large it was. 


The wash room opened up to a narrow deck made of wide slatted wood. The wall lined with showering stalls; mirrors and faucets hung above a long counter top with small round stools tucked neatly beneath it. Compressed under a low ceiling, the main bathroom opened up to a much larger space. Yuuji took the single step down into the main room and felt dwarfed, the ceiling arched up high, seemingly cavernous. The floor changed to dark slate and he could tell it was gently heated. A singular arched window stretched its way across from floor to ceiling, its stained glass tinting the room in soft hues. In the center of the room was a giant wooden bath, like a small pool, warm water filled to the top. Yuuji watched as gentle steam rose and disappeared filtered out by the rays of early sun. 


Still sleepy, Yuuji headed back to the stalls. He folded his new pajamas neatly and placed them on the counter. He wanted cold water against his sizzling skin, the desperation to break his fever growing each minute. As the water slid across his chest, he sighed in relief; the simmering in his blood remained, but he was happy to rinse off the sweat. He placed his head in one hand as he held the showerhead against his scalp. 


As his mind cleared Yuuji was suddenly nervous about the day. It probably wasn’t a good sign that he woke up feeling strong effects already. Nothing else seemed to be amiss, and he mentally kicked himself when he felt disappointed. Was he secretly hoping to go into heat? Logically, he was terrified, but something wicked had twisted into his head last night after Gojo talked about...helping him. Yuuji shook his head - no he definitely wasn’t hoping for that. 


After a few minutes, exhaustion crept back to Yuuji. He was grateful for Satoru’s plan to stay in the room together. Somehow just knowing the others were nearby kept a peace at the back of his mind.  Too lazy to find a towel, Yuuji slipped his pants on still wet, figuring his damp hair and bare chest would keep him cool enough. 



 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

This time he woke to someone calling him. Yuuji couldn’t seem to wake fully though, hearing his name echo around his head as he tried to remember how to open his eyes. Hands turned him on his side and he felt a body lay down behind him. Whoever it was was still trying to shake him awake. 


Yuujiiiii, sweet Itadori. Honey please wake up. You’re ok - we’re here.” It was Toge, the older omega now petting his head. Yuuji felt dampness in his hair but couldn’t tell if it was from his shower earlier or from the fever. How much time had passed? He tried to find Toge’s voice again, what was he saying? “ Hey hey, that’s enough. You’re ok, you’re safe - calm down .” He felt teeth on his neck, nipping his sensitive gland, the command focusing his mind on reality.


It was then that Yuuji realized the noise in his ears was his own voice. He had been whining high and desperate, panting from some lost dream. He focused on his breath, reigning in his distress. 


That’s it Yuuji, calm down. I’m right here. Are you awake? You can go back to sleep if you want, I’ll stay here. It’s ok.” He relaxed again hearing Toge’s promise, settling down as the older omega scented his neck and wrapped an arm around him. 


As hot as his temperature was, the heat of Toge’s body felt nice to him. He was glad he had left the pajama top off, the small skinship he felt from the arm around him pleasing his inner omega. Yuuji mewled, eyes still shut tight, and he felt Toge chuckle behind him. Another voice, above his head, addressed Toge, “You sure he’s ok staying asleep? That seemed like a long episode, Toge-san.” Megumi - Yuuji hummed at the alpha’s voice, instinctually burrowing back into Toge. Why couldn’t he remember how to open his eyes?


Gently laughing, a third voice revealed itself across from Yuuji’s visionless void. This time the pink omega whined longingly, a barely audible alpha tumbling out of his lips. He already knew it was Satoru, had already memorized the laugh, the control always present in his voice. Why couldn’t he open his eyes!


The arm around him tightened, trying to settle him down but he needed to get to the alpha. He heard Satoru click his tongue, “Oh what a sweet omega, so so sweet. Settle down little prince - I’m right here.” A hand brushed his face and Yuuji pressed into the touch. Satoru’s scent washed over him in a protective veil and Yuuji settled. “That’s it, good boy listening to your alpha. So sweet. Go back to sleep little prince” 


Yuuji relaxed, his head filled with cotton from the alpha’s command. He no longer cared about opening eyes, suddenly enjoying the pressing darkness. What the hell was happening to him? He felt the fever on his skin, small cramps keeping him exhausted. But that was it, so why was he so, so, so desperate for his pack?


“He’ll pass out in a few moments, I’d help him but I don’t want to accidentally knock him out for too long,” Satoru’s voice was farther away now, Yuuji clinging to it as he slipped further into nothingness. “It’s good to let him sleep more, his body is already fighting the changes. His omega instincts seem to be controlling his subconscious.” The large hand at his cheek began to card through his hair, peeling the damp locks stuck to his forehead back. The voice was tiny now, Yuuji could barely hear him, “I have a feeling he sensed when we all stepped away. Toge we will probably need to stay around him for the rest of the day. I’ll have-” the darkness took over then. Leaving Yuuji alone and fighting another restless sleep. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

He woke again much later, his eyes opening immediately to afternoon sunlight. He heard murmuring above him but noticed the futon Satoru and Kento had shared was empty, Toge no longer at his side. Yuuji was hot again, the sweat on him much thicker and stickier than earlier. He felt dizzy, his body was dehydrated and he suddenly heaved - turning over onto his forearms as his stomach tried to lose itself. 


Yuuji coughed at the involuntary muscle use, gasping deep breaths as his body tried to fight against him. The coughing only made him heave again, his entire back arching from the pain. He couldn’t catch his breath, loud ringing in his ears growing as blackness crept around his sight. The tunnel vision only made him panic more and he yelled out a sob. His fever crawled to a dangerous high, the position he was in rushing blood into his head and he briefly lost consciousness - his awareness limited to how hot his face felt and the high pitch screaming through his head.


He was instantly both starving and nauseous and his stomach rumbled dangerously. Coughing more, he leaned down onto his forearms and groaned brokenly. Slowly the pitch ebbed to a tiny ring and was replaced by the thumping of his pulse at the back of his skull. Tears wet his eyes as frustration took over him. His body was so confused and it was sending him insane signals. He tried to slow his breath, knowing that hyperventilating would only make things worse. He was able to get three big breathes in before a volatile shudder ran through him and knocked him flat onto his face. At that he cried, loud and uncontrolled, feeling truly and utterly defeated. His skin raged on, as if he could burn through the bedding he was laying on. 


Suddenly, a large hand was placed on the back of neck, gently shaking him, Yuuji was too broken to acknowledge whoever it was. He heard their voice filter through his mind, but it was muffled beyond recognition, hidden behind the loud drumming and his endless sobs. A second hand joined the first and pulled Yuuji up, his back pressed against someone else as he was puppeted into a sitting position. 


Startled, Yuuji found the strength to open his eyes. Satoru’s concerned face hung over him as an arm supported his limp neck. He brought a cold washcloth to Yuuji’s face, wiping away his tears and pressly gently at the glassy skin. “Hey there little prince, it’s ok - you’re ok.” Gojo cooed at the crying boy in his arms. He hated this, he hated his own selfishness for keeping Yuuji here, for asking him to go through something this awful for them. Not the time - he reminded himself that Yuuji had agreed, he was doing this because he was ready to. 


The washcloth was nice, Satoru patting with a rhythm Yuuji could match his breaths to. The pounding in his head was quieting down and he focused on his lips, trying to understand what he was saying. Slowly Yuuji felt his heart rate calm, the panic in him lessening as Gojo’s soothing reassurances met his ears - the alpha’s voice helping him feel safe. 


When Satoru saw the focus come back into Yuuji’s eyes, he readjusted the weak omega so that his head was held up more. “Yuuji, this may feel impossible, but you need to drink water.” Satoru brought a large glass up to his lips, helping support his head as Yuuji gratefully drank. It was mixed with natural vitamins and electrolytes to help stabilize his fevered condition, Yuuji noticing the slightly citrus tang to it. Satoru had to pull away a few times, helping avoid an upset stomach as Yuuji tried desperately to chug.


Once the glass was empty Yuuji frowned, gasping. “More,” he croaked out and grimaced, a weak hand reaching to rub his throat. It was burning, how long had he been coughing? Luckily, Gojo had another glass ready. This time he was able to hold it on his own, Satoru’s hand only hovering to force him to sip on it. Yuuji whined petulantly, feeling a little more like himself as he listened to the alpha talk to him. 


“Yuuji, you did such a good job getting rest, I am so proud of you. All that time sleeping will help you fight this. I know these changes are becoming painful, but we’ll be here to help you,” Satoru rubbed circles into his chest as he praised him. He felt goosebumps appear on his skin, but he kept quiet wanting only to hear what Satoru - what his alpha - was telling him. 


“My poor prince,” Another praise, another rub. 

“You’ve been coughing and fighting for the past hour, I’m sorry if your throat is sore. As soon as a fit would start you would settle yourself down,” now a nuzzle into his head and Yuuji felt safe. 

“So strong, my omega is so strong,” this praise made him feel protected. 

“I’m guessing the fit that just woke you was your body's breaking point.” Satoru’s voice was lower than usual. He was speaking in a controlled lull that mezmorized Yuuji. All he could think about was that voice and the hands on his body. 


Satoru kept talking, knowing that Yuuji was listening despite his silence. Every omega was different, but Gojo sensed that he was particularly sensitive to verbal communication. The way that Yuuji reacted to praise and encouragement was stronger than any of the other reinforcement techniques Satoru had subtly tried over the past week. 


He took the empty glass and set it to the side, “Yuuji do you think you can eat? You may not have an appetite but I’m sure you’re starving. Can you try that for me?” Yuuji gave an imperceptible nod, he’d do anything if it was Gojo asking. The alpha repositioned him in his lap so that he was sitting up, neck resting on his shoulder. Another hand stroked his bare chest, comforting him as he eased upright. A small bowl of soup was brought to his lips and Yuuji tried to drink some of it. The hot liquid was at his lips but as the smell reached him he groaned in protest. 


Quickly, he shoved the bowl away, Gojo's reflexes enough to avoid a mess. Yuuji collapsed over the arm holding him up and wretched. Nothing but air and muscle spasms again, his body protesting the idea of food - clearly trying to keep him purged. He gasped in large breaths and felt Satoru rub his back. The air was painful on his throat and he coughed more.


It was all too much, he had never felt this weak. Never had he been so pliant in another’s arms, in so much pain and exhaustion that he couldn’t hold himself up. Satoru cooed at him as he began shivering. His body was still fevered but the chills crawled across his skin violently. He began to cry again, his mind too overwhelmed to communicate his emotions another way. The arm holding him up pushed him back onto the chest. Yuuji heard his own voice in the distance choke out a pleading “ alphaaa.”


A small growl answered and suddenly he was being turned around, knees tucked between his and Satoru’s chests as his front was pressed onto the man. His hips balanced on one thigh, his feet on the other, strong arms holding him steady as a large hand pressed the back of head into the alpha’s neck. Satoru mimicked the movement, lips on skin, creating a pretty figure 8 as he focused on marking Yuuji. He nipped and rubbed at the omega’s scent, igniting the sensitive gland. He released his own scent, and felt Yuuji respond. The quaking omega calmed, nosing at Satoru’s neck. 


The scent was so strong and dominating, Yuuji felt the room dim. He could swear rain began to fall around him, the imagined whisper impinged his panic, drenching him as the smell of petrichor and earth filled his mind. He felt his breathing calm and he nipped at Satoru, his instincts taking over. The damp smell lulled him away from the pain in his body and his burning fever was replaced with cool mist. Finally able to take a shaky breath Yuuji whispered a thankful “alpha.”


Satoru hummed at him, holding Yuuji preciously against him. He knew this was just his alpha being protective, aware that the body he was holding didn’t belong to his pack. But Gojo couldn’t fight his instincts to treat him like their own, like his own. He was unable to stop himself from marking his neck with little kisses and bite marks - imbuing his own scent so that the omega smelled more like him. Gojo’s own enjoyment took over as he needlessly marked his claim, sucking on the delicate flesh so that it bloomed darkly, hands gripping tighter as he felt Yuuji groan. The young omega’s heart fluttered against him collapsing further into Gojo’s chest - submitting fully.


Yuuji liked this. He had never felt energy like this, this possessiveness he sensed from Satoru. He felt the other’s lips and teeth at his neck and pride swelled in his chest, proud to be the center of his alpha’s attention. Yuuji nosed at the gland wanting, needing more of Gojo to take over his mind. 


He bit down, damp rain stilled as slanted light filtered brightly through the scent. Spring rain was left behind in the radiance of new growth as warm sunlight wafted around Yuuji. It was as if he was in a garden, the smell of dill and sage, bright floral herbs all around him. The change made him feel treasured and precious, reborn to the world and belonging to no one but the alpha. It made him feel like a part of the garden himself, growing and blooming under the protection and care of the scent. 


Gojo gasped and pulled away, keeping close as he pressed a kiss against Yuuji’s ear. He needed to calm himself down - Yuuji required sober protection, the boy in actual danger of dehydration. He concentrated on controlling the amount of pheromones he was releasing, letting Yuuji take in more and more air. Gently, he grabbed Yuuji’s chin and pulled him free from his neck - kissing down the whines of protest. Once Yuuji had settled, Gojo once again brought the bowl of soup to his lips. This time Yuuji drank hungrily, eventually taking the bowl for himself as he finished it off. 


Yuuji smacked his lips in a daze, barely aware of Gojo taking the dish away and wiping at his mouth. Another bowl was handed to him, this time a rice porridge. He held it still as Gojo spoon fed him, careful to let time pass between each bite, allowing his body to accommodate the nutrition. Yuuji sighed and laid his head under Satoru’s chin feeling a little stronger and not so vulnerable. 


His eyelids felt heavy and he heard Gojo coo at him, wiping down his face to encourage him to shut his eyes. Yuuji zoned out, resting his mind but not fully sleeping. Satoru’s scent helping him stay grounded and safe. He wasn’t aware of time passing but could hear conversations around him come and go. A few times water was pressed to his lips again. He drank greedily, but kept his eyes closed, focused on the heartbeat beneath him. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Satoru had fallen asleep holding Yuuji, the two of them pressed against a pile of futons in the middle of the room. The rest of the pack was off preparing dinner - Satoru insisting they carry out their day normally as there was still a hope Yuuji would wake up past all of this, unscathed. 

Suddenly alert, Yuuji made eye contact with Satoru instantly - the alpha startled awake by his sudden movements. They were alone in the dimly lit room. Yuuji had been shifted to a more comfortable position in Gojo’s lap, his chest still facing the alpha as he held onto his neck. 


Something was off, Yuuji felt the change but couldn’t articulate it. It had pulled him awake, ripping away his physical awareness. Maybe the fever had broken, was he clear of an incident? Was it over? Gojo held his face, searching his eyes for an explanation. His expression twisted in alarm, hand gripping Yuuji’s neck protectively. Yuuji was confused - why was Satoru upset? A foreign noise surrounded him, Yuuji slowly realizing it was his own voice panting out in pain. He felt like he was hearing himself from outside his own body, soul floating above him. 


Thick and painful, a prick like hot iron struck at Yuuji’s neck. The searing dagger bagan at his nape and slowly, slowly dragged down his spine. It felt otherworldly, some predator’s claw tearing his flesh away from him. His stomach boiled, the heat of his torso causing him to bend over on himself, and still the scorching pain continued down, down, down until finally he felt himself clench, his own wetness pooling beneath him. 


Yuuji whined, the pain of the dagger gone and replaced by the overwhelming roar of heat emitting from his core. Satoru gently turned him over, placing him on his back and he was panting; panic filling his mind, confused and...and needy . He wanted skin on him, instinctively reaching up, searching, looking for someone to help him. Wanting someone to take the burning, his legs parting submissively. 


Satoru cursed under his breath - so it had arrived. He was happy how long it took, hoping it was a sign that it would be quick. He didn’t want Yuuji to be in pain, no matter how beautiful he found the boy sprawled out beneath him. His face flushed with heat, everything pink and dewy. A sheen of sweat highlighted his toned chest, a deep v dipping below his waistband, powerful legs opening passively, inviting Satoru in. He leaned into his neck and nipped at his sensitive glad, giving the omega the contact he was reaching for. Yuuji arched at the touch, chasing the presence of the alpha. Satoru groaned as the omega submitted to him, such a good boy


Yuuji whimpered, his hands reaching and it wasn’t until Satoru pressed his lips against his that he realized he had been chanting “alpha, alpha, alpha,” over and over in a broken voice. Satoru kissed him slowly, controlling his breathing and forcing him to slow down. The smallest bit of clarity returned to Yuuji’s eyes and Satoru cooed at him. 


“There you are, sweet Yuuji. I’m here, don’t worry,” Satoru pet at his sides. He continued to press soft kisses across his face, reassuring him that he was there - he wouldn’t go away. Yuuji chased the kisses, arousal flooding his system. He wanted more, more of the body above him. He wanted to be smothered by the alpha’s looming form, held in place and taken care of. 


As if sensing his needs, Satoru slotted his leg between Yuuji’s. Yuuji tossed his head back at the contact, moaning loudly. His arms flew up to hold onto Satoru’s shoulders and he began to grind down onto the flexed thigh. He didn’t even realize how hard he had become, slick leaking steadily from him. He panted into Satoru’s neck as the alpha guided his hips, letting him use his leg to get off. 


“That’s it baby boy, take what you want, you’re ok,” Satoru encouraged, breathless from the pleasure on Yuuji’s sweet face. He flexed his thigh each time Yuuji’s pressed down, making the contact hard and tight. Yuuji looked down at Satoru’s words, wanting to see where they connected. His own cock trapped beneath the pretty pajamas, the tip leaking a wet spot into the fabric. Satoru’s leg, muscles tight and strained behind dark slacks, was rubbing incessantly at Yuuji. It was only then that Yuuji realized Satoru was fully clothed. Even in his lust filled haze Yuuji couldn’t ignore the need to touch him, to feel him . He tugged at the hem of Gojo’s shirt, and whined - too weak to pull it off himself.


Gojo chuckled, “Such a needy baby, hmm. You want to feel your alpha?” He couldn’t help teasing him, Yuuji was making him come a little undone himself. Gojo sat up, bruising grip on Yuuji’s hip, stilling him. Yuuji cried petulantly at the lack of stimulation but was silenced when Satoru leaned forward and put two fingers in his mouth. He sucked greedily, sated by the task the alpha had given him. 


Fuck. Such a good boy Yuuji,” Yuuji flushed and moaned at the praise, eyes fluttering back. Satoru used the moment to reach into his pocket. Finding his phone, he sent a quick text signalling Yuuji’s heat had begun. He knew he would want Toge here to help Yuuji and to keep him from getting carried away. This needed to go perfectly, he wanted to cherish the vulnerability Yuuji was sharing with them and ease him through his first experience. 


Sensing his restlessness, Satoru dropped his phone to the side and tore off his shirt. Yuuji arched, reaching for him. He leaned down, large chest caging Yuuji. Yuuji reached up, shaky hands dragging down the alpha’s toned torso, relishing in the hard smoothness of it. Gojo let himself be petted, allowing Yuuji to take his time, taking what he wanted. Yuuji whined in frustration, it wasn’t enough, he needed to be covered in Satoru. Hugging around his back Yuuji pulled the alpha down on him, wanting his chest against his own. Gojo growled at Yuuji’s neediness, his own arousal growing stronger. One hand holding his arms down, he resumed dragging his thigh against Yuuji’s weeping cock. Yuuji sobbed as Gojo took over - controlling his pleasure for him. 


Satoru grabbed Yuuji’s thigh and bent it back. Now fully straddling the other leg, he picked up the pace - grinding his own erection into the omega as much as Yuuji was being pressed into him. 


“Ah..ah, alpha, please,” Yuuji panted as he felt his alpha’s heavy cock against him. 

Gojo gripped Yuuji’s delicate neck, the need to mark him overcoming him. Yuuji submitted willingly, turning his head as Satoru growled forward to lick and suck deep roses into the already splotchy skin. He felt Yuuji’s nails dig into his back, clinging to him as his pelvis pumped a brutal pace.


He looked down at his work, pride swelling at the dark blooms against Yuuji’s soft neck, “Such a good baby Yuuji, so pretty for me. Letting me mark you up.” The omega moaned, Satoru kissing him deeply, licking into his mouth. “So good baby. Listen to those pretty noises.”


Satoru leaned, kissing down Yuuji’s neck and licking at his collarbones, a hand reaching between them to palm at Yuuji’s bulge, rubbing at the sensitive tip. “Alpha, ‘s too much, please please let me,” Yuuji couldn’t think enough to finish the request, his pleas silenced by Satoru kissing him again. 


Yuuji felt tears on his lashes, the stimulation overwhelming, building and building until -  “That’s it baby boy, come for me. Come for your Alpha.”


He felt himself seize; a small, relieved scream escaping him, his bent leg closing onto Satoru as he came into his pants. He felt his cock twitch, trapped between his stomach and Satoru’s leg, his cum shooting out in waves and a thick gush of slick leaving him. Gojo loosened his grip and leaned back, still rocking softly to help Yuuji through the waves of his orgasm. Dropping the leg he held, he brought his hand to card through the pink hair pushing his locks away from his eyes. 


“So beautiful. My little prince,” Satoru praised as he softly wiped the tears on his cheeks and nuzzled against his nose. Yuuji’s breaths calmed as gentle kisses were pressed to his swollen lips. Yuuji kissed him back tenderly, body still vibrating as the fever in his stomach fell back into a small hum. 


“Hmm so messy baby, did you come that much just from my leg Yuuji?” Satoru whispered into his mouth, kissing down the whine that rose in Yuuj’s throat. They kissed lazily, still pressed together, until Satoru felt the omega shudder, overstimulated, and he peeled himself off. 


He laid back against the pile of futons and pulled Yuuji into his lap. Tilting his face up, Gojo left wet kisses across his cheek bones, scenting him sweetly. Satoru knew that the break between fevers wouldn’t last long, and needed to use the limited time with Yuuji’s clear mind to check in on him, “Yuuji, how do you feel?”


Satoru lightly brushed the matted pink locks off his forehead. “Feel good, not so hot now,” Yuuji said in a soft voice. He blinked up at Satoru, his face deeply flushed, amber eyes bright and glassy. Yuuji reached, brushing away the violet hair and traced a finger down his jaw line, gently thumbing Satoru’s bottom lip. Letting his arm drop back down he asked, “Guess I’m in heat after all, huh?”


“Looks that way,” Satoru grinned reassuringly. “How was that first spell, you ok?”

Yuuji flushed, suddenly aware of how his pants were sticking to him. Not trusting his voice he nodded and tucked his face into Satoru’s neck. 


The alpha laughed deeply, tugging at Yuuji’s chin so he would come out of hiding. “Now, now Yuuji, this is not the time to be embarrassed. Let me take care of you hm?” Yuuji still not meeting his eyes, Satoru decided to challenge him, “Let your alpha take care of you Yuuji.”

At that the omega looked at him, his eyes glazing slightly as he bared his neck. Satoru placed a kiss at the juncture, rewarding him for such a pretty display.  “Let me hear you baby”


Yuuji nodded again, “I liked it a lot..I…” he decided to be bold, no matter how weak his voice felt, “I liked you taking care of me, liked how I felt under you. I liked…I liked being good …for you.” Yuuji bloomed, a fresh flush spreading across his features. 


Oh. It took all of Satoru’s will power to ignore the shiver running down his back. “You are good for me Yuuji,” a kiss on the forehead, “The best,” a kiss between his eyes, “Such a good boy.” A kiss on the lips. Yuuji closed his eyes, letting him take over. There was nothing rushed or demanding about the kiss, Satoru taking his time tasting him. The gentle rhythm lulling Yuuji into a trance as he opened willingly, Satoru licking into his mouth, mapping out the omega.


There was a small sound at the door, Toge peeking his head through. He blushed at the scene in front of him, coughing a bit as he offered a soft, “Tuna?” Satoru didn’t stop right away, a hunger growing in him as he learned every corner of Yuuji’s mouth. With a sigh, he pulled away kissing him one final time sweetly on the lips. 


“Come in Toge-kun, I’m sure our sweet Yuuji will be happy to see you.” Unaware that someone had arrived, Yuuji sat up and tucked himself back under Gojo’s chin. Yuuji felt the man chuckle above him, “Yuuji, there’s no need to hide. Your Togie is here to help you baby.”


Yuuji peeked out as Toge padded over, carrying a small basket. He was wearing a large t-shirt, twice his size, and wide leg cropped sweats. Over both was an open yukata, all three pieces the same shade of pale purple. Instead of his zip away collar he had tied a matching silk scarf under his eyes. 


Yuuji was struck by how pretty he looked, the light shade of lilac matching his slightly darker eyes, the whole ensemble making his soft features that much more delicate. As Toge sat down, Yuuji reached towards him, still holding onto Satoru but wanting to greet the older omega. Toge leaned into his reach, allowing Yuuji to scent him. In all the vulnerability, Yuuji let down his walls. He pulled the scarf down around Toge’s neck and kissed him warmly on the mouth, whimpering at his own  neediness.


Toge smiled into the kiss, surprised at the openness Yuuji was clearly experiencing. He nipped playfully, tracing his top lip with his tongue, sucking and licking until Yuuji was gasping underneath him. Yuuji felt Satoru’s hands run down his chest and card through his hair, his lips kissing his neck as he nipped at Yuuji’s scent. Toge reached up, holding his face firmly as he took control, holding Yuuji how he wanted him as he kissed into his mouth. Yuuji now panting underneath the two men, they were so thoroughly caring for him. He felt the buzzing in his core bloom, slowly and slowly becoming more intense as he was kissed, licked, and sucked at. 


Sensing his arousal, Toge pulled away and reached for the basket he brought. Yuuji whined, attempting to chase after him but was stopped by Satoru’s strong arms. “There, there baby boy. Your Togie is staying right here, don’t worry,” Satoru reassured softly, still kissing the side of Yuuji’s neck. 


Toge had pulled a series of small bottles and soft clothes from the basket. Together they repositioned Yuuji so that he was laying down with his head in Satoru’s lap, Toge hovering in between his legs. “ Yuuji, let me clean you up baby,” Toge said it like a question, letting Yuuji have control as he rubbed soothing circles into his thighs. Receiving a soft nod from the flushed omega, Toge began to remove Yuuji’s pants. 


Embarrassed by the exposure, Yuuji hid his face into Satoru’s waist, reaching to find his hand. Satoru complied, threading his fingers through Yuuji’s as he cooed down at him. “Yuuji, you’re so beautiful, don’t be shy.” Heat pooled in his gut and he felt his slick begin to drip again, whimpering softly. 


So, so beautiful Yuuji, look at these strong legs,” Toge had taken one of the damp cloths and was wiping down his inner thighs. Yuuji mewled at the praise, the touch on his sensitive skin making him shiver. Toge moved up, wiping around his stomach, “ And this gorgeous tummy,” Yuuji felt his dick twitch and he whined. “ What’s wrong Yuuji?” Toge asked, abandoning his task to lean down and kiss Yuuji’s pelvis. 


Yuuji gasped, hips jerking up at the sudden sensation. The teasing began to make him pant, arousal building higher. “Pleasee,” he was whining, could hear it in his voice. He didn’t care, every second his heat was burning more, his mind clouding. 


“Please what Yuuji? Tell your omega what you need Satoru demanding as Toge switched to the other side, kissing around Yuuji’s hips and thighs. 


“Please, Togie, please touch me,” Yuuji bit it out, so unsure of how to ask for what he wanted. The crude request making him blush despite the slick that leaked from him. 


Toge hummed and, still kissing, brought the soft cloth to Yuuji’s hardening cock. He wiped it down, removing the earlier mess and felt Yuuji buck. “Here Yuuji? Want me to touch you here?” Toge asked, letting Yuuji fuck into the cloth. 


“Yes!” Yuuji closed his eyes, finally getting the friction he wanted. He squeezed Satoru’s hands moaning at the feeling. “More Togie, please please want more.”


So good baby, asking so nicely,” Toge praised. He removed the cloth and replaced it with his own hand. He stroked Yuuji leisurely, testing the tightness until he found what he liked. Setting a steady rhythm, he began to pump Yuuji’s cock, twisting slightly as he pulled up to the tip, rubbing his thumb across the head. 


Toge’s mouth began to water - Yuuji was beautiful. His whole body flushed from the fever, chest heaving as little moans began spilling from his mouth. His neck was marked and splotchy, the evidence of Toge’s mate on him only making him more aroused. 


Fuck ” Unable to wait any longer, he leaned down to lick Yuuji’s length. He was much bigger than most omegas, long and deliciously curved. Yuuji gasped, the hot tongue running from his balls to tip unexpectedly.  


“What’s wrong, baby boy?” Satoru asked, mockingly. He ran a hand through his hair, reassuring him he could handle it. Toge’s mouth sucked on the tip of Yuuji’s cock, his tongue pressing into the slit, hand still holding firmly at the base. Yuuji arched, moaning, his hand reaching to fist into the pale hair, holding Toge between his legs. Pushing a single digit into Yuuji, Toge sank the rest of the way down on Yuuji’s cock, mouth wet and hot, moaning as his lips met his hand. 


Yuuji sobbed as Toge began pushing in and out of him, sucking on the length of his cock. Satoru’s hand was still in his hair, comforting him as the intrusion overwhelmed him. “That’s it Togie, give our little prince what he needs.” 


Humming at the praise from his alpha, Toge added a second finger, curling both slightly. Yuuji bucked, Toge rubbing at his prostate as he hollowed his cheeks, sucking deeply on Yuuj’s cock. 

Toge pulled his mouth up, kissing and sucking on only the sensitive head, he looked up to watch Yuuji’s fucked out expression. Yuuji’s eyes were blown wide, drool falling from his mouth as he stared down at Toge. 


“Ah - Togie ‘s too much mmm,” Yuuji was all but writhing, the pressure coiling so deliciously tightly in his core. Toge began scissoring Yuuji, spreading him open as more and more slick pooled from him. He needed to taste him, the smell of Yuuji’s sweet arousal too much for him to ignore. 


Alpha, please let me taste him ,” Toge looked up at Satoru. Yuuji choked, realizing that it was Satoru in control this whole time, he groaned at the idea of his alpha pleasing him through his own mate. Controlling how Yuuji was getting off without more than a hand in his hair. 


Satoru noticed Yuuji’s reaction, sensing the shiver that ran through him as he looked up - those sweet ambery eyes glazed over. “Oh. You like that little prince? Like that your alpha is letting his sweet omega touch you?” Satoru’s tone lilting - another shiver down Yuuji’s spine. “Go ahead Toge-kun, let him feel you.” Yuuji moaned, he had never felt so completely owned.


Toge removed his fingers, using both hands to spread his cheeks wider, he admired how wet and puffy the skin was. He leaned down and licked a fat strip across Yuuji’s hole, tongue swirling around the rim. Yuuji bucked again, as Toge continued to lap and suck, seeking out every drip that Yuuji had to offer. Yuuji’s hand still gripping Toge’s hair, he pulled him closer, wanting more. Yuuji looked down at himself, his cock red and ignored on his stomach, pathetically leaking a pool of precum, Toge’s head bobbing between his legs - the scene was too much. He tossed his head back, eyes closing.


Yuuji groaned, the hand linked with Satoru squeezing as Toge inserted his tongue, fucking Yuuji open with the muscle. He had never been touched like this, so overwhelmed, his senses strung out and heightened. He was panting, fucking himself back down onto Toge. His high fast approaching, it’s coil getting tighter and tighter. Brokenly he started chanting, “More, please, more - AH, Toge!”


He felt Toge add a finger in alongside his tongue, fucking into his tight heat with both. The combination of Toge’s long finger and warm tongue finally wrecking the last bit of Yuuji’s composure. Yuuji held Toge’s head down as his hips attempted to chase his high. Moaning at Yuuji’s force, Toge curled his finger, hitting the sensitive spot inside him. Yuuji shouted, Gojo’s grip in his hair holding him down, “Come baby, come for Togie, let him taste you baby boy.” 


Hand still holding Toge’s hair, Yuuji gave a final buck, his thighs squeezing onto Toge’s head. His cock sputtered onto his stomach as Yuuji shuddered bodily. Satoru held his hand, grounding him, and pulled at his hair gently, “That’s it Yuuji, so good for us, the best.” 


Yuuji whined, feeling a warm head rush as his orgasm racked through him, his cock pulsing as each wave of cum left him. Toge was moaning, still lapping at Yuuji’s slick - unsatisfied with letting it go to waste. It wasn’t until he felt Yuuji push him away, the sensitivity too much, that pulled off him, leaving one last kiss at his puffy entrance.


Toge leaned over Yuuji, a hand wiping at his slick covered mouth, and kissed him gently. “ Sweet Yuuji, you taste so good, love making you feel good,”  Toge projected his speech as Yuuji licked into his mouth, fascinated as he tasted himself on Toge’s tongue. The burning had lessened once again, Yuuji feeling satisfied and tended to. 


He felt so lucky to be taken care of so diligently. The men adoring him weren’t even his mates, he couldn’t fathom how he’d get through this with anyone else by his side. He felt treasured and protected, knowing they would do anything if he asked. He knew his emotions were all over the place but he couldn’t help the tears from falling, still kissing Toge. 


Toge pulled away when he heard the sniff, eyes closed he hadn’t sensed the tears falling. He looked at Satoru with concern, “ Yuuji, honey, what is it? Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Toge tried to stay calm but his own omega was cursing at himself for making Yuuji upset. The heat pheromones and his own haze making him more sensitive than normal.


Yuuji couldn’t get the words out to tell him it was the exact opposite, his mind still clouded from the pleasure he had experienced and the love he was feeling. Satoru scooped him up, bringing him back to sit in his lap. 


“Yuuji, what’s wrong, please talk to us,” Satoru begged softly. He wiped at the tears and kissed across his cheeks. Toge scented at Yuuji’s neck softly, as he reached for his alpha’s free hand in search of comfort for himself. 


“ ‘M not upset, “ Yuuji gasped big breaths, trying to calm himself, “ ‘m so happy, feel so loved. Never -” A shudder ran through him as the crying subdued, Yuuji beginning to control his voice again. “Never felt so happy and protected. Not upset m’ just happy.” He finished in a small voice, leaning into Toge at his neck. 


Satoru smiled at him, something dangerously sweet blooming in his chest. He felt wetness in his own eyes, the relief of Yuuji’s safety causing him to feel overwhelmed with love for the two omegas in his lap. He kissed Yuuji something ferocious - dominating his mouth as he tried to share all of his emotions through his licks and bites, pressing his tongue into Yuuji. He pulled away breathless, giving Yuuji one more soft kiss. 


Yuuji looked up at him adoringly, the past few hours had left him with a glow. Toge reached to kiss him as well, relief and happiness making him giggle into Yuuji’s mouth. “ Yuuji-kun you scared us. Our sweet baby.”  Yuuji giggled back, the teasing making him feel tickled and light. 


Toge pulled away to kiss at Satoru, the two of them embracing each other above Yuuji. They kissed and held on to one another with a familiarity Yuuji craved - Satoru kissing Toge deeply, the omega holding the back of his head as Satoru licked into his mouth. When they parted, Satoru looked at Yuuji with hooded eyes. “Wow Yuuji, you do taste sweet, little prince .” He winked down at the wide eyed omega, Yuuji blushing deeply as he realized Gojo tasted himself in Toge’s mouth. 


Toge giggled and smacked Statoru playfully. “ Ok Yuuji, how about we clean you up and get you something to eat?”  Yuuji hummed contentedly, a yawn escaping him as he leaned back against Satoru. Toge carefully wiped down Yuuji, making sure to be extra gentle around his sensitive bits. Yuuji closed his eyes, letting himself relax at the pampering. He felt Satoru nuzzle into him, kissing at the marks he left earlier. 


“Yuuji we are going to rub some oils on you. Nothing too intense, but these will help your muscles relax and calm your senses. It’s one of Toge’s favorite treatments when he’s in his heats.” 


That piqued Yuuji’s interest. He sat up to watch as Toge grabbed one of the bottles from earlier. As he emptied a small amount onto his hands Yuuji reached for him, wanting to smell the contents. Toge giggled and complied, letting Yuuji sniff the bottle before placing it to the side. He rubbed his hands together, warming the oil, and then set to work gently rubbing into Yuuji’s thighs and hips. It felt better than expected, Toge rubbing out small tensions and the oils soothing his sore muscles. 


Toge grabbed another bottle, Yuuji again reaching for it, making Toge laugh out loud “ Yuuji you are like a cat in the kitchen, what are you sniffing for baby?” He asked, this time he rubbed the oils against Yuujis chest, applying it  into his neck and chin. The oils were scented softly and made Yuuji feel peaceful and sleepy. The marks on his neck felt less bruised, their burning ebbing away. 


“Just want to know.” Yuuji half explained, another yawn taking over him. Satoru smiled, happy that the omega was settling down. It seemed like his heat would break by tomorrow afternoon after all. Toge chucked again, not wanting to press him too much. He leaned back to admire his work, happy with the effect it was having on Yuuji. They still needed him to eat, his body needing the nutrition.

Satoru helped him stand, holding the majority of his weight, as Toge dressed him in a yukata, much like the one he was wearing himself. Instead of light purple, this one was a pale shade of red, not quite pink, and was covered in subtle print. Yuuji felt pretty, the soft fabric comfortable against his skin. He kissed Toge in gratitude, too sleepy to use his words. 


Toge ruffled his hair and went to set up new futons for them to rest on. This time the arrangement was one large mat, Satoru depositing Yuuji in the middle before changing his own clothes. He joined Toge, helping him pull out various containers from the basket. Together, they spoon fed Yuuji porridge and bits of meat, taking bites in between for themselves. They made sure he drank lots of water, letting him stop eating when he’d had enough. Yuuji laid between them, listening as Toge and Satoru talked softly around him, finishing their own meal. 


Yuuji felt himself drift closer and closer to sleep, Toge eventually cuddling up to his back. He heard Satoru moving around, probably cleaning up the space as Toge pet his sides and kissed the back of his neck. Just as he was dozing off, he felt Satoru lay in front of him, pulling him into his chest. Yuuji hooked his arm around him, burrowing into his neck instinctively. Toge snuggled tightly, kissing Satoru above his head, cocooning Yuuji between them.  

Warm and safe, Yuuji welcomed the peaceful sleep while he could. 


 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Chapter Text

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Even in his dreams Satoru could sense it - the unnatural heat radiating from the body he was holding. He pulled Yuuji tighter, instinct wanting to comfort as he remained half asleep. He felt Yuuji mewl at the embrace when suddenly -

“OW, fuck.” Satoru’s eyes flung open as he tried to suffocate his reflex to shove Yuuji away. Yuuji held tight, mouth firmly sealed on Satoru’s neck. The bite was exceptionally hard, way deeper than his normal tentative nips and yet, he remained blissfully asleep. “Shit, Yuujiiii let go.” 


Satoru heard a small laugh, and noticed a set of glinting violet eyes staring up at him past Yuuji’s shoulder. “Toge-kun, you awake?” Instead of answering, the smaller omega stretched and yawned, reaching a hand through Satoru’s hair. “I’m sorry, was it my yell?”

“Bonito Flakes,” His hand left Satoru to card through Yuuji’s head. 

I’ve been awake for a few minutes. Yuuji’s getting too hot. It’s a shame, he almost made it through the night.”  

Satoru frowned, he had no idea what time it was but could tell it was before dawn. He was grateful they had left the doors open, the cool morning air breezing through offering some relief. He had wanted Yuuji to sleep as much as possible, both to avoid physically being strained and to lessen the emotional toll that came post-heat. Everyone was different, but most omegas who went through heat with a partner enjoyed some intense attachment afterwards. He didn’t know how Yuuji’s personality would react as he settled amongst his pack, how he would handle being unmated around such a large group of mates. 


Toge, always astute to Satoru’s mood shifts, guessed what was going on behind his far away look. “Satoru, he’s going to be ok. He’s already proven he’s stronger than most humans, even some of our sorcerers. I think we should have faith in his emotional resilience too. He trusted us and let us take him in. It’ll be ok.”

“Thank you Togie, my onigiri.” 

Satoru smiled and nuzzled down into Yuuji’s pink fluff, the omega had released his vise with Toge’s encouragement and was now panting tiny breaths, squirming slightly. The heat must be catching up to his dreams, he’ll probably wake up soon. 

Toge smiled, “ Of course Toru. Should we uh...wake him up. Help him before the fever gets worse?” In a rare expression of cheap flirtation, Toge attempted to wiggle his eyebrows. At that, Satoru's control vanished. He laughed heartily, his whole body vibrating. It really wasn’t that funny; but he was exhausted, emotionally strung out, and god could Toge be adorable. The laughter between the two of them grew, their delirium making it difficult to settle down again. 


A bleary eyed omega blinked up at them very confused. “Um...was I doing something in my sleep?” Yuuji whispered up at them. 

Giggles subsiding, Satoru let out a long sigh and leaned down to kiss Yuuji. It was a tender moment but he couldn’t help himself as he pulled away, and nipped hard at Yuuji’s bottom lip. 


“Mnnngh what is with this morning greeting?” 


That is for chomping down on me in your sleep,” accused Gojo, leaning so Yuuji could see the damage he’d done. He was pretty sure his skin was torn, the bite was much too deep to just bruise. Yuuji blushed, looking more guilty than Satoru thought was necessary - he’d received ( and given ) way worse himself. He cocked an eyebrow down at Yuuji, teasingly waiting for a response. 


‘I did that? No way. Hmm... Although… in my dream I did…wait. nope, nevermind” Yuuji trailed off, sneaking under the covers a bit more. 


“Ah ah - out with it little prince.”


“Mmmmm. No, too embarrassing,” whispered from beneath the covers. Satoru looked to Toge, completely amused by Yuuji’s behavior. He certainly seemed in better condition than yesterday, at least he wasn’t waking up ill and in pain.


“Ah come on Yuuji-kun, you know we won’t judge youuu,” Gojo grabbed and teased the covered bundle. “Let me guess, it was a sex dream?” 


“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh,” one eye peeked back at him, “Maybe.” 


“Salmon, salmon!” Toge now joining in and enjoying the teasing. He reached to tear the blanket down more, clearly wanting more details. 


“Ugh, fine. Please don’t cringe at me, I don’t remember everything, just that I was with everyone here. I was sitting with you Satoru when I started to  feel hot again, like now I guess. Wait actually - Damn, shit shit SHIT,” Story forgotten - Yuuji tore at the covers, trying to escape the cave between the two men. Sweat was shining on his chest, loosely tied yukata sticking to him. Satoru sat up with him, rubbing his back soothingly. Toge reached over for a new bottle of water and Yuuji chugged it gratefully. He pulled the empty bottle away from his mouth with a gasp and a small moan, hunching over himself as he felt the arousal in his core light up. 


“Ahhhhh, Statoruu.”  He bit out, grabbing onto the alpha for support. Satoru leaned into him, expecting to nuzzle and comfort but Yuuji had other intentions. He grabbed Satoru's chin and crashed into his mouth, kissing and whining needy against the other man. Yuuji shuddered bodily at the contact, letting Satoru take over the kiss when he began to nip and lick, wanting entry into his mouth. 


Satoru’s initial shock at Yuuji’s forwardness faded as his own arousal began to cloud his mind. They had probably been surrounded by Yuuji’s heat pheromones a little too long, he felt less in control today. Yuuji basically demanded his kiss, and the assertion knocked away any part of him that could be gentle. He greedily bit and licked into Yuuji, pressing the boy back down into the bedding, pinning him back to submission. 


He consumed every moan and whine that tried to escape Yuuji, slotting him beneath himself. It wasn’t until a small hand grabbed the nape of his neck that he realized Inumaki had been calling out to him. He pulled away from Yuuji panting, finally allowing the pink omega to catch his breath, a string connecting between their lips as Satoru looked up to Toge. 


The older omega smiled softly at him, holding out his wrist for Satoru. Slow breaths left Satoru’s eyes clearer and clearer, his blown pupils pulsing. He laughed under his breath and kissed Toge’s wrist in gratitude. “Yujji….what was your dream about?”


Yuuji whined, petulant and unsatisfied. His head felt better today but he still couldn’t ignore the heat controlling his body and whims. Satoru’s ministrations only left him painfully turned on and the last thing he wanted to do was discuss his very embarrassing, very heat-riddle dream. “Satoruuu, please.”


Satoru huffed out a small laugh and nuzzled against his nose. “Uh huh. Out with it, let’s hear this fantasy that has you acting out even in heat.” Yuuji let out a frustrated groan and decided to focus on Toge. He reached out from underneath Satoru to grab Toge’s arm and brought it to his lips. Kissing at the small wrist where Satoru had left off, he slowly made his way up his arm. 


Toge couldn’t help but laugh in between small gasps, the sensitive flesh tickling from Yuuji’s soft presses. He was also being affected by Yuuij’s strange presence this morning, the fog of heat mingling with Yuuji’s weird dominating energy. Yuuji was clearly submitting, but something about it was still forceful - there was a power and desperation behind it that wasn’t there yesterday. 


“Mustard leaf!” exasperated and now dizzy, Toge pulled away. Yuuji visibly complained, his body huffing back to the mat, seeking out contact as he remained trapped beneath Satoru. 


“Out with it little omega, don’t make me ask again,” Satoru grabbed lightly at Yuuji’s neck, forcing him to focus on his face. It was brief, but Satoru could swear Yuuji’s eyes flashed red - barely even a millisecond of time. Maybe it was just the dim light. 


“It was just that! It was a sex dream about my heat,” Yuuji wasn’t making eye contact, unconsciously whimpering at the back of his throat.


“Hmmmm?” Satoru cocked his head to the side. A small light bulb went off in his head - Yuuji was probably at his weakest yesterday, the exhaustion he experienced as he fell asleep leaving him vulnerable. It’s why Toge and Satoru were so adamant about staying with him no matter what, to make sure he was protected from others interfering or from hurting himself. But Satoru failed to consider that there was someone else already here, someone who would be able to tease and antagonize Yuuji from the inside, especially if he was mentally wounded. “Yuuji, did Sakuna talk to you in your sleep?”


A sigh, and then Yuuji nodded, his eyes closing and nose wrinkling in shame. He hated feeling this weak, ashamed of the way Sakuna directed his dream, of how he liked it. It wasn’t the first time the curse had popped into his head, his condescending voice adding unnecessary commentary. But it was the first time he had encouraged Yuuji to act a certain way, to suggest such...dirty things to him, and for Yuuji to follow along and enjoy it. 

Thank god it was a dream , Yuuji’s blush darkened across his cheeks at the thought of the contrary.


“Hey it’s ok, can you tell me what he said? Do you remember?”


“It’s not that he said anything, he just kind of...suggested things to me. About you...about your pack. He fed into my heat, I had never had such a visual dream,” Yuuji was flushed down to his chest at this point. The humility of sharing his passionate thoughts out loud winning against his fever. “In the was me begging to be mated, and you...well you letting me.”


Satoru drew in a gasp - so that’s why Yuuji had bitten so hard. Just for a moment, another millisecond of time, Satoru watched the red flash just once more - and then Yuuji was panting. 


A wave of fever had engulfed him, pulling him fully under its desperation. Because of all the rest and experience he received yesterday, Yuuji was more attune to what was happening in his body, at least that was the reason he figured. He was able to listen to the buzzing energy swirling inside him and decipher what it was saying to him. 


Instead of just a cloud of intense pheromones and desperation, Yuuji was aware of each part of himself separately. His chest vibrated inside, heat radiating through small pulses with each increasing heart beat. Troughs of energy pushed the heat further through his body, extending to each limb. As the peaks of the pulses crashed through his arms and legs, he let himself submit - consciously he relaxed his neck, posing beneath Satoru, casting his eyes down prettily. He let his legs open, wreathing the alpha in his lap. 


Yuuji’s purposeful behavior shocked Toge. He was amazed that the younger omega was so in control of his instincts, he had no idea that he was even aware of the cursed energy inside him. Was this a testament to his intuition and strength, or was it a result of Sakuna’s soul influencing him? Either way, Toge knew that this - this perfect display of submission, would be a weak point in Satoru’s control. He slipped himself under Yuuji so that his arm was cradling his head, both wanting to support the younger omega and preparing to interfere if Satoru forgot his place. 


Yuuji mewled at Toge’s contact, foreheads resting against each other. Another pulse of heat ebbed like thick honey, licking and coating it’s way through Yuuji’s core. His soft features glowed, dewy with sweat, his chest flushed with fever. Yuuji felt his arousal arrive fully; his scent heavy and laced with passion and need, his slick dripping, tickling his thighs - but he remained still; focused completely on the emotion at his core. He couldn’t manage more than a whisper as he begged “alpha, please - please .”


Satoru felt his eyelids drop, his expression hooded with the possession and control shaking through him as Yuuji’s scent hugged his mind. He was keenly aware of what Yuuji had just done with his body, an impressive technique mixing cursed energy flow with his arousal. The display was working, Satoru felt himself losing focus. He began to slip away from the careful practices he implemented yesterday, the need - the want - to claim Yuuji dominating his train of thought. 


He growled, the hand still on Yuuji’s exposed neck tightening ever so slightly as he captured Yuuji in a heated and messy kiss. Yuuji gagged at the sudden ascendance. Satoru released him and looked down Yuuji’s body, eating him up with his stare. 


“Fuck baby, so pretty,” Yuuji’s cock was fully erect, pink and achingly hard, precum oozing from the tip as he helplessly humped the air, desperate for relief. Satoru’s voice was broken and gruff, but no louder than Yuuji’s whisper, “Yuuji, you brat. Are you rushing me? I thought you wanted to be a good boy.” Yuuji sobbed, bucking his hips up once more. 


Gojo licked into his mouth, letting his hips roll down against Yuuji’s until he had Yuuji moaning into him. There was a small part of his mind that flashed with fear, the domination in Satoru’s tone overwhelming him. Yuuji sobbed when Gojo pulled back to better angle his hips, letting his own hard cock rub across Yuuji’s, “Alpha please, please fuck me - need it, want it it please.”


Satoru growled at Yuuji’s begging, the alpha latching onto Yuuji’s neck, assaulting the spotted skin once more as he began to suck and nip his way down to his collarbones. 


Toge released his own scent, wanting to calm the fog that had taken over the alpha. Yuuji wasn’t making this easy for either of them, he was presenting and begging so beautifully it was a wonder Satoru was still taking it slow. 


Satoru sighed at the contact of his omega’s scent, his mind clear enough to know that he needed to help Yuuji, not himself. But he still couldn’t shake the message on repeat, the chant taking over any other thought - 


take, take, take, take” 


Reaching between their bodies, Satoru wrapped his long fingers around Yuuji’s cock, pumping slowly. Yuuji whined, bracing against the two bodies holding him.


“What is it Yuuji? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Satoru’s voice was lilting, his grasp too gentle to be satisfying.  Yuuji felt desperate, the control that surged through him earlier slipping, true heat beginning to muddle his mind. All he wanted was Satoru’s hand on him, to be filled and taken care of - shamelessness be damned. 


Pleaseeee, please please alpha, more please.” Satoru hummed with approval, his strokes  becoming firmer and quicker, hand slick with precum. His other hand smoothed over Yuuji’s hip, rubbing at his thigh, dipping further as he lightly grazed Yuuji’s balls. He rubbed his finger in slick, coating it before circling and pressing against Yuuji’s puckering hole. Yuuji gasped, spreading his legs more, and began to openly pant, Toge pressing kisses across his face. 


“Mmm, there’s our good boy, opening your legs for your alpha,” Satoru’s smirk almost menacing. He leaned over Yuuji, pressing a soft kiss against his lips while he pushed his finger inside of him. There was hardly any resistance, and Satoru pressed in all the way to his knuckle, prodding along Yuuji’s walls. When Yuuji’s mewling bit into a sharp gasp, Satoru knew he’d found his prostate.


He rubbed against the spongy tissue, hand still firmly stroking his pink cock, and hummed in approval as Yuuji’s body convulsed, back arching off the bedding. It was quick, Yuuji coming all over himself, breathing hard desperate little pants. 


It was a small relief though, his heat so intense that his cock is barely deflated before he felt himself getting hard again.


Unphased, Satoru licked a strip up Yuuji’s cock, mouth sucking on the head. 

Yuuji shrieked at the unexpected attention, hands scrambling for purchase and finding Toge.


“Fuck — ah,” Yuuji whined at the over stimulation. He felt so good, being fucked through to his second orgasm. He moaned as Satoru fondled his balls, looking up at Yuuji with a mouthful of cock, somehow still smirking. He added another digit to Yuuji, his fingers matching the pace of his mouth. 


Toge groaned above Yuuji, watching the younger omega writhing and panting at the double stimulation. Yuuji’s eyes are shut, tears stuck to his lashes. That won’t do. 


Look Yuuji, look at your alpha take care of you.” Toge lifted Yuuji’s head, supporting him from behind. He rubbed his hand up and down his chest, dragging the cum on his belly across his navel, nuzzling into his neck and ear. “ Watch baby, don’t you want to? Your strong alpha is on his knees for you.”


Yuuji groaned, peeling his eyes open as he panted down at Satoru. It was a vision, the taller man lying beneath him, his pale hair stuck to his forehead, sweat dripping down his neck. Yuuji watched his strong back ripple under his ministrations, holding Yuuji up over his shoulders as his mouth and hands worked on him. He was scissoring his fingers into Yuuji, working him open. 


When Satoru noticed that Yuuji was watching him, his smirk reappeared. He sank down completely, holding Yuuji at the back of his throat. Those vivid pools of cerulean glowing as he held eye contact, Satoru curled his long fingers, pressing relentlessly into the sensitive tissue. “Ah, ah - fuck  fuck, alpha can’t - ‘stoo much” Yuuji’s hips were trapped between both assaults, Satoru now swallowing around Yuuji. But it was his piercing, laughing blue eyes that sent him plummeting towards the edge. He felt so completely debauched, Satoru may be tending to him but it was Yuuji who was owned, held in his place. His omega preened, the heat at his core reaching a new pitch as he climbed higher and higher to his peek’s edge.


Come on baby boy,”  Toge encouraged, biting down onto his neck - it was enough, and Yuuji clenched around Satoru, his cum hitting the back of his throat. Satoru moaned, drinking all of Yuuji, happily licking around his pulsing cock as he cleaned up what he missed. He continued to shallowly fuck his fingers, Yuuji groaning as his orgasm racked through him. 

Yuuji felt his eyesight dim, the pleasure escalating to the point beyond him. 

Satoru doesn’t pull away until Yuuji’s shuddering; arms tiredly pushing at the top of his head. 


Satoru knew Yuuji’s heat had subsided, his own mind suddenly released from the vice of pheromones. He kissed Yuuji's thighs tenderly, rubbing soothing circles as the panting omega climbed down from his high. He stroked down his sides and he leaned over Yuuji’s flushed face. He kissed him sweetly, staring into his glassy amber eyes, “So good Yuuji, so good for us baby boy.” 


Yuuji hummed at the endearment, heart fluttering as Inumaki and Gojo kissed and rubbed at his aching body. He was glad it was over, the energy that had been buzzing at an extreme level was now ebbing to a quiet murmur.

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Yuuji felt himself slipping in and out of awareness. It wasn’t sleep that was pulling him under, it was more like reality was pulling him out. His senses felt muffled in a thick glaze, but a sharp alertness kept vibrating through him. He knew Satoru was talking to him, felt his hands on him; still Yuuji remained unhearing, staring into nothing. His vision pulsed between blurs, strangely focused on the small pixies of dust floating down in the morning light. The halo of illuminating fibers cascading down around his bliss, he imagined them kissing across his sprawled form as they fell, making him smile. He felt good , his heart lighter than it had been in a while.


Eventually Satoru scooped him up, strong arms lifting beneath his knees and neck. Yuuji laid his head against the alpha’s chest as he was carried into the large bathroom. Satoru continued speaking soft affirmations into Yuuji’s hair, comforting the omega as he zoned out. Yuuji kept his eyes on Satoru’s chin, not wanting to reenter talking space just yet, but enjoying the reverb of Satoru’s gravelly voice through his chest.


When they reached the shower heads, Satoru leaned into Yuuji’s neck, scenting him and ruffling his hair, a gentle attempt to gain his attention. Yuuji took a deep breath and shook himself awake. Satoru huffed a small laugh as he sat Yuuji, who was yawning prettily, down onto one of the stools and knelt beside him.


“That’s our little prince of curses, welcome back,” He kissed him, a hand sliding up and down his side. He pulled away, looking into Yuuji’s eyes to assess how he was mentally. “Hey Yuuji, what ya thinking baby boy?”


“That was...well...unexpected,” Yuuji was smiling, his skin was flushed and bright but he looked content. He was shocked at himself, the feelings that had washed over him so much different than yesterday. He felt power in himself, it was uncontrolled and raw and so foreign. “Was that... normal? Or was that Sakuna?”


“Yuuji do you realize that you controlled your cursed energy? I’m not sure how much Sakuna was influencing your mind and behavior but yeah - that was very unexpected. Are you alright now?”


“Yeah I’m good, just sleepy now,” Yuuji felt exhaustion behind his eyes, his will to continue discussing draining out of him quicker than expected. There was a new crispness to the air that Yuuji hadn’t noticed before, a freshness he found relaxing. He felt more present, his surroundings radiating around him. 

His drowsy grin grew more as he nuzzled into Satoru’s nose. Satoru smiled at him, he could sense the change in Yuuji too. His heat had ebbed away at this point, leaving behind a balanced omega. He knew that Yuuji would probably return to a mild suppressant if he chose to mate with them, but his natural energy would be healthy for Yuuji to experience. It would be a curious time for Yuuji settling in here, especially if they’d just unlocked a cursed energy well that was as large as Satoru sensed.  


“M’body feels gooood-ah, I feel so calm.” Yuuji fighting his words around another yawn.


Satoru felt pride bubble up in him, he remembered the edge of darkness around Yuuji when they had first met. He had assumed it was Sakuna, the kid himself was so bright and cheerful. But after getting to know him, it was easy to pick up on what Toge later experienced; Yuuji was cut off from the world. 

He had draped a pretty veil between himself and living, and Satoru hoped they had just torn a little bit of it down. Satoru knew it would take more than the removal of suppressants and some, well...what was basically hook-up sex; but he hoped that the optimistic man he met a week ago would have a little more authenticity to his bright deamenor. 

Maybe now the world for Yuuji would start to feel a bit more saturated and opaque, and Yuuji’s heart would feel like participating again.


Yuuji’s hand came up to stroke and cup Satoru’s cheek, pulling him out of his reverie. His head cocked to the side, curious about the soft smile on the alpha’s face as his bright gaze bore unseeingly into him. He felt like Satoru was truly checking on him, his eyes capable of looking into his soul and inspecting his aura. 


Satoru laughed up at Yuuji, “Let’s get you cleaned up baby, then we’ll have a bath, yeah?” Inumaki joined them then, Yuuji now realizing that he had snuck off to grab what looked to be bath supplies, new clothes for all of them, and some very fluffy towels. Setting the loot on the counter top, Toge pulled out an assortment of bottles and turned to Yuuji expectantly. 


“Tuna and mayo?”


Yuuji giggled, “Toge-san are you tired of projecting? You going to wash my hair now?” His round eyes peered up at Toge through heavy lashes. Satoru was fluttering beside him, running the shower head to test its temperature before stepping up to run the warm water across Yuuji’s head. Yuuji closed his eyes at the sensation, Gojo’s long fingers scratching through his matted pink locks. The ick and grime from spending two days in bed with a fever rinsing away satisfyingly. 


Inumaki stepped forward to begin shampooing, squeezing the necessary amount and placing the bottle back; but Yuuji once again intercepted, reaching for the bottle in Toge’s hand. The older omega giggled, taking note that this is an official habit for Yuuji, and handed him the soap. Yuuji took the small bottle with both hands and sniffed it, closing his eyes as Toge set to work messaging his scalp. The soap was barely scented with just a touch of tea tree. 


Yuuji hummed thoughtfully. He was definitely picking up more scents today than before. Toge and Satoru’s presences were huge to him, even with his eyes closed. He assumed it was from being around them all day, but was this a new adjustment from unsuppressing his omega gender? He buzzed again with contentment at the thought.


A deep laugh came from above as Satoru took over rinsing Yuuji’s hair, “What are you thinking about Yuuji? This shampoo ok with you?”


“Yeah, not much smell. Everything else smells today. Everything is so...vivid.” Yuuji opened up his eyes as Gojo gently tipped his head back to better rinse his bangs, his round amber orbs matching his glowing cerulean. “Everything is so bright.”


Satoru hummed thoughtfully as he finished rinsing the rest of his hair. He traded places with Toge, leaning back on the counter across from Yuuji. Toge switched the bottle of shampoo in Yuuji’s hand with conditioner, knowing that he’d probably want that one too. Yuuji blushed, grateful for Inumaki’s easy personality. The conditioner smelled the same, Yuuji once again closed his eyes and leaned back on Toge as the older omega’s gentle hands massaged and combed out his hair. 


“Everything smells today? Hm, are you feeling more sensitive to our scents?” Satoru knelt in front of Yuuji again, taking the bottle from his hands. Yuuji didn’t open his eyes but took a large breath through his nose and held it for a minute, releasing it slowly. 


“Hm, yeah definitely. Satoru you have an edge of nutmeg to you that’s really sexy,” Yuuji peeked one eye open to look down at the alpha, “Why didn’t I smell that before?”


“Ah - well first, congratulations. I think the war in your body is settled. Welcome to your first day feeling you for you Yuuji-kun,” Satoru stood to his full height and stretched, bare chest on display as the loosely tied robe around him fell open. “Second, that’s the edge of my scent that’s uh - all alpha?” He looked up to Toge for support. 


Toge let out his own yawn and waved him away, “Bonito Flakes.” Clearly not interested in helping with the talking, Toge walked away to grab a few other bottles and headed behind the others into the larger room. 


“Ha - ok. Well you know how each person has a rounded full scent? Most people smell relatively pleasant. Their secondary gender influences how they smell based on health, family, and personality- lots of other factors. People who aren’t compatible, or true pieces of shit smell like...well shit.” Satoru had once again scooped Yuuji into his arms, following Toge towards the larger bath. 


“Satoru I can walk myself,” Yuuji tried to get down but Satoru’s grip was a vice. 


“Hush, let me baby you, this is my joy in life. Now, people who smell really good, like really fucking good usually have some connection to you. It could be family, friends, a potential mate. Scents reveal a lot about a person and who they are to you.” By now they had reached the edge of the pool, Satoru depositing Yuuji on the ledge facing him as he finished his thought. “A person’s scent always has a top note that remains consistent to them, their homing scent. This is the note that’s the same for everyone. But different relationships in your life reveal deeper effects of your smell. Like close friends and family who see you for you reveal your middle notes. And finally, there are base notes. Usually very related to your secondary gender, and sensed by intimate personal; e.g. you picking up on mine.” Satoru finished with a wink and smug looking grin. 


Yuuji blushed, but considered what Satoru had just told him as the alpha walked back to grab their towels. He knew that scents were different person to person, but had completely forgotten that the depth, tone, and note of scents changed by the scenter. And now he was able to smell...Satoru’s alpha scent? A small shiver went up his spine that did not go unnoticed by the returning man. Satoru smirked, leaning in and placing his arms on either side of Yuuji, making him very flustered. His grin was almost predatory as he whispered, “For you, I am getting a very sweet whiff of honeysuckle. Very you.”


Not giving him a chance to respond, Satoru stepped halfway into the bath and turned to help Yuuji enter the warm water. He sighed, his sore muscles finally relaxing as he sunk up to his eyes. Toge swam up to them smiling, the older omega having finished washing out his own hair.


With a soft “Salmon,” Toge opened his arms to Yuuji who latched onto his shoulders and hung his head over his shoulder. Toge laughed at him, but used the opportunity to begin gently washing his neck and back. He spinned the pair of them, pushing Yuuji so his face was near the bath’s ledge so Yuuji could inspect the soap bottles. 


Yuuji hummed in contended delight, yep he officially adored Inumaki. He picked up the bottle Toge had just used to sniff it. “Toge-san, are all these designed so they don’t mess with our scents? They don’t smell like much to me.” Yuuji pulled away to look Toge in the eyes, but Toge just silently moved on to scrub his arms and chest.


Finishing cleaning himself, Satoru swam behind him, pulling Yuuji into his lap to sit on the lower ledge together. Realizing he probably wasn’t going to get an answer from the exhausted curse speaker, Yuuji turned his questioning gaze up to Satoru. The alpha quirked a brow up at him before remembering his question, “Oh yeah, you’ll learn this for yourself but Maki is very sensitive to smell. She used to get mad at us for using anything that didn’t compliment our natural scent, claiming it muddled her ability to find us.”


Satoru shifted Yuuji in his lap so that he was cradling him, Toge now moving on to Yuuji’s legs and rubbing the same calming, soft oils from the night before. “I understand it though, why cover it up when you smell this good,” Satoru’s salty smirk returned, earning him a gentle slap and huff from Inumaki. 


Gojo’s responding laugh in the space was otherworldly, the ceiling making the loud sound bounce and dance around them, causing Yuuji and Toge to giggle at the contagiousness. Yuuji floated back into the water, enjoying how light his chest felt as Inumaki rubbed slow circles into his lower legs. Satoru had leaned his head back against the ledge, closing his eyes as a comfortable silence fell around them. 


A sudden shadow cast through the large window, dimming the early morning light. Satoru opened his eyes as the pitter patter of spring rain filled the space. The sudden cadence of melancholy changed the mood and made Yuuji sit up in Satoru’s lap, facing him as he began to run his fingers through the damp frosted locks.


“Hmmm, looks like a gloomy day, a perfect excuse for staying inside with our little prince of curses.” They kissed gently, Yuuji licking across Satoru's bottom lip asking for entry. Satoru opened for him easily as Yuuji immulated the kiss they had shared the night before. Slow and languid Yuuji melted into Satoru exploring and mapping out his mouth. When Satoru pulled away, Yuuji gasped at the loss, inhaling his deep tones of nutmeg and earth. The accidental rush of alpha pheromones caused Yuuji to whine and pull Satoru back to him. This time their kiss was heated and impatient, Yuuji crashing his teeth into the alpha. His hands wrapped around Satoru’s neck, slipping into his hair to hold him against him. Yuuji felt himself gasping, the need to inhale, taste, devour Satoru overwhelming him as Satoru’s hands pressed into his back and hips. 


This time when they broke away Toge was there to pull him into the bath, away from the alpha. Yuuji felt like sobbing, his hands reaching back to Satoru’s flushed face. 


Shh, Yuuji hush. You’re so sensitive, baby. Satoru you’ve overwhelmed him.” Inumaki’s chiding tone held no real authority. Satoru chuckled to himself as he reached over to smooth the older omega’s hair, planting a loud kiss on top. 


“Sorry Yuuji baby, you’ll probably be really sensitive as you get used to all our new scents. But the oils should help you settle down easier, Toge-kun swears by them. Just remember to take a step outside or away if you need it baby, ok?” Satoru held onto Yuuji’s cheek, keeping eye contact as he settled himself down. 


His energy was finally zapped, that last surge of excitement draining what little effort he had recovered from the relaxing bath. Yuuji’s eyes drooped as the two older men helped him to the edge of the bath, drying him off and dressing him into what looked suspiciously like another new set of lounge wear. This time sage green joggers and a matching t-shirt, too big of a size- just the way Yuuji liked. He smiled, eyes fully shut, as Satoru towel dried his hair for him, the alpha dressed in a similar ensemble of all black. Toge had disappeared again, no doubt putting things away and cleaning up their mess.


He assumed the older omega had returned, footsteps approaching him from the main room; instead Yuuji was engulfed by a very pleasant wave of tuberose, the familiar scent of Megumi now tinged with a mahogany. Too sleepy to open his eyes he hummed as a greeting, the feel of the dark haired alpha scenting into his hair comforting. Yuuji let himself fall into Megumi’s chest, the alpha rubbing up and down his back and he spoke to Satoru. 


Their conversation stayed muffled, the comforting feeling of being with Megumi again allowing Yuuji to slip more and more away into his head. He felt himself being picked up and carried a good distance, Yuuji’s subconscious relaxing as the smell of mahogany stayed consistent around him. Eventually he was laid down, his last bit of awareness focusing on the bodies cuddling around him, smells of lotus and mahogany mixed with apples and copper swirling through his mind, gratefully greeting sleep.

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Yuuji woke up later from his stomach growling in protest. His eyes opened to late afternoon, the sun barely flickering through as soft rain clouds were still rolling through. He was pressed against Megumi’s chest, the alpha relaxing with him, scrolling through his phone. When he noticed Yuuji wake he nuzzled into his head with a soft smile. Yuuji stretched, and felt another body behind him, their arms tightening in response to him moving around. 


“Ohhhh Yuuji you’re awake, I missed you Ume,” the voice, nickname and energy distinctly belonging to Nobara. Now fully awake at the realization, Yuuji flipped around abruptly, pinning Nobara under him. She giggled at the sudden intrusion, swatting weakly at his sides as Yuuji launched himself into her neck.


Yuuji took a deep breath and pulled back, looking thoughtfully down at her as he slowly released the air, ignoring her attack. He leaned back in, rubbing at her mark, wanting more of her scent. He hadn’t been able to sense it before, betas usually had more subtle scents. He hummed as he felt her give him what he was after, releasing her beta pheromones gently, wrapping Yuuji in the bitter smell of applewood. 


He hummed, carelessly dropping his weight more on top of her frame. She huffed in feigned annoyance before hugging around him, one hand rubbing his soft undercut. Yuuji purred, his arms wrapping underneath her, any fear of unfamiliarity between them discarded as if they were old friends. Freshly cut applewood drifted through Yuuji's mind, the smell was crisp and fresh full of morning dew and sharp sunlight. He took another breath as he relaxed into Nobara’s petite body. Her scent reminded him of home, its open orchard aroma complimenting his own scent and country roots. A small nip and Yuuji was allowed into the darker tones of Nobara, rich amber wafted around his head, feeling his gut with the sweetness and warmth of honey. He giggled, leaning back from her neck to press his forehead to hers. 


“Nobara you smell so good, I couldn’t tell before. You smell like home,” He smiled down at her, proud of himself for his new discovery. She laughed wickedly up at him, clearly delighted with the compliment. 


“Yuuji, Gojo-san said you could smell his base notes, can you smell ours yet?” Nobara pushed back on Yuuji’s chest so she could look at him more clearly, excitement pooling in her dark brown eyes. Yuuji hummed and laid back down, settling in to scent once more, his hand gentle as he cupped the back of her neck. She was thrilled at the easy comfortability falling between herself and Yuuji. Now that she thought it over, Megumi had also seemed at ease with Yuuji almost instantly. 


Nobara had to learn the hard way that it took Fushiguro a while to warm up to anyone new, herself being the latest example. Three months passed before he revealed his unfiltered self to her. She knew that Megumi felt their bond and connection immediately, inevitable through their link, but he couldn’t suppress the insecurity and shyness he felt in contrast to her brashness. It wasn’t until they had a cross country assignment together that they finally clicked into place. Ever since they had been inseparable, Megumi often spent time hovering in her shadow. He found peace and comfort in Nobara's calm beta scent, and their tiffs and banter kept him from becoming too inward.


She was pleased that the three of them the same age seemed to suit each other so well. Yuuji fit like a missing piece, Nobara was unable to stop herself from squeezing the omega a little tighter at her own thoughts. Yuuji huffed at the tightness and leaned back above her. His pupils were blown wide and seemed a bit breathless, his face slightly flushed. Nobara tilted her head to the side, confused at Yuuji’s intense reaction to her scent.


Fushiguro scooted closer and pulled Yuuji up onto his lap, chuckling as Yuuji whined out for Nobara. “Satoru also reminded us that he would be extremely sensitive and reactive to those scents, Nobara. Can’t believe you just asked him to find your beta scent, you slut.”


Nobara grimaced, more annoyed at herself for forgetting in her excitement, completely ignoring Megumi’s taunt. She sat up and looked at Yuuji apologetically, “Sorry for getting you all worked up Ume, forgive me?”


Yuuji laughed, but could tell his breath was still shaky. “Yeah I forgive you. I don’t actually mind. I mean, I feel like a crazy person when my mind goes hyper like that, but it’s nice. You’re nice. You smell like sweet metals, like rusted copper and blood and honey.” He reached for her hand, each breath and word settling him down a bit more, “You smell like tough shit Nobara, it makes me feel safe.”


Nobara squealed and predictably tackled herself on top of the two boys, both groaning affectionately from her attack. “Mmmm, I am very happy today. Should we go get lunch?”


“Please, I am starving,” as if backing up his claim, Yuuji’s stomach emitted another loud rumble. He laughed bashfully as the three of them climbed out of what he now realized was Megumi’s room, and headed towards their kitchen. Easy conversation flowed between them, and for a moment Yuuji forgot that he had only arrived into their lives a week ago.

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

The kitchen was a buzz when the youngest three arrived, the other members of the pack busy assembling a very large amount of ramen. Kento was at the bar, preparing various vegetables and toppings, pausing just long enough to greet the trio as they walked in. Behind him, Satoru and Maki were hovering over the stove, quibbling with each other over who had the correct technique. 


Toge was the odd man out, sitting at the bar across from Kento. The older omega was completely spaced out, a jelly squeeze pouch hanging from his mouth as he drank lazily, completely unresponsive to their arrival.  Yuuji laughed at his cuteness, feeling barely guilty that he was definitely the reason for Inumaki’s exhaustion. He leaned in to cuddle the older omega, Toge mewling but remaining unchanged as he rested against Yuuji’s chest and threaded their fingers together. 


Kento scoffed at them, “He’s been like that for 20 minutes, don’t encourage him. It’s a little dramatic when you do this Inumaki-kun, please pull it together.” 


“Let him be, we all know you find it as adorable as the rest of us,” Maki chimed in, smacking Kento playful on the ass as she joined them at the bar to steal a bite of menma. Yuuji caught a glimpse of a sulking Satoru in the background, clearly beaten in whatever little tiff he and Maki were in when they arrived. 


“Toge-san, have you really been eating the same jelly snack for 20 minutes?” Nobara leaned over the bar to intercept his line of sight. Focus barely came into his eyes as he gently shook his head. 


“Yeah right, that is his fourth. He will soon collapse from his blood sugar spiking - so unhealthy,” Kento teased, throwing a bit of chopped carrot in front of them, “You need real food, Togie.”


Toge all but hissed, finally glaring at Kento as he dropped the empty pouch onto the table and turned to fully hug into Yuuji’s chest - clearly over the conversation. Yuuji laughed at the bratty behavior, excited to see another side to his senpai. He pet down his back, letting Toge squeeze him tightly. As cute as he was, Yuuji couldn’t resist teasing him as well, “Toge-san who knew you were so mischievous. Do you always make trouble for yourself?”


Toge answered with a groan, burying himself deeper into Yuuji’s chest. The room laughed, lifting the atmosphere into even higher spirits. Yuuji noticed it then, the buzzing aroma around everyone, their pack energy vibrating so strongly that it seemed almost opaque. He took a look around, his smile growing as he observed each person being comfortably themselves - helping and teasing one another as they prepared another meal for Yuuji to share.


Nobara was flittering around Nanami, stealing veggies from underneath him as he continued to threaten her with light smacks. Their game of cat and mouse was sweet, revealing a very soft side of the intimidating man to Yuuji. The two of them truced, and Kento crowded Nobara up to the counter, placing his arms around her as he helped her take over chopping and dicing. 


Megumi had left Yuuji’s side to pull down dishes, listening to Maki’s instructions as the two of them began preparing bowls for everyone. They were too far away to hear, but Yuuji could tell an intelligent conversation had fallen between the two of them, the deep discussion evident in both of their expressions as they worked in tandem seamlessly. His eyes fell on Satoru last, who was leaning against the back wall staring at Yuuji as Yuuji watched the others. Yuuji blushed, feeling like he was caught for some reason, but Satoru only winked at him and slid his glasses back into place before walking over to the two omegas at the bar.


“That was an awful deep look you had there Yuuji-kun. What’s on your mind?” 


“Nothing, just feels electric in here. You know, happy...I guess I feel happy,” Yuuji looked up at Satoru laughing, the energy in him buzzing in answer to what was in the atmosphere, Satoru smiled amusingly back at him. 


“Wow, would you look at that,” Maki had stopped what she was doing, in fact everyone had paused, Toge giggling from his place in Yuuji’s chest. 


Yuuji looked around wide eyed and confused, was it so weird for him to be this happy?


“That’s quite a flow of cursed energy Yuuji, where on Earth did that come from,” Kento was mostly addressing Satoru, but the slender alpha just shrugged, a flirtatious grin spreading across his face. 


“All Yuuji, just a little surprise in awakening it thanks to our friend Sakuna. Looks like our Prince is getting a feel for it,” Satoru ruffled Yuuji’s hair, leaving him to begin dressing his soup bowl with the toppings he wanted, Nobara following suit. “We’ll figure it all out in time, for now let’s eat!”


Toge lifted his head to brush his forehead against Yuuji’s, smiling at him reassuringly. Grabbing his wrist like a little kid, Toge dragged him over to the soups so they could make their own bowls. 


 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Yuuji found himself relaxing easily among everyone, slurping down his soup between Satoru and Kento’s protective forms, the two sitting close enough for Yuuji to lean into them. Their conversation continued long into the dreary afternoon. Even after the table had been cleared and positions swapped so that Nobara was sitting in Yuuji’s lap and Satoru was sprawled across a very annoyed looking Inumaki and Fushiguro, the pack stayed at the table talking and laughing. Yuuji wasn’t sure if this was normal for them, but he felt so grateful. The quality time he was receiving left him feeling loved and cherished. He found himself lost to his own thoughts, that strange new energy blooming through his chest. 


“Thank you,” He interrupted with the soft gratitude. The pack smiled at him knowingly, cooing at the soft blush creeping up Yuuji’s neck. Nobara giggled at him, turning to kiss his cheek. 


“Of course Ume, anything for you,” She winked and cackled, her own sweetness tickling her. 


Beside them Nanami rolled his eyes and huffed a small laugh, “Yuuji, would you like to watch a movie? We normally try to have one movie night a month and tonight seems like a great opportunity. How does that sound?” The beta had brought his hand down to gently stroke the side of Yuuji’s cheek during his request. Yuuji still found the man intimidating, but these small moments were helping him warm up to his personality. He offered a small nod, not trusting his voice around Kento. 


The beta chuckled and then set to herding the rest of them out into a new space. Nobara stuck with Yuuji, swinging their arms together as she pestered Satoru about some curse business, the latter trying a little too hard to avoid her questions.

Yuuji kept quiet, enjoying the observations he was able to make by not participating. He noticed Megumi had fallen into step beside him and the two boys shared an understanding glance, keeping quiet. 


Yuuji felt himself blush, the tickle of intimacy fluttering between them as their hands brushed together. Another glance was shared, this time the flirtation obvious in Megumi’s smirk. Yuuji scoffed, surprised at the butterflies that appeared in his belly. The reaction didn’t go unnoticed so as the pack took the neck corner, Megumi grew bold and he unlinked Yuuji from Nobara. He waved off the beta’s protests as she rolled her eyes and gave Yuuji a purposeful look before chasing after the others. 


“Megumi? Whats u-” Yuuji was cut off, Megumi pressing him into the wall as he kissed him slowly. Yuuji whined, hugging around Megumi’s back. Megumi held Yuuji’s jaw and neck in his hands, his kiss slow and calculated but still powerful and full of emotion. He traced Yuuji’s top lip gently, licking across his mouth as Yuuji opened for him. Yuuji sighed as Megumi’s tongue found his, pressing and circling each other. It wasn’t until Megumi moaned that he pulled away and let them catch their breath, clearly wanting to keep control. 


“I - ha, I missed you. You’re driving me crazy Yuuji,” Megumi panted softly, pressing his forehead to Yuuji’s. 


Yuuji chuckled, finding Megumi’s confession very cute, “I missed you too, Gumi”


Megumi moaned at the shortened nickname and kissed him softly up and down his neck, “Sit with me?”


Yuuji nodded, wanting nothing more than some movie cuddles with the man that found and yanked him back into reality. He threaded their fingers together as Megumi led him to the lounge room.


 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Chapter Text

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

When Megumi and Yuuji joined the others, Nobara and Maki were already cuddling on a small rust colored loveseat near the door. At the sound of their entry, they turned to greet the young men by throwing lewd hoots and kisses their way in what was obviously a planned attack. Nobara very maturely turned around to fake make out with Maki, the two of them groaning Yuuji and Megumi’s names. Megumi scoffed and blushed, clearly susceptible to the embarrassment his mates were serving him. Feeling bold and a little mischievous, Yuuji unclasped his hand to lean over the back of the loveseat. 


“Nobaraaa, you don’t have to be jealouuus,” Yuuji sing-songed to get her attention. She pulled away from Maki, confusion obvious on her face. Yuuji very easily lifted her up, holding onto her neck and shoulder, and kissed her firm and purposeful. He pulled away to kiss her once on the forehead, grinning smugly at the way she was blushed and breathless. “Next time, if you want kisses - just ask.” He rewarded her with a wink and one of his bright smiles - completely genuine. 


“Wow Yuuji, you sure are full of surprises,” Maki chuckled as she sat up to hold Nobara, “Looks like you finally have someone to tease you back, Kugi.” Nobara mumbled something incoherent as the rest of her pack teased and laughed at her, but was otherwise smiling - clearly pleased with the turn of events. 


Megumi chuckled, a balloon of pride swelling in his chest from Yuuji defending him, he was happy to see just how well the omega was making a place for himself. He grabbed Yuuji’s wrist and nipped it playfully, earning a small growl, before pulling him further into the room. It was a smaller space, furnished in warm autumnal tones. A cream, cloud textured sectional took up most of the room, Gojo already relaxing back on it, his blindfold in place. 


The two of them slid onto the longer part of the sectional next to Satoru, Megumi sitting down with his legs extended and pulling Yuuji into his lap. He loosely wrapped his arms around Yuuji’s waist as the omega leaned into his chest, reclining so he could better take in the rest of the room.


The styles of each piece were seemingly random; a mid century lounge chair with a folky sashiko quilt thrown over it, art deco style lamps set upon futuristic side tables from the millennium. While the juxtaposition of the competing styles would have normally seemed tacky, the careful arrangement and curation created a whole new vibe. It was comfortable and inviting, the heart of their home; Yuuji could sense how frequently the space was used. He sighed contentedly when Megumi scented into his neck, Yuuji sliding further down so his head rested against his chest.


An assortment of antique movie posters were hung across from them, Toge was kneeling below them fiddling with a vintage lo-fi stereo. The turntable was still present but it had been modernized with aux cables and a radio. It took a moment for Yuuji to realize that Inumaki was adjusting the cords so that the speakers hooked up to a projector hanging above them. 

When he was finished, Toge squeezed himself into the space between them and Gojo, earning an amused huff from the latter as the alpha instead chose to scoop him up into his own lap. The omega yipped in protest, still not talking, but curled up against Satoru anyway.


Kento was the last to settle, pulling down the hidden projection screen and finding their movie browsers before sitting down next to Gojo, his arm behind the alpha. To Yuuji’s great pleasure, Kento turned to him, wanting the young omega to pick what they watched. 


“What- you actually like this? I hate making movie night decisions. Everyone’s so picky,” Nobara whined. 


Maki laughed at her, “That’s because you pick the most basic shit.” Nobara started to argue but Maki just cut her off, “Look we all like it, they’re funny - but we can only take rewatching “Romy and Michele” or “But I’m a Cheerleader” so much. You need a side genre babe. The 2000’s bad ass white chick vibe is not good enough for you anymore.”


Yuuji cackled at this new information, “Nobara, please don’t tell me “John Tucker” or one of the “Bring It On”’s are at the top of your list too.” Nobara just glared at him, sinking back into Maki’s side. The men on the couch laughed at them, all impressed with Yuuji’s ability to tease Nobara into silence. “I guess we all have a guilty pleasure genre, what’s everyone else's?”


Inumaki pointed directly at Zenin, with a firm “Mustard Leaf.” Yuuji was confused at first, but Maki quickly explained.


“Togie and I have a very similar obsession with horror movies. No one else likes to watch them with us, well... except for Fushi occasionally - but those always have to be “art films” or some shit,” she laughed a bit too vindictively and earned a yelp from Megumi.


“YA - just because I don’t enjoy murder without plot doesn’t make me as ass, stop making me seem pretentious.” Fushiguro muttered under his breath. 


“Fushi LOVES depressing independent films, especially international ones. So emo even in his 20’s.” Gojo teased in a sing-song voice, squeezing Megumi’s cheek. “I myself am a sucker for the golden age of film. I know the rest of you find them boring, but there’s so much glamor in the movies from the 60’s and beyond. I’d watch Yoshiko Yamaguchi or Paul Newman for the rest of my life,” Satoru sighed wistfully. 


Yuuji found himself laughing, “Gojo-san I didn’t take you to be such a romantic.”


“Oh he’s not, he just uses them for reference in his flirtations and mind games. It’s the reckless whimsy and costume design he really gets off to,” Nanami chimed in, planting a patronizing kiss on the alpha’s cheek, “Isn’t that right our dramatic little Satoru.”


Satoru shrieked, Kento having successfully riled him up. The alpha pouted at himself behind Inumaki’s small frame, but the omega did little to comfort, instead he was laughing happily at how embarrassed Gojo was. It was a reaction only Nanami was capable of retrieving and the pack delighted in it’s rarity. 


“Ugh well what do you have to say for yourself Nanamin! You -” at the thought Gojo’s pride rebuilt itself quickly; his attention switching swiftly from licking his own wounds to attacking Kento, “ YOU like MUSICALS.” He emphasized his last point by sicking his finger into Nanami’s face. 


The room stilled as everyone swallowed their laughter. Yuuji couldn’t tell if they were losing it to Gojo’s childish behavior or Nanami’s guilty pleasure, even Fushiguro’s chest quietly rumbled below him.


True to form, Kento remained unbothered. He grabbed Satoru’s hand and brought it down to his lips, he pressed a deliberate kiss on his palm and looked up at the alpha with a hooded gaze, “Tell me Satoru, when have you ever minded a song and dance?” 


The younger pack members lost it, the dam of stifled laughter exploding into cackles and tears. Kento leaned back into the couch looking a bit too pleased, his hand still firmly grasping the one he captured from Gojo.


Satoru huffed a smile at the mood in the room and turned to Yuuji, “Alright kid, you know what we’re about now. What’s it going to be?”


Yuuji hummed, pretending that he was giving it a ton of thought. “Honestly, I love all of those, so please invite me next time you need company watching!” 


“Ume, you punk! Pick. a damn. movie!” Nobara struggled to get out of Maki’s clutches, trying desperately to attack the pink omega. Megumi nuzzled into the top of Yuuji’s head, arms squeezing a bit tighter in affirmation. 


Yuuji laughed, “Ah ok, ok. My choice for the evening!~” He paused for effect, loving the attention, “Is Nausicaa!…..Please!” 


The pack applauded as Kento pulled up the film, “I haven’t watched this in almost 15 years, it’ll be like new again,” 


“It’s the best, I rewatch it every year! Well I used to...before gramps got sick. I actually haven’t watched a movie in a long time!” Yuuji was carrying on cheerfully, unaware the remainder of the pack was listening somberly, “you know, it’s kind of funny how much I wanted to be like Nausicaa or even Ashitaka. Those characters from childhood that are super strong and kind. It’s not that I wanted to die, but giving my life to save those who I love always seemed noble...I guess I finally understand what that would be like.”

At this point Yuuji’s voice dropped to a bitter pitch. “Ha. Kind of a huge bummer to find people you could care about only to be sentenced to death before you even know how to save them.” Yuuji finished with a huge sigh, staring off into space. It was a minute before he realized the room had gone silent. 


He looked around with wide eyes to find sympathetic faces and felt a heat scatter across his cheeks. A nervous tick, he scratched the back of his undercut, “Haha sorry, I guess I have a lot on my mind. Let’s just watch the movie!”


Megumi bent his legs and rested his chin on Yuuji’s shoulder so that his whole body was hugging onto Yuuji in his lap. “Gumi...I’m fine. Sorry about that'' Yuuji whispered. 


It was strange, he’d spent the last few years distancing himself from people, both intentionally and unconsciously. It wasn’t until meeting Fushiguro and stumbling into his pack’s lives that he even realized what he was missing out on. So far it has been an exceptional experience, full of kindness and patience. He could agree that he was liking this new side to himself, enjoying his omega’s instincts and the vulnerability he felt with the people in the room. 


But right now he felt ugly, pain and disgust swirling in his gut. The pathetic looks they were giving him, even Megumi’s scenting and hugs felt patronizing. Such a small insecurity blooming to irrational proportions; all from the thought of dying at the hands of unknown superiors deeming him unworthy of the love he had just gotten a taste of. 

The room was too hot, the charm he had found in it earlier replaced with a sense of dread. It was too small, and getting smaller - Megumi’s comforting embrace was suddenly a vise, suffocating and itchy. Yuuji was confused when he felt dampness at his neck, barely registering that he was crying. Yuuji felt the panic grow, consuming him as his thoughts stampeded through reason; you are unworthy, this won’t last, you shouldn’t be here, it will never work, and somewhere beyond the chanting was a mocking, cruel laugh.


Yuuji was frozen in place, his hackles raised at the sound of the laugh. He felt Megumi’s body ease away from him, his own knees bending so that he could hug around them, hiding his face. 


Yuuji’s heart was racing as if he was in danger, he knew Satoru wouldn’t hurt him - he and Kento had made it clear they didn’t agree or support the verdict. Logically he was aware he didn’t do anything wrong; still he slipped into instincts, anxiety flaring as he fought between submitting and fighting. 


In the back of his mind he was aware of the others calling him, Megumi’s hand on his shoulder, and still the laugh mocked him. 

A loud sad whine escaped him as he panted out, “Please, please stop.”


In an instant Satoru was hovering over him, radiating calm and protection as he scented the top of Yuuji’s head. Kento joined as well, lifting Yuuji’s face in his hands. Yuuji blinked at the beta’s face, realizing that he couldn’t hear what he was saying over his own labored breathing. What the hell was this? Yuuji felt like he was floating, watching himself have a breakdown. He shivered, tears in his eyes. 


A moment ago he was fine and goofing around, he had no idea what this was. In fact, the whole episode was probably a few seconds, just a blip between laughing to now trembling, terror running through him for no real reason. 


Kento pulled him away, unwrapping him from the alphas and positioning him onto his own lap. The larger man held him close, his embrace almost delicate as one arm caressed his head and the other respectfully held his waist. Yuuji felt himself being lifted and carried away. 

 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

It was only a few moments before fresh air hit his face, Yuuji immediately breathing easier. Kento had carried him outside, the two of them taking a seat on the porch that wrapped around the small building. 


“Yuuji-kun,” Kento began. He had set Yuuji beside him, but Nanami had his hand cupped around his face, keeping him grounded on the beta’s presence. “If it’s alright with you, I think you should scent with me. It might help calm you, little omega.”


Yuuji gave a soft nod and tried not to blush at the reminder this whole freak out could just be a side effect of his second gender. Nanami gave him an affirming nod back, and gently guided Yuuji to his neck. He had to hunch slightly, even sitting down he was much bigger than Yuuji. While only a few centimeters shorter than Gojo, Kento’s frame was much bulkier and as his shoulders turned to embrace Yuuji, the omega felt small. He relaxed at the thought, his hands instinctively gripping onto Kento’s shirt as he leaned into his neck. Nanami’s gentle hold returned, his hand still at the back of his neck as his other arm cradled Yuuji’s lower waist. 


It had only been a few days since Toge first allowed him to scent, and his experience obviously increased since. But Yuuji couldn’t help note how intimate the moment was with Kento. 

The beta was all business, letting down his demeanor in small individual moments with each of the pack members. He was the opposite of Gojo, Yuuji could tell that as much as he may care for someone, he remained reserved and respectful; especially with physical intimacy.

Yuuji shuddered out a sigh at the thought, realizing what it must mean for the beta to have carried him outside and offered this kind of solace. He could have let Fushiguro or Inumaki take over, but he did this himself. 

Yuuji breathed deeply, his heart calming as he felt Kento place a small chaise kiss to his temple. Similar to Nobara, Yuuji didn’t fully notice Kento’s beta sent while suppressing his own. But now, so close to the source, Yuuji was overwhelmed by it. 

Nanami’s scent had the presence of an old soul, strong powerful waves of frankincense and myrrh filled him with peace. Like thick smoke, he felt it smooth down his throat and regulate his breathing. He was overcome with mantra, time ticking through the scent without causing anxiety over the passing of it. Yuuji took another breath as time slipped through glass and sand, the smells of opium and poppies wafting around him as he settled into inner peace. 

Nanami’s scent was bold and rang of tranquility and restraint, the fragrance spotted yet opaque, much like the man’s essence. Yuuji pulled away, breathless and content. 


“You ok kid?” Kento’s hand came away from the back of his neck to hold his chin, eyes searching Yuuji. 


“Yeah I think so, I’m not sure what that was.” Yuuji looked down to his hands. Realizing that he was still holding on tight, he released Kento’s shirt and folded his arms around himself blushing. 


Kento was silent for a minute, pulling away to stare out beyond the porch, “Yuuji-kun you’ve been through a lot this week. Ah well...That’s really a huge understatement, isn’t it?” Kento broke his thoughtful stare to throw a very charming grin at Yuuji. “You amaze me, your strength and fortitude. Hell, your mental tenacity is incredible. I don’t think there are many people who exist who could have rolled through this week with the amount of grace and kindness as you have.”


The two of them were silent for a few minutes. Yuuji would have normally denied the blatant praise, but he felt that Kento wasn’t finished - that he should be patient and allow him to finish speaking. 


Nanami cleared his throat, “I expressed this fear with Satoru, he was aware of how I felt pushing you this far. But it seems maybe I underestimated you. What I mean to say is…” He turned to look fully at Yuuji, the hand holding his waist raising to cup his chin, “We will not let you go so easily Yuuji. Our goal is to support what you want, and to help train you to keep you alive for it. 

I - ha, well, I will do whatever I can to help you learn our world. Please don’t panic. This change will take a little more time for you to adjust so in the meantime,” in this pause Kento laid his hand over Yuuji’s, “Please know you can rely on me. Anytime you feel overwhelmed I can be there for you.” 


Yuuji’s eyes widened, the back of his neck overheating with the proclamation. Nanami seemed to be full of surprises, his personality safely guarded behind a practiced demeanor. Yuuji was touched, how did he stumble upon all this luck. 


“Thank you Nanami-san,” Yuuji smiled up at the beta, threading their fingers together. 


Nanami smiled back, the smallest smudge of a blush on his own cheeks, bringing their hands to his lips and pressing a quick kiss to the back of Yuuji’s, “Of course. You you can call me whatever you want, Yuuji-kun?”


Another unexpected offer. Yuuji didn’t know what to say, the formalities fit Nanami’s aura so well that he was a bit shocked he didn’t mind Yuuji using another. He would have to grow into one of the shortened names the family used. For now he answered with a quick nod. 


“Ready to go back?” Nanami waited for Yuuji’s affirmative before standing up and guiding the omega back to the main room. 


 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

When the two entered, the room had been rearranged. The smaller couch was shoved far away and tables taken out, the pack had created a large floor mat in the nook of the sectional. Satoru was still seated on the couch, slouching deeply as Nobara sat on the floor between his legs. Inumaki sat beside her against the couch, Maki laying in his lap, the two of them watching something loud on her phone that Nobara was desperately trying to ignore. 


“What is all this?” Kento asked the room. 


The pack looked up in unison, the exception being Gojo who kept his head resting back as he answered Nanami, “We wanted to get more comfortable and treat our prince to some extreme coziness.” Gojo lazily swiveled his head to look at them, Yuuji somehow knowing he was making eye contact beyond the black band. “Afterall, we wouldn’t want him to think he didn’t belong here.”


Yuuji smiled, already accepting Satoru’s ability to see through most situations. Kento led him into the room, Yuuji standing at everyone’s feet as the beta took his place next to Gojo on the couch. 


Suddenly nervous with all eyes on him, Yuuji reached for the back of his head, “Um, sorry about that. Did Megumi leave?”


“No I’m here, sorry for the wait,” Fushiguro returned to the room, a small tray full of snack orders heavy in his hands. He paused next to Yuuji to peck him on the cheek. “Are you sure you’re ok Yuuji?” he whispered into his ear, lips tickling against his skin.


He felt a shiver trickle down his spine as his face lit up, “Uh yeah, Nanamin helped calm me down.” Megumi smiled and raised an eyebrow at the name before nodding to Yuuji and setting down the tray on the floor. 


“Yuuji, I didn’t know if you had a favorite so you get to pick on everyone else’s - no questions asked, this is the way!” Megumi talked down to the food.

“This is the way!” Nobara and Maki echoed, laughing to themselves. The pair of them leaned forward to help Megumi distribute the small assortment of drinks and food. 

Finally the young alpha took his place next to Toge and Maki, pulling Yuuji down with him. He felt himself giggle as Maki handed him sakuma gum drops and Megumi folded himself around Yuuji. 


The pack settled in, a pleasant heap and pile of limbs as Kento finally started the animation. Yuuji sighed contentedly, Megumi feeding him snacks and sips of drinks, the omega barely aware that he was being watched more than the film. 


It wasn’t until the mid way point in the movie, when the score and plot reached its peak and the film became quiet and somber, Nausicaa was on the screen amongst the sand and light, that Yuuji let himself cry. He leaned his head back on Megumi’s shoulder so that their cheeks were together as slow tears rolled down his face. Megumi didn’t ask, just hugged him tighter and kissed his neck. Inumaki reached to hold his hand, Zenin laying her leg across his. 


Yuuji laughed wetly when Gojo leaned forward to ruffle his head. “Ha, sorry - I just...ah.” He smiled up at the alpha, eyes bright with emotion in the dim room, letting his thought die on his lips. 


The two men on the couch smiled knowingly back at him, Gojo settling back into Nanami’s chest. Megumi pressed another kiss to Yuuji’s cheek as he turned back to the movie. 


Yuuji had felt it, that flame of hope in his gut. He was more sure now than ever, he must have been meant to end up here. 


 ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙

Chapter Text


Fushiguro woke to someone crushing him. A mess of hair covered his face as a head was shoved under his neck. Groaning, he opened his eyes and puffed the orange locks away from his mouth. 


“Kugi what the hell. Get off of me,” Fushiguro complained, his voice rough with sleep as Kugisaki nuzzled tighter against him, giggling impishly. 

He huffed a small laugh and rubbed her back affectionately, staring up at the ceiling as he remembered where they were. He turned to his side to find that Maki was already gone. “Is everyone already awake? How’s Yuuji?”


Nobara lifted up, holding herself on her forearm as she looked down on Fushiguro. “Yuuji’s fighting himself right now, still asleep beside you. Maki and Togie are up and around here somewhere.”


She peeled off of the young alpha to allow him to sit up. Fushiguro rubbed his eyes tiredly before stretching and turning around to inspect the room behind him. Nanami was the only other pack member present, hovering over Yuuji’s unconscious form as he patted his face down with damp cloths. The beta smiled at Fushiguro, a quiet greeting typical between the two of them.  


Fushiguro smiled back before fully taking in the omega sprawled between them. Yuuji was flushed, blankets torn away and shirt abandoned. He was clearly feverish, body slightly trembling from the sweat dripping down him. 

Megumi swallowed thickly; it felt too intimate to see the guy like this, Yuuji wasn’t even aware he was there witnessing it. He felt heat spread at the back of his neck and Nobara snickered behind him.


“Damn you’ve got it bad.”


“How’s he doing,” Fushiguro addressed Nanami, choosing to ignore Nobara as she cuddled behind him and draped her chin over his shoulder. 


“We think he’s ok. I heard him get up a few hours ago, probably from the fever. He seems to have fallen asleep easily though.” Nanami answered. His tone was clinical, but Megumi could tell the affection was there. The young alpha smiled to himself, above everything else he was grateful that his pack seemed to be as infatuated and concerned over Yuuji as he was. He still wasn’t sure if it was because his own endearment was so plain for them to see or if they themselves reciprocated it after meeting Yuuji. 


“‘Morning Gumi-kun,'' Satoru's lanky form shadowed over them. Fushiguro looked up at him, noting that he had already showered and gotten dressed in his normal attire of black slacks and a thin t-shirt. It was weird seeing Satoru this often without his blindfold, Megumi knew it was because of Yuuji but it was still strange. Gojo leaned down to ruffle Fushiguro’s hair, “He’s sleeping but he’s been crying out in little episodes. We calm him down but he seems unwilling to wake up.”


Megumi couldn’t hide the concern that shadowed over his face. “Don’t worry,” Satoru continued, “We will wake him up if he needs it. This is normal, his body is purging something it’s been using for almost a decade. And because it’s pheromonic, it’ll happen faster than anything else - like a hangover.” 


Megumi nodded in understanding, turning his attention back to Yuuji as the omega began panting and calling out in his sleep. He reached across the space to scratch through his pink locks. Yuuji calmed immediately, a barely perceptible “ alpha” slipping through his lips. Megumi smiled as Yuuji settled back into sleep, pulling his hand away so Nanami could place a cool washcloth over his head. 


“You two should go, I’ll watch him so don't worry,” Nanami rubbed the top of Yuuji’s unruly hair with a soft smile. Kugisaki pulled Fushiguro the rest of the way up. Led by Gojo, the two of them left the tatami room and headed to the center of the long building towards the kitchen. 


As they walked along the open hallways, Gojo filled them in on his plan for the day. They (as in himself, Inumaki, and Nanami) would take turns monitoring Yuuji’s well-being. Maki was needed for work in the city and so Kugisaki and Fushiguro would need to stay around to help with food and supplies. 


Fushiguro couldn’t suppress the pout, disappointed to be left out from both fighting and being with Yuuji. “Hey - don’t be so upset about spending the day with me! I’ve barely seen you since you’ve returned,” Nobara elbowed him teasingly. He smiled at her, realizing that they were overdo for a good catch up. 


“Yeah, yeah. You know I’ve missed you,” Fushiguro wrapped his arm around Nobara’s shoulders and hugged her close as they turned into the kitchen. 


Inumaki was already eating, offering the group a sleepy “Salmon” as they joined him. It was still relatively early, so a simple breakfast of rice and eggs was made for all of them as they ate in quiet anticipation for the day.




As they were cleaning up after breakfast, Inumaki prepared a small tray for Nanami. He and Satoru headed back to the tatami room, Fushiguro trailing along. Kugisaki had teased him for joining them as she left to go get cleaned up. She knew he was upset he wouldn’t be able to stay around Yuuji but that rationale didn’t stop her from being a bit jealous. 


Inumaki sympathized though, pulling him along by his wrist and reassuring him everything would be fine, “ Megumi-kun you trust us! You know what it was like when Nobara joined us, she was such a fighter.


Satoru interjected with a huffed laugh, “What do you mean was ? That brat will never run out of spirit.” Megumi laughed fondly at the memory of Nobara’s arrival. 


Gojo had found her, bringing her back to Tokyo with the full intention of employment. But, like with all of them, their instincts had picked up on the bond that existed within her. She was meant to be one of them - and true to her personality had declared it proudly herself, all within three days of staying with them. 


As the original couple, Gojo and Nanami made it a rule that any new mate would have to live among them for a month before going through with any rituals. It was a kind practice, and alleviated a lot of the cultural pressures they all felt. Afterall, a bond was for life. But Kugisaki was impatient, at the time it was hard to tell she was a beta because her behavior rivaled any intense pheromones of either omega or alpha. It’s what they grew to love about her though. She didn’t give a damn what was “normal,” loving herself as she was and giving it fully back to their family. Gojo was right, what a brat. 


Yes, she was a lot to deal with. But still, she belonged here so it worked out. The same will happen with Yuuji,” Inumaki continued, pulling Fushiguro out of his memory. The omega squeezed his hand tenderly, their group reaching the door of the tatami room. “ Yuuji-kun is a fighter and we will make him stronger, right Toru?”  


Gojo wrapped his arm around Fushiguro’s shoulders and kissed him on top of the head. “Well said Togie. Plus Gumi-kun, don’t you want the strongest taking care of your new crush.” Gojo winked patronizingly at Fushiguro, the younger alpha rolling his eyes and shoving Satoru away. 


“You’re the worst. The absolute worst.” 


“Satoru, you really shouldn’t tease him...honestly.” Nanami had come out to greet them, tone exasperated having heard the end of their conversation. He took the food gratefully from Inumaki, the two of them taking a seat on the ledge of the courtyard, both men wanting to stay out of what would inevitably come next.


“Ha! Megumi always deserves a bit of teasing, especially when he’s in looove.” Satoru pitched his voice up condescendingly. 


“You know Gojo, I think you might be jealous,” Fushiguro decided to bite back, smirking smugly at the idea. Satoru was possessive, so the taunt wasn’t that far off base. What he wasn’t expecting was a stream of genuine hurt to pour out of his mouth, unchecked, “I bet you’re pissed that I found him too. You keep telling me everything is going to be ok, but you only say that because you get to be there for him. I just have to -” he cut himself off with a dry laugh, “I just have to hang around here like nothing’s going on. Like you aren’t going to touch him. .”


Satoru was smiling originally, but the realization that Megumi had stopped teasing and was now truly venting sobered him. “Oh no, honey . Do you actually feel that way Megumi?” He closed the distance between them, hands aching to comfort fluttering around his young alpha, before dropping back to his sides in an attempt to respect his space.


Fushiguro looked down at his feet, sliding his own hands into his front pockets, a habit of defense. He didn’t mean to become so snippy, but the situation was making him more frazzled than normal. “I don’t want to feel that way, but I- ….I just don’t know what to feel anymore. It’s all so fast and I feel powerless.”


“Shit, I’m so sorry Gumi,” Satoru, no longer able to stay away, wrapped his long arms around Fushiguro and tucked his head under his chin. “I’ve been disrespectful. I guess I didn’t realize just how smitten you were with Yuuji-kun. You aren’t usually like this so soon after meeting someone.”


Megumi let himself be hugged, keeping his hands in his pockets as he turned Satoru’s words over in his head. “Yeah well...Yuuji’s not just someone.” 


Satoru pulled away to look down at Megumi. He wasn’t that much taller than him anymore, but he couldn’t help seeing him as smaller in his vulnerability. Satoru’s urge to coo and coddle him simmering just beneath the surface. 


“Megumi, I’m sorry. You’re right, Yuuji’s not just someone else, the energy he’s brought to us speaks for itself,” Gojo took a moment to pause, wanting to pick his next words carefully. Yuuji was unique to Megumi because he had found him. It was his first experience sensing that connection and it being a success. Gojo cursed himself inwardly for overlooking how he must feel by not being able to care for him. “Yuuji just needs to get past this, just one day I’m sure of it. It’ll be safer for him and us if he does, he’ll be able to know his own instincts more clearly. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need your support, or won’t need you after. That kid has just as much of a bond to you as you to him. Gumi-kun,” Satoru placed Megumi’s chin in his hands, cupping his face to look into his eyes before whispering, “ please trust me honey.” He kissed him sweetly, tenderly, wanting to convey his seriousness in the moment. 


Megumi pulled away first, discreetly wiping a tear away with his long sleeve. “Yeah, I trust you. But as soon as he’s over it, you call me. I want to be there.”


“Of course honey. Let’s go check on him,” Satoru led Megumi into the room. Toge had already returned to Yuuji’s side, the omega tossing and turning in fret.


Gojo-san, I think we should wake him. He’s not calming down this time,” Inumaki explained as he began to shake Yuuji’s shoulder. Yuuji didn’t settle or wake, instead he bagan whining and whimpering.


Megumi crouched above Yuuji’s head to stoke his hair, hoping for a reaction similar to when he woke up. But still Yuuji cried out, tormenting himself in sleep. Megumi felt Satoru sit beside him, a puzzled look on his face. Inumaki turned Yuuji on his side to lay down behind him, gently petting and shaking him in an attempt to wake him. 


Yuujiiiii, sweet Itadori. Honey please wake up. You’re ok - we’re here .” Yuuji whined low and loud in response, “ Hey hey, that’s enough. You’re ok, you’re safe - calm down. ” Toge leaned forward to nip at Yuuji’s scent gland, wanting to calm and focus the younger omega on something more grounding than his dreams. It seemed to work, Yuuji’s breathing calming slightly as whines simmered into panting.


That’s it Yuuji, calm down. I’m right here. Are you awake? You can go back to sleep if you want, I’ll stay here. It’s ok. ” Toge continued to scent him, petting down his sides. He looked up at Satoru, wondering what they should do as Yuuji mewled and settled further.


Megumi felt stress, the pain that flashed across Yuuji’s face now gone, but that didn’t reassure him that they shouldn’t wake him up. “You sure he’s ok staying asleep? That seemed like a long episode, Toge-san.” Yuuji chirped in the back of his throat and pressed himself up against Inumaki again. Megumi smiled at Yuuji’s recognition of his voice. 


Satoru found himself laughing as well. Yuuji’s responsive behavior was cute, his attachment to Megumi apparent. Yuuji whined longingly, a barely audible alpha tumbling out of his lips. Satoru raised his eyebrows. 


Hmm, maybe he is approaching a heat. We should keep him asleep as much as his body will allow it. 


Satoru clicked his tongue resolutely, knowing he needed to help Inumaki calm him down, “Oh what a sweet omega, so so sweet. Settle down little prince - I’m right here.” He brushed his hand down Yuuji’s face, letting Yuuji scent into him. The omega visibility settled, the dominance of his alpha scent working. “That’s it, good boy listening to your alpha. So sweet. Go back to sleep little prince” Satoru smiled down at Yuuji. Inumaki was the only omega in the pack so it had been a while since he had been around someone so sensitive to his scent. He would need to remember that. 


“He’ll pass out in a few moments, I’d help him but I don’t want to accidentally knock him out for too long,” Satoru turned to Megumi, wanting to reassure his earlier concern, “It’s good to let him sleep more, his body is already fighting the changes. His omega instincts seem to be controlling his subconscious.” 


“Do you think he’s getting closer to his heat breaking? What was that?” Megumi asked, raking his hand through Yuuji’s damp locks. His breath had already slowed down and he looked like he was peacefully sleeping, aside from the sweat dripping down him.


“I have a feeling he sensed when we all stepped away. Toge we will probably need to stay around him for the rest of the day. I’ll have Kento bring us some supplies.”


“Salmon,” Inumaki agreed, settling down beside Yuuji, cocooning the younger man in his embrace. Megumi smiled at the pair, his alpha preening at the sight of his two omegas being so docile and cute. 


“Megumi, I think you should get on with your day. Go see Nobara, she’s missed you.” Satoru ran a long finger up his cheekbones, admiring the grace of his pale features before carding through his dark locks and tugging affectionately. 


Fushiguro grimaced at the affection, torn between being defiant and going to see his mate. With a loud sigh, he stood, deciding Satoru was probably right. He’d feel better spending the day with Nobara instead of pacing outside the room. 


Inumaki and Gojo waved at him, sending him soft goodbyes before their attention returned to Yuuji. Megumi smiled to himself as he walked to his bedroom, grateful for his family. 



Nobara came to Megumi’s room as he was toweling his damp hair. He had changed into a pair of black joggers that sat low on his waist, the deep V of his hips bones accentuated. She leaned back against the door and watched him as he fiddled around his space. The introverted alpha was clearly decompressing, the past few days were probably a lot for him. But he still let her in, sharing his energy with her in his most sacred place. Nobara always appreciated these moments with Megumi. 


She couldn’t help wanting to stay still and quiet, respecting the lethargic energy that was swirling around her partner. Each of her alphas was completely different, their second genders meshing beyond personality and into their relationships. She was crazy about all her mates, loving the special connection she had with each of them and the connections she felt they had with each other. But Megumi always plucked her heartstrings a little more than the rest. 


He had been around Gojo for so long, watched as the pack was built up around him. Nobara couldn’t help the pang she felt as she realized how special someone like Yuuji probably was for him. The young omega was someone he felt a deeper personal connection with, like herself with Maki. She knew Megumi loved them, he couldn’t fake the bonding connection they all felt from him. But Nobara has always felt there was a slightly hollow side to Megumi, the alpha not always present or interested in romance. 


“What on earth are you thinking about?” Megumi stopped in front of her, hands on his hips and head cocked to the side. Nobara realized she probably had a very dumb expression on her face, her emotions getting the best of her. Deciding she had no reason to lie, Nobara closed the space between them, wrapping her arms around his slim waist to look up into his dark blue eyes. 


“You. And Yuuji.” He gave her a half smile as she tipped her chin on his bare chest. 


“I see, and what exactly were you thinking about us?” He rested a hand on top of her head, petting affectionately. 


“I’m just happy for you.” 


“Mmmm? I think you’re getting ahead of yourself Nobara.” Megumi let out a huge sigh before resting his forehead on her shoulder. Nobara laughed against him, his downer tendencies always striking her as dramatic and adorable. 


“Ok fine, I’ll ignore it for now. But I’m not going to pretend I don’t see it.”


He grumbled. “See what?”


“Oh I don’t know...the way you’re totally smitten with him. How you’re thinking about him constantly. How I was just forgotten about even though you’ve been gone for over a week.” 


Nobara had peeled away from Megumi as she listed her points off on her fingers. She plopped herself down on his bed, turning to him with squinted eyes, “And don’t think any of us missed how possessively cuddly you were at dinner. Since when did you let anyone give you that much physical affection around other people?!? I AM SO JEALOUS .” Nobara flung her head back dramatically. 


Megumi felt his ears heat. He knew his inner feelings and he was comfortable around his family, but it was still embarrassing to hear how obvious he had been. Was he really acting that much out of character? “You hang on me all the time, all of you do! What do you mean!”


“Megumi, you idiot.” Nobara laughed to herself, voice softening with affection. Instead of elaborating she opened her arms, silently asking for him to join her on the bed. 


He clicked his tongue once, fighting the defiance that bubbled anytime he and Nobara bickered. Megumi crossed the space, laying halfway on top of Nobara as he placed his head on the pillow beside her. They looked at each other, gently touching and patting one another as a comfortable silence fell around them. 


Megumi brushed some of Nobara’s hair back behind her ear as he leaned forward to press his lips to her forehead. 


“I missed you Gumi,” She whispered, not wanting to break the reverence of the moment. 


He pulled away to press their foreheads and noses together, staring into her eyes. Megumi had a lazy smile on, rubbing his thumb across her cheeks. He knew why she was repeating herself and being so affectionate. They all got like this anytime one of them was gone for over a week. It was hard on them, the fear of losing someone...they couldn’t handle that, not again. 


It wasn’t often that any of them had to go alone, but when they did Nobara typically took it the hardest. She had only lived with them for a few years and so much had happened in that time. He pressed a heavy kiss to her mouth at the thought, trying to convey how much he missed her too. 


Nobara hummed at him, slotting her body more closely against him as she wrapped her hands around his back. As their kiss grew deeper she dragged her nails down his ribs earning a small growl and a playful nip to her lower lip. 


Megumi flipped them, hovering over Nobara’s smaller frame as he pressed light kisses down her neck. His thin fingers reached to unbutton her blouse, Nobara’s hands tangling in his unruly locks as she openly panted from the sensitivity. Peeling her shirt open, Megumi grabbed her ribs and held her still as his thumb brushed across her nipple. 


Nobara gasped, the sensation shocking even through her braless tank. She arched her back, chasing his touch as his arm snaked around her entirely, pressing her closely against his chest. Megumi left her neck, his lips, now swollen and pink, pursed, smiling down at her.


“I missed you too, Nobara-chan. My Hanabi,” Megumi kissed her again, his arm around her waist tightening as his other hand held the back of her head, neither of them willing to let go of the other as they made out. Slow open mouth kisses grew deeper and more passionate as they reacquainted with one another, their breath syncing. 


Nobara pulled away first, needing to catch her breath. The two of them laughed lightly, always surprised by how quickly electricity built between them. She reached her hand around to push back his fallen hair. “You know, he likes you too. I think you should have more faith in yourself, you’re a catch Gumi-kun. And saving someone’s life is fucking hot.”


Megumi snorted. “Right, so basically he thinks he owes me.”


“No! Stop being negative. I barely know him but I can already tell you that is not a part of Yuuji’s personality. But you know that already don’t you?”


He dropped his head, hiding in her neck as he muffled out a defeated “Yes.”


Nobara laughed, delighted at how flustered he had gotten. Oh I can’t wait to tease the two of them when they finally get together. For now she opted in poking his side, making him squirm and growl at her playfully. 

“Want to get out for the day? We could go for a hike and grab stuff for dinner on our way back.” Megumi lifted up to kiss her loudly on the cheek, smile back on his gloomy features. 

“Yeah let’s get out of here.”



Chapter Text

  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


 “So Yuuji-kun, what do you think?” Gojo had stopped walking a few paces ahead, turning to lean against the window. He had just finished giving Yuuji a tour of their residential buildings, ending in a familiar hallway. The pack’s private corner of the campus was huge, so huge that Gojo and Nanami were able to live in their own separate houses. Zenin, Kugisaki, and Inumaki all lived in small apartments in the building Yuuji and Gojo were currently touring. It was going to take a while for Yuuji to get used to everything feeling like home; each person’s space was set up as if it was their personal residence. 

Yuuji had asked Gojo why they all lived separately. While he wasn’t exactly expecting a bed big enough for 7 people the members having entirely separate houses was shocking. He assumed they’d be closer to roommates and live under one roof. Gojo had taken his question seriously, thinking about his answer while they walked between destinations. 


“We are a bonded pack. At the end of the day, there’s not many who are more important to us than our mates. But our lifestyle, this job and burden we can be... a lot.” Gojo had stopped walking, gaze burning into Yuuji’s eyes beyond his black mask, “You’ll find we eat together most of the time, and we stay over in each other’s spaces often. The communal building is used the most. Still, everyone deserves the respect of their private home, a place to nest, or share, or seclude from everyone else as much as they wish. Because as much as we are a pack, a family, we are still individuals who experience tragedy and terror daily. And that merits private sanctuary.”

It wasn’t what Yuuji was expecting. Packs weren’t rare, in fact they were typical in larger cities like Tokyo, but this pack was so unique. They ignored so much of the status quo, allowing every member to be themselves in a safe environment to the extent of providing their own homes. How did Yuuji get so lucky? He had lived with the gentle tug at the back of his mind for most of his youth. He was afraid of being someone’s omega, and stuck within that roll. But that fear was evolving more and more into peace and excitement. 


Now at the end of his tour, Yuuji was being asked where he wanted to stay and settle, Gojo suggesting the corner room they were now standing in front of. Yuuji felt like he had been here before, but wasn’t sure as to why. He began to approach the alpha, wanting to inspect the room more when he caught a whiff of something, well someone familiar. 

“Hey Gojo, is this Megumi-kun’s room?” he paused in front of the closed door beside him. 

“Yeah, I thought it might be nice to live in one of the smaller apartments by someone. Since the other three upstairs are all full, this seemed like the perfect room for you!” 

Oh- so that’s why this hallway was so familiar. He had woken up here earlier with Megumi and Nobara...after Megumi had carried him back from his flash heat. Yuuji felt his ears heat at the thought. They weren’t dating but Megumi had made it pretty clear he liked him. This was too forward right? Was it appropriate to get to know someone like Megumi by living next door? 

Wait, wouldn’t that be the same as living next to any of them? Why does living next to Megumi make me nervous? Yuuji looked to Gojo with his questions obvious in his eyes. Yuuji definitely liked the idea of staying by someone, but he wasn’t sure Fushiguro would be fond of the idea. Gojo noticed, but decided to stay silent and let Yuuji figure it out for himself. 

Oh this is going to be too cute. Gojo thought to himself, delighted in the future possibilities that could come from this arrangement. He told himself he wouldn’t mess around with his youngest alpha, but sometimes Fushiguro just needed a little push. 

As if summoned, Megumi appeared in the hallway behind Yuuji. He paused, confused as to why they were waiting outside his room when he noticed the empty unit’s door open beside Gojo. He continued forward, curiously taking in Satoru’s casually smug posture and Yuuji fiddling with the hem of his shirt before inwardly rolling his eyes as he pieced it together. 

“Hey Yuuji. Gojo” He stopped by Yuuji’s side and gave Satoru a small nod. He looked to the empty room beyond his, gesturing at it with his chin before turning back to Yuuji, “Are you taking that room?” Megumi smiled at the blush that spread across Yuuji’s cheeks. 

“Um yeah, I was thinking about it. Gojo-san suggested it.”

“You should, it would be nice to have you around.” Megumi noticed Gojo’s eyebrows raise under his blindfold, clearly surprised that he openly encouraged human company, and smirked. Nothing about their lives was traditional and normal. At some point in the last 12 hours he decided to just fuck it and take what he wanted. And what he wanted was Yuuji around as much as possible. He walked past the omega to head into his own room, turning as he opened the door. 

“Just warning you though, if you’re that close I will be stopping by often. Of course, you’re welcome here anytime as well.” Megumi pressed his tongue in the corner of his mouth, lightly biting the inside of his lip to stop himself from chuckling - the dumbfounded looks on the two men were priceless. Yeah, Megumi was looking forward to taking what he wanted. “Anyway, give me a yell if you need help settling in.” 

And with that he let the door slide shut. 

Yuuji turned to Gojo with wide eyes, an embarrassed smile and laugh on his lips as he scratched the back of his undercut. “Uh yeah, I think this room seems great.” 

Gojo laughed heartily, walking over to wrap his arm around Yuuji’s shoulder. “Alright. Glad that’s decided. Let's go grab your stuff and get you moved in.”


  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Yuuji didn’t have much, Gojo helped him store some of the more tedious family belongings that were left by his grandpa. He didn’t want to destroy what little inheritance there was, but after a lifetime without them, Yuuji didn’t want the reminder of his parents and unknown family hanging around him. No, this was a time for him to embrace his new life, and to make a family for himself. Yuuji smiled at the thought as he grabbed his few possessions and headed back to his new room. 

Gojo led him through the space, clearly enjoying his late afternoon role of tour guide. 

“Ooook so, these lower two rooms are pretty similar. Of course, you have your own bathroom...” Yuuji stepped into the room. Past the small entryway, the space was essentially an open studio. Two big windows looked out into the forest that hugged the edge of the property and draped the room in dancing afternoon light. The furniture was pretty sparse, a small loveseat across from a table with two chairs and a full sized bed the only items provided.

“Do you need some bedding? Maybe we can go pick that out tomorrow. I’ll need to get the paperwork moving on your security so you can leave. I know Nobara’s dying to take you around Tokyo, although she still gets lost constantly. For tonight we can get you some of the house’s spares.” 

Yuuji was fluttering around the space as Gojo talked- opening the built-in closet, peeking in the bathroom, opening a window- but paused at the mention of being able to finally see more of Tokyo. “You mean I’ll be allowed to go out? Yes, that would be amazing!”

“Yeah of course Yuuji-kun, I don’t want you to feel like you’re a hostage. I guess you are in a way, but let’s forget about them , yeah?” Gojo’s smile was tight as he leaned in the doorway. “We’ll work it out in the morning, for now why don’t you start to get unpacked.”

“Thanks Satoru, this is all perfect.”

“I’m glad. And don’t feel like you have to keep the room as is, or any of the furniture. This is your space so let us know what you need to personalize it and we will make it happen!”

Yuuji smiled at him, already opening a few of his boxes in search of his more treasured decorative items. Gojo made his way to the hallway before sticking his head back in the room. “Oh and Yuuji, don’t underestimate how much better unpacking is when you have someone there to help you,” he tilted his head and gave a small glance to the wall between his and Megumi's room before winking and walking away.

Yuuji scoffed, amazed at how forward these people could be. They had been walking on eggshells when he first arrived but it seemed like since his meeting with Inumaki there was no filter left. What was with Megumi? He had been so bashful in front of his pack earlier, but now he was declaring his intentions in front of Gojo? Yuuji didn’t mind, but he felt in over his head. 


With a sigh he headed into his new bathroom and leaned across the counter. He really hadn't taken the time to evaluate his physical appearance the last few days, his time in the bathrooms rarely in front of a mirror. His hair had gotten longer over the past few weeks and was at the point of needing a trim. His body had changed after bonding with Sakuna, the muscles across his form more defined and solid - not that he was lacking before but now they were more prominent, his face slightly more mature. What really struck Yuuji was the differences in his face, the features still strong but the edges a little more soft. He felt there was a glow underneath his skin, his eyes a bit more warm in tone. It was strange, but Yuuji kind of liked the scars beneath his eyes, they framed his face nicely - not that he enjoyed the reminder of having the kind of curses in his head. 

Yuuji let out a deep sigh, running a hand down his face. That’s right. You’re in there aren't you? Yuuji spoke into his mind. Silence greeted him but he knew the thought was received. At this point Yuuji had only swallowed one finger and still Sakuna had intervened with his dreams. He wondered if the king would start making more appearances soon. The thought made him nervous but he steeled himself in the mirror. He knew he was sure in his decision to take on the burden of Sakuna, and now he had the support of the pack around him more than ever. 

He splashed water on his face, washing away the emotions from the day. As the water rolled down his neck he noticed a new glint to his skin. Yuuji pulled away the edge of his hood and realized that his long hidden scent patches had revealed themselves, the skin at the juncture of his neck and shoulder shiny as if it was a burn. He pressed experimentally at the spot and instantly buzzed, his scent spiking and a warmth spreading from the base of his skull. Yuuji frowned, he would have to ask Toge about releasing and controlling his scent later. 

“Alright Itadori, get a hold of yourself. He already invited you and Satoru had told you to ask as well. Just go over there, no big deal.” Yuuji stared himself down in the mirror. It had been a while since he’d had to give himself this sort of pep talk and he felt a little silly doing so. Slapping his cheeks lightly, he headed into the hallway to knock on Megumi’s door. 


  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


He couldn’t do it. Yuuji lifted his hand to knock and found his arm frozen mid air. What if Megumi was sleeping? Maybe he left while he and Gojo were moving his things in, or maybe he had lost interest, or was too tired to hang out with Yuuji all day and evening? Yuuji could feel his nerves solidifying like ice, he was petrified from both moving away and towards Megumi. All he had to do was knock and ask. It was ok if Megumi said no and Yuuji knew he wouldn’t. He also knew the alpha wouldn’t say yes if he wasn’t interested. So why couldn’t he knock?

Yuuji wasn’t sure how long he stood there before the door opened for him. Megumi leaned against the doorway with his arms folded and a playful smile on his lips. Yuuji swallowed loudly, stupidly lowering his hand as his gaze raked down Megumi’s form, noting the small bit of tummy that was revealed as the alpha’s crossed arms pulled up the hem of his t-shirt. 

“Hey Yuuji, did you need something?”  Yuuji’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You knew I was out here?”

“I could smell you hovering. Are you ok? Why is your scent so stressed?” There was kindness in the tone, but Yuuji noted the teasing smile in Megumi’s eyes. 

Letting out a defeated sigh, Yuuji scratched the back of his head and looked sheepishly up at Megumi, “Would you want to...well, I’m unpacking so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out while I did so. You don’t have to help! I would be nice to have your company.”

Megumi’s smile got the tiniest bit brighter. Any hope for him getting a handle on his crush flew out the window, Yuuji’s resolve all but melting at the sight. Megumi stepped away from the door and nosed affectionately once into the top of Yuuji’s head before walking towards Yuuji’s room. “Yeah l like hanging around you too.” Yuuji huffed a laugh, bristled by Megumi’s playfulness as he trotted behind him. 

Megumi helped himself to the small couch, watching as Yuuji began to nervously unpack the top few boxes. “Isn’t this your first time moving? You have less than I imagined.” Megumi frowned at the few boxes that were stacked in the middle. This was all Yuuji had?

“It’s true. I’ve lived in the same house my whole life. But Gramps and I didn’t have much. Satoru let me store some of the inherited stuff, I didn’t want to look at it.” Yuuji explained as he unpacked clothes into the wardrobe. Megumi took note of the style - mostly hoodies and soft sweaters. He smiled to himself, finding it cute that his omega liked to be cozy. 

“Is it weird? To move after all this time?” Megumi asked quietly, knowing too well what it was like to leave behind everything tethered to your family.

Yuuji was thoughtful for a moment, moving the now empty boxes by the door. “Not really. When Gramps passed it was hard to be in the house. I’m sure if I had stayed I would have adjusted or moved anyway. But this just kind of feels right on time. I can’t imagine a different path for myself.” 

Megumi’s heavy stare followed Yuuji around the room, his confession brewing a possessiveness that the alpha barely found surprising. The idea of Yuuji being up anywhere else besides next door to him ridiculous. 

Suddenly he was standing and crossing the room to Yuuji. He entered into the omega's personal space so quickly that Yuuji froze, letting Megumi hug him from behind. They stood that way for a moment, Megumi folding himself around Yuuji’s back. 

Slowly he pulled away, his voice a gentle growl, “We... I want you to be as comfortable as possible Yuuji. You’ll let me know if you need anything?”

Yuuji’s throat was suddenly dry, so instead of answering he smiled and nodded. He stepped away from Megumi, inhaling a shuddering breath and got to work opening another box. Megumi hummed to himself, noting the rare shyness appearing in the omega's posture - everything Yuuji did was cute to him. It was going to be difficult to keep his hands to himself. 

Instead of helping, the alpha stepped behind Yuuji, hovering over his shoulder as he peeked at the contents of the box. Yuuji grabbed a few of the books and headed towards one of the built-ins to start lining them up. Megumi followed suit, staying as close as possible to Yuuji as he walked. They continued like this until two more of Yuuji’s boxes were empty. Yuuji rolled his eyes the third time he took a step back and was met with Megumi’s chest. This time he stopped to turn around fully.

“Hey Megumi.”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I don’t really mind, but are you hovering for a reason?”

“Oh, am I in the way?”

“No it’s not that, but you really don’t have to help. Or stay this close.” Yuuji smiled up at Megumi, a question in his quirked eyebrow as he poked Megumi's chest. 

“This is fun for me.” Megumi leaned forward, his lips centimeters from Yuuji’s. 

“Fun for you... is following around your new neighbor as he unpacks?” Yuuji held his ground, eyes challenging Megumi’s as the alpha leaned in. 

“It is when he’s this cute...when he smells this good.” Megumi officially crossed into Yuuji’s bubble, the omega softly gasping as his last words were mouthed against his neck. “Yuuji, you really are something else, don’t you think you’re being a little reckless?”

Yuuji shuddered, Megumi having punctuated his question nipping lightly at his neck. “What do you mean?” He whispered into Megumi’s shoulder. 

“Well here you are, moving in next to an alpha without a concern. Letting me stand by your side as you nest...isn’t it a bit, presumptuous?” Megumi reached up to cup Yuuji’s face, holding him still as he let the implications of his words settle between them. 

Swallowing back a groan, Yuuji pressed a hand to Megumi’s chest and boldly met his eyeline. “Should I be concerned, Fushiguro?”

“Maybe, after all I’ve been in your room for an hour now. You’ve let me hug you, and touch your things. You’re driving me crazy Yuj.”

Yuuji took a breath, the butterflies in his stomach thundering through his pulse. He leaned in, his nose just touching Megumi’s. “Well then, maybe you should go crazy.”

Megumi all but growled, leaning his forehead against Yuuji in an attempt to scent the omega. His alpha clawing forward in a need to make Yuuji’s room, his belongings, Yuuji himself all smell like him. Yuuji mewled, shutting his eyes at the attention. The past hour had made him anxious. The anticipation of having Megumi around as he nested causing his omega to buzz incessantly. He didn’t mind this, Megumi’s face rubbing on his as he smelled more and more like the alpha, Yuuji feeling safe and protected. 

Soft, moist lips met his, a moan sighing into the breath they shared. The hands that had cupped his face held him in place as gentle thumbs circled soothingly into his cheeks. Yuuji leaned into the warm palms as he kissed back, something unsaid being answered between the two of them. 

Megumi pulled away to catch his breath. He stared into Yuuji's eyes, large and glassy, their bright amber hidden behind blown pupils. Yuuji’s tan complexion deepened by the bloom that spread down his neck. He dragged a thumb across Yuuji’s lower lip, wet and plump, tracing the motion with his eyes before leaning in to capture his mouth once more. Yuuji groaned as he sensed Megumi’s scent spike and he felt the familiar trickle of slick down his thigh. Unfiltered whines snuck from Yuuji's lips, his shaky hands clasping into Megumi's shirt as he lost himself to his instincts. 

Their scents began to mix together, bright and sweet honeysuckle lacquering against strong and purposeful mahogany. Megumi pulled away again, just barely, to let his nose teasingly slide down the omega’s. Their skin barely touching as they shared shaky breaths, the intimacy between them building before Yuuji pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Megumi shivered as he leaned into it, he licked and nipped gently at Yuuj’s bottom lip, trying to get him to open his mouth. When he did, Megumi’s tongue entered, taking his time exploring, tasting. He moved his hands to the omega’s sides, lightly rubbing his ribs and pulling him closer. 

Yuuji couldn’t help the whine as he felt chills ripple across his skin. He snaked his hands around Megumi’s neck, threading his hands into the soft hair as he pressed into their kiss. A desperate moan slipped out as their kiss turned wet; teeth and tongue fighting as they raced to taste one another. Megumi slid his hands down, gripping Yuuji’s hips as he pressed his cock against him. Both of them groaned as they felt the heat of the other. Yuuji’s head rolled to the side, the alpha kissing down his throat as he walked them backwards to the bed. 

Megumi released the omega long enough to sit against the headboard and pull him onto his lap. His hands returned to Yuuji’s waist, holding him against his chest as he resumed wetly kissing down the column of Yuuji’s neck. Yuuji openly panted, hands raising to grip onto Megumi’s shoulders as he rocked his hips down. They groaned, both stilling as they felt their erections graze one another. 

Yuuji’s voice was quiet, the buzzing in his head so loud he couldn’t think clearly, “Gumi...ah...Gumi ‘stoo much.” He took a shuddering breath as Megumi released his neck. “‘M sorry I want to, but it’s just too much.”

Megumi smiled, gently cupping Yuuji’s flushed face as he kissed him tenderly. “Hey Yuj, it’s ok baby boy. No need to apologize.”

Yuuji smiled back at the name, kissing Megumi back softly as he regained his breath. Megumi pulled away again to study his face, a thumb wiping across his chin and lower lip. “I’m sorry baby boy, I forgot how sensitive you’d be. I just can’t help myself around you. Want to lay here and scent while you calm down?”

Yuuji nodded, leaning in to bury himself in Megumi’s neck. He felt the alpha chuckle against him, strong arms wrapping around his waist as he leaned back into the bed frame. Megumi reached a hand up to run through Yuuji’s undercut, occasionally brushing through the longer pink locks. He placed his other hand under Yuuji’s hoodie, holding the small of his back protectively against him. Yuuji swooned, nipping at Megumi’s neck. 

Megumi laughed again, “Hey baby boy, you happy? You're purring a lot.” Yuuji started, unaware that he had begun purring at all. He rarely did and he’d never done it out of pure instinct. Megumi seemed to have a nack for bringing that out “Don’t stop, it’s cute. Makes your alpha happy, you're happy.”

Any embarrassment Yuuji had been feeling washed away. He tightened his grip around Megumi and sighed contently. What little unpacking was left could wait until tomorrow. He was more than happy to spend the evening laughing and scenting with his neighbor, his friend, his alpha. 

  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Chapter Text

  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


This was Yuuji’s fifth official day of his new sorcerer schedule. Every morning began with combat training - rarely with the same person. The pack had resumed their own work, so Yuuji was passed around to whoever was available. This week he had also been introduced to the institute director Yaga and his...Panda. 

Because Yuuji had remained physically and athletically gifted after presenting, he wasn’t sure if his talents had only stayed because of the suppressants. He could definitely notice the changes in his body now that he was attuned to his omega instincts. Yuuji’s sensitivity to and intuition of others were heightened, a side of him he specifically noted using his martial arts. Nanami had given him a stern lecture (definitely intended to encourage and praise him, but Yuuji couldn't help feeling scolded) about how omegas were capable of plenty of physical feats. Because those talents and behaviors were often discouraged in society there wasn’t much representation. Of course there was always the occasional professional athlete and omegas were accepted into the workforce, but most omegas remained physically diminutive to their beta and alpha counterparts. 

The entire pack encouraged Yuuji to go all out and train his hardest, Inumaki being his first example of how strong a prepared omega can be against others. In fact, the majority of the pack seemed impressed with how fast Yuuji was able to pick up their various fighting techniques; the only person who had ever seen him fight previously being Megumi. 

Yuuji was enjoying his training sessions, the others (especially Maki and Kento) were terrifying, but he could tell he was becoming stronger. His evenings were spent following a strict workout routine and perfecting the morning lessons. Because so much of his time was being used only on improving his physique - he was truly exhausted. He loved the feeling, it had been so long since he was able to truly see that he had value and he was refining that special ability each and every day. 

Today, however, began a bit differently. He woke up to Gojo waiting outside his room where he was quickly whisked away for a walk across the grounds. Gojo filling the silence between them with some weird explanation about why Yuuji was still wanted dead because he was a “threat,” and a bunch of other vaguely concerning details sandwiched between pretty metaphors in a Satoru-style monologue. All of which confused Yuuji too much to really comprehend what he was being told. Which is why Yuuji now found himself staring at the blindfolded white haired man holding out a finger of Sakuna as if it was a morning pastry.

“You want me to eat this, but you stole it?”

“That’s right. We still have no idea if the first one was a fluke or not. Until we can prove you can handle more of Sakuna, however much that may be, I can’t get your paperwork to move. Annnnd even though you agreed to it, no one wants me to give it to you.”

“Huh. Yeah ok, let’s do this.” Yuuji took the finger, releasing a large breath before knocking back the entire thing in one gulp. He immediately hunched over, collapsing in on himself as his reflexes gagged. Gojo watched as Sakuna flashed over the young omega’s features, his body cackling with delight as power returned to him and was over. Yuuji was back coughing and complaining about the taste with no trace of the king of curses remaining. 

Gojo smiled at him, pleased that Yuuji remained as strong as he predicted. “Well that seems like a success, how do you feel?”

“Normal I guess. I feel like I can hear him in my head though. I have a suspicion he’s going to be annoying.”

“Me. Annoying? You brat, do you have any idea what I am capable of, who I am? When I get full control over this body I swear -” Yuuji’s eyes bugged out at the mouth that appeared on the side of his face. He slapped a hand over it before the curse could continue berating him. Gojo looked at him amused, eyebrows raised beyond his veil. 

“Ok. So maybe I’m not so normal after all,” Yuuji looked up guiltily at Gojo, unsure of how the sorcerer would take this development. 

“How amusing. Well Yuuji, I think this is a sign that we should increase your training so you can learn to handle cursed energy.” Gojo reached across the stone table they were seated at and linked hands with Yuuji, “Close your eyes for a sec.”

Yuuji complied, feeling the air around him swirl. He opened his eyes again when he felt Satoru pull away from him, suddenly finding himself in the middle of the sitting room where they had previously watched a movie all piled together. He took a seat on the cream couch and gave Satoru a quizzical look. 

“Yuuji-kun, you remember our lesson on cursed energies and cursed techniques, correct?” Gojo asked, pulling out a creepy doll from somewhere in the room before sitting down next to Yuuji.

Yuuji sighed, remembering both the conversation and the disappointing realization that he would not have “super powers” any time soon.  He knocked his head back against the couch, knee tapping impatiently. “Yeah, I do.”

Gojo did his best to hide his smile at Yuuji’s sweet pouting, this was serious after all. “Ok then Yuuji-kun, meet your new friend.” He handed the creepy doll to Yuuji. “This cursed corpse is going to help you train to channel your cursed energy using the best technique - movie watching! You’ll have to keep that doll still while experiencing all sorts of emotions.”

“That’s it? I just have to keep feeding it my cursed energy? Seems simple enough, what should I start with -'' Yuuji had turned his attention to the projector’s menus Gojo was pulling up for them when the doll jumped to life and punched him square in the jaw. “OW - what the hell!”

“Like I said, you’ll need to keep a constant stream of cursed energy to keep that cutie asleep. As for where you should start, how about something exhilarating to get your morning started! I’ll go grab some breakfast for us, I can hang out for a few hours but then everyone will be leaving for the day.”

“You’re all heading out?” Yuuji tried not to pout. He knew this was normal, people worked - he trained. He had been spoiled when he first arrived, getting everyone's attention for a full four days. Now he was eating lunches alone and dinners had less and less people each night. 

Truthfully, Yuuji was mostly frustrated that he hadn’t had another chance to see Megumi, the alpha out later than he was able to stay awake with his training and Yuuji felt too uncomfortable to bother him while he slept through the mornings. He briefly thought about waiting for him in his room one night but then thought better of it, deciding that some passionate make outs and mutual groping did not warrant the need to stalk Megumi. He didn’t want to be a bad neighbor. Yuuji let out a deep sigh, alluding to his deeper frustration more than he realized. 

Gojo smiled brightly, sadistically pleased at his frustrated pink omega. It was obvious what was disappointing Yuuji so much because he had heard a matching sigh all week. Maybe Gojo needed to take on a little extra work so his precious youngest alpha could...relieve some of their mutual frustrations. 

He clapped as he stood up, shit eating grin making him look like a maniac in contrast to Yuuji’s slumped loneliness, “Yes, this is a very busy time of year for us, which means you should work that much harder! We don’t want our sweet prince left behind!” 

With that Satoru sauntered out of the room to make good on his promise of breakfast. Yuuji sighed one more time, concentrating his breath as the doll in hand began to twitch to life, and started shuffling through the thriller movie options. 

  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙


Yuuji ended up spending the next three days alone watching movies. He was definitely getting better, the doll hadn’t woken up once today with Gojo randomly popping into the room using his technique and  bored Toge attempting to sneak up on him multiple times. The only one reacting was Yuuji, often jumping and yelling that they should find something better to do, while the doll remained unbothered. 

By early evening Yuuji began to nod off. The hours of stimulation drained him completely. He was both wired from being physically inactive and exhausted from watching a day's worth of movies and television. Slowly he passed out, slumping sideways on the cream couch while some 80’s gore movie blasted in the room around him. 


He had no idea how long he had passed out for, but when he woke up again a lamp was turned on and the projector was rolled up. A hand was shaking him and as he slowly woke up he realized it belonged to Megumi, the alpha gently urging him awake. 

“Hey Yuuji, long time no see kid.” Megumi was crouching by his face, affection apparent in his eyes and Yuuji briefly wondered how long he had been there before finally waking him. Yuuji sat up slowly, setting the doll he had cuddled with to the side to wipe the sleep from his face. He yawned and stretched, locking his arms behind his head to lear up at Megumi now standing above him. 

“And here I figured you were avoiding me. I’ve never had such an allusive neighbor before.” Yuuji smirked and used the moment to take in his friend’s appearance. Megumi seemed more rugged than the last time they saw each other. There was a new scar across his left hand and his skin was tinted grey with a lack of sleep. He had probably been away for at least two days and Yuuji didn’t even realize. He otherwise looked normal, dressed in his usual all black jeans and oversized t-shirt, hair wild as always. 

Megumi laughed at him before slumping roughly into the couch beside Yuuji, revealing a meal for two set out on the coffee table behind him. “I didn’t think you’d miss me this much, you must really have it bad for me.” The alpha rocked his head to the side to return Yuuij’s smirk. 

Yuuji’s ears flushed, a heat spreading across the back of his neck. Flirting didn’t usually get him this nervously worked up but Megumi had a talent for bringing out the strangest reactions. He coughed, hiding a pleased smile behind his hand before leaning forward to inspect the food before them. “You have no idea. Did you bring me dinner?” 

Staying in his reclined position so he could watch Yuuji, Megumi bit his lip to stop a ridiculously wide smile from spreading across his face. Did Yuuji really just admit to missing me? “Yeah, it’s almost 9. Everyone’s schedules have been crazy so I don’t think there was a formal dinner today. But I figured you hadn’t eaten, I hope you don’t mind.”

Yuuji’s eyes widened, taking in the beautiful arrangement prepared for gỏi cuốn. Megumi had even prepared a small kettle of tea for them to share, the nights still chilly this time of the year. “Did you prepare all of this yourself?” He turned to look at the alpha, touched that he would set out a full meal just for the two of them. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty easy to get salad rolls ready though.” Megumi’s blush was barely perceptible but Yuuji caught it. The alpha ducted his head and slid to the floor, slotting himself underneath the table to begin dipping a sheet of rice paper and setting it out on Yuuji’s plate. Yuuji slid down next to him hesitantly grabbing Megumi’s knee.

“Thank you Gumi-kun. This is really nice. I did, you know?” Megumi laid his hand on top of Yuuji’s and squeezed lightly. He gave Yuuji a questioning look, brows furrowing. “I missed you.”

Megumi smiled at him, leaning into Yuuji to scent him briefly. “I missed you too.” He whispered into Yuuji’s neck, kissing him briefly before pulling away to begin his own roll. 

Yuuji was pleased, a boring evening of training turned into one of the best dates he could remember. Megumi complimented him on his improvement, controlling his cursed energy and Yuuji asked about his work from the last week. He was happy to hear that Gojo had given Megumi the next few days off and that Megumi wanted to help with some of Yuuji’s training, or more importantly to Yuuji - Megumi would finally be around during meals and night hours. Their hallway was a little too quiet for Yuuji’s liking after so recently confessing to the alpha. 


After they ate Megumi pulled him from the dark room, hands clasped together tightly as if Megumi was afraid Yuuji would slip away. The alpha turned into parodied stealth, dramatically sneaking around corners and pretending to be in danger anytime Yuuji let a giggle sneak out. They snuck around the hallways and occupied rooms as if they were escaping, Megumi giving no reason as to why they were avoiding being seen. 

Yuuji didn’t mind, the silliness of the behavior bubbling up in him so much that when they finally made it out onto the lawn, Megumi dragging him by the waist and wrist, Yuuji lost it. Doubling over so that Megumi was supporting most of his weight as he cackled and laughed, only laughing harder as Megumi joined in. The two of them collapsed under a big oak tree, backs pinched with rocks and sticks as they faced the clear night sky, stars bright and glowy as they laughed and curled against one another. Yuuji wrapped his leg over Megumi’s, his head on the alpha’s arm that was holding him close, Yuuji hugging Megumi’s chest as they both settled to look at the stars.

Megumi let out a long sigh, content with the omega warm in his arms as he absently combed through his pink hair. “Man, it’s been a while since I’ve felt this relaxed.”

Yuuji curled into the alpha’s side more, hand reaching up to catch a floating petal in the night wind. He hummed thoughtfully, “You all put your life on the line so often, it surprises me you don’t get more time in between jobs. You must be so tired.”

“It’s not that bad. It’s our lifestyle so while it’s more consuming than some normal job, it’s also more meaningful. We’re only overworked because there are so few sorcerers.” Megumi squeezed his side, “People like you help with that burden, although I am sorry you got dragged into this world.”

“I’m happy I was. I really don’t think my life would have much meaning otherwise. It’s well worth having this grumpy asshole in my head.”

“Don’t say it like that Yuuji, no more talking down to yourself,” Megumi pressed a purposefully kiss to the top of Yuuji’s head.

How sweet, little omega shitting on me under the stars. How are you keeping your pants on? Yuuji groaned, rubbing at his forehead as if he had a headache.

“Sakuna, please shut the hell up.”

Megumi tensed beneath him. “Has he been talking to you a lot?”

“Yeah, it’s been weirdly nice to have his company the past few days. Although he doesn’t appreciate any movies, which is annoying.”

You brat, I’ve told you - I require quality ~entertainment. Yuuji pointedly ignored the implication Sakuna applied to the word “entertainment” along with the flashes he provided of Megumi’s hands on his body, his lips pressing on his - Yuuji sat up, shaking his head free of Sakuna.

Megumi sat up with him, concern obvious as he rubbed Yuuji’s back. “You ok Yuj?”

Yuuji felt his neck flush, Megumi’s proximity not helping his sudden...problem. He coughed to clear his throat, too embarrassed to meet Megumi’s eye line as he spoke, “Yeah, yeah. Sakuna just caught me off guard.”

“Is he being cruel? Yuuji, you have to let us know if he gets to be too much.” Megumi reached to grab Yuuji’s chin and look into his eyes. He wanted to confirm Yuuji wasn’t in distress when he noticed the flush spread across Yuuji’s cheeks and the sweet sprike of plum in the air. He rubbed a thumb across Yuuji’s cheek experimentally and gasped as Yuuji silently moaned and leaned into his hand. 

Megumi leaned forward, knocking their heads together and holding the omega’s face, closer than they had been in days. “Yuuji,” Megumi’s voice dripped with thinly veiled desire, “Just what was it Sakuna said to you?”

Yuuji whined, licking his lips as he stared at Megumi’s mouth, “He didn’t - ah, he - well it was more like what he showed me.”

Megumi sucked in a breath, thumbing reaching around to drag across Yuuji’s bottom lip. “Hmmm, and what did he show you, baby boy?”

Yuuji shut his eyes at the endearment, shiver running up his spine when he opened them again. Megumi’s breath puffing onto his face as his dark stare bore into him. “He showed me you. Us. The last time -” another shudder ran through Yuuji as Sakuna supplied the memory again, “The last time we were together.”

The corner of Megumi’s mouth twitched ever so slightly. Sakuna, you creepy bastard, Megumi thought. He couldn’t decide if he should be annoyed or grateful that Sakuna was able to get this reaction from Yuuji. Instead of overthinking it Megumi closed the space between them, crashing his lips into Yuuji’s. Yuuji’s hands shot up, grabbing onto Megumi’s shirt as the alpha knocked them back down onto the earth. He kissed Yuuji slowly and purposefully, feeling his own slightly chapped lips pillowed by Yuuji’s soft pink ones. He scooped the omega up by the neck, protectively gripping his nape in a way that pulled a deep pur from Yuuji. 

He kissed him longingly, pressing his passion and desire into each kiss, licking at Yuuji’s top lip like a hungry man. He wanted desperately to convey his emotions, trying to tell him, show him how much he was missed. He too had thought of their last meeting over the past few days. 

Megumi could be patient, he would wait for Yuuji every day he asked, so that when Yuuji opened up for him he would be ready and available. But Megumi had never courted a new member of their pack. The last week had been so comically painful and drawn out, he wondered if it was normal or if he was finding out that, despite all of his detachment, he was actually the clingy type. 

Yuuji sighed beneath him, as if understanding his emotions and intent, clinging onto Megumi just as needily. When they finally broke apart Yuuji was flushed, his lips swollen and glossy, his eyes teary and dilated. Megumi scented him, groaning as his sweet omega scent affected him so much more than just a few days ago. He heard Yuuji gasp beneath him and realized he had accidentally released his own alpha scent, Yuuji purring at him as he nipped Megumi back. 

“Yuuji, do you want to stay over tonight?” Megumi asked hesitantly. He didn’t want to push Yuuji too far. He was confident that they liked each other but Yuuji was still finding his place here, maybe it was too soon to be so intimate. 

Without hesitation Yuuji replied, “Yes.” 

He leaned up to kiss the alpha sweetly, laughing as Megumi playfully growled and lifted Yuuji up over his shoulder. “GUMI! Let me down! NOW!” Yuuji swatted at the alpha’s back until he sat him down on his own feet.

In a fit of laughter and tangled limbs the two of them crossed the lawn, pausing to kiss every few steps, Megumi growling out any time Yuuji tried to run ahead of him. They crept under Kento’s windows, laughing too loudly to really go unnoticed but the pair couldn’t be bothered to quell their amusement of sneaking around at night. 


When they finally made it to Megumi’s room the alpha pressed him against the wall, nuzzling and nipping into Yuuji’s neck, his hands roaming over the omega before lifting him up. Yuuji instinctively wrapped his legs around Megumi’s waist, arms around his neck as he panted out, the alpha still licking and aggravating his scent gland. Yuuji could feel his arousal building, smelling his own slick as one of Megumi’s hands slid down to cradle his ass. 

“Fuck - Yuuji, you smell so good. God I’ve missed you.” Yuuji could only whine in reply, holding onto Megumi tighter as the alpha walked him towards his bed. 

Megumi reached for Yuuji’s shirt, eyes questioning and waiting for Yuuji’s nod of permission. Carefully he stripped the omega of the large t-shirt, groaning out at the chest revealed beneath it. Megumi couldn’t help but stroke down Yuuji’s torso, thumb tracking and pressing in all the toned hallows of muscle. 

Yuuji reached for him, pulling the alpha on top of him. He moaned out as Megumi captured his mouth, licking into the alpha’s as their tongues pressed together. Yuuji reached between them, wanting to unbutton Megumi’s pants. The alpha realized what he was trying to accomplish and pulled away, removing his own as Yuuji did the same. 

With the omega now only in his briefs, Megumi kneeled between his legs to take in the sight of him. He grabbed one of Yuuji’s legs and kissed his ankle, groaning and he messaged the tense muscle in his calf. Yuuji squirmed, reaching out for the alpha as Megumi kissed his way down the leg. When he reached the hem of Yuuji’s briefs he let the omega pull him back up, Yuuji’s kiss messy and needy. 

“Gumi, ‘want you. Please Gumi.” Yuuji breathed into Megumi’s mouth, hips rocking to meet the alpha’s. 

Megumi sighed, “I’m here baby, want you too.” He reached between them, pulling at Yuuji’s underwear. The omega lifted his hips, helping Megumi slide the clothing off his legs and onto the pile on the floor. Yuuji’s cock sprang free, slick sticky between his thighs. His eyes were hooded with want as Megumi’s gaze swept predatorily across his naked body. 

Fuck. Yuuji. You’re so beautiful. So so pretty.”

“No I’m not,” Yuuji hid his face in the crook of his elbow, flush reaching his collarbones from how exposed he felt. Yuuji couldn’t face it, couldn’t handle the praise and love so openly given to him, he felt so vulnerable and undeserving. 

Megumi turned his lower lip in a frown, pressing the omega back against the bed as he settled over Yuuji, knees on either side of Yuuji’s hips. He smoothed a hand up Yuuji’s taught torso, thumb rubbing over Yuuji’s nipple deliberately, Yuuji shivering. Megumi cocked his head to the side, appreciating how Yuuji’s smaller frame was still more broad and defined than his own, compact and powerful. “Who told you you weren’t pretty?”

Yuuji couldn’t respond, his insecurity and hidden dysmorphia taunting him in the back of his consciousness. His gut twirled and swooped in discomfort, Yuuji wanting to look away and hide from the attention but can’t, not when Megumi’s looking at him with so much tenderness and compassion. The crease between his hooded eyes has Yuuji feeling guilty, a mental war between denying the praise and blaming himself for Megumi’s concern, flustering the pink omega. 

If Megumi can tell, he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t push him for a response, instead leaning down to press whispers of kisses all over Yuuji’s quivering belly. Yuuji sucks in a large breath, Megumi’s lips ghosting across his abs as his left hand tweeks at his nipple. He feels Megumi's smile at his reaction, kissing his way up to his other nipple as his hands move to pet up and down Yuuji’s sides. A lick and small suck is all the warning Yuuji gets before teeth scrape across his peck and Megumi bites down. Yuuji letting out an incoherent yell, words stuttering before they’re formed. 

“Every little inch of you is gorgeous, baby boy,” Megumi tells him, sucking against a bite he’s left just above Yuuji’s left nipple. The sensation sends electricity to his neck and down his spine, his skin tingling and body curving to meet and touch and submit to Megumi. 

“I bet Sakuna’s loves having a vessel as pretty as you. Our little prince, so breathtakingly perfect,” Yuuji took in a shuddering breath, the praises coming too quickly for him to protest or deny them. Megumi’s presence still holding him down as his lips pressed against his chest and shoulders. 

He’s right, you silly boy. You think I’d combine with someone not worthy? Such a pretty boy Yuuji, do well and listen to your alpha. Yuuji cried out, Sakuna’s voice violating him in such a private moment. He felt wetness on his lashes, his pathetic attempt convincing himself he didn’t need...didn’t want Sakuna’s validation lost before he could really lie to himself. Megumi glanced up at him through his lashes, pulling away from his task of kissing every inch of Yuuji’s exposed chest to assess Yuuji’s flushed face. He hummed in understanding, piecing together the silent presence of Sakuna. He didn’t like the idea of sharing Yuuji right now, but maybe it would help to break the omega out of this pit of self depreciation. 


“Look at these arms,” Megumi continued, a hand sliding up from Yuuji’s shoulder. Megumi’s slender fingers taking the time to caress and trace each of Yuuji’s muscles before leaning down to press a kiss to Yuuji’s bicep. He dragged his lips up the length of his arm, placing Yuuji’s palm to his lips before kissing each of his fingers. Megumi’s thumb and middle fingers slipped easily around Yuuji’s wrist, holding it preciously. “Look at these muscles, your delicate wrists, so, so pretty.” He pressed a kiss to the pulse inside of Yuuji’s wrist, dropping his arm carefully as he began caressing and squeezing the top of Yuuji’s hips, Megumi’s legs gripping around Yuuji’s strong thighs.

“You're so thick Yuuji, just right.” Yuuji moaned, Megumi leaning down to kiss up the column of his neck, his tongue laving at his scent gland before kissing back down to his heaving chest. Megumi sucked and nibbled at Yuuji’s collarbones, marking them in a rosary of his ministrations. Yuuji’s shaky hands reached up to clasp onto Megumi’s shoulders, the rest of his body stuck beneath the alpha. 

“I could kiss your collarbones all day,” Megumi continued beathily, sucking a final bruise against Yuuji’s scent gland, Yuuji arching to the pleasure as he felt his scent spike. He could tell Megumi’s own answer, their scents mixing as their joined arousal built between them. It had been a long evening of this game, the subtle flirting and tension building since dinner. Yuuji already felt spent, his mind and emotions frayed in the best way, his thoughts fuzzy on the edges as he focused only on Megumi’s voice and the electric spots where their skin met. But Megumi seemed to only gain more focus, his attention never waning from Yuuji’s every breath or reaction, his sharp eyes devouring every moan and twitch Yuuji gave, hungrily creating more, touching more, praising more, Yuuji gasping beneath him. He could no longer tell if he was really heaving for air or if he was panting for Megumi, body needing and wanting more, more, more

When Megumi was satisfied with his markings around Yuuji’s scent gland, he began kissing down his jaw, pausing to nose and lick his adam’s apple before kissing down the other side. “And look at how strong your jaw is, so sharp,” Megumi kissed across Yuuji’s face, “I love your cheekbones, these little scars that show how brave and strong you are. Only you can control someone as scary as Sakuna, my brave omega.” Yuuji squirmed, feeling the warm mental presence of Sakuna caressing the back of his mind. Where the king of curses would normally remind Yuuji he was little more than a bug tonight he was loving on Yuuji, affirming every praise Megumi gave him.

No one could look as pretty as you with those scars, your cute nose. Your pretty hair falls so beautifully down your face. Don’t fight it Yuuji. Such a sweet omega. Yuuji was crying at this point, the quiet tears his body’s protest as praise was forced on him from the beautiful man above him and the voice within, Sakuna’s gruff drawl replacing his own intrusive thoughts. 

Megumi wiped the tears away, tongue tracing over Yuuji’s upper lip. “But your mouth. God - your mouth is the prettiest, isn’t it? I think about kissing it a lot. Most of this week, actually. How soft and powerful those lips are, such a pretty shade of pink. So hard for me to not just kiss them everytime I see you and that gorgeous smile of yours”

Yuuji’s heaving, trying not to burst out sobbing but Megumi’s not finished, he’s kissing Yuuji slowly, licking his mouth open. Yuuji claws at Megumi’s shoulders, earning a small growl as Megumi lays flush against him. Megumi’s hands caress Yuuji’s face and he licks and bites and sucks into Yuuji’s mouth, their kiss desperate and messy. Yuuji’s neediness building and still Megumi pressed on, “My baby’s got such gorgeous eyes, the most perfect shade of amber. I can’t wait to see them in every expression.” 

The alpha sits back, hand raking down Yuuji’s side as he lightly scratches the taught flushed muscles. “And look at these pecs,” finger dragging between the outline of Yuuji’s muscles, “Your cute little nipples. I bet they’d look gorgeous with some jewels. Mmm, and these shoulders, so sturdy. Your strong back, all down to this tiny, tiny waist.” Megumi squeezes Yuuji’s side as he says it, devouring the moans and whines that Yuuji’s panting out. “I bet you’d look so handsome if Satoru dressed you up in a pretty suit, shoulders so broad and waist so slim. You’d fill it out so well. You’d like that Yuuji? Your head alpha dressing you up so nicely so that I can tear you out of it later.”

“Megumi please. Please Alpha,” Yuuji’s sobbing, his shaking hands covering his face as hot tears slip down, completely overwhelmed by all of Megumi’s attention. Megumi continues to trail kisses and little marks as he works his way down Yuuji’s torso, sucking in a nipple as he rolls it between his teeth. Megumi rocking against Yuuji’s side but pointendly avoiding where Yuuji wanted him most. Yuuji’s heaving in big breaths, trying to keep up as Megumi tells him how much he loves Yuuji’s belly, The alpha nipping and biting down roughly hard above Yuuji’s hipbone. Yuuji shouts and feels his erection twitch, his hands grasping the pillow beneath him. Megumi licks at the mark he’s left, nose nuzzling into the skin there in possessive apology. Yuuji can barely hear Sakuna’s coo’s and encouragements over his own laborious breath, but one thing was certain - the curse would not be giving him any privacy right now and Yuuji liked it.

“God baby boy, your thighs are definitely my favourite,” Megumi breathes, kissing the tender skin at the insides of Yuuji’s legs, so close to Yuuji’s cock and Megumi decided to tease him, licking a sudden wet stripe up Yuuji’s length, tongue swirling around the head. “Little prince has got a cute cock, too.”

Yuuji’s breath shudders out of him, the groan lost in the surprise of it all. His skin is on fire and he feels chills pop across his arms as Megumi sucks on Yuuji’s balls, lapping at the soft skin between them and his entrance. Long fingers push between his cheeks as Megumi rubs at Yuuji’s entrance. “And your ass, fuck, your ass is fucking unreal. So biteable and precious. Just like the rest of my baby.”

“Gumi, please,” Yuuji gasps, trying to get himself back under some semblance of control but he’s sobbing, hiccuping as he shakes. His mind is elsewhere, completely lost from the buzzing wracking through his body. This is more than anything Yuuji’s been given before and Megumi and Sakuna have forced him to take it all, neither his mind nor body escaping a moment of attention.

“What’s wrong, baby boy?” Megumi questions, rubbing at Yuuji’s stomach as he pushes two fingers into Yuuji, mouth sucking on the tip of Yuuji’s cock, tongue pressing into the slit. Yuuji arches off the bed, a hand fisting into Megumi’s hair as he sinks down on Yuuji’s cock, mouth wet and hot. Megumi smiles, sees the gloss over Yuuji’s eyes and knows he’s almost there. So close to dropping and letting go completely. 

Yuuji’s groaning and incoherent, he doesn't know what to say or what he wants. He’s overwhelmed with just how much he likes Megumi, wants to be closer to him, owned by him, taken completely. He’s bucking into Megumi’s mouth, sobbing as Megumi thrusts his fingers into Yuuji unrelenting, the obscene squelch filling the room burning under Yuuji’s skin. Megumi’s got a steady rhythm built up, head bobbing up and down as he thrusts into Yuuji, adding a third finger. 

Such a good omega, so responsive. What a good body you have Yuuji-kun, such a good body for our young alpha. Yuuji would be surprised by the formal endearment but he can feel his own slick on his thighs gushing past Megumi’s hand. He had been getting wetter and wetter as Megumi praised up and down his body, there was a small pool beneath them. He’d normally feel embarrassment, the shame of his body reacting beyond his control suffocated by Sakuna’s heated words. His praises like flames licking though his own insides and Megumi lets Yuuji fuck up into his mouth.

Yuuji’s hand tightens in Megumi’s hair but then Megumi’s pulling off, flipping Yuuji onto his belly. Yuuji barely has a second to breathe before Megumi spreads Yuuji apart, tongue joining his fingers at Yuuji’s entrance.

“Fuck,” Yuuji whines, hands yanking the pillow beneath him as he bites on to it. Megumi’s tongue thrusts inside of him, nose digging into his ass as he eats Yuuji out. He feels his slick drip with Megumi’s saliva. The wetness on his thighs is apparent in Megumi’s slippery grip. There’s drool dripping down Yuuji’s mouth around the pillow, Megumi’s hand squeezing Yuuji’s ass so tight he’s positive there’ll be bruises there tomorrow. Megumi has a finger pressed right up against Yuuji’s gland, rubbing against it persistently and Yuuji’s not going to last, wound up so tight, completely overwhelmed.

“Please, alpha, wanna come, please,” Yuuji begs, digging his face into the pillow. He’s mindless, all worry and shame gone from him, can’t think beyond the feeling of Megumi’s tongue inside of him, Megumi’s fingers curl against Yuuji’s walls as he spreads Yuuji open, Yuuji pliant from Megumi’s heat and weight on top of him. He’s still begging, sobbing into the pillow as his hips jolt to meet Megumi’s thrusts, his weeping erection pressed into the bedding.

It’s not until Yuuji’s ass is clenching around Megumi that he pulls his tongue out, adding a fourth finger and filling Yuuji up even more. He kisses and bites into one of Yuuji’s cheeks, the omega yelping as he twists around to see Megumi. The alpha’s face is venom. Dark eyes full of dangerous compassion as he meets Yuuji’s eyes. His chin is covered in Yuuji’s wetness, slick shining across his nose, his cheeks, his panting mouth allowing a bit of drool to roll down his chin. Megumi doesn’t notice it, or doesn’t care about the mess. His complete concentration is on Yuuji, fucking into him as he holds eye contact with him. It’s primal and possessive and it has Yuuji moaning so loud, tears clinging to his lashes, a shiver racking through him.

“Come for me, baby boy. Let me feel how tight you get, let me feel what you gave Satoru,” Megumi tells him as he fucks into Yuuji harder, fingers brushing against Yuuji’s sweet spot every time. The added jealousy surprises Yuuji, the mention of his earlier trysts causing him to moan out in denial. Megumi curls his fingers, unconsciously licking Yuuji’s wetness off his lips and it’s enough, Yuuji’s ass clenching around Megumi’s fingers as he comes, thick ropes of cum splattering beneath the sheets. Yuuji’s ears are ringing, the intensity of his orgasm sending shocks through him, the build up leaving him raw and vulnerable. 

Yuuji’s all soft and placid, Megumi pulling away from him gently as he turns the omega onto his back. He smiles down at Yuuji, kissing his cheeks as the omega pants to catch his breath. Megumi grabs a bit of his sheet to wipe Yuuji’s stomach clean, hushing down his whines. 

Megumi hums down at him, brushing through his hair as Yuuji stares up at him, expression far away. Megumi smiles, pleased Yuuji let himself tip over the edge, the drop into his space apparent. The alpha sat up to remove his shirt, Yuuji reaching and whining, afraid of Megumi leaving him. 

“I’m still here baby boy, you did so good for me.” Megumi laid back down, pulling Yuuji flush against him. The pink omega burying his head into his neck immediately. 

“I’m good?” Yuuji asked from his hiding spot, voice small and distant.

“The best, so so good Yuuji. My sweet omega.”

Yuuji whined, burrowing himself impossibly further into Megumi’s arms. “Good for you, m’yours.”

It was softly spoken, almost a whisper but still Megumi heard it, gasped from it. Something wicked and wonderful twisting in his gut, an instinct he had never experienced before rearing its dark head. The need to hear it again, confirm it, solidify the fact that Yuuji was his - that Yuuji chose him, making him growl and claw at Yuuji’s neck. The omega whimpered, inviting Megumi in with a twist of his shoulder, opening his already splotched scent gland for the alpha. Megumi bent down, sucking and licking onto Yuuji, trying to taste the scent he found there. Megumi’s erection unwavering at this point, the omega in his arms fluttering under the presence of his needy alpha pheromones. 

“You’re mine baby boy?” Megumi whispered, pulling away so he could see Yuuji’s face. 

“Yes, yours. Megumi, alpha,” Yuuji whispered, voice pitching upward from the emotion of it all. Yuuji’s shyness has him biting down on his lip, Megumi watching the motion with lustful eyes, licking his own bottom lip in response.

“Can I be yours Yuuji-kun? Let me be your alpha, will you let me take care of you?” Megumi’s eyes didn’t leave Yuuji’s lips as he asked, his voice laced with passion and something so alpha. 

Yuuji shivered, not expecting the vulnerability from Megumi and it contrasted the dominance in his presence in a way that made Yuuji want to roll over, giving everything he could to Megumi. He reached a shaky hand up to caress Megumi’s cheek, making the alpha meet his eyes.

“my alpha.”

“Fuck,” Megumi breathed, bruisingly kissing Yuuji, hand stroking down Yuuji’s back pulling him into their embrace. “My pretty baby’s gonna be a good boy for alpha, hmm?”

“Yes, alpha,” Yuuji gasps, boneless as Megumi rolls on top of him. Yuuji watches Megumi’s muscles jump underneath his hand as he traces down the alpha’s pale chest. Megumi’s so fair compared to Yuuji that he’s practically glowing in the dim light. Megumi lets him trace his hands down his sides, Yuuji’s voice still so small and far away as his eyes glaze and pulse with desire. Yuuji bravely slid his hand to Megumi’s hip, his hands resting at the waistband of Megumi’s briefs. “Gumi, a-are you gonna...”

“Am I what, Yuuji?” Megumi taunts, his smirk telling Yuuji he knows exactly what the omega means. Yuuji whines, blushing at his own audacity before pushing at Megumi’s underwear.

“Please, wanna -” Yuuji pants, pulling Megumi towards him by the waistband, his own hips bucking up once in unconscious desire.

“Ask nicely Yuuji, you said you were going to be a good boy. Come on baby,” Megumi leaned down to kiss him, purposefully shifting so Yuuji’s hand grazed against Megumi’s erection. Yuuji groaned into their kiss. “Ask for what you want.”

Yuuji took a big breath, wanting to please Megumi. He tried really hard focusing on what he needed to say, on what Megumi was asking him. He bit his lip nervously, the habit already on Megumi’s radar and the alpha predatorily stared at his mouth. Yuuji felt wetness on his lashes as his emotions surfaced again, his voice impossibly small as he finally asked “Are you gonna fuck me, alpha?” 

Megumi groaned. Fuck. So so good. “Oh my... Is that what you want? Sweet needy omega.” 

Yuuji panted, the flush on his face spreading and what little bravery he felt simmered into petulance, squirming beneath the alpha. That’s it, Megumi thought, there’s my little prince . “Didn’t know I had such a greedy boy on my hands.”

The alpha preened at Yuuji’s huff, lifting his hips to help Yuuji slip his underwear off. Yuuji gasped at Megumi’s cock, timid hands gripping Megumi’s hips as he stared at the alpha’s erection. He had been aroused for so long, teasing and touching on Yuuji that he was now painfully hard and red, leaking from the tip, twitching in the open and air and so big Yuuji felt his ass clench involuntarily. Yuuji’s eyes fluttered shut briefly, opening them lazily to peer up at Megumi through his lashes.

“Want you Gumi,” Yuuji breathes, thumbs circling on Megumi’s hips, timidly trailing closer until he can curl his fingers around Megumi’s cock. They barely wrap around fully, and Yuuji moans at the heat from it, eyes heavy lidded as he gives a hesitant stroke.

“Want you too, little prince. Wanna feel every part of you,” Megumi whispers, gently pushing Yuuji’s legs apart. Yuuji’s so wet at this point, his slick has been continuously dripping out of him after his last orgasm. He’s slightly mortified, but the blush doesn’t bloom as bright because Megumi’s groaning at the sight.

“You’re so beautiful little prince, the perfect omega. Your hole is the prettiest, Yuuji,” Megumi hungrily watches as Yuuji’s bloom flushes across his tan skin, watches his face carefully as he lines his cock up against Yuuji’s entrance. He pushes the tip in slowly, imitating Yuuji as he sucks in a deep breath, the stretch comfortable. Megumi keeps pushing, his cock slowly filling Yuuji up until the omega’s holding his breath, forgetting how to breathe. Yuuji’s eyes are watering, Megumi’s cock so thick and big and Megumi’s mouth hangs open from the pretty expression. He kisses Yuuji on the forehead once, his final warning before sliding in the entirety of his length. “Shit, you’re so fucking tight, baby. God, Yuuji .” His voice breaking on the last syllable. 

“Alpha, please. Want you so much Gumi,” Yuuji gasps, watches sweat drip down Megumi’s face, a look of concentrated effort keeping Megumi still. 

Megumi hushes him with a kiss, brushing back his hair before leaning back slightly. His hands rest on Yuuji’s hips, holding him tightly as he starts thrusting into Yuuji, pace slow, letting Yuuji get used to him as they roll together. He’s doing his best to ease Yuuji into it, not wanting to rush after their evening. But it’s futile, his head dropping to Yuuji’s shoulder as he groans out, Yuuji’s legs instinctively wrapping around his back to keep him close. Yuuji’s panting, small puffs of “alpha” and “Gumi” on his lips.

“You ok Yuj?” Megumi leans up, checking on Yuuji.

Yuuji nods his head, his mouth hanging open as he groans brokenly. Megumi’s shifted position hitting him in deeper, more sensitive places and he’s barely able to keep his eyes open. Megumi’s hair is sticking to his forehead, the breadth of his shoulders caging in Yuuji beneath him. Yuuji feels small, so willingly trapped underneath his powerful alpha. It’s too much and not enough and he just needs more. More Megumi, more of him, to be so full of just Megumi. “Megumi, ple -- ah! Please...more, faster alpha -” Yuuji’s breath is knocked from him as Megumi slams into him, stilling as he leans to lick into Yuuji’s open mouth. His hand reaches down to hold under Yuuji’s knee, pressing him into the bed.

“Fuck, baby boy. You want me that much? This still not enough, baby?” Megumi asks, using his new leverage to thrust into Yuuji harder, the sound of his balls slapping against Yuuji’s ass echoing through the room. Yuuji moaned brokenly, the loudest he had been yet as his voice pitched to a new desperation. Megumi’s angling Yuuji’s ass up, shoving his shoulders in the bed below him and draping his legs over Megumi’s shoulders. “Come on baby boy, tell me what a needy little prince you are. Swallowing my dick up so greedily. Your hole’s sopping, Yuuji, fucking dripping.”

Yuuji whines, head rocking back as Megumi fucks him back into the bed. His voice is broken and soft, the desperation and neediness found in the tiny gasps escaping him as he tries to answer Megumi like the good boy he is. “W-wanna be, hah - ah! - wan’be Alpha’s prince.”

“That’s right,” Megumi groans, a growl rumbling through his chest as his fingers dig into Yuuji’s hips harder. He’s never felt like this, never this need to totally mark and take his omega and he knows, just knows, Yuuji’s made for him. Yuuji groans at the tightened grip and he wants it to bruise, wants Megumi to press his fingers into everywhere Yuuji aches, wants his marks on him long after this night. Megumi’s pounding into him, bed shaking as he fucks Yuuji open, and Yuuji loves how filthy it sounds. “Just mine, this tight little ass belongs to Alpha now.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yuuji chants, sobbing as Megumi slows his pace down, purposefully dragging his length out of Yuuji before slamming back into him. His own dick twitching helplessly between them, leaking onto Yuuji’s stomach as he’s pressed in half. “Just Alpha’s, just wanna be yours. Good for you.”

“God, baby, you’re so good,” Megumi praises, a hand reaching down to caress Yuuji’s cheek, wiping away the tears, and Yuuji’s gulping back breaths, gasping as Megumi hits his prostate hard, pace brutal. His cock’s aching now, begging to be touched. “So good for me. Such a good boy, everything I could ask for.”

“M’gumi,” Yuuji groans, closer and closer to coming and he doesn’t know how Megumi’s lasted so long, wishes he would touch him. “Wanna come, alpha, p-please, please let me.”

“Yeah, baby, of course,” Megumi says, gasping at how perfect Yuuji is. So sweet asking so nicely, the best baby , Megumi thinks as his large hand slips around Yuuji’s cock and Yuuji hisses, arching off the bed as Megumi starts to jerk him off, his own thrusts becoming erratic and Yuuji can feel the swell of his knot forming, cock snagging on Yuuji’s rim as Megumi fucks into him.

The knot rubs against his prostate mercilessly, swelling bigger and bigger and Yuuji’s in tears again, crying out Megumi’s name and pulling the alpha down onto him. He bites onto Megumi’s shoulder, uncaring if he draws blood as his nails tear into the strong pale back. His orgasm rushes through him, cock twitching helplessly as Megumi strokes him. He cries out as the alpha swipes a thumb over the sensitive slit, stroking once more to grab at Yuuji’s balls in an attempt to milk every last bit from Yuuji. The omega cries, hips jerking from the touch only to be bet with Megumi’s cock still fucking into him. There’s black spots in his vision, quivering as he rides out his orgasm but Megumi isn’t slowing, keeps rocking into Yuuji as he squeezes around Megumi, oversensitive and spent.

He hugs onto Megumi tighter, ignoring the sticky pile of his cum between them to press warm kisses to Megumi’s throat. “Please alpha, want you.” He whispers to Megumi, his hands pressing into his previous nail marks. 

Megumi groans and Yuuji feels hot cum paint his insides, Megumi still pounding into him and he’s moaning, so openingly and vulnerable, it’s the prettiest sound Yuuj’s heard the quiet alpha make and he wants to hear it over and over. Megumi thrusts in slower now, knot filling Yuuji up as he rocks into him. Pulling Megumi to him, Yuuji kisses him lazily, takes his time, Megumi pulling Yuuji in as close as he can. They lie there for a good while, Yuuji careful not to move too much, Megumi’s knot holding him in place. He shudders softly, a few late pulses of cum surprising the both of them as they lick and kiss each other’s faces. 

Megumi nuzzled into Yuuji’s neck, kissing the sensitive gland sweetly. He pulls away to look the omega in the face, stroking and holding Yuuji’s cheeks preciously. “There’s my baby boy, you back with me?”

Yuuji hummed contendly, his mind struggling with lucidity, and he felt himself relax into the aftershocks of their pleasure. Megumi chuckled above him, pressing the pink hair to his chest, locking his head in place beneath his chin. He pressed kisses into Yuuji’s hair and rubbed his back lovingly, waiting for his knot to deflate fully before gently pulling out. Yuuji whined but Megumi was there to hush him, kissing his mouth as he gently pulled Yuuji to the edge of the bed and lifted him into his arms. 

“Let’s get cleaned up Yuuji,” Megumi’s voice was back to it’s naturally soft pitch as he spoke into Yuuji’s hair. He carried the quiet omega into his bathroom, setting him down onto the shower stool as he started drawing a warm bath for them both. He added some oils and salts, all from Toge and designed to keep their senses calm without affecting their scents. 

Megumi heard Yuuji whine out and felt weak arms wrap around him, the omega tired of being left alone and clinging to him. Megumi couldn’t help but laugh, twisting so he was facing Yuuji as he walked them back to the stool and helped rinse and clean Yuuji off. He was especially gentle around his legs and sensitive bits, cooing soft affirmatives and praising how good Yuuji was doing for him. 

“Gumi, can I wash you?” Yuuji was feeling more like himself now, still exhausted and drowsy but lucidity had returned to his head and his eyes felt clear. 

“Sure Yuuji,” Megumi replied easily, anything for Yuuji. He switched their positions and closed his eyes as he felt the warm water and Yuuji’s delicate motions cleaning him off. Yuuji sighed, savoring the beauty of Megumi as he rinsed the sweat and slick from his pale skin. He let his fingers ghost over the scars across his arms and chest, not able to stop himself from leaning in and kissing the gaunt collarbones. Megumi was strong, he held his body with a comfortable power, but he was built so differently from Yuuji. He was lean and long, limbs seeming too big for his body, even his fingers were too slim and long for his palm. His patchy hair dark and striking against his milky stomach, Yuuji finding the contrast handsome and attractive as he finished rinsing Megumi off. Yuuji leaned against him and wrapped the alpha in a hug, nuzzling into his neck as he pressed himself bodily against Megumi. 

Megumi hugged him back, the two of them giggling as he walked Yuuji backwards towards the tub. Megumi peeled Yuuji away from him, helping the omega into the tub before settling into the water behind him. “Let’s relax a little before heading to bed.”

Yuuji chirped in agreement, spinning himself and Megumi around so that Megumi was laying back against Yuuji’s chest instead. Yuuji leaned against the back of the tub and he hooked his feet under Megumi’s knees to create a seat for the alpha. Megumi chuckled, resting back where Yuuji placed him, eyes closing easily in the warm water and Yuuji’s breath above him. “Thank you Gumi, for loving on me. This has been the greatest day.”

“Of course Yuuji, you’re special to me.” Back to being shy, Sakuna long silenced, the pink omega distracted from the praise by raking his hands down Megumi’s chest and sides, noting the areas Megumi jumped and sighed in sensitivity. He wrapped one arm around the alpha’s chest, holding him closely as his other hand combed and petted through his unruly hair. Megumi was practically purring, eyes half open as he looked up at Yuuji. “You’re so pretty Yuuji-kun. Our little prince.”

Megumi reached up to stroke Yuuji’s cheek, Yuuji noting that he was back to sharing Yuuji with the rest of the pack. He was happy to find where and how he was compatible with each of the members, but he had a feeling he’d always seek out these moments and misadventures where Megumi lost his restraint and demanded Yuuji be his alone. Yuuji felt a shiver run through him at the reminder of Megumi’s earlier power and shrunk further into the tub. 

The two of them stayed wrapped around each other until the water cooled, Megumi getting up first before helping Yuuji out. He gave Yuuji privacy in the bathroom to quickly strip the bed, grab underwear and a sleep shirt for Yuuji. Yuuji gratefully changed into the clothes and followed Megumi into his bed. 

Megumi pulled Yuuji into him tightly, Yuuji wrapping around Megumi before kissing him deeply and slowly. Drowsiness was flirting with them both as they kissed each other goodnight. The room smelled of bright honeysuckle and deep mahogany, the comfortable veil of their partnership blanketing around them and reminding them of how they had had one another. Yuuji burrowed under Megumi’s chin, pressing his face into the alpha’s neck and chest and slipped into deep sleep, Megumi following quickly. 


  ⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙  ✩  ⁂̩̩͙͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁎̩͙