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They were Roommates, Baby

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Minho always liked to think of himself as someone who got his life together.

He eats healthy - or as much as that’s possible for a plain college student -, works out regularly, maintains a well organized homework-social life balance and has enough cute cat videos ready for his well deserved stress breakdowns when college work gets just a bit too much. 


If you ask him, he’d describe himself as someone with a good grip on the strings of his sanity, well composed to stop his mouth from running faster than his mind and able to keep himself in check most of the time. 


Emphasis being on most of the time because he had been absolutely ready to throw his sanity and the - through the years meticulously crafted-  walls of composure right out of his first floor dorm window. 


The cause of that? His roommate Han Jisung.

Han Jisung, the walking e-boy stereotype, with his black hair, black nailpolish and this dumb oversized jacket which Minho secretly wanted to wear more than anything else. 


Fantasizing about painting Jisung’s nails only to get his painted in return had made him zone out on his homework more times than he could count. 


But none of those things were even half as outrageous as the fact that Jisung owns a fucking skateboard and even knows how to drive on it pretty well. Minho stopped trying to blame his weak knees on iron deficiency instead of his weak gay brain whenever he saw Jisung drive somewhere pretty fast. 


But Jisung’s chubby cheeks, cute smile, dorky personality and a laugh so loud and careless it made butterflies erupt in his stomach, had been keeping him awake just as much. 


What got to Minho the most though, was the way Jisung understood him. People had always dubbed him and his humour as weird but Jisung has always been able to catch Minho’s jokes and turn them into something else.


 All that summed up, left Minho with a crush as massive as the universe, after knowing Jisung for only two months.


 At first Minho had been determined to keep his crush as small as possible, but of course his attempts of keeping his heart from running marathons when he was with Jisung were futile, because he couldn’t live his daydreams out in the safe restraints of his head, when the cause of his regular heart palpitations was feeding into his crush like a four year old left unsupervised with a bag of food in a petting zoo. 

Minho also wouldn’t describe himself as a violent person, but he has sworn to bring a long, agonizing death to the person who taught Han Jisung the word baby, because Minho was convinced he hasn’t shut up since. 


The first time it happened they were both standing on Jisung’s skateboard, his hands firmly wrapped around Minho’s waist to keep him from falling off. 


It had taken at least 15 minutes of coaxing and convincing from Jisung’s side for Minho to agree to that proposition, partly because he was sure his body would go up in flames by being so close to Jisung but also because


 “This is a deathtrap on four wheels and I saw you trip on air yesterday, there is no way I’m doing this with you.”. 


While Jisung looked ridiculously hot to his weak weak brain when he was standing on his skateboard, Minho absolutely hated the thought of standing on one himself.

He didn’t know what made him agree in the end but there he was, stiff as a stick on the skateboard, and with Jisungs arms firmly wrapped around his waist. 


You’re so tense baby ,” Jisung laughed in his ear, pulling Minho a little closer into him, while shifting his weight to change the direction “ loosen up a little , I’m not going to let you fall to your death. Searching for another roommate would be way too exhausting.”. 


The squeak Minho let out as soon as the word Baby hit his ears made him want to throw himself on the pavement face first, but instead his body let himself relax into Jisung a little, only muttering out a weak “ shut up ” at the quiet but amused chuckle Jisung let out when he felt Minho’s body lean into him. 




The second time it happened was only two days later. 


Minho was snuggled up in his bed, watching a drama on his laptop to keep himself from dying of boredom, when Jisung came home. Jisung was already dressed in sweatpants and a massive sweater, so it came as no surprise to Minho when he made a beeline to his bed to join him. 

What came as a surprise however was 


Baby would you mind scooting over a little ?”. 


Minho’s brain stopped working the second the word left Jisung’s lips. When he finally managed to gather himself to make some space for the younger, he saw the amused glint in Jisung’s eyes and the way his cheeks puffed up, trying to contain his grin, so naturally his only defense was throwing a tiny snack pretzel at him. 



It didn’t stop there though, it only got more. It didn’t matter whether Jisung was asking Minho “ Baby could you buy some ramen for me when you’re going to the store later? I have classes all day.”, or “Oh you look tired today, had a hard day baby ?” or just wishing him a “good night baby ” - the baby was everywhere and so was Minho’s mind, being reduced to an incoherent stuttering mess, every time the word left the younger's lips. 


He had been convinced Jisung was doing it on purpose. 

Not only did the use of baby increase, but also the physical affection. 


They had been no strangers to skinship, but it stopped being justifiable as friendly very fast.

Whether it was slight brushes of their hands and shoulders while walking next to each other, Jisung holding Minho the slightest bit closer when they were on another late night drive to the convenience store, or just Jisung pulling the older into him, caressing his sides while watching a drama on his laptop. 


Lingering touches on his thighs and waist and occasionally even his butt.


Minho had been slowly losing his mind.


Not only had he been crushing hard but he was also incredibly sexually frustrated. 


He had been losing his mind but he still had enough senses left to be fully aware of how much Jisung was enjoying it . How much he was enjoying the light pink spreading across Minho’s cheeks and his burning ears while he averts his eyes trying to be as nonchalant as possible, the little squeaks and gasps leaving his mouth because he reacts faster than his dignity can work and the loss for his usual snarky remarks and comebacks. 


All this summed up led them to one place eventually - Minho’s bed. 


Minho expected it to inevitably happen like it does in movies - tension building up so thick you can cut it with a knife, eagerly pushing against each other, not being able to wait to rip the clothes of their bodies, tongues clashing together while trying to drink in every bit of exposed skin. 


The reality started out a lot less heated. 


In reality, Minho tried to beat Jisung up with a pillow for telling a terrible joke. Halfway through his attempts of silencing the younger’s laugh, he found himself sitting on top of Jisung, his face decidedly too close to the face of the younger, but instead of backing away like a sane person they kissed. 


Their first time was soft, it was gentle, it was a little awkward - it was them.

Now another month later Jisung knew every inch of Minho’s body like it was his own, knew every sensitive spot on the olders neck to drive him insane, knew how to angle his hips to nail his prostate dead on, knew how to make him a whining and writhing mess. 

“Baby what do you need me to do?” Jisung’s breath was hot on Minho's skin, whispering teasingly right into his ear. He ran his left hand over the older’s side while his other hand was gently brushing Minho’s hair off his forehead. 

All that leaves Minho’s lips is a whine, high and desperate, brain too much of a mess to even think about forming a sentence, His hands are tied to the bedpost, head thrown back in pleasure and body completely bare only for the younger to see. 


Baby answer me , otherwise i won’t be able to help you.” Jisung whispers, grabbing Minho’s jaw to turn his face towards him. His pupils are dark and the lust and want swimming in them leaves Minho shivering.

Need you ” the older whispers, gasping when Jisung’s hand comes up to tease his right nipple between his fingertips, his own hands pulling at the restraints. 


“Need me where?” the younger asks, feigning innocence but Minho knows he wants to get him to beg.  If he wasn’t so desperate to get off he would give the younger an earful, but right now all his senses are screaming Jisung Jisung Jisung , begging to be touched. 



Need you in me please. ” he whispers, gasping when the younger starts leaving a trail of wet kisses down his neck, stopping to bite and nip at his skin every few centimeters to leave a mark


 “Anything for my baby when he’s being so polite.”


Minho knows Jisung loves seeing the marks on him, loves for everyone to see that Minho belongs to him despite not having labeled whatever relationship they had yet. Loves knowing that he is the only one who gets to see him moaning and crying from pleasure. And Minho loves the marks because they show how much Jisung wants him and deep at heart he is a sucker for the possessive undertones the marks have. 

Fuck Jisung ;” pleasure is shooting through his body, the youngers tongue licken and biting his sensitive nipple while his hand is teasing the other bud. 

“No teasing, I need you, please .” 


Minho whines, his hips bucking up wildly trying to get some friction from the younger leaning above him, hands tugging on the restraints, trying to find something to hold onto, but coming up empty. 


You’re so fucking hot baby ,” 

Jisung whispers, kissing down Minho's stomach, dipping his tongue into his belly button and holding his hips down  

“I’ve never seen someone as breathtaking as you”. 


The praise makes him feel lightheaded. 

 “Jisung just, fuck please, do something” he cries out, still trying to grind his hips, despite the firm grip of the younger keeping him down. 

Jisung looks up at him, a teasing glint never leaving his eyes 


“What if I want to take my time with you baby” 


he lifts Minho’s leg, pressing light kisses on the inside of his knee and slowly starts biting and kissing along the older’s inner thigh, leaving a trail of marks behind, painting his skin in tiny bruises, while maintaining a firm grip on both limbs. 


fuck fuck fuck ,” Minho cries out. 


His thighs have always been so sensitive, it hadn’t even taken Jisung five minutes to figure that out the first time they ended up in bed together, and he never missed out on an opportunity to use it as an advantage. 


It’s insufferable.


Minho loves it. 


“Please, fuck do something , you said you wouldn’t tease you asshole.” he tries to sound as firm as possible but his voice is shaking, begging for the touches he craves. Jisung smacks his thigh, a reprimanding noise leaving his mouth. His tongue and lips are coming steadily closer to Minho’s dick right where he wants him the most. Then, finally, Jisung starts pressing soft kisses along his shaft, gathering up the precum with his tongue. Minho almost cries from the relief after not receiving any attention down there the entire night. 

When Minho hears the click of the bottle of lube being opened, a shiver of anticipation runs through his body. 


“I’m going in, Baby.” the younger huffs out between a laugh, purposely trying to egg the older on with this sleazy description.


“Oh God shut the fuck up .” Minho groans out, immediately followed by a high moan, when Jisung’s lips wrap around the tip of his dick, sucking on it gently, right as his first finger enters his hole. The slide in is easy, yet sends another wave of pleasure right through his body. 


He tugs on the satin band wrapped around his wrists again, desperately wanting something to hold onto, his arms aching from being held up above his head for so long, but he loves the dull ache, loves knowing he will feel it for at least the next two days, loves the feeling of being completely at the younger's mercy, trusting him fully to let Jisung see him so vulnerable, writhing and whining, trusting him to make him feel good.  


Jisung slips a second finger in, pumping his fingers in and out of his hole carefully, not wanting to go too fast. He wants to see the older unravel underneath him. His lips leaving Minho’s dick to continue his trail of marks down his other thigh, his eyes not once leaving the older’s hole, loving the way the rim is stretching around his fingers and sucking him in. 

More, please ah ” Minho moans out, his whole body shaking from pleasure. The stretch isn’t much but Jisung’s rough fingers and the smooth coat of his painted nails feels amazing dragging along his walls. 


If someone would’ve told him a couple months ago, that he could get so worked up so fast, whining and begging, over only two fingers deliberately avoiding his prostate, he would’ve laughed, but for some reason everything feels tenfold as good with the younger

Jisung pushes in a third finger, enjoying the cries of pleasure falling from Minho’s lips. 


Baby your hole is taking my fingers so well, almost as if it’s trying to swallow them whole.” the younger breathes out. 


Why-, why would you talk like that ,” Minho huffs out, trying to kick Jisung with one of his legs 


“If you’re killing my boner with your pillowtalk then-” “ then what ?” the younger laughs, nuzzling his face into Minho’s thigh.  


“I think you like the way I talk to you Baby .”.


 Suddenly he starts picking up a brutal pace with his fingers, angling them right up to hit the elders prostate dead on with every thrust of his fingers. He moves his body up, kissing and biting along Minho’s neck and sensitive nipples, loving the way the older is moaning and crying. 


Pleasure shoots through Minho’s body like lightning. His body is shaking, and he struggles to come up with any words other than “ God Jisung, fuck, please ”. 


Fuck you’re so hot Baby. ” Jisung groans into his neck. 

Minho can tell by the slightly whiny pitch in his voice that he’s just as affected from all of this as he is 


I love watching you fall apart from just my fingers.


 Minho gasps, the praise making his head spin. 


Jisung this feels so good, please please faster oh my god-


He can feel his stomach tensing up. He’s so close, so god damn close, when suddenly Jisung pulls all of his fingers out at once


 “ No no no I was so close!” 


Minho almost yells out in frustration at being denied his orgasm. And Jisung, the ever teasing fucker, who enjoys making Minho suffer way too much in his opinion, has the audacity to laugh at him 


“No coming before my dick is in you .” 


How can you be so fucking smooth one second and completely kill my mood in the next.” Minho laughs. 


He keens at the way Jisung presses their foreheads together, looking at him with so much mirth and adoration in his eyes. 


However the kisses that follow are absolutely filthy , their tongues sliding together, strings of spit connecting their mouths, Minho can taste his own precum on the younger’s tongue. 

Only the sounds of their parting lips and aroused gasps and whines are filling the air. 


The younger moves up his body a little, untying his wrists. Minho can feel the blood rush back into his arms fully, and his hands immediately find their way to Jisung’s neck, pulling him down into another heated kiss, carding his hands through the black hair.


 Their hips start grinding together, moans leaving their mouths, enjoying the feeling of skin on skin contact. 


Minho’s arm wanders under his pillow, pulling out the condom packet and tearing it open. 


Jisung is sitting on his hips, legs bracketing the olders waist. 


Minho’s mouth waters at the sight, completely loving the younger's thighs, despite them being significantly smaller than his own muscular ones. He rolls the condom down his dick, smirking at the gasps that leave Jisung’s mouth after finally getting some friction. He closes his eyes and thrusts shallowly into Minho’s hand, eyes closed and head thrown back. 


Jisung is always incredibly attractive to Minho but especially in moments like this. Moments that are only for Minho to see and enjoy. 

Jisung grabs the lube to slick up his dick. 


He grabs Minho’s thighs again, pressing them to his chest and slowly starts to push inside. 


Loud moans leave their mouths.  Minho loves the way Jisung’s dick stretches him and the younger loves the way Minho’s walls feel and clench around his dick. 


“You can move, please .” Minho breathes out, back arching off the bed and hands clawing at the sheets. 

Jisung immediately starts setting up a steady pace, his dick hitting Minho’s prostate with every thrust, knowing his body better than his own at this point. 


His hands are gripping the older’s  thighs hard. Minho can’t help but to wish he will leave bruises. 

He rakes his nails down the younger’s neck to leave some trails of his own on his lover's body.  


Lewd noises fill the air;  the squelching sound of Jisung’s dick entering Minho’s lubed up hole, and the olders moans and pleas which are steadily growing louder and louder. 


“God Baby, you’re so loud , people are going to hear you.” Jisung giggles into Minho's mouth, trying to swallow his sounds. He would love nothing more than to let him loose and get completely lost in the pleasure, but they’re still in their dorm room, with plenty of people living around them.


I-I can’t, I’m trying, oh fuck .” Minho moans, grasping for Jisung’s hand instead to stick two of his fingers into his mouth to silence his sounds. 


Shit you’re so hot, i don’t know how much longer i can go, fuck .” Jisungs curses, the man under him looking like a spitting image of every wet dream he has ever had. His hips speed up, while keeping his middle and pointer finger in Minho’s mouth for him to suck on, the other hand still firmly grabbing one of Minho’s thighs, holding himself up, to not accidentally crush him.


Minho feels hot all over, pleasure coursing through his body in hot waves. The younger’s fingers in his mouth feel so good, he loves the way the smooth surface of the nail polish feels against his tongue.  


His eyes are rolling back into his head, his free hand that is not wrapped around the wrist in front of his mouth, is tugging on Jisung’s hair, desperately trying to ground himself while the younger’s hits on his prostate are getting messier but not any less pleasurable. 

Minho’s drool is running down his chin and Jisung’s fingers, and tears are staining his flushed cheeks.


 “ I- I’m gonna cum- ” he attempts to say, but the younger’s fingers are slurring his speech “ come on Baby, cum for me .” Jisung moans, close to the edge as well.


 “You’re so beautiful, I can’t believe you’re all mine . My pretty baby .” 

he whispers into Minho’s ear and that’s all it takes for him to tip over the edge. 

Minho squeezes his eyes close tightly as his orgasm shakes through his body, he swears he can see the universe explode behind his eyelids. His head is thrown back in pleasure, body going completely stiff and one last loud moan leaving his throat, as cum paints his stomach white and Jisung’s fingers leave his mouth to let him breathe. 


“You’re doing so good baby , taking me so well ,” Jisung groans, breathy moans leaving his throat as he fucks Minho through his orgasm and chases his own relief 


God, I love you so much .” he says, burying his face in the older’s neck as he comes, hips slowing down until they come to a halt. 


The only sounds that can be heard are their heavy breaths, trying to calm down from their high.


Minho wraps his arms and legs around Jisung, who is on top of him, trying to keep the younger as close as possible, not caring about the stickiness on his stomach. 


They’re kissing softly, basking in the afterglow, exhaustion slowly hitting them both. 


Suddenly Minho smacks the soles of his feet on Jisung’s bare ass, a slapping sound ringing through the room and laughs “ Only you would say I love you , for the first time, during a fucking orgasm, Idiot .” 


“I can’t help my feelings don’t be so mean ,” Jisung whines back, hiding his face in Minhos neck, pressing soft kisses to his collarbone


 “I know we haven’t been together for that long, much less properly established a label for what we are, but that doesn’t make my feelings any less real.” he whispers, every word chosen carefully. 


Minho takes one of Jisung’s hand in his, gently intertwining their fingers 


“You love me and I love you too and that speaks for itself, don’t you think?”


Because while Jisung may be right about not having been together for long, Minho had been a goner from the start.