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After Rain

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The raindrops falling hard, only those without an umbrella, the protection of a lover, or the wind could get swallowed by the wetness of it. The Grandcypher has the advantage of being refined by the best wood and the windows showed the perfect scenario of droplets sticking to the glass surface, romantic for some and grim for others.

Normal days were returned by the chatter of crewmates and tea afternoons.

For Eustace it was a breeze remarking his motto of peace and quiet, a slight smile on his face now that his companions are fine, especially the draph he had eyes for from a long time, he was worried as well as Ilsa to fail but somehow Flamek told him to trust, to endure the longing with the torrent of electricity going through his body.

Stepping out from the Dark element gathering room he walked toward his favorite place, not minding the rain, for someone like him it has to be done, to start anew his journey with a new heart, a new life. On the deck all the weight by the weather fell on him like a shower, closing his eyes he feels everything, Eustace’s warmth was locked however it was the key to release the thunder to save everyone.

“You’ll get drenched like a dog if you keep standing there...” was the response of someone coming along, his armor making sounds with the rain with color contrast between the gray skies and metal.

“Is it ok for you to come in this weather?” He said without opening his eyes, the welcoming presence being harmony by the sole fact he followed him, his clothes tighter and his ears twitching here and then, that’s a sight Vaseraga will never forget.

“Heh I appreciate the thought” he snorted as both silently enjoy being by each other side, Ilsa yelled something about coming back to not get sick, both sighing because something big has to be said between those two Eustace could care less as he shook head and his ears moving as well to take some water off his face, a bath was necessary, the thought of both taking a hot bath made his body feel warmer “Hm? What’s with that face?” Vaseraga asked and that was the last thing the erune needed to be questioned.

“You, me, a hot bath, now” he spelled each syllable with his hand, more than a friendly suggestion it was a command, the draph froze his tracks, was it necessary?

They stood in the private bath for a while, of course, some tension was building up without any of them deciding to say it, however, when Eustace was drying himself Vaseraga offered to help using the excuse he can’t reach his ears, a blatant excuse to feel a little closer that beautifully toned body.

It was not quite sure if it was night or whatever but the rain still poured without any sign of going away, late hours and almost everybody sleeping, aboard the train of dreams and lightning sounds, in a room two people tried to sleep one convinced the other to stay since it was cold and lonely, not a sign of moving, both without any shirt but some pants to not be 100% naked…it was now or never, rolling Eustace faced Vaseraga and sighs “Look, this is going anywhere and I don’t care at this point…” the mind of his companion was blank, not paying attention to the words but more his face, too close and those lips moving “Are you listening?..” ears flat and a little of annoyance the erune was embarrassed at such blurting of words “I messed up” was the answer while both large hands hold his face with a sloppy kiss, neither of them had experience with such stuff yet the rain made the perfect ambiance for both enjoying a bed.


Both lost something in the past, even so, found a feeling to not let the other go.